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  1. They've only done 2 crossovers this season (that I recall) and the second one you most definitely did not need to watch Station 19 to know that an annoying couple got in a car accident. They were brought to the hospital at the beginning of the GA episode just like any other accident victim where we never see the accident. I'll give you the one with Deluca, but that was basically The Deluca Show and was very little S19 anyway. Crossovers are extremely common - now they are every other week for Law & Order:SVU and the new show with what's-his-face back. The "Chicago One" franchise do
  2. IIRC, Jackson's father was a surgeon and started to run it, but couldn't handle the pressure. He was married to Catherine at the time and she had the desire and skills to do it, so she took it and ran with it. Jackson's father left the family and the practice of medicine and Catherine then worked with Jackson's grandfather to run things and continue to build that legacy. When it was found out that Jackson's grandfather was basically a sexual predator (he had a lot of sexual harassments claims against him that were resolved by paying off the women and having them sign NDAs), they renamed it
  3. Is Voight only keeping them together because he thinks Jay will be able to straighten Hailey out? I mean, Jay tried - multiple times - in this episode and she's just reckless and impulsive and dangerous. She's going to get Jay hurt or killed. (ETA: Voight specifically said that they need Jay "exactly the way he is" so that was a not so subtle hint that she needs to cut her shit out ASAP.) Jay walked away telling her that what she did was very wrong, but then Hailey finally tells Voight that they are together. Uh, is she sure about that? Because Jay should dump her, and looked like h
  4. Without having read any of the comics or knowing these characters before they showed up in the movies whatsoever, I can't really complain about any of the casting choices. Some I think worked better than others, sure, but none were that bad, IMO. I think they knew what they were doing, especially if any of those "look who could have played..." articles are accurate. Maybe Sebastian Stan could have been Steve Rogers, but it's not like anyone can actually picture that now; they each absolutely owned their roles. (FWIW, I loved Taika Waititi as Korg, and I can't bring myself to dislike Je
  5. You know, that's actually a good question - I never considered that he knocked out the patient with it. I just immediately went to him being addicted to it. ETA: Dr. Archer also seems to be this show's answer to Owen Hunt on Grey's Anatomy. Why, though?
  6. I... I don't... I mean, I can't... yeah. There are no words. Jay needs to dump Hailey and partner with Atwater, and Hailey needs to be fired. Like... yesterday.
  7. Interesting, I thought I read that they made the same. But it makes sense that since the first movie was such a success and RDJ was an instant star, he deserved star money. Howard didn't deserve star money for a sequel.
  8. I heard that he thought he was important enough to get RDJ money. (But he's a sidekick - was he trying to tell them that Robin always made Batman money? LOL, that doesn't happen.) All of these answers make sense to a certain degree, so there is probably some truth to all of them and the real reason is a combo of all of the above.
  9. Are the exit stories going to be April going back to school, and Natalie going to prison? I don't mind April, I may miss her, but Natalie can go.
  10. Why doesn't Sami just out Kristin and end this stupid, stupid storyline, and then lie and deny if Kristin ever tells EJ? Lucas would lie for her... The whole thing is some of the worst that Days has done yet.
  11. Yes, it's delicious. They could definitely start serving meat substitute as options.
  12. Help a girl out here, please... is this sarcasm? Because... that's just... no. DC movies can't hold a candle to Marvel, IMO, and Marvel doesn't need a 6 hour, horrible movie to ruin their mojo.
  13. The funniest, most laughable part of this show to me is that Gabi is supposed to be a fashion designer and mogul of her own brand. Yikes!! She's the worst dressed on the show! And why does she even bother with a dress if her underwear is just going to be on full display anyway?
  14. Most comments here have already expressed my thoughts! Max is insane. He thinks he can fix a world-wide decades long problem in just one day? I loved that Bloom rolled her eyes at him. So at least the show knows that Max is insane, but apparently doesn't care. As someone said above, you can't make a "no meat" mandate in the morning and stop serving it by lunch. They have to have 1,000 pounds or more of it in their fridges and freezers... wasting what they already have is as ridiculous as whatever Max was trying to do... Speaking of Max, he is the medical director of the larg
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