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  1. Totally! I’ve noticed that my European friends and family members seem to look at work as morally neutral .
  2. I loved it! Reminded me of days gone by. Smart, funny women discussing “stuff “. No fighting, no lecturing, no Infamous daughters or EGOT actresses.
  3. Didn’t Natalie sleep in the same bed with her mother?
  4. When you are built like either women it’s difficult to cover your cleavage. It’s how their large breasts are set closely on their chests. The women on my maternal side are built like that (only thinner) they hate shopping for bras and tops, they look like they have a third breast in the middle of their chest. Their cleavage begin under their chin.
  5. And when she finally got here she refused to unpack. I realize Mike doesn’t have a trendy home but if I remember correctly Natalie ’s place with her mother was not exactly “cozy or trendy”. I think Natalie thought once in the US she’d be picked up by CNN to host her own prime time talk show.
  6. My understanding of the sponsorship process is that the sponsor is legally responsible for any government money the sponsored collects. So if Natalie were to apply and receive food stamps Mike would have to reimburse the money.
  7. Thank you! She kept saying everything was confusing...mixed messaging...blah blah blah. But all of the medical experts and scientists that have been on the show have been very clear. Just because you are fully vaccinated doesn't mean you cannot get sick. And it may not protect from the now several variants out there. They said to continue being cautious. And she now has this moment of clarity saying this raises questions about the efficacy of the vaccines. She is the Misinformer in Chief. No wonder the WH is not banging down her door to ask for her help. This reminds me of the early
  8. If I remember correctly , Chuck provided the couple with a house,rent free, when they were first married. The arrangement was that Andrei maintained it. Andrei spent his days home playing games and failed to hold up his part of the agreement. Chuck became upset because he passed by the property and saw that the yard had not been maintained. Chuck confronted Andrei who thought it was all bs and insisted that he and Libby move out. Libby was working for Chuck. Andrei insisted that Libby demand a loan from Chuck in order to move out of their rent free home.. After moving out, Chuck paid for And
  9. Yes,absolutely! It’s just a matter of time before she calls Sutton “old and dried up”.
  10. Crystal is a smug mean girl. I’m not sure why she’s on the show.
  11. I’m going to respectfully disagree. Crystal has an eating disorder and body issues, she has said this repeatedly. Sutton knocked on the door and heard “come in”. As per Crystal, it was she who threw herself to the floor because she was undressing. To say she was violated and tell the other women Sutton was weird was really unnecessary and hurtful. I wouldn’t let it go. Interesting how Dorit recalls how Crystal first relayed the incident and how she is changing her story now. Sutton did make an awful first expression and it’s clear she has some outdated beliefs regarding white privileg
  12. It might be a work of fiction but it was however written by a former assistant to Anna Wintour. Of course, however, MM stated with certainty that the book/movie tells how awful Ana Wintour is. Haven’t we all witnessed her tirades regarding those who write tell alls?The Shifting Principle of Shifting Principles !
  13. I did not see her breastfeeding her child. I saw her pumping her breasts. Did I miss something? I got the feeling that she stopped pumping/breastfeeding because it was too stressful to do it while working such a stressful job.
  14. My understanding is that Vogue did ask Melania to be in Vogue but she would only do it if she had editing rights. Vogue does not do that. Also, The Devil Wears Prada is fiction.
  15. Although I don’t like any of them,I have to agree with Becky. She has a contact with her father to be his listing agent. Andrei is making it clear that he wants to get close to Chuck and become his partner. He doesn’t plan or want to do any heavy lifting. He has no money to invest and no knowledge of the business. He just wants a share of the profits. If I were one of Chuck’s children I’d be furious.
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