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  1. Alright, I didn't make it all the way through the comments, but I dont think I'm alone to say Delilah sucks, and if she grabbed Eddie's hand and through themselves off a cliff, I'd say good riddance Katherine got a rough start, but she has become one of the most interesting characters on the show... I thought this was going to be about something more interesting than ridiculous infidelity and scandal. Grow up, people.
  2. If someone needs a bit of stitches, they cry medic. I don't think they are in any danger. Every time they get the sniffles, someone has help come in. I wish the show was more real, But I don't think it is. If you need the medic, you should tap out. You didn't make it!!!
  3. YES! ANYone at an unhealthy weight, whether overweight or underweight, makes me concerned. And people who are public are going to be under different scrutiny. It's just how it is. People will worry, they will speculate. A woman carrying that much weight so close to her heart is in danger. And saying she isn't is like saying a diabetic should go loosy goosy with their insulin, because no one has a right to look out for another person. It's not hate, it's science. Anyway, the boards are up for grabs on opinions, so long as we are respectful to one another. And I don't see it as any different than hoping someone quits smoking, or rooting for Kevin and Uncle to stay sober.
  4. Are we ret-conning the fact that he cheated on Rosie with his mom's nurse and fell in love with her and left Roseanne? I know the show's reboot basically pretended like the final season didn't exist, so maybe it "didn't" happen. But if it did still happen, not all that nice of a guy.
  5. Interesting, I only know of women who jump the gun on this. I lost a friend to cancer and she was sleeping with his best friend within two months. And most of my girlfriends are already on their second spouse, so they know how to move on. I think both genders are needy and make poor choices.
  6. I'm so happy that Katie wasn't just featured on just one episode. And it's funny seeing her play a softer character after Sons of Anarchy. I like her chemistry with Dan, and his reluctance to betray Rosie. It feels very organic.
  7. He was too drunk to be present for their son, and now he is 100 percent present, so I guess that is wooing?
  8. This bothered me as well. Becky was a straight arrow who wanted a big future, but got stuck in the crack between not having a college fund and not qualifying for aid. So she married Mark and changed her path completely. The character now is hilarious and a major asset to the show, but we don't need to forget who she was before and how the booze and losing her husband changed her. But Lecy is knocking the comic timing out of the park. She is like a mini Jackie. Now can we stop assassinating Darlene's character, please? A love triangle, really? So pathetic.
  9. Which of them have? I think April and Jackson did because April failed her the first time and quit but I don't remember the original five taking them. It was a long time ago, but I believe the original crew did it together, and Alex left early to follow up on his intern's baby who was in the ICU. And Meredith had a stomach bug and kept puking during the exam. They all checked their email for scores together. Am I remembering the right thing? Lord, this show has gone on for so long.
  10. I really hope Kate (the actress) is not in that bad of shape. I want to believe there is padding. I just don't want to see someone that unhealthy, its upsetting. I hate Randall, still. He was a psycho creeper on the bus, and then he decided to do "worst case scenario games" without talking to his wife about if their kids were ready for this. He NEVER consults her, just like he does everything, and I would dread being married to this psycho. You are not a team with this man, you are just yanked into a new phase as he calls it, and informed after the fact, and then you better comply. I'm looking forward to Baby Jack events, and Kevin meeting Cassidy. I'd be ok if Randall got sidelined for awhile.
  11. I don't think we have been exposed to exercise manic yet. I think he is just unwilling to tell her where he is because they used to be weight loss partners and only one of them is following through right now. He is scared for her, and scared of her feeling passive aggressively shamed or left behind, and all he can do is take of himself and be there for his family ( and NOT go to his normal vices for consolation). When SHE was on board with fitness and weight loss, he jumped ship with the weight loss and they have exchanged roles. Two addicts trying to be on the same page isn't easy. So much emotional baggage involved. I say Toby should keep going. And I really hope Kate is wearing padding, because this is getting really distressing. It's so hard not to project onto a person with a disability, like they are missing out, even when they don't know any difference. But Kate is doing a great job recognizing that smells and sounds and touch go such a long way, and that there are so many means to recognize, learn, communicate, and feel safe. I think this episode would have been too hard to take if they had not softened us first with the last episode and now we know that Jack is ok.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. I believe the clinic was destroyed in a fire, storm, flood, some disaster.
  13. WHY do doctors keep getting accidentally knocked up. Don't they know better??? Ugh. For sixteen seasons these doctors have been having "oopsie daisy" babies and it's careless and childish, and most of them are too dang old for this nonsense. What's next, Maggie finds out Jackson knocked her up and she and Amelia go preggo together, while we watch Maggie and Jackson snark and try to "do right" by the situation? Good grief.
  14. I wish there were more dogs on this show and less babies. I am not looking forward to Delilah being unable to care for this kid and we see how it "takes a village" with the subtlety of a sledgehammer all season. I do not get why they are so involved.
  15. I'm intrigued by these theories about Cassidy. This shows throws endless loops, so who knows, but I really just thought Nicky and Jack's experiences would be something she would relate to in future AA episodes and she was only there to be Kevin's next girl. As for Nicky holding a bottle..... I think his issues with the VA and refusal to take their help, and his struggles with alcohol, and it was an AA meeting, I saw a drunken lash out. What I didn't see was that it may possibly be personally directed at Cassidy. I thought it was just directed at the VA.
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