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  1. There were some pretty cool visuals in this one. The post android sex aftermath and the zero gravity fun time with large rocks were gorgeous to look at as long as you didn't think too hard about them. Of course if a guy stumbled onto a sexy murder bot he's going to get into some weird creator-muse relationship with it and have sex with it because of course he is. I know we're talking about androids and murder bots here, but there's something about the whole thing that raises issues about free will and consent that are probably left well enough alone for this genre. How much time has passed at this point since Mother nabbed the kids as replacement children? Father generally means well enough, but he really shouldn't have been at all surprised that at least some of the kids they snatched would be rooting for the humans to come take them back. While the kids are better as a motivation for both the human and nonhuman adults than they are as individual characters, I couldn't help but snort at Campion getting shown up for not being nearly the budding young genius he clearly believed himself to be by virtual of having survived his childhood among the androids up to this point. So Marcus needed Paul to do his own turn as a child soldier to lure Mother out after all the Stormtroopers, excuse me, Mithraics got themselves killed. I find myself both fascinated and repelled by that family dynamic. Oh sorry, son, but you're not actually our son. We had to kill your mommy and daddy and steal their faces to get a spot on the last ship out. But we've come to love you anyway. We good? I'm sure that conversation's going to go well. I see that Travis Fimmel isn't washing his hands for this role either. The show's really going to need to clue me in at some point whether anything about Tally vision or the voices Marcus is hearing are real and to what degree.
  2. The anime series, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, is a companion piece to Netflix's Army of the Dead film, which follows a group of mercenaries into a zombie-infested Las Vegas as they try to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted. The series will chronicle the origin story of Dave Bautista’s character and his rescue crew during the initial fall of Vegas as they confront the mysterious source of the zombie outbreak. NOT The Walking Dead: The Army of the Dead Universe Anticipating Army of the Dead Small Talk Among the Corpses
  3. Considering that I only gave this weird show a chance in the first place for Travis Fimmel, I'm finding myself really fascinated by Mother's backstory. Of course a computer guy would get his hands on a murder bot and think, hey, this thing that kills pretty much on sight should surely be the mother of the future of humanity. She just needs a bit of fine tuning so she doesn't accidentally rip any of the kids' heads off. Apparently any bit of reprogramming or fine tuning can be accomplished by just sticking a drill bit into the torso. I'll at least give the writers credit for remembering to mention that her memory was deliberately wiped of all of this after modifying her programming to give her some semblance of emotion. So are we ever going to get to see one of these ginormous snakes leaving giant skeletons everywhere? Nice bit of homage to Indiana Jones, but it went about as well as you might expect of a mission led by a condemned man with a bucket on his head. I'm not quite sure if or why Marcus is supposed to be hallucinating, but it wouldn't be a show with Fimmel in a starring role without a blood spattered sex scene. In all the meditating on parenting and parental attachment by androids, I'm every bit as interested in the flip side of this with Marcus and Sue 2.0 so very invested in getting Paul as their not son back.
  4. There's definitely some warped ideas about motherhood at play here with the monster and with Mother so heavily romanticizing Tempest's rape baby. I mean, I get it. We're in a story where most of humanity is dead and unless Mother stumbles on another spaceship full of children to "adopt" they're basically hoping to keep humans as a species going on the backs of a half dozen kids. So any other potential life will do. But yeah, some of it's coming across as kind of distasteful. I don't get any sense that Marcus is buying into any of this. He's been doing about the worst impression of a believer ever while saying just enough right things to placate the rest of the believers. Again, when humanity is you and maybe a dozen other people in bad haircuts and ski pants, you have to work with what you have to survive.
  5. Don't androids already know what they know? I was confused too why Mother apparently needed to plug herself in to be able to remember where the rest of the embryos went. Yeah, you'll have that if you leave them laying around the house where young children can get to them. For all the "good mother" shtick they keep hitting, Mother really hasn't cottoned on the idea that you also have to watch the children you artificially gestate. Ding dong, the dick in the sedan chair is gone. Seriously, at what point in carting his ass across an endless blowing sand desert don't you think maybe he could get down and walk with with the rest of you? It's really not surprising though that he had already worked out that Marcus and Sue 2.0 are not actually Marcus and Sue. For all the trouble they went to to be here, they're the least convincing liars ever. Marcus can barely be bothered to even feign that he doesn't find their religious stuff an utter waste of time. Of course Father of the shiny new full body condom onesie is having an identity crisis about his usefulness because of course he is. So are we throwing a ghost Tally story into the mix now too?
  6. I admit I'm struggling to keep up with who has what streaming options now. As near as I can tell IMBd TV is an Amazon owned offshoot that mostly offers 20-year-old movies and some limited "channels" showing bits and pieces of series that have long since aired elsewhere. But with ads to pay for it. I wonder how that will eventually square with Netflix, which last I checked has the entire run of the show up to this last unfinished season. You know, just in case anyone wants to go back and relive The Negan Years in their entirety up to this point.
  7. It sounds like they haven't ruled out exploring Negan's backstory for the second spinoff they're planning as an anthology series of ZA stories. So, you know, if you're into that ...
  8. Posted a less spoilery version of this in the media thread, but also going to put it in here as it's confirmation that not only will the only two OG characters left make it to the end of the mothership, but that they'll continue to live on in one of possibly two more spinoffs. The Walking Dead Is Ending After Season 11, But Daryl and Carol Are Getting a Spinoff
  9. Actual news as I thought they'd ride this show forever. The Walking Dead Officially Ending With Season 11
  10. Good gods, the near future of Earth in this one is bleak. I mean, I know that's the genre, but everything about this just seems terrible even before you get to the matching white outfits and haircuts that all look like they were performed with kindergarten safety scissors. The whole design of the necromancer androids doesn't seem very practical or well thought out, and I'm realizing part of my issue is probably that they're using "necromancer" in a whole different way than how I normally associate the word. I guess if you just want to kill scads of people without worrying too much about the details that's fine, but as the religious folks are seeing now, they can apparently be reprogrammed and turned back on you. Interesting that it was the religious side that came up with them in the first place. At this point, I'm mostly interested in the complexity of the emotions that are at play here. Marcus and Sue 2.0 aren't actually Marcus and Sue, thus not Paul with the pocket mouse's parents, yet they seem to have embraced the role fairly quickly and enthusiastically. (And how great is Fimmel roughhousing with the kid and making stuff up on the fly in a way that makes me miss Ragnar Lothbrok all over again?) All the kids can agree that Mother is acting emotionally in a way they've never seen with androids and she's visibly relieved she's not inadvertently poisoning the kids. So is that really the extent of her motivation? She wants to be a good parent, which sorry Father, no she isn't or she would have shown some curiosity on the subject five dead kids ago.
  11. This one raised more questions than provided any real answers. So Travis Fimmel is in actuality Marcus 2.0 and was on the sciency rather than the religion side of the war but now hiding out on the other team. I wonder how that will come into play with Mother adding his Not Son to her menagerie of surrogate children. Will it even register with her that they come from the same side? I still can't tell if any part of her acting as these kids' or any kids' mother is legitimate motivation or if it's as the smarter than smart kid said that she's just some kind of extermination bot. If it's the latter case where she was built to serve humans, it seems like they might have thought to put in some kind of accessible kill switch to prevent her from going sonic Medusa on everybody. All of this is so outside of my wheelhouse. Father certainly got over Mother "killing" him fairly quickly. Maybe it's easier for an android when it's less final death and more just needing a new part or two. I do kind of love that's he apparently programmed for terrible jokes that he practices and that the smarter than smart kid quickly saw the wisdom of doing some work rather than continue to listen to him. So they only packed the one full body condom onesie and now he has to go the rest of all time with a crudely patched up hole from where she impaled him? Even in this universe the religious leaders are diddling the kids. Because of course they are.
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