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  1. l still keep a list of the bizarre Chinese Clothing company names. Latest batch: Hawalili (Hawaiian Shirts) Clothmyths (Face Masks) Floryday Ellebabe (Face Masks) Kukaus Babecloth (Face Masks) Upustyle Antiagemart (Bras)
  2. The kid who played the paperboy really did break that window with a newspaper.
  3. Have you tried them? You'd know the answer..... The only thing I like them for is to order their side salad, dice them up, and cover with salad dressing (the balsamic is good).
  4. I missed part of this one (pre-empted) but I know Home Depot rents tools.
  5. I believe Wayne Williams had some sort of involvement, but not all of them fit, and I don't believe all are related. I've never been able to escape the feeling that Williams might have been in the closet, and was being sneaky about things (as you had to back then, and still do in some areas). He could have also been luring kids for someone else, theoretically. I don't know how they could lump the little girl in with the murders, and the adults. If I figured him for any of them, I lean toward the adults, despite him being a smaller guy. Again, going back to my feeling that he might have been in the closet, and they were trysts.
  6. THANK YOU! I don't want to see shows I DO like all day long, with few exceptions, let alone shows I don't like. There are some channels I don't watch at all anymore (WGN being one - it's all marathons, all the time).
  7. The one that's on incessantly now is an old one. There's one part in particular that just grates on me. The Frank Thomas dude says something about when he "discovered Nugenix". The woman says "I wish my husband did". That sounds so wrong. Shouldn't it be "I wish my husband would" or "I wish my husband had"? The "did" just sounds off and annoys me. My grammy had to cash hers in to pre-pay for her funeral when she went in to nursing care, so it wasn't seized as an asset. My parents cashed theirs in, per their financial advisor. They have plenty in savings vs their age, so he said it was pointless keeping it up. Cottonelle. I miss the green pack - Aloe and E. Right now, I take what I can get.
  8. 2 New Ones: Fashioncosy ChicMe (the "I" is the silhouette of a woman)
  9. There is one for Lego Friends that I can't understand what they are saying. The voiceover person has a British accent. They are making a video using the Lego stuff, and the v/o person says "It's our **cakey** camper van adventure!". It sounds like "cakey", but that makes no sense.
  10. We have a number of local restaurants who are feeding kids, so we've been patronizing them, to keep it going. For my house, my husband works every day, and I don't. So the worry is that since it can spread through saliva, we're being hands-off for now. My dad put miniature shrimp in his macaroni salad. I liked it because they absorbed the flavor of the salad (they weren't fishy tasting) and gave it an interesting texture. They still make 5th Avenue bars. Clark bars are supposed to be coming back soon.
  11. The Ice-T commercial is better than the one with the couple in matching suspenders - the woman looks like she smelled a really bad fart. The SoClean ad makes me cringe. As a CPAP user, I was never told that I had to clean the machine every day. Neither was my husband, or my dad. Once a week. The SoClean really isn't necessary. I hate Ketchup, and only use it in cooking, and occasionally coupled with mustard if I order a burger and get it home, and find that they didn't listen and put mayo on it. I scrape off as much as I can, then drown it in other condiments.
  12. I've been of work since March 19th, so I'm seeing a LOT of commercials during the day and realizing that they air incessantly (usually, I'm at work, and we DVR stuff, skipping commercials). This is my latest list of annoyances: 1) Folger's commercial where a woman walks in on her father-in-law taking a shower. This is all kinds of skeevy. The way he stares at her. She stands and stares at him with a choir behind her. And when they bring her cup of coffee, she's still continuing to stare. If nothing else, close the curtain and quit letting water out..... 2) University Of Phoenix commercial with a young woman holding a baby. The commercial is generally silent, other than a ping from her laptop, but starts out with her making this "blblblbllbllllblllblb" noise with her tongue, presumably at the baby. It ALWAYS catches me off guard, so I don't get to flip the channel before that obnoxiousness starts. 3) Promo for Bering Sea Gold. A show I never heard of, or watched. I was in the kitchen washing dishes when it came on every single break, and I thought the guy was saying "I don't WANT goldfish season, I NEED goldfish season". And I thought "Who fishes for goldfish and why is there a season"? Substitute the word "this" for "fish", but that's what it sounded like until I moved in to the living room and saw it again. 4) Kid activity blurbs on Nickelodeon. Yeah....but I love cartoons. They aimed at getting kids to move, and I can get behind that 100%, but they are SO ANNOYING. They play the same bits of songs over and over, or there is one in particular with the kid from the Young Dylan show (never watched it, but see promos) that keeps going "repeat" which drives me nuts. I'm sure there will be more.....
  13. Yeah, I felt bad for them. When you said she "didn't light up a room", I thought you mean the 2nd one. The excessive excuses told me that her mom had been bailing her out of one bad decision after another. Again, not saying she deserved what she got - not at all - but she would have been destined for some sort of tragedy at some point.
  14. Was that the one who had a baby at 15, then married a guy who mistreated her and had more kids with him, then got Cancer and started sleeping with the boyfriend of her BFF who took care of her? Her mom made a LOT of excuses for her, and it made me mad that her mother blames herself for her being killed. It was NOT her fault. She shouldn't have been sleeping wither her BFF's man. No, she didn't deserve to get killed - I am NOT saying that - but her mother will forever beat herself up for that when she didn't do anything wrong.
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