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  1. He was also on The Office (same casting people), so he was definitely the best option of Gen's crushes to appear.
  2. Looks like Jerry has returned to Navarro for his third year. Just caught Gabi mention it on instagram.
  3. I was positive Barbara was going to say "yeah, that's my sweater, you tested your own mom's DNA." (the strands of hair were long, so I figured that was the route they were headed)
  4. My sister lost her dog in college and we fell in line just like these friends did. Also, assuming Gary is as attached to Colin as I am to my dog, my friends would also call out for the day to keep me from a meltdown. It's far fetched for some, but knowing how attached your childless friend is to their dog makes for a very supportive friend.
  5. Are we sure he's going to rehab? He has borderline personality disorder, so he may be spending time in an institution getting his meds adjusted. It's somewhat common for those who can afford it, and is similar to rehab in some ways. Everyone I know with BPD has done at least a week of inpatient observation. Either way, I hope he returns happy and healthy after this month long break. He deserves some peace of mind.
  6. Well, Nick knows a lot of industry people solely based on longevity and his previous marriage, so I do think he knows most of them by their face. But when someone doesn't look like themselves (aka Dr Drew without glasses or Rumer Willis as a blonde) he definitely gets a lil hint in his ears. Probably while they are pretending to struggle to "Take it off! Take it off!" Ninja's hair makes me want cotton candy, but I still don't know who he is. Pissed no one pointed out in this episode that two Cheetah Girls were on the show and they didn't know. Sorry, I mean Nick definitely gets the answer in his ear, he just doesn't need it every time.
  7. I want Zachary Levi (who I thought was Fox in the first clue package), Tamera Mowry, Ashley Tisdale, Jorma or Akiva from Lonely Island, Nasim Pedrad, Craig Robinson (his voice is buttah), Jodie Sweetin, T-Boz (cosign, poster above), Brandy, and I love a kid of a celeb, so let's throw in Evan Ross or Nicole/Sofia Richie.
  8. My toddler nieces and nephew have called my emergency contacts many times without my faceID or fingerprint. If they can do it, anyone can.
  9. Raven's voice is almost as familiar to me as Miss Patty Labelle's. I have not an ounce of doubt that Black Widow is Raven. But I do want to know if there is any record of her injury on social media this summer. I couldn't find ANYTHING. I'd love to hear Seal do his actual singing voice. He's far better than Leopard's been. So, if you are Seal, sing like it. It didn't go away, I heard that signature voice on the Popstar soundtrack just a couple years back. Also, Michelle Williams is the butterfly. No doubt.
  10. Black Widow is Raven Symone. No doubt in my mind. Love the suggestion of Ms Jay for Leopard. If people never watched America's Next Top Model, they'd know him from memes and gifs galore!
  11. I was called an inside out Oreo because I am light skinned, but very black on the inside. Kids aren't super creative. To be fair, this didn't hurt me because confirming I was black on the inside was all I cared about.
  12. Fellow black girl here. My dad said no hair cuts until we were 18. But when my parents got divorced, my mom let me chop off about 4 inches (I was 13). My dad cried when she dropped me off at his house. I'm the baby of the family and he took it like he had no more little kids left.
  13. I planned to rewatch the first episode, but right now I'm still too mad. Maybe I missed this part and y'all caught it... Who was in the trunk kicking around when the two Mexican men crossed the border? We know big Dick was decapitated before his head was brought to Mexico, so I highly doubt his body was still functioning enough to kick while in the trunk. Also, they explicitly state that his body was left in Neptune. So who was that?
  14. After binge watching Season 4 of Veronica Mars two weekends ago, I was protecting my heart regarding all "dramedy" finales. I know JtV loves a cliffhanger, but was so relieved when they spelled out at the beginning that this will not leave anything left unresolved (that matters). It was very satisfying. I feel like the finale justified my 5 years of investment in this wonderful show. I hope there are more characters like Jane Villanueva on other shows to come, I suppose Amy Santiago (Brooklyn 99) is the closest I have to my favorite Type A WOC feminine badass who loves a pro/con list. More representation, thanks JtV for showing how to do it right.
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