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  1. Poohbear617

    Good Girls

    Little help please. Did Beth ever find out that her husband was faking his cancer? Did they just drop it? I thought the only reason she let him move back in was because of treatments?
  2. Yes to all this. I was so happy bill called him out and called him a prick. Covington Catholic High School is a private well to do school, that is about 10 miles from my home. The Covington Public HS is very diverse, yet Cov. Cath is about 98 % white. I am a retired teacher and all my teacher friends have sent that shitty entitled smug look way too many times from students. The kids were the first to post the pictures on FB to brag to their friends and get a few laughs. SMIRK BOY'S MOTHER is an attorney and when the school got shut down on Tuesday because of threats etc, that kid was brought into mommy's office and as the backlash grew, that is when the spin doctors went to town turn the boys into the victims..( the way the Today Show interview had his hair flopped over, and they put him in that Lyle and Eric Menendez sweater, sorry we are not buying it. I will blame the parents as well for going along to keep their kids from ever having to face consequences..
  3. kasich has been going around the last 2 years like he is the anti-trump reasonable compassionate concervative. I can only say he is slightly better than Trump. I too was hoping bill would give him tougher questions and call him out in things like 1) completely defunding planned parenthhood in ohio 2) is part of the lawsuit tha eventually lead to marriage equality ( hint..he was not on gay right side. 3) opposes same sex. Adoption 4) opposed collective bargaing for police officers. And apposed benefits to family and children of fallon first responders 5) cut funding to public education, He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Cant wait till someone calls him out.
  4. Poohbear617

    S10.E12: Blasts from the Past

    I have been a sporatic viewer the last few years. Can someone tell me why Cam's sister Pam went to jail and when and who Dylan was married too? Thanks
  5. Poohbear617

    The Masked Singer

    I think another clue in favor of Latoya was that during her video a snake was shown. anyone remember the infamous nude photo of her wrapped in the large python? maybe a stretch..i dunno
  6. Poohbear617

    The Masked Singer

    I feel i am all alone on this guess..but i believe that Monster is Ceelo Green. He has a beautiful singing voice..he hit it big then went into seclusion because of allegations. But mostly because of the costume. Ceelo is short and heavy.and that costume hides his girth..their is no way he could have worn a form fitting outfit because that would really give it away. I dont believe T-Pain is as short as Ceelo and Monster was shorter than Nick Cannon.
  7. Poohbear617

    "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Ok..so MM knows this guest Bill Browder so well, and he work so closely with John McCain, yet she still had to read off of her blue cards to introduce him. Way to go political analyst!
  8. Poohbear617

    "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    Ok. Looked up qualifications for political analyst...it said minimum of bachelor degree in political science along with study of history, foreign affairs, international relations and 2-8 yes experience. It also says work with statistical analysis for reporting on collected data polls and election results. Meghan..I'm sorry but being John McCain's daughter does not qualify or exempt you from any of that hard work. SO PLEASE stop blurting out your delusions and equating yourself and thinking yourself as an equal to those who work their ass off to come by this title legitimately. Oh and quit being the screeching hysterical stereotype you claim to be so upset by.
  9. Poohbear617

    "The View": Half Week Thread for 1/2 to 1/4/18

    Wow..MM if you are sooooo miserable at your job...then quit. She just ramps up that snotty attitude, sits there with resting bitch face and is making constant snarky comments (i think she believes she is funny and dropping one liners but instead all you hear is crickets) she is just so threatened by Ana it is truly sad and pathetic. You couldn't pull that stick out of her ass with a tractor.
  10. Poohbear617

    "The View": Half Week Thread for 1/2 to 1/4/18

    For once a non Meghan complaint from me. BOOK FUCKING HOO about having to come back to work on a Wednesday...then speak out for the REAL people affected by the shutdown. Most of the real people I know had to actually work right up to the Friday immediately before Christmas if not Christmas eve. They then worked between Christmas and new years as well as new years eve....it all came off as spoiled and out of touch. Oh, and whoopi it could have been worse..as a retired math teacher, my former colleagues all had to return to rooms bursting of children/teens. You only have to return to 1 child for only an hour. (Sorry had to get one small MM jab in there..it just did not feel normal otherwise) I think you will survive.
  11. Poohbear617

    New Year's Eve (CNN)

    I flipped it on at 11:58 (quiet evening at home streaming movies) just to see the ball drop.....where the fuck was everybody. There was nobody on stage, no one talking....no on air countdown? The camera was just wandering around. It looked like it was just being filmed from someones phone. I kept watching for another 6 minutes till finally AC showed up. I thought maybe CNN had another bomb threat or AC was in a porta-john or something.
  12. Poohbear617

    S01.E25: Babies Have It Made

    I just want to shake Kayla. Run from that abusive asshole. His" i dont want you...but nobody else can have you" is dangerous and wont end well
  13. Poohbear617

    S01.E24: One Day You'll Thank Me

    Amen to this. Kyler thinks he is just going to move out on his own as soon as possible and everything will be perfect cause he will be the MAN in charge and nobody will tell him what to do. Reality owes this punk a swift kick in the ass. When Lexi finally comes to her senses she will kick him to the curb. e has nothing to offer physically, emotionally or financially. This idiot cant even add up if he has enough credits to graduate high school. ..how do you think he will do paying rent and creating a budget. You just know that he still relies on his family to pay for his phone, food, rent, car. He has no clue. He has to go back to school for 1 class but makes it Lexi's problem to find new childcare while she is working a full time job. When he wakes up to the reality that women are not throwing themselves at his sloth like body and attitude i am pretty sure he will become the "clingy one". (my apologies to all the adorable sloths...its just an expression)
  14. Poohbear617

    "The View": Week Of 12/3/2018

    My sister told me yesterday about the "Baby it's cold outside" ban. RBM so stupid she did not know what it was about...saying she just thought it was cold.....anyway. Personally I love the song and both singers are flirting and being coy...cute song. But to solve the problem why not use a wonderful version performed by Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon Levitt where they switched the roles so Gaga sang the traditional male part and Joseph sang the female part. Look it up on you tube to see them performing it..it's lovely. If anyone know the radio station send it to them
  15. Poohbear617

    "The View": Week Of 11/26/2018

    Meghan stated she hates when a woman is called a bitch for expressing her political view and that it happens to her all the time. Hey RBM,...you are not called a bitch here because your politics. Its because you are mean, rude, screaming, schreeching banchee that yells at your cohosts (loud does not make you right), chastise your audience for not clapping for you, narcissistic harpie. If you would actually listen to others, and learn to debate like the professional you claim to be i would not feel the need to complain about you to ABC...but you act like a spoiled brat...but since you are not child, i think bitch fits...just like i call 45 man baby bitch.