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  1. I'm late to the party here - I had a ton of stuff on my DVR this past year and didn't watch this until just before they announced the cancellation! I'm not really sure why another network would buy the episodes while announcing they have no plans for a Season 2? The only reason to do so, IMO, would be in the hopes of garnering a larger audience this time around, and the perhaps proceeding with either more eps or a movie. But what do I know? Overall l thought the show had promise - the actors are talented and enough storylines were put out there to move forward in a variety of directions. That said, as a writer myself I would definitely have focused more on some of those storylines than others, especially in the very beginning when we were just getting familiar with the characters. For example, they spent WAY too much time focusing on Gus' niece Sophie, who was a tertiary character at best - Gus was often seen interacting with her, and there were a loooot of minutes devoted to her getting lost on the ranch. That early in the series, we should be focused on the family's issues, not some kid that belongs to people they barely know. If at all, save that kind of story for Season 2 or later. In regard to Gus himself, the whole storyline seems pointless, as even if Cash weren't there as competition, there really couldn't be any "choosing" of Gus for Missy. For one thing, no matter how much he tries to fit in, he just really can't in the same way as Missy and her family and friends do. They come from two different worlds in terms of money and upbringing, and yeah, I know it can work sometimes, but it's super hard, and double so if you have parents like the Bookers who you know would never accept Missy as an equal. As for the "mystery" surrounding Austin, that was dragged on way too long, and on top of that, seems too soapish to be taken seriously. Considering how obsessed Polly seemed to be with Austin, even years after they were last together, it seems unlikely that she wouldn't have spoken up about that kid long before. (It also seems IMO the relationship was largely one-sided, as Polly spoke to Missy with love-filled eyes, but then you realize that no McMurray ever met her, not even Tuff who accompanied Austin to all the events. It's rather telling that at none of them did Austin ever introduce them, nor did he ever mention to either of his brothers that he had a girlfriend.) Re: Austin and Missy - i really didn't get any "love vibes" from either of them, certainly not to the marriage level. IMO it was more like they grew up together and found one another comfortable and familiar. Austin knew Missy loved his mom and brothers, so he didn't have to worry about her not being ok while he was on the road; and Missy for her end would probably have married either Austin or Cash (remember at the end, when she and Cash talk, she tells him that she married his brother "because he asked".) Honestly, Austin in his flashbacks came off to me as rather self-centered, probably because he was treated like a superstar for so long, and more in love with bull riding than any actual woman. Referring again to Polly, she seemed more of an answer to physical needs than anything emotional. Poor Isabel really didn't get any personal storylines except for worrying about her kids and dealing with horrible billionaires until literally the last couple episodes, when the vet or whoever (Cody?) asked her on a "date" eating the leftover wedding food. It seemed clear that he's a fairly quiet guy and probably didnt know how to move forward, but was definitely interested in spending more time with her. That would have been nice to see. Nancy Travis is such a good actress. And as a random parting thought - considering the McMurrays were constantly complaining about their financial problems, why didn't Missy move into the main house and they could rent out the other place? It seems like a very easy way of making quick money without much effort. Sorry so long! That'll teach me to summarize once a season...
  2. I think Bob said it was a two-hour drive? So if Dele went there, it would be reasonable for him to live on campus, but come home regularly, like on weekends. IMO that's the direction they will go.
  3. Seems like it wasn't an almanac, just an old blank book? It did, however, indicate 1814 on the cover, which was the date the book began - and was coincidentally the same year the girl jumped into the pond at the very beginning of the first episode.
  4. The thing that stands out to me about Colton's funeral program is the line about "the land that raised him". Normally I'd just think it's a pretty way of stating he farmed the land where he'd lived all his life and it was really important to him. But don't forget, this is a show where we are debating possible sentience of a pond. Does this mean there are some other supernatural phenomena on this land? Sounds like some things happened to Colton growing up as well...
  5. I agree that Stephen is indeed probably Colton's brother, as he is listed after Colton but before Del. That said, if the kids are his, why no mention of a wife/partner? Interestingly, Kat's marriage to Brady is also not listed, just the birth of Alice. Can Cassidy, Sadie and Taylor possibly be miscarried/stillborn children of Del and Colton? Some people do name them and the dates fit. They also explain why there's a fairly significant age gap between Kat and Jacob.
  6. Someone on Reddit was kind enough to share some screenshots, which I will post here for anyone who hasn't seen them and is interested... Here's the Landry family record book: Here's the letter Kat received, with the enclosed photo:
  7. Unless of course it was one of those deals where the body was burnt/otherwise unidentifiable for some reason, and as it was Colton's truck, it was just reasonable to assume he was the driver. IMO Colton really did die. But if they somehow find Jacob, the future they knew might be averted. Adult Kat stays near home, Colton remains alive, etc. It would be an entirely different timestream.
  8. Nah, that job would go to the other kid...Bell's grandddaughter? Totally forgot her name. Sammy? Eh, I don't mind - as a person living with a serious chronic illness, I think we should have more stories about characters struggling to live and work with these kinds of diseases. One out of every five Americans identifies as being disabled, and yet it's rare to have TV characters with anything but tragic accidents/diseases (cancer, being in a car crash and in a wheelchair, etc.) which end up being magically cured within a couple of episodes. People keep talking about the importance of representation on TV/movies, yet disability is rarely considered part of that. As a former newspaper reporter, I found it ridiculous that a mainstream daily publication in a major city would have simply published an article like that without at least contacting Bell and asking for his comments/POV. (Considering that he was stunned to see it, apparently this did not happen.) He might have merely said no comment or something along those lines - or allowed the Chastain media people to handle it - but this kind of article is literally a lawsuit waiting to happen. Especially considering that a hospital tends to have deeper pockets and an already established legal team versus, say, a private person on their own, you would REALLY think twice about making accusations that tarnish your local hospital without making sure that everything was checked and triple checked prior to publication.
  9. Not to mention, the show has been on for five years...and didn't Max make a huge deal out of introducing himself to everyone in the very beginning? This episode would imply there are departments that he has literally never stepped foot in, nor ever spoken to anyone in them...not a great look for the guy in charge. I actually Googled the topic when it was mentioned, because I also found it hard to believe. Basically, it's not a hard set limit, but overall they deny people over 65, because apparently their bodies don't heal as well from such a major procedure, and/or also people with other serious medical conditions which will further impede the success rate. (That is apparently around 70%, with slightly more men doing better than women, for whatever reasons.)
  10. Seemed to me like it was just to highlight how inconsequential Bloom thought it was, that it was just a medical procedure involving her body and nothing more. But given all of last season's drama with Reynolds and that baby, you'd think Bloom would realize that yes, Reynolds would in fact care about a potential child, even if it were conceived not in the best circumstances. He could've gotten a little shout-out at the very least, given the subject matter...maybe Ella stops by (I have no idea, is she still working in that coffee shop? They don't show her) with her child and says she might have had an abortion if Kapoor had not stepped in to help, etc. It would be on topic yet have a little different spin than the other stories, and be a nice little reminder about what a sweet guy Kapoor was.
  11. Considering the fact that essentially all the main characters are in need of therapy, maybe they can get a group discount...
  12. Probably because she only has two personality points, her kidnapped little sister and her psychic stuff. As I'm way behind on this season, I'm hoping things develop in later episodes, but something tells me that's probably not the case...
  13. Not to mention, it's extremely damaging to all the many, many chronic pain patients who need painkillers in order to maintain some semblance of life quality. Yes, people can become addicted; but the vast majority of people prescribed meds for legitimate conditions take them responsibly and do not. It's become a stereotype that misinforms many people about the realities of opioids and other prescription painkillers, simply because it's such a common storyline on TV. IMO it's too easy for them to make the Governor into this evil person who just doesn't understand or care about the needs of hospitals. It would have made for a more complex story if they had approached it from the POV of a decent enough person who is simply faced with having to make budget cuts SOMEWHERE, and simply doesn't know where or how is best, because no matter where, it's a program that somebody desperately needs. Chastain is looking at it entirely from their own POV only. But if the Governor were to keep all their funding, it's likely to affect some other programs, just because that's how budgets work these days. But of course nobody addresses any of this.
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