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  1. Will Arnett is insufferable. If this show goes to a S2, I hope they change hosts. IMO the telescope of imagination should’ve been top two, along with the clock. The mermaid & water coming out of the hydrant was beautiful, but those clouds & the air stream that Tyler & Amy made were just gorgeous. Rounded, smooth and clearly identifiable. I liked the Rocktopus as well. It grabbed your attention, and showed a story w/o having to tell the story.
  2. I dislike breaking up Will & JJ, so I have no problem with the outcome of all that. But the way it was done was BS. There was no reason to even go there.
  3. Yes. The very first scene of the series, and Hotch was in that one. They showed him beating the crap outta Foyett, as well. I don't find it inconceivable that no one left except Garcia. That's normal life. One person moves on, then later another retires, maybe someone dies. But it's more ridiculous that Rossi didn't retire. Watching it again, it sounded like he was going to, just in a few months. You have to break in a new tech analyst, so breaking in a new agent to replace Rossi at the same time can be a good thing, or too much, depending on how you see it.
  4. 1). But there were so many good evil guys. Frank, the Fisher guy, Tim Curry’s character, Mr. Scratch. Obviously a Tim wouldn’t be able to appear, but Mr. Scratch esp went after all members of the team. But I can see the reasoning now: Foyett is the bad in the world, Erin is the struggles to fight that bad (she represents bureaucracy), and Maeve the good in the world. 2). I had read where Erica said there would be a loss in the finale, and I was worried it was gonna be Rossi ‘s wife. Then I thought Penelope leaving. But I just read a Q&A where Erica says the loss was the plane, which was a character in its own right. I got ready eyed too, so you’re not a sap. I second those thanks. We have years & years of re-runs. Some bad, but mostly good. It was a great run.
  5. Well, I’m glad nobody died. I’m happy for Penelope, she never was comfortable doing liaising, and presenting. Saw Luke asking her out a mile away. He always had a special place for Penelope (not sure why and I liked her w/Kevin better). I wish Rossi had retired; enough is enough. Lynch was dragged on faaaarrr too long. He will always be 3XK to me, anyway. Love Beth’s hair color. She looks so much younger. But someone tell me why on earth Foyett showed up to Spencer? He was Hotch’s nemesis.
  6. @Mislav you hit many good points. I would like to state that I do like Alvez, however. Matt's a blank piece of sheet rock, who's family life gets more focus than he does on a case. I don't like how they've changed Prentiss, but I guess that could be explained away by her having to become the boss, at a strained time - for both the characters & actors. My hope is that Jack & Hotch & Alex & Derek show back up, maybe JLH's character (can't remember her name), but not that blonde intern. Don't know how I'd feel about Elle yet, cause I hate what she did and that she didn't get punished. And if we're in dream sequence mode, I'd like to see Erin, Jayne could chew up scenery like no tomorrow. If they're just doing flashbacks, I'm not sure what cases I'd like to see. There are many.
  7. roamyn


    I am shocked that he’s in “serious condition” and not worse. That was horrific, even worse than Dale Sr. That was a Dan Wheldon level crash. Hubby hopes he retires aft this, because if you go back, what kind of PTSD might you have while racing at 200mph. Glad he seems to be okay, relatively.
  8. I thought Chaka Khan did well on the refrain, but the verses were bad. Not in tune, too slow, and way too low for her register. However, White Tiger is just sooo bad. At least Dr. Drew and Tommy Chong, sang. Yeah, they were bad, but they attempted it.
  9. We still watched this week and are loving the DC team. Of course it helps that Cardsle Jones & his great smile is the QB.
  10. I guessed the canon reference to Drew (we knew it was him), because 1) I’m a Cleveland native, 2). The husband of a former boss served in the same unit as Drew. White Tiger SUCKS. Drew was so much better this week, and I’m sad to see him go. Miss Monster sounds like an older Black Lady. Not the generation of Miss Patty or auntie Grace, but more like 40s or 50s. We think Turtle is a boy bander. Billy Joe Armstrong was a good guess, but I’m not positive it’s him. I don’t think it’s AJ or Joey.
  11. roamyn

    NFL Thread

    I don’t know the Paul brothers. Who do they, Or did they, play for? But two more, huh? We Westlakers must be very athletic. Jennie Meno from figure skating went to school w/my youngest brother. Wonder what happened to me? 😁
  12. roamyn

    College Football

    That was my initial reaction, too.
  13. I guess she shouldn’t have moved to NC, where Andy and the show are a god-like.
  14. Apparently the actress was not very nice, either. She did not like Ronnie Howard and only tolerably got on with the rest of the cast. Andy Griffith, however, I’ve never heard anything remotely bad abt. (And don’t tell me if there is!)
  15. roamyn

    NFL Thread

    I thought abt him, but I don’t know if the family still lived in Westlake at that time. And the west side of Cleveland is very different from the east. Rarely do families move from one side of town to the other, because culturally we’re different.
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