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  1. I’m offended by Lisa bringing up her gripes with Usman’s family before the wedding. It’s reminiscent of a a teacher/ student conference. It’s so disrespectful and tacky. This is awful, she’s done again. Usman needs to be done. And Usman, it’s not just Nigerian women who would not do that. Most educated and well behaved American women would never behaved that way. Run Like The Wind.
  2. Really! Lisa is done, again? She’s like a poorly timed Thanksgiving Dinner.
  3. Messaging through the app. Insures she and the agency she works for gets paid. Nice move.
  4. Oh no! The twins say their brother,”loved love” = he was a nut much like Dave. It’s genetics.
  5. Can someone tell me how to watch the leaked tapes without getting in trouble. I have some unpacking to do, mindless background stuff would help.
  6. You kidding me? I’d bet my life savings you don’t even have eggs in your fridge. No omelette for you.
  7. Lisa makes me embarrassed to be a human sharing the planet earth.
  8. Hola Peeps. I’m here with my wine and Skinnypop. Why are the women arguing with each other? They don’t owe each other anything. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Varuna. She should not have attacked or been disrespectful to the other woman.
  9. Hola Peeps. I’m here with wine and Skinnypop. My favorites.
  10. The minute Dorinda said she was having a difficult time with Tinsley because she wanted her to be better/her best and the life coach did not “encourage “(confront) her to ask herself why it was her concern that Tinsley be anything, I knew Dorita would not be doing well.
  11. No Darcy, women who put their children first do not look for men half around the world TWICE.
  12. Let’s see who has Darcy been friends with for “many years”.
  13. Geoffrey is the epitome of an abusive partner. My way or the highway and you’ll have to pay for not doing reading my mind.
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