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  1. Yeah, what? I had been unclear on their status for a while so I dunno why the show brought it up now just to break them up. And I hate that Bobbie keeps getting to dump Scotty, she sucks.
  2. Oh gawd, they had SWSNBN come take Mike into the light? And maybe stop cribbing from your own scripts, Show? You just played that exact same beat with Oscar. Shake it up!
  3. He's done creepy and illegal things with Elizabeth too, their courtship started with him hiding in the backseat of her car and trapping her in an elevator!
  4. I guess I'm supposed to be just OUTRAGED that Britt's considering dumping a SERIAL KILLER from the hospital payroll, but... * checks notes * Nope! Also, Franco trying to act like Britt's "transgressions" are in the same league as his. Not quite, guy who turned peoples' bodies into art.
  5. I guess he's yelling at her for voting against the Q's, but I'm still looking forward to seeing these two together.
  6. They did the same thing with Nelle, waffling back and forth between whether she was an evil bitch or just misunderstood, and it's not working any better here with LWB/FS than it did with her.
  7. She wasn't voicing contempt about drug dealers, Liz was voicing contempt with Britt for being associated, however loosely, with a criminal element, which again, hit man baby daddies and SERIAL KILLER husbands, Liz. It's not a Liz issue, really, it's a "General Hospital" issue. Britt is no saint, obviously, but the level of scorn given what some of these folks have gotten into and/or signed off on from their spouses and friends is insane.
  8. The contempt dripping off Liz's words when she mentioned Cyrus' drug dealing to Britt was so hard to take seriously when you remember she associates regularly with mobsters and married a SERIAL KILLER. And it was telling that her response to Britt noting how unethical Monica and Bobbie's actions were was just to say the surgery was a success. That's not the point, Liz, what Monica and Bobbie did was unethical!
  9. Kelly Thiebaud's not a fan of Britt's bangs either... I don't understand tweeting that kind of comment at her. I mean, rag on the bangs all you want, but don't tag her, c'mon!
  10. It's the same with Terry. She's been on-canvas, what, like a year? And what do we actually know about her besides she's friends with Liz? As I've said previously, the show deserves some kudos for having a trans character played by a trans actress, but when they use her so sparingly and then pat themselves on the back about it, it comes off very performative. Especially when the UK soaps have done a light-years better job. ETA...and I STILL think, instead of this retconned friend of Liz, it should have been Sarah who came back having transitioned.
  11. Hi Britt! Or should I say, Dr. Westbourne, COS! I guess I'm supposed to be just OUTRAGED that she demoted Piph and cut Liz's hours, but... * checks notes * Nope! Like Liz wouldn't do the same to Britt in her position. And the Piph thing was a Cyrus call, probably because he has someone in mind he can control (Kim Delaney perhaps?). It's also not Britt's fault Monica got her ass fired (sorry, Mon).
  12. Britt and Nathan actually had a cute little sibling relationship, once they got past almost boning lol. I would actually like to see her try and visit with James. But the relationship with LWB/FS is annoying because, back when Lulu dumped margaritas on her hand, LWB/FS was very judgey about her past, which is rich given his resume even then.
  13. On the Britt tip, KT apparently gave an interview to SOD that makes it sound like things are frosty with Julian when they see each other again, though I'm not sure if it's because he married Nelle since last she saw him or because she figured out he almost killed Lucas (who?) and Brad (who?). KT is also looking forward to delving into Britt's relationship with LWB/FS (booooooo!) and wants to have more scenes with MC's Nik (yay!).
  14. I'm seeing RUMORS on Twitter that Britt is going to be the new COS. I'm into it, if only for that fact that it's going to make the likes of Liz and Dr. Michael Easton and Felix fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckin' miserable. Gawd, I can't wait to hear Liz wailing about her nemesis getting a second chance TO HER SERIAL KILLER HUSBAND.
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