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  1. Jaded

    "The View": Week of 6/17/2019

    Miguel Ferrer died in Jan. of 2017....
  2. Bollywood’s Leading Men Return To Work After #MeToo Accusations
  3. Jaded

    Live PD

    It's showing up for me on Titan TV, Zap2It and Uverse's onscreen guide. My DVR is set to catch it too. Are you sure you're looking at the right day of listings?
  4. Jaded

    "The View": Week of 6/17/2019

    She was on The View the first time in 2009 when the show went to Disney in CA. I remembered because they taped the episodes from there outside...
  5. Jaded

    "The View": Week of 6/17/2019

    She's old enough to where they still taught it when she was in school. I doubt she paid much attention during any of her schooling years though. I should say she probably didn't pay any attention to anything the teachers were teaching.
  6. Jaded

    General True Crime Shows

    If that's the one with Derrick Levasseur who won a season of Big Brother I can see why it would be a turn off. I'm still baffled as to how he got a whole house of people under his thumb. I couldn't stand his attitude or demeanor then and haven't watched any of the ID series he's been in. I think it's two so far.
  7. Jaded

    HGTV: Now With a Lot Less "G"

    Me either. I've had people elsewhere call me a jealous hater when stating that I don't like them. Something has always seemed off about those two. They give off the same fake and flaky vibe I've always gotten from Joel Osteen and his wife.
  8. Jaded

    Grand Hotel

    I searched for a topic on this show before I started one and the original thread didn't come up in any of the 3 searches I did. I have noticed since the name change from PTV search results are wonky at times.
  9. I am so glad that whole MW playing Diane mess happened during a time when I was on a Y&R break. Just reading about and see pictures from it are enough to know it would have infuriated me more then just knowing about it does. In my head Diane is still alive somewhere with the face belonging to one of the first two actresses to portray her.
  10. Jaded

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    I just watched the first half and skipped the second. Anthony is awful as a player and I remember his attitude on this show previously. I also wasn't in the mood for the combo of him and Cheryl Hines. He's more tolerable as the host of TTTT.
  11. Jaded

    Grand Hotel

    I was looking forward to this show after it was announced as an upcoming series on ABC. I kept wondering when it would start especially after it didn't even make it as a midsection replacement. I gathered from comments elsewhere online that this is an American interpretation of a Spanish series that aired a few years ago titled Gran Hotel. Viewers of that show who were looking forward to this one are pretty miffed saying what made the Spanish version so good seems to have been stripped from the American one. The trailer and other promos for this ABC series kinda indicate why it was held back....
  12. Jaded

    First Responders Live

    I missed the first episode because I didn't keep up with what date it would premiere on. I don't watch anything on FOX so I didn't see multiple promos as a reminder either. With so few comments here it seems like a lot of people didn't know it was on or just didn't tune in. When I saw there was a thread for the show already I thought there might be some Live PD/Live Rescue viewers in here doing comparisons.
  13. Jaded

    "The View": Week of 6/17/2019

    Monday, June 17 Eva Longoria and Roselyn Sánchez (ABC’s “Grand Hotel”); “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, June 18 Willie Nelson (“Ride Me Back Home”); Dax Shepard (“Spin the Wheel”) Wednesday, June 19 Howie Mandel (“America’s Got Talent” and “Deal or No Deal”) Thursday, June 20 Nik Wallenda (ABC’s “Highwire Live in Times Square with Nik Wallenda”) Friday, June 21 Ayesha Curry (ABC’s “Family Food Fight”); “Feel Good Friday: View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices
  14. Jaded

    HGTV: Now With a Lot Less "G"

    What Will Happen to DIY Network Shows When It Becomes Chip and Joanna Gaines's New Channel?
  15. Jaded

    Home Shopping Network

    Upchuckerman may have to move from his home with three ovens to a home with one. 😱