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  1. Actually, from what I've read, a lot of people were skeptical about indoor toilets at first - basically, they could not understand how the waste left the toilet and thus thought of the whole thing as rather unclean.
  2. My main question has long been why did DL leave a show that literally centered on him, in order to join a show where he's just an occasionally recurring character. Did he hate WCTH that much?
  3. Not to mention, Frankie dealing with the situation by telling Brick to "take them to Grandpa Mike's". WTF?? They were brand new chairs! Why not return them for the actual money spent?? Don't forget, in one of the final episodes, Frankie outright admits that she's on Facebook literally all day at work...like WTF?? It seems like she's the only other employee at that dentist's office, so she would be pretty steadily busy, serving as hygienist and probably doing billing, etc. When would she even have time for that?
  4. My mom has a lot of mobility issues, so when we recently saw a TV ad for a walk-in tub - I forget what company - we decided to look into it. Your first red flag: When they say things like "$2,000 off if you call now!" but fail to mention the actual price. Turns out the average walk-in tub is like $15,000. Don't get me wrong, this product is awesome for those who need it. But it's definitely no small purchase, either. Nobody in any of the ads ever seems to mention this.
  5. Listen, I totally get that Dove is trying to show their deodorant is for everyone, as indicated with the flashes of all kinds of people. But rather than feel like the woman in the wheelchair is Dove's answer to diversity, I feel more like it's pandering, e.g. "Look at us! We included a woman who is disabled! We're so awesome!" (As a disabled woman myself, there has literally never been a time in my life where I demanded to see proof of disabled people using deodorant...we sweat just like everyone else, yo.)
  6. I'm sure the conditioner is also helpful, but I've never gotten it...for me at least, just the shampoo was enough.
  7. Never tried either of these, but thanks to lupus, I've gone through phases of alarming hair loss. I have found that biotin shampoo really helps, both in preventing the hair from coming out and in stimulating new growth. My favorite is by Avalon Organics, which I get on Amazon every few months and use a couple times a week as "prevention".
  8. Did you ever read his book Mostly Michael? (Michael and Ned make cameos in each other's books.) I related pretty well to a lot of Michael's issues.
  9. "Hey, guess what? I finally got around to watching Uranus last night!" Now that would be a fun office conversation for others to overhear...
  10. They figure we've been in quarantine so long, we have NO idea what month or day it is, and so they're just having fun messing with us, throwing out random holidays and seeing if anyone notices...
  11. And given the fact that the girl is the one in the bathroom, not dad, it doesn't really make sense that he's the one passing the sheets to HER...
  12. Theoretically, someone taking you on the adventure of a lifetime might also include abduction, so yeah, I would think she'd be more specific about what she actually wants in a date...
  13. I like sour cream on my baked potato as much as the next person, but I've yet to get as excited as the people in the Daisy commercial where the guy shows up bearing two - TWO! - containers of sour cream. The table is laden with all kinds of yummy BBQ foods, but everyone has eyes only for the sour cream.
  14. https://www.marieclaire.com/culture/a33339872/golden-girls-famous-tv-house-for-sale/
  15. Had Laura lived in the era of reality shows, she just might have...
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