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  1. I guess we shouldn't be surprised because Chase is the first on-screen friend he's ever had, but Michael is seriously a T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E friend, that he couldn't think beyond his own feelings for five minutes. I don't know how the writers don't realize that Michael's rootability in this story started at zero and now is at negative 16. Aw at Dr. Michael Easton and Gregory smiling at each other when they got the results about Chase being Gregory's son. I dunno why the show did this feint with the paternity - I wonder if they felt that Dr. Michael Easton could only truly be invested in find
  2. I'm catching up on this season of "Dynasty" and Cody Ryan McLaughlin (Shiloh) just popped up as a shady league commissioner in Culhane's (boring) storyline.
  3. Very intrigued that they get into all that, I'll have to make some time to listen.
  4. I'm seeing some chatter on Twitter that Cameron Mathison is going to be a recast Drew, though others think he's playing some mob guy Novak I've never heard of
  5. Backing up to yesterday, I smiled with glee every time Carly was stricken/her face fell - when Jason flat-out admitted to a connection with Britt, when she was iced out of mob business, when Britt clocked her jealousy and possessiveness right off the bat and breezily dismissed her meddling, all of it was a delight. Also, I found it very interesting that the writers let Dr. O bring up her role in Robin's Abduction 1.0 and how Jason called her in to help Britt - and that Jason knew that Brad would have been that person were he available - despite how that colors his opinion of her. That's
  6. I thought so at first too, but I looked and didn't see a number on the door when he left.
  7. Having not listened, I'm curious how deep they get into this, not only the redemption of Todd, but how he became the show's primary male romantic lead.
  8. Carly's stricken face when she saw Jason and Britt holding hands filled me with glee, especially given how dismissive she was of Britt earlier. I still worry about the long-term consequences of Britt being involved with Jason, but this is an aspect of it I quite enjoy. And I hope Britt, when Carly inevitably sticks her snarling nose in, doesn't give her an inch. And as a bonus, some more snarky ex repartee between Britt and Nikolas. Although I don't know why he suspected her of stalking him and Ava, Britt has not expressed a romantic interest in Nikolas in quite a while. In other
  9. Speaking of Fish, Scott Evans (Oliver Fish) gets a few lines as a concierge in brother Chris' 2014 directorial debut "Before We Go". The movie itself is a charming if slight romantic dramedy in the "Before Sunrise" vein.
  10. So as one does, I'm thinking about the logistics of how Kimberly blew up Melrose Place and how everyone pretty much survived. Kimberly tells Sydney she's planted four bombs - in the laundry room, in Alison's apartment, in Matt's apartment, and in Amanda's apartment. What I don't understand is why the bomb in Alison's apartment, because in her villain monologue to Sydney, she makes it sound as it's only because Alison is next door to Matt, but Matt's apartment got its own bomb. Speaking of, while Kimberly does figure out ways to lure Peter and Michael to the complex, she doesn't seem
  11. The execution in this Michael/Willow/Chase triangle has been off from the beginning, when instead of going a more organic route, they went with fake cheating and fake marriages. I mean, even the Michael/Chase part has fallen flat because the show hasn't really sold us on them being besties, where we might care if them fighting over a woman tore that apart. It's just bad soap.
  12. The tone-deaf-ness continues! #eyeroll #ugh
  13. Dr. Michael Easton didn't kidnap her son the day he was born so it's a (if boring) step up for Liz AFAIC. I feel like this relationship has potential to be a bit more mutual versus Liz having to constantly cheerlead Franco, wipe away his tears, etc. But I also have to imagine they might just chuck Dr. Roger Howarth at Liz. I mean, who else is there really to pair him with? I guess Carly while Sonny's still boring us to death in Nixon Falls?
  14. While I loathe Carly: Mob Queen, I can also hate Michael being all, quit because you're a woman slash mother. "How are you supposed to point a gun dramatically at someone with those breasts getting in the way!" And it's not really like removing herself will make Avery and Donna any less marked, you know? Shut up, Michael, with your antiquated ideas about mob hierarchy. The story I actually want to see is Carly loving, relishing, delighting in her power as a Mob Queen and really struggling and pushing back against Sonny reclaiming the throne whenever he wanders back into town. But they
  15. Or when her bisexuality is used as an example of how awesome Sonny is because he acted like a human being and accepted her (he hung out in gay clubs with Lois and Connie all the time, don't ya know!).
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