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  1. garnet207


    Ryan Newman was released from the hospital today.
  2. Melissa Fumero gave birth to her second son, Axel, on Valentine's Day.
  3. garnet207


    Cozi TV (an NBC-owned over the air network I get via my converter box and on Comcast cable) is showing Roseanne from 8-10 pm (Central Time Zone )on Monday-Friday, and Sundays.
  4. Update: Chase Merritt has been given the death penalty for the McStay family murders.
  5. Chase Merritt has been given the death penalty, according to People.com.
  6. This part of this list made me laugh: I also agree with their assessment that both #710 and #707 are way too low. BTW, #703 is a "guilty pleasure" of mine; no one ever said who one was applying it to.😀
  7. FYI, those of us in the Chicago area are getting Panthers/Bears preseason football tonight instead of Masterchef . I looked but didn't see a listing for it being rebroadcast in the Chicago area. Wednesday's episode wasn't that interesting, but this NASCAR fan did enjoy seeing Bobby Labonte.
  8. Found guilty on four counts of first degree murder today.
  9. Agreed, which is what makes this video awesome:
  10. According to Grub Street, Fatima Ali was posthumously nominated for a James Beard Foundation Journalism award (Personal Essay-Short Form category) for her essay I'm a Chef With Terminal Cancer.
  11. Twins who played Ross and Rachel's daughter on 'Friends' star in new movie, "Us".
  12. Duggar Data has a list and analysis of the Bateses (and Duggar's) Best Men and Maids/Matrons of Honor.
  13. FYI, the Bateses' college of choice, Crown College, does offer programs in auto technology, HVAC technology, and welding technology.
  14. Sorry it's not on your system, TV Diva Queen. I get Antenna TV via a TV with an antenna. as well as via Comcast.
  15. Antenna TV is showing Coach on weeknights from 9-10 pm (Central Time Zone).
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