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  1. blondiec0332


    I thought they handled his death very well. One of the funniest lines of the entire series is when Nicholas Colasanto had already left the show but the character of Coach was still on the show. Coach had went to Vermont to take his driver's test because he heard it was easier than Massachusetts. Sam is on the phone with him. Sam: Congratulations Coach. All that hard work and cramming and burning the midnight oil. Carla: Did he pass his driver's license? Sam: No he found Vermont.
  2. If you have to try to make people think you are something you really aren't that something.
  3. Meghan is the only person who calls her a political analyst. Just because she analyzes politics doesn't make her an actual political analyst. She is a View co host. Ana Navarro is a political analyst. She has worked for campaigns and is paid by other outlets to analyze politics. My boss likes to play tennis. Is he a tennis player? No he is a business owner who likes to play tennis.
  4. She isn't protecting her child. She is protecting herself. Which is fine but why be on social media? She doesn't want anyone to see her weight gain. If this was simply about not wanting to deal with "haters" she would get off Twitter. But she is still on Twitter. And she only talks about her unborn child when she can act like a victim. And why did she say unborn child? When I was pregnant from the moment I found out I said my baby. Unborn child just sounds so clinical and lacking an emotional bond.
  5. It is literally her fucking job to have time for this. If she is unable or unwilling to do that then they need to replace her with someone who will have time for this. I'm still confused what Meghan was trying to say in response to Joy. Doesn't the fact that most people in Arizona vote by mail and they consistently vote Republican dispute the fact that there is tampering to make Democrats win?
  6. I don't want to go off topic but Meghan was rightfully upset when in 2000 robo calls to potential voters were spreading lies about her family. Wasn't that free speech? She picks and chooses what she think is free speech.
  7. She is not following the advice she is giving in the first meme. And when has she ever talked about dancing with friends? This could be said every single day regarding anything she says and it would be appropiate.
  8. Meghan routinely criticizes liberals. Was it Leo DeCaprio she said wasn't a real advocate for doing things to help stop climate change because he rode on a jet?
  9. If she is trying to be empathetic (or even sympathetic) she is failing. She will never be able to pull off a "I feel your pain" moment. Because she doesn't feel anyone's pain. If she did she wouldn't have the beliefs she has.
  10. blondiec0332


    Wasn't that at Carla's house? Didn't she come from money?
  11. Whatever point she was making she needs to take a seat. This woman's politics had zero to do with her racist behavior. That woman showed herself to be just an awful human being. Period.
  12. I guess if you are being irresponsible waving a flag and carrying a big gun it's OK with Meghan.
  13. It absolutely is that. She could have and still could go to her family's ranch in Arizona. But then she wouldn't be able to act like she is on house arrest. Don't ever let it be said Meghan misses an opportunity to play the victim.
  14. Carrie was just all around awful in that episode. Her and Berger were clearly not working and she was more upset about how he broke up with her rather than the fact he broke up with her. Yes it was shitty thing for him to do but get over it. He didn't cheat on her. He wasn't abusive. He took the coward's way out which a lot of people do. At least he told her. I've had men just ghost me. I simply just never hear from them again. The first part of Season 6 was all over the map with Carrie. The writers obviously knew they were going to introduce Alek so they were just treading water till they got there.
  15. She also didn't mention the gatherings in Arizona at Lake Havasu. Meghan could go places but she chooses not to. When she said she wanted the economy to open back up she meant she wants all those other people to go back out into the world. She however will continue to sit in her (very expensive I'm sure) apartment and whine about not being able to go anywhere. He was right. Everyone has said things they have needed to apologize for. The problem is when some people are held to higher standard than other people.
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