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  1. My first thought was Abercrombie models. But in any case, they looks so full of themselves and their good looks and their great hair. The balding Duggar boys must be jealous~
  2. Maybe the leggings are to make up for the fact that she is showing her toes and feet in her flip flops. Gothard would go for the trade-off~
  3. I tried to do it myself. I really did, but I'm just too over the hill to figure it out. Came across two nice, squinty-eyed Mariah photos on Audrey's Instagram page and wanted to bring them, but I failed. Hopefully someone else can do it. And it looks to me like they are still in Utah. And yeah, Mariah has 128,000 Instagram followers. Amazing! I guess I need to go to Instagram more.
  4. She definitely looks much better in big sunglasses. I wonder how Mary came to have such a high opinion of herself?
  5. I came across Kate's Naked & Afraid Facebook page, and she seems to be in some pissing contest with Seth. They weren't even on the same team this time but there's a lot of hostility there. Two losers!
  6. Those little girls are sitting in a transport chair that is used to take people who need help to their planes. Hopefully, the won't take it home with them~ I'm happy for Nurie. She got a good one, considering what there is available in that cult.
  7. I think he is a combination of Jim Bob and Austin. I don't see Joy at all.
  8. I wonder if Rachel's college degree is to help her in case she never marries. From the little I have read about her she seems to have an outgoing, friendly personality. In the Craig family, the boys seem to be the ones who got the good looks. Just the opposite of the Duggars with all their very dreary-looking boys, with the possible exception of Jed.
  9. On her Instagram, Rachel Craig posted photos with her sweet friends in Wisconsin, and mentioned that she went to a movie theater for the first time. I've never heard of the Craigs before--anybody know where they live?
  10. Why does Janessa get a room to herself? Why doesn't it go to the oldest girl? The decorating is horrendous--I don't think two year-olds need candles in their room~
  11. Imagine eating Thanksgiving dinner with her at the table!
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