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  1. HahYallDoin

    S15.E19: Silent All These Years

    Actually, Secret Safe Place For Newborns was the brain cbild of reporter Jodi Brooks out of Mobile, AL. The law was enacted in Mobile County in 1998 and signed into state law in 2000. It was indeed used in other states before Alabama signed it into statewide law but the first place of record where it was used, quite effectively I might add. is here in Mobile. I read an article on Jodi Brooks a year or so ago. She’s out of broadcasting and living in the Midwest but said she still speaks around the country and gets letters on the regular from young people whose lives were saved by her actions. She was a Godsend to our community because infant lives were being lost at a sickening rate. To know that her work that started here is used across our nation has to make her know what her purpose on this Earth was/is.
  2. HahYallDoin

    S15.E19: Silent All These Years

    A local reporter in my city, Jodi Brooks, covered numerous stories of babies being thrown out like trash, suffocated, left for passerby’s or death near dumpsters in Mobile, AL in the early and mid 1990’s. She worked alongside our county DA and the hospital I work for to enact the ‘Secret Safe Place For Newborns’ law. We began using it in our county in 1998 and it was signed into state law in 2000. Since that time, jurisdictions across the country have followed suit. Jo’s mom could have been charged with a crime when she dropped her off at the fire station because 1. There was no law in effect to allow her to leave her baby with no risk of criminal prosecution and 2. The ‘SSPFN’ law only allows a mother to drop off the infant within 72 hours of birth and Jo was five days old I remember the feeling of sheer joy we all felt when the first infant was dropped off safely at our hospital. It was a moment where the mom saw firsthand she could simply pass the baby off to the officer stationed outside of the ER and walk away without any fuss and in that moment, we all realized that yes, Jodi’s hard work and dedication was paying off and this was the start of a new chapter in history.
  3. HahYallDoin

    S38.E07: There’s Always a Twist

    Reem also jumped down Chris’ throat last week after he made the comment ‘you just gave it to him?’ He said it after she shared with the EOE group that she saw the box containing the knot disadvantage floating in the water while she was out searching the area and asked out loud ‘what is that?,’ at which point Krazy Keith grabbed it and claimed it as his own. Chris meant it in an exasperated ‘Damn, the one person we didn’t want to get an advantage after the crap he pulled last week by heading out to find the advantages alone instead of a group like we agreed upon’ fashion. Reem, BIG SURPRISE, took it the wrong way and they had an intense verbal altercation that made Aubrey wonder ‘WTF is with these people?’ in a confessional following it. Krazy Keith didn’t like Chris already(Chris voted for KK at TC) and may well have played it against him anyway but don’t you know ‘Mommy Dearest’ was in his ear constantly urging him to?!?! No question Chris thought she was a dumbass to 1. say it out loud in front of KK and 2. not argue with KK that it was hers and to hand it over but that’s not what he said. Reem was, per usual, pissy and most likely felt like a dumbass and since it’s always someone else’s fault, she took it out on Chris.
  4. HahYallDoin

    S09.E07: Eat, Drink, and Be Married

    The tried and true sentiment...birds of a feather flock together.
  5. HahYallDoin

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I have to say, one of the pictures of Wendy leaving the sober living house last week got to me. It’s the one where she’s opening the door handle on the car and her body language *screams* ‘HELP ME,’ even if her mouth isn’t shouting it from her purple perch on set. If you zoom in, she’s looking down and to the side, like a seriously scolded child or a beaten down animal at the circus. Add in her defeated posture and I’m worried for her. Yeah, even though she’s dogged people for years and made big bucks doing it, my heart still hurts for her. I just see so much of the awkward 12 year old she’s told us about countless times in that picture...the one who was told she was fat at home and had her food intake monitored by her parents, the one who wasn’t pretty like her sister, the one bigger size wise than her classmates, the one forced by her parents to engage in extracurricular activities she dreaded. Factor in the Wendy who, I believe, is a shell of her true self since she’s been under the thumb and control of Big Kev for the last couple of decades. Just for extra ‘juiciness,’ put the shame of the existence of his mistress and her baby on Wendy’s shoulders and she’s slumping alright 😏 It just seems to be summed up in that one photo...the same one I can’t attach for some reason but can be seen above as posted by another member. I’m seriously worried for Wendy and hope for her sake and Little Kev’s sake she can dig deep and find her way out of the pure hell of a marriage she’s in. To be dealing with her personal problems alone would be *a lot* but she’s got the addition of substance abuse times two as well. Damn, it’s enough to break anyone’s spirit. I wish like hell *the real* Wendy Joan Williams-Hunter(whoever she may be,) would stand the hell up, stomp her size 11 feet firmly on the ground and say ‘Enough is enough! I’m finding that condo in the sky with only one door so as to minimize the possibility the killer can break in and murder me, I’m spending the money my big ass mouth earned, I’ve got plenty of funds set to the side so I can order in whatever cuisine I’m feeling any given night, I can shop as much or as little as I feel, I can slack up on the moisturizer usage for a bit since I won’t be competing with the collagen of a woman 20 years my junior, I’m tired of being used, abused and made a fool of time and again! If you didn’t hear me the first time...enough is a fucking enough!’ Sigh, I don’t see it happening without a full fledged intervention and, of course, Big Kev will do whatever he can to prevent it. If the baby rumors are true, this week would be prime time for the intervention to take place since he’s gone. Does she have anyone who’s willing to put their necks out that far? I sadly think the answer is ‘no.’ P.S. I’m not going after her parents for their decisions when she was growing up. They did what they felt was best and I’m sure they did it with all the love in their hearts. It’s just unquestionable that her upbringing did result in some baggage for Wendy.
  6. HahYallDoin

    Season 15 Discussion

    Kirk is from a small town near my city and I'm fingers and toes crossed he brings it back to 'Bama! I'm a country music fan but both of my teenagers love him as well and so do their friends. Can't be hometown favorite in play with my daughter because she didn't know for a few epidsodes he's from Bay Minette. His voice is distinct, for sure, although that can go positive or negative depending on who you ask, of course. I think Kennedy may take it all though, down to what others have previously said about Kirk and Chevel splitting the country vote. I haven't figured out who's voting for Chris...people who like nice family men, Patriots, Blakers, hairdressers who want to trim those dead ends off and his clean up his beard too, the entire Midwest, cheese connoisseurs, Baby Boomers with an affinity for Rock, or a combo but I don't see him getting much of the country vote. No judgement on who they are, mind you, just honestly curious. It made my 'Christmas Season Warm and Fuzzy' heart even warmer and fuzzier to see Adam without a dog in the fight tonight! Hope he's so 'insulted,' he doesn't return next season. A gal can dream...
  7. HahYallDoin

    Something Unexpected: All Episodes Discussion

    * Waving hand to say 'Hi!' It was my teen daughter and I who noticed it and I posted about it. Good memory you have...to remember us months later :) * And as you pointed out, (Future) Inmate 84120 has a new TH angle this season. He is so repulsive, I don't know how Kelsey, flaws and all, can stomach him darkening her doorway.
  8. 1,000% this! Glad I'm not the only one who saw the physical resemblance. That's where it ends, though, since this chick makes complete sense in her advice to Darcy. Darcy is more stupider every day, indeed.
  9. So today in my city, the Executive Director of Public Housing was terminated. He's from Nigeria. A subordinate wired almost $500,000 to a 'scammer' a few months ago. She 'thought' she was dealing with a contractor who was requesting payment for a job. 'Red flags' were ignored and the system was mysteriously 'hacked' so it all looked legitimate to her. After it was discovered, the Executive Director let her retire and didn't report it to the Housing Board, rather it was discovered in an audit. To add insult to injury, the guy also paid $800,000 for work that didn't happen, among other things. He'd been on the job less than a year and the taxpayers are out about 1.2 million dollars. The tie in to the show is that the guy is 'unavailable for comment' because he's back in NIGERIA, his motherland, checking on his 'sick mother.' Me thinks this dude is Muh-kuyl's real idol, not DJT ?
  10. HahYallDoin

    Face The Truth

    I looked for this board a couple of days ago and it didn't exist. After today's episode, I checked again and am happy to see it. Even if I'm only the second poster LOL To answer your question, I have always found Vivica majorly insufferable and IMHO, that's a huge reason this show is a train wreck! Her inability to read cue cards and her over the top 'hood speak' are just a couple of things that rest on her shoulders alone. Add in the co-host with a Michael Jackson-esque nose and strange upper lip, Judge 'Scary Mary' who scares no one, and Vivica's repeated references to 'Kill Bill' and I don't know if this show will make it to December! P.S. I'm waiting for the day Vivica slips as she steps onto the 'Circle of Truff' in her stilettos. I guess you could say I'm already hate watching!
  11. HahYallDoin

    S03.E17: Reunion

    Best laugh of my day! Thanks, I needed it today and couldn't agree with your assessment more! Signed, No Clue Until Told By All Of You ?
  12. HahYallDoin

    Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Regretting to bring up the ghastly psycho from last season but... Medical Sales Reps are in the OR when devices like the gastric stimulator/pacemaker are implanted in patients like Rayven and me. They have to take notes as the procedure takes place for their company. And the 'sales' part of the job description is a little misleading as there is only one company that manufactures said equipment and the rep isn't actively 'selling' it, rather he/she is delivering it in the OR and taking full fledged procedure notes while observing the surgeons actions to ensure he/she is following the steps in the correct order, the leads are placed in the proper location, etc.
  13. HahYallDoin

    S03.E16: Definitely Not Prague

    Thanks, it does :)
  14. HahYallDoin

    S03.E16: Definitely Not Prague

    Thank y'all for answering my question! *I feel like a big dummy since I've had a Keurig for years and couldn't answer my own question LOL I'll make myself feel better about it by saying that I never stare at the tops and/or bottoms of my pods and don't 'hang' them on my backsplash* ;)
  15. HahYallDoin

    S03.E16: Definitely Not Prague

    I've been meaning to ask all season... What are the yellow and black 'balls' on the wall near the coffee station? I'm sure they have something to do with said coffee's but I'm clueless. Help! ;)