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  1. Brandon Blackstock’s alleged mistress writes open letter Brandon Blackstock’s alleged mistress has come out swinging in a new open letter penned to the music manager and husband of Kelly Clarkson, who’s expecting her first child with Brandon later this year. As you may recall, it was back in December when rumours first surfaced about Blackstock’s wandering eye. Soon after, Brandon’s ex-wife, Melissa Ashworth, called the rumours false. However, Brandon never flat out denied the reports. Now, a woman by the name of Justine says she has given birth to a child she claims was fathered by Blackstock, and has penned a rather scathing open letter to him, posting it on social media for the entire world to see. “He is only 3 weeks old and already I have watched you disappoint our son repeatedly,” the letter begins. “The security that is supposed to come from a boy’s relationship with his dad will never develop because you refuse to acknowledge his existence, and my heart absolutely breaks for him. Especially knowing that you were providing for your other family.” In closing, it reads the following: “I forgive you and I forgive myself, for I have bearded my cross in front of God, and now you have to do the same. I pray that you will one day make amends and do right by our child.” Of course this could be one big giant hoax, especially since there have been at least 3 or 4 different women come forward claiming they’d had affairs with the guy, but considering Brandon’s lack of denial, I’m led to believe that maybe, just maybe there’s an inkling of truth to these rumours after all. Besides, this isn’t the first time that allegations of cheating have been levelled against him – and you know what they say…once a cheater, always a cheater. Is Kelly Clarkson really so desperate (pregnant or not) that she has to stay with a man with such a twisted past? http://wp.me/p4qElg-5d
  2. Sometimes scandal makes for GREAT television. Idol plays it safe nowadays, it seems.
  3. Because hosts and producers haven't been known to lie? Lol.
  4. Kinda wonder if he would've made the tour or not had he not been eliminated so soon.
  5. http://wp.me/p4qElg-4Z On March 13th, Ben Briley was eliminated from American Idol with just 0.07% of the votes. However, votes had nothing to do with Briley's elimination from the show. I'm told the real reason behind the Gallatin, Tennessee native's elimination was due to the fact that he is related to notorious cyber-bully and stalker Holly Briley, who, as you may recall, was tied to the leak of video diaries recorded by Casey Anthony back in 2012. http://wp.me/p4qElg-4Z
  6. I was never a fan of her music but I surprisingly like her new album and love her on The Voice!
  7. I love Kelly Clarkson's music but that girl is a mess. For many reasons. I'll follow you guys. PS: If you follow me, tell me you're from PTV. I have the tendency to block people I don't know.
  8. Mine: http://www.briannechantal.com
  9. The trailer sounds really interesting... Can't wait to see this movie! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/gone-girl-trailer-ben-affleck-691722
  10. Are any of you bloggers? Share yours!
  11. Brianne Chantal


    Post a link to your Twitter account! http://twitter.com/briannechantal
  12. Hopefully more people migrate here. This place seems pretty quiet thus far.
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