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  1. Perhaps for the Michael fans, if there are any. Some Sonny / Carly fans might be at one remove? But it's the system being so unfair to him because of the color of his skin! All the black and female judges it has now don't make a darn bit of difference! Doing it on purpose to get back at the SheBeast might make for some good scenes, especially where Smike takes her side. SheBeast trying to convince Smike he is Sonny and he not remembering so preferring to be with Nina - the SheBeast would explode. I remember hearing "Billary" and thought that might be a very early o
  2. I thought that too - even if it broke, the broken pieces could have traces of the antidote. And if Valentin has some, it could be analyzed. I'm pretty sure Finn will come up with it at the last possible minute.
  3. There isn't a lot of Sam and Ava interaction - "Aunt Ava" - I haven't heard Sam say that. But then I don't always pay good attention.
  4. That'd be nice, since Jason said he'd go back for her. And Cyrus is still out there, so he should warn Britt. Soap characters blame others for convincing them. Maxie, Liz, etc., all adults who could make up their own minds about Peter no matter what Anna said. Someone has been watching "Call the Midwife." That show has several scenes of the midwife massaging the not-crying baby and the tension until the baby cries. Portia complaining that divorcing Marcus does not mean she won't come across any violence again - lol. Move out of Port Charles.
  5. Sam should have been playing that in a flirtatious way. Lighthearted or smiling, teasingly. It is difficult to believe there is an attraction, which I suppose is what the show was going for.
  6. Nina is supposedly doing a story for Crimson. A story about Nixon Falls. She could be shown calling in to the office briefly, which would help. The story is drawn out enough to make one forget. A person who has the marker will definitely get the disease, then? I recall Arlo Guthrie was at risk for it. Maybe that was before the marker could be tested for. Now per google, Arlo does not have the gene, so he must have gotten tested. He had two sisters who died of it, though.
  7. Put together like that it makes me realize how lacking in creativity the writers are. Molly in the DAs office - she might actually prosecute Jaysus or Mooby. Stolen art for Ava and the gallery.
  8. Hilarious - Secaucus is on the eastern side of NJ, so he had to float out into the Atlantic, around Cape May and up the Delaware River. Maybe it's a writer's joke after they got so much flack for the coast of Bolivia!
  9. This is soap opera Canada, which on GH has always been a lawless place. There's no extradition treaty with the US and no attempt to stop US criminals from entering. Soap Canada would never be so bureaucratic as to require a card and wouldn't have passport security for its documents!
  10. I laugh at how in GH's planet, all you have to do to escape prosecution is get over the border to Canada. Is there a WTD with Michael possible?
  11. IMO it was mainly that Jordan knew Cam personally. In reality no cop is going to lower their gun with the other person still pointing it at them. I wondered if they meant to show that is what cops are supposed to do - get the other person to calm down rather than shoot, which is not very reasonable in reality where things happen in a split second. Yes, Sonny didn't have to take so many calls! I guess She-Beast has a learning curve. Yes, they took so long to reveal who it would be - I was getting sure it was heading into Michael/Willow. It was nice it was Dante an
  12. I haven't felt like they are relegated to the sidelines. Jordan and Curtis, Taggert , Portia, Trina. Black characters on soaps are treated equally in that they are usually professionals and the interracial relationships aren't shown with issues that have anything to do with it. It's as if it is an ideal land where there is no racism. One is a doctor and the other a police commissioner. And Trina's problems come from the fact her father is a cop. As shown on GH, the police commissioner is a black woman and Taggart is a cop/detective, so the characters here would be more attuned t
  13. Jason left and had a motorcycle shop when Michael was a baby. I liked that era, but then Guza came back and of course Jason had to go back to the mob.
  14. That soap trope about how women should get away with lawbreaking, because it would be a hardship for their kids if they paid any price for it. Olivia lecturing him about that was obnoxious. Agree, I thought it was a nice escape to have a land where there was no Covid, which was how GH was playing up to that. It is annoying to have it be so horrible for Cam to think Jason killed Franco. Just to have been wrong about that is not THAT bad - it's like you are supposed to just know when the holy hitman is really guilty or not, and if you can't tell, you're a bad person? Dumb. Y
  15. Back then the deadline for spinsterhood would have been much earlier. Even in the 80s, the media was telling us our chances of being chosen for wifedom started going down at 25! (It was because men prefer a younger woman, even though the population was roughly 50.50 - so we were still being told it was only their choices that mattered). In the 60s, it might even have been younger, so maybe it's not a surprise that the aunt thinks Trixie is getting too old to land a husband (yuk).
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