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  1. I haven’t seen E3 yet but I can certainly think of some four letter words for E4 🙄
  2. Oh that’s a shame…….. there’s always a warm reception at my front door, especially if they’ve managed to navigate the flaming Tar Pits 🔥 🎃
  3. It’s nearly that time of year again, what’s it been…… 2 years without annoying brats knocking on your door demanding with menace 🧨 Due to the long wait I’ll have to check the use by date on the laxative chocolates, wouldn’t want the little darlings getting an upset tummy now 👹
  4. It really should have a hand carved sign above the door stating, ”Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter” It wasn’t that many years ago that I was fighting a weekly battle to avoid all the spoilers and rumours………Sigh 😔
  5. Finally UK Prime decided to include S6 in its offerings, just finished 16 episodes over a couple of nights 🥺 I’d completely forgotten just how annoying ‘whinnying Ginny’ and those flaring nostrils could be. Binge watching is definitely the way to watch these shows, it’s just sad that in all that time,Dorie being shot by that little bitch was really the only thing remotely interesting. As for Teddie the ‘Villain’ 🙄
  6. That clip was used 4 months ago in a commercial for a mobile phone game, I have no idea what they’re up to by showing that 🤔 Not one of their finest, it’s a shame because there was absolutely no room left on the edge of my seat 😭
  7. A Priest off 😇, go get him PP
  8. I still haven’t seen S6 yet, this is getting ridiculous 🙄
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