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  1. Interesting to note, some of the Christmas episode descriptions include the following: Just when all seems lost, a secret Santa appears to fulfill all holiday wishes, and Abigail has a profound conversation with a dear friend from the past. https://deadline.com/2021/09/lori-loughlin-reprise-abigail-stanton-when-calls-the-heart-season-2-when-hope-calls-gac-family-return-to-acting-college-admissions-scandal-1234845738/ There is some speculation on Twitter that the "dear friend from the past" might be Henry, if for no other reason than to tie up some loose ends. I'd love to see tha
  2. I would presume that Trevor was put up for adoption at birth, and raised by loving parents who legit wanted a baby. But he's acting like Billie having given him away equals nobody in his life. I get his curiosity about his origins, but surely he has family of some sort? He hasn't said a word about any of that. On a different subject, I must say I'm enjoying the mellower Marshall. He even chuckled a bit while with the baby!
  3. As a person who's been living with lupus for the last 15 years, I was really disappointed with this storyline. You rarely hear about lupus on TV, then when you finally do, it's a character who's been lying about her symptoms. Add this to House's tagline about how "it's never lupus", and it's no wonder society doesn't take this disease as seriously as they should.
  4. As Bob and Abishola were in Nigeria getting married, I would imagine Brenda conveniently had the house empty for a good while...
  5. I think they said it wrong - they mean When Hope Calls IS the spinoff, not that it's getting one. Considering that Daniel Lissing's character was already dead when that show began, I'm thinking he's going to play someone other than Jack? Because, yeah, the alternative would be pretty freaking weird.
  6. Because, for some bizarre reason (apparently besides him being a main character who , that is) Halstead thinks that he "belongs at Med", as he told Goodwin. Why exactly? He doesn't really get along with either Choi or Archer, and he's been on Goodwin's bad list since the whole season one legal debacle. And he was super upset this time last year, when he learned he not only didn't get to be in charge of the ED, but wasn't even in Goodwin's consideration for it. Why would Halstead want to remain at a hospital that has so clearly told him there's no chance for advancement?
  7. I love how Kidd was like, I'm outta here too as soon as a lieutenant slot opens! Like it was a sure thing she'd be chosen for it...like Herrmann hasn't been qualified but waiting for way longer than her, etc.
  8. I love how Goodwin was asking Halstead for progress reports literally hours after she asked him to spy on that doctor. Like if it was so easy, why not do it yourself? And how could it even be legal, basing someone's employment on whether they nab another employee's wrongdoing? For starters, it makes Halstead biased - if they did catch the doctor doing something and he found out Halstead and Goodwin's arrangement, he could always argue that Halstead had motive to make false claims against him in order to save his own job and curry favor with Goodwin.
  9. Ugh...what does it say when it's only the season premiere and I'm annoyed by literally every single character's storyline??
  10. Interview with Jason Beghe
  11. Lori Loughlin heading to Canada for unnamed filming project
  12. Which brings up an interesting point - does Lucas even know who Elizabeth's father is? We've seen people in the past, such as Billy, trying to get to know her because of the Thatcher name. But she has gone by Thornton the whole time Lucas has known her, and also it seems that Lucas is not Canadian (he's always been rather vague about his origins but based on his French and that he visited friends in Louisiana, it seems that he's from that area). So does he know of her family line the way others did?
  13. Don't forget, though, in that time period a lot of women married simply because it was the best option - it was hard to get jobs that would let them support themselves/their kids. Remember in the first season, how a number of the mine widows were marrying whoever wanted them? I forget the name, but there was that adolescent boy who was so mad his mom was marrying a new miner, saying they were insulting his dad's memory and all that? And the mom just said he'd understand one day, as the two of them got big-eyed watching him bring food to the house for dinner. No doubt more than one woman along
  14. I find it hard to believe that in all the years Nathan was raising Allie, he wouldn't have found some woman to marry. We met them when Allie was already old enough to be largely self-sufficient, so it's easy to forget she was only four when he first got guardianship. But, given his job and also the time period, he would certainly have gotten a lot of urging from all sides to find a nice woman who could help him raise her. We know he traveled to a lot of different places over the years; did no woman ever interest him before Elizabeth? As for the "protecting," IMO that would not have been u
  15. Doesn't seem like it's really intended for any adult supporting a family - Bush herself referred to "kids" doing it. It's a go-fer type thing that doesn't require any skills. Probably some do it for college credit or just a foot into the TV world more than anything.
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