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  1. I like the Stouffer's Five Cheese Lasagna more than the meat version. I go back and forth on liking the one with meat sauce. It's just my cat and me so purchasing their Lasagna, Stuffed Peppers and whatnot are easier then trying to make some of that stuff for one. I've been having trouble finding the larger versions that they say are for two people like the 20oz Macaroni & Cheese, two Stuffed Peppers (they use half peppers so the serving really isn't that big) and the 18oz Five Cheese Lasagna. I only have a Walmart Supercenter. Walmart Neighborhood Market and a Winn-Dixie near me. There's one other store near me that's smaller but their continuous health scores have made it that I haven't gotten anything from there in almost 10 years. The two Walmart locations are where I'm having trouble finding the larger sized Stouffer's. Winn Dixie doesn't have them on sale often so I haven't looked there in a long time which was before I started having the already described problem. If I wasn't so frustrated I wouldn't be going on about it.
  2. There isn't a Macy's near me. I only really look at their site when a sale with free shipping is mentioned elsewhere so I never thought to look on their site for Berkshire stuff. Thanks for mentioning they carry the line.
  3. I've read that T.I's daughter had to shut down her social media due in part to being harassed by men.
  4. UBlock Origin uses less resources, doesn't have deals with particular companies to not block their ads and doesn't ask for donations. I was an Adblock + user until UBlock Origin came along.
  5. For anyone who's had Berkshire throws and Kohl's Big One throws is there a huge difference between them?
  6. Meh at that spoiler. CI going to the Nicole well one too many times made me not want to watch as much in the later years. I didn't get to the point I did with SVU where the constant Olivia torture porn and etc. finally chased me away completely. I'm glad CI never got to the point where it completely revolved around one cast member even if there were cast changes. Even though Goren had his issues I never felt like he ate the show alive.
  7. Some of the meds she's on and the way they work might be contributing to the way her face looks too.
  8. Monday, Nov. 18 – Helena Bonham Carter (“The Crown”); “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, Nov. 19 – Day of Hot Topics Wednesday, Nov. 20 – Day of Hot Topics Thursday, Nov. 21 – Jamie Lee Curtis (“Knives Out”); Mark Ruffalo and Robert Bilott (“Dark Waters”) Friday, Nov. 22 – Dolly Parton (“Heartstrings”)
  9. When I was bringing up the live Q stream earlier on YouTube I saw this as the thumbnail for one of their videos....
  10. Rick is so orange tonight while his arms are a completely different color. He's also got more makeup caked up on his face then I've noticed before. The first shot shows how white his arm is and the second is of his face. He looks more orange on my TV.
  11. I'd much rather watch Joe compared to the two women they hired to replace Meredith Laurence. I'd rather she was still at the Q though.
  12. This commercial annoys me so much so I hate that it's airing again....
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