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  1. I posted an article in the Media thread earlier today that said they found out they were being cancelled when they were down to writing the last five episodes of the season. That probably had a lot to do with how uneven a lot of these episodes have felt and how this one tried to introduce a discount Bonnie and Christy to make some statement about the cycle of life and hope even as Bonnie was congratulating herself for being a success story.
  2. ‘Mom’ Will Sign Off With a Message About ‘Hope and Redemption’
  3. Fear the Walking Dead Reveals Keith Carradine’s John Dorie Sr. I don't even know what to think of this development. So are all these people in like a 5-mile circumference?
  4. Cast reaction. Prodigal Son's Lou Diamond Phillips 'Gutted' by Show's Cancellation: 'Didn't See That One Coming' I can't believe I forgot the lesson Fox taught us in the '90s and early 2000s to never get too attached to anything they show. Deadline suggests that it might find a home on HBO Max, but nobody's really saying much yet.
  5. Bonnie is the Fonzie of this series. She wasn't even in the opening credits first season.
  6. Well, hell. This is one of only two network shows I've watched in years and now that's that. It really is one of the more original things not on some small niche cable channel.
  7. Finally catching up with this. I didn't realize what the show was missing was a dishy somewhat bitchy British investigator to snipe at Malcolm but I didn't hate it. While the rational part of my brain was wondering what authority the man had to go around interrogating random members of the Whitly family before I remembered that it's this show and to just go with it, I did love that in the end he was "totally sorry for accusing you all of committing that murder you totally did commit in pretty much the exact manner I deduced." Snippy Malcolm pulling rank and class was weirdly hot for a characte
  8. The show has never implied that Morgan and Grace have done more than make goo goo eyes at each other over a mall carousel while simultaneously letting Morgan clearly plan any future around her. She's the same character we were introduced to who was convinced she was dying of radiation poisoning only to find out, oops, never mind, I'm pregnant by a guy who I guess died during the nuclear plant meltdown a full season ago. It sucks but it's not really surprising in a world with very little medical care. I'm mostly just glad the show resisted the urge to go Dawn of the Dead and force Morgan t
  9. I suppose we should be grateful they didn't go full Dawn of the Dead with the baby. I saw that when I was pregnant with my oldest and ... yeah, it messed with my head.
  10. So no Lori style C-section on a dirty floor? What did I just watch?
  11. Didn't Grace already mistake early pregnancy for radiation induced cancer once? Maybe she should stop making medical pronouncements like that.
  12. Are you shitting me with this? Why didn't they get a full blown unicorn while they were at it?
  13. Wait. So because Grace had a contraction once upon a time dream daughter is getting felled by it now some 15 years later? Boy, my daughter is going to pissed when I tell her that's how it works.
  14. Hair dye only continues to exist in suburban Virginia.
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