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  1. SUCK IT! Yes, I went to look it up because I knew the Suck It kid was Greg's son.
  2. The concierge/butler/waiter/etc is Greg Daniels' son Owen (Greg runs this show). He acted in a few episodes of The Office as David Wallace's school aged son, so it was quite a leap to see him here as a grown man. He even wrote one of the 10 episodes of this show, but I already forgot which one.
  3. You're thinking of it pronounced like a bow tie. But it's a tie with the word "Bow" before it. The frog is Bow Wow. Every hint confirms this. His build is very unique, and although Alfonso R is the closest in body type, he wouldn't be rapping. He would be singing Brat Pack style songs like Tom Bergeron (aka Taco) sang, as that's his wheelhouse. Bow Wow's career mimicked parts of Will Smith's (family friendly young rapper turned actor) so much that Ice Cube went to make a show starring Bow Wow that was intended to mirror Quincy Jones' Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The show never made it past the pilot, but Bow Wow still refers to his time on cable TV to be "his Fresh Prince of Bel Air."
  4. The $87,000 was what the insurance didn't cover... because #America. I think they tried to imply it was 20% of the cost of the procedure, which is what my insurance charges as well (20%, not $90k).
  5. No, I think the story tracks. They wrote an $87,000 check when the kidney became available in the penultimate episode of season 1. Then Stan learned there was a robbery the night before at the store where Annie works. Not to mention Ruby paid in cash and took the check (that would have bounced) and ripped it up.
  6. Are these spoilers? At my last job, you needed access to the top floor, you needed access to all 3 floors (10, 11, & 12) but special access for floor 12. On 10 and 11, we had basic keurig, water, one type of tea, styrofoam and plastic cups, cream and sugar. On the 12th floor? Fresh fruit daily, honey as a sweetener, custom frothy type keurig, oat milk, that delicious Sonic ice and biodegradable cups/stirrers. This was because the CEO worked on that floor and he had VIPs come to meet with him, so they spoiled them. On days we all got breakfast: Floor 10 got donuts, Floor 11 got croissants, and Floor 12 had a custom omelette stand with bacon and waffles etc. This is a very real thing.
  7. It was just so mindless. I got exactly what I expected out of this show: no reason to pay attention, just background noise that wasn't about a global pandemic. It was really really dumb.
  8. Franchesca looks so much like Francia Raisa that I couldn't really see past it. I think it's silly she defined herself as the most beautiful one there. None of the gals looked enough alike to compare them. I found Chloe to be the most interesting and attractive girl of the group. It's a silly show, I'm definitely more like Nicole than anyone else on the show. When Sharron said, "I miss sex, it's like losing a best friend." I laughed so long I had to pause it. It was 30 days, it's just really not that hard. I suppose Kelz was the cutest, followed by Jesus for me. The fuccboi (Cori?) in the last few episodes, you know the one with banter, lol... he was sexy but so sucky.
  9. She's playing a mixed woman. She's based off Kenya Barris' real wife who is biracial. Rashida's title character in Angie Tribeca was mixed (Ernie Hudson and Peggy Lipton played her parents). Biracial in blackish as Santamonica, daughter of Beau Bridges and Anna Deveare Smith. And "multi racial" in Parks and Rec and I Love You Man. Her character being Italian on The Office is the only time I've seen her not play a black woman. Even then, it was commented on how exotic she looked and how it appears her dad may have been a GI.
  10. I'm assuming it was eerie because Idris Elba famously announced he also tested positive for COVID. So the host, and one sketch both involved two of the few celeb hosts who've dealt with the virus firsthand.
  11. That's the thing about Kenan. We have always had him, so any time he isn't around, we miss him. He can stay on the show forever if he wants!
  12. Interesting... and not nearly as vulgar as it could have been. Thanks for finding it for us.
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