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  1. That was Gina's most viral prank on her socials. She kept giving people cement. The stuff they were drinking last night looked a lot like champagne. Maybe she uses some very finely ground cement...
  2. I couldn't follow the timeline at all. I was too young to know what was happening other than the years he was elected and reelected. Edie looked like Edie Falco, not Hillary circa 1996. But even if they were going for Hillary, it looked like current day HRC. She was far less polished in the 90s. I could REALLY use some clues as to what characters are on screen. I didn't know who killed themself until the news report said his name, I still didn't know who he was in the grand scheme. I followed the OJ miniseries better and I think I was 6 when the verdict was announced. They shoul
  3. Mark and Lexie. I liked that Lexie wasn't dark and miserable like most of the characters. And Mark was funny and seemed to be the most charming man in the hospital.
  4. I enjoy the show, but how is Dax so good at winning? They have to switch teams mid game so both get Dax. Kristen's great, but he just thinks faster. She's also less competitive, she seems to just enjoy playing regardless.
  5. 1000% Schrute Farms. Both Dwight and Charles have weird families and will milk about anything with nipples. They also seem to both have a tradition of handling deceased loved ones without outside assistance (like embalming and burying 🥴)
  6. Guess they have 5 months of childcare now. Wonder if we'll get a time jump.
  7. So this probably isn't a good time to tell y'all I cut bangs and now look exactly like Regina when I wear an updo? I really like the poodle bangs and was happy to see her rocking them this episode 😬
  8. Romany Malco is an amazing actor. Sometimes I start crying before he says his line, because his reactions and pauses are so powerful. Whew, that chat with Sophie made me ugly cry. "Don't knock on my door, bust down my door" She never got to Disneyland? I couldn't tell if that was the end of the story.
  9. I think they use the stairs at Gary's because it's on the second floor. Likely has an elevator they don't use, but will now that Eddie will be there.
  10. I don't think Cassidy has a single floral item in her closet. Lol. Or a dress. But we can all play the speculation game. We've got nothin but time!
  11. I don't know if I've already mentioned this. But my mother went into labor with me right before a VERY IMPORTANT EPISODE of Dynasty. Although it was a quick delivery, my parents missed the episode entirely. They're still annoyed that I ruined their primetime TV plans, lol. They have never seen the episode they missed. When I asked my Dad about it, he said "we should have gotten a puppy instead of having another kid." Lololol Talk about Must See TV! ETA: Oh, it may have been Dallas. They came on the same night. Mom says it was Dynasty, Dad says Dallas. Same thing, watercooler-stakes-w
  12. It was a beautiful moment. Black women are so often dismissed by doctors. Regina had a secret weapon in that her mama has "Karen" tendencies and will advocate for her daughter. In the years since Serena Williams almost died after giving birth to Olympia, Black women (me included) have been told to ask for documentation if a doctor refuses treatment. That paper trail scares the crappy doctors into remembering we are humans worthy of their care too. It's not new, but the terminology has been streamlined. "Document that you refused my request in the file." I have to do it a lot. But I don't have
  13. I remember her on some VERY 90s daytime talk show. Like Ricki Lake or back when Maury had standards. It was about insanely talented kids. She was a funny looking 6-8 year old, very squishy face. But I remember thinking "oh, she is gonna be real famous when she grows into that face." In less than 5 years I was buying her album. She's been hustling her whole life, with a bit of a stage mom. She has so much soul in her voice. I'm always rooting for Jojo. (And I NEVER remember precocious kids)
  14. I was rooting for Jojo. But I just like when the ladies win.
  15. They rigged the first impression guesses to keep it from being a tie. Jenny def gets some help from the producers. The opening song made me want a duet of "When You Believe" feat Jojo and Leann Rimes. They are fabulous singers that could do Mariah and Whitney justice. I never say that about white girls, lol, but they can SANG. Nicole looked like Beyonce tonight, I had to keep remembering she wasn't.
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