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  1. TeeVee329

    Unpopular Opinions: "I hate BLTs from Kelly's!"

    I too have an affinity for Skye/Jax, though that might be because I wasn't watching during the Brenda heyday. Unlike every other woman in Jax's life, he was #1 to Skye, and it's one of his few relationships not tainted by a Sonny association. And a Skye return with Lila Rae to shore up the Q's would certainly be better than sticking him with stupid Rebecca Budig (the character) or Nina.
  2. TeeVee329

    Wishlist: Hoping for a Cure (Or Not)

    It's "Hustlers", but the strip club where Jennifer Lopez, Betty Cooper from "Riverdale", etc.(including, crossing over from "One Life to Live", my beloved Kimberly Andrews) work belongs to Sonny and they take him and all the other stupid men in Port Charles for all their monies and, when they get caught, they flip on Sonny and get him sent to jail. ...maybe I've watched the "Hustlers" trailer too many times today lol.
  3. TeeVee329

    Spoilers And Shockers

    I've thought this on other soaps in other stories, but a surrogacy story would also be a good way to introduce a new character. No convoluted backstory or connections we've never heard of, just someone who agrees to do the surrogacy and then meets some other people in the couple's orbit and it builds from there.
  4. TeeVee329

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    In other news, I'd prefer a Nik recast to Tyler Christopher. His person issues aside, he spent a lot of time sleepwalking the last time he was on GH, then spent a lot of time sleepwalking on Days.
  5. TeeVee329

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    So this show hired Veronica Cartwright to play a psychic (?) just so Kiki could curse out Ava from beyond the veil (???)? Just...shut up, Show.
  6. TeeVee329

    Neighbours (AU)

    Terese's niece is very annoying, yes?
  7. TeeVee329

    Neighbours (AU)

    Yeah, I think they just wanted to nod back to where this all started - with Andrea showing up on his doorstep pretending to be Dee. Also, I don't think I mentioned it, but I loved Willow tackling Andrea.
  8. TeeVee329

    Neighbours (AU)

    I assume at first, it was just going to be the Fake Dee story, but that was a hit and the actress was game to do more stints so it just kept building and building. In other news, Yashvi and Ned are together now? Ew! Isn't Ned, like, way older than her? Also, I liked Ned with Bea and I don't like that they blew up their relationship for stupid Finn.
  9. TeeVee329

    Neighbours (AU)

    I hear you, but I thought the scene where Toadie had Andrea and Dee on both sides of him insisting they were the genuine article was fun and super soapy. I think the actress has done a nice job differentiating between them.
  10. TeeVee329

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    I thought Val won the finale, IMO. She came to town, looked great, spiced up Donna's bachelorette party, knew her place was hanging with the guys the morning of, told us she had a job and was spending time with her mom and was dating a guy who cared about her warts and all, she didn't put up with Kelly's shit at the wedding, got a beaming smile out of Dylan, and then got to flee town and not be a daily part of these peoples' lives. That's pretty happy if you ask me lol. This will never happen, but I would loooove some kind of meta scene between TAT and Shannen Doherty, like we see Shannen go to an audition for a different role and she bumps into TAT because she's reading for the same part, that would be hilar.
  11. TeeVee329

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Ew, Laura used Sonny's name as a threat? I freaking HATE when characters on this show do that.
  12. TeeVee329

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Ugh. Stop doing stories about peoples' wills, Show, you're bad at them.
  13. TeeVee329

    Outside Llanview- The Cast in Other Roles

    Finally got a chance to watch Mark Lawson's scenes on "General Hospital," oh it was nice to see him. And what an acting challenge, having to convincingly seem charmed by/attracted to Lulu, Fiction's Worst Journalist.
  14. TeeVee329

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    What is this I'm hearing about stupid Oscar having screwed over the Q's from beyond the grave?
  15. TeeVee329

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    *perks up when I read Mark Lawson is on the show* *droops a bit when I read he's in scenes with Lulu, and not as her brother*