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  1. I'm all for Brook being a schemer, but this is...ugh. First of all, it's gross to threaten people with a mobster, old family friend or not. Second, this just makes Brook seem like a lazy mooch. She reminds me of Kristina, and that's never a good thing. Why can't the young women of this show have any ambition? (Except Molly, I suppose.) I wish she was hustling to start up L&B again or something concrete. Third, wasn't she childhood friends with Lucas and thus it's even grosser to leverage this situation for her benefit? Actually, now that I think of it, maybe that was Maxie. I wish someone was on Lucas' side. Even his own family members care more about Michael getting his son back, or Carly getting her grandchild, than about the fact that Lucas has just lost a child and his marriage.
  2. Right, though she didn't know the truth from the start. I mean, she knew she bought a baby on the black market, obviously, but she didn't know he was Cheryl Stansbury's stolen baby. Then she found out - I don't know how - and kept quiet about it. Random thought: Vincent Irizarry would have made a good Valentin. With better writing, of course.
  3. God, remember when the Niz affair came out and the FIRST THING Carly did was go running to Jason to try to talk him into taking Jake away from Liz? Yeah, this woman really cares about the rights of mothers. I will say that I continue to headcanon that Avery is Morgan's daughter and that's why she glommed onto her (besides wanting to stick it to Ava because she hates her), because Carly has never really wanted to embrace Sonny's extracurricular spawn before. ETA: I'd like to see Michael hash the whole AJ issue out with Jason, actually. He was Carly's accomplice in keeping Michael from AJ long before Sonny and he was dead when AJ was last in town. He's also the only one of the three to ever express even a tiny bit of remorse over it, to my memory.
  4. That rather ignores the laundry cart and how Carly wanted to pass Michael off as Tony's. Forever. She fully intended to keep AJ's child away from him, and mostly succeeded until Michael was an adult. AJ was reacting to Carly's behavior, she was no innocent victim trying to keep her baby away from the bad, bad man. Her child was a tool of manipulation from the start. She absolutely would do the same to Ava and Nikolas. Carly doesn't do empathy, and she respects no one's parental rights but her own. This is why I'm preemptively tired of Corinthii rage over the Wiley situation. The hypocrisy is too much. Unless Michael comes out of it with a new understanding of what Carly, Jason, and Sonny stole from both him and his actual father - which we all know will never happen.
  5. Impossible Pipe Dream: Michael learns the truth about Wiley and it hammers home like nothing else has exactly what Carly, Jason, and Sonny did to AJ. He turns on them permanently. Impossible Pipe Dream #2: It is discovered that toxic fumes from the gray paint everywhere in Port Charles has caused a mass hallucination in the form of Roger Howarth's Franco. He disappears and is never mentioned again.
  6. I LOVE The Westing Game! One of my favorite books ever. Not favorite YA, but books, full stop. I just started Goblin Precinct, third in a series by Keith R.A. DeCandido. They're police/detective mysteries set in fantasy world of goblins, wizards, elves, etc. Nothing spectacular, but DeCandido has a snarky tone that's fun.
  7. Two brothers. Right? Lucas and Leo. ETA: I suppose it tracks that the only sibling of Sam's Jason can be bothered to remember is Sonny's kid.
  8. My memory is that they loved Michael Raymond-James in Terriers. Which, I ALSO loved him in Terriers, but not every actor is right for every role. He could've worked as Neal - MRJ's former character was also a scruffy ne'er-do-well with a heart - but then they made him Baelfire, and it fell apart. Some actors just aren't built for period pieces or fantasy, and it's hard to explain why. It is impossible to believe that man existed anywhere but modern-day America. Not a fairy-tale forest, or Neverland, or Victorian London. And this isn't really a casting issue, but Nealfire was a douche, and they never really dealt with it. Henry should have gotten mad at him at some point for abandoning Emma, Charming should've been able to punch him in the face just once, and no one should have named their kid after him. That still annoys me so much. (It seemed to me that Emma refrained from calling her little brother by name whenever possible. I wonder if that was a choice by Jennifer Morrison? It seems unlikely to have come from the writers.)
  9. I'll never forget how Spinelli - who called himself Lulu's friend - knew in advance and was completely fine with Sonny's intention to murder Dante. Not to defend Ava, since I'm mostly neutral on her, but honestly, IMO? Morgan on the fake pills didn't act particularly differently than Morgan on his meds. And Ava's messing with his pills felt like yet another way for this show to let Sonny off the hook. I've wanted them to take Charlotte The Bad Seed route since she showed up, pretty much. Anna is painful to watch anymore. Most people trace this back to Peter/Heinrich showing up, but personally I've found her a blinkered moron since the #JusticeForDuke days.
  10. I'm almost positive, too. I do remember Luke asking Jason to keep Lucky out of anything illegal and Jason talking to someone (Robin?) about Luke trying to "control [Lucky's] life." Even though he wasn't in fact doing anything illegal. Though I recall at least once that Jason/Sonny sent him somewhere (Canada? Rochester?) to deliver something, though I don't remember what.
  11. I agree. I can recall Joseph Sisko referring disparagingly to "replicated slop," and his restaurant always seemed busy and popular when we saw it.
  12. I KNOW, RIGHT? I don't know why this, in particular, sticks in my craw so much, but it does. It drives me absolutely bonkers. As you say, he doesn't know Regina, except as a murderer. She's not even the same Evil Queen his grandparents defeated and drove away before his mother was born, which I assume he's heard plenty about. If anything, Wish!Henry should be gravitating toward Charming, Snow, and especially Emma. I'm not clear on whether Emma retained Princess Emma's memories or not (and I doubt the writers know, either. It's just Emma, who cares, right?), but if she does, then she's the closest thing to his lost family he has.
  13. Look at that smile! I'm happy for them. I freely admit to being judgy about names (I'm still not over Ingo Rademacher naming one of his kids Peanut), so I'm wondering if I'm blinded by affection here, because I think Phoenix is actually kind of cool. Finn, not so much, but maybe they wanted the kid to have a more "normal" alternative. ETA: @TeeVee329 you mentioning Sierra Rose made me realize that it's almost ten years since she was born! Given soap time, she'd be a troublemaking teen by now, giving poor Kyle and Fish gray hair, and fueling a rivalry between Liam and Ryder.
  14. Yes, though Alexis was actually raised on Cassadine Island with Stavros and Stefan, though very much as the (heh) red-headed stepchild. That she was the daughter of Davidovich cousins who died was the story Mikkos told everyone, including Alexis. (Helena knew the truth, but I don't think Mikkos knew that Helena knew, if you follow me.) I don't remember if Alexis actually went to live with these Davidoviches, who died a short time later and then came to the island, or if Mikkos just invented a child of the conveniently dead Davidoviches, or if they even really existed at all. I also vaguely remember that Kristin Nilssen was originally Stavros and Stefan's nanny before becoming an opera singer (I assume Mikkos helped finance her career, if so.) It's worth pointing out that Kristina was a retcon, Alexis discovered her real lineage in 1997 and the never-previously-mentioned Kristina didn't show up until, uh...2002, I think. I also think at that point they changed Alexis' age at the time of her mother's murder from 5 to 8.
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