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  1. Yep. Lydia's not a scared 6-year-old. She's almost grown. Her fucking mother has already killed a bunch of people and made it clear she'll be just fine with killing a bunch more if they don't follow all of her arbitrary "rules." These communities have repeatedly incurred her wrath for taking Lydia in and trying to help her. If Lydia can be of any use to them so no one else has to die then she either needs to do that or she doesn't really want to help and in that case, she needs to move it on along and best of luck to you, kid. I'm just completely out of patience with teenage snits being sad "choosing her own side" because big mean Carol won't coddle her when Carol is busy being proactive at least trying to figure out a way out of this mess.
  2. I mean, sure, let's have Carol go all Krystle or Alexis Carrington smacking a guy around with a diamond ring. She's old enough to have watched original recipe Dynasty. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out why they even bothered showing us the Whisperer contaminating the creek with walker guts (which sparked plenty of its own head scratching and speculation here) when it was going to turn out to be asshole medical guy tampering with the water filtration. Yeah, I know. Don't think too hard about it.
  3. From TSDF Army: S10.E07 "Open Your Eyes"
  4. Right? It sounds like Dante kills Saddiq after he remembers seeing Dante in the barn where everyone was killed. So Dante likely didn't show up at Alexandria until sometime after that, when everybody should have been on lockdown and incredibly wary of anyone they didn't know. I know it's not like they can do a thorough background check or even Google someone anymore, but after the amount of drama that occurred last season over Alexandria closing itself off to strangers that indirectly contributed to Pikefest, you'd think they might have been at least a little bit mindful of who they were letting in or allowing the run of the place in a position of relative authority. I mean, they have all the time in the world to bicker over the fate of a dangerous prisoner none of them can manage to keep track of anyway, but it doesn't occur to them to maybe at least put a minder on anyone new who shows up wanting to exercise control over the health and well being of residents?
  5. TSDF Army, the Spoiling Dead Fans FB arm, is reporting this. They seemed tentative about it yesterday or the day before, but they say the Dante is a secret Whisperer who kills Saddiq thing is confirmed now even if they haven't offered up any details yet. So ... yeah. Saddiq got Carl killed over his freeing walker souls nonsense, hung around for awhile as one of many many interchangeable medics, served stud for Rosita, and now gets taken out by the one Whisperer in their midst that nobody recognized. That's quite a storyline. The only thing memorable about him as a character is that he was played by an actor with pretty eyes.
  6. I love Carol dearly, but in hindsight maybe it's best she's out plotting against the Whisperers and chasing down the megaherd now that they've got an apparent epidemic back at base camp. Although that would be one way to clear out some beds in the infirmary or get rid of irritating "medics."
  7. Well, see, Carl of the fourth-grade education wrote a deathbed letter urging it. So Rick twisted himself into knots extracting a larger meaning of it all that everybody should get to live at the end of that long bloody war, you know, except for all that random Savior foot soldiers who weren't Negan he killed along the way. Something about building a society, blah blah blah. The choice was always either to kill him or imprison him. Remember how the discontented Saviors were looking to start something before the bridge incident and now think about how much worse that would have been had Negan been out there somewhere for them to rally around. Negan was at least a useful symbol in that jail cell. Free, he would always be a danger of rolling up on their doorsteps again as the Governor 2.0. It's clear that Beta realizes Negan doesn't fit at all with the Whisperer shtick and may very well prove a disruption to their way of doing things. He was near desperate to kill him to prevent that. But Negan succeeded in getting Alpha's attention and interest. She's the one calling the shots despite being completely off her rocker, he might have some useful inside information on the communities, and most importantly the script says so, so yeah.
  8. One of my favorite moments in the early seasons was Lori making a giant stinkface when she realized the man who would be operating on her wayward child was a veterinarian. But as Rick pointed out at the time, beggars can't be choosers. The standards have dropped since then what with people throwing doctors into fires, revenge killing them for accidentally katanaing a bystander, or shooting nurses through with arrows. Enid was basically apprenticing her way though the old timey version of medical school before she lost her head. It's like the quickest way to announce a new character isn't a longterm prospect is for them to admit to having any semblance of a medical background. If you can bandage a wound without accidentally tourniqueting someone, you're in.
  9. Her point was that if it's not this, it will be something else. There will always be something else. Now granted, her motives aren't exactly altruistic. She's going rogue without keeping the other community leaders apprised and clearly wants to pay every last one of the Whisperers back for killing Henry. We know Daryl sees that. But the show has also made a point of showing us an Alexandria council meeting coming to a boiling point because the people there want "something" to be done even if they don't seem to know exactly what that something is. We got an episode about graffiti against the continued Whisperer presence and residents were willing to hurt a teenage girl to send a message about their unhappiness with the situation. There was plenty of grumbling from the Hilltoppers about it last week too. Michonne so far seems to be the biggest proponent to keeping the peace, but she's also indicated that that's less about not wanting to fight than not having the capabilities to combat the megaherd the Whisperers will surely point at them. If Carol and Daryl can locate it first with a realistic plan to get rid of it, that goes a long way to leveling the playing field. It's the wanting to charge ahead without backup or warning the communities that's an issue.
  10. There was certainly plenty of head scratching and hand waving throughout this episode, but there was also something strangely entertaining in the dynamics at play in this one. It's not great theater by any stretch, no, but when I'm watching one over the top villain court and bully his way into the inner sanctum of another over the top villain where I don't feel compelled to try to suss out who's less awful or whose side I should be on, I can just be fine with it either way if one happens to kill the other and enjoy the show. We've been told over and over that Negan is a watcher, that's he's always watching and listening and seeing how he can use that and for the first time in maybe forever I got a very real sense of that. Yes, he's a gross psychopath, but like many of them, he also has a pretty good understanding of people. He knew full well he was irritating the shit out of Beta and the rest of the Whispering herd and he deliberately kept doing it to see how they would respond. At this point, he's persona non grata with the living communities and the Sanctuary is gone. What does he have to lose even if he gets it wrong? He sees the growing unease between Alpha and Beta and correctly surmises after all the groveling submissiveness she surrounds herself with, his big Negan swinging dick persona will at least peak her interest. I don't know exactly what the show is going for here, but the actors have a strange repellent chemistry that leads me to hope they'll be everything twisted that Rick and the garbage lady promised but never managed to deliver on because of Rick's lingering status as a "good guy." It's got to be more interesting than watching people chuck acorns into a can or Eugene take a turn playing ham radio Tinder. Is no one left alive from the last time our gang faced an unknown epidemic? That's only the reason why I can think of that they don't seem to be taking any precautions in herding a large group of sick people into one place where they could die and turn with only a single medic or two paying any attention. As always I love anything that has Daryl and Carol just hanging out. The actors have the easiest chemistry, probably from working together for so long. The whole let's just the two of us somehow find and destroy the megaherd was awfully short on specifics as plans on this show often are, but it gave us a few nice reminders that when the show lets the Whisperers be these creepy unknown things mumbling in the dark, they are kind of scary. I also enjoy any argument that's written well enough for me to see both sides of it and this was one. Daryl is right that whatever they do is likely to blow back on the surrounding communities and that needs to be taken into consideration, but Carol's not wrong either that they're already suffering living under the boot of these whackadoos and that isn't likely to get any better without taking some kind of action.
  11. The Whisperers took the bat when they brought him back to their camp. He didn't have it all episode.
  12. For Negan, that's actually a pretty good entrance. But when did he get his bat back? Dear gods she looks like she wants to lick him up and down
  13. Never shutting up kind of ruins the whole are they walkers or are they Whisperers thing.
  14. I'm sure this many sick people congregated in one place won't turn out badly, like them all dying and turning or anything.
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