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  1. Can someone tell me what the hell went on today?? I don't think Daniel did anything...he was framed but by whom?
  2. Grace was the one that stole the weapons???
  3. Good evening everyone.....just came in from work and made it on time. Hope to see June in action again...
  4. Well done June.....now go kill Dakota.
  5. June kill them both............Virginia and Dakota!!!
  6. June is going to kill the little bitch.
  7. And at the end.....Natalie was right.....Mike had sex with Sara.
  8. Well Tarik you and Hazel should be is Seeking Sister Wife.
  9. I don't need to see Andrew...good riddance!!!
  10. Amira if you had offered a bribe to the Mexican authorities they would have let you in.......they detain you to see what they could get from you. They are like that.
  11. Oh Amira, be glad that Andrew and his family are out of your life.....you are to classy for them.
  12. Good that I have my glass of wine ready so that I can stomach Andrew.
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