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  1. aemom

    The People's Court

    Finally all caught up with the new episodes. I'm only a month behind! ☺ I got dinner at the local Chinese restaurant at the end of the school year as my reward. My son just graduated from junior college with the highest average in his program, and we gave him $200. These were elementary school kids and that family must have more money than brains. High school graduation will probably merit a fancy car or something. I too was surprised at the verdict. I've seen her rule the other way when the contractor took too long. I totally believe that Mr. Rich Guy threatened the D. The sleasy couple were just so disgusting. The videos also showed that their place was a disaster with shit everywhere. How do people live like that? The gambling case was hilarious and MM was taking no prisoners with her verdict. Starving grandma with her sad sack family members was sad, but very indicative of so many families we see on this show. No new shows until after Labour Day. 😢
  2. aemom

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    The other thing that I noticed in that scene is that this is the first time I've seen a cop on TV put a perp in the car without putting a hand on top of their head.
  3. I didn't like that either - I felt it was too lopsided. Since that sign up board was at the very beginning of the leg, it was almost guaranteed that the top two teams from the last leg would be able to sign up first and stretch out their lead into this leg. Put half of the teams on one flight and the other half on the other flight.
  4. I've noticed that Jon keeps saying "...then X will give them their clue." I like that they are introducing people with their name. David and Irina are SO cocky and arrogant that I'm guessing that they probably don't win the whole shebang and are getting the villian edit. They are just too "in your face."
  5. aemom

    S07.E07: From Russia with Drugs

    Thank you. That REALLY bothered me as well. I liked Dwyer and also liked that he would basically just roll his eyes at whatever Sherlock and Joan were up to and let them be. I work in software development and as one of the only women, I see/hear a lot. There are more days than not where I hear the guys say inappropriate things - never directed at me or any other woman on the team, or any woman in fact, just "inappropriate in general." So I could see that it would be very easy for some men to cross a line with what they say. Not only that, Dwyer is "of an age," where it was very common for women to be spoken to in a #metoo offensive manner, and we just learned to let it roll off our backs because that was the way the world worked. So, I'm okay with all of this. What I'm not okay with is the fact that we never saw Novacek before and we were just supposed to roll with it. I was thinking that I had missed a portion of the "previouslies" where we had seen her before. Unless Novacek is going to work for Reichenbach, this whole plotline makes no sense, because Gregson was back and they could has just let Dwyer go on his merry way. I am very glad that the whole #metoo movement has gathered the legs it has, but we didn't need the show to dip its toe into that pool - enough shows have done it already and there was nothing organic about this plotline to make it believable.
  6. The show itself is on the CTV network (ctv.ca), but I'm willing to bet that it's blocked outside of Canada. You could try. I know that older seasons are on YouTube, so if you haven't seen those, they are available.
  7. aemom

    S07.E01: Canada Get More Maps

    I still can't even follow what the hell went wrong. Everybody else seemed to figure it out. I love the camera work - focusing on the map on the counter while they were asking directions. Then talking about how maybe they should have gotten a map. LOL. They were their own worst enemies.
  8. aemom

    S07.E01: Canada Get More Maps

    Grandson did the first roadblock, so Grandpa had to do the 2nd one. Dave and Irina are a little too intense and cocky. They need to calm down a bit. The athletes seem very focused. The other teams seem fairly equally matched so far.
  9. aemom

    The People's Court

    Wow. That is a physically challenging job (based on the effort my therapist uses on me). She is a rather.... large girl. I can't see how she would have the stamina to stand on her feet for an hour at a time and expend the necessary effort to give a massage. I see that job going nowhere.
  10. aemom

    The People's Court

    I've caught up to the last week of the new episodes! I was thrilled because every single litigant today was well spoken. It's a rare day on TPC when that happens. I did not catch what she was studying, but my God, that room was disgusting. I can certainly be messy at times, but dirty with rotten food? Never. The pool case was interesting in that I listened to Levin afterwards to see if the pool guys did actually show up to fix everything. They did and the guys are actually friends again. You don't see that happen too often. The dog incident surprised me. The D's dog had attacked another dog at the dog park and it's leg was broken. D had promised to pay half of the bill, but was unemployed and couldn't keep up with $100/week payments. P says that D's dog has attacked other dogs before, but his proof is unsigned letters from - whoever. No animal control report and no police report. Yet another case of not having the proof you need to win your case. If P could show that D's dog had attacked before, then she would be liable. Since he can't, it's "use the park at your own risk," and he collects nothing. I figured that since she had agreed to pay half and had paid a bit, that she would be on the hook for a "verbal contract." But MM seems to flip-flop with the whole verbal contract thing lately.
  11. I think that watching The People's Court tends to dull our compassion at times. 😉
  12. aemom

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    When boyfriend asked Jane if she was on the autism spectrum, he mentioned that he was. So I totally understand and see all the odd behavior he exibits. If that turns out to be a fake front for sinister behavior, that's one thing. But if they use the autism as an excuse to make him sinister, I will be very upset because that's not how autism works AT ALL!
  13. I would not be surprised if a RB was edited out for the 10th leg. Sometimes they edit out entire tasks in episodes for whatever reason.
  14. I never thought that I would want C&C to win, but I did. I would have been okay with T&K as well. I've always felt that the Afghanimals are obnoxious as all hell, and that opinion has not changed. I would have preferred N&V in the final. She's whiny, but never mean. I'm pretty sure thay they edited out a RB because there are always two in the final leg - one for each player to complete. Good tasks, but I was surprised that there wasn't a memory challenge.
  15. aemom

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    Hog. 😉