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  1. Sam and Dante are super cringe to me. Sam's sudden interest in softball is also a reach for me.
  2. MB was not good in these Nina/Jax scenes. <sigh> So bad.
  3. Jarly included this is just not a very good soap for me at the moment. Everything feels lackluster and cringe at the same time.
  4. They used to teach it in 2nd/3rd grade in NYC, now it's completely eliminated unless a teacher goes by his or her own disgression. Students do not know how to "sign" their name
  5. Maurice is vaccinated. He did it months ago and documented his shot on Instagram stories.
  6. Apparently Wes was taught how to "speak with distinction" at Julliard.
  7. I think they want to portray Sam and Drew as just co parents. Neither character seems concerned with one another outside of Scout.
  8. That was a mess of an outfit Sam had on for Drew's dream. She has on a bra and that shirt with holes it in? Yikes.
  9. I didn't watch at the time but Courtney was hated by many.
  10. Sam doesn't even spend time with Scout (yes I know off screen but she is usually at Lila's Kids or Monica's), so yes I do find it hard to believe Sam is telling Scout stories about her dad. Sam is just not the motherly type. Never has and never will be for me personally.
  11. That was the same child actress that played Scout. I think she does look really old now.
  12. Sam and Dante are so boring. CM continues to do well so far in his scenes. Millowtonin suck no matter what but glad Chase got to say something finally. "Nina, Nina, Nina" <==haha
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