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  1. I have a question about one of the ghosts from last night's episode. When the ghost returned to their form before they were dead to help Leti, one of the women looked like the woman that got off the bus with tic in the first episode. I tried to look at the credits and I couldn't find any name similar but she just looked exactly like that woman that walked with him after the bus broke down. I know the timeline wouldn't make any sense because they got off the bus about a month ago according to Tic's timeline of a month and I'm sure the murders took place years ago. DID anybody else see this woman and think it was the same?
  2. I've had it with all of these feminine personal product commercials the latest one being for the incontinence pads. The woman who wakes up and says that she feels awesome because she takes care of her skin not her skin up here, but her skin down there. REALLY!!! between that and all of the advertisements for feminine hygiene products and the razor and waxing and now we have the manscaping razor which still is classier than the one aimed at women. Why don't they start having commercials for special men's soap and special men's deodorant and everything they aim at women to perpetuate stereotypes about womens hygiene...its not like men are a bed of roses. On another note I hate the commercial about getting paid early and that obnoxious girl going yes I'm always boasting about how I've already been paid I would take somebody like that in the office and smack them.
  3. I dont know if this one has already been listed, and i feel bad for doing this, but the newest Shriners Hospital ad is so irritating! Its the one with all the kids sitting around a table trying to come up with a new fund raising project and commercial. The suggestions are ridiculous until they turn to Calab and everyone is so touched..and do the Worst Acting. (Not their fault) I wish they would cut the hokey acting and u can keep your teddy bear blanket. I think Shriners does a great job...just show me that! Show the kids in therapy, tell the story of all of them .show their progress and achievements and i will watch and donate.
  4. I am with you here. I could not stand Ben or Meggie. Both were incredibly good players, but the antics got to me. ( anytime anyone does little Austin Roger's posing etc.will instantly make me hope for their loss) I also found Ben's super shoe polish black hair distracting..so I was rooting for Will during this game. Gosh I know this is shallow...but jeopardy has been a needed distraction this week so the little things been bothering me.
  5. Kitty is Kate bosworth. She has 2 different colored eyes.Her first film was with redford.Her production company is called BUBBLY KITTY!!She made a Christmas recording g she put out on youtube.The red cape... she was in Superman Returns.The wizard picture that made them think Harry Potter and Emma watson..well kate mother has the maiden name of Potter. As for the pirate...she dated Pirates star Orlando Bloom for several years.
  6. Ok..the gun Beth touched was the one used to murder Lucy I think. Since Rio said it was the one used to kill her friend. So now Beth's fingerprints are on it. Since Lucy was chopped up and in an unmarked grave and is decomposing..is there anyway to tell she has been shot if Rio was to turn the gun and body over to authorities? Even though he was not a friend, was the gun used on Boomer? Do we know if Boomer is still alive?
  7. Once again taylor is a fucking pussy refusing to get a vasectomy..saying not ready to give up the possibility of more biological children. U know they r reversible dont you! Once again A man letting the woman be in charge..no thought given to the hormones, chemicals she should be concerned with. You were perfectly fine with the bodily punishment and pain carrying 2 of your spawn did to her. Look u hooked up with maci used her to get your ass on tv, set up your own ugly tshirt company so u barely work..u l live off her checks. Neither of you have completed any sort of degrees so u can keep that house u bought once this show dries up and blows away. But u cant take on the birth control responsibility? ..what a fucking little bithch u r. Who u going to get to carry your seed..maci does not want to ..and if u think that bc was expensive..then wait till u see the cost of a surrogate. Also maci looks stupid in those glasses and she could have dressed a little better for meeting with the BC place. I'm tired of her PCOS talk. My sister has it and they have such pain that she cant drink a keg for like maci does..but most I know who have it have trouble getting pregnant..so they r a bit Insulted by a woman with 4 pregnancies at the drop of a hat trying to be their spokesperson. Andrew being surprised at Amber's behavior GMAFB. U saw her with gary and had a front row seat for boot camp. Amber and Caitlyn have had more than a decade to work on themselves..not like either one of them have had their time limited due to school or a job or actually taking care of their children. Times up..put on your grownup pants and become an adult.
  8. Kitty is Kate bosworth. She has 2 different colored eyes.Her first film was with redford.Her production company is called BUBBLY KITTY!!She made a Christmas recording g she put out on youtube.The red cape... she was in Superman Returns.The wizard picture that made them think Harry Potter and Emma watson..well kate mother has the maiden name of Potter. As for the pirate...she dated Pirates star Orlando Bloom for several years.
  9. Ok...first show of the new.season and it will probably be my last. Why? Because I f#%king hate the same old BS vasectomy storylines that sitcoms use. You know the ones where men act like ( I would like to call them pussies, but you know the saying..they lack the warmth and depth) little boys who constantly hold onto the own personal worry stone. Why do men continue to act like a vasectomy means they are being asked to put their penis in a guillotine and they will never be able to get an erection ever again! Compared to what pregnancy and childbirth does to a womans body, cesarean sections as well as birth control pills or having to have general anesthesia for tubal ligations... men get off easy. 1 quick injection then some soreness, ice pack on your groin and take it easy for a few days does not even come close...especially since this character has a wife who has given birth 3 times. To make matters worse the episode ended with the wife finding out she could stay on the pill!! How come no mention about the possible health dangers of longterm use considering the younger child is around 8 and the mom is in her 40's. They had Adam say he would feel like less of a man. How about being a man who takes on the responsibility that his wife has been doing for years in addition to the pain, work and sacrifice it took to give you your 3 children. That is a man. This show took the timeslot of the Unicorn which had vasectomy storyline of it's own that was handled so much better. Yes the Unicorn episode made a few jokes, then the benefits were mentioned and the character got the vasectomy and was supported and congratulated by his friends. HOW REFRESHING !!! Goodbye Man with a Plan. I'm gonna wait for the Unicorn to return.
  10. Ok. I did not understand the problem of the Feb 20th episode. So because Vanessa is running for council, Jen cant hold a bake sale outside on the sidewalk of a legal marijuana dispensary in Colorado.....but it will be perfectly Ok for: 1)Vanessa son-in-law and father of her 2 grandchildren to own and run it. 2) that the pot shop was built and started by her father-in-law 3)that another daughter and son-in law live in an apartment above the pot shop. I dont get it..like the show said she was doing nothing wrong..and neither are the others. I just dont know why only one of these was said to possibly hurt Vanessa's image. Like others I am not a fan of the Jen character. Nothing against the beautiful actress playing her , it's just hard seeing her as this young high school girl when the actress will be 32 this year and graduated Carnegie Mellon University in 2011. In comparison IRL Eve is 23, Mandy is 28, Kyle 31, Ryan is 33 and Kristen is 35. I know it's common to have adult actors playing teenagers but this one bothers me for some reason.
  11. I know I should be happy to see a curious child wanting to learn .....BUT. I cant stand the Amazon commercials with the little kids asking constant questions..." how is the sky blue?" " how did you know what to buy?" " how did you find such a great palce?"......SHUT UP. It just rubs me the wrong way and I find the kid irritating. I am just one of those people that dont find every little thing a kid does adorable.
  12. Poohbear617


    I liked the episode. I wish they had made a bit of a bigger deal of the fact that they not only found the daughter, but uncovered a Human Traffing Ring of several young girls. I am not saying what the dad did was right...but considering the outcome I want to know why he was ignored.
  13. Yes, I didn't make myself clear, but I do think you got my point that I didn't think Erivo should be playing Aretha in any capacity. Cynthia Erivo is playing Aretha Franklin in a made for tv special on the national geographic channel ad part of their genius series. Jennifer Hudson is playing Aretha in a theatrical release film with Aretha's blessing. I saw cynthia on Colberts show and she sang a small part of one of Arethas songs to Stephen and brought him to tears.
  14. To add to the discussion of 2nd generation oscar winners...how about 3 generations for the Huston family..Walter, John and Angelica. One thing did bug me about director nominations. While I agree that there is a lack of diversity here...all I kept hearing about was Greta Gurwig being left out. There were 9 films competing for best picture and only 5 directors. Ford v Ferrari, marriage story, jo jo rabbit and little women were all good enough to be nominated for best film but not the director, but only Greta's snab wan mentioned repeatedly. Personally I thing Jo JO rabbits director snub was bigger than little women.
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