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  1. I didn't like her. I was glad to see her go, but some of that may be due to the actress being very unlikeable to me. I'm a spouse of a recovering alcoholic, so I get the whole caretaker mentality. We were never able to have kids, but he WAS my kid for quite some time - and add in that he was an abused child, so he relied on me WAY too much for the simplest things. I lost my identity in the process, as I was super confused as to where the line was drawn anymore. I'd be OK with her coming back occasionally, but I'd want her to be in recovery. They were absolutely right to detach from one another - it's what recovery teaches you when it's not healthy for either party to maintain a relationship. It also teaches you that you have to own your responsibilities as well and can't blame everything on the alcoholic, like Violet is doing now with her nasty podcast. I shouldn't have taken over the role of my husband's mom. I now own that. Some of the issues we're still having are largely my fault, and we're working on them, and I'm learning where to draw the line, and make him stand on his own two feet. As for Roscoe, the last I had seen him, Candace was doing her best to destroy the relationship between him and his mom, and I figured she just finally succeeded. I didn't mind Roscoe or Baxter, but couldn't stand Candace, and if she's part of the deal, I'm glad to have them gone too. And as long as Baxter is still getting high, it's not good for Christy to be around him either. YMMV.
  2. Another reason I keep my hair fairly short. I've gotten some BAD haricuts. Especially recently. If you have thinning hair on top, people just don't know how to handle it - how to cut it so it lays better, and draws the eye to areas where the hair is more plentiful. So many stylists now just want me to tell them how to cut my hair. If I knew that, I'd be a stylist myself. I just want to wash and go. No fuss. No product needed. Just a simple cut. Used to be you got a good cut, and a good stylist could follow what the other one did. That's now hard to find too. I did find someone I liked, but she's 2 hours away (we were in the area for a show and weekend getaway, and I desperately needed a haircut). I now make appointments and drive to her. Sad, but it's what I have to do because no one can replicate what she does. THIS.
  3. If nothing else, it's really brought a lot of it to the attention of people who had no clue. I always wrote-off Scientologists as weird, but essentially harmless. I had no clue how deep it ran, and just how low they'd go.
  4. I remember this one, and thinking the Plaintiff did just that, and yes, that will ruin hair. Late 80's/early 90's, I had a huge mane of mall hair. It was glorious. I also used to do higlights. I did Sun-In once, and took a curling iron to it, and it got wicked with the effect, but my stylist read me the riot act. BUT.....he told me about this new technique that he went to New York to get certified in and it was totally safe. It would take about 4 hours to per my hair. It was long and thick. Then, while it was still wet after washing the solution out, he'd color it, using something called Sun Glitz. It was all kinds of weird colors (green, blue, etc) and I looked like a beach ball after he pulled all of my hair through a cap, but the results were nice. I would be at the salon pretty much all day, and back then, it would easily be $150 or more. After a couple of treatments, my hair started to fish hook. He told me it was normal and he'd trim it off. It got to the point where I couldn't comb it anymore. The underside was so knotted and matted that it would be knotting back up as soon as I would brush it. It was horrible. He would tell me it was OK - that sometimes happens, and it would just give me good volume (yeah, I know, but I trusted this guy who was trained in name brand salons and certified, etc). Then he would spend an hour brushing it out, only for it to knot back up. Eventually, he left to go to another area - a larger city. My mom followed him there - she'd drive over an hour each way for him to do her hair. I opted not to - it was too much hassle. I went to get a top perm before my wedding, as the top wasn't holding on like it used to. The place I went said my hair was badly damaged, and they tested my hair in perm solution - it essentially melted. They recommended I let it grow out as much as I could and get it checked again before I got married. I found someone to give it a minor perm, and then decided to let it grow out. I went to another salon, and the underside was so bad that they said my best course of action was to cut it all off. All....of....it....and start over. I've had short hair ever since. Chatting with the stylist who cut it off, she was shocked that he would perm, then directly color it, and that Sun Glitz was extremely harsh just on it's own. I'm not one of those people who says that one perm eons ago ruined their hair, but overprocessing definitely ruined mine. It's been extremely fine since then, and the top has continued to thin out. Depressing. I'm extremely fussy about any processing I get anymore.
  5. I was disappointed when she took him home without the shot. I was hoping for a hard line anti-anti-vaxxer story. 😔
  6. I agree about her thinking Danny did something to push her over. She specifically mentions rumors of a fight and divorce request, but does not elaborate. And yes, the part where she runs to the house of the older Italian woman tore me apart. Also the part where Warren is getting the girls' beds our of the house. When Danny texted "OMG. YOU ARE SICK. GET HELP", I wish Warren would have beaten the ever loving shit out of him.
  7. I felt her pain, and no longer hold her responsible for not getting to the police quickly enough. She and Warren both tried - I don't believe they're trying to hide anything. As I mentioned prior the whole "She's probably at the diner" thing blew my mind. It was smart of her to call their friend who was an officer, and he tried too, but got nowhere fast. I don't recall reading the part about the plan of Danny staying behind to clean up, but it wouldn't shock me, and I was having a bout of insomnia during part of my read, and could be forgetting it. I do recall her saying at least at one point that she thought Diane and Danny were driving back together, and was puzzled when Danny answered the phone, half asleep. I think Diane was "edgy" the whole weekend, and like you said, something pushed her over the edge. Her being very late to pick up the girls. Her being kind of snippy about them not stopping to pee once they got on the road (With 5 kids under the age of 10? Not likely.). Her not being able to find an adult to come along (and possibly being annoyed at the prospect that it was suggested she needed help). I don't think Jackie looked down her nose at Diane, and yes, she did say that she didn't see Diane get drunk ever, and she said that Warren adored her, but I just got this feeling that Jackie and Diane weren't super close. Jackie talks frequently about her network of friends from her neighborhood, but not a lot about Diane, and while it could be that she just doesn't want to talk about her, I also just didn't get the feeling they spent a ton of time together. A gut instinct, similar to the impression that I got that Warren dug both Diane and their dad out of binds more than once. No proof - just a gut feeling.
  8. My BIL was like that, up to about his late 20's/early 30's. And my MIL believed every thing he said. When he was a pretty hard drug user, we think he might have been selling himself for drugs, and we also think he might have been dealing at one time. He got jumped in an alley one night - no where near where he was living, and no place he logically should have been, unless one of those two scenarios was at work. His jaw was broken and he had to have it wired shut for a few weeks. My husband looked at him when no one else was there and said "Drug deal or transaction gone wrong?". He just stared blankly back. But he told my MIL that some guy grabbed him and said "You WILL deal drugs for me" and when he said no, they beat him and left him for dead. He claimed he didn't know this guy. She believed him. No one else did.
  9. Watched the next two On Demand this weekend. Wasn't expecting to see a second closeted man. I'm glad he and Destiny aired it out. I understand why she was angry, but she could have let him know when she lost the baby. Even if just sending something by registered mail. Not sure why they want to remain friends, but that's their decision. I sort-of zoned out on the other ep. The one with the serial ghoster/biggest jackass on the planet. I'm glad the girl he ghosted got it out of her system, but he learned nothing, and won't learn anything. He's just an ass.
  10. It's only when that film technique is used. The footage actually spins hard.
  11. Thanks much. I will be looking up info this weekend to see what I can find. The list of core job duties is very much what I do now (and have been doing for the past almost 25 years), so if I get lucky and get called, I'll be sure to higlight that I essentially do this now, just in a different industry, and try to gather info on what they deal with there. I wish my husband still sold tires - he had some customers who were in this industry, and they could have been helpful, but it is what it is.
  12. Yeah, the weiner dog commercial is cute, but my husband and I both don't understand either why the Doxies are so offended. As others have said, it's not like hot dogs are made from dogs. My husband had a Doxie growing up, and he's partial to them, but after his "AWWW", he shrugs. The name of the stand is "Wanna Weenie" but still, not sure why they're offended.
  13. There are some commercials (can't remember specifics) and a TV Show Promo where I have to close my eyes because they make me feel ill. I don't know how to describe it (and I can't provide examples because I close my eyes) but it will show a street scene, for example, then the scene will spin fast and hard to show something else - almost like you're going underground and coming back up again. It sucks.
  14. I hated Violet from day one, so I don't miss her. And I honestly think it's logical, given the way their relationship broke down, that Violet would be estranged from Christy, trashing her to anyone who will listen, etc. And sadly, logical that she would see Bonnie in a different light. Violet needs both a recovery group AND Al-Anon. Would be about the only way I'd want to see her back, and on a limited basis. Both would make her accept responsiblity for her actions (drinking, pot smoking, antagonizing her mother, blaming her mother for things that weren't always her fault, etc) while learning to forgive Christy's. I never really cared much for Roscoe either, but found him tolerable. When they brought Sara Rue in to the picture, I was happier when Roscoe wasn't on the show. I don't have anything against her personally, but it was her character that I couldn't stand. I know too many people like her - they take on "projects" (why else would she be with someone like Baxter?), and make themselves look good to others (look how I turned him around!), but also will get sympathy if it fails (well, I tried, but it's not my fault he chose his old life). The crap she pulled with turning Roscoe against Christy really hit home, and I was glad they ended that whole thing before the inevitable where either Candace would have a baby with Baxter and Roscoe would no longer exist in her eyes, or the two split up, and she dropped Roscoe like a hot potato. I saw this happen to friends growing up, and family members, and I know what the aftermath is. Christy was right to detach, because there was no good outcome. The best she can hope for is that the kids come around someday. I think the show is right for not mentioning them, and having Christy focus on improving herself.
  15. Not sure about that, but "all inclusive" is subjective at best. I stay with a small chain of resorts that used to call themselves "all inclusive" but they dropped it eventually after it caused too much confusion, and people nitpicked every single penny apart. I can't speak for other areas, but the state we are in doesn't allow free alcohol - you can give away a single free drink, but not unlimited, or all-you-can-drink for a flat fee or free at businesses. And that was one of the biggest sticking points on the "all inclusive" moniker. They meant all-inclusive to be your room, transportation around the resorts, 2 meals a day, 98% of activities, and nightly entertainment. All of that is included in the room rate. Admission to the other resorts in the chain - even if you're not staying at that particular resort - is also included. I was glad when they finally dropped the whole "all inclusive" thing, because I got tired of people whining.
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