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  1. I loved that trailer! And I’m glad they seem to be bringing the boys into Clark’s secret early on, rather than waiting for the last episode of the season in some cliff-hanger-ish storyline.
  2. Personally speaking, I’ve never seen the original, or anything Chuck Norris acted in beyond a few brief clips. From what I have seen and heard, he was cheesy with a capital C, so I’m glad they’ve moved away from what, to me, now seems REALLY dated and out of place.
  3. ukgirl71

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Some random thoughts now that I’ve seen it: On an unrelated note, how do you guys stick so many ad breaks? Overall, a very solid start, and I’m already looking forward to more. What irritated me The music - so much music!! All the shots of Austin - I know they got backing from the local authorities to film there, but the intermittent travelogs grated a little. The bar scene - introduce Geri, have her look awkwardly (or longingly?) at Cordell, have the “dance” awkwardly for a few seconds, and then? For me, she maybe should have been kept back til the next episode. I hope she grows on me, cos for now she was just...meh. I found some of the dialogue indistinct (perhaps because of the music?), particularly Emily’s last call and Micki’s formal introduction to Cordell, two pivotal points in the story. Also, what do the children call their grandmother? Please, could we take the cheesy soft focus lighting away from Ghost!Emily, just for me? What I liked The strong family dynamic - Bonham’s swift ego pricking of Cordell when they first meet again, and his plea to put a bell on Stella. Loved both! Gen seemed totally different (granted, from Ruby) to me - softer, for want of a better word. She’s already been well portrayed as loving and very capable. I’m intrigued by the circumstances of her death - did she stumble across human traffickers, or drug dealers, out in the desert (and do both Captain James and Liam know more than they’re letting on about it, as they’re both a bit too keen to get Cordell offside - with the task force, or to stop digging into her death). Also, what’s the deal with the poker chip? Again, great potential! Liam seems to already have resentment bubbling under the surface for his brother’s absence, but loves him on some level - it’s going to be a fascinating dynamic with these two as well. August is so sweet, but my heart aches for him already - forced, as his father admits, to grow up too quickly, and so desperate not to be a burden. I like Stella - she’s flawed like her father - scared, hurting, snarky, missing her mom, wishing her father would really “get” her. Momma Abeline - the family lynchpin - perceptive, loving, cleverly corralling her brood. Cordell himself - a very human “legend”, complicated, angry at himself for not saving Emily, but still, despite everything, (overly?) dedicated to his work. I enjoy layered, not always perfect characters. Micki had Cordell pegged quickly. I like her strength (and that she got to deliver the kick!) She’s smart, sharp (especially her comebacks), cares about her job. In short, she’s a nicely rounded character. I want to see more of her sparky relationship with the very lovely Trey. “Partner huh? Boyfriend huh?” He’s not intimated by the “legend” at all lol
  4. I think I need to go live in Casa Padalecki for a while, and learn to hate chocolate like Jared does 😆
  5. I like how they’re building up Walker’s brother and boss as knowing more than they’re letting on. If Emily was at the border, could she have died trying to help migrants?
  6. Granted I know precious little about Ontario - been there twice, and not for long - but I was wondering how “mountain-y” the Blue Mountains (?) were, as they’re two hours north of Toronto?
  7. I am seriously looking forward to this (and doesn’t Jared look great in a cowboy hat?😉)!
  8. The only thing I would consider watching would be about the young Winchesters. Get Matt Cohen to play John and find some talented young actors to play Dean and Sam and I’d give it a fair hearing.
  9. I think it starts filming in February?
  10. The disappointment and bitterness I feel about this ep also makes me think I’ll never be able to go to another con, as I’d be chased out of town by all the unquestioning fans who loved it if I dared open my mouth. I need a reboot/repair someday.
  11. It’s sweetly reassuring to see that clip, where Jensen is saying he’s “got” Dean - that’s the ultimate protectiveness and ‘ownership’, no matter what happened in the finale.
  12. Perhaps they could dismiss seasons 14 and 15 as a product of Dean’s Michael-possessed mind? The sound of Billie’s scythe battering the door at the end of 15x18 reminded me of Michael thudding against the bar cellar door in Dean’s mind when he was trapped in there.
  13. Just as an aside, and excuse my stupidity if I’ve got it wrong, but isn’t rebar used for supporting masonry/concrete structures? That barn looked to be all wood to me, so it, in theory, shouldn’t even have been there, Is that a sign of how sloppy the writing is?
  14. Good grief, I hated the choice of ending (for me, Dean should have had a heroic death, if he couldn’t have a long and fulfilled life), but that has churned up my emotions - what’s with that? And I don’t think Jared will get the credit he deserves for his performance either - the emotions got me there.
  15. If it ends, as some expect, with one or both dying, I would be genuinely worried about the mental health of some parts of he fandom who see this as a lot more than a TV show. When you see some of the comments on FB groups, you have to wonder how people will cope.
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