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  1. The Nick proposal acceptance scene was very sweet. I’m happy for Nick & George and glad that the show saw the potential in this pairing. OMG, Nancy’s reaction to the angry cat and Carson’s reaction to Ryan chopping mushrooms were freaking hilarious. I love the Ryan/Carson dynamic. I hope Bess dating/hooking up with random women is a one-episode thing. Not interested in that at all. I was never a Tamura fan (the actor is just blah to me), so I’m not sad to see that he’s gone. I like the new guy from The Librarians well enough, but I don’t need a love triangle. Ace is my guy
  2. Murphy suuuucks, but I did feel bad for her after she was arrested. Max, Felix, and Jess get to go about their lives, apparently, and Murphy ends up in prison? What jury is going to convict Murphy, LOL? I probably would have throat-kicked Jess too. Allowing your friends to think you are dead because you think your friendship with Murphy is toxic? Wow, how shitty. Hope that the mom takes good care of Pretzel. But when she was in the car accident with Murphy, I don’t think either checked on him. So I don’t know... Felix and Murphy were, at times, terrible to each other this season
  3. So Jerri has a thing for the guy who has a thing for Cassie? Unless I missed something, that seemed to come out of nowhere. I recognize the guy Jenny hooked up with but can’t place him, hmm. Ronald can die anytime now.
  4. Ooh, I hope Juan Pablo Di Pace shows up in more Hallmark movies. Yes, please. Regarding the ads for Hallmark Christmas movies...Is there really such a big demand for Christmas movies in freaking October? Two months of Christmas is just too much — OMG I hate it so much!
  5. The Captain of the fire house is putting baking soda in his chili, losing his keys in the fridge, repeatedly calling Kevin the wrong name, etc., and nobody else except Kevin is noticing?! Mick would not have just walked off that fall down the rocky hillside. What I saw were multiple broken bones, LOL. Do I have this right? That Dilfer guy forged Mick’s name on contracts and Mick has these forged contracts just sitting around his office? Huh? I’m confused about that and about why Mick didn’t seek out this paperwork when he was accused of being involved in the whole thing? If someone
  6. Don’t care for new “eccentric” billionaire guy, blech. Hope the show just goes with sweet, cute teacher instead (as Abby’s new guy). No Jess, yay! And the flowers all the ladies in her family chose for the centerpieces looked like a funeral arrangement, ha! How appropriate 🤣
  7. Sigh. Sarah needs Paul's help with the floods, Paul helps and saves most of the town from flooding. Sarah gets mad that Paul didn't consult her before flooding the glen, Paul says he tried to call her but she didn't pick up. "You should have sent someone for me!!!" Sarah shouts. Unreasonable much?? Did they really have to steal the construction equipment? Seems like the mining company may have loaned the equipment during a disaster like this to garner some good publicity. Uh, I'm not sure about the logistics of digging a trench in ground that is thawing on the top layer but still
  8. So according to the prior season recap at the start of the show, Jess and David did get engaged last season. I seriously don't remember that happening, LOL. I'm not sure I can take an entire season of Jess spazzing out about getting married, yikes. I still think Megan sucks for ditching her children and wish the show would ditch her. A big NO to her and Mick reconnecting. The Trace/Abby break-up was awkward and I could very much tell that "Hey, Jesse Metcalfe is leaving so we have to split these two up. And it has to be Abby who dumps Trace so that we can give her new love intere
  9. Okay, so I saw a sneak-peek commercial for the new season, and regarding David and Jess, There's a new guy interacting with Bree in the commercial, so I'm assuming he's her new love interest (it's another one of those guys that is in a bunch of Hallmark movies but rarely or never?? as the lead). STILL mad she didn't end up with David, Hallmark!! I can't believe that another Hallmark show is losing it's lead guy with Jesse Metcalfe leaving. Mmm, don't care much either way, but the network should do a better job in locking down contracts. Now...if we could just lose Jess...(and m
  10. Yeah, the camera didn't show Adam's name on that email, so Danny is probably the father. That little bomb is going to drop before the season is over, and Sarah sucks if she believes it's her duty or whatever to lie about the DNA results. "Oh fatherhood is not about DNA, it's about showing up." How could Danny show up for a kid he didn't even know existed?! So stupid. Sure, great plan, just lie about the results and then Danny can have no part in his kid's life like your dad had no part in yours.
  11. This country is so fucked up. AJ, a Congress woman AND the "leader's" roomie, is running a background check on said leader's father with instructions to try and find "any reason to justify kicking him out of Greylock." I'm not exactly sure why AJ complied, since she believes that "police should be separate from politics" (unless, apparently, you are the police and the politics involves deporting your friend’s long-lost-dad whom she is pissed off at???) Ah, so Danny was afraid of becoming an abuser like his POS mother. Okay, I see why that fear would make him bolt. I knew that s
  12. Well, shoot. Macy is my favorite and the only sister I actually care about, LOL. Pretty much the only story that I am invested in is Macy and Harry's relationship. It seemed weird that the show had the stupid "allergy" storyline that interfered with their romantic relationship this season, but Madeleine leaving may have been why, I guess. I won't be surprised if Rupert Evans leaves as well, I suppose, but Bridgerton shouldn't be a major factor since (major book/show spoilers ahead) I think I'm out after this season finale episode. The storylines this season were not engaging, I do
  13. Wow, AJ was an A-hole this episode. She seemed obsessed with verifying that Alexis was indeed pregnant, and then she went and outed the pregnancy to the husband. Assuming that the husband knew about the pregnancy and then saying something about it in front of him was utterly moronic and unforgivable in my mind. I mean, WTF, why would you do that?! Now Alexis has to either tell her husband that she already had an abortion, or she has to lie and tell him that she lost the baby. That Fernsby lady is 100% a terrible human being, but she made one good point: Sarah's brother, roommate, best
  14. They kept going on about Grover's house that he "built with his own two hands" or whatever and I wondered why the rich mining company couldn't just move it?? Probably better than burning it down, you would think. One of my biggest problems with this show is that I don't like Sarah. At all. I don't see why most of the town is just falling in line behind her. Wake up, don't you see that she just screwed you over?! If you relied on government assistance for food, heating, school, whatever, that's now gone since you are no longer part of the United States. Hope you didn't need your stat
  15. Well, this episode started out strong, at least. I was captivated by the corn silo rescue and thought it was great that Owen put Judd in charge after immediately recognizing that he was the expert in this situation. Judd did a good job talking to the victim, trying to keep him calm, and explaining what they were doing at each step. But then TK had to go and fuck everything up, LOL. I get that he was panicking about Marjan sinking into the corn, and I don't even blame him for trying to rescue her, but all he managed to do was distract Judd and nearly get himself killed in the process. Marj
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