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  1. The term willfully ignorant comes to mind.
  2. All it made me think is Whoopi didn't offer to send her grandkids to camp.
  3. None of what Whoopi said made sense. First of all when you prepare your taxes you know what you are supposed to get back or what you owe. So either someone did Alex's taxes and didn't tell her the truth or she was supposed to get a refund and it was held back for some reason. And as mentioned above to file taxes you have to have an income. What exactly is Alex doing to earn money?
  4. This probably isn't going to move the needle for his base but it's going to have an influence on other voters.
  5. I think it's more likely she doesn't want the backlash from people who wouldn't believe it. And I can't blame her. We all saw what happened to Rose McGowan and Christine Blasey Ford when they named their attackers.
  6. Perhaps she meant more people get their news from social media. Which of course is scary and sad at the same time. And for Meghan it is always about the optics. And when she says things like that I think so you don't disagree with it you just think it looks bad.
  7. Why flags anyways? They are a daytime talk show. They aren't connected to the military. Or the government. Smiley faces would have been more appropriate.
  8. The director (that's who is in charge of the camera shots right?) does this a lot. Shows Meghan for reaction shots. It's like there is a tug of war at the View. Those who want to protect Meghan and those who want to show her at her worst.
  9. This is from their Wikipedia page. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, established in 1983 and located in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, is dedicated to recording the history of some of the best-known and most influential musicians, bands, producers, and others that have in some major way influenced the music industry, particularly in the area of rock and roll.[1] Originally, there were four categories of induction: performers, non-performers, early influences, and lifetime achievement. In 2000, "sidemen" was introduced as a category.
  10. The "middle" has been moving further right for several years. So what used to be moderate is now far left. Or Meghan is an idiot. Either explanation works.
  11. Whoopi probably has her family members listed as employees.
  12. Yes Meghan wants to play dress up as a redneck. She is equivalent of the 90s high school boys who thought they were rappers simply because they played that music real loud while driving around the neighborhood.
  13. Depends on who you ask. For me a redneck is what people who don't live in a red state think people living in a red state are. Meghan believes that stereotype. She calls herself a redneck because to her that is someone who loves to shoot guns while chugging beer or whiskey while wearing a flag somewhere on your body. For the record I live in a red state and could not be any less redneck if I tried.
  14. When they were going to break after talking about momentum concerning the candidates did Meghan say this is what I'm good at? Meaning forecasting primary races?
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