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  1. Yeah, everything’s ok, thanks for asking. I just thought the whole Bayda thing ended up being a bit of a damp squib, after all the build up was that the best they could come up with? Maybe the break lured me into hoping that the extra time would produce something special, I really should know by now 🙄 Maggie rocking the ‘Indiana Jones’ hat look did offer some solace though 😋
  2. Greetings Y’all, Having just watched the finale, I can honestly say that even the return, however brief of ‘The Beautiful One’, didn’t quite make up for the long, Covid enforced break. I can’t wait to hear the comments, I wonder if ‘anticlimax’ will be a common thread 🤔
  3. Welcome to my world 🤗 It always puzzled me why they chose 999 to call our emergency services, on a rotary phone it took the longest possible time to dial, that’s if you were lucky enough not to have a lock on the damn thing.
  4. Absolutely and totally honestly, as with most things over here, compared to what you guys pay for things we get right royally screwed over, whether it’s a can of coke, an I-Pad or a gallon of gas. I probably criticise my Father more than is fair, he was undoubtedly a tight so and so, but I think times were pretty lean back then, he didn’t have a great job and we weren’t exactly in the ‘Beverly hills set’. Well if it wasn’t too far, I was sent on my bike to deliver a message, we did have a pay phone box at the end of the road, or if someone was bleeding to death we could call on one of the snobby neighbours who had a phone to call an ambulance 🚑
  5. We had BBC1, BBC2 and ITV, I feel your pain 😆 I remember coming home from school one day, must have been around 1979 / 80 ish, and there was a Telecoms van parked outside the house, I thought there was no way they were visiting us, but lo and behold we actually had our very first telephone installed on that day. It was one of the phones with the circular dial , and true to form, tight assed father actually put a key operated lock on the dialling mechanism 😱
  6. I suppose I should count myself lucky, for at the time in the UK we only had three channels to choose from 😲 Wow, you should be a hell of a cook 😆
  7. I hasten to add that before this wonderful invention, ‘I’ was the remote control for the TV, as happy as I was playing on the floor with my Lego or plastic soldiers, if the chanel needed changing, I was ordered to do it, and these modern psychiatrists struggle to understand me 🤔
  8. My father, being the tightest git on planet earth, meant as a child I listened in awe at what wonderful technology the other kids had access to in their homes. It was only because my mother worked for a TV rental company, that we amazingly ended up with a VCR machine in the house, I think it was the one pictured below. It did come with a remote control, on the end of a cable, which after previously having to get off your ass and actually walk to the TV in order to change the Chanel, or alter the volume, seemed like a modern miracle 😆
  9. They are indeed, I hate the fact that I now don’t take any event on face value, each and every situation has to be analysed intricately, most people laugh and mock at such perceived insanity, but we’ll see..........
  10. I think the hope is that there would be so many good people within the police / armed forces, who would absolutely refuse to turn their weapons on their fellow citizens, that such events could never happen. I know people can be very sensitive about supposed ‘false flag’ operations, but gun control has been at the very heart of several ‘tragic’ events around the world, my country included.
  11. You’re quite right, I seem to have taken the long winded approach in getting to the question I really meant to ask 🙄, at what age could a person legally own a firearm and have it on open display in a vehicle which was being driven generally around town, or parked in the school car park etc? I understand things vary from state to state, and I don’t mean people who are ‘out hunting’, it’s more the, I think you call it open carry / display, apologies if these questions sound idiotic but it’s a world of mystery for us over here. If a 17 year old here had driven into the school with a rifle in the back window of their vehicle, the entire place would have been surrounded with snipers and armoured vehicles 😆
  12. So at what age could you drive your truck around with a gun hanging on a rack?
  13. Regarding trucks furnishing guns in racks, were you referring to the teaching staff or the students? If the students, what age range would ‘High School’ encompass exactly?
  14. Yeah, that’s me if I see a cockroach 🤮
  15. Tell me about it, my best friend lives in Brisbane and loves to go hiking, unfortunately the bloody things love to spin their huge webs across the trails and sit right in the middle, normally about head height so I have to carry the longest / biggest branch I can and wave it around like a loon in front of me, after letting her take point obviously. So far it’s worked like a dream.
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