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  1. I was thinking that off screen, she might have yelled at him about having an affair and he started babbling that he was so sorry (meaning he was guilty) which made her feel like she needed to pull the trigger. I just binge watched this series over the last week. I taped it because I love Lucy Liu, and I wasn't really sure what to expect, but wow it was outstanding. What a nice surprise to love this so much.
  2. These are supposed to be professional business pitches. Who would say that in a business meeting? What else I never needed to hear: Barbara talk about having her last sexual thought thirty years ago. I don't need to know about the sexual thoughts or activities of ANY of the sharks. EVER.
  3. He did at some point because he was later let go as a firefighter. Brain anuerysm. And I know someone who survived a brain anuerysm with no ill effects which is uncommon. But I did not understand what he was talking about when he said that he was still going through it. Perhaps counseling or something, but he didn't seem to have any lasting physical issues because he was dancing all over the stage and had no speech impediment. I felt the same way. Hee. I confess that as someone who is currently nursing another instance of my back going out, I would love a chance to sit in the chair to see if it's worth all the fuss. I just had a conversation about this two days ago. I was trying to figure out why as a society it seems to be such a struggle to get everyone to do what is needed for the greater good (masks, stay home, etc.) Why are people being so selfish? The thought was that we have raised a bunch of kids to think that everyone's a winner and that we can have and do everything we want at all times. All those participation trophies... I'm not really surprised that their business is doing well, because people do seem to love winning and lording it over people.
  4. Ugh. How did the W&J get so far ahead? God, they are insufferable. That was was not much of a challenge for a final leg: Collect some necklaces, rip apart some cakes, eat some donuts, jump (fully harnessed) to catch a clue, roll a giant ball, stick some stuff on to the ball, and then take a cab to the Superdome. They should have swapped the ball puzzle with the diabolical music challenge from the previous leg. If the show ever comes back, they need to do away with alliances. They could also take a page from The Amazing Race Canada. Season after season, the challenges on that show are deadly.
  5. I've been appropriately re-conditioned for Covid, because when I saw the pitchers approaching the sharks for the congratulatory hugs, I actually had a visceral "what-the-hell-are-you-doing!?!?" reaction. All I could think was that my osteopath would have a coronary if I was trying to carry everything at once, AND bought a gizmo to help me do it. Don't be so damn lazy and make a few trips! Seriously. I am not going to use a toy to get my kids to clean up, or come eat, or whatever. They need to learn that when I ask them to do something, that they do it.
  6. For DeAngelo to say to Phil's face that he was sorry that he came on the race and that he could have paid to do that himself, was very rude. I understand that he was upset about how it all went down, but still.
  7. Absolutely! That's what I like about Dragon's Den in Canada. Even when someone is offered what they ask for, they still listen to all the offers and then make their decision. When they do that, it doesn't make "good drama" for me, I just think that the sharks are assholes, because as you said, this is their livelihood.
  8. I started dating my husband in 1987 and he was into weight-lifting as were some of his friends, so yup - it is possible. I definitely didn't mind his hobby! 😉
  9. It could be because they have not prepared any programs for this season, and they don't want to skate to old stuff. It would not surprise me at all if Kurt just adlibs these things. Or perhaps they don't want to allocate more than X amount of time and their program lengths exceed that? I also would have enjoyed watching Elladj skate. I think that Jessica and Asher made a big mistake in choosing their first week program for the skate off. Maybe they substituted some moves in this incarnation, but it fell much more flat than Meghan and Wojtek's program. You want to come guns blazing with your best program, and that one wasn't it. J&A had much better programs than that. Meghan and Wojtek are deserving winners. All four of the final teams had improved a lot and I enjoyed watching this season. Because of Covid, I think that a lot of the boring, flowery, stuff was missing which made the show more straightforward and enjoyable (at least to me).
  10. I don't think that it's an across the board thing. I'm also Rh negative, and they just kept taking blood from me multiple times during the pregnancy to check my blood. When my children were born, they tested the umbilical cords to see what their blood types were. Both my kids wound up being negative despite my husband being positive, so I never had a Rhogam shot.
  11. You have the memories of your previous hosts, but not the experiences. Adira is only sixteen and not even a member of Starfleet. It should be a member of the bridge crew. Tilly is only an ensign, so it really shouldn't wind up being her.
  12. So who will be the new Number One? I really hope that they don't backtrack and that she gets the job again in a few episodes. There really should be consequences that stick. Mary Wiseman has never been super skinny like so many actresses on television and I love that. It's a pleasure to see realistic looking people. She does an amazing job with Tilly and every week I bemuse the fact that I can never have her amazing hair.
  13. I apologize in advance for being so far behind, but both of these cases annoyed me so because the verdict seemed to contradict how JM usually rules Do people seriously just go and paint a room? If you are going to go through the trouble of painting, don't you spackle and sand all the existing holes and dings and whatnot first, and then sand, etc. Then prime the wall and finally paint it - with one or probably two coats? How would anyone accomplish this in one day for one room, never mind a whole house? I agree that he hadn't done 3/4 of the job, so why get 3/4 of the money? It seems like JM was swayed by Cartoon Eyebrow Lady's attempt to get the work done for free. The D were horrible people and nasty and vindictive with "we're moving, see ya!" But still - that fence was not worth the judgment that they got. JM always talks about how you don't get replacement value, but depreciated value. Sometimes she does give depreciated, sometimes she doesn't... And for the condo leak-thing that happened right around the same time. We don't get a follow up to find out if the leak was resolved in 30 days? Come on show - you can do better. You usually do.
  14. That really bugged me. At one point, Andrews said that they would call her parents for permission to do the clot surgery in the morning, but if that was my child, I would be sitting at the hospital, especially if there was a complication and they were in a coma! I'm really glad that they are in a pretend post-Covid world because those first two episodes were so damn depressing and I really need my TV to be non-Covid related these days - even if it involves a serial killer or something.
  15. I have always loved watched Kurt executing a double-Axel - it's truly a work of art. I noticed that it wasn't an actual program - just him skaing around while he narrated - which was fine - I'll take what I can get. I would also enjoy an Eladje skate. Meghan just looks so stiff compared to everyone else, so I was ok with her leaving. This season, just like last season, all the female hockey players (save one) are booted out early. This again leaves me with the impression that popularity is a bigger factor to staying in the game than talent. Clearly the male hockey players have a larger fan base than the women. I'm not sure what the percentage is of judges' scores vs audience votes, but if it's 50-50, then I think they need to skew more towards the judges' scores.
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