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  1. So it's another Quartermaine versus (fake) Cassadine face-off over ELQ shares and again my girl Lucy has been maneuvered to be the tiebreaker slash stab the Q's in the back? Boooooooo. I mean, at least this time she has a better reason - Deception is kinda her personal ELQ - and we won't be subjected to any OOC lectures from her about how mean Michael was to Sonny and Duke, but still.
  2. I actually thought, in the very beginning, Ron did a better job with Ben than he did with Ford and Franco, having Ben really confront what he did, showing him getting therapy, etc. I remember there was one scene where Eve saw him and tackled him and was wailing on him and Ben just took it and it did a good job of making him sympathetic without excusing him. But now? It's the usual, "Ugh, shut up, I totally apologized so stop bringing up my past crimes" attitude that was trademark Ford and the "I've been framed for a crime I didn't commit!" stories that Ron told with Franco again and again. I mean, one of Ben's best friends now, the best man at his wedding, is Will, ONE OF THE PEOPLE HE MURDERED! That's gross.
  3. Oh, I am all for people remembering Monica and including her at times like this, but given the show stupidly forgets to do so when they actually have the actress there, I'm not surprised it's not even on their radar now.
  4. In this case, I might give them a pass because I'm wondering if they're holding off on using the elder statesmen while they're figuring out COVID protocols. I know the UK soaps are doing that.
  5. Yeah, that's not great...but I have to imagine the baby switch trumps that on Sami's Why I Hate Nicole list. It would for me!
  6. I mean...they're kinda in a sense fighting over a man now - Eric. You know they're both going to try and get him on-side.
  7. #fictionsworstjournalist I seriously can't believe we're doing this again. And they couldn't even wait a week after setting up Carly with the POA? I mean, if she taught a course on it, given she's a world-class expert, that would be okay.
  8. "They've battled over men before...". Um, one of those slaps in there is because Nicole STOLE SAMI'S BABY, which kinda ties into what's going on now. They're weren't just cat fighting over some dude. Why not just say "They've battled each other for years..." or something like that?
  9. Amanda Setton (Kimberly Andrews) talks to SOD about her maternity leave from "General Hospital" (the temp started yesterday): https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-amanda-setton-on-her-gh-leave/ I was a little surprised to learn that she's having her third child and not her first, but then again, she doesn't really do social media and seems to keep her private life to herself, which is totally her right. I do wonder if that's why she kinda disappeared there for a few years, maybe she had the first two close together and took some time off.
  10. Agreed. The possibility of Lindsay and RJ tantalizing hung in the air for a long time, but when the show finally went for it, they didn't really go for it, if you know what I mean, it was very afterthought-ish.
  11. Previews... Carly (presumably to Sam re: the POA): I don't want to get in the middle of you guys. Me: Oh fuck off, Carly, you l-i-v-e to get the middle of things., especially when it concerns one of your claimed guys. Can Jason and Carly just go ahead and have an affair already?
  12. I know Lindsay Hartley is pretty, James Patrick Stuart, but back it up a touch. Also I'm so tired of these ELQ share stories, because the Quartermaines always have to be dumbed down so much, basically handing over their shares on silver platters, and then aren't the driving force in getting it back together. I mean, how many times has off-screen Skye alone been conned out of her and Lila Rae's shares?
  13. I assume those "awake and engaged" performances were on "Port Charles"? 😉 I wasn't a "Passions" watcher so, though I knew who Lindsay Hartley was, it was her playing Cara on "All My Children" that's my reference point for her. Cara was a real shot in the arm for that last year. Cara and Tad's fake-marriage-maybe-turning-into-something-more was really sweet - surprising given how unlikable Tad had gotten - and then it was a shock how hot and sparky it was when she got bumped over to David when Dixie returned.
  14. Lindsay Hartley! I wish you were in Port Charles because Cara Castillo came to town to smack her ex David Hayward and then accidentally have hot sex with him, but hey, you got me to pay attention to a Sam scene. I agree she was a little too big and broad with the anger when she first came barreling in to Alexis', but I thought she was great once she settled down, and had a nice rapport with Nancy Lee Grahan. With Steve Burton, eh, she can only do so much, but at least she showed us through face and tone that Sam was irritated by this nonsense about Carly being Jason's POA. In other news, I really enjoyed Alexis, while literally sipping tea, thinking about the Julian/Nelle sitch for like five seconds and being, "Oh, he's being blackmailed, definitely." But what was up with her wrist, am I forgetting something from the before times?
  15. Oooh, Hartley's already here? And a Pine Valley nod from Tad Martin Grey? I'm actually looking forward to checking today out!
  16. But in talking about Olivia's anxiety about Dustin taking Dante's place in Rocco's life, why have we never seen Laura even have one minute of anxiety about her son's place in those boys' lives, especially given this super annoying Franco: Super Dad era. I know the answer is Lucky has been off-canvas for years and Dante is about to come back, but it's still a bugaboo. I think it's a lesser of two evils thing? She's the one making things miserable for characters people hate even more, namely Carly and Michael. And I think people appreciate her more as a flat-out villain versus when they were waffling for so long about whether she was a black widow bitch or not. But I think that'll stop once the Nina reveal happens and we'll be expected to, like, care about her feelings. Not.
  17. I thought the pencil being so teeny was to show a passage of time, how long Dante has been in there writing these letters he never sends. Or I'm giving the show way too much credit.
  18. More happy news - Ron got married over the weekend!
  19. Funny how that never comes up with Laura. #eyeroll
  20. So I watched the Dante scenes and they felt like padding, which is not the feeling your surprise return that wasn't a surprise should be inspiring. If they weren't going to give us any real information about what's going on with his situation, they should have just left it a quick tease, maybe just the part of him having a nightmare and waking up/showing us his face. I did note that his hands were wedding ring-free.
  21. I didn't watch - is Dante a prisoner or is he just at the WSB facility where he's supposed to be?
  22. I too am glad Brook's not pregnant. I wonder if this did throw off some story for the character, if that's why they didn't lock her into a pairing. Because maybe the plan was for her to film as long as she could and then exit the character, but now with filming all thrown off, they have to bring in a temp for scripts already written. Does that make sense?
  23. That reminded me - wasn't there a temporary Nik during the SWSNBN storyline? I remember tuning in one day and a non-Tyler Christopher Nik had his arm in a sling.
  24. Aw, Amanda Setton (Kimberly Andrews) had/is having a baby! So we're going to see someone else temporarily step in as Brook Lynn on "General Hospital". https://daytimeconfidential.com/2020/08/03/general-hospital-temporarily-recasts-brook-lynn-quartermaine
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