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  1. Knowing her, both - and at the same time!! While she whistled Dixie!
  2. I don’t see this as a fake set up by Chuck+. If I remember correctly, in the beginning Chuck gave the couple a home they could live in rent free. All Andrew had to do was maintain it. Andrew did not do a thing. Not only that but he got ticked off at Chuck for making him cut the lawn. So Andrei insisted they move and pay rent. Libby did what Andrei demanded . Andrei then sent Libby to ask for a loan from Chuck, in order to pay said rent while Libby was pregnant. Andrei then decided to go to truck driving school which Chuck paid for. He hated the truck driver’s lifestyle because he thought he
  3. Well, his first marriage lasted 18 years, legally for 23 years. His wife was 19 years old and a White House Intern when they met. He was 12 years older.
  4. I think that unfortunately, once again,Whoopi did not understand what the woman was talking about. Actually, her use of” Friends “ as an example is a perfect one. If you took the written scripts and had an African American cast I don’t think it would be a good depiction of AA friendships. And if you took the scripts of “Living Single” with a Caucasian cast ...so on and so on..... It doesn’t mean that that the actors are not black enough. Totally lost the point. And I agree with Joy, I watch a lot of British television also and do see a degree of inclusion that is comforting.
  5. I guess I see the commitment having nothing to do with the marriage. She and Jara were together, they were engaged and they were pregnant.
  6. Both could be true. Your pant size would not normally go down two sizes with a tummy tuck.
  7. The hell he does. And he put off some illustrious career to work in a daycare? Andrew is FULL OF SHIIIIIT He can very well have a couple of Degrees,it doesn’t mean he’s employable. He may be a person who enjoys being a student and does a good job at it doesn’t mean he wants a career where he has to be competitive
  8. I refuse to lay blame on the show. It’s Jovi who has a commitment with Jara.
  9. Natalie is so painfully mentally ill it makes me feel awful just watching.
  10. People died you selfish pigtailed cow I’m going to give her a pass on this because during the first couple of months many did not know what the heck was going on. In addition to the fact that her area of the country wasn’t burning up like the coasts.
  11. You are right,of course, he is a triple a hole.But holy mother of lemons that girl is so sour, I can’t stand her. Yes, she gave up everything and yes she is pregnant but enough all ready.
  12. You just made my day. What a lovely gesture.
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