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  1. That’s one of many things this country lacks, the street food and curb side culture of other nations, being able to snaffle chicken satay at 2am from a street vendor is one of life’s great pleasures. Police officer now positioned outside Mc D’s to prevent major road carnage, Excellent use of my taxes 🙄
  2. Oh dear! Our nearest McDonalds drive through has just reopened after the lockdown has been eased, not only are cars queuing around the block, they’re backing up onto a 2 x 2 lane road with a 60 mph limit, which means people will be doing 70+, I don’t mind a Big Mac once in a while but I wouldn’t be risking a families life over it 🍔 ⚰️
  3. The ‘listening’ organisations throughout the world are definitely scanning communications, what are ‘suckerberg’ and ilk doing with all the info gathered about their ‘customers?’ I wonder.
  4. I think most people would have just waited until the store opened the next day, although a bucket of water may have been needed to bring them back to consciousness 🍺 regarding Alexa, wasn’t it proved a while back that it was either recording or listening to what was said in the household concerned? Did someone mention 5G? 😱
  5. For some things that is certainly true, yet if you take more than a cursory look at certain events around the world, there is so much to cause concern. I often wonder if I am a fully paid up tin foil hat wearing loon, yet I only deal in facts and evidence so I ask myself why aren’t people seeing what I see when it’s there in plain sight. I think the main problem is that some ‘ideas’ seem so preposterous to the average person, that they won’t look twice at something. Believe me, I’d rather not hold the views that I do, when you believe that my and other governments around the globe are responsible for these things, it can rip your safe, nice world apart. Time to sweep the house for bugs 😆
  6. Up until about 14 years ago I’d never heard of conspiracy theories, one rainy Saturday afternoon I was flicking through the satellite channels, I happened upon a documentary discussing a major world event. The programme asked questions I couldn’t answer and having an inquisitive mind I watched it several times over, a fatal mistake, my life and beliefs have never been the same since, it’s been a blessing and a curse in equal measure.
  7. I feel for you and what you went through, many’s the time I’ve had to pick her up off the bathroom floor, but I’m sure it makes us better people in the end.
  8. Thank you so much 😊, I do have plenty of time to myself, mainly because she sleeps a great deal. This does result in her waking up at any time and it seems mostly when I’m trying to sleep. I do have an alarm that alerts me when she swings her legs out of bed, but a dropped cup, pillow or quilt can also set the alarm off all through the night which adds to my level of fatigue. There are people coming in four times a day to wash and clean her, I can go out for half an hour to do some shopping when she’s asleep and I’m sure I could get someone to sit with her for a few hours, but what would I do? Before she became bed bound I used to find all sorts hidden in drawers and cupboards in her bedroom, packets of microwave rice, a pack of uncooked duck pancakes that she’d eaten, apparently without any ill effect. To those who’ve never experienced this sort of illness, it’s impossible to explain the things that can happen and what it’s like trying to manage it, my father died a long, slow, hideous death caused by Parkinsons and Dementia, so watching my Mother go through something similar is doubly painful. Im not the one really suffering, so it’s just a case of looking after them as they looked after you, it is what it is, and thank you again for your comments.🙂
  9. I watch with disbelief at some of the things our police do over here, it’s as if they never learn from previous incidents. Fortunately the repercussions enacted here against that small percentage of morons in uniform rarely reaches the level seen in the US. I do feel so sorry for the genuinely decent police, both here and there, but if one person takes an action yet several stand by and do nothing, it’s becoming harder to defend and support the majority 😒
  10. Thank you, I have nothing but time off at the moment, although rest is a different matter. I couldn’t agree more about your 2020 comment, what makes it worse is that we’re having the best, in terms of weather, start to a summer that i can ever remember, April and May have been blue skies and hot hot hot. Coupled with the lockdown it’s as though someone is having a huge laugh at humankind’s expense 🙄
  11. Thank you very much, it’s greatly appreciated 🙏
  12. Thank you, I’m trying to pluck some normality from the jaws of insanity, it’s going to be a long haul 😔
  13. I’m back, first off, I wish to thank you all for the thoughtful comments, they were very much appreciated. As was mentioned, my Mother who has Alzheimers took a rapid downturn shortly after this virus nonsense took hold, although thankfully nothing to do with virus. I suddenly had to become her full time carer, had to give up work, even though pretty much bed bound she has a habit of trying to get up and walk a few steps, which results in her falling over, thankfully as yet without major injury but it means I can’t leave her for any more than a very quick trip to the supermarket. I couldn’t have imagined how a persons life could have changed so rapidly, the stress and frankly, the depression, was a killer. I’m getting a bit more of a handle on it now and can hopefully resume some form of normal life, I hope you and your families are all ok and this nightmare will be over soon. 🤗
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