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  1. RIP Justice Ginsberg. You are an inspiration and thank you for all you did for justice $0& equality. I’m glad you’re no longer suffering, but I wish you could’ve held on just a few more months. Heaven help the US and Equality.
  2. My youth keeps passing away. I still have several BCR tracks on my iPod.
  3. I’ve just started watching Supernatural , and WTF?!!! Fans ship Sam & Dean? Seriously? They’re brothers! That’s just such a different level of ick.
  4. Wow! The Chadwick Bozeman news floors me. What a loss of talent and of a generally nice guy. RIP sir.
  5. No, they bubble wrapped the ceiling & everything in case he had wings & could fly. But no wings yet.
  6. I had a feeling abt Pete last episode. It was almost like he was feeling Lucifer out in the hallway. I think Ella should go for the geeky guy on KillList or whatever that website was. I think he would fit right up her alley - awkward, geeky, a little dark. During the opening credits, I just noticed that Tom Ellis is an ‘Executive Producer’. Usually that just means more money & a lot more pull in storylines, and I wonder if this was the driving force begins the ‘dispute’ earlier this year. Speaking of... he did a hell of a job (pun intended) in making me see two different angels in Lucifer & Michael. The effects were top notch again, too. Toobad Uriel’s dead. Because I can so totally see Dean Winters (Mayhem guy) playing the patterns angel, like @MrPissyPuppy suggested. How many cops will say “Hey Safe Driver’s Save 40%” once time re-starts? I thought Remiel sensed a new celestial last season? So is Michael lying abt that, too? Now my biggest pet peeve...Maze. I could sympathize with her in S3, even if I didn’t like how she manipulated Chloe & Lucifer. But this is too much. HOW does she know that Michael has never lied to her? Yes, he told her the truth abt Lilith, but so fricking what. Maze has NEVER shown any inclination of wanting to see, meet or hear abt her mother. Maze was Lucifer’s trusted #2 for millennia and she could’ve asked millions of times. She KNOWS Lucifer doesn’t lie, keeps his word, and honors deals. This feels too shoe horned to keep the sides even. Tho I didn’t like Lucifer calling her “just a demon”. Maze used to be a STRONG - mentally & physically - being, now she’s all weepy abt “abandonment issues” - Lilith, Eve, Lucifer, Chloe. She fought off 12 people & ran 4 miles to protect her best friend and open up abt her emotions (the “I’m sorry” to Dr. Linda), yet now is pining for the woman who left her thousands of years ago as a baby? Pppffff.... All in all a good season so far. Not quite S4, but that had a tight window of 10 episodes, not 16 split into two. So there’s bound to be some stretching of plot lines. Not as bad as S3, of course. Nothing could be that bad.
  7. roamyn

    S05.E07: Our Mojo

    I don’t get a good vibe from Pete this episode. And I noted that there was a darkroom in Les’s apt. Could Les be Pete’s dad? Or they work in conjunction - a serial killing writing & photography team. Also for some reason Lucifer doesn’t seem to like Pete. Does he sense something? Can we please get Amenadiel & Linda back 2gether? I just love those two. Oh poor Dan. That first scene with him at Charlotte’s grave was heartbreaking. He’s been putting on a facade & Michael knows it. Is this why Michael has been hanging around? Waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike Lucifer down? He does know that a Lucifer can fly right back up, correct? Dan needs a healing Ella hug.
  8. roamyn

    S05.E06: BluBallz

    FINALLY!!!! I could watch the last scene over & over. I knew it was Lucifer & not Michael in the trailer. Interesting that Chloe & Linda talked abt Lucifer’s privates in direct detail. LOL. But also realistic, I mean that’s what we women talk abt sometimes, right? Tho I did not care for Chloe’s telling Jed that she wasn’t in a relationship right in front of Lucifer! I’m worried abt how Dan is going to take his ‘accidentally’ (u Dick Michael) seeing Lucifer’s Devil face. Especially in regards to Trixie. I can see him confronting Chloe and telling her he doesn’t want Trixie around Lucifer (and Maze). Which could put another wrinkle in the Deckerstar romance. Or not, if Dan is the rumored casualty this Season. I hope not, because even last season, I liked his character. He’s smart, complex, funny, got a rocking bod, is a great father and a good ex.
  9. It never occurred to me that Michael was the one playing Amenadiel. Damn, that’s a good theory. And it allows Michael to be the “big bad” throughout the entire season (including 5B). I kinda wish Amenadiel had shown his wings to the young nun that came to the precinct. I don’t know why, because she had faith, but for some reason I just wanted her to know. Tho I guess a non-believer is better to prove divinity to.
  10. It wasn’t the producers, it was Ellis himself. There’s a YouTube interview of him explaining how he came up with the accent, and that he practiced b4 the audition w/an American accent, but it didn’t seem right to him, and that the producers agreed.
  11. Well I liked it. Dan & Amenadiel’s characters were fun, ‘Jack’ & ‘Shirl’ were boring, but ‘Tommy Stompanato’ was so glaringly overacted it was hilarious. The filming & lighting was beautifully done. The jokes were flat, the first song Lilith sang was terrible, the fake driving screen while Lucifer & Jack were in the car, was so glaring, and the score was bad. HOWEVER, I think the episode was set up to play that way, which means I didn’t take it seriously. It moved the Maze plot a bit which I believe will be important. The only glaring problem is that Lucifer has said several times that his ring was a gift from his father.
  12. roamyn

    S05.E03: ¡Diablo!

    Boy was that hilariously awful. And it’s a top rated show? The ‘acting’, ‘writing’, ‘set design’, and ‘props’, were just cringe worthy. On purpose I suppose.
  13. They started filming this in July of last year, so her son was 2 and most likely weaned. And not all women breast feed. It’s not our business how she conducts her family life. i think Chloe flirted with Michael at the break station to get his guard down. That’s cop training, and her going there alone is very much how she would act. Yes, she could’ve checked w/Amenadiel first, that’s probably the only thing that I felt was off. I hated the way Michael treated Dr. Linda, so I hope that doesn’t affect her relationship with Lucifer. It seems like the Maze/Michael pairing is done, which can only be a good thing. Now we know what Michael’s power is. He brings out the fear. He is the darkness to Lucifer’s light. Quite literally.
  14. Michael was whistling the theme. It’s not just from S2. I’d like to know how he knew that was the right time to step into Lucifer’s shoes. I agree with Chloe’s decision to step back from Maze. She needs to heal, and having Maze around all the time isn’t good for her. She can’t be responsible for Maze’s feelings. It’s not on Chloe to heal Maze from Eve. And Maze tried to kiss Chloe, as well. Making an overture that obviously made Chloe uncomfortable. Also Lauren German looks terrible. Maybe that’s consciously planned, but she’s far thinner than usual , the brown hair is drab, and she has unflattering make up. it looked like Lee was going up to his parent’s house in the Hell Loop, so maybe he got over his guilt. Linda was driving me nuts with all the helicopter parenting. Amenadiel is great, as usual. A little over protective, but it’s his first baby and after the Caleb stuff last season, I can live with it - as long as it’s not a recurring theme. Does Dan seem a little too eager to fill his life with anything that will fill the void? It’s a little jarring to go from broody, angry Dan two months ago, to the cheerful, upbeat new age guy here. Awe poor Maze. While I feel for her in some respects, she needs to have other hobbies & friends, other outlets. Why doesn’t she just ask Amenadiel to take her home? Destroying Lucifer’s piano was not only reckless & unhealthy, it pissed me off that a beautiful instrument was destroyed. Not to mention Lucifer will be upset.
  15. I saw the name Crowley and had to do a double take. I’ve just recently started watching Supernatural and adore the entire cast, even vacuous Bella. But Crowley - on that show - is one of my favorites. Is the character similar in Good Omens?
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