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  1. Oddly enough Season 8 is available through Prime all by itself .....Seasons 1-4 are offered through Amazon's IMDB streaming service viewable through Amazon. Apparently Seasons 6 and 7 are pay extra to view on Amazon (with the Shout! Factory logo) in the same playlist as the Season 8 I mentioned previously that's included with Prime. Seasons 1-4 are also on YT in a playlist on FilmRise's channel there, on Tubi TV and on Pluto in their On Demand section. I know FilmRise and Shout TV have different distribution rights but it's weird that Season 5 isn't included with 1-4 which are free to view on multiple sites while also not being included in what Shout! Factory is offering through Amazon to view. P.S. I just found seasons 5-8 all viewable for free on Shout! Factory's website. The picture quality isn't that great compared to the seasons FilmRise has made available. They also used the edited version of the opening which I think is the international one that omits the lady vocalizing. https://www.shoutfactorytv.com/videos?utf8=✓&commit=submit&q=silk+stalkings
  2. I hope the ratings go up higher with her gone and go down when she ends up slithering back.
  3. Kenan Thompson is the man and I'm guessing Leslie Jones is the woman since she started in 2014.
  4. Hot Bench which JJ created and produces also seems to have previously filmed episodes from before COVID and are airing them as new this season.
  5. I can't remember the last time I actually attempted to watch MJ. I was channel surfing in the channel line up where MSNBC resides on Uverse during a time when I normally wouldn't. I mention that because I happened to see Mika and had to stop on the channel for a couple minutes with the sound muted because I was staring at the screen wondering what the hell she had done to her face. 😱
  6. Kate Winslet Says Hollywood’s Regard for Woody Allen and Roman Polanski was ‘F—ing Disgraceful’
  7. What she did with that dog and the incident with the cat that involved her ex-husband Chris Pratt made me start seeing both of them differently. I hadn't really thought much of them personally outside of being funny actors. Chris Pratt's cleaned up religious turn has caused me to give him the side eye ever since it started.
  8. I was a bit shocked at first. I don't blame her for wanting to leave after the way her character has been written the past few years. When the show started it was more about her character and then as time went by it turned into Allison Janney's even though it also turned into a more of an ensemble piece. Her Character Christy seemed to get more dumbed down by the year while any romantic pairings dried up too. It kinda reminded me of what happened to Allan on Two and a Half Men during it's run. That's not a show I kept up with regularly but if one watched at least a couple episodes a season it was noticeable that the character was devolving. It seemed to be a Chuck Lorre show thing.
  9. Yes. Indeed it is.... 😒
  10. Piers Morgan is a disgusting harassing asshole. I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see her being friendly with him even if it is on social media.
  11. He's president of their foundation while Gabrielle Carteris is still the SAG-AFTRA president.
  12. It will be interesting to see Jennifer's face if Jack has a surprise daughter.
  13. This was Runyan Bunion over the weekend.... I saw her on TV like this then then made sure to go back on the Ho livestream to get a couple screenshots ...When she sat down in that top rolls appeared. I'm not thin either but I try to wear clothes that don't draw attention to my middle region. In her case the ill fitting clothes were distracting from the products she was there to sell.
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