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  1. Brett Claywell (Kyle Lewis) posted a new headshot, sounds like he's trying to get back into acting. Lookin' good, Dr. Lewis!
  2. Wow...Lucas and Brad in their home, in bed together, and shirtless no less. Only to facilitate another bullshit dream fakout, but hey, it only took OVER A YEAR for a second scene in their home since this baby swap started (I actually liked the little touch of Lucas saying it was his turn when Wiley started crying). I guess they won't have to have their marriage-ending fight in the halls at GH after all.
  3. I was wary and annoyed when this casting was first announced, that the show was gearing up to have two "Jasons" and two "Carlys" on sucking up oxygen. But I actually came to like Kim at first, they didn't overuse her and mixed her in with mostly new people and her attitude about Drew was, at first, relatively, refreshing. But once we found out she had hid Oscar's medical condition from him, it was alllllllllllllllll the way downhill from there, though it was mostly the writing versus anything poor Tams was doing. At least, if this report has the facts right about her being done filming, this whole FrancoDrew thing might be quicker than we thought? Hopefully?
  4. The hell? Crystal Hunt (Stacy Morasco) is still out here acting? Not just acting, but creating shows? Not just acting, but creating shows airing on some streaming service I've never heard of? Not just acting, but creaitng shows airing on some streaming service I've never heard of that also costar Donna Mills? https://www.abc.soapsindepth.com/posts/general-hospital-donna-mills-crystal-hunt-series-mood-swings-173153
  5. So we finally got the reveal and the blowup of the Nina/Valentin relationship and...that's it? They're already back on less than a week later? That is some weak soap tea, Show. Oh, and what was the other thing I wanted to say...I can't...oh yeah, I remember. SHUT UP ABOUT MORGAN, SHOW, SHUUUUUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP.
  6. As I mentioned in the wishlist thread, my dream would be for the show to go all UK and reveal that Dustin is bisexual and play a triangle with him and cuzs Lucas and Lulu. #buttheydnever
  7. But surely he'll go check on Monica, having once again promised to be a better son to her. #sarcasm
  8. I certainly don't want to go there again. Fuckin' Felix. I can't even remember the last time we saw him. Nurses' Ball?
  9. I will say I can't imagine them introducing another gay character to pair with Lucas or Brad. So they'll either dump Brad and have Lucas be even more of a sexless talk-to or they'll smoosh them back together.
  10. For me, it's always gonna be Serena. It was one thing when her parents were also off-canvas, but now that Scotty, Lucy, and Kevin are all part of the show, there's so much untapped potential there to bounce her off of them. I know it would probably be a disaster given the writing, but it bums me out she'll be a character who just sits on the bench for all eternity and never gets to have a real soap life.
  11. Somewhat relatedly - do we think, when all this comes out, Brad/Parry Shen's going to be off the show? I mean, that's soaps, but it kinda sucks given he actually wants to be there, you know?
  12. FFS, Sonny and Carly couldn't have dropped Drew fast enough once Jason came back. Fuckin' show. And my soul screamed when I saw the preview of Sonny at Morgan's grave.
  13. Worrying about the moral character of the woman they pair Michael with when his mother is CARLY is just...so GH.
  14. I think Sasha as a character would be more interesting if she had been more self-serving with the scheme in the beginning, that would made her actually coming to love Nina and regret her actions and now want to atone for them a better story. But with all this "My dying grandma!" stuff at her motive and now her sacrificing herself on every altar she can find, she's just oatmeal. So perfect for Michael, I guess. I'd wager because she's a substitute for Britt and/or a link to dead Nathan.
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