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  1. Yes! Something like this! That's what I want to see. 😉
  2. I had this question too, and it seems like it's just a phrase that people say that no one (or at least Mando) thinks has any deeper meaning behind it. Maybe something like how we'd say "for Pete's sake!" Well, who's Pete? I don't know, it's just a phrase. 🙂
  3. I still have no clue, and I love it. This episode was just so strange! I mentioned over on the speculation thread that I think Wanda fell asleep in front of the TV and she's just dreaming. All of these easter eggs and whatever else are thrown in just to throw off all the viewers, and the premise is nothing more than that. 😉 (Like I also said over there, I'm half-kidding, I think there is more to it, but that would be funny!)
  4. I think Wanda fell asleep in front of the TV and she's just dreaming all of this. She's post-Infinity War and she misses Vision. I'm half kidding; I'm sure there's a lot more going on than that. But I would LOVE it if that's all it is. 😉
  5. I was waiting for Hope to be pregnant with Rafe's kid, but Kate works too. My question is - how do all of these WOMEN not know that they have children? Men, ok, sure... but a woman has carried a child and then physically given birth, and doesn't know? This is my biggest pet peeve with soaps, I think, the way that they gestate children in test tubes, or erase a woman's memory, or whatever. (Well... one of my biggest pet peeves.)
  6. I'm with you guys - that sounds like my nightmare! I think I would have to quit. Even prior to a pandemic, that's just a petri dish of germs. I suppose that the employees could just pick the same desk every day and then it "worked" yet didn't work, but still... that's just... no.
  7. I've been watching this show from the beginning, and I am surprised that I liked it so much. I thought that the premise would be too cheesy for me, but 85% of the time it works. I've skimmed through this thread and I have a few comments on topics already mentioned. First, I'm team Max. I never liked Simon from the beginning. Didn't he cheat on his fiancee? Never a good look... He's hot and all, and seems compassionate, but I don't know. There's something about him that doesn't seem genuine, I guess? I also agree that all they really have in common is grief, and that's not enough to build a lasting romantic relationship. I've been a Skylar Astin fan since Pitch Perfect so that might be why I like Max; he already had an advantage. I don't think he looks much different than last year, except maybe he's been hitting the gym since his divorce? I thought his rendition of Say Something was excellent, but also a little insensitive. I agree that Zoey needs to communicate more and that she does have an unfair advantage, but he also should have been a bit more patient. There were times this episode where he was just talking too much. That said, this show is also fiction, and meant to be entertaining. I completely understand that the death of a loved one takes a long time to grieve, and everyone grieves differently (I've been there), but if the entire season is going to focus on them grieving and *not* being able to move on, then I don't know how much I'll like it. I definitely like that they showed Maggie able to be motivated to work again and get some creativity back - now it's Zoey's turn. Then the show can hopefully become a bit lighthearted again? That would be nice. I also completely do not understand Zoey's work environment. I mean, the actual space itself. I work in an office where everyone has... an office. I could never work in an open concept, and I also agree with those asking where the admin support is? Not to sound pretentious, but I recently switched jobs and went from where I had a designated assistant to now having a pool, and it's still taking some getting used to... But, I have never worked at a start-up tech company in Silicon Valley, so I just assume that they do things very, very differently there. 😉 Lastly, I don't mind that some of the characters (actors) are weaker singers than others. If Zoey were in real life, there would be plenty of people singing very off key! Not everyone can be Broadway ready, like Skylar Astin, so the different abilities make it more realistic, IMO.
  8. That's what I'm going to call them from now on. I think it's an accurate description, so I'm not wrong. 😉
  9. I definitely see your point, but I think there are different angles to every story. One take is that the chief is just a jerk. Severide is a very polarizing figure at CFD, right? People there either love him or hate him, and there's barely anyone in the middle. I think the chief was making that comment to Severide to criticize Severide just as much or more than to criticize Kidd. He wants to get under Severide's skin, first and foremost. One discussion with Boden would resolve everything, but I think people who hate Severide would rather just think Severide is pulling strings than know the truth. I also don't really blame Stella for sometimes having doubts; none of these promotions or programs that she's been attending seem to be her idea. I think Boden is pushing her faster than she wants to be pushed. But like I said, I also see your point of view! Wait... have they finally come up with an interesting storyline again, after all these years? 🤣
  10. I respectfully disagree. Stella hasn't slept around, right? Just Severide, and that's a serious, multi-year relationship at this point. Plus, she's actually going for her promotion, with or without Severide's help. I'll play devil's advocate for Hailey too, though in all honesty I don't care because I am indifferent towards her character... but she did try the FBI task force in NY and she didn't like it. Plus she also said (though it was a throw away line) that she's better when she's with the whole team (she first said Jay as her partner, then added the whole team). It's a stupid storyline and it's Linstead 2.0, but some of these things were very quickly mentioned; blink and you miss them though. 😉 As for Atwater, the show has always selected different characters to focus on at different times. Atwater's story was the end of last season and the beginning of this season. He was the focus for more than just 2 shows, if I recall correctly. So for the next few episodes, it's just not his turn. Adam hasn't been in the spotlight for awhile, and Jay hasn't in forever. We haven't even seen a meaty story with Hank as the focus for awhile, so I think they are just trying to spread it out. Burgess was last week, so someone else will be next week. That's just my take on it; feel free to disagree. New thought: Why don't they have uniformed cops in their department anymore? They never replaced Burgess and Roman, and I think that would help flush out both the stories and the characters more. We also need to see more Trudy, IMO.
  11. No, I don't think so, it's real. It's just poor quality because it's a .gif. 2012: "In fact EJ and Stefano had Rafe kidnapped and replace with impostor of Rafe. He lost his memory after Stefano drug him and whipping his memory however Rafe escape and got back to Sami revealing what EJ and his father did. They capture the fake Rafe and held him so they could get informal. Later Bo and Hope, Rafe and Sami expose the whole scheme." (Horrendous grammar and spelling in the original, not mine. 😉 ) https://daysofourlives.fandom.com/wiki/Rafe_Hernandez
  12. Wasn't there a stupid storyline with a look-alike Rafe, or like a bad dude wearing a Rafe mask, or something like that? And he was a Dimera henchman doing bad deeds? That's probably who Bo is punching once they caught him.
  13. I thought he was good in Enola Holmes, too.
  14. That's what I thought. I think part of the weirdness and the "what is going on?!" factors are that the time period clearly changes, and the house and neighborhood change... but the people stay the same. Like I said in a different post - I have no idea what's happening, and I love it. I wouldn't be able to figure out what is going on even if I tried, so I'm just along for the ride. 🙂
  15. Well, JK Simmons can do anything. He's just freakin' awesome. 😉 This is a good point, but I also thought that Henry wasn't done playing Superman? I don't know, I so wanted to love those movies because I loved Dean Cain in Lois & Clark, and Tom Welling in Smallville... but none of these new movies grabbed me. (Not the actors' faults.) I'm more of a Marvel fan now, which I didn't even know existed before recently.
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