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  1. Philo is available on most streaming devices. The app and their free trial are free but the service as a whole has a monthly cost of $20 plus whatever taxes are included. They have epix and Starz available to add on each for an additional fee. Pluto is free and it starts with a P too.
  2. That solves the mystery of why I saw pictures of her in that dress with a man other than Bo/PR when I was looking up her husbands. I didn't know about her using the gown from the show for her real life wedding so I was really confused.
  3. I deleted this one without watching it. I just can't with that annoying Chrisley family. I tried watching their show a few times a couple years ago and could feel my brain attempting to rot each time. This is coming from someone started watching some of the Housewives franchises a few years ago off and on. Watching those is mostly an off thing now though and was even before COVID. The Chrisleys take annoying to a whole other level.
  4. I saw this IG post from Adrienne posted on a gossip site mentioning how she's supposedly lost 20 pounds. There where quite a few people in the replies going on about how ungodly her attire and pose are. While those people were arguing all I could focus on was her leg looking like it had some kind of scratches or some striping going on.
  5. Speaking of diaper commercials that damn Huggies one with the lady in full labor screaming is back. 😫
  6. Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now Regular Version
  7. Out of the ones you mentioned I was kind of relieved to see that Ray Liotta's gf is 45. Twenty years is still a big age difference but in that situation it doesn't make me side eye him in the same way as the other two since she's lived a lot more of her life and can relate better to him.
  8. That's been the norm in regards to Days for quite awhile now sadly.
  9. If Google is correct she would have been 2 or 3 if he started "ingredient hunting" 30 years ago.
  10. I was having trouble sleeping so I gave up and thought I'd free up an hour on my DVR. Some of these people are too much. I've been watching this show for a few years but some of them were pinging my anxiety due to the stupid ass dangerous and unhygienic stuff they were doing. All of the hair touching was grossing me out too. That Mom who's had her daughter in pageants for forever can't go home soon enough. I don't think much of parents who do that kind of stuff to their kids especially in this day and age. My Mom died a few years ago and I talk to her out loud in the privacy of my own home sometimes like I do to my cat who's actually alive. There's no way I'd talk to either of them on TV like that woman who says she's some kind of psychic. I was so glad that psychic lady was one of the two to go home. Not sure if I could have stood listening to her for the whole season. I'm hoping to learn the names more when watching the next few episodes. I like Alex and Anne together. I'm one who's always liked Alex so I was looking forward to seeing her on this show.
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