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  1. Ok so, Eugene is still a virgin.....like we didn't know that.
  2. Maggie has turned worse than Neagan. She had enough time to open the door and save that boy.
  3. And as always.......darkness prevails.
  4. We need an explanation why the walkers now sleep, have they evolved so much that they need their "zzzz".
  5. Good evening everyone!!! Let's go!!!
  6. I have this recorded so I will see it later. Good night to all!!
  7. They could have waited a lit bit longer and watch it like we are doing now ....free!
  8. OH NOOOOOO did we have to see that again......Coltee in his speedos.
  9. But isn't Sumit and Jenny on The Other Way?? I don't think they are on this one.
  10. Danielle should have gotten a bariatric surgery or loose weight. Exercise and learn how to apply make up to enhance her features. Good hair cut and hair color. Learn to dress herself better and yes...take a bath everyday. If you do not know how to do it....talk to Angela...
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