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  1. funky-rat


    A lot of times, there are provisions like this in contracts. It gives one party a timelime, so they're not (usually) monkeying around on getting their end done, but does allow for things like may take time (like finding a house). I wanted to see this, but had something pop up.
  2. funky-rat


    I missed this yesterday. Had something I had to take care of. The 2nd date is likely to give her a buffer if she can't find a new home by that time. The 2nd date is probably a "do or die" date.
  3. funky-rat

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Absolutely we can all agree to disagree. IF the amount of repair exceeds their security deposit, I think it's OK to pay someone for their time. I know not all agree. I also understand that some people charge outrageous amounts of money. I would think JJ should set up some "prevailing wage" amount (ie: $25 an hour) for someone who cleans up their own property. Just my opinion. That would be fair, and end arguments. Again, YMMV.
  4. Sorry. I never watched Glee - not my cup of tea, and I'm not in to celebrity culture much, so when I read "overdose" on an article, I assumed intentional overdose (it didn't say "accidental overdose"). THIS. I have sympathy for her because she battles mental illness, but there's something deeper that to me, makes her more sinister. My husband wanted to kill himself when on various SSRI's (Celexa and Prozac were the biggies), and one day was tempted to drive head-on in to a tractor trailer on a two lane road, but he said he swerved back over because he was afraid that the man driving the truck wouldn't be able to live with himself, and he didn't want that. He never, at any time, wanted to cause harm to someone else. I still think she should either be in a criminal psychiatric facility or go to a psychiatric facility straight from jail, becuase I have concerns about her being rehabilitated. I know SSRI's are often blamed for Columbine, but again, I will forever believe the one boy was a sociopath, and the other was a weak-minded joiner-inner.
  5. funky-rat

    As Seen On TV: Does ANY of this crap work?

    It's half and half. If you don't have a lot of buildup, then it works pretty well. Mix it, spray it, and hose it down a day or two later. If it's been building up, or comes on fast (ours gets green quickly if it's been wet/humid out), it still helps loosen it up. A hose might work, but you might need something a little stronger. My dad's personal pressure washer had no issue getting it off - no need to call a "professional" to come in and do it with super high powered machinery.
  6. Doing nothing, perhaps? Although, 4 x nothing, is....nothing.
  7. funky-rat

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    I missesd that (I don't do Instragram) but I'd have called her out for it too.
  8. funky-rat

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    That too. 😉
  9. funky-rat

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Yeah, I wondered about that too. It got hit by lightning, but still..... I have Erie, and I don't know that I've ever seen a commercial of theirs on TV, so maybe that's one reason they have good rates for good coverage. They're a great company to deal with as well.
  10. funky-rat

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    We don't allow the titling and registering here without one. It's not my personal experience, but I have known people who attempted it. I know the car insurance company I use won't insure a car in the name of someone who doesn't have a license - too much risk.
  11. funky-rat

    Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Cute post, but can we PLEASE stop trying to make "girlsie" happen???
  12. funky-rat

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    You can technically buy a car in PA without a license, but you can't title or register it, you can't get insurance, and you can't drive it, so it's pretty pointless. I'm in my mid-40's, and while I know of Chore Boy to scour a sink, that's as far as my knowledge goes.
  13. I still haven't seen this yet - waiting for it to show up on another site. So I may be off-base, but judging by articles I've read and other shows I've seen: 1) Conrad may have tried to kill himself again, but the Tylenol incident was likely just a cry for help or attention. A) He told someone he did it. B) He vomited up the Tylenol. C) Tylenol is not likely to kill you by taking too many - it CAN do serious harm to your internal organs, which COULD doom you to a slow and painful eventual demise, but one incident likely didn't do serious harm, plus he was young. So I'm on the fence there. I'm leaning toward him being less likely to harm again without someone playing with his head. 2) I'm not a fan of putting kids under the age of 20 on certain psych meds - especialy SSRI's (Celexa is one). My husband is an adult and can't do SSRI's because they do strange things to him. They don't work for everyone. That being said....while he doesn't do well on them, he never attempted to manipulate someone or drive them to suicide. I think that level of manipulation is part of Michelle's psyche, with or without psych meds. 3) I am in agreement that her "trial run" of telling friends that Conrad was dead a day before was disturbing. I am equally disturbed by her continually acting like she didn't know what happened to him, contacting his family before they knew, etc. Same with her incessant texting him after he passed. That's not being a scared kid. That's being intentional. And a bit sadistic. 4) I hadn't heard before about her obsession with the girl from Glee who had a boyfriend who killed himself (I never watched that show, and am not up on celebrity culture - doesn't really interest me). That pushed me even more toward her being a sociapath and this being intentional. After this happened, kids paid attention to her, stayed with her at her house, etc. She got sympathy. 5) I agree she needs to be in a psych ward, but a criminal one. They are different. 6) I respectfully disagree on her having to speak about this to kids. That would feed in to her need for attention, and could validate in her mind that she did the right thing. 7) I found it very telling that kids at school didn't care much for her. While I'm not a fan of bullying (I dealt with it for many years), kids can be very tuned in to others around them, and could have picked up on her controlling/manipulating ways, or other things. While I wasn't a popular kid, I did have friends, and for her to not have any real friends is telling. 8 ) Parents can also be tuned in, and the interview with Alice's mother was also telling. I don't believe her mom was necessarily concerned about a romantic relationship, but rather that Michelle was not balanced. It's eerily similar to a case in Canada where a girl posed as a different person using stolen photos on a dating site, and hooked up with another guy. She played a lot of mind games with him, including saying she was out of the country, then coming to see him but cancelling at the last minute. The guy she was messing with had depression and battled some substance abuse issues, but had been better. She went so far as to make up accounts for family members and interact with them. One night, after she again blew him off, he went to a friend's house, and mixed alcohol with a prescription, and died. So this girl then started texting his mom, pretending to be her mom, and said that this "girl" he'd met on the dating site killed herself because she was wracked with guilt, making this guy's mother even more dispondant, saying stuff like "Now our babies can be together". Horrible. The mom panicked, and sent the cops to the house, to find a teenager who nothing like the person she posed to be online. But in this case, she couldn't be held directly responsible for him dying, because he didn't intentionally kill himself. She did get some sort of charges (I think related to impersonating someone), but she was a juvenile, and she was able to get her record cleared by participating in some court programs. I believe Michelle pushed Conrad over the line, and she deserves what she got.
  14. funky-rat

    Small Talk: 90 Words Per Minute

    You and me both. I never started watching "Before The 90 Days", and I have zero interest in "The Other Way", and the regular show/Ever After have just devolved too far for me. I don't find domestic abuse entertaining at all. Too much drama, and too much of the show is staged. I'm out. I do still check in and read a few couple's threads, but I removed the shows from my DVR as well.
  15. Ugh - more China owned "fashion" sites popping up left and right again. They keep multiplying! And the names are getting odder..... Elegchic Roselinlin Ninacloak Newchic (I used to see "New Chic" which was just shoes - this one is clothes) Sunnymeet Annie Cloth Weird.....