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  1. Exactly... IMO Cooper wanting to tell Charlotte he loved her was a direct result of his neglected upbringing more than genuinely loving the girl after a few dates. He probably got all excited to have someone want to spend time with him, poor guy.
  2. I'm not an expert either...but generally speaking, when someone applies to these kinds of programs, be it for music, dance, art, whatever, it's not enough to be good. You have to be FANTASTIC...and even then, people get rejected, as there's only so much space in the program. And these are people who have taken lessons and practiced, every day since they were like 4 years old. Also, as mentioned, her grades are terrible. Has anyone ever explained to Taylor that college means more of high school subjects, not just singing all day and following her interests? My biggest question: what exactly does Taylor expect to DO with that $200,000 degree if she should have it? Become the next Beyonce? Because she seems to have no idea about her future other than she "really likes to sing," and for that, IMO you need just plain luck more than anything else. Is she planning to teach? Work in the industry? as odds are, she will NOT become rich and famous singing. Taylor has no clue and nobody seems inclined to explain it to her.
  3. Right...so is our local hs. But if that were the case, then they would not combine the school with elementary and middle. They typically only do that in really rural areas where there is just a few kids in each grade. If there are thousands in total, they'd all have separate buildings. I know this is just a device on the show to have all the kids in one building. But as someone who actually works in a CT school system, it's always annoyed me. (And, of course, the real Westport has like 8 schools.)
  4. Not to mention, Cara did not seem at all grateful to be rehired. She literally turned her nose up when she saw how tiny her new office was. Cara is, what, 25ish? This would mean that her first real job out of college was at a major publication in NYC...where she was allowed to write about whatever struck her interest. This is unbelievably rare IRL (unless, of course, you have money/connections). So Cara not only beat all the odds, but left and returned (as though the website wouldn't have tons of eager 20-somethings for every one opening) and acted kind of put-upon that it wasn't AS ideal as she might want? As a former journalist, I was nearly screaming at my TV.
  5. At the very end, when Oliver said Principal Amblin is responsible for "thousands" of students...WTF?? If there were really that many, why on earth would they have one K-12 school in town instead of various separate schools? That made no sense.
  6. Dot-Marie Jones has also been on The Resident a couple times last season. YES!! If Nolan hadn't been at least semi-competent at construction, he would not have been able to have his own business for years. Hello, writers!
  7. As a Polish person, I loved the random bit where Will sang the traditional birthday song with Tracy's relatives! It's rare to see anyone Polish on TV, and when you actually do, they generally have them speaking in a thick accent and doing Wacky Foreigner Hijinks...
  8. The thing that was best about Lindsay, IMO, was that her presence brought out another, more personal, side of Voight and developed his character more fully. Now she's gone, his wife, son and best friend are dead, and there is absolutely nothing in his life that's non PD. IIRC, Halstead is supposedly The World's Best Sharpshooter...or at least that's what they said back in S1 when Halstead wondered why he was there when Voight didn't seem to like him.
  9. Is it just me or does anyone else feel Rojas is a superfluous character? They already have two females on the team, and as it is, they don't give some characters enough screen time without adding someone else.
  10. Nobody said a single word...and this is a 12-year-old on a major holiday. It's not like she has a partner and has gone to their family's house for dinner. You'd think they could at least give a stupid reason, like Lily having flown to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with Cam's family, just SOMETHING.
  11. And if you really think about it, her story kind of dovetails with Veronica's, which is interesting. If I were TPTB, I would have shown the ending with Pastor Jeff and the toaster as seen on video by the Sears security team...
  12. Yeah, the two lovebirds are so focused on each other, Dr Charles seems to have forgotten completely about the young daughter he had with his second wife. We saw the kid like once, several seasons ago, then crickets.
  13. Didn't she reunite with her ex-husband at the end of last season? I recall her and Bell talking about it.
  14. Same. And while I totally get that they are BFFs, and that Adaku wants her child raised by a strong Nigerian woman, surely there must be someone else who fits the criteria and might actually have a life that can accommodate a child better? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Adaku is having this baby as a single mother, right? (It's been ages since this storyline was introduced, so I'm a little fuzzy on the details.) IMO it's incredibly selfish to purposely bring a person into the world when you've just recovered from a serious illness that you have a high likelihood of relapsing with, but especially so if you know that from day one you will be the sole/primary caretaker. Of course, things happen to kids in two-parent, healthy families as well; but to intentionally put a child in a potentially tragic situation just seems cruel. I'm curious what Devon would have said, had he known about Bell operating with various impairments at the beginning of S1. What if Bell had been his patient? Would he have said, sure, go take some patient's life in your shaking hands! I won't tell anyone because of HIPAA?
  15. Telling today's kids about this is basically the equivalent of "we had to walk barefoot uphill both ways"... 😀 Yes. It didn't add to your monthly phone bill because you were just "borrowing" your existing line. I remember how thrilled I was in the late '90s, when my parents decided to get a second line for the computer! It wasn't til we saw Sheldon's screen that I remembered just how text-heavy the early internet was...there were few, if any, graphics, just solid walls of writing that really hurt your eyes if you read too much or for too long. But hey, we didn't know any differently, so I don't recall anyone really complaining.
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