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  1. Brandon Blackstock’s alleged mistress writes open letter Brandon Blackstock’s alleged mistress has come out swinging in a new open letter penned to the music manager and husband of Kelly Clarkson, who’s expecting her first child with Brandon later this year. As you may recall, it was back in December when rumours first surfaced about Blackstock’s wandering eye. Soon after, Brandon’s ex-wife, Melissa Ashworth, called the rumours false. However, Brandon never flat out denied the reports. Now, a woman by the name of Justine says she has given birth to a child she claims was fathered by Blackst
  2. I was never a fan of her music but I surprisingly like her new album and love her on The Voice!
  3. The trailer sounds really interesting... Can't wait to see this movie! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/gone-girl-trailer-ben-affleck-691722
  4. She released a new song with Martina McBride today. It's called "In The Basement" ...check it out below.
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