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  1. ukgirl71

    S01.E14: Trips

    I suppose that couldn’t have been anything other than anti-climatic - even Micki’s fight felt rushed and anti-climatic. At least Bonham and Abilene are pulling closer, and it’s the first time I actually liked Geri, so there’s positives in that, I suppose. I enjoyed the matter of fact way Bonham and Micki (and Geri, given what Bonham said?) recognised the alpaca for what it really was. I agree that the family were over-sentimental/indulgent about Hoyt. Has anyone found a point in Stan yet? And, lastly, cos I’m shallow, Jared looked much better with a budding beard than with the perma-stub
  2. I don’t know why, but I’m kinda gutted that Edge is actually Superman’s (half)brother. I suppose, not being familiar with any comic book lore, it’s a bit out of left-field for me. My admiration for Lana has grown - she really stepped up to the plate, and I’m glad she was (mostly) brought up to speed with the Smallville craziness. I want her to find out about Clark before the end of the season - if not her, then Sarah. I had a huge grin on my face when Jon told her what was going on, and when Jon called Sam out again. I was puzzled why they didn’t voice-modulate Lana a bit more obv
  3. I would have loved to have seen a flashback episode about how Hoyt saved (presumably) Cordell when they were younger. A good opportunity lost, unfortunately.
  4. Bye bye my eye candy - saw that one coming! Shame they killed off one of their best players, but Matt Barr’s probably committed to Season 2 of Blood and Treasure, whenever that happens. I shall definitely miss Team SassyBoots. I am now transferring my MVP allegiances to the newly branded and blooded Liam. Hats off to whoever did Keegan’s make-up in this ep, cos I felt green every time I looked at him, and I don’t do squeamish easily. I actually liked Stella this ep - who’d a thunk? She stepped up when she had to. Poor little Auggie’s face, and Abeline’s cry when she realised Hoyt was
  5. First of all, I’ll get the shallow out of the way. I hope the make-up artist who applied the bruises to Tyler realised just how many people they were doing that for, taking one for a very large team 😂 Before his lungs started packing up, I got WAY too much of a laugh with Jordan’s super-snot!! I actually get where General Lane is coming from - he’s a practical military man of long-standing - he prepares for every possible worst-case scenario. I’m glad he and Lois reached an understanding, cos I think they’re gonna need him. Hats off for the staging of the Mexican bank robbery, showing
  6. A few random thoughts on another brilliant episode: No football for a while then? Thank goodness! While it was fun to see geeky dad Kyle, and Inde has a sweet singing voice, the whole “theatre try-out” storyline kinda bored me. It would have been nice to use that time to see Jordan actually supporting his brother for a change. Why was Lesley Larr stirring the proverbial - is she motivated purely by suspicions of Lana, or something else entirely? I thought it was actually a bit strange to see Jordan so obviously (largely) sidelined in this episode, after the weight of focus the
  7. This show hasn’t produced a bad episode so far - please dear writers, keep it up, cos we’ve already seen that these cracking actors will bring the good stuff no matter what. I love, love, love the Kent family dynamic, which feels so real, from the boys squabbling, but ultimately having each other’s back, to Lois and Clark loving each other enough to not stifle each other’s unique skills, while still worrying for their spouse. This show ultimately has heart, which is why I’m hooked. I’m not a great comic book person, so I’m still lost on the significance of John Henry Irons, but I’m happ
  8. I was surprised too, but I imagine COVID might still be having an impact in even a small way on production, and, if it doesn’t start til Jan/Feb, there mightn’t be as big gaps in between each episode? Just a guess.
  9. The one thing that’s puzzling me about the hitching post incident, unless I missed something, is that Walker stumbled out of the back seat? Surely he wasn’t that far gone that he didn’t recall that? The whole incident just made me even more fed up with Stella as a character - she’s got to be the one character I’d like to see the back of (not that that will happen). Liam is such a good brother and uncle - he’s definitely cut from the Bonham cloth. There were a few too many of Jared’s acting tics for me in this episode, but I can overlook that, cos it’s Jared (sue me, I’m shallow 😆). Speaking
  10. Another superb episode. I am loving the subtle acting choices nearly as much as the storyline - Clarke’s various tones of voice in his conversations with Jordan, the little look of jealousy (?) from Jon in the barn training session, the look in Lois’s eyes when Luther tells her the stone is x-Kryptonite (something in her own backyard that could harm her husband and family, after all), and her eyes conveying her pain at not being able to heal Jordan’s hurt in their conversation on the porch. I love that the mama bear instinct is helping push the storyline on - Lois’s determination to ge
  11. ukgirl71

    S01.E11: Freedom

    I liked the bonding between Stella and Walker with the promise of a road trip, I just would have liked less time spent on her and Trevor. Did anyone else appreciate the parallel of Stella running from an unknown threat at night to the way her mother died? The fight, such as it was, was good, but I wish they’d use a 6” 4’ inch, fit guy like Jared to better and more frequent effect - maybe that’s a consequence of COVID (I don’t want Chuck Norris Mark II, believe me, I’m just saying). And poor Hoyt! I know he’s been mixed up in serious crime, but to see him so stung by Geri’s confession made
  12. ukgirl71

    S01.E10: Encore

    Yes, the teenage angst is boring me, but I suppose the CW wants what it knows. I enjoyed the originality of the Minnie Jayne storyline, and she is a fabulous singer. What I would really love is a good, juicy crime to solve that lasts more than one episode (and doesn’t involve Emily’s death). And Bonham is still my MVP 🥰
  13. I’m not a fan of Geri as a character, but I’m enjoying the way Liam and James are becoming more and more layered, and sympathetic. Are we still be played, I wonder? It just seemed to me too convenient, too smooth, the way Geri slid out that gun, shot, and then flipped immediately to a crying wreck? I want more intrigue, but that’s maybe just the old cynic in me 😄 I liked the little interactions Micki had with the kids, and I hope we see more of that, and of the family dynamic too.
  14. That last scene was beautifully played - kudos to Jared, Keegan and Genevieve - husband and wife work together so poignantly. The tension over Emily’s death is really starting to gather momentum. Apart from that, can I just say I ❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️ Bonham Walker!
  15. I think I love dorky Clark more than Superman 😍 Lois and Clark’s relationship just keeps getting better and better - it’s strong, loving, intimate, and fun when it needs to be. Lois as Mom is also a continued treat (the line to the boys about getting home faster), and I’m even kinda glad Clark actually “stood up” to Jon, albeit briefly, and even though he knew how he felt. Jon is even a good guy when he rebels - please, please don’t ever make him break bad! The resurrected Kryptonian storyline is deliciously intriguing, and as for the revelation that Captain Luthor had his own Lois Lane 😵
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