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  1. He thinks he does. I mean, when he says he loves them, I don't think he's lying. But it's an entirely self-serving, self-absorbed sort of love. Sonny's children are variously pawns, trophies, ego boosters, or excuses for self-pity. He doesn't see them as people in their own rights, but extensions of himself. Then again, I don't think Sonny thinks of ANYONE as a person in their own right. Other people are generally property, enemies, or irrelevant.
  2. Addie was the eldest sister, though. (I thought her nickname came from a tiny Dorian trying to say "Aggie," but maybe that was fan speculation) Was that a retcon?
  3. ...I'm not sure, actually. It seems to me most were pulling for Liam to be McBain's and Ryder to be Brody's, but that was a while ago, maybe I'm misremembering. I have a whole headcanon about those kids as teenagers, heh.
  4. Yeah, but Viki got to kill her father. (No, I do not accept his 2003 "return." As far as I'm concerned that was all a scam on Mitch's part to a) get his hands on Lord money, and b) fuck with everybody.) My UO: I wanted Brody to be the father of BOTH Liam Asa and Ryder Asa.
  5. Melissa Archer and Roscoe Born (RIP) played off each other so well. Their scenes always crackled. It felt right that Natalie was the one to finally kill Mitch.
  6. UYI mentioned Al, she was also teased with Miles Laurence and Vincent Jones, but neither went further than a kiss, if that.
  7. Co-sign. Their wedding was even the set piece for the show's 35th anniversary episode. (17 years ago!? God, we're all old.) People liked to say, when talking about Jared (whom I also loved) that he appreciated her bad-girl qualities while guys like McBain and Cris wanted her to deny them. Bullseye on McBain, but I never agreed about Cris - I thought he accepted who she was and saw that she was a better person than Llanview at large and Natalie herself believed she was. I wish that she'd gotten back together with Cris in that last year instead of the whole wrong-headed thing with Brody, even if that was soapier. They could have ended with the understanding they'd both grown and no longer really fit together. Cris could have still gone off to Europe (where he met and reunited with Layla, I remain convinced of this!) I liked Cutter and Natalie, too! They were hot.
  8. Nash benefited greatly from comparison to Antonio, I think. I was pretty neutral on him overall. I liked him with Jess (not Tess, I despised her, in concept and increasingly in execution), even if they were, as a couple, often smug and stupid. They had a cute Lucy and Ricky thing going sometimes. And yeah, Forbes hammed it up a lot.
  9. I like Wuthering Heights, but it's not a love story. It's a horror story, with Heathcliffe and Cathy as the monsters. And that's the point - this isn't a case of an author somehow failing to notice that her perfect lovers are sociopaths and her love story is a portrait of an abusive relationship, and yes, I am looking at you, Stephanie Meyer. ETA: I got distracted. What I meant to say is that I don't think Cathy and Heathcliffe are Secretly Awful at all, their awfulness is open, blatant, and deliberate on the part of their author.
  10. Perfect sense! I used to like the In Death books, though I haven't read any in years. I don't dislike them, I didn't rage-quit in disgust or anything, but while Robb/Roberts is very good at what she does, any series with that many books is going to get a little monotonous after a while. Also, and I know this is a UO, but Roarke's endless perfection wore on my nerves after a while. He's rich and cultured and handsome and brilliant and the best at sex and utterly devoted and has a tragic past and is sexy dangerous not red-flag dangerous and has an Irish accent. He's a wish-fulfillment fantasy, and while there's nothing wrong with that, at some point it gets monotonous, too. Or at least it did for me.
  11. I remember how the king that Hook served before Liam's death turned him pirate was conspicuously unnamed. Maybe it would have worked better if this king ruled an Evil Empire that was more technologically advanced than the other backwater kingdoms of the Enchanted Forest. Maybe that could have created a real ambiguity for people like King George and Regina and an explanation for their alliance and why the common people might have supported them, if there was a constant huge threat out there. (This Evil Empire could have even have replaced the Ogres in the apparently multiple and long-lasting Ogre Wars.) If Regina's (and/or Rumple's?) magic was what was keeping this imperialist power at bay... I don't know if this actually makes sense, the idea just popped into my head
  12. Does she still do the tucking-hair-behind-the-ear thing and the slouching? Because that's what bugged me about her OLTL stint. "Such a pretty girl, but very green" was my assessment of her back then. I can't believe how long it's been.
  13. I did a quarantine binge of Rizzoli & Isles, and I recognized a handful of OLTL alums. Jessica Tuck (Megan) played a serial killer. Chris McKenna (Joey) and Heather Tom (Kelly) played a married couple caught up in a surrogacy scam. Josh Kelly (Cutter) was a murder victim and Christopher Cousins (Cain) was a scheming businessman.
  14. Scott Evans (Oliver Fish) in the role of American voter. Those sunglasses are...a choice.
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