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  1. So Taylor can get into a prestigious school entirely on the basis of her audition tape and an interviewer liking her? Apparently poor grades no longer matter.
  2. Right from the beginning, I thought she seemed too young for Vijay, and too old for Rohan, which made the relationship kinda awkward. My real interest was when she told Vijay she was originally from Idaho...like, what were her original aspirations, and what happened? Obviously something did, as I doubt she moved cross-country to sell coffee.
  3. My only peeve is how Miggy seems to have SO much time to hang out with his partners...like, where is Jack?? On a side note: do schools today really have "class pets"? This is the kind of thing I always see on TV and in movies (probably because it allows for various storylines) but never IRL.
  4. I don't claim to be any sort of expert in heart problems or this VAD thing (which I had known nothing at all about until watching this) but jeez! If I had one, I think I'd have backup batteries at home, in the car, in my purse, etc, and double and triple check if I were embarking on a six-hour round trip from home! But this lady was just like, oops! as though she had forgotten something she wanted but wasn't totally life-essential. And then she was like, I'll just run over to the drugstore for another! I would imagine a person who relies on a thing to survive might know a thing or two about where replacement parts could and could not be obtained.
  5. A small side peeve, I know, but this is the kind of thing I hate, because it really gives kids/teens a totally wrong picture of what happens in the work world...like, NO, you will NOT get your own assistant the minute you graduate college and land your first entry-level job. And if for some reason you do, odds are the person will only be assisting you in actual work-related tasks, because it's not 1967. And Haley, too...despite barely having stepped a toe into college and essentially being qualified for nothing, she gets offered fantastic, well-paying jobs. Because she's fun and thinks outside the box.
  6. IMO they did a really poor job of introducing the mom's addiction and its origin. Yes, it's terrible that she became addicted to the painkillers. But the majority of patients do not; and if she were truly suffering when she'd initially come in at a level 9 as she claimed, then what exactly was Will supposed to do? Had he sent her away with ibuprofen - or nothing at all - the woman would also have carried a grudge then too. It seems like a no-win situation.
  7. I don't claim to be super-knowledgeable about OCD; but would anyone with the disorder actually feel compelled to comb the lawn?? I get the "logic" behind things like compulsive handwashing, sorting things into categories or doing things in certain numbers. But that??
  8. I am not a huge fan of Rory in general, but my loathing reached new heights in this episode. No wonder Rory acts so entitled, when he's essentially allowed to buy whatever he wants. And that smug comment to Douglas about how "my mom hasn't sat down for 10 years!" was less funny than cringeworthy, as Rory is an old enough child to understand that moms are human and need occasional breaks, too.
  9. Season 7 premieres on Sunday, February 23.
  10. Agreed. Even if Lizzie had been single and interested in dating Kevin, IMO taking a girl to a private concert with John Legend would have been waaay too intense for a first date! Had I been her, I would have been less impressed than scared...
  11. Not to mention, the twins are now a good way through their 10th year, definitely old enough to do some kind of chores, and yet it doesn't seem as though they have any. If it was so hot that Georgie was drenched from having to walk home, then why the heck was Mee-Maw outside in a three-quarter sleeved blouse??
  12. Actually, that's not true. I'm the daughter of Polish immigrants, living in an area with a large Polish immigrant population, and you wouldn't believe how many times I've heard stuff along the lines of "dumb Polacks". OT, I know, so I'll leave it there.
  13. Agreed. They are so over the top villains, it's getting ridiculous. Nobody is that evil, nor that unstoppable. This. Is Adaku supposedly on the road to recovery, and Mina caring for the baby just a temporary thing? Is she now in the vent farm and Mina has her for a longer undisclosed period? Who knows. Also, what's the baby's name? Even if Adaku wasn't conscious and able to officially name her after the birth, I find it hard to believe that she wouldn't have a name ready and have shared it with Mina.
  14. Honestly? I don't think her career has been going as well as she imagined it would after leaving PD. She is probably taking whatever she can get.
  15. Last we saw, she was sending out resumes. Now she not only has a job, but one so prestigious they are housing her among gazillionaires and celebrities? How on earth is she THAT valuable an employee? Then, we are supposed to believe that Phil all of a sudden started blogging about food - when we've never before heard a single thing about his interest in such things - just so happened to gain tons of followers, and one of them is Jay?? I doubt Jay cares what random foodies say, and we've already established he isn't much for being online or technology in general. Finally, where the heck where Joe and Lily??
  16. Anyone know if Daniel Lissing is coming back? I hadn't seen anything online, but West did imply they are regularly seeing each other, so I'm guessing that's going to be an ongoing arc?
  17. I loved how Sheldon came into the house wearing a spacesuit, and neither Connie nor George even batted an eye...
  18. I like to think this was the result of all the blood loss and beatings to the head, not Jay himself talking... Yes, she and Ruzek were talking at the very beginning; it seems she/they are still undecided. Agreed. It would be like getting hired by a company, and not doing some basic research on what the company produces, some of their recent projects, history, etc.
  19. Let's not forget, when Choi's sister was pregnant, they disagreed about literally every single thing involving said baby - and it wasn't even theirs! Funny how they seem to have forgotten that. On a lighter note - did anyone else think Low Ovarian Reserves sounds like a military assignment? "Where did you serve?" "With the Ovarian Reserves, back in '03."
  20. I'm Polish, and typically you would call an older adult Auntie or Uncle when you know them too well to keep saying Mr. or Mrs., yet just calling them by name seems disrespectful. I kinda thought it was something like that.
  21. Anyone else starting to feel like they are pushing the whole "Bob is fat and ugly" thing a bit too much? Yes, Billy Gardell is overweight, but not unusually so for today's people (and he's definitely lost a lot of weight since his Mike and Molly days); and while he's not what most people might consider jaw-droppingly attractive, he's also not Quasimodo in the bell tower. I get that it's likely become the writers' go-to for a quick easy laugh, but it's starting to grate.
  22. Right...but at the same time there was absolutely NO mention of why Conrad would have done such a thing. They made it sound like Conrad was just torturing the guy to torture him, and not that the patient had a hostage suffering with his own pain at that time. Why were the patient's rights considered more important than those he hurt? Had Conrad not done what he did, an innocent man would have died. I guess I'm also a bit biased in regard to pain management, as I live with chronic pain and have been cut off painkillers thanks to the opioid "crisis". I am just a regular person, who's always tried to live life the best I could, yet nobody cares about my pain. Meanwhile, there's a murderer who's horrible, and everyone is trotting around his feelings and whether or not he is suffering the least little bit. It's maddening.
  23. I can't be the only one who immediately thought of the Barones when Douglas mentioned his childhood, can I?
  24. My biggest question - how could Judy's hospital bracelet possibly be the 11 digits they needed? They had started trying to crack the code well before she even had the aneurysm and went into the hospital.
  25. He was also Cora's deceptive, murderous boyfriend on the short-lived The Good Cop, as well as Voight's ne'er-do-well son on Chicago PD. Agreed. It's like they have absolutely no idea how to write that part of her life.
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