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  1. Oh, I remember that - back when ABC had the Monday Night Movie Of The Week! I remember the older woman got it the worst. Everytime the actress said her lines it was annoying. Especially in the early years. She always shouted them. I remember the end of The Richest Man In Walnut Grove when the entire family went to the mercantile to pay the bill, then afterwards went down a list of things they needed, Carrie shouts "and I want some white sugar!" Guess they had to make sure she had a line or two every episode
  2. No less so than hiding behind the chainsaws in a GEICO ad. 😁 Too bad there wasn't a running car out the back, they could've snuck out and......nevermind! Dear Show: After a year of her only being able to muster pushing empties away, please stop trying to sell me that Iris is now a bad-ass zombie killer. Iris; [sees zombie and pulls out knife] "I got this" {suddenly.....freezes] Carol: "Hold my beer" I don't care for the Elizabeth character. I find her smug and unlikable
  3. Seriously! Her hair is braided in the scene with Jay, then next scene she's at the kitchen counter on her laptop wearing the same red top and her hair is down, then next scene with Jay (day after maybe?) she's wearing a flirty little sundress with the dramatic braid job - even working her short bangs into it. No way she did that herself Not liking the dramatic cliffy, complete with Connor's supposed heart attack, Mick looking like he's on his way to paid med addiction, and David being broke. At least Luke avoided jail and Kevin & Sara seemed to have come to terms on how to grieve o
  4. Re-watch last night. Regarding Strand's associate - doesn't that building/compound they're at belong to him (or where he resided) with all the things of value when Strand happened upon it end of last season? If so, how did Strand become the one in charge? And if Will had been on his own for 50 days (little less than 2 months) following the blast, what's this about Strand's brag that "I built all this up" to Will regarding the compound? I know it was pretty luxurious to start, but what magic did Strand do in 50 days to make it the ultimate, all-inclusive resort package? And I t
  5. Exactly how are the horses breathing in all the contaminated air and not dropping like flies?
  6. FTWD's Negan before TWD attempt to rehabilitate Negan? Go for it. It's only 2 seasons - 10 eps in the final season I'm at a point right now that I've lost complete interest in the potential Rick movies. It's just TPTB's way of trying to stretch and milk the franchise and anticipation until there's nothing left.
  7. Just saw the first two eps last night and totally agree with this. Maybe as the actors ease into their roles a bit they'll find a rhythm I didn't mind him in the least. Call me thick skinned (or someone who grew up in an era where tv didn't cave to 'woke' PC-ness), but I thought his mannerisms and language fit the brash, arrogant personality of the character. I'm guessing due to his sans-the-pants-and-briefs that he may have died during a quickie in the Hamptons! I looked up Bethel, NY - the site of Woodstock where the hippie chick had been until she got lost in the woods an
  8. I just saw the very first movie on Hallmark On Demand yesterday. Absolutely loved the premise. About 3/4 way through the Christmas one too. Was so busy with other house stuff that I didn't realize there was a SS&D movie marathon running to get me caught up. Oh well - guess I'll watch this new one when it uploads and be completely spoiled!
  9. ctlady

    SEAL Team

    Now that Sonny's a father he's suddenly the font of wisdom and judgement. Individuals like that irk me - as if they're the only ones in the world to reproduce and grow a high ground of responsibility overnight
  10. Ah - I see. Being the dork that I am, I thought it may have been a reference to the Star Trek 'Checkhov' character! I've heard of the 'gun over the fireplace in the background' analogy - meaning, that it didn't just happen to be in the frame, but that at some point in the show it was going to be pulled down and used
  11. I don't want a voice operated machine running any part of my house!
  12. I did not like the Hawaii episodes or any of the other off-location ones (the amusement park) ones.
  13. Or more than one serving in a bag of potato chips. 😋 The biggest sham is Lenny & Larry's protein cookies. They are single serve in a package, but each is a 1/2 serving! Not to mention they are HIGHLY contagious! I worked with a woman who got them on her back and she had to be quarantined at home for 2 weeks
  14. After watching Twilight Zone: The Movie, I had to go on YouTube and find the clip of William Shatner's appearance as The Supreme Big Head. Him getting off the plane drunk and saying, "I looked out the window and saw something on the wing of the plane" to which Dick replied, "The same thing happened to me!" was an awesome homage to the roles they played in both the original and remake of Terror At 20,000 Feet.
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