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  1. Okay I'm not sure if this is the right place to put it but since it happened on the show I'm going to put it here. What the f*** was Rachel wearing did she think she was going to the prom of some kind the necklace the sparkly dress compared to everybody else and just casual clothes I was just looking at her like what were you thinking but then again it is Rachel the complete dumpster fire
  2. Cant stand the commercial for the upcomming ANNIE LIVE ! On NBC. I love Harry Connick Jr.. but he wearing that bald cap and turns to smile at the camera....and instead of Daddy Warbucks all i see is a super creepy Jeff Bezos...yuck 3
  3. I admit i havenever seen Shark Tank and now know i definitely will not in the future. I found Mr. O Leary to be a colossal prick. Smug and an exampke of the reason for the saying Eat The Rich. Saying taxes.was the only reason for colonists coming to this countey...complaining about taxes on billionaires and multibillion dollar.corporations. i thought he was.supposed to be smart but he showed no comprehension aboutpeople living paycheck to paycheck and trying to make ends meet. I had heard enough when he said that we are having supply problems because other countries.have.no
  4. I would like Brianna to sit down and watch a tape of the episode last night to see how the same thing that her friend Ashley mother-of-five complaining about is identical to what her own mother has said to her several times. The difference is is Ashley is spoken about and she put some thought into it and figured out a way to go and sit and talk to Ashley at her mother she treats like a piece of s*** that she scraped off the bottom of your shoe even though her mom was saying the same thing and I'm pretty sure Mom spends more money putting Brianna in that house then than brianna claims.
  5. Ok ....i have been here before birching about gross and offensive comercials, well im back. 1st is the DIFFERIN commercial for bad acne where it wants to show people popping zits , while playing 1812 overture with pics of volcanoes, etc... yuck. There is a reason i avoid Dr. Pimple Popper and the commercials..for those of you that like seeing pus filled zits popped, more power to you...as for me..yuck. 2) now for offensive (to me at least) are the poop-pouri, the razors for shaving bikini areas while the women shower in their underwear for some reason showing the woman
  6. And there is her first stupid statement of today which is dr. Fauci can't make these people do it then how am I supposed to make these people do it.They are two separate groups of people and both of these groups are not the same but she has to do something to defect and deflect and defend her Republicans that are doing this
  7. Finally someone mentioned that Trump and Melania got vaccinated. Thank you whoopi. Megan should know damn well that the majority of these people not getting vaccinated are not going to listen to the White House or not going to listen to Biden,they're going to listen to Trump. It is Trump's responsibility to actually do something good for this country and put out a message saying that he and his wife were vaccinated during his presidency all he talked about in the last year was how he was going to get the vaccine and he was going to help cure covid and operation warp speed. Well it worked
  8. Boy I cannot wait for Megan to be gone from this show. You know damn well that if it was the majority of Democrats who are not getting the vaccine she would be all over it everyday pounding away , but because it's her party that she constantly reminds us is her party now she's like " oh well it's not just them it's not just the Republicans ". the hell it isn't!!! It's the Republicans at the c-pac this weekend that are sitting there and cheering the fact that people are not getting vaccinated. Also she wants to sit and talk opiods. Yes they are a big problem but that's not what w
  9. Well Megan did it again today she said my pet peeve. Once again she stated that she is a political analyst this is complete and utter b*******. This is simply insulting to those people who actually are political analyst !! Just Google what does it take to become an analyst and see all of the classes in things such as political science, International Affairs, critical an analytic thinking (that one is hilarious trying to see Megan do that)..they also have to take classes in statistical analysis. Megan thinks just because her mother was pregnant with her at the Republican convention for Reagan
  10. What happened to Beckys baby daddy? And while i am at it Crystal and little Ed? Were Ed ans Crystal still married when he died? Tired of ben...would like to see DJ ...he could hsve worked with Dan.
  11. Last night John Oliver took a nice little swipe at Megan on his show Last Week Tonight. I wonder if she'll comment on it. After all John did a terrible thing.... he used Megan's own words against her.
  12. A,Okay that's it, I am writing and calling HBO Productions I want them to make a ,one or two hour documentary or better yet a mimiseries on CNN or NatGeo or 60 Minutes or somebody go to. And h08(k(<>ul Bill Maher's ass and let him see. Go out to the different types of grocery stores that exist in Rich poor and middle class neighborhoods. Let's and see how you cant get vast amount of fruit and vegetable food desert where people will not have access to the fruit and vegetables. Talk about the cost l. . Give Bill a budget and tell him how to go out and buy money for a group of four peopl
  13. Can someone please explain to me the air bnb commercial using Dolly Parton's version of I Will Always Love You. At first i thought it was going to be another ASPCA commercial the way it was showing pictures of that beautiful dog and i got worried...but then i watched the whole thing. I just dont get it...its annoying and it wastes dollys beautiful song.
  14. I hated Kat's cousin story. To me it seemed like she was excited to get her rapist on tape..not because he was guilty and she wanted justice, the writing seemed like ahe was excites for a possible civil suit and a big payday. Then after she seems happy because the rich guy wants to date her golddigging ass. I doubt that is what the writers wanted but thats how i saw it. I found it insulting to rape victims.
  15. I felt so disappointed as well there was no character development at all throughout the entire series I didn't really get to know anybody I guess except Harold and Nadine. My absolute favorite characters from the book and from the first mini-series were Tom and Nick. I wanted to see that relationship grow and the friendship and that trust between them and then see how Tom was so sweet and so innocent and scared when he went to Vegas but his bravery and compassion and him helping Stu to recover and come back and I saw absolutely nothing in that. They simply blew it off that the explosion
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