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  1. Probably a blip of time like how long Chrissy Teigen actually took off after that announcement she made about leaving Twitter...
  2. He definitely ruined his own creation by fostering a hostile work environment. He didn't do that alone though since it went on for so much longer after news of what was going on broke. I'm also peeved that CBS kept another show with another problematic white male star on their schedule.
  3. I didn't see the show but when you said it sounded like Morgan Freeman I knew who it must have been. I was right in thinking it was Josh Robert Thompson who also voiced Geoff The Robot on Craig Ferguson's late night talkshow that aired on CBS.
  4. Jaded

    Mom in the Media

    For me at least it seemed like the show started to really focus in on Bonnie more around the time the movie I, Tonya started getting a lot of buzz and especially after Allison Janney won awards for it. It was Christy was progressively dumbed down and/or written in a way to annoy viewers so they hopefully wouldn't miss her as much if Anna was fired or left the show.
  5. I don't want him completely calm just half the level of what he is now. It would make him a lot easier to watch and pay attention to....😸
  6. If someone would shoot Jerry with a mild tranquillizer dart he'd be a lot more tolerable overall. He's acted like an unmedicated person with ADHD for years. He makes me feel fidgety when seeing him act that way.
  7. The ones I've seen discussed and shown are fast food places like Dairy Queen, Sonic, McDonald's and the like. I don't feel bad for places that only pay those $2 and $3/hour expecting tips to make up for the rest of what the people who work there take home either. Those kind of jobs should have been made illegal years ago.
  8. I really hope at least some of these places that are putting up signs complaining about not being able to find people to work for minimum wages that usually aren't livable or are barely so finally realize if they pay more people may actually want to work for them. Where are all the frequently mentioned robot workers at these places that supposedly could easily replace humans at said jobs that usually get brought up when increasing the minimum wage is discussed? The minimum wage jobs are a lot of work usually. There are too many people who still think that jobs at places like stores, rest
  9. No matter what Tom Cruise does I will never forget or be distracted from the fact that he's an asshole Scientologist who's best buds with the head of that evil organization. I still remember how he said awful things about mental health in regards to Brooke Shields years ago on the Today Show while she was going through post partum depression. The Golden Globes are an awards show I've never taken seriously especially after learning about Pia Zadora...
  10. Jaded

    Major Crimes

    It's been a few years and I'm still pissed that they killed Sharon off and not even in the final episode. I admit to not watching the episodes after that all the way. I FF'd through most of them especially the last two mainly because of how much they focused on Rusty's annoying ass.
  11. Maybe Melinda didn't appreciate the deadly COVID vaccine advice he doled out either.
  12. That implies that there would be witnesses to the murders. In regards to survivors of assault, harassment and whatnot pattern gets overlooked more times than not because it's easier to victim blame hoping they go away so nothing will have to be done to the perpetrators.
  13. Michael Weatherly's involvement with Jessica Alba way back when is what introduced me to him and made me side eye him all at the same time. Alba was 18/19 when that show started and it was only on for a couple seasons. In TV interviews he gave off that creeper vibe to me at least. I've gone through periods of watching all of the NCIS series sticking with the NOLA version almost the entire time. I never really wanted to watch the original series because Weatherly was on it. It's only in the past few years where I've given in and watched newer episodes on CBS without him from time to time. I
  14. I'd love to see old episodes of talk shows like Oprah's and Phil Donahue outside of the ones that can be found on YouTube. The Nosey channel on the Pluto app was showing old episodes of Sally Jessy Raphael at one time and I watched some of them for awhile. I forgot about it and haven't tuned in to see if they still do. The Nosey website has a whole lot of her old episodes available to watch on their website though. I watched Kim Whitley's show on OWN. I laughed the first time I saw the actor from the soap Passions on there as one of her friends. I liked Dion Sander's show too. The "Where A
  15. The shows I used to watch on TLC years ago and in the past few years during their brief revivals were Trading Spaces along with While You Were Out. I remember trying to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 for awhile too but Kate's behavior towards everyone made sure that didn't last long. I remember when TLC first started and they had documentaries about surgeries. My Mom and I tried to watch one about breast reductions since she had one done in the 70's but it was a bit too much for both of us at the time. That was when they showed stuff people could learn things from hence the original not shorte
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