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  1. And he was friends with Curtis. I liked their friendship... and liked having them both in the same frame.😍
  2. I think Willow is going to help rehab Chase and fall back in love with him. I think the writers know how unpopular Willow and Michel are. Anyway, she'll rehab him back to health and fall back in love with him and rather than that cause Michael to flip out like a good soap, he will be totoes kewl about it because there is another girl waiting in the wings ( yet to be introduced but just as lacking in chemistry with CD as every other girl they have tried him with) that he, of course, never even came close to cheating with, but will quickly be in love with. The Alexis/Shaun story is going to
  3. No hair issues. I think that blame falls on GH hair and makeup.
  4. I'm binge watching House and Wes Ramsey plays a Renaissance Festival King who takes his role very seriously on an episode in season 6. Cynthia Waltros is also in that episode (and a few others) as the former wife and current girlfriend of Dr. Wilson.
  5. Shut up Joss. Shut up Carly. Shut up Michael with those looks that you are passed your "friend" is going to live. Is Carly incapable of having non-obnoxious spawn?
  6. At this point, the only thing the writers can do to redeem Willow is have her realize she is still in love with Chase but deep down knew how Michael felt and subconsciously convinced herself she felt the same out of fear of losing her connection to Wiley. She had felt she had to choose between Chase and Wiley and so she chose Wiley, but is realizing exactly what that means and is becoming aware she is going to resent Michael. There is no need to redeem Chase because he's always been great. There is no redeeming Michael. I hated the color of Ava's top, but she still always manages to look
  7. Irrelevant. Sonny has super sperm. If anyone can cure Nina of her baronness, it's Sonny and his mighty man parts. I have to go vomit now.
  8. It's remarkable how much tptb go all in on the Corinthii. Willow had fantastic chemistry with Chase but they get broken up so we can have the Nytol replacement that is Millow. Alkazar had this charisma that was undeniable so he had to be sacrificed at the alter of Sonny. Ava is flawed and complex and shines with all her scene partners but she has to play second fiddle to Carly. Dante/DZ has shown great chemistry with Lulu (more JMB than ER, but still good with both) so now let's saddle him with Sam who acts like she just watched Millow scenes and can't stay awake. Or maybe not because Jason wa
  9. What are the odds that the test will be a false positive caused by early menopause? I can see them having Katie annoyed/embarrassed that she thought she was pregnant but is really just in menopause and then have many "hilarious" storylines about her being hormonal and even more of a nightmare to live with. Taylor wants to have an outdoor wedding and Katie starts talking about hot flashes in the sunshine. She can make comments about needing third breakfast because she is famished all the time. You know, all those "super funny" stuff they do on sitcoms when they address a woman of a certain age.
  10. I am currently watching To Live and Let Diorama. I often forget how much I love this episode. Drunk Paris is hilarious! Her rant about how men should just stumble upon the truth because they say so much and then her demanding people give her money for the payphone will never not crack me up. Drunk Lane is also really funny. "He looked right into my face directly from his face and told me he was lying."
  11. What? You act like friends don't go around regularity sucker punching their friends in the junk. I have it on good authority that that just happens to be how Danny Zucko greets his friends at the start of the school year, as well.
  12. In all fairness, I'm from Texas so seeing men in cowboy hats is a relatively normal thing for me so maybe I'm just hyper-judgmental here, but Mo looked absolutely ridiculous in that hat. Other guy (name escapes me) didn't look good, either, but MB.... 😂😂😂😂
  13. I would love it if Cam and Trina became a thing while Joss was being ILS (thanks GiGi for the new nickname) and then Joss really felt left out. That'd be great, plus you'd have the two best teen actors on the show in a relationship which could lead to good, meaty teen storylines for the summer to hook the younger crowd while they are out of school. But we know THAT won't happen. Can't have ILS, being the She-beast spawn that she is, be anything other than the main attraction in the teen scene.
  14. I know Valentin screwed up not popping Peter between the eyes when he had the chance, but I'm willing to give him a pass if for no other reason than because JPS has somehow won me over. I hated Val at first, but JPS is able to generate so much chemistry with everyone that I just love the character now. He could generate chemistry with that stupid bowl of moss in Carly's kitchen. He's like the antiCD/Michael.
  15. But Brooke could agree to let Valentin raise the baby saying she knows he can provide a loving, stable environment while getting ELQ back as a bargaining chip. Then, when Valentin learns of the deceit, he still protects baby Lu because he is terrified of Peter getting his hands on the child. And we all get more Peter baby shenanigans that way which the writers just KNOW we're all aching for.
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