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  1. Oh well, she'll only have the Balka name for 17 or 18 years~
  2. riverblue22

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I've gotta say, there must be something magical about Lularoe. All these women seem to really believe they look fantastic when they are wearing the stuff!
  3. riverblue22

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    I was signed into our neighborhood online message board today and I noticed two clearance notices for Lularoe. One vendor was selling every item for $5.00 and the other was giving them away for free! And there was plenty of stock!
  4. riverblue22

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    So the Dullards moved to a brand new house? That they bought? How did they afford that?
  5. riverblue22

    Season 8 Discussion

    You know what I find very annoying? I'm watching Tori about the have a baby, and doing a pretty decent job of it, and next thing you know I'm watching a couple of blonde decorators. If I wanted to watch the decorators I would. These cable channels will do anything....
  6. No, they bought a church and have been fixing it up...don't know if it's in use yet~
  7. I think it's Trace, Warden, Jackson, and Lawson.
  8. riverblue22

    Season 8 Discussion

    The Whitestone Inn was smart to comp all that stuff for the show. I'm sure they are looking for just that demographic, with the cute little church and all. Now they should make an offer to the Duggars and try to get on their show. Too bad the fundy weddings are way to big to hold in that church.
  9. riverblue22

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason and James

    I have a prediction: Jeremy and Jinger will find a fella for Jana in Southern California. Jessa will feel left behind with her perpetual student/Duggar tutor.
  10. riverblue22

    S06.E13: Game Night

    Tried watching this today but I didn't make it very far. Buddy will do absolutely anything to keep this paycheck, won't he? He'd probably even marry Whitney if it kept the dollars rolling in.
  11. riverblue22

    S05.E12: Up in the Air . . .

    The next step for Jazz would be her own car I would think. How rude to talk her mother's car without asking!
  12. riverblue22


    I dunno, someone who sits around twittering or whatever she was doing at work when she posted photos...maybe she was encouraged to "quit." I wouldn't be surprised if she had one of those warning meetings that sped her on her way.
  13. riverblue22

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    I loved, loved Aspyn's shoes!
  14. riverblue22

    Season 8 Discussion

    I'm sure she spends her days praying and reading her King James Bible, like a good fundie girl!
  15. I took statistics in college to avoid taking public speaking.