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  1. I quit watching regularly after Sara left. I guess in reality I quit watching for the most part. I think I tried watching two or three shows when Marie was on and didn't feel like the show flowed the same especially since that's when Sharon positioned herself as the Queen Witch. The quarantine episodes I saw bits of drove me crazy with the awkwardness. I find The Real has done a good job with how they've handled the hosts hosting from home. I have The Talk and The View set to record daily even though I always end up deleting the unwatched episodes after a couple days. The new hosts they've announced don't make me want to try and start watching again. They need to do something about whoever is in charge of casting and send Sharon out the door too. She and Meghan on The View just ruin each of their respective shows. Even without Meghan on The View I'm not inspired to tune back in because it was due to her that I got out of the habit of watching so now I don't really care. I think I've reached that point with The Talk too. I never thought out of the three female led panel talk shows that I watched at one time that The Real would be the last one I could actually enjoy watching.
  2. Maybe her goal is to become the next Paula White.... 😆
  3. It sounds like they need to do some cleaning up behind the scenes too. I'm no fan of Julie's anymore but this show started to become a real mess after she left. I think not having a decent moderator to provide a little bit of structure is another issue. I really don't want to think Sheryl is taking on Sharon like traits BTS. I was really bummed out when it was revealed that she along with The Red Witch supposedly issued an ultimatum in regards to Marie. I'm not even a real fan of Marie's.
  4. Each of those baddies made me pull back on how often I watched the shows they appeared on...
  5. * * In this one she says over 14,000 of these were picked up in two minutes...
  6. I just had this happen. The error message I got is below. The link could not be embedded because an error occurred on www.instagram.com.
  7. I only brought it up because the mentions of him just walking off and leaving so many without jobs was mentioned. I'm no fan of a good bit of what he says at times but considering how long ago everything happened I can't imagine what kind of a shit show was probably going on behind the scenes that he probably had to deal with.
  8. I thought the story behind Dave leaving his show back then had to do with him having mental health issues at the time not that he just walked away because he was tired of doing it.
  9. The original Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  10. This commercial just started to run during the breaks while watching Judge Mathis. I hadn't seen it before yesterday and wish I had never seen it at all. I guess I'm lucky I'm seeing it a month later than most of you.
  11. When traveling I remember seeing Amish buggies and horses in a Walmart Supercenter parking lot in PA.
  12. @MeThinkMeNot that song was what made him start being a bit more bearable to my ears. 😆
  13. I've been enjoying watching 21 Jump Street off and on through the Pluto app this year. They usually air a few episodes in a row on Saturdays. I know Johnny Depp pretty much put himself in the position he's in but it's still sad knowing the young person in these episodes ended up like he has.
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