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  1. Ooh, fun😄! Favorite: Starsky & Hutch McDanno Hawaii 5-0 2010 Jamie & Brienne GoT Sam & Gillie GoT Percy & LaSalle NCIS LA Chloe & Lucifer Lucifer Linda & Amenadiel Lucifer Nick & Ellie NCIS Jamie & Claire Outlander Donna & Chief Boden Chicago Fire House & Wilson FEZ & Jackie That 70s Show Bernadette & Howard TBBT Kate & Jack LOST Least Favorite: McGarrett & Catherine Hawaii 5-0 2010 Tony & Ziva NCIS Penny & Leonard TBBT Gabby & Casey Chicago Fire Shannon & Sayid LOST Jackie & Hyde That 70s Show
  2. I saw two interviews months ago while they were filming, where Tom said that you find out pretty early when Lucifer will be back and where DB said that he goes to Hell to get Luci to help with a problem on Earth, in episode 1. My guess is Michael is the problem, unless both actors were trying to shift direction.
  3. Hot damn! I am so excited! I'm hoping Michael doesn't last long, though.
  4. I’m so sorry @Angeltoes. These are trying times to lose someone. My MIL died last week aft being invalid for seven months. We don’t live in a close state, so last hubby saw her was January.
  5. Yeah, the old adage “don’t speak ill of the dead”, is what I had to remind myself of, when I heard he passed.
  6. roamyn

    S07.E04: The Fly

    I loved Callie’s joy over catching that rabbit. Then they cut to Joel with TWO rabbits. And he plays all the parts! 😄 too bad he didn’t re-enact the role of the fly. Doesn’t surprise me that Keith tapped out. He caught one measly squirrel, while the others are catching fish, rabbits. Nice fish Roland! Crappy net, but nice catch.
  7. I hated that they made Starbucks a woman and Boomer a Cylon. Plus the original Cylons were cool with that red eye and metallic voice “By Your Command”. Tighe, Boomer, Apollo, Starbuck, Cassie, Adama, Baltar, Jolly, and Greenbean were great characters. Athena was a dud, as was the doctor IMO.
  8. Steve Priest, lead singer for Sweet died on Thursday. One of my favorite songs is ‘Love is Like Oxygen’, but they had many others, like ‘Fox on the Run’, ‘Little Willy’. Only one original band member remains.
  9. Great news, but more importantly.... When are we getting the first part of S5?!
  10. I know this has been off air for a long time, but I just discovered Miranda Hart. I turned in to her show on Hulu for Tom Ellis, but she is an absolute delight! I ended up looking for more stuff she’s been in, but haven’t caught Call the Midwife yet.
  11. There used to be women’s college baseball in the late 1800s, but they still had to wear long skirts. Some would wear wide bloomers. There were so any injuries that women were banned from playing until the 1920s.
  12. I don’t blame the show for that, but George Martin. Right from S3, (and we just watched last year), we thought she was a tyrant. Even worse than Cersei, because she sacrificed thousands of lives, just because she was angry. Unfortunately the show did it too subtly, until S7, and that made fans of hers go crazy that “she only became mad during 8.5”
  13. Father Frank from Lucifer S1. Yes he’s dead, but maybe God can bring Frank’s spirit with him when he pays a visit in S5. We need another FF/Lucifer jam session. Drew Carey’s character last season on NCIS. Drew was amazing in the role.
  14. My UO of LOST is that I loved Jack. I didn’t care for Sawyer, esp aft he screwed up the killing of the Marshall, and Jack had to put the guy out of his misery. In fact, Jack was always trying to make everyone else happy, rather than himself. He only landed on the island because his mother guilted him into going aft his father. Jack sacrificed himself to get his companions home, and that death scene, with Vincent, is one of the saddest (aft Jin/Sun & Elinor’s son - can’t remember his name), and the best way to end the show.
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