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  1. Austin had an actual job to come home to, as opposed to the rest of these people.
  2. Ah, the good old Kody Brown special--poorly hung lights. Which, of course, are the most difficult and important part of the event.
  3. I guess Erin wants 19 kids like her mom, but I don't think Chad is the grifting type. I think he would want to support his family himself and at some point he may have to make that clear to Erin.
  4. They did take the boat out the next morning, after Bill’s dad fixed everyone breakfast sandwiches. And it was Will saying he wanted a boat with 25 decks. I don’t think he was serious. I love watching these kids but I couldn’t stand the idea of all that powder being inhaled!
  5. Now give Mariah some credit...she correctly capitalized all of the "I"s!
  6. Isn't 16 pounds a lot for three months? My first daughter was 16 pounds at six months, and she was quite chubby! Spurgeon was such a beautiful baby, it 's going to be hard for Ivy to measure up!
  7. So if she spent the last year "filling herself up" with all her woke goodness, I am wondering if she even went to school last year? Or is she just now starting this degree?
  8. I've been thinking about good old Ben, who managed to find the motivation to chase and win Jessa. Since then, however, I think his get up and go has got up and left, as my grandmother would say. Ben is never going to be an influential preacher like his bud Jeremee plans--he's going to end up laying carpet and tiles for JimBob and whatever else he has his minions do~ Maybe one day, if he works hard, Ben will get to have his own used car lot.
  9. The kabobs look good but the chicken looks like that already cooked and packaged stuff they sell at the grocery store. Why not fresh grilled chicken?
  10. About Timothy and his dark eyebrows...I went to elementary school with a girl with very blonde hair and very dark eyebrows. All of it was natural, no hair dye involved.
  11. I remember making a T-shirt just like Christine's in Girl Scouts. You start with a super cheap white shirt and then do a little tie-dying. But now you can avoid all that and buy it from Lulawhatever for $40 bucks or so!
  12. riverblue22


    I spent an afternoon in Marina del Rey last month. They were setting up for a concert next to the water. It was wonderful there! Was on the lookout for Jeremy and Jinger Duggar, but I guess their paparazzi photos were taken elsewhere--not a celebrity in sight at the Trader Joe's~
  13. I wonder which are the pants she never wants to take off, because the most recent ones I can think of were so horrid you couldn't even call them old lady pants~ I do have to say, however, I am rather impressed that Mariah was able to get into that position over the sewer grate. I'm not sure I could have done that even when I was a kid!
  14. The blonde roots look bad but if she has decided to stop coloring her hair I'm all for it. She seems to have picked up a "go natural" vibe during her yoga trip.
  15. About the possibility of Vuolo family money...we "met" Grandma Vuolo onscreen and she seemed to have a standard middle-class home with a rather small kitchen, where she nonetheless put together great Italian meals. We don't know about Diana (?) Vuolo, Jeremy's mother. She is a musician and works with a charity, but maybe her side of the family has passed down money which is helping Jeremy and his "successful" lifestyle~
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