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  1. I just want to know where on earth Abishola found a public washing machine large enough to fit 4 comforters?? Lord, that thing would cost you about $50/wash.
  2. Driving to work this morning, I heard a radio ad for Charmin that seriously made me want to drive into the nearest tree and just end it all. Something about having a "shiny hiney" for the holidays, and undies "whiter than the North Pole".
  3. Sorry, but as a disabled person myself, I'd have to disagree. At any rate, I just gave a couple of examples that we've seen, but I imagine such a person's entire day/life would be full of struggles, even from wardrobe (I think we have seen Kate only in dresses since the show began), to things like getting into a car or even putting on shoes. I don't think Kate would have an easy time bending down to pick up the baby's toys, of giving him a bath, any number of things. YMMV, of course.
  4. My family has discussed the "real life" scenario that would likely have unfolded ("Jesus Christ! Did you piss the bed AGAIN, Mom?? That does it, you're staying in a hotel next time!")
  5. Same... In our house, whenever someone is fast forwarding through the commercials, if anyone sees a flash of the Kisses, they literally shout, "OMG IT'S THE KISSES! STOP! STOOOOP!!!"
  6. IMO they are trying super hard to push the female firefighter angle, and bonus points if the female is a woman of color. I have no issue with this as a general concept, except that when it happens on this show, they tend to make the character some kind of superhero, beloved by all and unable to do anything that isn't a huge success. It's what happened with Gabby, and now with Stella. Literally everyone who interacts with either of these women is left with their jaw hanging down in wonder, eyes glistening with tears as their lives change 10000% because Gabby or Stella graced their lives with a moment of attention.
  7. Is it terrible that I didn't even notice, until like three days later when the episode randomly popped into my brain, and I was like, hey, that Hispanic female officer wasn't there! (The character was so low in my recollections that I couldn't even recall her name, just that it was something with a V...) I hope the actress' new show works out better for her. I wouldn't think anyone wants to play a character that simply doesn't make any ripples in the show at all.
  8. I get that this whole storyline was an effort to showcase the ways that racism can affect people's everyday lives and all that. BUT, I think this was a really poor example. No way that the officer would have dismissed charges against Natalie simply because she's white. But even if the officer did for whatever crazy reason, the HOSPITAL wouldn't just it go without some kind of official punishment, if not outright dismissal. Come on, seriously. Imagine ANY workplace where an employee physically attacked another employee simply because they didn't like the official rules that the employee had to carry out. Even that bit with Natalie talking to the other female doctor afterward, with the doctor jokingly calling her "Wonder Woman" like it was just a hilarious little incident was ridiculous.
  9. Sure, IRL that would be true. But at Med, literally ALL his colleagues have also done super questionable things, yet retain their employment. Remember Maggie forging Natalie's signature so she could take her dying (and contagious) boyfriend home? And apparently Sharon forgot that golden boy Choi just this past spring attacked Marcel over the kiss with April? IMO that alone would have Choi disqualified. I don't know, but yeah, that would be weird. Despite his official job capacity, I can't imagine anyone at Med wanting to spill their guts out to Charles, then pass him every day in the hallway knowing that he knows everything about you. When I was a teen, I attended a Catholic high school. We had confession regularly, but as we got older, the school would bring in "priest strangers" as naturally nobody wanted to tell all their secrets to Father Sees You Every Day.
  10. To me, this was a subtle reminder of just how young Malik still is. He's explaining his situation as though it's something unusual - which of course, compared to most teens, he is. But he's in a workplace now, where the majority of his coworkers will also have kids and outside responsibilities, so it's not any kind of excuse to a boss. For an adult to tell their employer they had to get up early with their child would literally be the equivalent of telling them you had to shower and eat, so hey, they should pat you on the back for being just a few minutes late.
  11. Certainly true, but in Chrissy/Kate's case, I imagine being thinner - even a small amount - would make some everyday life experiences much easier. For instance, remember the episode where she had to tell a hostess, amidst much embarrassment, that she could only sit in certain restaurant seating? And, every time we have seen Kate and Toby on a plane, they are in first class, as Kate would not fit easily in a three-seat row. (I'm thinking that they probably made the two-seat area subtly larger than they usually are for the scenes, too.) These are simple life things, over which certainly no one should be experiencing difficulties. It hurts my heart to think there are people for whom this is sadly a reality.
  12. Sure, but Randall's main qualification for a therapist seemed to be race. He started off rocky with his first therapist, but IMO that was more about his discomfort spilling his inner thoughts to a stranger than because of who the therapist was. To me, Randall saying that he wanted only a black therapist seemed similar to if he said he wanted only a male therapist. Yeah, you might have some level of understanding with someone who shares your demographics, but you definitely can't ASSUME that will happen, or automatically rule out everyone else in the world. If this were indeed a truth, then all black people (or all men, all straight people, whatever) would automatically be friends with one another because, hey, similar characteristics. But obviously this is not the case in real life. LOL, why does everyone nowadays act like every teen has an automatic right to a phone? IMO it's still a privilege, as Mom and Dad are paying the bills, so they can choose to give or not give one, or - gasp! - get the teen an Android instead of the latest iPhone.
  13. I live in CT, where we have been mandated to wear face masks in public since April, so even if this episode was supposed to be set in May or June, there was really no way for them to justify nobody wearing one. Then again, the Ottos live in a CT where lawns are vibrantly green all year long, so I can't really say this surprised me.
  14. I haven't noticed for sure about the photo, but if it is indeed still there, that would make sense, unlike Sophia Bush leaving Chicago PD and nobody ever again even mentioning her character's name, even her freakin' foster dad who essentially raised her... His character on The Rookie is recurring, but a pretty small role to date. Maybe DL is hoping that role will expand? IMO that isn't likely to happen, considering the show already has a large number of regulars.
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