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  1. I know it's Maggie and all, but just once I'd like to see these people upon hearing that another group is being chased/tormented/extorted/what have you by a niche group of crazies go "You know what? Best of luck to you but we're going to take a pass on this. Alexandria and each of the surrounding communities has been burned down/overrun/walls knocked in oh, three or four times now. We're tired." As it is, this is apparently yet another group in a mostly depopulated world where there's strength in numbers that nevertheless apparently has nothing better to do than hunt people in the woods. I'd say this is very much a "Look, we threw something new together in the time of covid. Beggars can't be choosers" kind of return except for the reality that it really isn't any goofier than a usual return. Exploding tree/blanket person for everyone with nary a drop on any of them.
  2. What is this, the third or fifth time a group of crazies have burned down Alexandria? Maybe take the hint.
  3. WTF. Are they fighting a tree monster? A pile of old blankets?
  4. Oh no. Not .... characters we never met before
  5. Hi, one line guy. Bye, one line guy.
  6. What ridiculous niche cosplay will this new bunch be into? Just once, I'd like to see our people when told of yet another group of murderous whackadoos say thanks, no, we're good.
  7. So guesses on whether we're supposed to be concerned about that big giant gash on Maggie's arm? Or have open wounds stopped being an issue again? Speaking of.
  8. I do love that nobody says a word about random mask guy.
  9. And it's not like anyone else really gave a damn about Negan roaming free, so ... yeah. Sure, Daryl. You're still "figuring out what to do about him."
  10. I'm glad the show had enough restraint not to go there with Jill and Trevor. I just wish that for once Jill could show any degree of self awareness on her own about why she does the things she does without barreling ahead against all advice to the gentlest letdown ever that still let it be all about her. Jaime Pressly is great and does a lot with the character, but yet again much of this episode she was bumping right up against being a ridiculously bullheaded bad friend in insisting that she had to have Trevor and coming off pretty needy in the process. So kudos to the show for finding a plausible way out in showing that it was less about wanting this particular man and more about responding to an emotional male authority figure she couldn't just buy. Hopefully we'll see Jill learn something from this instead of immediately moving on to the next person or thing she thinks will fill the hole. Rainn Wilson shows a lot of range with Trevor. The Tyne Daly scene I guess was necessary to give him a sounding board for where his own head is at since it's not like he can be having that discussion with Bonnie, but it still felt a little shoehorned in. The suggestion jar tip for Adam to comb his hair was a hoot. I liked the mocktail storyline a lot even though part of me kept thinking about how much Adam pushed back against Bonnie's earlier efforts to froufrou up the bar at all. I guess drinks you can charge $8 a piece for will have you rethinking your previous objections.
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