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  1. Aren't sponsors not supposed to be of the opposite sex? Also, didn't Dr. Michael Easton basically join the program the same time she did? Did Britt show up again this week?
  2. OMG great point, I didn't even think of that! I did kinda love Sky handing Mark the handcuffs and making him be the one to arrest Elly, it was very "Ooooh, this will make it soooooo much more dramatic" lol. I've been having some fun at this storyline's expense, but there is something so classically Soaps! about it that I'm really enjoying. There was a little too much Harlow and Hendrix for my liking. I also still wish Roxy had gotten taken out by a bomb.
  3. C'mon, Show, we're all already going through a hard time, there's no need to rub salt in the wounds with a special Carly-sode. Ugh. Can't wait to see how they squeeze in her shitting on AJ this time!
  4. Oh no, she did check. I'm saying that's where she should have left it. It was her hurling dirt on him when the cops came up that made her look guilty as hell. It was amusing to me in today's episode how flabbergasted she is that anyone could possibly think she murdered Finn, especially in the face of Mark's equally amusing "...girl, c'mon" reactions. I did like the little note that the local authorties are extremely embarrassed and covering their ass-y about this whole Finn situation (...though letting the suspect's ex-husband be the first to question her wasn't a great first step). And I've been liking Sky so I'm cool with her getting involved. A question I did have - does Sheila not hate Terese for breaking Gary's heart back in the day? I was surprised she was so open to Terese when she came to check on her, but I might have missed them reconciling. Roxy is such an annoying try-hard even when she's supporting grieving people. I really don't want Kyle getting stuck with her.
  5. And it's kinda sad that the one person who perished was Gary, who was vehemently against Finn being allowed to reenter Ramsey Street society like nothing had happened. They really came up with a gruesome but not gory way to dispatch Finn. But speaking of people being dumb on soaps, oh Elly, check that he's dead (didn't he fake his death at one point?), but starting to bury the body when you know Susan is calling the cops? It's like she wanted to be charged with murder!
  6. I might find it more unbelievable if what Britt had gone to jail for was the Lante embryo stuff, but it wasn't. And it's apparently taken her a long, looong while to get her license reinistated. It's not like she was handed it when she got spung. So it's somewhat handwaveable for me in the world of Soaps! Also, hey Felix? You know who else committed a crime against her patient and used hospital resources to do it? Sabrina, your bestie, when she swapped out Ava's medication and almost killed a baby. And who was all ready to cover that up for her? Felix! So again, some of these poeple need to climb down off their moral high horse.
  7. I must say, that charged little moment between Britt and nuNikolas when they first saw each other was...kinda hot. Clearly that's not where things are going, but it made me wistful. Too bad it had to take place in front of the hypocritical morality police. Shut. Up. Liz. Ditto. You. Felix. Like, hate Britt all you want, but the moral smugness given their own track records is ridiculous.
  8. Liz being all agog that the hospital would hire Britt? Sweetie, your husband, a FORMER SERIAL KILLER WHO TURNED PEOPLE INTO ART, was permitted to work at the same hospital, WITH CHILDREN. So climb down off your moral high horse a bit.
  9. I meant just weird in the sense that, if she's only here for a little while, why bother having her get her job back. But whatever.
  10. Or Britt's return when I'm stuck at home and needing extra stuff to watch was just in time? 😉 #teambritt Anyhoo, based on spoilers for this week, my girl apparently gets rehired at GH, which seems weird because I'm pretty sure this is still just a guest stint. In addidtion to crossing paths with nuNik (!!!), she also tangles with two former nemesis, Liz and (ugh) Felix. Relateldy, I hope the reemergence of Felix doesn't mean they're gonna try and put him with Lucas. Give Lucas a new guy, keep Felix in whatever Nurses' Ball storage closet he was in.
  11. Her hair did look nice, I'll give her that. And only that. I hope the next time Lulu looks at Brook's Facebook page, she finds a sex tape of Brook doing Dustin.
  12. This week on "General Hospital", my beloved Clint Buchanan was mentioned by name, and there was a cute wink to his relationship with Kim (mention's at 1:43):
  13. Excuse me, there was a mention of my beloved Clint Buchanan from OLTL that was also a cute wink to my Clint/Kim ship and nobody told me?!?! In other news... Lulu (musing what to do about Brook's Facebook post): What about a good reporter? Me: I guess you're gonna have to call one and ask them because you certainly can't be referring to yourself. I dunno if it's the writing or how Emme Rylan is playing, but Lulu came off as such an insufferable bitch in these scenes. And again, as a a horrible journalist, because as Maxie and Brook pointed out, conflicts of interest abound!
  14. Previews...ew, I'm going to have to watch Franco scenes to get my Britt fix on Monday?
  15. Has Britt been on since Monday? I tried watching the Brook stuff from Tuesday, I think, but it started with Lulu sauntering up to be an unprovoked bitch and I was just not in the mood lol.
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