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  1. I think I missed part of an episode this season...did they ever explain why we never heard of Henry having a son for eight whole years??
  2. Actually, jeans were common among working-class people in the western US from about the 1850s or so - and the Levi Strauss ones were initially marketed toward miners, which were certainly in vast numbers in Coal Valley. So it isn't too absurd to imagine that Jack could have picked up some jeans locally. As a guy who rode horses and did a lot of manual labor, I would imagine he would have liked some sturdy pants. And of course, flannel shirts go back to the 17th century. / historical nerdery
  3. Did anyone at Lexus actually ever read the Bible? David fought Goliath because someone had to - the guy was bullying and threatening the Israelites. Giving each other hugs and singing loving songs around the campfire was not exactly an option.
  4. The current commercial where the gecko is riding on a bus always makes me wonder why he paid for a whole seat. I mean, he's famous, friendly and wants to help people save money. Surely someone would return the favor by letting him chill on their armrest?
  5. Same. In fact, one of the perks of COVID is that I no longer have to hug random acquaintances simply because they've barreled at me and I don't want to offend anyone. On the subject of chocolate - one Valentine's Day when I was a child, my father gifted my mother a box of dark chocolate. He was the only person in the family who liked that kind.
  6. I'm not convinced the situation is over and done with. I thought I saw too many hints of problems presenting themselves down the road. Same. The fact that Henry mentioned giving up his job for the months of recovery ahead means he will both need care and most likely a place to live for a while. That might mean living with his father next season. Also, I noted they had made a point of mentioning that Sarah now lives in Arizona. That's still a distance from LA, of course, but way closer than from Pennsylvania.
  7. Considering that Jane Seymour is essentially a non-aging entity, they probably COULD replace Faith with her... Also, discrimination during that time - and even well into the 20th century - was common between white people of various ethnicities. For instance, one of my aunts was a teenager in the '60s. She recalls how my Polish grandparents really hated the fact that she was dating a French guy. I've heard similar stories from various people over the years, or things like being encouraged to only play with children of the same ethnicity, supporting businesses with owners of the same eth
  8. Can someone please explain to me the logic of the commercial for the iPhone 12? You see a purple phone and get a few bars of that '70s song "Candy Man". Huh?
  9. WTF, American Express?? I just saw a commercial where you see a woman, sleeping in a luxurious hotel bed. The voiceover tells us she can't recall what she's doing or how she got there. Then they add, "oh yeah, groceries!" Because apparently she earned so many points paying for her groceries with their credit card she got a free night's stay at a hotel. I get the distinct impression someone thought they were being clever with this little "twist", but it just comes off as really weird and borderline creepy.
  10. At this point, given all the anachronisms, I fully expect Rosemary to invent social media.
  11. As everyone who has one very well knows, our dogs would be shocked to learn that they are pets. Whoever came up with that ad series got it right.
  12. Re: Abigail - I always regretted the decision to remove Pastor Frank from the show (I recall reading an interview with the actor, confirming that leaving was not his choice). Not only was he a strong character, good with both Abigail and Cody, but there was a lot of room for further character development and storylines based on his past. (I mean, how exactly does one go about joining a gang of bank robbers, anyways??)
  13. Emily Deschanel to play Nolan's ex-wife
  14. IMHO, he was already seeing the error of his ways without her - the whole prison sentence and literally losing the respect of everyone he ever knew took care of that. Abigail was just willing to accept that he had changed a lot sooner than other people, and to support that without holding his past against him.
  15. So Henry has been keeping up a secret correspondence with Abigail and admits to having regrets about not acting on anything with her...seems like a very heavy-handed way of confirming the actress will return, and a direction for her story to take...
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