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  1. Also because his name is William. She saw the bus stop he got on and went back to it, the bus driver seemed to know him well.
  2. He went to Carnegie Mellon, which appears (currently) to have 3 of the 5 black fraternities, unsure about 1998 options. But no, they have never mentioned if he is in a fraternity in our real timeline. To be fair, we really haven't seen any of the Pearsons with platonic friends, so anything is possible! His frat bros could show up at any time if he has them.
  3. Yes, I'm aware, as I went to an HBCU myself and know each of the 5 options all attract different types of men. There are four other black fraternities that each better fit any version of Randall. Including a Sigma (which SKB is in real life). No. They, in general, are rougher around the edges, seeping with self confidence, and very masculine. They are often (more than any other black frats) physically large men as well, they tower over others. If I were casting an Omega in a movie, Terry Crews would be my starting point. Omegas are also (stereotypically) the non-academic ones. Not sure any black frat would be defined as assholes, but there is one that's known for having a hard time settling down because they are a tad cocky.
  4. Haha, this has become my favorite part of the show. I pronounce it like this now because so many of the commenter hated it in season 1.
  5. He pledged a black fraternity. The LEAST Randall fraternity of all. That was not at all in character with the Randall we've seen for 17 years. Each black frat has a sort of "type" and Randall is NOT and Omega "type" in any timeline.
  6. I think Robin should get half a point. He guessed the person who plays her on SNL. That's so close. I was hoping he'd be proud of his guess. But really they all just look shocked.
  7. T-Rex is JoJo Siwa. No one else from Dance Moms is that tall and that annoying. The rest I don't know. I'm really happy Bear was eliminated first because it was going to stump me all season and I am grateful to not have invested that energy into Hockey Mom S.P.
  8. It's on there, I just saw it. Not only does she give the dog a lick of her wine, she then drinks out of the glass after the dog. She was quite drunk, so I'm positive she forgot the dog had a lick. But that was not the first time that pup had wine. He knew it was coming.
  9. Funny enough, with someone's earlier comparison, Courteney Cox was pregnant on Friends while filming their infertility (that led to adoption *16 year spoiler*) storyline. Apparently Melissa had a rough pregnancy with her second child, and it stresses me out to think how bad she feels in some of these scenes where they are already trying to hide her early trimester belly.
  10. I know I'm Frog obsessed, but the last clue they showed before his performance was a tie. Not a regular tie... a (lil) BOWtie. It's Bow Wow, I know those thighs and that stature from miles away. He definitely knows T-Pain and Nicole. Banana is def Bret, and Kitty has me stumped! When Taco said he's around a lot of salsa... he meant at work, where they ballroom dance, the Salsa! (and apparently he owns a taco shop)
  11. She's smaller, a lot smaller. But there is a possibility she is being padded (or dressed unflatteringly) for very public appearances and episodes. Her personal instagram shows a much smaller Chrissy. I linked to what I posted last week for comparison photos. I imagine it will take over 150 pounds lost before the show allows viewers to see her transformation. Slow weight loss is far too normal for a show that loves to make a jaw drop. They padded Chris Sullivan until he became too fit to believe that belly was his, you can see in his face that he was much larger in season one (regardless of padding).
  12. My siblings and I always had to do report cards at the same time. It was very clear what low expectations they had for my stepsister versus me. I was the A student, my middle sister made B's, oldest sister got C's, and stepsister would get basically a shopping spree if she managed to pass a single class. We would get punished for not meeting our personal high bar, as opposed to all 4 needing A's. I do NOT recommend this, because it forced us in these boxes. I couldn't screw up or phone it in without being grounded for a grade that could earn my oldest sister a new car. The reason we had this public report card review was for one reason only; to make sure no one hid their grades from the parents the day report cards came in.
  13. When Sarah first got started on Modern Family, everyone referred to her as Lil Mila. I think a lot of people could find a way to make the clues fit them both. They are quite similar.
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