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  1. It feels like they're doing this storyline about Luke's sexuality because of the tabloid press about the actor dating the actor who played his brother and it makes me feel a little uncomfortable about it. I do think it's interesting they didn't make Ethan the guy he'd been with, just a bystander to whatever he had with this Steven, that was a bit of a twist. What is going on with Victoria's hair? It's a no. Meanwhile, I'm liking Amy's pink streaks.
  2. Jessica Tuck (Megan Gordon) was on last night's "B Positive", guesting as a psychiatrist. She barely had four lines, but it was nice to see her.
  3. Olivia didn't help cover up Sonny shooting Dante?
  4. Olivia vs. Alexis was fine, but Ned vs. Tracy was where it was at for me. I loved how Jane Elliot played it - quiet, assured. But again, had to roll my eyes at Olivia wailing about the Quartermaine and their sick coverups. How many crimes have you helped cover up due to your association with Sonny, 'Liv?
  5. I thought about Robert and Olivia, but I figure he's going to be with Jackie, maybe in a quad with Anna and Dr. Michael Easton. And I kinda like them as buddies, putting them together romantically would ruin that.
  6. Oh Clint, no! I will say that Jared probably benefited from having story/drama with Charlie as well versus just with Natalie.
  7. It was kinda fun that the soapy denouncement at the Quartermaines today had some audience members. Too bad Monica couldn't wander in too since she was part of this secret. I was also kinda shocked when Olivia said she and Ned have been married four years. That's a long time for soaps! Do we think this is gonna be the end of them? Finally, I did kinda roll my eyes at Olivia barking the usual rabble about the toxic Q's. Hey 'Liv, remember when you got cheated on last by Sonny, he fucked a woman he hated in a crypt after the funeral of the man he murdered. So, you know, what Ned did isn't really that bad.
  8. I wasn't watching most of that time so all I really know about Nash is him being with Tess/Jess and, of course, that he made for a hilarious corpse. Did he have friends, other love interests, a place in the community besides that relationship? I feel like you, @jsbt, talked about them maybe trying to put him with Sarah at one point?
  9. And I'm thrilled Britt never fully drank the Kool-Aid and is now fully onboard re: him sucking.
  10. That was always my problem with Tess, or Connie on GH, or Gabigail on DOOL. We're supposed to be just loving the zany, sexy antics of the alter, but all I think about is the mentally ill woman trapped inside and the horrible moment when she'll come back the forefront and, in most cases, find herself in the bed of a man she would not be with otherwise. Yuuuuuuuck.
  11. She does, she's not really a fan because of the Nikolas of it all. I thought the same yesterday, way to rebound from the bangs, girl.
  12. Nash's death also kicked off a recurring theme I hated - Natalie keeping a secret that caused Jess to split and thus everything Tess/Bess/whoever did was her fault. Poor Nat got the short end of the stick so many times.
  13. By the way, I am already so bored of Amnesia!Sonny and this little side play he's in. Don't care.
  14. It feels like they're reaching a point of no return, because how many times can we hear "One more drink will KILL Peter!" and it not happen.
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