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  1. They both complained. Park was the first complaint - the anonymous one that Lim told Melendez about and he then spoke to the team about. Reznick was the 2nd complaint - she went directly to Lim and then Lim said that she had received a complaint but would keep the complainant anonymous. Lim then confronted her in the locker room about it. Park kind of did it because he hoped that it would give him more opportunities to succeed and it did - he got to finish off a surgery that Claire might have been given on another day. Reznick was going for the jugular, but Lim has her pegged. She did it to hope that she couldn't get fired for being a whistle-blower, but Lim sees through that. She knows that something is up. And Reznick trying to rattle Shaun to fail on the surgery table - that's seriously cold blooded. I totally understand that Reznick is devastated. All those years spent trying to measure up in her family. Finally becoming a surgeon with all the years of training required and then RA comes down from the skies to smite her. She's in the anger stage of grief, but she needs to move past this and find another way that she can still be a doctor - she can still be a perfectly good and successful doctor in many other fields, but she's going to have to let surgery go. As for the whole Carly and Lea thing - seriously show? You force Lea to move out of the apartment - which in a real life situation would be a complicated and very shitty thing to force someone to do that quickly. Then Carly is upset that Shaun is still friends with her. Now she breaks up with him because after one karaoke song, she is convinced that they are pining away for each other. Lea has already said multiple times that she is not interested in Shaun romantically. Shaun has made a lot of effort to work on his relationship with Carly, and she's already behaving somewhat immaturely with this whole thing - and then she breaks up with him? Way to piss me off show! Men and women can just be friends. I have a few male friends. I enjoy spending time with them and we can hang out and do stuff, but I am not interested. I will never be interested. They are not my type physically. They don't have the same goals and/or values that I need in a life partner. Many of them are already attached and I've been married forever. Really - can't men and women just be friends? That is the one thing I loved about the show Elementary the most: The show was about a man and a woman who loved each other dearly and would do absolutely anything for each other - but there was never a speck of romance between them.
  2. Bree and Claire had a conversation where she wished they had invented cameras. They talked about how no matter in what time she had gotten married, Frank would not be there. It was a short conversation, but it was there.
  3. He said "Is that a new blouse?" or something similar. He was teasing her that she was wearing something new to speak to the influencer to ratchet up exposure for the hospital.
  4. Just to clarify - this is an actual treatment that they do in controlled situations in hospitals for people who have ongoing infections that have become resistant to all the available antibiotics. And you don't eat it, it's transplanted into your rectum.
  5. I've been watching the episodes on the CTV Comedy Channel. It's not the greatest TV in the history of the world, but I've seen far worse. For the most part, I am enjoying it and I'm about 8 episodes in. I really don't like to comment on people's bodies, but episode after episode, I am often so distracted by Helen Hunt's face. My God, I wish that women in Hollywood would just stop jacking with their faces and more importantly, that Hollywood would be fine with women aging naturally. Stop the insanity!
  6. I got to see almost the whole episode - I missed the first 5 minutes due to the impeachment hearings. I missed a lot of the closet case, but those cheap types of shelves do tend to bow over time with weight on it. You need sturdy hardwood for a job like that if you want it to look nice over time. I believed the D too. And I'm thinking that after laying out 8 grand on the dog (which involved borrowing money to do), there may not have been anything left to buy cat food. But cats are smart and it hopefully found another family to spoil it. Depending on what kind of method the building manager used to wash the car, I'm thinking that they may have actually scratched the car with the glass or possibly imbedded the glass into the car. She was hoping to avoid insurance and they strung her along. But JM is right - technically they are not liable in this case.
  7. Me too. I finally get caught up and there's nothing but impeachment hearings. Grr!
  8. Finally some episodes! So many have been pre-empted in my neck of the woods due to the impeachment hearings. JM is really inconsistent with this. Sometimes she rakes people over the coals when they answer "I have the proof, just not here with me right now," and other times she gives them time to find the proof and present it later. I guess it depends on her level of hatred for the litigant. It's unbelievable how many of these women we see on this show. Which makes me wonder how many others are out there that are even more stupid that we just don't see? He was kind of a dick and then told Doug in the halterview that he was going to sue the previous tenant. Dude - did you get a house inspection? Because if you did, that would have been obvious and if you didn't, then you're a tool who deserves what he gets. He should have had a contract with the electrician, but I believed the D with what he told. Electrical work is no fun at all and those old wires must have been hell to try and navigate. I'm sure he not only had to split them but replace them too. The P in the truck painting case - I enjoyed his effort to dress nicely for the court - you could see the obvious fold marks on the shirt he clearly wore straight from the package. It always gets a chuckle out of me for some bizarre reason when I see the litigants with the brand-spanking-new shirts.
  9. I liked the sock girl, good for her. The sex button was the dumbest thing I've seen in a long time. If you want to do the horizontal hustle with your partner, just ask them, get a yes/no/in 30 minutes/etc, and move on with your life. Instead you're going to push that button and keep checking it every 5 seconds and get more and more resentful when you don't see it swirling around. Jesus Christ people: TALK TO EACH OTHER! And maybe I'm old-fashioned, but isn't it important to dress appropriately when doing a business pitch like that? Date girl was wearing ripped jeans, a tiny camisole, and a sequined fanny pack. And the couple with the creams, she was wearing a rather boobtastic outfit. That is what you wear to pitch your company to multi-millionaires? I've noticed it more and more, but tonight's episode seemed especially bad with the inappropriate clothing.
  10. I was the same, but that approach didn't always work out for me. My first slept like the dead, but the second one would wake up whenever there was a noise out of the ordinary. I kept a radio on in his room at low volume 24/7 to try and combat it, but I still recall the time I dropped a quarter in the hallway and he woke up screaming like someone was trying to murder him.
  11. Seriously. She not only wanted to have her cake and eat it too, but she expected him to bake it for her. How badly do you need to twist something in your own head in order to make it work for you. He was no prize, but not worthy of such a low blow. Not sure if you were being sarcastic or not, but edibles are typically food with cannabis/weed/pot baked into it. That really pissed me off. Doug even called her on it - "That's it?!" I had a feeling that he was only going to get $500, but now I really wish that JM had thrown the book at her. That was the epitome of "sorry/not sorry." And she should have been VERY sorry. Poor guy - but - with any luck - the exposure on the show might drive some business to him. Hopefully he is a GOOD contractor who is deserving of the business. I will laugh my head off if we see a case in the future where someone is suing him and when JM asks "How did you find out about him?" answers: "I saw him get wrongly sued on this show, and decided to look him up..."
  12. Me three. I only recognized her because she is regularly featured on a fashion website that focuses on celebrities who don't know how to dress themselves properly.
  13. I lugged my portable playpen around for my babies to sleep in many, many times. Yes, my kids also needed darkness to go to sleep, but if I had been in a strange place and tried to put my baby down in the playpen and then put the prison on top, completely blocking their view of everything around them, they would have completely lost their shit the same way the "model baby" did. There is no way this would have ended well for me, so I'm somewhat shocked at their sales. Maybe this works for a 3-4 year old toddler that you can reason with and turn the prison into a fun hiding-fort-sleeping-game to some extent, but for a 1-3 year old, no dice. Fortress needs to figure out a way to market that cool looking layer with a thin windbreaker fabric on top, and then he could kill it on the market. My screens are in a frame and I just have to push down on the right, then the left and they pop right out. They are in good shape. These other screens are very cool, but I'm not sure why people would need replacements too often and I don't have any problem taking out my existing ones. Maybe I'm missing something. I have no idea what the Zuum boys were trying to get money for. Their product was cool but they had zero business plan.
  14. They tend to get legal stuff wrong on this show (the whole Debbie/Peppa/Franny business), but you can add medical as well: I feel pretty confident that the sex-green-light-six-weeks-postpartum-business does not apply to a woman who almost died of a hemorrhage and spent many days in the hospital after giving birth. God forbid, somebody actually see a real doctor, but it's a doctor who actually gives you that go ahead. It's not a "given." I will say that I knew that couple were going to steal the baby, and that I liked how Frank and Liam actually spent some fun time together doing something harmless. It's a rare moment on this show. Frank was also rather sweet with the baby, another pleasant surprise.
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