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  1. New info. on the tier classification of Jen’s crimes. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9819361/RHOSLC-star-Jen-Shah-named-suspect-greater-culpability-alleged-5m-telemarketing-scam.html
  2. Agreed. He can’t help it but his nose looks like a limp penis from the side. His looks are unfortunate in my opinion and his genes are strong with his children. Thankfully not the nose part, just mostly the eye area and the weak chin.
  3. MY RESPONSE TO SUNNYBEBE IS BELOW. SORRY, I MESSED UP THE QUOTE BOX AND CANT FIX IT. I can’t bold the first paragraph(messed up my quoting)of Sunnybebe’s post but the answer is ‘no.’ My bonus daughter was married and had two children with someone who was arrested on serious, federal charges regarding drug smuggling about two years after their divorce. When the extent of his crimes was reported on for a few months, she petitioned the court to sever his parental rights, which was granted once the judge was briefed by a federal prosecutor as to what all he had done and t
  4. It looks to me, upon zooming in on the picture, that she’s sporting two nasty, weeping fever blisters on her bottom lip. Surely my middle aged eyes are imagining them because B would never let them be seen. if there was ever another good reason to wear a mask, it’s was this particular moment in time. Sigh, I get them too 😡
  5. Samantha said at one point, while reviewing her medical paperwork, that her weight had changed to x,y,z but that her height of 6’1 hadn’t changed.
  6. I couldn’t agree more about Myrka’s mom. We are Catholic and my mother was the hard nosed parent in our home. I’m #5 of 6 and she made NO bones about it growing up that if we were arrested, don’t waste our phone call ringing home because she and Daddy would provide ZERO assistance. She said that if we got pregnant, or in my brothers’ cases If they impregnated a girl, we were to pack our bags and leave. If we were old enough to play Russian Roulette by having unprotected sex, we were obviously ‘grown’ and would be on our way STAT to whatever nest we could make for ourselves. BC was pr
  7. I’m just 🙄🙄🙄 at Kendra literally being barefoot and pregnant. At the TTH too, where I can just *feel* the dirt through my screen. Christina is practically BF&P too, with flip flops on. I wonder if the Caldwell women switch to actual shoes once they can no longer breed for Jesus. See - great grandmother. *I have no issue with flip flops as I live in the Deep South where we can, weather wise, wear them 12 months out of the year. It’s just that Christina has worn them on screen so. damn. much when she’s expecting. It’s almost as though it’s in their ‘jean(skirts)’ 😂
  8. Nate was a pleasure to watch in action on the show! My heart breaks for his family, especially his unborn child. I am glad he included in his final post the part about the pressing need of better mental health facilities, physicians and access to them for those who need help. Especially our veterans suffering from PTSD. Although gains have been made in these areas, much is left to be desired. Maybe one day in the not so distant future, one such post or letter will result in more strides being made swiftly.
  9. I needed this laugh so so so bad, @RealReality 😂 I’m sitting here listening to Hurricane Zeta roar outside of our home, while we have no power and although the calendar says it’s late October, the outside temp says mid August, and the indoor temp, after 4 plus hours of no a/c, says ‘It’s the 4th of July, heifer(the GOAT Mrs. Samuels TM) and it’s only getting hotter and more humid in this place by the second!’ 😩🔥🔥😬 I am using up valuable battery time reading on my phone but the bolded part of your post was worth every bit of going from 89% to 47%! 😂 Thanks for making me laugh so har
  10. Brandi is pregnant again and due in 2021. WTH? She couldn’t handle those girls of hers and then added Bruin. Now she’s having a fourth? 🙄 I’m all about children being blessings but damn it, those blessings NEED tuned in parents to raise them and invest in their wellbeing, not just ‘play parents’ who throw toys/candy/money their way to pacify them and shut them up. I do hope, however, that this pregnancy brings some happiness and excited anticipation to the whole Redmond clan as they grieve the loss of their mother/grandmother/MIL!
  11. I’m LOL’ing at the fact she’s got a ton of baking sheets, muffin pans, etc. stored in the wall oven. Way to show potential buyers that there isn’t enough storage space in the kitchen. I’d think Hate’s OCD would necessitate a place for everything and everything in its place, as opposed to storing them in an oven like messy housekeepers who shove them there when unexpected company is 10 minutes away 😂 Signed, A reformed messy housekeeper 😉
  12. Me 😂 I couldn’t resist 😉 But seriously, go back from whence you came, folks. ‘Bama already gets heat, we don’t need your brand of crazy too!!!
  13. No, it doesn’t say much for Courtney, Courtney’s K-12 teachers, followed by her professors at Auburn who allowed her to speak and most likely write like that. Eric uses proper English and he was educated in the same local school system as Courtney and at Auburn as well. Her parents don’t speak improper English. She didn’t hear it at home, it would seem. Please don’t insult all of us in AL and/or our state education system as a whole for the improper use of the English language by one woman on a weekly basis. Now, while we are beating up on Courtney, let’s discuss the fact th
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