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  1. The best I have seen at this social media stuff is Evan and Carlin Bates. Evan is down to earth in a way that Jeremy could never even imagine. And Carlin is a goof but both of them are more than willing to laugh at themselves. Even if the Duggar spawn took note, they would still not succeed. And Jeremy is hopeless at relating to "the common people".
  2. If they have a shower, I think it will be a co-ed thing, maybe with the soup people or the motorcycle riding bunch.
  3. Do people make money from their Instagram posts? I'm pretty dumb about social media.
  4. Lucky for Jeremy, he now has Audrey to tell him when to wake up and what he is supposed to do. I do think Zack can now get himself out of bed, but he's very lucky to have a tv show that supports him.
  5. I don't think Jessa edited the video. She's kind of busy these days. I think it was edited and slicked up by the brains behind Duggar Studios, whoever they might be.
  6. It looked to me like Matt was drinking Coke. He had a glass with ice cubes and it definitely didn't look like red or white wine.
  7. I thought the two videos were higher quality than what Jessa usually puts out. I wonder if they were edited by "Duggar Studios" or whoever in the family is into video.
  8. Amy is a very high maintenance partner. I don't know how long Chris is going to enjoy that~
  9. So...I was watching the latest Stewart video about their trip to the farm and a commercial popped up---For very sexy lingerie. The model: "I feel like the baddest bitch on the block." LOL!!!! ETA: So while Gil is offering up a prayer before lunch, Kelly is...recording it, of course!
  10. Just watched a Jessa video where she and Ivy had a "date." First she took her to Chic-fil-a for a kids meal and then to Starbucks for a fancy drink. That was a lot of food for a two year-old. Anyway, Ivy was truly adorable and knows a lot of words--and she was wearing black pants. And black is her favorite color!
  11. The real reason: Right now the Philippines must be safer for fundie missionaries than El Salvador and other Central American countries they have previously invaded. And still plenty of Catholics to convert!
  12. The cabin was a really great idea, but I have to wonder if it has a bathroom or did they build an outhouse out back?
  13. In the photo with the blue dress, Jinger's head looks photoshopped on her body! 😲
  14. I was watching a Stewart family video and Carlin went over to her pastor's house to get her kid's hair cut. The house was huge and the backyard even bigger with a large in-ground pool. That pastor is doing very well for himself. I'm sure that is what Jeremy and Jinger want at the very least, if not to head up the whole McArthur empire. McArthur is 82.
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