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  1. As soon as the theme song kicks in, I'm gone. I think when they went to South Africa was my favourite. I've spent more time there than anywhere, and the cases were interesting. But I can re-watch every episode and be touched all over again.
  2. The only way to keep Jerry on the show is to make him sicker. No more dialysis scenes, so I doubt they will ever get his meds under control.
  3. I'd be on board for a Koracick series. Except it's been done before, and it was called House. My big annoyance is Jo. Her version of an American accent bugs me. And she whines all the time, and without Alex to redeem her, she is just a train wreck on the series. Meredith is once again making decisions that will complicate her home life and thank god other people are raising her children.
  4. Why is Jerry living there? Or is he just hanging out? And I hate Drew. I have hated him from the beginning. Based on his behaviors, it frightens me that he is a therapist. He is weirdly neurotic and massively selfish and the most tactless therapist I have ever seen. I'm stubborn about quitting a show, so I am trying really hard to hang on to this one. But it isn't the show I signed on for. Everything that drew me in is gone.
  5. And people who donate a kidney have massive restrictions for life. They are ignoring all of that. I thought it was mandatory that therapists have a therapist. You can't carry all that crap without getting a tune-up yourself.
  6. Chewy101

    Station 19

    I asked if it was a Shonda show because isn't she big on punishing actors and killing them off? If Vic could get over her fiance dying, I'm sure she will bounce back from this. Wasn't she with Avery immediately after the guy's death? I think she and Warren basically carried the crossover. And I think Isaiah would have been killed off if she'd had the confidence then to punish him like she really wanted to. But it was too early in.
  7. Chewy101

    Station 19

    Is this a shonda show?
  8. Chewy101

    Station 19

    She will always be the lawyer in Rent singing the Tango Maureen to me.
  9. yeah - but it doesn't change the fact that she brought said 17 year old into their house and had adoption plans already in her head without discussing it. I don't think that was right, and i don't think this is right either. both of these people do things without discussing it with each other (like 98% of of this show) The narcissisms in surgeons is phenomenal. They get too good at making quick decisions and I can only imagine how being married to a fake doctor or fake firefighter would be a rollercoaster from hell. Anyway, unless Millar signed a will for this, the kid is going with
  10. Not to mention when Tom called Marina, her phone showed him as "Mi Amore"
  11. What the HECK. This show took years to cover a year in their time, and then they take a 6 month leap? Who ARE these people? Nobody seemed normal. The entire thing was jarring.
  12. What I don't understand is that they said Martha "perjured herself" in court, and that could be used to protect the Eve Experiment from whatever happened to Martha in the end. So, did she lie in court for saying the Doc molested her, or for saying he didn't?
  13. They knew each for, what, a couple months? I think she wasn't terribly broken up about him leaving because she feels like you do. She was disappointed, but knew if he was gone that easily, they did not have enough at that point to compromise areas of their lives they were sure about. And staying in touch with an ex closes you off to potential new possibilities, so I think it was right that they cut ties. I think we are saying the same thing. And believe the same way, actually.
  14. Oh God, there's a season two? Darby and Sara seemed plenty close at her wedding. It's exactly the girlfriend breakup that happens when lives change, but they can find a new way of bonding. SO much of Sara's toxic places included Darby. It has nothing to do with Darby being at fault in any way, but sobriety often comes with cutting all ties that are associated with your worst behaviours.
  15. I loved that, actually. They both realized their goals, and never ended up being right for one another anyway. She let him go because she knew he loved her but he was on a different path. I am broken hearted by how many of my friends didn't think clearly and I am now attending their second weddings. Some, third! Later episodes hade me hating this show as a whole, because even our heroine couldn't resist trying marriage on impulse, but I was proud of Augie and Darby for not putting all of their eggs in one basket.....
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