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  1. Any time Tom Ellis sings on Lucifer is a magical moment. He’s got an incredible voice, and I don’t care if they force it (a song) in, I could listen to an entire show with him singing.
  2. I went to work for a few hours Sat (we’re working swing shifts right now), and while there, I saw a large group of women from the woman’s shelter down the street, walking some five in a row shoulder to shoulder. Several were walking apart from each other, but I couldn’t believe how many were so close 2gether. I guess to them, escaping an abusive partner is worse than the Coronavirus.
  3. That’s cute @Brookside. one thing I love is all the Coronavirus parodies out on you tube. From “Imagine (there’s no bog [tp] roll)”, to “Staying Alive” to multiple “My Corona”; talented people with great imagination and willingness to cheer others.
  4. T&A probably meant they just found out before the show started filming. I don’t blame them for the “pregnancy reveal”. That’s on the editors. My personal preference is for T&A, only because I hate the so-called singing the show keeps showcasing, that the large bearded guy does. (I don’t know which is Mark and which is Boone). But I wouldn’t be too upset with M&B winning. Both teams are clearly creative, polished, and great technical builders.
  5. Prince Albert also has tested positive, and has been mildly ill. I don’t know abt Charlene, Jacques & Gabriella.
  6. Thanks to all those that provided links. I saw on FB just a bit ago that those owing back child support won’t get it. I worked 3.5 hrs 2day, and our owner had to come in for an emergency pickup for a client. He said we’re going to stagger people (we started this week since there was a possibility I was exposed - someone at hubby’s work has it) for the next two weeks. I can do some work from home, and then come in 2 evenings + work a few hours on the weekends. This way we’ll be able to keep supplying our few open clients (I’m the office mgr & do the billing), and not subject everyone if someone does get it. And he’ll pay us FT still!
  7. What abt people who have to pay? We’ve had to pay for years, sometimes only $200, but one year we owed $3K and another over $1K, yet didn’t have that money laying around. Even the year we moved to N.C., with all the tax breaks and not working for 6mos (hubby had a nice severance), we had to pay. We’re still paying it off at $100/mo. Do we get any at all? (We fall far below the $150K cap). If so, do we get checks? Or because the IRS automatically deducts it, would we get a direct deposit?
  8. I did like Lincoln Cole’s character. He would’ve been a good team member, if you have Steve or Danny or Lou retiring. Or Quinn gone. Which....barf.
  9. Just because Catherine’s in it, doesn’t mean they’re end game. John McGarrett And WoFat are also in it, so she could be in a flashback type scene. Personally I ways thought Danny &=Rachel were more inclined to be endgame.
  10. Lord, I can’t stand Will. He just needs to stop being a try-hard, and just lead the cameras to show the creativity & stories. I really thought Mark & Boone we’re going to win, only because their scene worked better 2gether w/ Sam & Jessica. That’s mainly why I think S&J didn’t go home - because their combined story was cohesive. Jamie seemed very confused abt the ‘bake sale’. It appears the Aaron & Christian didn’t tell them that their hero lair was a school. I was surprised to hear Christian get all teary at the end. Didn’t think he had it in him. The scorpion queen build was eye popping, used color nicely, and told an immediate story. I love these two. They’ve been among the most creative throughout the show. I would be okay with either M&B or T&A winning. Sam & Jessica just aren’t polished enough. They shouldn’t have outlasted the cop brothers, A&C, or even Richard & Flynn.
  11. I live in Wake Cty, and there’s talk of a county wide stay home. HOWEVER, when u see the list of exempted industries that are “essential”, it appears very few will have to stay home. Hubby works for a ServPro type company that deals with electronic recovery (ie computers & appliances), and they’re considered essential. I work for a wholesaler where Duke Energy is our biggest client, and we’re considered essential. It makes no sense to have shut in orders, if you exempt beyond Groceries/Drugstores, Agriculture, gas stations, trucking, dat care, pet care, and healthcare.
  12. He’s 71, and yes he’s the longest reigning PoW. But who’s next in line was never in question. It will be King George VII (as is rumored for his regnal name), or King William V. Apparently, he has minor symptoms, and is not seriously ill.
  13. Prince Charles has the Coronavirus. The Duchess of Cornwall is negative, and the PoW hasn’t been near the Queen or Prince Phillip since early March.
  14. I remember they specifically said it was a financial issue. The Olympics getting so big & expensive that it was harder & harder to give countries monies twice a year, plus all the travel expenditures for the IOC members.
  15. roamyn

    NFL Thread

    Unsurprisingly the Panthers released Cam 2day. I can’t speculate where he might go when all this is over. He’s a beat up, fumble prone, prima dona QB.
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