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  1. Save room for me. I thought the middle seasons were the best as well. There was the classic The one with the embryos. The fallout from what happened in London. I frequently watch the scene of Phoebe finding out about Monica and Chandler on YouTube and laugh every single time. Once Monica and Chandler got married and Rachel got pregnant it changed the show. It was still funny but it wasn't the same.
  2. Bringing up the MAGA hats was the perfect rebuttal from Joy. Meghan can't have a rational respectful debate with someone. She didn't know how to respond so she pouted. It was just yesterday Abby was saying she was tired of the border kids being brought up for what she said was to excuse Democrats from doing something, meaning the Barron pun. Joy told her it was a false equivalency. And today's video proved it.
  3. For a woman in her 30s to act like this shows how immature she is. Meghan has done this before. Talked about what a horrible person someone is but says they were talented/successful or whatever. Sorry Meghan but being a serial sexual harasser outweighs any good a man does.
  4. Abby two days in a row has said she doesn't like how partisan this impeachment is. Does she not understand how this works?
  5. When I originally watched the show I didn't like Paris. But when I did rewatch I liked her. There is something about rewatching a show and understanding the characters better because you know what they are going to do in future episodes.
  6. Especially since Sandy had a job that put her in danger. I never liked Kerry Weaver. The writers didn't seem to have a consistent backstory for her. It was like they were making it up as they went along.
  7. I'm sure it was an example of one of Sunny's old-fashioned views about marriage. As much as I like her yesterday when she was talking about marriage being best for a couple having children I had to roll my eyes. She does know the divorce rate is at least 50% right?
  8. I know you are being facetious but Abby mentioned once she wished she had her husband's salary so yeah they aren't hurting. Which makes me shake my head when she asks if programs like food stamps are really working. At the end of the day she is a rich woman who grew up rich and wants to stay rich.
  9. She shouldn't have apologized. Maybe she should have clarified she wasn't attacking Trump's son but to say I'm sorry means she did something wrong.
  10. For being a co host on a show called the View Abby doesn't present her views like someone who really believes them or feels strongly about them.
  11. I was not and am not a Baby Boomer. I'm Gen X and was twenty years old when this show aired it's first episode. I loved it from the beginning. Were there some references that went over my head? Yes. Did that detract from the very well written humor? No. Fraiser was a huge hit and it had tons of references to opera and wines and things I had never heard of but I still found it funny. Most shows in syndication (and now streaming) are going to have things that are going to be dated. It doesn't mean they stop being funny.
  12. Julia's long rants are famous. https://www.cakesofqueens.com/blog-3/julia-sugarbaker
  13. How did I not know about this book? Just reserved it at the library. Loved this show. Rewatched it on DVD about 10 years ago. I still remember watching the episode with Michael and Hope at the hospital waiting to hear word about Nancy and Michael takes a phone call and afterwards tells Hope Gary is dead. It was truly shocking.
  14. I think they forget that. Meghan mentioned today about Gabrielle having a huge social media following. Nowadays shows use that to judge how well they are performing.
  15. I hope the co hosts ask Ronan Farrow about the working environment at NBC. He has a lot to tell. I'm sure he is familiar with the people who didn't renew Gabrielle's contract.
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