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  1. well, you're still around huh? Popped into Prev.TV ad found a whole new site. Just like the last time I popped into AMC...
  2. Hey Nashville, what side of the city are you in? I'm on the NE side. Towards Johnny Cash'ville
  3. someone musta tried to scam you. You do not have to provide driver license. I even created a totally fake fb using a made up name and a free email address i used strictly for that purpose. I had an old Netzero.net account laying around from the dialup days so I used that email.
  4. You have a great Christmas too. Btw, do you have a facebook account? There are quite a few ex amc people on a couple of groups there. The groups are what is known as closed groups so only people in the group can see anything that you might post there. I learned how to use all that and that's where I've been mostly. I also leaned how to lock down the overall security settings so that I am fairly private on there even if I am not posting to a specific group. Anyhow, if you'd like to check it out I'd be glad to help. Later.....
  5. Hey OoohMaggie, how are you? It's been a while. Anyway, I thought our fuel was expensive! Yours is outrageous. https://www.gasbuddy.com/GasPrices/Tennessee/Nashville
  6. So, did they copy Z-Nation or did Z-Nation copy them? Z-Nation aired first after all. And maybe they never read the Kirkman comic. Hahahahah - yeah right.
  7. hahahah Khabib got him with a neck crank even tho they called it choke. Noticed that he did not let go when McGregor tapped either. Then the leap over the cage top to go after McGregor's crew was just awesome.
  8. article starts out with "There was a sickening feeling about Sunday’s season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, and it came from a bunch of stupid, inane, plot points. Likely introduced by Simple Gimple he is now screwing up two shows". Well, I may have taken some liberty with the last few words of that statement.
  9. They use a battery powered generator to recharge batteries used to run the battery powered generator. do wish they had kept Jim though
  10. yep. dumb dumb dumb writing. Simple Gimple rears his stoopid head I am sure. A whole tanker of ethanol leaked out through 7 bullet holes before they could catch any? It would take hours to leak that much out. Gotta be Gimple.
  11. hahahahah too funny - Chucky from SOA shows up. With mangled hands and all. - hahahahaha
  12. Nah, thanks but I don't go to the amc site anymore.
  13. Yeah Jim is really James, from 12 Monkeys as previously said.
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