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  1. I was trying to figure out who he reminds me of and then it came to me - he’s the result if Michael Phelps and Eli Manning procreated!
  2. Watched Secrets Of A Gold Digger Killer yesterday and shut it off appx 3/4 of the way through. I just didn't care about the conclusion. The acting was soooooo bad. Julie Benz looked terrible with the brittle blonde hair and overly tight clothing. The premise was so obvious and everything fell into place too nicely in the beginning. Aging waitress with 2 teenage daughters to clothe and feed and looking for that 'big payout' in the form of a rich husband just happens to have a patron whose a recent widower with LOADS of money to spend because he just sold some media company. His wife
  3. Seriously! I griped about the very same thing back here I like the drama and the scenery, but the couples are just so boring with ZERO chemistry - just like on When Calls The Heart. They're making this big deal over Kevin & Sarah and I don't feel it - never did. Same what they did in the past with Brie and Simon, Connor and Danielle (who had more of a brother/sister vibe) And don't get me started on Jess and David - she is a hyper, immature child right from the opening scene in the pilot when she called Abby in a panic. And below zero on the meter with Abby and Trace. Just.
  4. ctlady

    SEAL Team

    Same here, but I am not going to miss this show very much. I liked it early on as a decently done shoot-em-up, but it devolved into SEAL Team 90210 Double ditto here. If they think people are going to actually pay over and above what they're already paying for their cable bill to watch certain shows then fine - I'm not one of them. No show is worth the extra money to watch. I'm still ticked off at the 2nd half of the final season of Vikings only being aired on Amazon Prime rather than the History channel. As much as I vested 5 seasons into it and want to know how it turned out, I
  5. Anyone watching the Memorial Day marathon on HM&M channel? Gearing up for the S5 premier on Aug 15. Gagging on the syrupy sweetness, conveniences, contrivances, pretty clothes and dangly jewelry at the breakfast table at 7 am, Jess’ childlike spazzing, Brie’s complaining, Connor’s whining, Kevin’s wish-washiness and Traces over-gelled hair. Abby and Mick are the only ones I can tolerate just heard a line if dialogue that bugged with the nyc fire depth being referred to as the NYFD when it’s the FDNY
  6. Especially the fact that in her dream, Grace is a kick-ass zombie killer where in RL all she's seemed to do is walk around rubbing her pregnant belly and having Morgan place most of his worry on her. I bet Maggie was cutting down walkers right up until she delivered Little Herschel. Grace is dead weight to me. I wish it were that she had died and Athena had lived I thought Morgan looked like Morgan Freeman!
  7. I don't need to know. I don't care. I'm not going to mask/covid police my shows as to whether production is following protocols. I'm taking it on good faith that they are in order to get in there and film episodes that don't feel the need to address covid so we, the viewers, can escape from the constant barrage of covid, forget for an hour and be entertained
  8. Mr. Ctlady and I were both annoyed that they didn't address the security guard shooting and killing the victim after he put his gun down. Perhaps if the guard was white they would be flying racist flags all over the place, but because both the guard and victim were POC, yeah - no crime here I wanted to kick that woman right in the teeth. "Oh, what if my friends ask what you do for a living and I'm too ashamed to answer them?" EFF OFF lady! You look those 'friends' right in the eye and say that your daughter is putting her life on the line every single effing day. UGH! The
  9. i don't know about that. Killer did say we. Would explain why Jeri was in such a hurry to shoot her. I thought it was kind of rushed to shut her up, but when she put her weapon down she had that smaller pistol slide out from under her sleeve and was about to shoot Walker, so I'll cast that theory aside. But.....Jeri showing up at just the right moment was an eye roll
  10. I don’t know, what is it? I'll say it - racism and LGBTQ issues. This is supposed to take place right after the movie when none of this social/political narrative was around. How clever they found a way to segue the narrative of the current climate into this show. We see and hear it enough in the news, online, articles, social media - etc. And THAT'S where I go when I want to be informed. I'm sick and tired of continuously being preached to from television shows that I turn to when I want to tune out this crazy, upside down world and be entertained. I grit my teeth at th
  11. Agree with all of this. I thought the entire episode was a cringe fest. Right from the moment Tammy tapped her glass at the Bistro and said she had some news to where Bonnie chimed in, "Is it about me?" I wanted to shut the tv off. Do the writers really think it's funny to make her a serial narcissist? It's about as annoying as Jill's hoity-toityness. But alas - only one episode left and I'm not going to miss it because there is nothing 'MOM' about this show anymore Or maybe....having someone go into the bathroom and get her to come out for a moment to receive her reward.
  12. That's not the reason I'd be out if she chooses Nathan. It's because the writers didn't give one plausible reason WHY she should choose him. They had no dates, time alone, meaningful conversations, etc. There's just believable reason and the only motive for wasting an entire season on 'will she or won't she' was for ratings. It's like the entire season was a cliffhanger
  13. ctlady

    Mom in the Media

    Okay, Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) looks gorgeous in this photo! An YEAH to giving Wendy the front spot
  14. I actually see it as the other way around - that Andy will always have to prove his worth to Jill because, with her money and looks, she can just up and leave to 'do better'. I remember the episode where Andy took her to his gym to work out. I didn't like his 'Yeah, that's right - SHE'S with ME' attitude as he felt he had to go out of his way to make the guys know that even though he's not exactly gorgeous and buff that he can get a hot girlfriend. But as Jill was outdoing him in the workout department, he was struggling to keep up and got an inkling that, down the line, he may feel pressur
  15. While I sadly agree that society can gear our thinking in that direction, I'd like to play devil's advocate here and turn the tables. If an plain looking, overweight female character was partnered with a fit, gorgeous male character I think women's groups/body positivity movements would be applauding it and to refer to her as a 4 and the male character as an 11 would garner hateful comments. I never liked that it was okay to bully or make fun of an overweight male character because 'he's a guy' yet it would be mean, cruel, hurtful and hateful to do that to a woman I just don't like Jill
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