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  1. Ian Bohen’s casting just makes me even more excited for Season 2 😍
  2. I am incredibly impressed that they put such fabulous CGI into this episode, when filming only finished on 1 July. The budget put into this show is stunningly good, and well used. The action was tightly written and beautifully played. All the main players had their moment to shine. The “extraordinary humans” were my MVPs again in this episode. Never underestimate Mama Lois, and what she risked to save Jordan. And Jon, sweet, sweet Jon, fighting for his brother in the middle of a choke-hold. By the way, how did the boys stay upright even when Jordan had expelled Zeta-Rho? Does that
  3. I’d love a flashback episode that is on a par with this season’s “A Brief Reminiscence...”. Can one of the Cushings please find out the Kent family secret (that is, if they don’t in the finale)? Just for me, can we have a nod to the Superman and Lois flight in the original movie - I don’t think we’ve seen Lois fly, other than the kiss flashback scene? Oh, and get Jon up there too with his Dad, separately? Call me twisted, but I’d like to see Lois in real, life-threatening danger, and the angst that comes from it for the Kent men.
  4. ukgirl71

    S01.E18: Drive

    I really enjoyed that - threads were (apparently?) tied up and we were given tantalising hints of what’s planned for Season 2. I can’t help but think Stan was warning Cordell about Captain James - it seemed like Walker was looking in his direction, and he seemed a little strained with him at times in his office. Given the Del Rio gang’s ex-military make up, was the sniper acting for a vengeful person from Cordell’s Marine past, and will that frame the main story of Season 2? It was nice to see Emily watching over her family, but it made the pull back to the camera-loving stalker all the more
  5. It says a lot about the quality of the writing and acting in this show that I now care so much about what happens to characters I either disliked or was bored with by in the early episodes, namely Kyle, John Henry and General Lane. I was glad there wasn’t even one little hint of romantic feelings between Clark and Lana - their relationship has mellowed into caring friends, and it’s refreshing. I was a little bored with the town hall scene and the newspaper being in trouble - I don’t honestly care yet, perhaps because it’s been essentially a small side story this season. Yeah Loi
  6. While I love how tight the writing is on this show, I have to admit I’m a little disappointed Superman wasn’t bad for just a bit longer. And the Diggle cameo was kinda over-hyped for what it actually delivered, despite the much called-for references to the Arrowverse. I know some people maybe think Zod has been done to death in the Superman stories we’ve seen so far, but I’m quietly hoping that really isn’t the last we see of him. BTW, was anyone else a little creeped out by Tyler’s Zod voice 😅? it’s hard to say who my favourite was in this episode - the ever-wonderful Jon and his moti
  7. This episode reminded me why I enjoy Walker - it’s not typical of the standard fare you see on TV these days, in that its focus is on the dynamics of a family, with each member getting their chance to shine. I felt for poor Auggie with his flashback in the AV room, and I’m glad Stella seems to be realising she’s been a brat (now all we need is for her to tell her dad the truth...). I still love Walker and Micki’s friendship, and I’m glad she’s willing to give Mercedes a chance 🥰. It’s good to see Bonham and Abilene back on track too.
  8. I loved the way teen Clark morphed into the Tyler we know in the show- it reminded me of River Phoenix “becoming” Harrison Ford in The Last Crusade. And Jor-El’s pride in Clark when he first met him 🥰 - I actually like the old grump, just as we lose him (for now?). One of the key differences between Edge and Clark seems to be just how much freedom the latter had to choose his path, with his parents, human and Kryptonian, allowing him to find his own path, his own motivation. I agree about Tyler’s beautiful smile - 😍. And isn’t it impressive just how much a shave (and a little CGI??) can
  9. ukgirl71

    S01.E14: Trips

    I suppose that couldn’t have been anything other than anti-climatic - even Micki’s fight felt rushed and anti-climatic. At least Bonham and Abilene are pulling closer, and it’s the first time I actually liked Geri, so there’s positives in that, I suppose. I enjoyed the matter of fact way Bonham and Micki (and Geri, given what Bonham said?) recognised the alpaca for what it really was. I agree that the family were over-sentimental/indulgent about Hoyt. Has anyone found a point in Stan yet? And, lastly, cos I’m shallow, Jared looked much better with a budding beard than with the perma-stub
  10. I don’t know why, but I’m kinda gutted that Edge is actually Superman’s (half)brother. I suppose, not being familiar with any comic book lore, it’s a bit out of left-field for me. My admiration for Lana has grown - she really stepped up to the plate, and I’m glad she was (mostly) brought up to speed with the Smallville craziness. I want her to find out about Clark before the end of the season - if not her, then Sarah. I had a huge grin on my face when Jon told her what was going on, and when Jon called Sam out again. I was puzzled why they didn’t voice-modulate Lana a bit more obv
  11. I would have loved to have seen a flashback episode about how Hoyt saved (presumably) Cordell when they were younger. A good opportunity lost, unfortunately.
  12. Bye bye my eye candy - saw that one coming! Shame they killed off one of their best players, but Matt Barr’s probably committed to Season 2 of Blood and Treasure, whenever that happens. I shall definitely miss Team SassyBoots. I am now transferring my MVP allegiances to the newly branded and blooded Liam. Hats off to whoever did Keegan’s make-up in this ep, cos I felt green every time I looked at him, and I don’t do squeamish easily. I actually liked Stella this ep - who’d a thunk? She stepped up when she had to. Poor little Auggie’s face, and Abeline’s cry when she realised Hoyt was
  13. First of all, I’ll get the shallow out of the way. I hope the make-up artist who applied the bruises to Tyler realised just how many people they were doing that for, taking one for a very large team 😂 Before his lungs started packing up, I got WAY too much of a laugh with Jordan’s super-snot!! I actually get where General Lane is coming from - he’s a practical military man of long-standing - he prepares for every possible worst-case scenario. I’m glad he and Lois reached an understanding, cos I think they’re gonna need him. Hats off for the staging of the Mexican bank robbery, showing
  14. A few random thoughts on another brilliant episode: No football for a while then? Thank goodness! While it was fun to see geeky dad Kyle, and Inde has a sweet singing voice, the whole “theatre try-out” storyline kinda bored me. It would have been nice to use that time to see Jordan actually supporting his brother for a change. Why was Lesley Larr stirring the proverbial - is she motivated purely by suspicions of Lana, or something else entirely? I thought it was actually a bit strange to see Jordan so obviously (largely) sidelined in this episode, after the weight of focus the
  15. This show hasn’t produced a bad episode so far - please dear writers, keep it up, cos we’ve already seen that these cracking actors will bring the good stuff no matter what. I love, love, love the Kent family dynamic, which feels so real, from the boys squabbling, but ultimately having each other’s back, to Lois and Clark loving each other enough to not stifle each other’s unique skills, while still worrying for their spouse. This show ultimately has heart, which is why I’m hooked. I’m not a great comic book person, so I’m still lost on the significance of John Henry Irons, but I’m happ
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