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  1. aemom


    My husband wears polo shirts to work every single day and I wash them, so I know all of the problems of which they spoke, lol. When they said $98 - yikes. That's $98 USD, which is even more yikes. I would never pay that kind of money for a polo shirt or even a dress shirt. We're not starving, but part of the reason for that is that we have a ceiling that we'll pay for certain clothing items and if I'm forking out the equivalent of $130 CAD for a shirt, I expect it to rub my back at the same time. 😃 The diamond thing was kind of cool, and again, not just for remembering a deceased person, but as Mark said, you could take a sample of your child's hair and make a beautiful piece of jewelry for mom. But they were really expensive. Those were prices that seemed to exceed the costs of what you'd pay for real diamonds - these are synthetically grown. The chargers seemed pretty cool. The socks. I have to say, the countless times I would pull of my kids' winter boots, and then go have to fish inside them to find the sock which came off too. This was smart, and I think it would make an excellent new-mom gift. However, I think the name "Squid Socks" was kind of crap, and they should re-brand it. Lori saying that this was not her space - this seemed like the PERFECT thing to demonstrate on TSC. But they went with Damon who was planning on licensing - so very interesting - they should do well, I think.
  2. aemom


    What I recall her saying is that they picked on her because it was a big light that took up a lot of space on her desk. The ones she was marketing, were smaller and had some style. One of the samples she had actually looked quite nice. So she basically built a better mousetrap - a light therapy machine that had more style. However, there was no discussion (on air at least) about her cost and what she was selling them for. I found this where it mentions that they are sold for $45-70. Not too bad. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/10/07/shark-tank-why-mark-cuban-gave-this-founder-an-extra-50k-for-free.html
  3. Season 14, Episode 3 Akuspike: This seemed very interesting. It probably does help with certain things. I looked them up online because the cost of the items were never mentioned on the show. The ball is $40 USD and the mat $90 USD - so not cheap at all. Not a product for the average Joe. Fulhaus: Are people really setting up so many AirBnB that they want to rent the stuff? I originally thought that this was a setup for buildings with corporate type apartments. It seems very complicated. The Unscented Company: She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and she can probably do quite well. The Knight Knights: I think that he would have gotten a deal if his valuation wasn't so nuts. It was a good idea and he's right - you could add a castle and other stuff and continue the adventures of the knights. As Lane said, if nothing else, it's a good lifestyle business and the publicity on the show could drive business. He's got a 2nd book on his website. My sons are way too old, but I might have given this a whirl when they were younger. They did love knights back then. Tiara Shower Cap: I am not their market because the one thing that I must do every day is wash my hair, otherwise I feel dreadful. But I know many women who don't, and would love this product.
  4. They were very good, but I was really surprised that all the judges gave them a 6.0 and they were the first team out of the gate. You don't normally do that with figure skating. I think that Kurt was trying to get the message out to the viewers that they shouldn't keep marking Katia and Bruno so low, because they make everything look easy. I'm glad that both teams were kept, but does that mean that they'll have to eliminate two teams another week? Colton was much better this week. I found that there was a lot less "lumbering around" the ice by him, so good on him for improving. It's called a waltz jump. I really enjoyed the opening number by Kurt and Elladj. I used to absolutely love watching Kurt back in the day. He's my all time favorite and he's still so very good.
  5. Poor Claire. On what is probably one of the happiest days of her life, her mother kills herself in a drunk driving accident with the bottle of champagne(?) that Claire hid to celebrate her surgery. Then someone calls her using her mother's phone and she shows up at the site to see her mother lying dead in the car like that? Seriously? I'm pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to go down. That is going to take some serious therapy. I also liked Lim being supportive to Claire and Melendez standing up for her as well. On a lighter note, I am enjoying Park and Reznick together and that crazy fish plot provided some necessary levity. As for Shaun, I like that things are going well with Carly. My hmm moment: If Michelle is always taking care of the kids, when does she manage to have sex with her boyfriend? It was only at the end of the episode that I realized that we had no Glassman or Lea and I didn't miss them at all.
  6. Money. My son was being relentlessly bullied in elementary school by a boy. I had many meetings and phone calls with the school administration. One day I was there for yet another meeting with the principal and I said to her something to the effect of "seriously, what is going on here with this boy?" because I know that bullying at this age is typically a child acting out on other things. So the principal tells me that the family has not one, not two, but SIX foster adults with Down's syndrome living in their home. I gave the principal an incredulous look, and she immediately told me "yeah, I know, but apparently the uncle is over there a lot to give him attention and whatnot." To which I replied: "well whatever attention he is getting is clearly not enough." How on earth do you properly care for this many people? I don't think you can. But the government pays you money every month for each of these people, so... I tried to explain to my then 10-year-old that night, that we should actually feel sorry for this boy because he would keep going down a darker and darker path of more and more acting out to try and get attention. Three years later, he was expelled from school for selling drugs. Sometimes I hate being right. I wish that he had gotten more attention at home. I wish that he had left my son alone. I wish the parents hadn't been money grubbing imbeciles. What a waste! So the mom on the show - she had a great deal going! Money in her pocket for taking in these kids and having her daughter take care of them for her. I have a hard time believing that she would just turn on a dime and change her ways. I despised her the more I saw her, but I'm probably far more biased against her than the average person.
  7. aemom


    I'll be honest. I know a LOT about losing weight and I have finally found the magic formula (for me at least) and it's by eating real food. More of some, less of others, etc. No supplements (other than vitamins), no shakes, no bars, no cookies. I am also extremely skeptical of a product like this, but I would have just said that I was out and shut up and let the other sharks do what they want. Mine too actually. I have seen Kevin act human a few times both here and on Dragon's Den in Canada and sometimes I think that he really does have a heart, lol. I didn't think that the spoon was amazeballs, but it's exactly the type of thing that will sell very well on QVC, and that little girl was as sharp as a tack. I think that she has a good future ahead of her. $50K investment by Lori for half the company is chump change that will likely turn a huge profit. That little girl will have a nice college fund in no time.
  8. Michelle and then Lane were kind of offended with how the counter offers went, but in the end, I think that they will do well with Arlene. It was a nice looking seat. Such a dreadful pitch. I could see it being easier to use than having to flip a giant body pillow from one side to another, but the pitch was bad, the demo was bad, the prototype was bad. There's a lot of work there needed to clean it up to be a product worth pitching. I was really surprised at how quickly they jumped down his throat. Unless there was stuff edited out that we didn't see, they were upset about him trying to "sell" the product and not clear about answering some questions, but that happens fairly often. Kudos to him for really keeping his cool when they started to freak out on him. He seemed to have a very nice product and I know several people who like to have a butcher-block island in their kitchen, so there's definitely a market there that he can serve.
  9. Yeah, what the hell was that? Amanda and Colton were safe and Katia and Bruno were in the bottom two? ??? Thank goodness they were safe. I was watching her face the whole time that the judges were talking abot the marks and she was very nervous that she was out. Sheldon and Kaitlin were very good this week and I also really liked Natalie and Andrew. I also think that Colby is kind of a terrible judge. He said some incredibly "what?" things last night. It was nice to see MFD in the judge's chair. She and Patrice were often in the shadows of Bourne and Kraatz, but they were also an outstanding dance pair. I'm still impressed at how well Kurt Browning still skates at 53. I think that he can probably do all the tricks as well as he used to except for the big triples.
  10. Claire is pretending to be sick with stilettos on along with her robe? Alex's hands froze that way? Why was Phil randomly juggling on the sidewalk? What? The star of this episode was surprisingly Bridget. Though I suspect she might wind up to be rather cold. 😉
  11. I liked this episode a lot, but the storyline with the baby bothered me because wouldn't you have a pediatric surgeon doing this? I really liked the way Park put Reznick in her place and at the end he said to her "If you were chief resident, you'd be a nightmare boss." It's true and he was trying to sabotage her not for his benefit, but for her downfall. And she fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. It's interesting that they seem to be trying to rehabilitate her, but at the same time, realizing that she has a long way to go and it may be a gradual thing that happens, or maybe it never does. I liked the storyline with Carly, but again it seemed a little fast that Shaun would go the route with the bag of chips. I don't think that it's impossible, but it seemed a bit soon for him to make that leap. I realize that this is a show with a limited number of episodes, and they wanted to push that storyline forward, but... I did like the young woman at the end coming to visit the hero who reminded me a little of Matt Damon. I'd love to see a follow up down the line. There are actually quite a few cases where it would be nice to see a follow up.
  12. I totally agree with all of this. Amanda Evora is a US pairs skater who placed as high as 2nd in Nationals and Top 10 at Worlds and Olympics. She won the last season of Battle of the Blades which I have no recollection of whatsoever.
  13. Season 14, Episode 1: Tribu Experiental was up first - they organize stunt shows for a variety of situations. At first he had no deal, but then Arlene called him back and they made a deal. Cheekbone Beauty - An Indigenous woman who is making lipstick and putting profit back into organizations that help Indigenous youth. Vince offered her a 50% deal. The others felt that she was too early and didn't make her an offer and told her to refuse Vince's offer. She did refuse. Kanevas - I was really interested in this one because I have been looking for a black tote bag that doesn't cost a fortune with sections inside (to replace my old one), and when I found out how much they cost, I just couldn't spend that kind of money on a bag. I checked out their website and it's great to be able to customize your bag like that, but just too pricey for me. They were negotiating a joint deal with Michelle and Vince who wanted 20% and they said that they couldn't go below 15%. Jim piped up that he would take that deal and it was done! Pull Cord Buddy - This guy was an idiot. He created this gizmo so that you can step on a handle to start your lawnmower instead of having to pull the rip corb. He has sold a grand total of 12. Yes TWELVE. And has valued his company at $600K. Jim offered to buy the company from him for $150K and he turned it down! He was so unprepared for the pitch and negotiation, it was unbelievable. Jim rescinded his offer after the Dragons all gave him shit for being an idiot. Grobo - these fancy pants cupboards where you can grow your own weed. They have bottles with chemicals and fancy lighting and you are prompted what to do next so that the plants grow well. They got a deal with Lane and Manjit for 5% instead of the 4% they wanted.
  14. I deleted my recording but Amanda and Colton were marked .1 higher than Amanda and Eric by Colby and Darcy. Barb went .1 lower for them and Kurt was .2 I think.
  15. The dementia storyline also resonated with me. I watched my father in law wither away from it only to realize as we were making the funeral arrangements for him that my mother in law was heading down that same path. About five years later, she has no idea who anybody is, wears diapers, and is just a shell of her former self. She is just... existing. There is no real quality of life for her at all. The wife totally made the right decision for her husband, as painful as it was.
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