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  1. In the end it’s all relative, condolences for your loss anyway, my 88 year old aunt, her 60 year old daughter and 50 year old son, along with his 49 year old wife, are all due for their second ‘shot’ in the next couple of weeks, I’m terrified for them all.
  2. New artwork, is that you in your 70’s clubbing days? 😁
  3. As we’re approaching the supposed ‘Freedom’ day, surprise surprise that not only have the Indian variant cases doubled, but we’ve now got a new ‘Thai’ variant to scare us witless and prolong this farce. When the fuck are people going come to their senses and realise just what is going on? Even the most non cynical people must surely be beginning to wonder 😔
  4. It’s especially painful to know that Kirkman actually wanted the show to deviate somewhat from the comics, it was ‘The Gimp’ who insisted on following them so closely, how I hate that man 🤬
  5. My favourite scene in Manhunter was when Dolarhyde took Reba to experience the Tiger at the Zoo, was that scene in the book?
  6. Well I’m saying nothing 🤐, I had a spell a while back when I watched loads of foreign language shows on Netflix, there are some really good things to watch, there was a Turkish show about their equivalent to your ‘SWAT’ teams which was fantastic, a modern Italian gangster show, many,many shows about the Mexican cartels, none of which I would normally have considered watching.If you can put up with subtitles there’s so much good stuff out there to discover, especially when English language offerings seem to be getting worse as time goes by.
  7. I was going to watch it tomorrow night, I can recommend a decent zombie movie, Train To Busan, it’s a South Korean movie, no seriously, if you can handle the English subtitles it’s well worth the effort, I don’t know if it’s on US Netflix, it’s not over here, as per usual, but if you can you should give it a go.
  8. The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Goes to “Crazy Different Places” Visited by Rick Grimes "These are some places that World Beyond will be taking place in. Two very different locations and there's a number of worlds this season on World Beyond," the Walking Dead chief content officer teased during a recent appearance on Twitch's TWDUniverse. "Very, very different locales that the story takes place in. It's two very different places, and there's a couple more crazy different places on top of that." When showing glimpses of two new locations, including one with a metallic
  9. Everything that followed just couldn’t compete, even though I know it’s coming the squeak of the wheelchair still scares the s**t out of me 😱
  10. Carnage and violence certainly does it for me, I watched ‘Manhunter’ last night for the 153rd time, I slept like a baby with half a bottle of vodka in its bottle 😴
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