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  1. True. Sonny gave her an opening to bring that up to him in the scene, and she didn't. It was absurd that Olivia acted like ending Crimson's lease would be reasonable to do in return for Nina's secret-keeping. Crimson could just get other premises, and Carly would have to look for a new tenant. Another absurdity: Scott claiming he had to catch the divorce papers before they were filed. Soaps make so much out of "signing the divorce papers." That only opens a case in the court - a lot more goes on before the decree, so it was hilarious to think that in soapland Port Charles, t
  2. In some US states, you can still marry a first cousin. New York is one. They could make a soapy story of it. There's an organization of people who married cousins to stand up for their actions, claiming birth defects are not so much more common and so on. Interestingly, no one has brought any case up to the Supreme Court, as for gay marriage - it is not controversial enough to cause them problems, I suppose. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cousin_marriage_law_in_the_United_States An immigration case could do it based on a case that would be between a naturalized US citizen and a
  3. I don't think she could be. There's no law that you must report things, at least, other than suspected child abuse. Nina didn't owe anyone anything. Carly is so entitled to think a woman she has made an enemy of has some duty to do anything for her. They should have been looking for the body. The police would have been in normal world, as any suspicious death is investigated. Carly should have been harassing the cops.
  4. I was thinking that Mooby spent no time with Wylie - show failed to establish that Mooby had a grandfather relationship with Wylie. Agree, props to Curtis for pointing out that they would be punishing Wylie - they are the shebeast are shitty people for using a child to punish Nina rather than thinking of the child. Sonny claiming he missed the Shebeast was absurd. He had amnesia and did not remember her.
  5. I wonder if that is a joke about the contract. What actor would be so ridiculous? What is it to him if the character ever "loses?"
  6. I always wonder what happens - but they always gloss over - when someone comes back from the dead. If it has been long enough for the estate to be probated. Soap opera jurisdictions needs a procedure for that. :) Nikolas appeared to have not had to do anything when Stavros or Stefan came back from the dead. And lately, while Nikolas was "dead" it would presumably have gone into trust for Spencer. That sounds easier to undo. I despise their going on about Nina not seeing Wylie. That has to do with Wylie's best interests, not fights between adults. Shut up, Ned. Dumb viewers get
  7. That Mike didn't want to know who he was; that Carly was a witch on the phone and that it wasn't Nina's problem. Mike was happy, not a mobster, Mike was in love with her. If the show is going to have someone do something bad, they try to avoid throwing the character under the bus with remorse - sometimes I think they need to just let characters do wrong and just be wrong. As to cause and effect - amnesia (caused by Sonny's own actions) stole his life and it wasn't Nina's duty to inform the world. If they are going to extend blame to Nina, why stop there is stretching proximate cause?
  8. Yes, he does not seem to blame the amnesia at all. Every character overlooks that. No one "stole his life," as even had it been revealed, he would not remember the family. They are trying to have it both ways - Sonny gone all that time because of amnesia, but reactions now as if he did not. I wish Nina would defend herself more. The writers are afraid for anyone to do that - but there would be more excitement. I join the idea that Maxie did not have to tell and the mystification why she would - where are they going with this?
  9. Lightning should have struck Mooby when he yelled at Nina for wanting Carly to pay. How many times has Mooby announced that somebody had to pay for something. Hypocrite. If he remembers the Mike parts, then why does he not remember saying he didn't want to know who he was and liked being where he was? Not to mention that had he been told, he would not remember it, so his life was "stolen" anyway by the amnesia.
  10. I'm thinking the whole thing might have been more interesting had Nina told Mike who he was, and Mike was not interested in returning to that life. Then when he remembered, he would be torn. Somehow the writers find the way to make it as dull as they can, when you can see how they could have made it interesting. It would seem the She-beast should confess that she was in love with the Borg a few hours ago. Isn't it lying for her to keep that from Mooby? As the show defines Lying, that is. The Ava story is just a thing that doesn't happen - she'd want to take her child with her
  11. It can take quiet a while - my nephew was like that - it is ordinary kid stuff for a while, until he gets to an age where you can tell something is different. Why did they bother with making it more than an MOC? Yesterday it seemed like they may as well not have bothered with that. Maybe there is more coming up.
  12. He didn't remember them, though. Maybe the amnesia story would have been better without NF, since the whole family could experience this person who looks like their father but does not remember them.
  13. This does happen. I have family members who are against medicating a child, even if the child is clearly on the spectrum, or depressed. They insist it's just going to pass or is ordinary kid stuff. The kid is going to be fine - while they pass on all the help the kid could get.
  14. The amnesia stories don't seem to account for the fact that the person does not remember. All the kids who miss Sonny - wouldn't it be more traumatic for them to spend time with Smike? Your dad comes back and he does not remember you? Seems that would be really scary and require a lot of counseling - keeping him away actually makes sense until the kids can be prepared. Even then, younger ones could really be damaged by interacting with such a phenomenon.
  15. Sonny is usually the reason everyone is in danger - but now, he is needed in PC! But then, he does not remember who he is, so how can he carry out Sonny's beneficial effect in PC? LOL. The usual amnesiac story usually has the characters forgetting the amnesiac doesn't remember them, and so does not miss them, love them, and so on. But then, he can still make his super duper special awesome sauce. He remembers that.
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