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  1. I am thinking back to the series Episodes, the one where the producers said they wanted "Hot Matt" not "fat Matt." I AGREE! What the heck happened to LeBlanc? He now looks like he has been riding the couch eating pie. I never really liked this show, because I couldn't get it out of my head that this was the awful crap like Pucks, that he would be ashamed of doing. Now it appears he drowned his sorrows in food. This particular episode was irritating. When he wants kids, he has no problem with what it puts her through, but he can't do a simple procedure for her? Barf. And enough with the laugh track. Ugh.
  2. Yes, they showed the stairs and nothing. I guess they are trying to limit the amount of "reality" one has to see so viewers aren't turned off. The show is very touching but it is still supposed to be light hearted.
  3. I didn't get that either - it's not like Steenburgen's character was in denial, or was adjusting slowly to it, or didn't have the money for it - they should've had someone in weeks (if not months) ago to asses the situation and make recommendations. That's what home health care is for. If he were ambulatory and he had only gotten to this recently, sure - but from how they have said it, he went from mild symptoms, to six (?) months later, where he is having difficulty swallowing. And if Paul couldn't get him up the stairs (admittedly it was new for him so possibly more awkward), how did tiny little mom get him up there every night, and back down every morning? Until this episode, I thought they had a downstairs bedroom. I just assumed, I guess, because he was always on the couch or in his chair and not in a bed.
  4. She was crazy swollen and could barely form an expression then. And it appears she never got better. I have no problem with aging- I think it's generally beautiful, actually. But the fight to stop aging can be a disaster. Anyway, I like her singing. Because these are average people's inner thoughts, they don't have to be some Broadway talent.
  5. That Gilmore Girls revival showed some major plastic surgery. It's a shame. It reminds me of Courtney Cox, who has admitted herself that she destroyed her face with botox.
  6. Perhaps it's the three chins. All of that botox is melting. It's very distracting to see someone so young destroy her face.
  7. Alright, I didn't make it all the way through the comments, but I dont think I'm alone to say Delilah sucks, and if she grabbed Eddie's hand and through themselves off a cliff, I'd say good riddance Katherine got a rough start, but she has become one of the most interesting characters on the show... I thought this was going to be about something more interesting than ridiculous infidelity and scandal. Grow up, people.
  8. If someone needs a bit of stitches, they cry medic. I don't think they are in any danger. Every time they get the sniffles, someone has help come in. I wish the show was more real, But I don't think it is. If you need the medic, you should tap out. You didn't make it!!!
  9. YES! ANYone at an unhealthy weight, whether overweight or underweight, makes me concerned. And people who are public are going to be under different scrutiny. It's just how it is. People will worry, they will speculate. A woman carrying that much weight so close to her heart is in danger. And saying she isn't is like saying a diabetic should go loosy goosy with their insulin, because no one has a right to look out for another person. It's not hate, it's science. Anyway, the boards are up for grabs on opinions, so long as we are respectful to one another. And I don't see it as any different than hoping someone quits smoking, or rooting for Kevin and Uncle to stay sober.
  10. Are we ret-conning the fact that he cheated on Rosie with his mom's nurse and fell in love with her and left Roseanne? I know the show's reboot basically pretended like the final season didn't exist, so maybe it "didn't" happen. But if it did still happen, not all that nice of a guy.
  11. Interesting, I only know of women who jump the gun on this. I lost a friend to cancer and she was sleeping with his best friend within two months. And most of my girlfriends are already on their second spouse, so they know how to move on. I think both genders are needy and make poor choices.
  12. I'm so happy that Katie wasn't just featured on just one episode. And it's funny seeing her play a softer character after Sons of Anarchy. I like her chemistry with Dan, and his reluctance to betray Rosie. It feels very organic.
  13. He was too drunk to be present for their son, and now he is 100 percent present, so I guess that is wooing?
  14. This bothered me as well. Becky was a straight arrow who wanted a big future, but got stuck in the crack between not having a college fund and not qualifying for aid. So she married Mark and changed her path completely. The character now is hilarious and a major asset to the show, but we don't need to forget who she was before and how the booze and losing her husband changed her. But Lecy is knocking the comic timing out of the park. She is like a mini Jackie. Now can we stop assassinating Darlene's character, please? A love triangle, really? So pathetic.
  15. Which of them have? I think April and Jackson did because April failed her the first time and quit but I don't remember the original five taking them. It was a long time ago, but I believe the original crew did it together, and Alex left early to follow up on his intern's baby who was in the ICU. And Meredith had a stomach bug and kept puking during the exam. They all checked their email for scores together. Am I remembering the right thing? Lord, this show has gone on for so long.
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