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  1. Sasha should be relieved to have escaped with her life. (So far!) Strooker Abby, Sobby Sabs, Keeks, Nutjob Nelle...it's less dangerous to be an Alaskan crab fisherman than to be Michael's girlfriend.
  2. As if Scotty wasn't scheming and blackmailing and extorting before Liz was an ill-advised second bottle of wine between Jeff and No Name. GIRL, PLEASE.
  3. ...I guess? The show makes noises about Valentin being a good businessman. But it played more like any financial difficulties just disappeared after Val took over because they no longer served the plot. Dumb. Cassadine Int. is supposed to be a gigantic multi-billion dollar global conglomerate. Intermittent money woes or no, @statsgirl is right, Nikolas should be able to find $175,000 in his couch cushions.
  4. I remember thinking, during Gail's scavenger hunt, that Franco and Scott's conversation about how Franco treated Scott like Scott treated Lee would have played so much better if it were Scott and Logan, Retcon Son #1. I suppose Scotty suffers from Monica Syndrome, where all his children are dead, not allowed onscreen, or magically erased from existence, so he's stuck trying to be a parent to the absolute worst option.
  5. This show has quite a few lawyers - Scotty, Alexis, Diane, Col. Tad Sanders, Robert (that's still bonkers, btw) - but they all seem to be in the 50+ set. Is that weird? It seems a little weird. Molly's in law school, I guess, but... Maybe Trina should call her Aunt Gia to come to town.
  6. Murder She Wrote is a great "Spot the Soap Star, Take a Drink" game. Last night I saw Genie Francis, extremely tan and making out with a cross-dressing Kenickie from Grease, which don't tell me Grease isn't soapy, Tonight brought a very young and blond Brian Kerwin, and now Mitchell Ryan (Frank Smith), Nicholas Pryor (Victor Collins), and Stephen Macht (Trevor Lansing). I think Macht is fixing to get killed right now, he just called Jessica Fletcher to tell her something SUPER IMPORTANT and she blew him off. ETA: TWIST! Trevor Lansing isn't the corpse, he's the innnocent framed suspect! I'm not sure who died. It was some blonde lady. I'm might be having a trough time following.
  7. Imagine my fury at Ryan's unforgivable failure to kill Carly. The man truly is evil.
  8. All of this. I didn't have a problem with the theft of Ryan's kidney, either, but - here's the thing - I wouldn't have had a problem with those involved facing professional consequences if they had been caught, either. That's the risk they all knowingly took, and I wouldn't have had much patience with any whining over being punished for breaking rules they knew full well applied to them.
  9. "Self-serving diva" is actually quite an apt description of Roger Howarth on OLTL in the late 90's/early aughts. He phoned it in and mugged it up by turns, and it was infuriating. I do think the circumstances are different from then and now, of course. RH hated Todd and was super emotionally invested at the same time, and I doubt he gives much of a shit about Franco. RH objected to Todd being a romantic figure because he was a monster and would do his best to tank stories he disapproved of, while, again, I doubt he cares about Franco. It may be a healthier headspace he's in now, but I think he goes for the mugging and tics now because a) laziness, b) he was (re)hired to give the Roger Howarth Experience and by god that's what he'll do, c) laziness, and d) the character of Franco is so hollow that there is nothing for him, as an actor, to actually dig into. Also, laziness.
  10. Tad was her brother. Greg was Jenny's boyfriend.
  11. Is that where Max/Luna shippers hang out? *ducks* I like Scotty & Lucy, too. And Kevin & Laura. And - I've been on this Port Charles kick - I like Eve Lambert with both Kevin and Scotty. But I do think Kevin & Lucy are best together. There's just something magical there. I suppose it's weird in this day of Twitter stanning and such, to like multiple pairings. (Thanks to youtube, I can say I like Anna/Robert and Robert/Holly. And I like Robert/Olivia. Is that allowed? I say it is!)
  12. Here's an episode of Port Charles from the General Homicide story that has some hilarious scenes of Victor, Kevin, and Lucy. (Also fun scenes of Eve and Chris Ramsay plotting, as well as stuff with Karen and Joe Scanlon and some sad-eyed cancer kid that I don't care about, because of my cold, dead heart.) And because I do remember this is the GH history thread, here is vintage Kevin and Lucy, being adorable. Look how young they are!
  13. The latter. Well, technically, "our father." Here's the scene:
  14. Okay, so I went to youtube and found that scene. Kevin talked about Victor in the past tense, though possibly that only referred to his career(s) as a mathematician/spy. It was only one line and not definitive either way, but it seems the most logical conclusion is that Victor is dead. But, you know. Logic and this show. (Pediatrician serial killers don't strike me as very good operative material, frankly. Sociopathy may be a plus, but you want people who are loyal and/or easily controlled, right? But I don't run an evil spy organization, so.)
  15. Mike is Michael's godfather, so their relationship is actually older than Michael's and Sonny's. I was under the impression that Mike was living in Port Charles all these years, just offscreen.
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