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  1. Frank had surgery and needs a lot of recovery time.
  2. Except Cobra lives slightly north of Harrisburg. That area is rural, but I wouldn't call it that.
  3. I appreciate that he stuck in some tenets of the programs: you don't have to do it alone, and to carry the message. I thought once it came up that she was either stealing pills or forging prescriptions. I could be wrong.
  4. Sorry for the double quote. I'm on an aging tablet. Code enforcement does exist in those rural areas but really are not much of a thing they actively enforce. They mostly just leave it alone. The area is chocked full of rotting buildings and mobile homes. Code enforcement has more of a presence in towns. Cobra is in the far flung boonies. Fun info about the Statue. Everyone loves it. https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/pennsylvania/pa-lady-liberty/
  5. There are several Buffalo Townships in PA. There is one right down the road from me. But Cobra is in a different one. It's very close to Harrisburg, our state capital. Quite a distance from Pittsburgh. Closest major city would be Baltimore. Very rural area. The mini Statue Of Liberty shown in the beginning is on the Susquehanna. Drove past it today - twice. This is the closest Hoarders has gotten to me (about an hour). It's the kind of place where you go into a business or restaurant and people know you don't live there. There used to be a restaurant near there that was alway
  6. Depends on the state. Not all states refund sales tax. We also don't refund shipping where I work. If the item is returned for any reason other than defective/damaged, we may charge for restocking. We have issues with people buying stuff for their kids then returning it when the kids lose interest 3 or more months later.
  7. It was Bucca di Beppo. Someone from the restaurant was at the chef's table later. We tried to eat at one a few years ago. It was SO LOUD we couldn't hear ourselves think. We ultimately left without eating.
  8. Salvatore Anello - the guy who dangled his step-granddaughter out of the cruise ship window and dropped her - was sentenced to probation, just in time for his family to sue the cruise line. 🙄 I get incredibly weird vibes about him. He seemed to be obsessed with her. I don't think that he was doing anything bad to her, but he seemed to have a weird obsession with her. I hope this lawsuit goes nowhere. He couldn't even keep his story straight.
  9. Drew is a cook at a restaurant just a few miles from me.
  10. That played out not far from me. Could never figure out how the nutso teacher kept her job. She was obviously mentally ill. Feuding neighbor shows. They create too much tension and I am too uncomfortable. I physically feel ill.
  11. I was surprised when I first got into Al-Anon and heard parents of alcoholic children (usually adult children, often living at home for varying reasons) complain about leaving booze out and the kids drinking it (duh). One in particular complained regularly that they were going to have to lock their liquor away, but also complained that the kid couldn't stay sober. So it didn't really surprise me that Adam drank heavily at one point. When you don't understand alcoholism, or don't want to, it can go that way. I don't recall Adam getting super drunk recently, but he has also made a real effor
  12. She shouldn't be his sponsor. Sponsors should be the same gender as the sponsee, except in certain circumstances (past trauma, LGBTQ members, etc). I said the same thing when Adam had a female Al-Anon sponsor, and by the end of that episode, it showed why it's not a good idea. I could not imagine having a Male sponsor (Al-Anon member here).
  13. There were 2 eps on demand, and then it dropped off.
  14. Just last night I blamed something on that darned roving band of hippies. My favorite scapegoat. 😆
  15. Flamingo, I think. You scoop the poop out of the toilet.....and feed it back to it. 🤢🤮
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