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  1. Inside S5 Morgan’s timeline,
  2. OoohMaggie

    Whiskey Cavalier

    The Netflix link above is aimed at programs people want them to show, not programs that we hope they can save by investing large amounts of money, if enough people do respond with WC as their choice, then that response coupled with the news that they were looking at the show anyway, gives us a glimmer of hope that the show could possibly be rescued. There are online petitions out there, although the numbers aren’t exactly huge at the moment, https://www.change.org/p/help-sign-a-petition-to-save-the-show-whiskey-cavalier
  3. OoohMaggie

    Whiskey Cavalier

  4. OoohMaggie

    Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    There’s Sad news that Maggie passed away four days ago, aged 7, **************************************** The good news is that GrumpyCat is alive and well and expected to make a return in S10
  5. OoohMaggie

    Whiskey Cavalier

    If anyone’s got a simple explanation as to how these shows ascertain the viewing figures quoted I’d be grateful. I haven’t watched broadcast TV for a couple of years now, everything gets recorded and I watch what I want when I want. That way and on demand viewing are only going to grow in popularity, do these people get included in the viewing figures?
  6. It looks like we’ll have to enjoy his character while we can, after the big build up and all, From ComicBook, Ruben Blades will be reprising his role as Daniel Salazar. The stay won't be permanent but he will have a brief presence on the AMC series, giving fans a taste of what the character has been up to since going down with the dam in the the Season Three finale a couple of years ago. https://comicbook.com/thewalkingdead/2019/05/15/fear-the-walking-dead-daniel-salazar-season-5/
  7. OoohMaggie

    Preach it!: Preacher in the Media

    S4 Promo’s
  8. “Fear the Walking Dead showrunners preview Daniel Salazar return” https://ew.com/tv/2019/05/10/fear-the-walking-dead-season-5-daniel-salazar-return/
  9. Wow, I think he’s one of the best characters from either show, he has great depth to his character, I enjoyed his time at the Dam and his interaction with Efraín, including the torture scene which was really well done. Having been shot through the mouth by Strand, it will be interesting to see what change Daniel has undergone that would stop him from killing Victor at their first encounter.
  10. I would have thought the same, this is from ComicBook, maybe the change will allow him to fit in with the group and it’s objectives. “Salazar, too, will be a “changed man” when he returns — but to say how he’s changed, Goldberg teased at WonderCon in April, would be a spoiler.” https://comicbook.com/thewalkingdead/2019/05/10/fear-the-walking-dead-season-5-daniel-salazar-return-dark-struggle-showrunners/
  11. OoohMaggie

    Our Favorite GOT Moments: It Is Known

    That’s got to be in the top three of my list, maybe even No 1.  Edited just now by OoohMa Correction, the Red Wedding, the only scene that has left my jaw actually on the floor can only be No1, The Viper and Mountain run a close second Ygritte dying in Jon’s arms makes No3
  12. OoohMaggie

    Our Favorite GOT Moments: It Is Known

    That’s got to be in the top three of my list, maybe even No 1.
  13. OoohMaggie

    Our Favorite GOT Moments: It Is Known

    The Arya / Jaqen scenes were so cool, when she gives him his own name, the look on his face was priceless, I can’t believe we’re so close to the end, daaaammmmm!