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  1. I've decided that the Five Families are playing an elaborate prank on Jason and Carly, and there is a betting pool on whether or not those two are stupid enough to go through with the wedding.
  2. The behavior she describes has nothing to do with their relative levels of talent. It wouldn't somehow have been more acceptable if he were the better actor. This was a grown man bullying a teenage girl. He's the asshole regardless.
  3. Robin or Anna or even Lucky should have been the one to kill Faison, not the person I am not going to acknowledge so as to stave off rage blackouts. Anyway, I don't mind Quartermaine squabbling over the family fortune. It's petty, yes, and part of me is all eat the rich, but it almost feels like the good old days. Scheming and backbiting is pretty much written into Q DNA. So, Austin and Olivia? Don't soap mothers always fall for the doctors who treat their young children?
  4. I remain unreasonably irritated that they brought in this Esme person* instead of having Alec Barrett be Spencer's (ex) boyfriend from their Glamourous European Boarding School. I mean, how dare this show not conform to my personal fanfic! *I am more reasonably irritated at how incredibly predictable this new Lisa Niles/Nelle is already. She might as well have "Bunny Boiler" tattooed on her forehead.
  5. Karen Wexler, Scotty's daughter, was only a teenager when Sonny got her hooked on drugs to keep her stripping in his sleazy club and sleeping with him. Karen had been sexually abused as child by one of her mother's boyfriends, she had told Sonny this during their "affair." When she started to resist him, he told her she must have wanted it to happen.
  6. It's clear that A&E do better when they have some sort of structure imposed on them. Left to their own creative devices, the wheels come off very quickly.
  7. I've said this before (I think? Possibly I'm doing that thing where I THINK about writing a post and my brain then believes I've actually done that), but I don't understand why Michael/Willow aren't written and portrayed as struggling more with this betrayal of a man they both allegedly care about. They should have exchanged nothing but longing looks or awkward conversations for a good while. Willow should have seemed fairly desperate to squelch her feelings for Michael and commit to Chase. Michael - who, according to this show, is not a villain - should also feel guilty, because Chase is his
  8. Ugh, I hope not. For one thing, Ryan/Greenlee may have been the most obnoxious couple I've ever seen on a soap. Top 5, anyway. Secondly, I HATE when shows pair up actors that were paired on another show, because whatever chemistry never translates. My first experience of this was when Stefan/Bobbie was derailed for Stefan/Katherine, who were awful, even though Patch/Kayla was (is?) a DAYS supercouple.
  9. "OH MY GOD stop telling me when you have nerdy sex!" -Dr. Perry Cox
  10. Just yesterday I was thinking, "Shouldn't Cam Mat be showing up soon? Don't tell me they cut him already. Ugh, Ryan Lavery* and Jason Morgan on the screen at same time might cause me to spontaneously combust from sheer loathing." (Yes, I know he's not actually playing Ryan.)
  11. Thank you! Ah, yes, Kim was always more clever than Stacy. I mourn the loss of epic bitch-offs between her and Kyle. And Kim and Natalie. And...Rama? Or was that Aubrey, since Kim was the original Aubrey? A lot of the Cutter/Aubrey/Rama stuff is a blur to me now.
  12. Hey, Layla and Kyle had no complaints! Given that a night with Stacy sent Fish screaming out of the closet, I don't think she's got much room to talk.
  13. Ah, yes. When Shawn oh-so-nobly chose loyalty to Sonny over staying out of prison for his newfound son.
  14. Wow, I hadn't heard about this. Lisa Banes (Eve McBain) died in a hit-and-run earlier this summer. https://www.soapcentral.com/one-life-to-live/news/2021/0615-lisa-banes-killed-in-hit-and-run-accident.php
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