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  1. Yep. No, I don't know him as L'il Dicky, and don't want to know him as Dave. 🙄
  2. OK. THIS is the correct obnoxious FXX promo. Not sure where the Vern video came from.
  3. Bon Worth https://www.bonworth.com/DisplayMaster.aspx?Fit=P&CatP=0.5
  4. I just saw an ep of 48 Hours on ID this morning that made me stabby. Obsessive boyfriend abuses teen girlfriend. His name was Adam - last name was odd. Can't remember the girl's name. He cuts her with a knife, tries to set her on fire - just messed up stuff. And of course, his mother is all "He was fine until she came along. I told him he was going to end up in jail because of her". She claimed his 30 year sentence was "too harsh". I couldn't roll my eyes any harder.
  5. After seeing the same old, I'm getting new crappy clothing ads again! Yoins Lemonwearing (menswear) Smilemay XStudioHub (menswear) Yomifashion (appears to be menswear)
  6. This is an ad for a new TV show instead of a product, but a shorter version of this runs incessantly on FXX. I will NOT be watching this, just on the principle of how obnoxious this is. ****THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT VIDEO AND I CAN'T DELETE IT****
  7. Since I can't get on this site anymore at work, and my computer was not working correctly (and I hate trying to type posts on my tablet), I started keeping a list of the new clothing sites I saw ads for. Now that I have a new computer, I present: Callfordress Fastchics CallaBuy lightinthebox DressStars Lascana JustFashionNow Romwe and one that is just a symbol - looks like an upside down "Q" on top of a lowercase "n"
  8. Part of the problem is that there is so much misinformation out there that's been debunked many times, but people don't hear it, or don't want to hear it. Things like there was no way for her to get up to the roof without tripping an alarm, when there were 2 or 3 fire escapes with no alarm (dogs tracked her scent to a window that exits on to a fire escape), and that blood pooling in her "bottom" was proof she was assaulted (when it was actually from her being in one position for so long). People insist that the hatch was closed on the tank (and that's proof it's murder because she couldn't have closed it), when it's well documented that the hatch was open, or that the hatch was extremely heavy and she couldn't have opened it, when it really only weighed in the 20 pound range. They said she couldn't get in the tank, but again, it's documented that there were ladders, and there was a ladder to the roof next to the tanks where she could easily jump down (plus there was a sandy-like substance on her clothing, and the roof was covered with a sandy/gravelly substance). Plus some ludicrous comments that she was wearing men's shorts, so that's proof that she was with someone. I had no clue about her being in a hostel-type room and the roommates asking for her to be removed because the show did not mention it whatsoever. They also didn't mention her blog, and how she talked about how she wasn't doing well at school, and had only completed 2-3 classes in like 3 years. They didn't mention that her toxicology showed she hadn't taken some of her meds. And they said her cell phone was "missing" and made it sound like someone stole it, when she mentioned on her blog that she lost it at a bar. One-sided shows like this just fuel the conspiracy theories.
  9. I wasn't really familiar with the Elisa Lam case. Everytime I tried to look into it, I was overwhelmed with people yakking about The Elevator Game, and it got really old, and I gave up. So I watched the HLN show, which leaned fairly heavily toward her being murdered (and tried to explain away the LAPD stance that she was having psych issues and this was an accident), so after watching, I did some digging. I am really disappointed that they didn't mention that she had been put in a hostel style room, and there were complaints about her and erratic behavior, so she was moved to a private room. She also kept a blog that was not mentioned, and in it, she showed signs of possibly being off her meds. The bookstore owner saying they had a good convo so she couldn't have been having issues rang really hollow to me. There is a really good video on YouTube by a medical student who explains the toxicology in detail, and why it likely shows she was off her meds, and how her behavior is highly indicative of a bi-polar person in full-on mania. After looking at a number of things, I think she was completely manic, climbed on the roof, hopped on to the tank from above, removed the lid (it wasn't heavy), and climbed in. She took her clothes off (something manic people sometimes do), and went for a swim. She was unable to get out, and died. Two things lead me to that: 1) she was found floating on her back. 2) the lid was never put back on the tank after she got in. If someone dumped her in there, they would have put the lid back on. Had she been dumped in there dead or unconscious, she likely would not be on her back. Sorry for the giant paragraph, but my tablet won't do paragraph breaks on this site.
  10. Will JJ peeps, the day I feared has come. This site is now blocked where I work. Partially thank a coworker who would rather watch Youtube than do his work. The day after he was let go, I couldn't get on. The filters keep getting tighter. I miss my laugh break during the day. I hate posting on my tablet, and my laptop is about to take a dump. Getting a new one soon. Not much to add on the most recent cases.
  11. His mom was blonde. It looked "red" red in the photos - like a fake hair dye. Not like normal red hair, which is more ginger tone. But still, there was so much shadiness there. Hoping it's not a situation where the parents are encouraging the kids to break in to places (yes, it does happen - we had a dad here using his kids to sell drugs).
  12. I was shocked she didn't at least take the mothers to task, but maybe there was more that was edited out. That's all I can figure. That, or there are criminal charges pending, since the police were called. Mr. Funky half expected her to yell at the Plaintiff a bit for having stuff out where kids could get at it, but thankfully she left that alone. With the staggering amount of damage those kids did, there's really no innocent excuse for it. Mr. Funky thought the blonde might have some sort of delay of some variety - his actions in court were....odd. And yes, the other one seems like a classic joiner-inner. I did find the comments they made to the witness to be a little chilling - so matter-of fact, like there was zero wrong with what they were doing. I hope anything done by the cops included a visit to both homes by CPS, to find out why these kids are running the streets. If one of them would have gotten hurt, you darn well better believe the moms would have sued. Kids to get in to mischief, and are nosy. I will own up to some of it. Growing up, a friend's parents managed a mobile home park. There would be mobiles sitting in a holding area of sorts, pulled off their lots due to lack of payment of rent, etc. A lot of times, they'd be chocked full of stuff - they'd know they were getting evicted, and they'd take what they needed and let everything else behind. It was really easy to get in and out of those mobiles. Eventually, they'd either get claimed or sold, but we'd go in there and hang out. One of them, we called our "clubhouse". But we never stole anything, or vandalized anything. Ever. Seriously. And we were pretty young too, but our parents taught us right from wrong. We were under the mistaken impression that my friend's dad owned those mobiles. Once we found out he didn't, we stopped going in, unilike last night's kids. The dog case was really odd. I somewhat believed the plaintiff that she had an agreement to cook and clean in exchange for a room, becuase the Defendant never asked her for rent, even though he claimed she was lying. I also found his "friend" creepy as all get-out. She didn't allege they gave the dog sugar, though. The dog's name was Sugar (that confused me at first, but it was on the vet rport). The vet report said the dog was fed goulash, and vomited up onion, which can be fatal to some animals - especially cats, who should hever have onion. The dog had pneumonia, but I wonder if it ate the goulash, vomited, and aspirated, which could cause pneumonia. Not sure why she was in a hurry to get the dog out of the vet, but it could be due to money, or she was trying to get home because she knew they'd kick her out. Still, a bad idea to pull the dog from vet care early. I also somewhat believe they fed the dog, because I can't fathom how a tiny dog could get at food, unless it was left low where it could reach, or the dog got it from the trash, but I don't recall hearing that. I don't think it was necessarily malicious, but I do think they fed the dog people food.
  13. As stupid as it sounds, their commercials grate because the singer is pronouncing the word as "Day-See", even taking a slight pause between syllables. I love Daisy Sour Cream and it's what I use when cooking, but that little thing just annoys.
  14. Or the "He was alerting me to danger" part.
  15. I think the first time I realized a reality show was largely fake was a number of years ago, when there was some sort of dating show on (can't recall exactly which one) and I spotted a man in the dating pool of people who I knew to be an actor from his occasional small appearances on an obscure show I used to watch. I questioned someone I knew related to the show, and they confirmed it was him, but it was supposed to be unscripted, real, blah blah blah. Then I used to post in an old forum that no longer exists whose parents were on Trading Spaces, and I got the down-low on their experience. They didn't finish in time on the show, and the show never came back and finished up their room, either. The company I work for has provided product that has appeared on a number of makeover shows (One of the Trading Spaces spinoffs - there were a few - can't recall which one, Extreme Home Makeover - more than once, a show on MTV, and some others). Those shows relied on lots of freebies and a heart-wrenching story in exchange for a TV credit, but we were disappointed that we were relegated to the fast moving post-show credits, instead of the presenter mentioning us by name (like they did with some other companies). I only ever watched when we were on, and I recall thinking "You're just giving people a huge tax bill, and huge utility bills - not making life easier for them" and there are no shortage of articles that confirm that. I still like Pawn Stars, even though it's pretty fake, because I learn interesting factoids, but I gave up on Storage Wars a number of years ago. The participants were so often giving out wrong information to bolster their numbers. Barry Weiss was the only one that didn't seem to be flat-out lying about the value of what he was finding (and I know stuff was frequently planted). I also still watch American Pickers, even though Frank and Mike aren't business partners (they own their own businesses - the show leaves that out - so talk of profits, etc, are completely fake, in the sense that each one doens't have a stake in the other one's business). There was a local person on the show a few seasons ago, and they said that it wasn't really fake per se, but they re-shot a lot of stuff.
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