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  1. I didn't know him either.
  2. Nope, sorry. We need new relationships, but we need new people to be in them. Everyone needs to stop sleeping within the department.
  3. I guess I'm the only person who likes Deluca? And I'll admit it, it's for no good reason other than he's hot. I don't mind eye candy whatsoever. And eye candy that speaks Italian? Ok by me. 😉
  4. Sorry if this was already answered, but Amelia lost Derek too. So just like Meredith still mourns her husband, Amelia mourns her brother.
  5. A sedative? A lethal injection? ;-)
  6. I don't know if anyone said this yet or not, but the best part of this entire season was the look on Sam/Jamie's face when he realized his aunt and his godfather are doing a little bow-chicka-bow-wow.
  7. Well... book purists are probably livid, right? I actually kind of liked this episode. The rest of the season was "meh" but this was a good wrap up.
  8. So the previews for the next episode are just repeating old storylines again!!! Give me a break. We've already seen Jay as a murder suspect and we all know how it'll end again. C'mon, really??
  9. An early comment in this thread wondered why there weren't more comments yet? Answering for myself, I can say it's because I have nothing to say. That episode was - and this show has become - so boring, that I've just got nothing. I wish it wasn't true; I LOVED seasons 1, 2, and 3. But season 4? Wow... nope. Snoozefest.
  10. But isn't John willing to wait until the last minute and only marry her if Roger doesn't return before the kid is born? The other men would have expected a wedding ASAP. Maybe I'm not entirely following the chain of comments, but she wouldn't need to marry and then divorce John. He understands and will only marry her if Roger is dead or gone for good.
  11. Obviously all just my opinion, but I'd count season 1 IT guy, Mouse, Nadia, Roman, Erin, and Al as central cast. (Jules would have been but her death was used as a Pilot plot device.)
  12. It's their vote once the audience narrows it down, isn't it? But yes, they are pretty pointless and annoying. Adding my guesses: Peacock is Donny Osmond, no doubt. I think the Deer is Terry Bradshaw. I'm on board with Ricki Lake as the Raven. The Rabbit is definitely one of the guys from NSYNC, I'm just not sure which one (except not JT and probably not Lance since he's a bass voice). I think the Bee is Gladys Knight. I don't think that any of them are a Kardashian - if a Kardashian could sing, the momager would have capitalized on that already and she'd be all over the music scene by now. Tori Spelling, Rumor Willis, and LaToya Jackson are better guesses, IMO.
  13. Well, in addition to Erin and Al, they started in the Pilot by killing off Jules, right? Then Burgess rotated through a few partners who may not have died, but they moved on to never be heard from again, including Roman and the woman who replaced Roman. There were Nadia and Mouse, plus the IT guy before Mouse... and not to mention the extra family members who must die to make room for new family members that we've never heard of just so they too can die. I think it's a fair assessment to say that the show isn't afraid of getting rid of characters and bringing on new ones. Maybe not the central core so much, but clearly the supporting cast.
  14. Because Gabi owns all the spandex and lycra in the tri-state area surrounding Salem...
  15. Did Kyle Lowder play Brady? Now I'm supposed to think he's Rex, instead, and not get confused when he's standing next to this Brady? Ugh.
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