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  1. He was pretty much non-exist most of last season (didn't he go off into the woods to grieve Sean McClure for a while) as well as only one appearance this season. Xander taking the police exam was my red flag for Dale being on the way out Maddie couldn't handle Ben's admission that he purposefully didn't save that guy (forgot his name) trapped in his car underwater and 'needed time' During that time, she gravitated towards Robb and Ben towards Ryn nor was there any discussion about getting back together or breaking up so to me they just took the cues and drifted apart. I didn't care for them together too much and - at some point - tv shows break couples up and try new pairings (BH 90210 anyone?) I hope not
  2. I can't hold my tongue any longer regarding the W.W. commercials. They really need to consider replacing Oprah as their spokesperson. If she's presently in a 'weight maintenance' mode, then fine, but how does one expect to sell the concept of 'weight loss' when their poster-lady hasn't appeared to have lost any (at least not noticeably to me) weight in the last couple of years? And I see that the commercial for the NordicTrak bike is taking a page out of the Peloton ala 'let's work out in front of a big window with no coverings'. And - of course - the two people in this commercial are already thin and fit
  3. Hub watched the movie all the way till the end (I didn't), but with the lack of tv production going on, we're giving this a shot. I think the premier should've been 2 hours if only to dedicate quality time to explaining the science and mechanics behind this non-stop train, but it looks as if they're going to spoon feed us this in dribs and drabs. One of the things Mr. Ctlady and I were discussing was the lack of any kind of outside noise, movement, vibration, etc in the first class dining car. We were wondering if those cars were designed to absorb the natural noise and jostling that comes with being on a train and perhaps there's some kind of electro magnetic (trying to convey what hub described) rails on those cars specifically in which they don't actually touch the tracks for a smoother ride.
  4. Hub and I just watched the premiere last night. I watched parts of the movie, so I don't know the entire story so lots of questions still to be answered - especially about the logistics of the train, why it can never stop, etc. I was wondering how much time passed after the old man pulled the charging cord out of the phone and the music stopped and when the the rest of the tailies found him hanging. It didn't seem like they gave him a full hour of alone time as they seemed to go looking for him as soon as they heard the piano music stop. That didn't seem like enough time for an old, one-armed man to fashion a noose out of the cord and hang himself
  5. Just discovered these Hallmark 'mystery' movies. Well...actually, I knew they existed as I'm a fan of When Calls The Heart, Good Witch and Chesapeake Shores and see all the ads, but when all my fall shows were done, I began scouring On Demand Free Movies and found a bunch of these. Watched an old Aurora Teagarden (A Bone To Pick), then the Mystery Woman movies (with Kelli Martin) and just began the Morning Show mystery with Holly Robinson-Peete last night. Looking forward to the Martha's Vineyard ones with Jesse Metcalf (sad to see CS not returning - at least this year - per IMDB) As with all Hallmark movies, the acting is super-cheesy-smarmy and the plots are very hijinks-y. Not to mention that these leads who have jobs/businesses to run have time to run around town trying to solve murders. I'm particularly baffled by the Mystery Woman ones. I mean, she's barely running her bookstore (I guess that's where Philby comes in) and am really surprised how much the local police lets her get involved. But.....this isn't exactly CSI, so......
  6. I can't help but think of Robert's ex-Vegas-showgirl-ex-wife Joanne whose stage name was 'Cinnamon' on Everybody Loves Raymond
  7. Just finished binging the last 6-7 episodes of Who Will Elizabeth Choose.....er....When Calls The Heart. Here are my brutally honest thoughts.... I found the entire 'Elizabeth has two suitors' plot nauseating. Only in Hope Valley can a a young widowed mom be the most eligible woman in the county. Frankly, I found Fiona more appealing and worthy of a suitor than Elizabeth's 'oh, golly gee' personality. Really, watching Nathan and Lucas have a polite pissing match over her was hard to watch. Wherever she was - there they BOTH were. If she was with one, the other wasn't far from spying distance. She walks by, in town just as they both happen to be outside their respective places of employment. It was perfectly stalker creepy. I actually enjoyed the episode where Lucas took her to Union City to see Virginia Woolfe so there was no chance of running into broody Nathan. I really wanted her to end up with Lucas because - ugh, not another mountie. Then again, we don't really know if she did indeed 'choose'. I'm believing she hugged Nathan out of relief that he wasn't the one shot to death and - yeppers - there's not-inside-running-his-bar Lucas to witness said hug. I need to move on because this entire scenario really irked me. Okay - I'm going there - little Jack is one funny looking baby. I said it. I'm sorry, but that baby who plays him has a weird evil-ish look in some scenes. And can the writers quite having him called 'little' Jack? 'Big' Jack is gone so there's only one Jack. No need to differentiate. And what's with casting a very blonde baby who has 2 brunette parents? Carson/Faith - glad that's over too. I thought the chemistry was about as exciting as water boiling. Forgive my shallow crudeness, but I never thought the actress attractive. Even if I did, there was just nothing there that made me want to root for them. They were the most boring flavor of vanilla there was Jesse/Clara - I could say the same as Carson & Faith, but not as much. Just....nothing interested me. Not even the wedding prep Lee & Rosemary - While her dramatic sing-songy voice tends to bug me as well as Lee having to pacify her most times (the scene where she called Lee all frantic about whether he found 'little' Jack's stuffed toy because , you know, the man has nothing better to do than to run around town looking for a stuffed toy when - you know - he has a mill to run. [eye roll/] they were by far the most palpable for me to watch Bill - other than doing 'judgy' things and running the restaurant (which they need to and should rename - he really didn't have any dedicated storylines because - you know - it was All.About.Elizabeth this season Henry - I really liked the oil co drama, especially with him and Lucas. I had hoped he hadn't gone back to nefarious ways, but rather he just bit off more than he could chew and was too proud to say so. Now that Lucas bought him out, and Fiona is out of a job and remaining, perhaps she can find employment there . Maybe also keep Henry on in some capacity as the entire business was his idea and maybe they can bring in an oil consultant seeing that neither he nor Lucas knows the oil business
  8. Me too. It takes a lot for me to not see something predictable or obvious coming in a plot, but his reveal the week before threw both MrCtlady and I for a loop. I find his predicament and his tribe very interesting indeed I don't know what being 'white' has to do with it. To me it was more cave-manish "me man and must save woman' thing Me three here. The actor's delivery of his lines and mannerisms last night were the best I've seen. Usually they come across a little hyper, but he reigned it in a bit last night. Everything he's been through has matured him and you can especially see it during his interactions with Calvin Okay - speculation time here....... With all the super-mega doses of mermaid DNA Ben is injecting himself with, am I the only one wondering how long it'll be before one of the effects will be an ability to transform? And...if that's possible, then perhaps that'll be a way for Robb to regain his ability to transform. And maybe even for Helen as well. Ben's a marine biologist - who currently doesn't really have much of a job with any work to do so he can basically run around Bristol Cove after Ryn. He's male (which there seems to be a shortage of - at least in Robb's tribe). He'd probably make quite an asset as a merman.
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  10. Wasn't Angela just proposed to 2 episodes ago? Did the writers just happen to forget to have her tell her fellow co-workers?
  11. With the whale sighting and Bree 'reading' Moby Dick to Bonnett, was I the only one who thought an apropos death for him was to be tied up, tossed in the ocean and have a final shot of him getting dragged by that whale? And count me in as perfectly fine with Bree,Roger and Jemmy (I really wish they wouldn't call him that) back through the stone to the future They are absolutely useless (save for diverting locusts and fashioning a syringe) and uninteresting. I don't like Sophie's acting and seems to have one type of 'serious face' for everything Ulysses is savage!
  12. Yeah, but think of all the neat titles that can come from this: Psycho Toilet Paper Hoarder Killer Social Distancer Quarantined And Deadly #stayhome Stalker My Husband's Secret Stash of Face Masks
  13. We watched all 8 episodes. The premise is pretty interesting, but the French-with-English subtitles drove us crazy. I literally had to get off the couch, put my glasses on and sit in front of the tv and read them out to hub (whose eyesight isn't too great). It wouldn't have been so bad if they kept the subtitles up a bit longer and they weren't miniscule white font. They had these long sentences up for no more than a blink of an eye. On a more shallow note - Elizabeth McGovern did not age well
  14. ctlady

    SEAL Team

    And we even got shirtless Brock and cuddling-on-the-couch-with-Cerberus Brock. Have you seen Justin's imdb headshot? He's absolutely gorgeous. He and Dita have their own IG accounts too! If I loathed snarky, SEAL-brothers-all-the-way Sonny, then angry-at-my-daddy Sonny just upped it several notches. I can see angsty teens acting this way, but sheesh, Sonny (Percival) you're a grown man (though immature most of the time). Punching the dinner table and lashing out was uncalled for. If he still felt that way, then he shouldn't have stayed for dinner. Just take the car and leave I an SO effin' over Jason with his 'I am the master of the SEAL team universe whose sole mission in my life is to do the job, protect my men, bring my men home. Anything outside of that is a distraction with which I can do without including children and relationships" Jason, just because you torched your marriage, don't see your kids or can't even enjoy a dinner date because you must be SuperSealTeamLeader 24/7 doesn't mean your men can't balance their lives out. And he thinks Clay's job offer is a distraction? Jason, everything you went through emotionally and physically between your surgery, losing Alanna, ptsd, etc and your continuous failure to fully recognize them and balance those feelings ALONG with your SuperImportantSealLeader position is a huge distraction in my eyes. Just his reaction when he walked in on the guys lounging around and ordered them out (he pretty much missed the dog when he kicked Brock) and then flipping the table when Clay told him he accepted his offer seriously pissed me off. Who is he to think that Clay can't focus while on this mission because he has something else waiting for him when he gets back? How is that any different than Ray covering up his shoulder injury - which, to me, was worse on the job than Clay's job offer. Honestly, it seems to me that Jason is acting out due to jealousy that his team members can balance home lives and even move onto other things whereas Jason's home life is a shack apartment with a box spring and mattress on the floor and fears leaving his SuperSealTeamLeader position for something else. Okay - I've blabbed enough now ETA: Did anyone else notice that Max Thieriot (Clay) directed this episode?
  15. Or 4th - she pulls a 'Kelly Taylor' and tells them both "I choose me"
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