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  1. I don't know if it is the outside lighting or the lipstick itself, but that Porn Star Pink is NOT Sam's color.
  2. Joss. That sweater? No. Just no. The poster who compared it to something Joan Collins would wear on Dynasty was spot on. I continue to love both Ava and Julian. I know this unpopular, but I don't like Nelle. I said that (as well as the comment that she looks like she smells of stale urine and cigarettes) on the unpopular opinions board and stand by it. I hate her so much that I'm rooting for the Corinthos clan which never happens. Which means I hate her even more for making me not actively root for all Corinthii to die.
  3. Thanks for letting me know April 7 would be the perfect day to deep clean my house and wax my floor.
  4. Willow's death warrant is as good as signed, right? I mean, OF COURSE she is going to marry Michael to save Wiley. That we all know. And that will cause such an issue between her and Chase, as it should, which will lead to some added drama. But, with Willow being the daughter-in-law of Sonny and the daughter of Harmony, who we all know is going to double cross Cyrus, she's good as dead. That will, of course, lead to Chase being upset he didn't protect Willow and blaming Michael and just being completely conflicted and torn up. That will lead to some brother bonding between him and Finn. Nina will then later find out Willow was her daughter and we'll get that fantastic distraught storyline. And Sasha and Michael will continue to be dull. With Sasha pregnant with future Baby Willow.
  5. Why does Catelynn always look so trashy? Even when she is dressed up like in her wedding dress or vow renewal dress, she still looks so trashy. I can't figure out if it is her makeup, hair, the combination, or something completely different, but she just cannot ever look classy. Even Amber, trashiest of the trash, has managed to look like she has class a time or two (you know, if you just saw a picture and had no clue who/ what she really was and, of course, not all that often and out was just a look cause Amber is trash).
  6. With Lucy so busy with Deception, is she going to have time to put together The Nurses' Ball this year? No one had even mentioned it.
  7. First, she really needs to get into speech therapy. There is no shame in it, but I'm sure Tyler is the kind of parent who refuses because of the arrogance "there ain't nothing wrong with a child of mine" mentality. Second, is that young girl wearing makeup? I don't get these teen moms' obsession with maturing their kids so early.
  8. Completely agree! Though, I'd respect the writers a lot if he said he wanted to go back to Chicago because he felt he was less likely to get shot there than Port Charles where a third of the population has been involved in murder, half have had attempts on their lives, and it seems to have a higher rate of stupidity than anywhere else in the country.
  9. I'm in agreement with anything that gets more Curtis screen time.
  10. Fully Team Leisl and am annoyed that Franco won't even consider the thought that Peter was behind it all. And shut up, Nina. Nathan wouldn't want Maxie happy with Peter, what with ol' Pete being a slimeball and all that. Trying to mentally prepare myself for Jordan going to Sonny because "if I'm going to when with a monster outside the law, or will be the good one." Eyeroll. And I'm mentally preparing myself for Sonny to be outraged with Cyrus because kidnapping and drugs aren't cool. Another eyeroll. I'm happy Britt is back and hope she helps her mother.
  11. The line about trying to guarantee a boy in their next pregnancy really rubs me the wrong way. I know a couple who has 6 kids. The first 5 are all boys and the sixth is a girl. It was common knowledge that they wanted a girl and they kept trying until they got one. Boys 3, 4, and 5 all are pretty messed up and comment about how they weren't wanted and aren't as loved as their little sister. Boy 2 has said a few things here and there but didn't seem as messed up as his younger brothers. If Catelynn and Tyler have another girl, I can only imagine how she is going to feel as she grows up. I have then same concerns about Lux and this 4th son Kailyn is pregnant with.
  12. I wondered the same thing. I think she had don't injections. Her upper lip looked a lot puffier than it used to. Compare today to this older picture of her.
  13. When Ava and Nik fall in love(come on, we all know it's coming), I wouldn't mind seeing them be a couple friend for Liz and Franco. I enjoy the friendship between Ava and Nina well enough, but since I don't like Nina, I'd like to see Ava with other friends and with her history with Franco and Liz's history with Nik, they could work. Shut up Sam and Spinelli. I want her back in jail. I can't help it. I love Leisl. And with Anna being so... not Anna lately, I'm fine with Leisl winning this one.
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