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  1. I wouldn't be mad if they made this whole shitshow reboot a dream/nightmare.
  2. To go along with the reactions you shared.... Washington Post Confirms Suspension of Reporter Following Kobe Bryant Tweets
  3. Hopefully the ability to stream these channels will come to other devices outside of the Roku... Roku Now Streams Cozi TV & MyNetworkTV For Free
  4. Hopefully the ability to stream these channels will come to other devices outside of the Roku... Roku Now Streams Cozi TV & MyNetworkTV For Free
  5. I just wanted to add that the sight of your avatar in addition to the content of your post made me laugh... 😄 I like MEK and would like for him to have a steady gig. I just wish his character didn't remind everyone of Colonel Sanders in a way that's unflattering. I wish Y&R had brought him back as his Dr. character over there.
  6. I remember liking those too. Here's an old commercial I found while I was searching for the time frame they were out. I remembered them being around in the early 2000's too so I wanted to make sure I was remembering right.
  7. NBC aired the 2020 NHL All-Star Game for three hours so you didn't miss anything.
  8. That's sad and awful. I feel so badly for her son and anyone else out there who's been victimized by her ex-husband.
  9. I don't know how I missed that last scene. I just watched it on YT and saw what you mentioned. I must have gotten distracted by something which was most likely my cat trying to get my attention and missed the ending considering the time of night I usually watch the show.
  10. Jaded

    Midsomer Murders

    There's a Midsomer Murders channel on YouTube which has the first nine seasons so far. The seem to be in the process of uploading episodes from season 9 every few days right now so there may be more seasons added over time.
  11. I've been watching the show on Pluto even though it's on the FilmRise app and apparently officially on YouTube too. I saw an episode where Rita found out she was pregnant by a boyfriend who turned out to be crooked. Did she loose that baby, then get pregnant again after she and Chris got together? I was so confused. I hadn't seen the show in years until I saw it on the Pluto app late last year. I also didn't remember that Ben Vereen was around for more then one season and that Charlie along with Mitzi (his wife in the show too) didn't come on as cast members until the 3rd season. For some reason I thought their guest appearances as different characters happened near the end of season one. Here's the Silk Stalkings YT channel with all of the episodes there which I just discovered earlier.
  12. FilmRise apparently uploaded all episodes of the original run of Hunter onto YouTube last year. Here's the link to the Hunter YT channel.
  13. I really prefer the In Memoriam segments like the one that was on tonight. Having someone do a performance while pictures/clips are shown like they do on some of the other awards shows has always seemed disrespectful and annoying.
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