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  1. You’re quite right, I seem to have taken the long winded approach in getting to the question I really meant to ask 🙄, at what age could a person legally own a firearm and have it on open display in a vehicle which was being driven generally around town, or parked in the school car park etc? I understand things vary from state to state, and I don’t mean people who are ‘out hunting’, it’s more the, I think you call it open carry / display, apologies if these questions sound idiotic but it’s a world of mystery for us over here. If a 17 year old here had driven into the school with a rifle in the back window of their vehicle, the entire place would have been surrounded with snipers and armoured vehicles 😆
  2. So at what age could you drive your truck around with a gun hanging on a rack?
  3. Regarding trucks furnishing guns in racks, were you referring to the teaching staff or the students? If the students, what age range would ‘High School’ encompass exactly?
  4. Yeah, that’s me if I see a cockroach 🤮
  5. Tell me about it, my best friend lives in Brisbane and loves to go hiking, unfortunately the bloody things love to spin their huge webs across the trails and sit right in the middle, normally about head height so I have to carry the longest / biggest branch I can and wave it around like a loon in front of me, after letting her take point obviously. So far it’s worked like a dream.
  6. I don't guess I can ask the lady if there's some kind of "trippy" activity like smoke a bong and beat some drums at sunrise or sunset Ularu? "Hello, ma'am I'd like to smoke some indigenous plants and trip my balls off" I would also like to go to Coober Peedy (SP?) where they've dug all the houses out of rock and they have a lot of mining but I don't think I want to make a specific trip to do that because it's apparently at the ends of the earth nothing else around. Now that the main draw to the Ularu national park has been ‘officially restricted’, I’m sure the locals would be more than happy to let you bong & bang to your heart’s content, there’s always a ‘Hippy’ contingent around that you could latch onto who’d give you the ultimate sunrise experience. Cooper Pedy is cool and worth the effort to visit. There isn’t a person on the planet who would be more aghast about coming into contact with spiders and snakes than me, yet I’ve made several visits to the country and not had one bad experience. Kangaroos won’t let you get anywhere near them so fear not. Just go for it! 😋
  7. You wouldn’t miss much by not walking up it, ‘Ularu’ as it is now to be called, is by far best viewed from some distance away, preferably at sunset or sunrise when in all honesty it can look damn impressive. The four and a half mile-ish walk around it’s base is a cool thing to do though. It’s better to look at it from a distance, than it is to stand on top of the damn thing and look into the distance 🤗
  8. If these morons want a lion’s head on their wall, I’d give them a six inch knife and say have at it, that’s something I would pay to watch 👹
  9. I’m probably one of the most unsympathetic people you could meet, yet I feel you may be being a bit harsh, if you go on one of these trips, I think you’ve got a reasonable expectation of not being woken in the middle of the night and finding a lion standing in your tent sniffing your wife, maybe I’m mellowing in my old age 😂
  10. Continuing with the ‘You think you’ve had a bad day’ theme, A 64-year-old French man was attacked by a lion that tore part of his arm off during a luxury safari with his wife in Tanzania — and is now suing the British company that organized the trip, according to a report. Patrick Fourgeaud, 64, and his wife Brigitte, 63, awoke to the sight of the big cat in their tent in the Ruaha National Park. The lion sniffed Brigitte before attacking her husband in the horrifying mauling, according to the outlet. Patrick has undergone 10 surgeries to reconstruct his left arm and is expected to undergo additional operations in the near future I suppose you could call that the ‘ultimate big game experience’ 🦁 https://nypost.com/2020/07/31/lion-tears-part-of-mans-arm-off-during-african-safari/
  11. Sadly it’s so true , the prospect of more ‘Whinnying Ginny’ leaves me cold, never in the whole Walking Dead franchise has any Villain been more awful than nostril flaring Virginia 😪
  12. Is that a horde of the living dead or an aerial shot of the latest Barry Manilow concert? Not that there’s much difference between the two 😁
  13. I’m trying to muster some enthusiasm, I really am, it’s just that I’m finding it really difficult to stay awa............Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. for us foreigners without VPN, it actually looks promising 🤔
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