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  1. I saw an interview w/Tom where he said Michael may make an appearance in S6, but that his storyline was essentially done.
  2. He was shot three times, in the torso, not chest. And we don’t know how long it took between Chuck, er Vincent, shooting him & Chloe’s arrival. And Dan’s a strong guy. It’s entirely possible he was just holding thru sheer willpower.
  3. Except that Lucifer is immortal and Chloe is not. Despite Luci becoming there is nothing that says he still won’t burn up if he returns to Heaven. Decker star is almost certainly end game, but IMO he’ll become human to live out his mortal days w/her.
  4. Do you mean you can’t think of any other actor who is moreover suited to play an angel? Let ever introduce you to Tom Ellis and DB Woodside of Lucifer.
  5. The reason I said Vincent, was because And he was barely used in Ep 5.15. Plus, Luci & Maze didn’t appear to kill him. And we never got to hear what Luci said to him. Having Pete escape from jail, would give Ella a storyline to explore her darkness.
  6. That’s my favorite movie of all time. When we vacationed at Mackinaw one year, that’s all I wanted to see, was The Grand Hotel.
  7. Tom Ellis said in an ET interview that the big villain for S6 is someone we’ve already met. Indy & Joe confirmed that Michael mat appear in S6, but that his story is largely told. So I’m guessing it’s going to be Vincent (aka Chuck from SPN). Or Pete. Many people are speculating Malcolm, Pierce or Kinley could be brought back to life, but I don’t think they’d do that. Who do you think it might be?
  8. Which is why Indecisive Angel switched sides again, because you could tell she hated Michael. Saraquiel was willing to change sides at the drop of a (chef’s) hat, so she probably also backed Michael out of fear.
  9. Dr. Shephard was my grandmother's doctor. His successful appeal was what made Mr. Bailey. He eviscerated the long time Cuyahoga County Coroner - Samuel Gerber - on the stand.
  10. I actually did like his warrior outfit. Somewhere Jensen Ackles & Mark Pellegrino are envious at the Michael/Lucifer fight. I had to take a few hours aft watching the last episode because my eyes needed clearing up. Then Maze broke me again crying over the *NSYNC shirt. The way Amenadiel was looking at Linda toward the end makes me believe that they, too, are end game. I sure hope so. Even more than Lucifer/Chloe, I ship Amenadiel/Linda. And Charlie needs a sibling his own age. Perhaps a little girl named Danielle.
  11. I enjoyed seeing Vincent groveling on the ground at the end, ETA: I needed to take a few hours to take a breath and clear my eyes. When Trixie walked off that elevator and asked where her dad was, I just burst into tears. When DB talked abt this season being tragic, I had a suspicion that Dan was going to be dying. I figured we’d see a Dan/Charlotte reunion in Heaven. But to find out he’s out there, is killer. what a long way this character has come. From hiding his involvement in the Palmetto case, to providing optimism and hope. I’d say RIP, Dan, but I don’t thi
  12. No Eve is mortal. Amenadiel confirmed it when he first met up w/Eve in S4. He mentioned that the fun times will eventually end, and what happens to her soul since she rejected Heaven.
  13. It appears she’s also lost weight. Her bone structure is too angular for that amount of weight. She looks better w/a fuller, more chubby face. I put some of it down to that.
  14. Well at least we got Dan’s naked butt!
  15. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling this one. I didn’t like God as a human. He put the investigation and himself in danger (& possibly Chloe & Dan). I did love his scenes w/Ella, Trixie & Maze. Dan exploding was hilarious. Only because I thought 1) he was dreaming, then 2) he was put right back together. But I don’t understand why God felt the need to torment Dan, then told him he didn’t care who his ex slept with at the end. Why torment him, then? Is he getting lessons from Chuck? LOL
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