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  1. Whoopi starting the show by talking about her stomach noises and then ending with pineapple hair is a cover and stupid. I'm tired of it and it looks like the other panelists are too
  2. So it's Gee-lane, right? Hard G silent S.
  3. Cute story about Amy and her husband changing Gene's name from Gene Attell to Gene David: https://www.today.com/parents/amy-schumer-changes-son-name-gene-attell-gene-david-t178613
  4. There's been an interesting twitter exchange between Meghan & Joy but I can't figure out how to copy & paste it here. Anyway, the gist is that they both love the sparring (and each other). Yeah, right. Not buying it.
  5. #TheView is trending on twitter
  6. Meghan is misrepresenting Fauci's stance on protests. This from an interview with Jon Karl (found on an abcnews site): "Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said Friday that his advice for people who want to attend President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies is the same for anti-Trump protestors -- any large group is "a danger" and "risky." And if a person insists on going, they should wear a mask, especially when they are yelling or chanting"
  7. Whoopi is wrong. It is new, horrible, probably treasonous that US Intelligence briefed Trump that Russia offered bounties to the Taliban to kill US troops and he did nothing. This is not the same old stuff. Joy tried to explain how significant this is and Whoopi just blew her off.
  8. On a shallow note - Sunny looks so much better without all the makeup and add-ons.
  9. Huffpo: Stacey's not having Meghan's BS "I didn’t call it no better than Turkey,” Abrams said. “I said that we’re on the path to populist authoritarianism similar to what we saw with Erdogan.” IOW, "don't twist my words, Bitch"
  10. “I did grow up watching ‘Gone With The Wind,’ and I do view it a little differently, and I would like to know what it means for people who are friends of Hattie McDaniel if it’s removed . . " (Meghan) Who on this planet believes that Meghan was concerned about the friends of Hattie McDaniel? That was embarrassingly disingenuous.
  11. Well now, Meghan, that was a big swing and a miss. Good thing Sunny and even Whoopi were on to your attempts to spin this as a censorship issue. Isn't Megyn K pretty much thoroughly discredited in the news/journalism field? You might want to choose a different mentor.
  12. Meghan and The View are still trending on twitter. Her attempted gotcha question to Sen Kamala Harris (re: "defunding") didn't exactly go the way she thought it would. She's such a tool.
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