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  1. Stupid Sam. You hosed Michael by giving Valentin the voting shares of Jason and Drew's children. You haven't learned yet that you can't ever expect Jason to choose your side over Sonny, Carly, Michael, probably Lila (or at least her memory), likely Robin, etc.
  2. I might not ever get my appetite back after those videos.😨😝🙊
  3. It's Kristina. I remember that episode!
  4. Why can't it be: Sonny kills Peter Jordan arrests Sonny Jason is suicidal Anna spends time with hey only child, Robin
  5. I don't think the Wookie is a possible father. I recently went back and rewatched just to see if it was possible. She slept with the Wookie in Spring. She tells her mom she is pregnant in Fall and we know that the month is November and since she told Luke the wedding would be "later this month", that put the wedding at mid to late November. Even if she slept with the wookie at the and of May, that would make her 5 to 5 and a half months pregnant and halfway through her second trimester. She would have known for months she was pregnant and would be showing at that point.
  6. Please. We all know the plan is to change the title of this show from General Hospital to GH so they can then say it stands for Gangsters and Henchmen or Gangster Hotties (vomit) or Gangsta's Hos or something equally Sonny-centric.
  7. I'm the same age as Rory and hated Jess from the beginning, so I don't think it has to do with my current age. He was rude and disrespectful to everyone except Rory and even then, that was only until they got together. I liked him well enough in season 6(?) when Rory tried to use him to cheat on Logan and enjoyed him in the revival, but wouldn't buy them as a couple now. It's been too long and, ironically enough, I think Jess has outgrown her and is now too good for Rory. For what it's worth, same goes for the Dean we saw in the revival. Rory is pretty much the same person she was towards the end of season 7. Dean and Jess both appeared to act like men in their thirties. Let her be with Logan who will always be 21.
  8. I'm with you. There were some similarities between Maude and Dorothy but overall, Dorothy was just warmer. I'm not a fan of Maude at all but Golden Girls is my absolute favorite show. Were Dorothy more like Maude, I can't see me enjoying Golden Girls much.
  9. Themes I'd be more interested in than Sonny and Co.: Hospital storylines. Crazy, I know. People are really into doctors and nurses right now and are really respecting all they go through to keep us healthy so why not profit off that by showing storylines that revolved around the accrua3l doctors and nurses in the hospital? Teen loves (would have been smart with kids not in school to hook them on the show) like Robin and Stone, Liz and Lucky, or even Dillon and Georgia Quartermaines, especially Lila and Edward or Alan and Monica Replay sweeps episodes. Weren't those supposed to be the best of the best? Family legacy stuff. An example would be starting with Dr. Hardy and working our way to Cameron's storylines.
  10. Morty Fishbein could take you to a barbecue... as long as you help him put his boots on.
  11. I like Luke and Lorelai a lot more when they weren't together (why did the writers suck so much regarding writing them?) so most of my favorite memories of them are from pre and post relationship episodes. I love when he brings the Gilmores foods in the hospital and even included fish because he remembered someone mentioning fish. I like his reaction when Lorelai tells him that Rune is unhappy to be on a date with her and the two of them playing cards the rest of the night. Those are probably my top two that I don't see mentioned very often.
  12. I think it's clear the baby is Logan's. I think she tells him and he breaks things off with Odette to be with Rory. This causes the Huntzbergers to be even less thrilled with her than that were when they first met her. She struggles with the fact that she is raising her daughter (because there is no way she wouldn't have a girl) in the life her mother ran from. Both Lorelei and Emily would be very involved, each with their own parenting style, causing humorous drama. I also think that ASP actually never intended to have Rory turn out as a successful journalist so I see Rory going back to the DAR or something similar where she plans functions and slowly becomes a "lady who lunches". She mentally struggles with this as she has always heard that she needs to work hard and be Christiane Amanpour. This causes issues with her and Logan as she begrudges him his success.
  13. He was raised in Illinois, so definitely not his natural accent. And, as a person who has spent her entire life in the south, it's bad. Like really bad. Bless his heart, I'm certain he's trying hard, but he just can't do a southern accent. I wish he would take a page from Joanna Garcia Swisher's book and realize less is more.
  14. So Monday was Sonny being a crap dad and shooting Dante. Tuesday was Sonny being a crap dad who is abusive and refuses to address it with Kristina. Wednesday was Sonny being a crap dad to Michael and killing his birth father. I'm assuming Thursday will be Sonny being a crap father to Morgan, but how? Maybe the episode where Morgan gets blown up by Sonny? I know we already saw one episode from that storyline, but no reason not to show another, right? And then I guess Friday will be him being a crap father to Avery?
  15. And the episodes confirming Sonny as a POS human and father continue today... How is this clown our hero? Because he took care of Stone? Because he donated to GH? Because he took in Jason and taught him to be a trained assassin rather than go to medical school?
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