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  1. She gave an excuse one time as to why she couldn't dye it back. I think she said part of the reason was how much had to be done to get her hair to that blonde color. I wouldn't be surprised if her hair and scalp are still suffering from the chemicals used to strip the original color.
  2. Maybe the bleach is causing scalp irritation but she's being stubborn and keeping that haircolor anyway.
  3. I agree with one of the comments made below the article saying that a lot of these investigations find nothing then when lawsuits are brought forth different results are brought forward. Why would someone be fired if nothing inappropriate went on?
  4. I can't eat chicken in my home without giving my cat some. He gets his little bit, is happy afterwards and leaves me alone to eat in peace. It's the only food he bothers me for besides his own cat food.
  5. I really like Lilly. Having said that her first show was way too busy for the amount of time it's on air for. It's weird that the budget got reduced for Carson's old show to the point where he was using different businesses to introduce previously filmed segments for years. Now they are throwing more money towards Lilly's new show which I'm glad is occurring. When Carson first started he had a studio setup like that too.
  6. I'm relieved to know he died while sleeping apparently so Paulina didn't come across some horrid scene.
  7. In all seriousness fuck Josh Griffith, Ron C and any other soap writer who's still making a mockery when telling stories regarding mental illness. The two I mentioned seem obsessed with doing so. I've been on a break from Y&R so those screenshots and GIFs from the Billy loosing touch with reality storyline piss me off.
  8. I try not to think about Brad because how he was written off made me so sad. In my mind he's in witness protection somewhere after getting defrosted.
  9. Cole Howard who was Victoria's 2nd husband in the 90's also slept with Drinki before marrying her daughter. At one time Cole and Victoria thought they could have been siblings due to his Mother.
  10. Monday, Sept. 16 Original moderator of “The View,” Meredith Vieira (host, “25 Words or Less”); “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, Sept. 17 Day of Hot Topics Wednesday, Sept. 18 Chelsea Handler (“Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea”) Thursday, Sept. 19 Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech (“Downton Abbey”) Friday, Sept. 20 “The Handmaid’s Tale” author, Margaret Atwood (book, “The Testaments”)
  11. Photoshop can be just about anyone's friend and for some their best friend.
  12. Jaded


    I hug and kiss mine on his forehead everyday. 🐈😻
  13. I'm pretty sure this case made it onto at least one of these true crime shows... Former ‘Survivor’ Producer Released From Prison
  14. Anytime this comes up as a recommendation on YT I have to give it another listen. ❤️
  15. Apparently JLo will be on tomorrow (Thursday)...
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