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  1. SnarkySheep

    Chicago PD in the Media

    Had Will not been the star of his own show but only a guest star on PD, he totally would've been. To date, PD has killed off Voight's son, Olinsky's daughter (not to mention Olinsky himself), Platt's father, Nadia, Jin (that computer guy from Season 1)...
  2. SnarkySheep

    Outcome Measure: Residential Media

    Manish Dayal is 36 today!
  3. SnarkySheep

    The Bob Newhart Show

    Jack Riley showed up as the same character on Newhart (it was said he had been treated by "some quack in Chicago") as well as St. Elsewhere.
  4. SnarkySheep

    Chicago PD in the Media

    Totally agreed...remember the whole insane storyline of how they were basically going to convict Will Halstead of all the murders on no more evidence than his being a similar height to Yates, having medical knowledge and having been acquainted professionally with a few of the victims? Thank goodness he had Jay around to keep it from happening! /sarcasm
  5. SnarkySheep

    The InBetween

    I replied to something Harriet Dyer tweeted, asking her if Cassie was actually adopted or had just lived with Tom and Brian. She responded:
  6. SnarkySheep

    S02.E23: The Unbefriended

    Maybe so, but IMO it still seemed like too little, considering Marshall was initially built up to be this monster.
  7. SnarkySheep

    S02.E23: The Unbefriended

    Looking back, I realize they never really explained the full nature of the rift between Conrad and Marshall. I mean, sure, they didn't get along, dad was always busy working, etc. But Conrad literally vanished without a trace, causing Marshall to spend years searching with a private detective! You don't just do that sort of thing lightly, not unless there's a REALLY good reason. And given how they hinted at Marshall having been involved in Conrad's mother's death...well, I expected a bit more storywise.
  8. SnarkySheep

    The InBetween

    I live across the street from a storage facility...it's entirely because of crime dramas that I imagine horrible things inside every time I pass. This show isn't helping. No, I meant the other clues, like Peter Rabbit or that they'd find a woman with her eyes gouged out, stuff like that. It's pretty specific.
  9. SnarkySheep

    The InBetween

    I don't really spend a lot of time at bars...but even I have to raise an eyebrow at how often Cassie drinks at work. Is that actually allowed anywhere? It's not like she met friends at the end of her shift, but rather seems to be randomly drinking while she's working. Also, are we supposed to think Cassie and the male bartender have a regular casual sex relationship, or that was just a one-time thing? I couldn't quite tell if I missed something there, or it just wasn't specified yet. As for the tips that Tom regularly receives from Cassie - Asante knows, and presumably Tom's old partner did as well. But I would imagine the PD in general doesn't know, so how exactly does Tom explain the various random things he finds out to others? Like how he just knows to start searching storage units or whatever?
  10. SnarkySheep

    S04.E22: With A Brave Heart

    My story suggestion - instead of Bernie moving in with his two women, let's have Natalie move in with Will and Phillip! Someone is likely to murder someone, and this asinine plotline will finally be over.
  11. SnarkySheep

    The InBetween

    The relationship between Cassie and Tom - and the fact that it's police cases - distinctly reminded me of Voight and Lindsay on Chicago PD.
  12. SnarkySheep

    S01.21 This Is Not the End

    Plus, they literally just had a storyline about a homeless guy who kept coming in with all kinds of made-up ailments, simply because he wanted a break from the elements. Did Max not stop to think that with his cards, he's opening the doors to thousands more such people? I would imagine the board of directors would have put a stop to that. But, mysteriously, the board exists as a means of stopping Max whenever the show wants to create conflict; if it's something they want to run with, then it's like the board doesn't even exist.
  13. SnarkySheep

    S04.E20: More Harm Than Good

    And let's not forget Will in Season 1 - he had legal repercussions and nearly lost his job for disregarding a patient's wishes. But Natalie does it all the time and gets the proverbial slap on the wrist.
  14. SnarkySheep

    The Village

    I loved the scene where Katie was on her high horse, telling Sarah that she just didn't like seeing Katie on her own and doing fine...and Sarah was like, uh no, you are NOT on your own, you just moved on to another person taking care of you.
  15. SnarkySheep

    S03.E21 Locked in the Basement

    Anyone else find themselves involuntarily calculating how much money was just lost on that lawn? From an ice cream truck, and in a ritzy community?? That was probably a $20 puddle by the road...