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  1. Annnnyway ... I know we all complain when they focus entire episodes on one setting or one set of characters and make us wait weeks to see what's happening over there, but this one had the opposite problem. It was trying to cover everybody in four different locations with the end result that while there were things happening in each story, they felt sort of rushed and undeveloped. I mean, we've seen the story beat of kids raised behind walls teasing zombies before to sometimes mixed results and I love when Judith gets her back up in reminding that she's Lori and Shane's (Do as I say, just do i
  2. When Carol tells you you're going dark, you know you're really going dark. I don't know that I have the energy to try to suss out just what flavor of crazy the Commonwealth is hiding behind the land of make believe facade.
  3. To be fair, Rosita, this kid has been passed around more than bag of Skittles. It's a wonder she remembers anyone. I can't believe we're still dealing with Whisperer drama.
  4. No, show. Pick a villain. I can barely pay attention to one group of crazies, let alone a redux of the last batch.
  5. Already bored with the Negan-Maggie why don't you kill me maybe I should dynamic. We know she won't so it's just tedious for them to keep having the same conversation over and over.
  6. Does seem like if you knew the walls were iffy you might have had someone keeping an eye out instead hoping Jerry needed a morning pee. Seriously? A promotional video? On VHS even.
  7. So I'm confused, show. The last guy we watched throw people into fires is now one of our leading men. What am I supposed to take from this?
  8. Daryl's like oh, they're that kind of batcrap hazing with fire crazy. Well, shit.
  9. Um, okay? Too many rounds of increasingly ludicrous villains with poorly defined motivations beyond crazy crazy booga booga to give a damn about discount Walter White mumbling about God in poor lighting.
  10. On the con side, these nutters are into waterboarding. On the pro side, this may be Daryl's first bath in 10 years or so.
  11. Am I supposed to know who this woman with Daryl is? Oh, right. The long awaited "love interest." Who is currently holding him at gun point. Only Daryl could look marginally cleaner in walker guts cammo. This thread is ONLY for the live airing.
  12. I've thankfully never eaten horse meat, but I read those scenes as them finding the notion of it distasteful but plowing through it anyway so at least the sacrifice wasn't wasted. Carol or somebody at the top of the episode mentioned that they maybe had a week's worth of food left at best, so they're not yet at the level of hunger they were when they ate the dogs on the road or dog food and owls even earlier, but they obviously don't want to get to that point either. Staying alive in this world takes both physical and mental energy and food deprivation will make you slow and mentally sluggish
  13. I was confused too by Maggie hitting her goto button of saying all of this is somehow Negan's fault. Um, what? I get that you have issues with him, but each of you took turns speechifying and letting him live before you took off to parts unknown and stayed gone for I guess at least six years. The communities rebuilt or didn't in one form or another after the Savior war and then still pretty passively let themselves be burned down by the Whisperer loons and now this bunch. Maggie is the one who belligerently insisted on this mission as it has gone in the face of all questioning or concern and i
  14. The way it was written was especially emotionally manipulative, but yeah.
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