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  1. I did not see this in another Outlander thread, so apologies if it's already been discussed elsewhere. David Berry (Lord John) will not be back next season. Possibly at all? 😭 https://www.townandcountrymag.com/leisure/arts-and-culture/a32369977/outlander-david-berry-lord-john-grey-leaving-show/
  2. It's really more about manners. I taught my boys, one of whom ironically is 6 feet tall and 17 years old, that when you're crossing the street, don't stroll, but move briskly across the street. But, in Quebec they also learn that nobody stops for pedestrians, so that is probably a built in lifesaver, lol. The part he was trying to explain, but didn't do well, was that he came out from between the trucks and then was running parallel to the trucks along the street. He was either too far over, or she clipped him with her car because she was too close to him. I'm not convinced that it was his fault. Also, when a homeless man once deliberately dove onto the hood of my husband's car while he was driving down the street, his head bounced off the windshield and smashed it and he was fine. I feel the exact same way, which is why I stopped watching. Ironically, I first started watching JJ when I was on mat. leave with the now 6 foot tall, 17 year old. 🙂 I think that this is it for the summer now for new eps. 🙁
  3. Totally a nod to how polite Canadians are known for being. 😃 Moira's line about the car being egged was hilarious. Something along the lines of "poultry" and "ovum" from the sky.
  4. I will say that it is rare and refreshing to see someone actually admit the truth even though it hurts their own case. Will they supply funky backgrounds like Levin's? Will Douglas jump in and out of the Zoom calls to swear people in? I am intrigued about how they would make this work. Also - I'm sure at least one litigant will say "I don't have it here right now," and then run off to somewhere in their house and start rifling through their stuff to find it. 😄 The editors will be busy!
  5. Hubby and I have been binge watching this for a few weeks now. I love how she was going to Ronnie's house to watch the movie dressed in her insane stilettos and the blouse with a million blinding paillettes. As the evening wore on, she stayed with Johnny, lost the shoes, changed into a robe, and was the one who greeted Jocelyn and Roland at the door. She wasn't as incompetent as she pretended to be. 😉
  6. We've been watching the entire series on the CBC website and just saw this episode today. These days, a masked customer is the only kind you want in your store. 😉
  7. Oooh, I missed both of these as I was folding laundry as I watched. P totally looked like he was going to blow a head gasket. I liked how in one of these cases, JM said that "phones are not just for taking pictures of your food," so she's moved past the "nasty picture" spiel. "Plumber, he hardly knew her!" JFC Levin, enough with these already!!!!!!!!!
  8. I happened to see part of this thread before seeing the episode so when I watched it this evening, I looked out for it. I rewound it to listen a 2nd time and she clearly said shin. We have a decent stereo system hooked up to the TV, and I definitely heard shin. The guy selling his fridge: A few years ago, my husband was selling an engine and someone tried to scam us in the same way - but with PayPal. At first I was really confused trying to understand why someone would offer to pay a large sum to have the engine shipped - without having any info about how much shipping would actually cost, and then we realized that it was a scam.
  9. I was thinking about Leaf Lady again, because I was thinking about another recent case where two women had hired a young guy to build a deck or patio. He had also underbid the job, but instead of "too bad, so sad for you," JM basically raked the women over the coals. I'm trying to figure out why such a difference in her attitude between these two cases? Maybe I'm forgetting some of the details.
  10. I continue to be shocked that someone who appears to be as vain as Levin is would continue to film himself at home in such poor quality. He also appears to have lost his razor collection. Not that he was ever a prize (in my opinion, but YMMV), but as the old saying goes, these days he really looks like he's been ridden hard and put away wet. Three cases on Friday with a lot of whiners! The saga of the whining numskull breeders, the idiot guy who buys an engine as is and then whines about it, followed by Leaf Lady - who quotes a job and then whines about her stupidity. She appeared to be missing a few cups and saucers in the cupboard. Not a terribly exciting episode.
  11. I truly don't believe that child molesters can be reformed because there is something chemically-in-the-head-not-right with them, but I was surprised how honest he was about his past. Hopefully he is staying FAR AWAY from children now. It would also be fun if we could be in the peanut gallery and show up Levin with our intelligent answers (though I know that those segments are filmed at later times) Seriously, these 2 types of cases are the bread and butter of TPC. An idiot woman who trusts some loser guy with money and a moron who just can't wait to be parted from their money for a POS car. However, as for the idiot woman: I was also thinking that it seemed like a setup as well. Especially since I cannot recall ever seeing the loser guy admit to stealing all the money. This guy also said "like" so many times, that if I was playing a drinking game, I would have alcohol poisoning. I will confess, that I did like her dress.
  12. Claire was thinking about a time. I forget what book or where it was, but she mentions that she was thinking about Frank's ancestors of the past at the time that she touched the stones. Geillis also mentioned that she came to that time on purpose.
  13. I think that JM's point was, since you weren't cutting the fabric the same way you originally did, why didn't you make just one sleep cap with the other way of cutting it and get THAT approved before you cut up all that fabric and wind up where you are now. I literally gasped when I read this Angela, because all my life I wanted curly red hair. I never did dye my hair, but as a kid, I did sleep on foam curlers for a while to try and get the curly. I actually thought that if I did it long enough, it would stay curly. Once my mother corrected my disbelief, I gave up. I do know a bit about sewing, because my mother used to sew a lot (and made my wedding dress), and I often helped her pin the patterns to the fabric. There are instructions on the patterns about how to lay the pattern on the fabric so that it goes the right way with the stretch and the grain and all that. It did not help that the tailor confirmed which markings were his. My guess was that perhaps the catch wasn't well made. It would not surprise me to see that chains are manufactured with a lower quality catch. Or his wife was really pissed and rather than kick him in the balls, she hauled off on that chain as hard as she could knowing that not having it to wear would be worse on his "manhood." 😉
  14. It's been years since I've read that book but I was sure that I had correctly remembered what happened with Claire and the men. I went to dig up a summary, and I was right and they've really changed it a lot. Brown never actually raped her - it was some other guy that Claire sees many years later and tells Jenny about, who then tells Jamie and then Jamie hunts him down and kills him. Marsali never killed Brown. She was so upset and worried about retribution on the show that I'm thinking that they will spin that Henri Christian is a dwarf as her punishment for killing a man. And Bree and Roger never tried to go back at this point. I'm not seeing why they're changing so many plot points.
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