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  1. I'm still hoping that the writers figure out how stupid this Millowtonin pairing is and fix it by having Willow seeing Chase move on (I'd rather it not be with Brook Lynn because I love their friendship, but whatever) and realize that she still loves Chase but was confused. She was distraught at the news of her son's death and transferred all of her love to Wiley without ever fully mourning and processing the death of her son. She clung to Michael as a way to be guaranteed access to Wiley's life and thought it was love, but realizes she was wrong. Then Michael acts like the petulant child he
  2. Princeton. She's going to go to Princeton next and will refer to herself as Princeton Princess because she will think that's the mascot. Or something equally ridiculous.
  3. Yikes. The ever-so-sexy shot of the back of her in the swimsuit is just stunning. I'm not sure if the dimples on her butt cheeks or what appears to be a butt zit is the more attractive sight. I might never eat again. 🤢
  4. Did anyone else go see it in theaters on Tuesday or planning on going this coming Tuesday? I thought it was a lot of fun. Everyone in the theater was singing along to the theme song and playing along to the Golden Girls trivia that aired before the show started.
  5. Unless it's a character I really like like Alan or Tony. Nathan was pretty nice to look at, too.
  6. So the worst added character in recent history is Peter. The worst storyline in recent history is Sonny/Mike and life in Mayberry. So the solution is to put them together? I'll give it to the writers, it's nice having the scenes consolidated so my fast-forwarding is more efficient, but it sure doesn't improve either storyline. I am certain Chase is supposed to be the bad guy here, but he isn't coming across that way. I can't cheer for Willow. I just see her as a cheating skank (nope, don't care that she never meant her vows and thought she was being kind in the moment) and Michael as so
  7. No. Just no. Oh heck no, GH. No no no no no. This was a low blow. Why on earth did I have to sit through ridiculously boring Millow scenes and then, get rewarded for my efforts by having to see that Peter is still on this show? Not okay. Not cool. Not acceptable. And I see that tomorrow I get to have more Sonny/Mike scenes. I'm officially in the hate-watch category.
  8. I have just caught up on the past 2 weeks of GH after being on vacation. I'm going to need someone explain it to me like I'm Sonny why I'm supposed to root for Willow and Michael over Chase and NotFranco. Willow and Michael are incredibly boring and have been lying to Chase and humping behind his back. He's MARRIED and had no idea Willow had a taste for white bread and mayonnaise until he walked in on her screwing said white bread during her son's birthday party. What on earth? Who does that? And if one of those men is going to get you that hot, it would absolutely be Chase over Michael.
  9. I'd tell Farrah how important articles and being verbs are in communication, but I'm certain she'd have no clue what I was saying.
  10. I can't decide if that's absolutely hilarious or completely vomit inducing. Either way, I'm guessing neither is the reaction he was trying to achieve.
  11. Sigh. You remember that terrible storyline that landed us with Charlotte? How Nathan (my word but that man was beautiful) found out that useless character, Claudette was having an affair with that other useless character Griffin and so Nathan shot Griffin? Why can't Chase be a bit more like Nathan in this situation? But, be sober so it doesn't just wound Michael. End his lineage. Salt the earth. Only downside is that would make Chase a murderer, but I've been expected to overlook worse on this show so I'm sure I could force myself. OOOH! And have Carly so grief-stricken about the death o
  12. He always struck me as a person who was older than he wanted to be/believed himself to look so was constantly trying to appear younger and more hip. Sad, since he is a guy and, as we all know, Hollywood is much kinder to men than women when it comes to aging. How old did Sean Connery have to be before he was considered older rather than sexy? Matt Cohen is currently later 30s which is more than young enough to still be considered attractive without putting in awkward effort. I'm not sure I've ever experienced more second-hand embarrassment while watching GH than I did watching him dancing du
  13. It would be near impossible for me to see Liz/BH as a grandmother. The woman has aged so beautifully that she look late 20s-early thirties while actually being 44. I also hate the idea of Cameron having an accidental pregnancy, and loathe entirely the idea of him procreating and being saddled with Joss for the rest of his life. *shudder* However, all that said, I would love to see him have a baby before Audrey/Rachel Ames passes. There's something I love about Dr. Hardy and Audrey's family continuing on the show and the idea of her great-great grandchild makes me a little giddy. I mean, I
  14. Dante and Sam are gross. Michael and Willow are gross. Cam and Joss are gross. Jason and Carly, fake or not, are gross. So much gross on my screen. But then we have the shiny that is Britt, Valentine, Chase, Jax, and Monica and I'm happy. GH has me very conflicted lately.
  15. I actually donated a kidney to my friend last month. While he was on dialysis, he wasn't drinking, but the surgeon said there's nothing wrong with him drinking in moderation (but no more sushi, poor guy). I have no dietary restrictions.
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