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  1. Her mom pressed her hair after she got in the lake, so she must have disappeared after that, lol. Chi McBride looks and sounds so much like my father, I would cast him in my life movie. When he said "he asked my permission to marry you, and when he asks you it should be an easy yes." Is EXACTLY what my father would say if he'd dare poke the feminist wrath within me. A well off Christian Black man, hand picked by the strict father? Yeah, I'd have to run away if I was her age too. I guess since Laurel's brother died in the war, there are no first cousins to find. I want Randall to have a cousin in his age group he can hang with so Malik isn't his only friend. Casting for older Laurel was horrible. I hated it. Mostly because Sterling has such a deep brown skin tone, it's weird that both of his parents were only darker skinned in their youth, but lightened up by age 40. More dark skinned actresses should be on TV, and they had a perfect chance to cast one. I enjoyed the episode. And Sterling's booty.
  2. The same as the dude from Noelle? He must have some deal with her production company.
  3. I dated a Magnus. Thank goodness I didn't marry my Magnus.
  4. Kind of worked for her character because she was so overworked and stressed.
  5. I'd say she's a bit of a ringer for this show... but Patti LaBelle didn't even make the finals on Masked Singer, so there is no such thing as a ringer. It's always about how hard they are to guess. Plus, Forever FLOTUS is so muscular, her body would be quite easy to guess. Seeing her "in person" on her book tour, she has a unique pear shape, and also, she dances much better than Moth.
  6. Hair AND Makeup. It's a huge problem because of the unions. About 40 of the most well known Black actresses hopped on Yvette's twitter to chime in that they also have this problem too. I can't find the thread! But here is a pre-covid article Delilah's hair is not great. Maybe only Katherine's hairstylist is working on all three of them.
  7. Craig was on all the seasons of The Office, and is often the token Black dude in the Seth Rogen movies. He's really good at music and comedy and he mixes them often. He'll be a great host for the dance show I plan to hate-watch. Hey! I watch both of these Masked shows because of my crushes on the hosts. Whatever works in quarantine, yo! I've never heard of Chloe, Tori, Taylor, Paul Anka (except the dog on Gilmore Girls), The Hartman-Blacks, Dr. Elvis, or Mark Sanchez. If Nick Carter, Billy Porter, and LeAnn Rhimes are who you say they are, I know them! So this is actually quite the odd season, after Busta, BAG, and Wendy Williams, the unmasked people kept getting less and less famous. But the final three MAY be "household" names. I will add: Tori Kelly's voice sounds so much like OG Jessica Simpson (back when she sang!) that I think the clues were meant to guess her. But Seahorse has earned a fan out of me and should have been in the final over Mushroom. Also, Dr Elvis has such a similar voice to Leslie Odom Jr (I watched his viral videos this week from April) and he could quit his day job and tour with Hamilton.
  8. Yvette Nicole Brown has been pointing out that Black actresses often have to do their own hair for shows because the hair person isn't experienced in textured hair. With covid restrictions added, I vote we give Gina a break on her hair. There's a really good chance the hair professionals only work on the non Black actresses to limit the number of people on set.
  9. She was a pill and he seemed to hate her. Also, boy oh boy is Christina Moses the prettier "Regina!"
  10. Enjoy him harmonizing with Keegan Michael Key
  11. I posted, "Y'all were ALL Kate in this scene this summer," on social media. Because yeah, they really wanted me comforting them that this stuff finally hurt their feelings. I like to remind them I've been upset since Rodney King and I was four when that happened. This ain't new. You don't get a "woke cookie," Kate.
  12. I thought the monologue was hilarious. I have electronically been pushed out of racial discussions because WW want to do the talking for me, a Black woman. The minute those black boxes appeared on IG, it became all about performative wokeness. None of us asked for that. Not only have I lived my life as a Black woman, I actually have a degree in AA studies, so them sending me suggestions on books to learn about racism in America may be the WORST unintended effect of this "new normal." Felt like he was speaking for me on that topic. Found "equator people" so funny I choked on my water. I assume I appreciated it knowing he has a black wife and black children. But honestly, it was funny. I would love July as Black History Month. Chloe should take a run as Dr. Biden, because Heidi's features are all wrong. Jill has pointy features, Heidi has very round ones.
  13. I don't know who Clint or Lisa Hartman Black are. I don't know of Taylor Dane. I liked Nicole's outfit.
  14. Never would have guessed him. As soon as he took off the mask, I was 5 years old again crushing on David Silver of 90210. I actually thought it was Jason Priestly at first because they do look similar (Luke Perry looked like them too, but he's passed. Casting director definitely had a type.) Brian is just younger. Plus, the Megan Fox thing clicked instantly. I'm worried I'll have the same issue with others this time around. People I know, but I never think about. I truly have zero guesses. Demi Lovato for Sun is the closest thing I have to a guess. I feel like Ken this season.
  15. SUCK IT! Yes, I went to look it up because I knew the Suck It kid was Greg's son.
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