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  1. So all Republicans know one another? And there are more than four Republican women on TV. Laura Ingraham, Ana Navarro, Ainsly Earhart, Nicholle Wallace (albeit not a right wing one) and those are just off the top of my head. Meghan wants so badly to be seen as the poor put upon conservative fighting the good fight. But the truth is she is a privileged brat who is living off her father's name.
  2. OMG. I consider myself pretty savvy about politics and I did not know that. Thank you Moose.
  3. Those are easily my two favorite episodes. I remember watching the season one finale live and being horrified I would have to wait till September to find out who survived. Back then West Wing was appointment TV for me. Never missed an episode. I've since rewatched it twice on DVD (I got them from my library). I've also been known to sometimes pull up the above mentioned episodes online and rewatch them. They are just that good. The actor who plays Agent Butterfield Michael O'Neill has been in tons of stuff. He is one of those guys when you see him you say hey I know him. He was the grief stricken gunman who shot Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy in season 6.
  4. I agree. If Sara is still under contract you better believe they will have her fill in. Why pay someone new when you are already paying someone who has done it before?
  5. There has to be a reason for this. Viewers have been asking for her to be on the View. She gets along with the panel. Except for Meghan. If she is the reason for Ana not being a regular co host then shame on ABC. Why people continue to coddle Meghan is beyond me. She is a 36 year old woman. If she doesn't like a co worker she needs to suck it up and act professionally. It is what adults are supposed to do.
  6. So she doesn't get a baby shower? Even a virtual one? Jesus the people at the View will never hear the end of that.
  7. Since Dr. Fauci isn't part of her team she thinks that means he must be on the other team. Doesn't matter that Dr. Fauci's position isn't political. Meghan's attitude is if you aren't with us you are against us.
  8. Does she think they are unavailable now? I have several. In all kinds of colors. They have become an accessory for me now. I match them to my outfits.
  9. I can only speak for myself but I always thought Elisabeth became an ideologue because of the family she married into (her parents were liberals) and it gave her an identity. Bill Geddie (the View's former executive producer) coached her each day before the show. She was shrill and got overly emotional if she thought she was losing an argument (which was almost daily) and could get downright nasty about things. Her comparing gay marriage to marrying a toaster was one of the most stupid things she had ever said. But the one that made me hate her with such intensity was when discussing the CHIPS program (the children's health insurance) in danger of being defunded she said "and where are their parents" and Joy responded "they are poor Elisabeth". Her lack of empathy for families who were unable to afford health insurance was just so obnoxious. Meghan is a little more polished than Elisabeth but she can be just as shrill and overly emotional.
  10. Awww thank you so much. I enjoy your posts as well. I've always said you could take any four of us and sit us at a table and we would put on a better show than the View does.
  11. I know what it says. At her core Meghan is a privileged white woman. She is always going to see the world through those eyes. She cannot even begin to comprehend what people of color have went through because she has never been discriminated against simply because of the color of her skin. Which makes her whining about being "excluded" from the Women's March so insulting. Any time she complains about something happening or not happening to her because she is a Republican she needs to be reminded nobody is shooting her dead. Nobody is trying to prevent her from voting. Nobody is telling her to go back to where she came from. Whether she wants to admit or not I'm pretty fucking sure she is one of those people who is terrified of this country losing it's white majority. And I will always believe she resents President Obama for not just winning but for another reason as well.
  12. She can't even throw shade effectively.
  13. And that is the difference between Meghan and well just about any other woman. If she was so secure in her beliefs she wouldn't find it necessary to preface all her remarks with "As a conservative/Republican woman". We don't ever hear Rachel Maddow say "As a progressive woman".
  14. Meghan wants so badly to be part of that "club". She doesn't seem to understand it's a belief system and she doesn't share those beliefs.
  15. Why the fuck would Meghan have been invited to the Women's March? She has made it abundantly clear she didn't agree with what women were marching for. There are plenty of movements for conservative women. But Meghan would rather join a movement that doesn't agree with her and then expect the movement to change and agree with her. Fuck that. I was at the 2017 Women's March in DC and whatever Meghan is trying to say is absolutely wrong. I don't even care to know what it is because I feel safe saying she is wrong because 99% of the time she is.
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