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  1. It's actually illegal to advertise prescription drugs in almost every country except the US.
  2. What I didn't get was how Max became such a recognized celebrity, considering he was in Allie's video for about five seconds... Not to mention, using that plastic wrap from the (conveniently placed) bagel on the kid's chest. I get that it was an emergency, but wouldn't he get an infection, especially if there was cream cheese or something else on it, down there for God knows how long? Also, what the heck was Reynolds even doing down there? It looked like some kind of basement or deserted ward. How convenient that we have never seen him going that way before, until an emergency struck...
  3. I remember she was looking for jobs in that episode where she couldn't find her driver's license (because Luke took it to buy booze) but not why she took that one specifically.
  4. Not to mention, what are the odds of a teenage intern "overhearing" classified info at the DoD?? I literally LOL'd when Cara casually told her coworker that she was "off to work on something for the God Account" smack in the middle of the work day! Yeah, I get that she's a journalist and has a lot more freedom to move around than most of us do, and also that that's her friend - but it's also true that people tend to stay on the down-low about doing personal stuff during work time. How does Cara know someone didn't overhear? Or that her coworker won't get jealous/upset with her at some point and rat her out to a supervisor? It's like Cara and company just take for granted that the whole world will treat the God Account as sacredly and as valid a thing as they do. Eh, I dunno...I think Miles could pull off the red sweater look quite handsomely... 😁
  5. I was too busy wondering why the Ottos still had that old stuff to notice this...the furniture would have been from around 20 years ago! Why would they have kept it, especially considering it was mostly cheap/junky, and they just moved to the Westport house a few years ago? I get sentimental value as much as the next person, but I doubt they would have lugged all that stuff from one basement to another. I was just thrilled to have this tiny bit of continuity - way too many shows drop the ball too often, and on way bigger things than this.
  6. Right, but from the snippet they showed Kate and Toby looking at pictures of lots of babies, which made me think private adoption. I guess we'll have to wait til next season when they specify more.
  7. What I want to know is just how Kate and Toby afford the adoption! They aren't cheap - and as they themselves said, they already have a huge mortgage in an expensive area, a special needs child who will no doubt need doctors and programs, and it's only Toby working. Funny how money is never really an issue in TVLand (unless the writers decide it's part of a plot...)
  8. Don't forget that Max also has a baby! (Which, strangely enough, Sharpe was obsessed with having, yet we haven't heard a single word about all season...) This show isn't as bad as some others, but what I can't stand is medical shows with the female doctors or nurses having curling-iron hair...like, sure, I am totally positive that a woman about to go to her very intense hands-on job and be on her feet for 10 hours would do that, instead of just sweeping it up in a ponytail or bun.
  9. Not to mention, Alex kept humble bragging about those shoes and her new status, like she was a kid from the projects who had succeeded in landing herself a better life. Surely the Dunphys, with their expensive home, many vacations, etc., bought their kids expensive items throughout their lives? Like Haley wouldn't have had any designer clothes or accessories? Same. IMO the point they were trying to make was that making tons of money didn't necessarily mean the person was fulfilled by their work or even enjoyed it. I never really knew what Alex's company supposedly did, but in this ep when she was telling everyone about it, she seemed almost like she was reading off a grocery list of items, like she was trying to convince her own self it was a great company doing great things. Maybe working at a university would make her happier. What I couldn't figure out why why Mitch and Cam could only see two options - getting a baby or not adopting at all. Why not look for an older child? There are lots of children who still need a home, yet will fit into their ages/lives at this point better.
  10. Despite my agreeing with all of you on the various nitpicks and problems of this show, I must add that I do really like the way all of the friend suggestions keep circling back, usually when you least expect them. On most every show, the patient/victim/client/whoever of the week is usually there for one episode, then you never see them again. It's good to get them back especially when you start to get invested in their personal story. I also like the way they keep highlighting how we are all connected in a variety of ways, such as Anna turning out to be a former member of Harlem Episcopal. That's probably more true than we realize, except of course as IRL we don't have the resources of a TV show, most of us probably never get to realize the full extent of our six degrees of separation.
  11. Was anyone thinking Everybody Loves Raymond during this conversation??
  12. They actually have been airing some of the "classics" over the past month or so - I've seen this one, as well as the woodchucks chucking wood one.
  13. Candace is worth an estimated $14 million - I'm pretty sure that her cook can make her something, which she can eat as the chauffeur drives her to events. I get what the ad is trying to say, but I really don't think a celebrity is quite the person to try to sell it. My current personal annoyance, which seems to be ubiquitous - Amy Poehler and her stupid Xfinity commercials, where she barges into people's living rooms and only wants them to watch movies and shows she's been in. I get that TPTB likely think it's funny, but IMO it's just a little weird, especially when you see it 999 times a week.
  14. For those of you with Frontier, a few of the episodes are currently available (free) on demand.
  15. I wasn't clear...why was everyone getting a trophy anyways? Did they win some kind of tournament, or was it a participation trophy? Because I don't really remember a lot of that going on in 1990.
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