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  1. Well, Jill certainly showed up those Duggar people. In addition to her own large open space for entertaining crowds she even had Thanksgiving themed paper plates and cups! The Duggars always use plain old white paper plates~
  2. My husband is getting over a cold that fortunately I didn't get. His covid tests were negative. I doubt any Duggars would test for covid until they had to go to the ER.
  3. I think all TV shows require vaccinations for cast and crew. Erin got very sick from Covid and didn't Kelly's stepfather pass away? I'd bet they all got quietly vaccinated.
  4. I'm wondering if she is now in a house or apartment, thus the new "modem."
  5. I'm surprised that it was acceptable for a young girl like Addalee to be staying in a home with an adult male while her sister was gone, even with young children around. I would have thought the Bates parents would disapprove.
  6. She may have moved to Utah but I don't think she quit her marriage. I suspect Kody is welcome to come visit her anytime, like the time Janelle moved out and got her own place. She has moved back to a community with many members of the AUB and the people she has always known. I don't think she would have done that if she was planning to leave her religion. The situation probably works better for Kody as well.
  7. My grandson refers to us as grandma and papa. For several years he was calling his other grandfather grandma Joe! I think he's over that now~ Eta: I just looked at MeMe's photos with Nemo. She looks so possessive--It's a good thing that breastfeeding will allow Nurie to hold her son every so often!
  8. My daughter moved from Portland to Washington because of tax considerations.
  9. Since Janelle is so all-in on polygamy, I wonder if she has encouraged Savannah to pursue that lifestyle?
  10. Jill looks a lot like one of the not-Nuries in her wedding photo. I have yet to figure out which is which.
  11. As someone posted above, this thread title is in need on a new name. She has managed to prove time and again how clueless and dumb she is!
  12. Looks to me Amy found some filters to use in her selfies~
  13. Just a note....above there was a reference to C&E. I was thinking Carlin and Evan, but it turns out it was Chad and Erin. So there are two C&E couples and it would be helpful to explain which one is being discussed.
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