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  1. I loved that they opened with the drum, since we didn’t get it during the rescue. I thought the rapes were handled well. Traumatic, horrible, and loved that they had her disassociate back to the 60s. The focus on the orange, the painting, everyone there (except Bree and roger). Loved the choice that everyone except Jamie was dressed for the 60s. The plaid he wrapped around her. ❤️ I personally loved that choice. And I’m betting the actors loved the costuming. The abduction/rapes went on forever and I wished it would end. And I think that was the point. Added to the horror.
  2. I’m guessing they are starting to blend storylines between books. One thing I will miss with Claire’s rescue is Roger playing his drum. I loved that in the book. The foreboding! I swear my heart beat harder/faster as Diana described it and the men started freaking out from it.
  3. Great episode!!!! My guess for Brianna and Roger and Jem is that they landed near a re-enactment or Scottish festival. With Jamie lighting the fiery cross I feel like it will be a Scottish festival, but I like the idea of a rev war re-enactment totally confusing them at first! So are they skipping over The details of otter tooth? Lastly, is this the rape kidnapping from the next book?
  4. Omg he dies in book 6? I really did block out his stuff.
  5. This is how much I hate the Bonnet stuff....I don’t even remember what happened in the book (except for his actual death). This episode could have been exactly like it or nothing like it and I wouldn’t remember. Thank god he is done and we can move on.
  6. I loved it! Loved Ian coming back early, loved the future scenes with roger and his students. Loved loved loved the silent movies. Rik and John killed it. And marsali continues to impress.
  7. I continue to like this new season. I like that we are getting more of Roger singing. Will make it all the more poignant when he can’t. Love that Claire brought up his dad, definitely one of my favorite short stories. If only they knew what happened to him! Love that they are being clear about the conflicts about going/staying. Love that Marsali is Claire’s apprentice. So are they giving up the whole Fergus as printer? I so want Murtaugh to settle down and avoid all of this activity, but then I have to remind myself that because of men like him, we were able to finally become a
  8. Loved it! Probably one of my favorite episodes since they got to America. The actress playing Bree has improved so much that goes a long way to my liking it. Roger sang! Jamie wears his kilt! Claire sets up shop! Love that it took place in Fraser’s Ridge. Love that the cross was a Celtic one (was it in the book? I can’t remember). So many lovely, touching moments. Hate the parting with Murtaugh but no other choice. Love that we got the scene with Roger claiming Jem. Wish the Bonnet storyline would go away, but of course it won’t. Gorgeous production.
  9. Loved it! Any outlander fans? I swear the wool/tweed waulking song was the same from the scene in outlander. I wondered if some of the actresses were the same because I thought the voices sounded similar too!
  10. A friend recommended this show ages ago and I finally started watching and am now up to the start of season 5. What a great show! I am gutted by the end of season 4. I haven’t sobbed in a show like this ever. I love how they are keeping Patrick alive/showing the process of grief. I am now recommending it to friends who I think would love it but so far no takers.
  11. “That’s it lads, take me back to the idiot hut.”
  12. I believe the suitors knew she was pregnant and didn’t care. They wanted the estate (eventually). And as a bonus, they know she is fertile. I’m sure it was put to them that she was handfast and her husband was dead/lost to the Indians. Speaking of handfast, I may have misunderstood it in my reading/watching, but I always accepted it to be a highland and or/Scottish thing. Something from long ago, that wasn’t a common practice in the colonies.
  13. I liked this one too. This season has a much stronger back half! I loved that they gave Marsali Jenny’s bit about making her husband feel whole. It fit beautifully. And it was nice to see F&M again. I am loving Murtagh and really hoping we don’t just lose him. I’m already mourning Ian, even though I know eventually we get him back. Loved the River Run parts. Jocasta and Lord John were great! Fabulous casting, I wish more than ever now we would get the Lord John spin offs. Loved the suitors and cracked up when I recognized “Pippin” from LOTR. Bree is...Bree, I guess? Still
  14. Yes I would like it to be his decision too so maybe you are right. But damn if I were him after all he had been through I would probably not even stop to think!
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