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  1. Airdate 2020.07.15
  3. Exodus is a disaster/survival/family drama where erupting volcanoes in the US force the population to flee south to Mexico to survive, Exodus is told from the point of view of families torn apart and US ambassador Amanda Knwoles, who's suddenly at the center of an international political crisis with the lives of millions at stake. On ABC.
  4. Interview with Graham that does cut out a couple of times and then comes back on how his kernel of an idea for something he called Clanlands became what they hope will be a continuing series on Scotland and its history. Oh, and they're also writing a book together.
  5. My husband's Team Frank, as are a few of the guys I know of who at the very least started out watching this to humor their wives/partners. He find it highly convenient that Claire gets to have a husband in each time period who nonetheless can never also travel to face each other. That Frank gamely stiff upper lips it through Claire showing back up after a nearly three-year absence with someone else's kid and what has to sound like a highly far-fetched story about her One True Love that isn't him to raise that child also goes a pretty long way, I think. He hasn't read the books and doesn't particularly care beyond that. Luckily, most of his takes on this series are pretty funny and the ones that aren't really aren't worth arguing about. Even coming in the same book as the Great Misunderstanding, this just kind of boggles. Well, gee, I could maybe leave her a letter if I'm not inclined to just come out and tell her the truth like a normal person. Or, or I could have an entirely third party plant a fake gravestone in some out of the way place on the off chance she sees it and then the same woman who's never shown much interest in the history that I've made my life's work will surely deduce what it means and set off on a historical discovery tour of a country she doesn't live in with yet another third party. Why, that's perfectly logical and not convoluted or flat out insane at all. All that said, I do kind of enjoy Jamie's very dry reaction to all of this. But really, what can he even say at that point? Frank's dead in both timelines and has gotten his final word in.
  6. Sherman Alexie was a hard one for me. I really loved his early writing and bought everything of his I could get my hands on back in the days before you could just click and buy anything on Amazon -- he felt like that much of a revelation -- but I haven't been at all inclined to read anything of his stuff since the news of his bad behavior broke. It felt almost like a personal betrayal of the persona he had put forth all these years. I'm a terrible packrat where books are concerned though, so his collected works are still taking up space on one our TV room bookshelves. No idea yet whether they'll eventually stay or go.
  7. She very much makes me think of the first rule of advice for when you find yourself in a hole: Stop digging. She won't put the damn shovel down.
  8. Sometimes I'm pretty good at separating the artist from their work and sometimes I'm just not. For the rest of my life, for example, I'll never again be able to watch anything Bill Cosby had anything to do with because he was "America's Dad" during too many of my formative years and I can't separate that out. I'm not going to pretend to know yet how I'll feel about the Potterverse sometime down the road if and when one of my kids wants to read the series, but it is making me think much more critically about things I was maybe more willing to give Rowling the benefit of the doubt on in the past. Mostly, I'm just watching in sheer astonishment that someone who did manage to beat all the odds to make good in such a huge and pop culture changing way can be this hellbent on throwing her legacy away. There's self sabotage and then there's whatever this is.
  9. There's the trailer for it. We're apparently looking at an 8-part half-hour series of the two of them tooling around greater Scotland.
  10. New trailer. Lovecraft Country’s latest trailer is unexpectedly timely — and even more terrifying
  11. Ann Rice’s ‘Vampire Chronicles’, ‘Lives Of The Mayfair Witches’ Rights Land At AMC Networks Anne Rice's 'Vampire Chronicles' Lands at AMC
  12. Happy Mother's Day everyone. Here's some gang rape. Seriously, if I'm Roger at this point I'm watching my ass as practically the only main or even secondary character who hasn't been sexually assaulted, although maybe they figure the hanging cancels those odds out. Yes yes, I know it's in the book but the show certainly hasn't had any problems changing other plot points up and could have done something anything to not get us here where the only reaction I'm able to muster is a weary why I am still watching this sense of resignation. Rapelander complaints, here we come. It sucks because there were things that were done well. The 60s disassociation was pitch perfect while including just enough elements of discord to never let you forget that it wasn't real. I particularly liked seeing Jamie as the only character in basically the same clothes he wears in his own time as almost a reverse image of Claire in the past. I love when the show leans into how fabulous Lauren Lyle is as Marsali and gives her more to do. Now if the show could just let her out of the dowdy matron's cap because she looks great with her hair down, but I'm guessing that's the show's way of differentiating her from Claire and Bree as a woman of the time. The stones spitting Bree and Roger back out because they were thinking of "home" probably without specifying which home they meant is a nice touch. Now I can only wonder if we're going to have to go through the whole so long farewell again next season.
  13. This is why I like books 7 and 8 more than 5 or 6. One of my favorite things in book 6 is Lord John airily dismissing news of the Declaration of Independence as republican (small r) nonsense that the British government would never in a million years take seriously. I'm assuming from all the pointed mention of William this episode that the show will be at least following the book in introducing him again next season as a painfully young British officer. His entanglement with Claire aside, removing Lord John as William's only remaining parental figure who nonetheless willingly participated in passing him off as the rightful son of an earl at least partially to stay in Jamie's orbit changes the entire shape of that story considerably.
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