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  1. Another interview with Tim Minear Please be Buck, please be Buck, please be Buck. I have become so invested in seeing those two get together! Hmm. From the TVLine interview above, some "familiar faces" will be visiting? I wonder who that is referring to? I never really cared much for Buck and Abby back in the first season, but it would be interesting to see her return for just a few episodes. I kind of felt bad for poor Buck when she was shipped off, never to be seen again.
  2. Huh, I guess I didn't realize that Buck's name is actually Evan. I thought his first name was Buck, lol. Mark another one down for the Buck/Eddie shipper column. None of their love interests on the show have ever come close to having the kind of chemistry that they have with each other. I did LOL at the Ed Sheeran song playing at the end of the episode. Buck was sitting all alone in his apartment and the song lyrics were saying "When I'm away, I will remember how you kissed me. Under the lamppost back on 6th Street. Hearing you whisper through the phone. Wait for me to come home." The music stopped, and as soon as it did, Eddie knocked on the door. Is that supposed to mean something? I don't know, but I chucked.
  3. Rarely have I despised a fictional character as much as I do Jess. She's the worst! She really had to raid the family's spices instead of just going to the grocery store like a normal person? Now poor Gran is probably going to have to make a trip to the store to restock! And then Jess thinks that after 24 whole hours her problems stemming from opening the inn without the necessary license or permit or whatever should go away?! The world should just revolve around her, I guess. Ugh, the worst. I feel so bad for David because he's cute and sweet and I wish they had paired him up with Bree (I thought they had nice chemistry for that hot second they seemed to have something going). I have no interest in watching Bree with the new agent guy...I don't think he's cute or charming and I'm not sure Hallmark does either for how often he shows up in their movies as NOT the leading male love interest LOL. Does Connor's dad even like him? It doesn't seem like it, poor guy. I can't believe that Megan's kids have all forgiven her for ditching them when they were younger. That was crappy and I don't like her because of that! I don't care about most of these people or their "problems" but I guess I watch for the nice scenery. Sure don't watch for the plot because not much happens.
  4. Yeah, I'm having a hard time, as well, with the fact that Nothing. Ever. Happens. Cedar Cove had the same issue. Jess is horrid, and I hope that David's family hates her. I'm betting they'll dislike her but adore Bree, ha. Jess being unhinged because she hadn't heard from David in three days was too much. He should run far and fast (he won't, but he absolutely should). Bree's story is pretty much the only one that I'm interested in, at the moment. I find the British writer guy kind of charming and enjoy their banter. That being said, I wouldn't be opposed if she and David *oopsie* shared a kiss while visiting his family in Maine. At least that would provide some drama going forward.
  5. Bwahahaha! Oh man, I hate Jess so much. She's a complete airhead, and she's irresponsible and incapable of doing anything by herself. David was off dealing with family issues this episode, and she could BARELY manage breakfast for her inn guests. She had to steal eggs and other supplies from her family's house, for pete's sake! Speaking of David, why oh why did they pair him up with Jess?! I'm thinking it's probably a convenience thing since he works at the inn with her, but he had much better chemistry with Bree. I would also like Jess to go off and "find herself" elsewhere (far away from Chesapeake Shores), and then maybe Bree can take over inn duties for just long enough to reconnect with David. Actually, while we're getting rid of characters, I'd like to see Connor go as well. His storyline is boring and I don't really care about him. To be honest, the Abby/Trace stuff is insanely boring as well. Maybe the show shouldn't have put them together so quickly, and they probably shouldn't have shipped Trace off to Nashville, where he's isolated from the rest of our main characters. I actually like both Abby and Trace, so I just want the show to find something more interesting for them, preferably with Trace staying in Chesapeake Shores.
  6. The cast and show creators seem rather spooked that Daniel's departure is going to tank their viewership. "Please stick with us, "Hearties." We need you more than ever. Keep watching. Join our Facebook Live event. PLEASE" I know it's not their fault that Daniel decided to leave, but I wish they would have locked him into a longer contract to begin with. Actually, instead of Jack dying, I would have preferred that they just ended the show this season. We could have ended on a high note with the wedding and baby announcement...but NO! It's not at all fair, but I feel a sort of bitterness towards actors/actresses in lead roles (like Daniel Lissing) who stick around for four, five, six seasons and then decide to bail. Like thanks, you just ruined the show for me. I mean, going into this, he had to have known that he was one half of the main couple and Jack and Elizabeth's romance was ultimate end game. Right?! Ugh, I'm annoyed. I wasn't a fan of the finale. It was a depressing episode of old Jack clips mixed with a short bout of Elizabeth grieving before she moved on (got to introduce that new love interest next season). And Elizabeth got Jack's horse, but what the hell happened to his dog? Poor thing just completely disappeared.
  7. I'm thinking Jack is really dead. Erin Krakow seemed a bit emotional when they showed her and Lori Loughlin begging "Hearties" to stick with them at the end of the episode. Also, there were some troubling signs leading up to last night's episode: Daniel Lissing missing for a large chunk of the recent episodes, and the show not bothering to follow Jack's story while he was away Daniel Lissing returning after a long absence so Jack & Elizabeth could get married before promptly leaving again All the talk about how Jack would be safe since he was only training mounties, and when he returned, he would be home forever I don't know what the problem is, but I can't imagine Hallmark would have made the decision to kill off Jack without there being some sort of major problem or drama on Daniel Lissing's end. If it's some sort of health issue with him or his family, I understand, but if it's something like a contract issue...well...that sucks! I don't even care much for Elizabeth (I haaaate the way Erin Krakow plays her), but I've always liked Jack. And I just think it's really crappy that the show drug (dragged??) this romance out for five seasons before realizing "oh crap, our lead guy is leaving! Hurry, let's throw together a wedding before we kill him off." What a lovely reward for Jack/Elizabeth fans who followed the show for five season, huh? Ugh. Like I said, I don't even love the main couple that much, but I feel bad for their shippers, and Jack's death kind of retroactively ruins the whole show for me. I might still watch because I like Rosemary and Lee, but I'm not looking forward to Elizabeth grieving before Hallmark tries to throw another guy at her (probably one that features regularly in their weekend movies).
  8. Regarding the spoiler posted in the season discussion thread...so Jack's dying? I was worried after last night's episode, what with all of the "just two more months and then Jack will be home forever" as well as the "oh, I'm just training mounties, and that's not a dangerous job." Blech, this sucks to waste five seasons watching a couple, only for them to kill one half of the pairing off. I'm not even that big of a fan of the pairing, since I'm pretty "meh" on Elizabeth, but this really sucks!
  9. I gotta admit, I'm very "meh" at the thought of an Abby/Buck romance. I think that maybe he needs some real therapy for his sex addiction, and I was completely turned off last week when he was all "Hey Abby...now that you're done panicking about your lost mother...wanna have sex with me?" Yuck. Bobby seemed intrigued by Abby, and I kinda wanted them to meet and share an attraction when the show first started. Unfortunately, his personal life is a dumpster fire, so I don't know about that anymore. Sigh. And my goodness, yes, those highwater pants worn by Abby were awful! I think maybe the show is trying to downplay Connie Britton's beauty, but ha! it's not working very well. Anyways, my sense is that they're going to throw an Abby/Bobby mutual attraction into the mix for more drama. I don't know if anyone else got that impression, but there was just something about the way Peter Krause played that first meeting.
  10. Gah. This show has the saddest Spiro/Louisa song. It played at the beginning of the episode, when Spiro was comforting Louisa over her breakup with Hugh, and we also heard it last season in the scene where Spiro showed up with Louisa's wedding ring (which she had sold to pay off some "thugs" and keep Leslie out of trouble). I know I've heard it other times this season, and it's lovely, but it's a sad violin type thing :( Hugh was a bit desperate in the olive orchard (with the whole "Well, you won't move to England for me, so I'll stay in Corfu because we HAVE to be together). Guy, she's just not that into you since she loves Spiro and all. And Hugh was kind of an A-hole to Vasilia. She is kind of nutty, but maybe he didn't have to be so cruel when letting her know they'd never be together? I don't know, but he probably wouldn't have been stabbed if he had been a bit nicer in letting her down, is all I'm saying! Oh, I love Theo and his affection for the Durrells, and how utterly excited he was about the thought of Gerry's otter giving birth. Ha, I had the same thought about favorite child Leslie delivering favorite daughter's baby. It was just perfect, considering how close Leslie and Lugaretzia are. This isn't very nice, but I was a bit irritated by the doctor's wife. At the party, Theo was holding her crying baby, and Louisa had to tell her, "You need to take your baby." She and her husband had been trying to have a baby for a long time but never thought it would happen, and now you have a baby and you're all "Yes, that's the end of it. I'll never have any time to myself anymore." WHAT?! OMG Spiro loves Louisa so much. The scene where Louisa breaks down in the car over Hugh, and Spiro pulls over to hold her hand and comfort her was just beautiful. I just keep telling myself that either Spiro is widowed, or divorced, or it just never occurs to him that he needs to correct everyone who keeps talking about his wife and kids. I, too, am wondering why they are making this such a darn mystery?! I'd like someone to ask the showrunners in an interview if Spiro is married, or what??
  11. Ah, there was so much to like this week! "Huge" has a new nickname! "Who? It's not a name, it's a question. ...Will you marry Who?" She said that if Spiro wasn't married, it would look like an old-fashioned jousting match. See, this is driving me crazy. Like a few mentioned, I doubt the town is that large, and the Dr.'s wife should know if Spiro is really married or not. But if he's married, where the heck is his wife?! I wonder if that was the moment when he told Louisa that she had "spawned an ogre." Leslie can be a bit...intense at times, ha. Loved the Countess interacting with one of the Greek cricket players, telling him he would go to prison if he hit her. His response? "Oh." I've never watched cricket, so the whole rubbing the cricket ball against your crotch thing was...bizarre. According to Sven, "It's part of the madness." The celebration after hitting Huge's car with the cricket ball was fantastic (mean...but fantastic). Margo's bathing suit was cute, and I'm sad that nobody asked her to play in the cricket match. Did you see her hit the hell out of that ball? And now to the Spiro stuff: If he is really married, WHY is he telling Louisa that she's "very special" to him? Stuff like that makes me believe that he's NOT really married. Uh, it's so confusing. The show seems to want us to believe that Spiro loves Louisa (see Larry stating that maybe Spiro has such animosity towards Huge because he's in love with Louisa), and I don't get why they'd be doing that if they're just going to turn around and reveal his wife next season. That would be so crappy!
  12. Best bits of the episode: Lugaretzia declaring "I have the mumps now. I will die soon." Houseguest Donald telling Margo that he'd be perfectly happy to attach the cabbage "or anything else" to her face. Leslie responds, "Yesss. Like your face." You can hear Donald say "outrageous!" in response, ha ha. Speaking of Leslie, I thought it was sweet that he was missing Lugaretzia. I love their bond, and I agree that he's maturing this season. Did anyone see the donkey bite Auntie during the séance? OMG that was funny. And yes, that puppy was so adorable while playing with Gerry. I'm not sure that Gerry needs more animals, though, and I still don't care much for "Huge."
  13. "Huge" Haha, Sven, good one. I'm loving his humor this season. I get a kick out of the fact that Leslie is Lugaretzia's favorite, and I thought it was sweet that he told his mother that she's beautiful. So, it turns out that the stupid photo, which is the entire reason everyone is convinced that Spiro has a family, is actually the Greek royal family. BUT, then Spiro goes on to tell Leslie that he doesn't need a photo of his family because he (paraphrasing here) "especially knows what they look like." AHH! So, do you have a wife and kids, or not?! I mean, he was very interested in Louisa while he was playing his guitar and she was dancing with "Huge." I know this is based on real people and everything...and I doubt Louisa ended up with Spiro in real life, but make it happen show!
  14. I just realized I've been adding an "S" to the end of Spiro's name, and I think it is actually just Spiro. Oops, IMDB must be wrong. Yeah, AGAIN Spiro mentioned his family. At first, he declined the liqueur, saying that his family was waiting for him. What family?! Wife and kids? Parents and siblings? WHO? It's just awfully strange that he never specifically mentions his wife, and we've never seen her. If a wife exists, she should be pretty jealous of all the time he spends with the Durrell family. Everyone getting drunk off of the kumquat liqueur was my favorite part of the episode. Lugaretzia ran her bicycle through a clothesline and straight into a tree, and Theo's attempt at walking on water was an utter failure, LOL.
  15. I also laughed at Sven questioning if spotted dick and toad in the hole were real names for the dishes the Durrells had handed to him, or something they had just made up. Ha. Another part that cracked me up was when those "bastard bees" were attacking Leslie, but everyone just ignored him and went about their business while some catchy Greek music played on screen. The landlady is an effective enough villain, and I did enjoy her telling that whistling guy "Don't make me come over and punch your face." Of course, one of the best parts of the show (for me) is Spiros! I loved seeing him tie the handkerchief on Louisa's head and coach her in how to sell her goods to the Greek patrons. Yes, the Durrells assumed this because of the photo in his car. I would like an answer once and for all if he's actually married or not! He wears a gold band on his right hand, but according to Google, many in European countries wear their wedding ring on their right hand (I checked out the doctor and his wife, and it appears as though their wedding bands were on their right hands). At the end of the episode, Louisa hands Spiros a basket full of goodies for "him and his family." Spiros thanks her and says "Can I say..." but then gets interrupted by Hugh driving up. What was he going to say??? I hope it was something like "Can I say, my wife is no longer with us. She passed away many years ago, so I am a widow just as you are." I WISH!!
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