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  1. And long may it continue, it's not used nearly enough, although my friend 'the old scoundrel' did use rather more fffs if he felt the occasion warranted it! 😊
  2. That's what I tell my drug rehabilitation board,, I've never heard pffft since my old days on the AMC forums, a 'word' used regularly by an old friend, it freaked me out a little bit seeing it again!
  3. really? I would say it looked like a Gorilla's head but with no mouth, I've obviously picked the wrong day to stop taking meth!
  4. What is that speech bubble type thing next to her face?
  5. Ooooooohhhh, someone's been scanning my mind, that's hilarious, it's nice to find out you're not alone in this world 😌
  6. She did seem to have a strange, faraway look on her face, I've heard that women can 'enjoy' riding a horse, but that mind of hers was definitely elsewhere! Not only a great songwriter and guitarist, but The Who's Pete Townshend made a remarkably quick repair on Morgan's stick, nice to see he's keeping busy in retirement and not spending too much time on the internet πŸ™„
  7. And we desperately need your help to carry on with our good work, can YOU give $100 today? Every cent you can spare will enable us to buy more hats and more badges, help us today by calling now, YOUR call is important to us. Call now (free) 1800-p-s-y-c-h-o-b-i-t-c-h, thank you Ginny
  8. Maybe she's being smarter than we think, a Doctor, a guy who knows most things about most things, and will ensure you've always got lights and hot water and...……………………………………..no, nothing for FPP...…….ooh he could perform the christening!
  9. Are they together? There seems to be a very strange Triumvirate of males forming a relationship with Rosita, with Father PP, Eugene and Siddiq, all seeming to have an input into the child's welfare, as they say, just watch this space!
  10. We live to learn, that's the first time I've ever heard that expression, cat dander, and now I know what it means, Woohoo!
  11. I felt the same at the time 😷and I wondered why he walked with a limp 😜
  12. You would have thought that these table reading exercises, would be the perfect opportunity for people to raise the point that what they are reading is complete bollocks, my character says or does what? are you fkin kidding me? a ten year old girl is going to do what with that hand cannon? 😱
  13. Apologies, i've never had that happen before, it's usually the other way around, this should work in US/CAN,
  14. S2 -Ep 07 Opening minutes, https://www.amc.com/shows/the-terror/video-extras/season-02/episode-06/the-terror-infamy-opening-minutes-season-2-episode-7
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