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  1. roamyn

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    My kids are not millenials. They are Y Gen or X Gen and they were born 1985-1990. Millenials are those born after 1995, my understand was.
  2. Oh I agree abt Letterman, but I can’t deny his influence on pop culture.
  3. I know the character’s dead, but I’d love to see Rheagar in the GoT prequel.
  4. So Johnny Carson wasn’t good enough to hold a show up on his own? Or Dave Letterman?
  5. I felt like this, initially. Then I started watching “Carpool Kareocke (sp?). And I was pleasantly surprised. I saw him on a few more things, and now my impression has changed.
  6. roamyn

    All Alone In The Media

    Maybe we’re talking abt two different Mikes.
  7. roamyn

    All Alone In The Media

    Mike had no problem feeding himself. He told u abt the “fish stores” he made (storing fish underground where it would stay cold), and abt different kinds of seaweed.
  8. Oh yeah, not Tom either. Forecasters have ALWAYS done that in CLE since I was little. ABC used to be the worst, but I’m not sure anymore since we only watch CLE news when visiting and we will never go back home in winter unless there’s a funeral.
  9. roamyn

    Blind Item Speculation

    It still is. I think it’s still the #1 producer of tobacco in the US. Several of our big clients are either tobacco farms or manufacturing plants.
  10. roamyn

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I don’t know how they can say the show is anti feminist. Throughout the books there are strong women of power: Cersei, Dany, (both corrupt), Yara, Arya, Lady Stark, Talisia, Lady Mormont, Missandei, the glorious Olenna Tyrell to name a few. (I named Talisia because she travelled w/the army as a sort of Clara Barton and even cut off a man’s foot). I tried reading the books, but couldn’t, so I don’t know if Dany’s character is significantly different.
  11. I am. Which sports caster might you be referring to. I hope not Jim Donovan. We love him, tho we rarely get to hear him anymore since moving 10 yrs ago. Speaking of disliking local legends. I cannot stand Dick Goddard. He’s an ass. When my mother had surgery maybe 20 yrs ago, her roommate was his young girlfriend. He came to visit her once while my mother was there and he treated the girlfriend like dirt. He was also very rude to my mother. He lived in the development behind our house at the time (Settler’s Landing in Westlake) and he was a terrible neighbor as well, constantly yelling at kids if they were playing too loudly, complaining that we were riding bikes in the street, complained abt the neighbor who had a pool that water was being splashed into his yard, and scowling all the time. Not to mention refusing to retire when he was clearly past his prime.
  12. roamyn

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Oh God, I love you. With regard to Greg LeMond. It’s one thing to “win” a sporting event aft fighting cancer. It’s another to have come back and won aft being shot by an arrow. He never got the respect he deserves.
  13. roamyn

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    The Queen is also Duchess of Lancaster, in her own right, which is the wealthiest duchy in Great Britain in terms of taxes, land valuation, and economy. She - or her descendants - wouldn’t lose that.
  14. roamyn

    Horse Racing: The Sport of Kings

    This is a weird ass year for the Triple Crown. In the Derby, the winner gets disqualified. In the Preakness, one rider gets thrown immediately, and the horse continues to finish the race. He even finished ahead of someone! (Tho he’s automatically disqualified not having a rider). I can’t imagine what the Belmont holds in store.
  15. I’ve already read abt it, so I’ll have to wait until it shows up On Demand.