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  1. That baby girl (whatever her name is) looks like a Brown for sure. Sadly, she reminds me of Kody~
  2. My granddaughter was two and a half when she started hiding when she had to poop and then she would take off her diaper and try to put on another one--we had to keep a close eye on her because that could be a real mess! However, before she turned three she announced she was done with diapers and in the past six months only had one accident and that was at night. They are all so different~
  3. Jeremy must think about his own promotion 24/7. I wonder if his need for the perfect props was going through his mind when he selected Jinger? He's the phoniest man ever, which I guess sells well as a pastor to some people.
  4. Thanks for the commentary...can't watch...go Nats! But it sounds like I'm not missing much.
  5. I had a miscarriage at 17 weeks that was very traumatic but I was eventually able to put it into perspective. I wouldn't have had my lovely second daughter otherwise, and as I learned afterwards, something was probably seriously wrong with the fetus in the first place. The only reminder of that event was a dress I had bought for the pregnancy, and it probably took me 15 years before I could give it away.
  6. O Wise One, Mariah, I wait with baited breath to learn at your knee the wisdom of the ages and the truths you choose to share with us, great yoga guru~ I await your teachings on social justice and the equality of all FOLXS~ We have been waiting for one such as you! 🙏
  7. For those of you who didn't watch, a new show was advertised during the commercial called the Plath Family--another fundy family. They do the family band thing, are all blond and TV ready, and seem pretty creepy to me. No media in the house, no sugar, blah blah blah. I will be passing on this--one fundy family is enough for me.
  8. riverblue22


    I thought at first that it was Mariah's fiancée Audrey.
  9. So that child size jean vest has a name? The Harvey?
  10. That Cade guy is creepy. But it is nice to see that Michelle's back problem is cured and she can now hold a child.
  11. I think Madison is struggling without the support of her family. Bet they move to Flagstaff before long, unless of course, the whole family leaves Flagstaff for some other perfect place~
  12. riverblue22


    Maybe Mykelti is dyslexic or has a learning disability. She can't seem to spell one sentence correctly. Ugh on that cake. That much food coloring makes me cringe--yuck! I'll stick to a rainbow flag~
  13. That awful sports bra video reminds me of Whitney Thore for some reason. Mariah is not getting any thinner, that's for sure.
  14. Evie won't be breathing fire, anymore than her mother did. Madison has been the biggest disappointment out of this bunch. A bright girl, with a goal to be a lawyer, she couldn't even be bothered to finish college before she started on her half dozen kids.
  15. Austin had an actual job to come home to, as opposed to the rest of these people.
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