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  1. Hey, remember how Carly kicked off the year HAVING AN ELDERLY WOMAN KIDNAPPED?
  2. Positives first, I liked the teens coming together to investigate a suspect/red herring (the whole vibe of this with Clara reminded me of Julie and Helen visiting Anne Heche's backwater house in the movie), the abandoned cult barracks made for a creepy set piece, and they actually threw in some cheap but okay jump scares. And the flashbacks with the dad were interesting because I thought it would just be him feeling guilty because he didn't take Alison home when she asked, not that he basically put Lennon in the path of the car. I don't think he's the killer, or Clara, but I suspect whoe
  3. I continue to really enjoy the spikey exes rapport every time Britt and Nikolas interact. Not sure I love that Britt was willing to trade on her relationship with Spencer the way she was suggesting to get information out of Nik, though. Also, can it please be a new day so my girl can change out of that turtleneck, thanks.
  4. Every time someone writes LWB or LWB/FS, it fills my cold heart with warm glee. But now he's really crossed the line, trying to hurt Mr. Sheffield! He's a widower with three children to support!
  5. I was actually kinda enjoying the deputy as a side character (unlike, say, Courtney) with his fastidious by-the-book-ness so bit of a bummer he got offed. But again, he's killed completely off-screen. This is supposed to be a slasher series (and yes, I know Lois Duncan's novel isn't very slasher-y, but the IP, I'd wager, has value today because of the movie versus the book) so let's get some jump scares, some chase scenes, and some on-screen kills going in the back half, Show. Do kinda like that they eliminated the idea of Lennon possibly being alive slash the killer. I really have no
  6. I figured, as the Johnny Galecki of the show (i.e. the person we saw drive by the site of the accident), Dale was not long for this world. But why was his death off-screen? You're a slasher series on a streaming service, show the kill! And aside from that, it was weird we saw the kids rush out of the store and react to finding the body, but they held back the reveal of it until the cop found him. Riley is emerging as the most likable of the bunch. I think it's kinda shitty that Dylan seemingly blames her for his sleeping with Lennon because she supplied Lennon with drugs. Riley didn
  7. This reminded me, they did mention in the pilot that Alison had failed her driver's test. But yeah, if you previously ran over your sister, maybe get a wireless headset for when you're in the car?
  8. A step up from the pilot, I thought. I was pleasantly surprised the show didn't have the dad be so stupid as to not recognize which twin was which, and it was darkly twisted that he forced/is enforcing Alison being Lennon, to protect her yes, but also to punish her, at least on some level. I was also surprised they bumped off one of the core group so quickly, though maybe not the cutest look in 2021 to kill off not one but two LGBTQ characters first. And really, we had to throw in a teacher fucking a student plotline even here? Also, this is so basic, but I really wish the killer w
  9. Something pretty similar to the twins "twist" also happened (I'll put it behind spoilers just in case) ETA...come to think of it, there's also twins on another horror series that premiered this week, "Chucky". What a weird trend.
  10. Not as far as I know, I saw a few reviews that mentioned a "twist" at the end of the pilot they were asked not to spoil. And even if they had, the episode still suffered IMO from how blatant it was and the way they dragged it out.
  11. The "twist" with the twins - that Lennon was actually the one who got run over and Alison has now taken her place - was almost obnoxiously obvious. It honestly took me out of the episode because I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for them to reveal it. Are we supposed to think Alison purposely hit Lennon, though? I wasn't sure from the staging of the accident. It was also a little hard to get a handle on the relationships in the group. For example, first I thought Margot and Lennon were a couple, then I thought Margot was with Johnny, but then someone made a comment in the cave ab
  12. Aw, you know me too well. As other have said, they were on-canvas at the same time - RoHo came back in May 2011, Setton in August 2011 - but, yeah, their storylines never overlapped. I'm kinda meh on Austin. I'll take him every day of the week over Franco, but this intro story is moving too slow or something, he's just kinda there IMO. And I think him vs. Brook would be more interesting if he was scheming back at her.
  13. I enjoyed the little moment of Brook practicing the rap she was going to use on Britt, gave me Kimberly Andrews feels. But I also really liked Britt immediately sniffing out what Brook was up to. Kelly Thiebaud and Amanda Setton have a fun dynamic, I would dig seeing them in scenes together more often. So tired of Oliva's "You Quartermaines!" rants. If you hate it so much, Liv, stop enjoying the perks and just leave and stay gone.
  14. Previews...hey, Britt and Brook together, it's been a minute since my girls shared scenes! (Why is Britt still in that turtleneck, though...)
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