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  1. And there's that fraudulent picture of Lucas and Bobbie again...
  2. Okay, Sami's face seeing Will clinking beer glasses with HIS MURDERER is great. I'm sure she'll be talked around immediately, but at least she gets to have some kind of reaction. Why would they end the promo on...that...with Steve and Kayla? Is that some kind of inside joke I'm not getting?
  3. Marlena mouthing "furious" with that exploding hand gesture is very funny. Sami's pink leopard print top reminds me of this hideous purple leopard print shirt Guy Wilson!Will wore one time. So this decades-in-the-making wedding is...in the pub?
  4. So they went the classic retcon twin route with Jake versus making him Stefan O. I'm actually for it in this case, better to wipe out Stefan O.'s rapey grossness during the Gabigal stuff if he's staying, and they can always pair the twin with Gabi at some point if she comes back or whatever. In other news, I saw a pic of Sami and Will and it made me wonder how she is going to feel about her beloved eldest child being besties with his murderer. ETA...reading the whole article about the twin thing, I'm reminded a little of the Rex/Schuyler asspull of a retcon on OLTL. It's not the exact same because this is twins and not a baby switch, but Alison Perkins did end up lying to Roxy because of how sickly her baby was and how it probably wasn't going to make it, and that sounds like what Ivan did.
  5. Now I'm sitting here thinking how I'd rank the Rappaports, after Lindsay, in order of most liked to least liked. And maybe Jen is #2? Because Sam sucked (though he was more bearable after the recast) and Will super suuucked (or maybe i just feel that way today because I refreshed my memory on him). And while Jen was annoying a lot of of the time, I feel like she had some soapier stories with enjoyable elements as the heavy opposite Cris/Natalie and finding out her mom was banging Rex. And I do vaguely remember her and that Riley guy being kinda cute during the Love House summer. So yeah...weird, but I think that's right.
  6. That is always kinda fun, when actors who play bitter rivals on these shows are besties in real life. My mind is also remembering something about some weird web series they did together a few years ago? Or, like, a viral video or something?
  7. Ew, bad choice for a follow-up: I mean, I loved me some Lindsay, but otherwise, nooope. I actually just watched some old-school OLTL today that reminded me how much I didn't like Will. My vote is for a LOCK reunion!
  8. Ah, see, I thought his Y&R stint was closer to the time they recast Joey that last time with Tom Degnan, but looking it up, that was a few years later. And maybe, presuming he was living and working in LA, he didn't want to move back to NY. Still, I've seen him in some guest spots and I think he could have been a compelling older Joey. He would have had more oomf than Degnan, IMO. Thanks for the backstory on the Kevins. Sorry, other Kevins, but my Kevin is now and always Dan Gauthier. And speaking of Kevin... This reminded me, and I'm sure it was discussed at the time over on TWoP, but it's kinda crazy Kevin had no presence in the 2009 KAD Killer story, even as a fly-in appearance. Neither did Rachel, really, even though she arrived with two months or so left in it. Sure, you had the originals in Powell and Zach, but if you're already dealing with a recast Todd and then decide to recast Rebecca, I don't think anyone would have minded Gauthier and Duplaix being in there. And now I'm imagining Kevin and Kyle/Fish interaction re: their brotherhoods in KAD. They could have gotten beers and talked about how they think Kim marrying Clint is nutso! Kyle could have mentioned he knows Natalie because he blackmailed her slash stripped at her bachelorette party!
  9. Melissa Archer, you spit out that Kool-Aid right this minute! Having not watched yet...when was Kirk Geiger Kevin? During the KAD rape trial? During Cassie? And how come they never tried to get Chris McKenna back as adult Joey in the later years? I think that could have worked.
  10. Yikes... I mean, clearly the show has no idea what to do with Hope, but you'd think Kristian Alfonso would just want to hang in/on at this point.
  11. Dear Frank, Whatever plan you're currently cooking up to lure Kristian Alfonso to "General Hospital" to play Nina's never-heard-of sister or whatever now that she's leaving "Days of our Lives"...just no, stop it, no, no, you are stopping it, NO! Signed without love, TeeVee329
  12. From the reboot, Clint is more than happy to admit (to Viki's hilarious horror) that, yes, he was the one who filed a restraining order keeping Natalie/Liam and John apart. While I hated how they made Clint the Big Bad here to wash away John's sins (cheating on Natalie, skipping town for months to half-heartedly avenge a retconned relative, etc.), I love the fire Jerry ver Dorn brings to this announcement.
  13. I had actually totally forgotten Will and Kayla are related lol. I was thinking about his connection to Justin via Sonny. It's just kinda odd seeing Will doing this given his involvement, as innocent as it ended up being, in, you know, the demise of Justin's last wife. Speaking of, I haven't been watching, is Sonny conflicted at all about his father remarrying after his mother's death or it just his usual bland smiles? And did any of Sonny's off-screen brothers have something to say about this?
  14. Will as the officiant for Justin and Kayla is weird. I mean, I guess I get it, but still. Do we know who the father of Allie's baby is? I saw a RUMOR in one spot that it's Tripp, but it sounded made-up so wanted to see.
  15. So this clip from 2002 is titled "Jen Loses It!" - and she, uh, certainly does, to the best of Jessica Morris' abilities - but the real story here is Viki reading (a rather unrepentant) Rae up and down for being a lousy fraud of a shrink. Slezak is just great here:
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