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  1. I have nothing to base this on other than my own theory. I think women have Meghan's number and she knows she can't get away with too much. Also for all her talk about being tough and blah blah blah I think she has major daddy issues and will always seek male approval.
  2. I also didn't watch that segment. And from what I have read I made the right choice. What an absolute tool. Why was even invited on the show? Even Meghan wouldn't be on his side.
  3. I thought the same thing. She has to know about that.
  4. Yes. Even though what she said was true she was still nasty about it.
  5. With all the cross talk it's hard to hear. And also Meghan has zero credibility with me.
  6. This is true but it's like saying Bloomberg is the lesser of two evils when there happen to be choices that aren't evil. I believe this too. She will be absolutely unbearable if Bernie is the nominee. On the other hand if Bernie were to win in November her head will explode. Which I have to admit would be fun to watch.
  7. When did she explicitly say she wasn't voting for Trump? Seeing is believing Meghan and when you continue to support and make excuses for Trump you can't be surprised if people think you will vote for him.
  8. She thinks anyone not conservative is far left.
  9. Joy and Whoopi are living in a dream world if they think Bloomberg's past remarks wouldn't be an issue if not for his Democratic opponents and the media bringing them up. Meghan was absolutely right (there is a sentence I will probably never type again). If Bloomberg is the nominee the Trump campaign will be all over it. Best to get it out now and deal with it. If voters don't care about it then he will win some primaries. If voters do care then he will lose and not be the nominee. And let's not kid ourselves. If Trump had said what Bloomberg said Whoopi and Joy would be condemning him. I fail to see how their shrugging their shoulders at Bloomberg's remarks is any different than Trump's supporters shrugging their shoulders at most of his remarks. I'm disappointed in both of them.
  10. I feel like I say this every day. This is part of Meghan's narcissism. She really does think Democratic candidates should have to work to get her vote. She has made it abundantly clear she is anti-choice so that right there is going to disqualify every Democratic candidate. She just wants to be pandered to. She wants to be thought of as a swing voter so people will pay attention to her and ask her opinions.
  11. All I can say is Meghan is a horrible judge of character.
  12. ABC does not care about it's audience. It cares about it's advertisers. If viewers start a boycott and advertisers takes notice then ABC cares about it's audience. There have been reports that some ABC bigwig thinks Meghan is great and the best thing to happen to the View. The days of the View being a quality talk show is long gone. Even when I stopped watching the View (when Joy was gone) I still posted here. I like this board a whole lot more than I like the show.
  13. Oh yeah. There is a nastiness in her. As much as I disliked Elisabeth I didn't think she was deliberately mean. Meghan is a Mean Girl grown up to be a Mean Woman.
  14. So I guess Meghan has been a narcissistic since birth. No mention of wanting to be informative or even entertaining. She just wanted to talk.
  15. You are freaking me out. I am actually at work in Wheeling. LOL
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