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  1. That makes total sense. I guess my question was more about why Truck was so much faster in getting to the scene when all three of them should have showed up at the same time. When they pulled out of the firehouse, Brett was actually leading. It's no big deal, just an observation.
  2. I fell asleep when watching this as it aired, so I just watched it again today. I'll agree that it was pretty good. I didn't mind Stella in this episode, and she was in on those meetings because she was the acting lieutenant for the truck. Herrmann should have been there too though, not in a training class. The main question I had was at the end - why wasn't Stella already wearing her engagement ring? Did Severide never give her one in the first place, or did she give it back when she came home? I didn't really understand why he was giving it to her at the gala... I would also under
  3. Sorry, but it's marriage at the time of prosecution of the crime that counts, not when the crime was committed. "Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, in a criminal case the prosecution cannot compel the defendant's spouse to testify against him. This privilege only applies if the defendant and the spouse witness are currently married at the time of the prosecution. Additionally, this privilege may be waived by the witness spouse if he or she would like to testify." https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/spousal_immunity
  4. The only reason I can think of to make a definitive timeline for events that happened so close together is that it might matter in future movies? Not sure how, but that's really my only thought on why anyone would truly care.
  5. It had been "over" for about 4 minutes. Anything can happen. Thank you for the warning, I'll be watching The Chase again!! This. ^ Let's not forget that this show started with Voight just getting out of prison. And in addition to Kevin and Ruzek's punishments mentioned above, AL WENT TO PRISON AND WAS MURDERED THERE! FOR SOMETHING THAT VOIGHT DID!! (Sorry, I hated that storyline so much!) Consequences *can* happen, they just don't - which is the frustrating part. Since Voight became the star and a popular character on "his own" TV show, he's been untouchable, whic
  6. I could easily be wrong, but weren't Casey and Severide the Lieutenants from the start? Casey moved up to Captain a few years ago, but was always a Lieutenant, if I'm remembering correctly.
  7. This was my thought when they did it - more for Jay's benefit, I think.
  8. Nope. I watched "The Chase" on ABC.
  9. Anyone else bothered by the shot of the road when he was driving at the end? It's a blizzard, yet the road was already plowed (days ago, by the piles on the shoulders) and the road was nearly perfectly clear. I guess it was a "relief" to see that they didn't make him crash because of the weather, because that road was nearly perfect.
  10. This hairstyle is very common on medical shows; I don't know about the medical field in real life. But it makes sense - it gets their hair out of their way so that they can do their job, and more securely than just one braid (shorter strands fall out) or a ponytail (that needs to be tightened periodically). ETA: the women on firefighting shows do this too, for the same reason.
  11. This. Both of these points sum up my thoughts exactly. How/why is the audience saying goodbye to a character we already said goodbye to? A character died off screen... I don't care.
  12. It's not much worse than Chicago Fire. I know that tons of people hate on Station 19 all the time, but it's just like every other show that everyone still watches, IMO. Like @greyhorse said above, all shows require viewers to understand the suspension of reality.
  13. I watch two shows, Grey's Anatomy and Station 19, where there's a disclaimer (either at the beginning or the end, I forget) that says that these shows portray fictional realities where Covid-19 no longer exists and to get more information about getting vaccinated, go to whatever websites. In future syndication, they can just remove the disclaimer. Personally, I think that's a great way to handle it.
  14. Most "reports" on Twitter now say that they are back to filming.
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