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  1. ctlady

    Everybody Loves Raymond

    I never got that vibe from Debra. Marie - definitely, but not Debra. I know Debra got on Robert's case when he was flitting around between Amy, Stefania and Joanne. He had something really good with Amy and...panicked as soon as she started talking about curtains for his apartment. Oh, when everyone's arguing after the secret comes out only for Hank to catch Pat lighting up as if to say, 'hey - the secret's out - why do I have to hide it anymore?"
  2. ctlady


    Just found that season 2 had started and just got caught up on the episodes. I saw MHs name in the credits before hub did and he didn't even realize who was playing the character until I told him! Too much to say to catch up on, but the thing that bothers the bejesus out of me is that this takes place in Paris, yet every character speaks with a British accent. I have yet to hear an authentic French accent. If there has been one, it's been drowned out in a sea of British
  3. ctlady

    S06.E19: Lumbar Support and Old Pork

    Both Bonnie and Adam had issues here. While I completely understand Bonnie's anxiety over not going overboard with spending - especially the car - I think she over-reacted with the groceries. He put his life savings into that bar and his first thought upon turning a profit was to provide for his 'family' (which I thought was sweet). I'm sure up until the bar business that he'd been receiving either disability/stuntman residuals (or both) and was hopefully contributing to the apartment expenses. This was his way of giving back a bit of necessities (food). As for the car, I could've seen a more modest purchase (a newer used car). I mean - they still have a wedding to pay for, not to mention they're not exactly spring chickens and need to think about putting some money away for a rainy day, retirement or even care. The B-Plot had me on the fence as well. I saw both sides and have a hard time leaning farther towards one. While I saw Yuri choosing his cousin in a heartbeat, I wish there had been some kind of middle ground - like maybe scheduled nights Marjorie can let Tammy and Yuri have the house to themselves. I mean - Yuri loves her, so him dumping her on the spot was rough. Also - no mention of Christy still in law school, her internship - or even if she's still working at the restaurant?
  4. ctlady

    S12.E19: The Inspiration Deprivation

    My take-away from this episode: if Amy doesn’t win the Nobel, then women everywhere will be destined for a life of servitude as wives, mothers and bakers. As a woman with a great job ( who can also miraculously juggle a husband and baking) I sometimes find these female empowerment PSA nuggets quite teeth grinding
  5. ctlady

    S09.E19: Common Enemies

    And.....another fat shaming comment slung at Anthony - this time by Jamie (where he says something like "go with your gut" and points out how big Anthony's is. I get it - the actor is over-weight and I can hear the breathlessness when he delivers his lines lately, but really writers - you wouldn't dare have this said to an overweight female character. (yes, I'm sensitive because I have an overweight hubby who had to endure acquaintances pointing out his weight gain over the years thinking it was okay to publicly bring it up because he's a guy and guys don't have feelings) SO on board with Danny and his wedding ring. I mean, Frank still wears his. He doesn't have to 'move on' from Linda. She'll always be part of him. Granted, if he begins to date/get serious with someone else then - yeah - maybe it's time to remove it, but he's not even at that stage. What made that plot even worse was the actress who played the psychic - she was Shelia on Rescue Me whom I loathed only second to Janet's character. I really don't mind Erin. I can't imagine the fine line she has to walk between what something looks like and the law - and she has to follow the law and will not compromise because of her last name. I think Frank handled Eddie's (Edite's) mom well.
  6. ctlady

    Lifetime Original Movies

    Dear Lord, can Lifetime come up with a different formulaic format for these movies? It's bad enough that the acting is beyond silly, but - honestly - have we had enough of: 1) A nemesis having an oh-so-convenient peanut allergy? 2) If not said allergy, then waiting outside nemesis' house for them to go for a jog or bike ride and run them over 3) Finding someone's history in an internet search faster than the FBI 4) Showing up on someone's doorstep to question them about psycho family member. And they go inside when invited. Like, without a worry that the psychosis may be inherited and they may be conked over the head and stuffed in a basement 5) Breaking into psycho's house to snoop around for clues JUST as they're about to pull in the driveway 6) Thinking they can sleuth and snoop and capture bad guys better than the police 7) Not even remotely suspicious of a doctor whose not your doctor anymore gets you trial drugs to treat a brain tumor to where they'll only accept an envelope of cash as payment (Prescription For Danger) And the woman with the alleged tumor was an MIT engineer. Yeah, really smart! 8) Not getting out of the house right after knocking out /stabbing/tossing down stairs bad guy because, you know, they're out for the count, right? 9) Psycho girl stalking their ex and new lady love who becomes insta-besties with lady love (Killer Client) Speaking of Killer Client, the girl who played the psycho sounded and acted like a 12 year old. Also in this movie and Mommy Group Murder (or something like that) both protagonists get shot at almost point blank but are still strong enough to either rise, drive and climb stairs or kick their way out of a locked freezer
  7. ctlady

    S04. E17. The Night of the Dying Breath

    Not to minimize Kurt being freaked out because his wife was kidnapped/buried alive, but - man, oh man - his flaring emotions were grating on me. All of his bellowing (especially towards Reade) "we have to take this deal" "I'm getting my wife" "I'm going to find my wife" "What do you mean we're not taking it the deal"? "We're taking the deal, right?" "Where's my wife?" "Where's Domenic?" OY VEY! Jane was more calm and she was the one buried in a box!
  8. ctlady

    S09.E18: Rectify

    I do not claim to know the process for becoming a foster parent, so someone who has more insight that I do fill me in on how someone can apply and get approved so fast as Anthony did? I do not think that much 'real time' went by on the show to indicate that several weeks/months went by. Aren't there certain conditions a person has to meet to be a foster parent (same as adoptive parents)? I may be wrong here, but even those wanting to adopt go through a rigorous vetting process - right down to their health/medical issues. Heck, the process to foster/adopt a shelter dog on Pitbulls & Parolees seems more strict. Anthony's a detective who is gone all day and lives in an apartment (not sure if that matters, but I would think these agencies take living arrangements into consideration, however a 16 year old boy may not require a big yard to play in as would a toddler) I'm not buying the timing, nor a single guy whose away from home all day and sometimes has to take off in the middle of dinner if he has to, being approved to foster a teenager. Unless, the system is that desperate for anyone to take in a troubled teen.
  9. ctlady

    S06.E18: Soup Town and a Little Blonde Mongoose

    I guess I'm the only one who was not charmed by this episode. Bonnie's 'mothering' did not make me warm to her. My God, she stressed out over caring for a 41 year old woman with a fever - how would she ever have been able to handle a kid? And I didn't find it funny when she shoved her disabled fiance in a wheelchair up to the table like that. I often imagine what would be the reaction if roles were reversed and if it had been a woman on the receiving end of that shove, and Bonnie were a man, I'm guessing it wouldn't be as funny. Same ol' same ol with treating Wendy like an afterthought-doorman (no, wait - doormats get treated better) and shame on Jill for going all 'mean girls' on Wendy like that. Guess her humbling by Andy on Valentines Day wore off
  10. ctlady

    S09.E17: Two-Faced

    Perfectly put. As soon as she started in with the, "why didn't you tell me?" "Oh, you don't trust me?" crap, I shouted "Shut Up Eddie!" at the tv, causing hub to ask me who I was yelling at? I'm so proud of Jamie for keeping his own trap shut and handling it the way he did - at roll call - as a message to other cops who may think of getting sticky finger disease Nah - to me TW will always be Dr. Andy Brown from 'Everwood' (and currently Mickey O'Brien on Chesapeake Shores) Anyone getting vibes about medical examiner and Danny??
  11. ctlady

    S09.E16: Past Tense

    I get that the actor is a big guy, but can writers please stop with the constant fat shaming lines towards Anthony? If Anthony were a woman there would be outrage over this. As the wife of a 'big guy' - trust me, they have feelings too.
  12. ctlady

    S06.E15: Sparkling Banter and a Failing Steel Town

    And - as usual - everyone gets a decent plot, except Wendy. I'm really sick and tired of the writers making her the doormat. Right from the opening scene where she said she had an announcement and everyone - her supportive AA friends - just ignored her. It was only saved slightly at the end when she got the text at the end that the heart was beating Bonnie and Christie pretending to be a lesbian couple to cop a free meal squicked me out Tammy's character is growing on me. The writers are giving us the right dosage of her without her overpowering the core cast. And - AGREED about Andy icing out Jill. This opens up a good growth opportunity for her and hope to see her coming to terms with getting rid of her toxic friends from her past Marjorie had my idea of a perfect evening - watching a good ol' rom-com while eating take out. This past Valentine's Day I came home from work to find that hub made broiled chicken legs, served it up to me in the living room while we watched The Walking Dead mid-season premiere from last Sunday On Demand. It was bliss!
  13. ctlady

    S04. E10. The Big Reveal

    No judgement here - not sure why you would think there'd be any. I really liked her (and the HI references) on the two eps she was on of LMS.
  14. ctlady

    NFL Thread

    I'm confident that Dan Snyder thinks he is God. . He and Jerry Jones
  15. And THIS. Not to mention they're all skinny-fat. Slim, but not an ounce of muscle tone because all that peddling away ate away at their muscle as well as fat Now, onto my real reason for coming here - Kelly Ripa - will you please STFU with your fake Italian accent because your DNA test showed you had an nth of Italian in you. And if you're going to appropriate the culture at least not act like an ignorant, naive twit by calling the place you supposedly came from 'the tip of that sexy little boot'. It's a country you flaky tool - not fashion! Grrrr, every time I see that commercial, my napolitano temper wants to put the toe of my sexy little boot through her teeth