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  1. Question - can we please have separate threads for each episode, even though they're aired back to back? We finished Labrynth last night, but couldn't get to Gilded Cage. I can't peruse comments on Labrynth without getting spoiled with what happens in Gilded Cage
  2. I just came here specifically to rant about that exact commercial. SO WHAT you got paid two days earlier? What's there to boast about? You'll just have less by the time everyone else gets paid. Go away, you smug twit!
  3. I just saw that one yesterday while watching a Lifetime movie On Demand. It was both hysterical and cringy. This is the reason I can't do yoga classes - too many ladies in various states of wide-legged positions in close quarters. I just don't need crotch close ups That Buick commercial where the self-absorbed woman speaks into her Google/Alexa, whatever watch, 'Start my Buick' because - you know, sticking a key in the ignition is SO time consuming. Oh, and she sees on her calendar watch that she's having company for dinner and heads to the market where she can't even be bothered to back her car into a spot by herself - that she needs her self-steering Buick to do it for her. Ugh - I want to punch her. I loved that after she dropped money on four salmon filets and got herself all spiffed up with a perfectly set table that the 'dinner' was actually watching this other couple's two kids who just want pizza. Watching the other parents scurry off after dropping off the kids was gold.
  4. Can Lifetime please just bring back their good ol' classic movies and put them in rotation instead of churning out new ones which are nothing but formulaic drivel? Last night I watched Murder In The Vineyards At first, I thought it took place in Martha's Vineyard, but no.....a divorced mom with a teenage daughter inherits said vineyard and house from her father. Of course, said house is absolutely gorgeous - something a single mom with no obvious job other than running a vineyard she has no experience running - complete with windows that have no covering so creeps can peep in and take photographs of said teenage girl who is unaware there's a creep taking photos of her outside an uncovered window because she's so absorbed in her phone Let's move on - said teenage daughter attends first day of school and not only makes two insta-friends, but manages to bump into popular boy/captain of soccer team who has an uber-jealous gf (whose also a cheerleader - what else!?) who notices said bump-into. Cheerleader Gf calls out soccer captain bf for flirting, bf gets annoyed, breaks up with cheerleader gf and insta-rebounds with teenage daughter A lot of your usual nefarious hijinks ensues - sneaking into rooms, going through drawers, getting kidnapped, clocking your attacker ONCE on the head then hanging around thinking they're out for the count (NOTE: if you knock your attacker out, GET OUT IMMEDIATELY. If you plan to hang around to catch your bearings or reflect on what happened, at least find something to gag and hog tie them with) The In The Vineyard part of the movie title wasn't really relevant other than the fact that it was the location of main character's house Lifetime movie writers are just dialing it in - using familiar premises and just changing the titles around that start with Stalked By My ______, Killer _____, Psycho _______ , Dangerous ______- just change around some details, fill in the blanks and off you go. I wish they'd just take a break from churning out the same obvious bore-fests and repeat some oldies but goodies from the 80's/90's
  5. What made my eyes roll was Cassie and Sam ordering two hot dogs 'with the works' and being able to hold it in a simple napkin and eat it one handed. I don't know how they make them in Chicago, but a loaded hot dog would be extremely messy and drippy. I wouldn't be surprised if - prop wise- they were just eating an empty bun, to go along with the empty coffee cups. I chalk that up to CBs obvious botox treatments I never saw the actual episode, but they did give us a brief refresher scene with her in the 'previously on GW......' opening. And I guess writers conveniently tied her into the current curse plot by making her a Connelly - the family with the crescent moon symbol
  6. I originally thought that too, but remembered that her and Joy were supposed to go pick up Martha's MUST HAVE wallpaper that just so happens to be available at a shop in Chicago. Oh, how wonderfully convenient, eh?
  7. Just finished watching The Loft on On Demand and came here, surprised (but then again, not) that no one has commented yet. First and foremost - Donna is an absolute cafone (it's an Italian not-so-term-of-endearment) What a pushy, aggressive, snarky b*tch. I don't care if everyone made nice in the end, I don't like her and hope she shoves off soon. It looks like Sam and the Chief Admin made nice I'm just floored how Martha with a city to run, Cassie with 2 businesses to run, Abigail with a flower shop to run, Stephanie with a cafe to run and Joy & Donna with a huge project to finish can find the time at the drop of a hat to drive off to Chicago for 2 days Oh....and Sam with patients to operate on and Adam with patients to minister to can leave in the middle of the day to go join them. UGH! The best part of the episode was going almost to the very end before any mention of the stupid curse was mentioned. And what's with dressing these ladies in super-tight, high-waisted jeans that do not flatter (no pun intended, as they completely flatten their backside) from behind? Especially Joy who always seems to have pants with hems that come above the ankles which only shorten her legs. Okay - shallow observation over And judging from next week's preview there must be a time jump because Tinsdale House is having it's grand opening.
  8. This observation reminded me of one I made (below) in the Lifetime Movie thread (on Sept 14 2019) how unbelievable some of these characters' manners of living are compared to their professions: Adding my gripes about LT movies - no matter how old these couples, how big their family is or what they do for a living, they all reside houses that looked as if they belong on the cover of Architectural Digest. I mean, gourmet kitchens complete with bar sinks, marble counters, pristine white cabinets, gorgeous hardwood floors, wine racks, top of the line appliances, etc, etc, etc,. I mean the husband can be a fledgling author and the wife a hat shop owner and they can afford to live in all that splendor.
  9. I just caught the latest Morning Show Mysteries movie on Hallmark On Demand 'Countdown To Murder'. For the life of me, I honestly thought that Phil was going to turn out to be the killer the way they kept having him interact with Billie during the scenes that featured her 'whodunit' board. That would've been a real twist, as well as a gutsy move. Not bad. She and Ian finally kissed. Man, HRP and RF's implants are blinding white
  10. Well....the actress is the same who plays Judith on TWD, so.... :)
  11. My guess is that the episode a while back where her and her ex-husband cleaned out their cabin was a possible set up to get them back together As a born-again Christian (who looks past the magic/witchy concept of the show and just enjoys the small town drama) I never felt a need to be pacified. There are chaplains, priests, reverends, pastors, bishops - it's just a title, which is separate from the calling/message. To me, Adam came across as a wishy-washy hospital chaplain and - well - let's just say not the type of man of God whose ministry/teachings I would sit under because I most likely wouldn't learn anything
  12. Same here. I don't care for neither him nor Stephanie. They're GWs version of Faith & Carson from WCTH. Just....nothing there. Double ditto. Buuuuut, in all fairness to the nature of the show, Cassie & Abigail must've 'sensed' her coming into their lives and when she did, knew instantly she was a Merriwick and welcomed her with open arms into the family And where has Donovan's mother snuck off to? Did they just bring her character in to be a foil/thorn in Martha's side and as soon as Martha got the house, poof - the conflict between them is magically (no pun intended) gone? The new Chief of Admin is an arrogant doosh. When one comes in from the outside to a new position, one's best practice would be to get to know the surrounding staff and what their roles/duties are before you go throwing your weight around. You just don't disrupt current practices and end around a colleague - in this case, the chief of staff - and go over their head. That is a complete lack of disrespect, not to mention telling that colleague to not get in your way when said colleague is trying to convey their feeling of disrespect in a civil manner is borderline harassment (believe me - I work in HR and have seen co-workers accused of harassment for less than this). That kind of behavior and attitude should not be tolerated in any workplace - especially among adults. He came across like a bull in a china shop out to prove he's going to get what he wants, when he wants and doesn't care whose toes he steps on in the process I want one of those ridiculous chocolate cupcakes! Do we really need another character (Joy's ex partner)? Offering her a job felt like she was throwing her a bone. Then again, I can't imagine Joy (whom I did not see furnish Martha with a resume, credentials or even an estimate for this huge renovation) being able to handle the size of this job by herself. Martha bowling was awesome - so much that I'm fan-waving the contrived back story of her bowling prowess and trophies. Really - why would she keep that stuff in a cabinet in her office and not her home? Editing during the chocolate experts speech wasn't paid much attention to. When the camera cut to the crowd, the snow was clearly falling on them, but when it cut back to him there wasn't any.
  13. Geez, that self-absorbed, millenial insta-influencer made me want to punch her. I swear these 'kids' really need to have the internet/wifi go down in order to be forced to - I don't know - enjoy what's going on right in front of you. When she was taking a photo of the muffins exclaiming, "my followers are gonna dieeeeee when they see these" I was thinking, "erm, they're just muffins" If I were Cassie, I wouldn't have been able to restrain myself not to rip that phone out of her hand as soon as she barged into Gray House and started snapping away. Okay - old fogey rant over. And how it only applied to Hayley's access because Abigail was able to receive a text at Gray House right after Hayley - in the next room - couldn't get any bars All it needed was a pitchfork in Sam's hands and it would've reminded me of American Gothic Joy and Carter have a huge mansion to renovate and all they were shown doing yesterday is installing a knob on a door? The curse plot line can take a hike I personally find Stephanie and Adam uninteresting with zero chemistry. I honestly thought his PT was coming onto him Grace can conveniently stay in Spain. Why wasn't George present at the Gray House event? Did I blink and miss him? Tom too? I love me some Martha, but CD's overly-theatric, sing-songy deliverance of most of her lines are getting tired. I really like her when she's a bit more toned down
  14. I came here to gripe about this very same commercial. The smug look on her face annoys me when she takes the sunglasses And color me clueless - but what are 'Karens' (I'm guessing it's a stereotypical basic chick) and why the name Karen (is it named after someone famous whose the epitome of basic?)
  15. One scene confused me as to the timeline. It looks like mid-day when Abigail goes into BB&C and gives Cassie the business card for the professor at the college whose looking to hire a replacement teacher A couple of scenes later, Sam comes home with what looks like the end of the work day - Cassie is already there wearing the same white sweater. She pulls out the card and tells him she has an interview 'today'. Unless they both went home at lunch time (I thought the hospital Sam works at was farther away as well) that would work. And even if Cassie did have an interview that day, she was able to go to it, stroll around campus, draw mandelas for students and get back to the shop just as Martha and her daughter-in-law come in after LUNCH. Are these people getting around via a transporter? I feel the same way. She always has that snarky 'ha-ha, I'm a Merriwick' look on her face no matter what emotion she's trying to convey I have no idea what Sam is, but is he the only surgeon in the hospital? I mean - he goes from operating on torn ligaments for athletes and now he can remove a tumor (where is this tumor located anyway?) from Adam? Is the tumor malignant or benign? Is Sam a 'specialist' in all areas? It's just too convenient. I don't care for the addition of Joy, but I am glad there's no insta-romance between her and the worker Martha hired. And man - Middleton is the place to go to get contracted for a job on the spot without any references or even having to give an estimate of how much it'll cost. Both Joy and that guy were hired way too fast - especially for such a huge project. And how many carpenters/contractors work on the job dressed like they just walked off the cover of an LL Bean catalog? Really - 'mess' these people up a bit!
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