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  1. Anybody else think about Coconut Mall from Mario Kart Wii during the car chase?
  2. We can do that too. As Judge John was talking about getting light-headed, I remembered the few times that I looked over at my husband shocked out of my mind because of things that he said or did while I was in labor. I think that the stress of the situation just turns their brains to mush. But I totally believe that he is the good cop while she is the bad one when it comes to their kids. I think that he totally lets her run the show at home and hides in the garage with his car.
  3. I updated my post with the more accurate charge. I guess I was so horrified that I mis-remembered when I typed it. I spent a lot of time on that website a couple of years ago for work - don't ask. Wow - an article about mistreating horses? I'm not reading that either.
  4. Well he's now registered on the US National Sex Offender website. Indecent Assault and Battery of a minor under 14. Yikes! 😢😡
  5. This one surprised me a bit. The landlord didn't give them 30 days notice - she said that she wanted them out and they said that they would be out by such-and-such a date - which was less than 30 days - but then stayed longer - but still left before the 30 days. So I kind of figured that they were both in a grey area, and that the landlord wouldn't be allowed to keep the security because she didn't give them 30 days to get out and then changed the locks. Maybe I missed something... I wondered that too. Horses are indeed very expensive to maintain and board - and they did
  6. I always go to The People's Court website and check the schedule tab to see when the new episodes are airing. I don't think that anyone chips in. When JM asked her if she does this rental thing often, she said that she rents a house somewhere every year and has been doing it for the last 50 years - since her kids were little. A group of 8 of us once rented a house for a weekend. It had 5 bedrooms and a hot tub and was quite nice - it was huge and I remember that we each chipped in about $170, so I don't know, 9K seems really pricey for a week.
  7. Lol. What struck me about her tattoos, is that they looked very amateurish - not something that had been professionally done.
  8. Oh yes - I forgot to mention that. Apparently, way after the fact, the P Googled the D and found many bad reviews. The D is really not too bright - why would you broadcast the name of your company, along with your incompetence on national TV? Dear God, you really can't fix stupid.
  9. Judge Marilyn was indeed with Douglas, and I think that Doug is still remote in the "hallway." I like that Judge John is back and they are answering legal questions - the closest to personal was: "Does Judge Marilyn read legal stuff for fun?" The first case was the concrete guy who had every excuse in the book as to why he still hadn't shown up to do the work 4 months later - including: I'm not certified for that and had I known, I wouldn't have taken the job . Dude, you texted her that you knew darn well that there was a septic tank involved. JM was having none of his crap and th
  10. This would certainly be a fitting end for her. For anyone who has never seen Breaking Bad and plans on watching it, you should stop reading now. :) This reminds me of Breaking Bad. At the beginning, Walter was a sympathetic chem teacher, but by the end, he was just an absolute monster, and you were rooting for Jesse. The tables certainly turned in that series as well. I do find the twist interesting because you can see how just one single moment (when Rita humiliates Alma at the restaurant) sets off something in Alma's head and there is no going back for her.
  11. Just watched this series over the past week. Predicting the future was interesting and of course, nobody thought about something like Covid happening. The acting was fantastic and the show was well cast. The very end was a little weird, but overall it was excellent.
  12. I watched this over a few days and I really liked it a lot. Very well done - cast, story, everything. I hope that there is a Season 2. It's funny, people complained about the high price of cable for all the different channels. Now you have this service, and that service, and when you add it all up, it seems just as expensive and more complicated than cable to be able to watch stuff anymore. I noticed that the women who wore head and/or face coverings had their own style about how they were worn - and were consistent about it. It was interesting to note the
  13. So I've seen all the episodes for both Season 1 and 2. In Canada it's on Showcase, and you can also access all the episodes on the Showcase website - you just have to login with your TV provider. It's not an earth shattering show, but I think that the cast is excellent and really good in their roles. David Schwimmer is perfect for this. I like the recurring jokes that keep coming up. It's a bit silly, but I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to Season 3, whenever that happens.
  14. Lol. I also get the ones for Dr. Ho and the Magic Pillow. Maybe advertisers aren't paying as much these days and they have to pad the shows to earn the same revenue? I don't know. When the Big Bang Theory was on, in later seasons, the actual show time was clocking in at under 20 minutes, because they had to add commercials to help pay the high salaries of the cast. They were still losing money for the initial airings, but knew they would make it up in syndication.
  15. Me too! I had two more episodes to watch before the summer re-runs kicked in and the first was not there because my taping contained a message that: "We are having trouble with this channel right now, sorry." WTF? And then the next day was pre-empted with a special news bulletin. So the last thing that I get to see for TPC for this season is to learn how many times she sneezes. Wow, I'm disappointed. I really enjoyed when the judges talked about the cases that we just heard and sometimes when they are asked to comment on a legal situation, that can be interesting as well.
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