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  1. I didn't know Jordi's wife is Bailee Madison's sister. I'm glad Jordi and his family are recovering.
  2. I'm excited to see Brad again. I miss him as a character and eye candy. I'm glad Don found a new home on B&B after having his character on Y&R ruined which ended with getting frozen under a pond. Brad and Colleen are my top two senseless deaths since I started watching regularly in the mid 90's.
  3. Joy Behar Plans to Retire From ‘The View’ in 2022
  4. My Uverse DVR didn't want to pick up the show today. It's scheduled to pick it up the rest of the week though.
  5. Thank you for all the description of those two. They, the rest of the flippers and those damn twins are why I quit paying attention to HGTV. I've gotten weird questioning responses from the Weirdos From Waco's fans when I made the same kind of comments about them here and elsewhere. That family has always given me that "there's something not right" feeling. I was into FN for a few years after my Mom died because the shows were a nice distraction and kind of bubble viewing. Around the same time FN quit showing Chopped as often is when I realized I had burnt out on it. Over the Summer last year I finally burnt out on most of the "Baking Championship" shows. I think the reason I still watch Guy's Grocery Games fairly often is because it reminds me of the Supermarket Sweep game show that's been re-airing on Buzzr the past couple years. I remember watching it when it originally started airing on Lifetime 100 years ago. I didn't watch Restaurant Impossible when it originally aired so I've been going down the familiar road that leads to over watching it and the followup of past episode shows.
  6. @WendyCR72 I've had that Talking Heads song stuck in my head since I first watched the clip you posted above.
  7. I must not have read back enough to see where that was mentioned when I posted. Either that or I missed where it was mentioned in the posts I did read.
  8. The scooter video got replaced with a presentation from Terri Conn. It wasn't uploaded to the Q's YT account either. Here's the YT video for the wall hanging.
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