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  1. I just finished watching Recipe For Love and enjoyed it immensely because it didn't seem to contain any of the formulaic patterns of typical Hallmark movies (single gal from big city with high powered job goes back to her small hometown to help out with [nsert problem du jour here] and runs into high school crush [who is charming, handsome and conveniently still single] then they proceed to continuously run into each other - usually outside coffee shops while pretending to hold 'hot' empty coffee cups...blah, blah, blah. What I liked about RFL was that it went into detail about how businesses work (Maggie's frozen food employer and Hank's restaurant) from cooking notes, how to set a table, budgeting, measuring ingredients - things like that. I actually learned something from this movie. Possibly the only cliche was Hank being a widow with a teenager and Maggie is 'married' to her job after a divorce, but I was so engrossed by the story that I wasn't bogged down by the obvious. And it was nice to see Barbara Niven in a role other than Hannah's nosy, annoying, mother on Murder, She Baked
  2. That reminds me of an old commercial that was a combo eye roll/gag for me. I think it was for a wood stain and it showed a bunch of people on the back deck of their house dancing around on the newly stained wood in their bare feet (I think they were doing The Twist). Maybe because I have a bare feet fetish (and not in a good or creepy way) but that commercial just annoyed me to where I was like, "stop grounding your foot-stank into the newly painted deck!)
  3. I came here just to comment on that commercial. That song brought back memories. The daughter's mortified look over her parents dancing was funny, but not as much as the 'choco-laca, choco-laca, choco-laca' while the Tag Team guys are squeezing chocolate sauce on the ice cream
  4. Me neither. Something about RB just doesn't make me see her as a romantic lead. She comes across too goofy and, not to be mean or shallow, her thin lips bug me, especially when she stretches them to almost non-existance when she smiles really wide
  5. I completely agree. If a show starts preaching social distancing, new normals or tries to drive a social or political narrative, I switch off. Your job is to entertain, not to preach to me when I need to purge my mind of all the madness in the world I love it. I think it's a nice way to connect with the viewers, especially if they have clever ways of doing so (like they did at the end of this one in the hotel room with people under the bed and in the closet Well, it was a first for me so I got a kick out of it. It was also a hoot when the real 'Renee-bourbon-tasting-blogger' showed up !
  6. Add me to the minority because I'm enjoying it too. I think the '4th wall' concept gives it a little extra kitch. While I do agree that MB needs to dial it back a smidge, I think she's doing just fine. Remember - we were so used to seeing her as the robotic-speaking (in the beginning) and frumpy dressed Amy for so many years so to see her doing a bit of a 180 here are going to cause fans (esp TBT ones) to warm slowly. And aside from Swoosie Kurtz obvious plastic surgery making her look a bit jarring (kind of like Catherine Bell on The Good Witch), I'm going to refrain from commenting on her body. Let's face it - if Kat's mom was portrayed by a 300 lb actress, she'd probably be lauded as a fierce, 'plus sized' woman rather than viewers worrying about her health due to her obesity. Likewise, I'm not going to skinny-shame SK. If she's otherwise healthy, I don't care if she's a size (-0)
  7. One of my top 5 fave episodes are Back To School Pt 1 & 2. While watching Pt 1 the other day, I realized something when Mrs. Oleson took an interest in Almanzo as a suitor for Nellie. Considering Almanzo is pretty much a farmer, wouldn't that choice of a potential husband for Nellie be below 'the standard of living in which she's been accustomed to'? Remember how mortified Harriet was when Nellie fell for the young pig farmer?
  8. I'm glad for the heads up about this. I've already had 'real life issues' ruin Blue Bloods for me. Look - I get it. I know what's going on in the world, but when I want to escape for a bit and be entertained, I don't want political/social/environmental, etc. narratives being pushed into my entertainment. That's what I watch/read the news for. When I watch my shows, I want to forget about the madness around me - not constantly be preached to about how wrong or bad or ignorant or whatever I am.
  9. Hub and I just binged watched S1 on CBS On Demand and patiently waiting for S2 to upload. I'm in agreement that Culber may not be dead. I want a backstory episode on Lt. Detmer's facial injuries/prosthetics from the pilot. Most interesting character I want more of in S2 - L'Rell And after reading various posts throughout the S1 episodes, I think I may be in the minority of finding Tilly absolutely annoying and babbles like a teenage girl. How she every made Captain in an alternate universe is beyond me!
  10. Well, I don't consider Jill denying to her shallow friend about being on a Valentine's 'date' with Andy and having him overhear it a small mistake. If the tables were reversed and a guy lied to his friends about being on a date with a plus sized woman because he didn't want to be ridiculed for it there would be massive man bashing over it.
  11. I had it in 1985 Wow - I can't recall getting paid via direct deposit prior to 2000. Especially in the 80s where a couple of small companies I worked for did manual payroll and hand written checks!
  12. I saw another Chime-esque commercial the other day, but can't remember the name of the app. Even though this one didn't have the punchable "I walk into the office boasting that I already got paid" chick, it has this dweeby guy claiming, "I don't ever have to wait in line at the bank again". Dude - where have you been? A majority of companies offer direct deposit to employees that loads your paycheck to your checking account or paycard. They try to make banking sound soooooooo hard to sell the convenience. Reminds me of those infomercials showing someone struggling to flip an egg in a pan by scraping it with a spatula like they're sawing wood before having it wind up on the floor. But..... with the Ronco Slip n' Flip. your eggs will glide around effortlessly in the pan allowing for easy flip. Clean up is a breeze and no mess on walls, floors, stove or ceiling!
  13. Agreed - this is absolute rubbish. And considering the final season was filmed in it's entirety almost 2 years ago, there's no reason why they had to wait so long to release the final episodes.
  14. Yes, it is. It's even their name for the spot: A song about 'trust' promoting CNN? What a contradiction that is!
  15. And all the women are wearing red and the guys are in green-ish coats. This is above and beyond cookie cutter!
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