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  1. Carly being buried alive by Vivian is what did it for me when I was young. I haven't watched the show in quite awhile. I got so tired of Cin and none of the spoilers I read seem to ever make me think "Hey, I want to see that!" anymore.
  2. I thought that was already proven by the existence of Allison Grodner.
  3. Try filing a BBB complaint against Hungryroot to get your money back. The complaints usually go higher up the food chain so to speak then the people available by phone or rmail.
  4. I only remember bits and pieces from seasons 1-9 really and past that not much more except for some of the blowups that occurred. The show being so damn predictable is a big part what made me take a break I mentioned in my previous post. Julie, her husband and her new found religiousness has also made it harder to want to tune in. Finding out about her sending out bibles to past contestants along with the inscriptions was a big WTF moment too. Derek from a few years ago winning had me thinking of quitting after his season but I kept going for a few more years after that. Not sure
  5. I haven't watched a full season and hardly any of the ones after he lost the 2nd time. It wasn't because I was a fan of his, the reasoning was the opposite actually. I had grown tired of returnees and the show as a whole had kind of worn me down. Paul's 2nd loss felt like a quite satisfying way to put myself on hiatus from the show. The few times I've tried to watch an episode since that season I haven't felt compelled to keep watching. I was a fan from the first season. I'll probably try to watch the upcoming celeb season since I liked the first one. I didn't tune in for the second for rea
  6. GSN which airs The Chase is owned by Sony who also owns the rights to Jeopardy! and WOF.
  7. Two different types of commercials are driving me up a wall currently.. The dumb and idiotic Rex MD commercials advertising a service for men who need help due to their erection issues. The specific ones I want to mention aren't embeddable so here's the first one and the second one I've been tortured by which are viewable on ispot.tv. The other one is the Lifetime Movies one which seems to be coming on during every break when I watch the Buzzr channel through IMDB TV. The woman in it is acting as bat shit crazy as the movie they show which doesn't make me want to watch at all. If I had n
  8. Jaded


    I'm posting this WSJ article that was posted on MSN's site. The article on WSJ's site is probably paywalled or will be soon. Star Gymnasts Give Senators an Unsparing Account of FBI's Failures in Nassar Investigation
  9. Even if she was 15 and it was legal during that time that doesn't make it right. Getting married at 15 would be a traumatic experience for anyone that age.
  10. Companies using the high school/college thing to try and excuse themselves from paying a living wage makes me angry.
  11. I remember that happening to Joy once before and someone cracking her expensive countertop in the kitchen too. The countertop incident happened before Sunny became a host though I think. I wonder if Joy is in the habit of turning in and leaving guests to party like that?
  12. Joining that rag pretty much confirms who the "leaker" was during her tenure on The View.
  13. I got sucked into watching the last season of episodes late night on WE earlier this week. I tuned in earlier to see the last two only to see they had restarted and were showing first season episodes again. I went back to look on the guide online and saw that they showed some episodes yesterday morning but none of them were the last two of the series.
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