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  1. That was kind of a throwaway, wasn't it? Princess mentions that she has access to plenty of weapons if they want them, and they just ... don't react at all. I realize we've been presented with a universe where guns are increasingly scarce, but seriously, none of them thought that was least worth checking out? It's like they've all gotten so caught up in Eugene's maybe ham radio tinder that none of them are thinking about the Whisperer war they left half finished at home.
  2. I had no idea what Beta was saying either but quickly realized it was probably a bunch of crazy crazy crazy argle bargle and it probably didn't matter beyond that. Beta is a fairly effective horror movie monster who definitely works better the less we know about him or what supposedly motivates him. I've long since mostly stopped watching this show expecting it to be deadly serious or make sense, so I found the Princess introduction kind of entertaining. I like that Ezekiel, who was introduced as a cosplay king, seemed to immediately get what was going on with her and that Eugene, who entered the canvas also telling lie after lie to the gullible "badasses" who carried him, quickly followed suit. For all of its many many faults, FTWD gave us one fairly effective portrayal of someone who had muddled along for a very long time alone, and now this show gives us another. Sure, the presentation is cartoonish, but I would hardly expect someone who's spent the last year and some change completely alone playing dress up with zombies in the ruins of a city to have it all perfectly together. After a season and a half I know absolutely nothing about Yumiko except that she was in a relationship with Magma (And yes, I realize her name is actually Magna for all the difference it makes, but it's funny to me so I'm leaving it.) and that she seems pretty damn dour and humorless much of the time, so her protestations fell mostly flat with me. The rest of it? Well, as usual, there's crisis looming with an imminent attack, so of course we have plenty of time for everyone to wander off to separate corners to get deep in their feelings. It might have even been interesting if the show hadn't wasted half of the buildup to the battle of Hilltop doing the exact same thing. I'm mostly just amused that both Daryl and Negan seem to be experts at catching and cooking possum and that if I didn't know any better I'd think they seem to be heading toward an ending of Miss Daryl and Negan's Home for Abandoned or Orphaned Urchins.
  3. Marjorie told the story in the episode this season that reintroduced Jerry that his father gave her a choice of staying with the family or drinking and she chose drinking. So there's husband number 1. Other stories have been about how she ran with hippies and "political revolutionaries, robbing banks, going to prison, etc., while she drinking, presumably after that. She does mention early on that she had another husband after she got sober, but I think we're to think that's she's widowed by the time the show starts. We can probably assume her house comes from their time together. Victor then would have been husband number three. While he was introduced as Christy's landlord doing well enough financially to have a rental office, we've also been told that his stroke and care afterward ate most of his financial resources. The show has never specified what if anything Marjorie has been doing all this time for money beyond any of this. I think I assumed too in the early seasons that she was working doing something, but I'm honestly not sure now what I base that on. I mean, Bonnie was introduced as having a job too before she had to move in with Christie after supposedly losing it, but she's subsequently been presented as someone who's never really held a legitimate job before she conned her way into the apartment manager gig.
  4. I don't necessarily love all or even much of it, but I appreciate the effort. I'll always take that over Khary's bare room.
  5. The combination of that suit and the guitars in that room are confirming my notion that Hardwick is kind of a try hard.
  6. Josh's room is the most interesting thing about this conversation.
  7. I'm glad everyone has time to emote and get deep in their feelings with an attack imminent.
  8. I'm supposed to care if the corpse wearing weirdos have Alden and Go Go Gadget, right?
  9. All the shows are delayed right now with no set premier dates.
  10. Oh hell. This show is going to end up being about Negan and Daryl, their many many ways to cook possum, and raising all the random urchins whose parents wandered off or had to be put down, isn't it?
  11. Negan liked Alpha? Yeah, we unfortunately saw exactly how much he liked her. Somehow, Yukimo, I doubt you were afraid of this exact scenario. Good for Zeke saying as much.
  12. Annnd, there's one of the horses. Yeah, the hey I'm walking you through a minefield seems like information she should have shared.
  13. The walker skin masks are looking particularly rubbery Party City tonight.
  14. Unless that cat belongs to someone here, it should be generations gone completely feral. Regardless, just don't make me watch it get eaten. My cats don't like that.
  15. I missed the beginning. So they're going to let their home be completely wrecked after Hilltop burned down and THAT'S their big plan?
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