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  1. shoregirl

    MLB Thread

    Good job Marlins 👍. Amazing job not only derailing your season but the Phillies season too.
  2. shoregirl

    MLB Thread

    The Marlins really fucked over the Phillies. MLB didnt seem so concerned when 4 players tested positive and they still played on Sunday. Haha you cant make this up 🙄 Hey Phillies you get shut down for almost a week because the Marlins can't keep their shit together and now the first time the Marlins can play again, you get to play them in Miami. 🙄😂😡
  3. shoregirl

    MLB Thread

    I'm sure they aren't the last team to do this either. More Marlins came back with positive test . 15 players from the team have now tested positive. If I am any team I'm not going to Miami ,a hotspot, to play a team that half the team has tested positive. Setting aside that they put another team at risk, they also put the clubhouse attendants at risk . As of now all the Phillies test came can negative, they are being tested again today and if all is well will go to New York tomorrow.
  4. shoregirl

    MLB Thread

    I think MLB is putting a lot of hope in the Phillies tests that they took today coming back negative tomorrow but in reality it could be a week before someone who was exposed tests negative. The interview with Manfred on MLB network was awful , Verducci just gave him softball after softball question without repressing him about why that game was played yesterday. Manfred is the worst commissioner in all of sports. How many players have to test positive before you cancel a game ?
  5. Olivia de Havilland passed away. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/jul/26/olivia-de-havilland-star-of-gone-with-the-wind-dies-at-104
  6. I'm really enjoying it to. Working with Aaron Dessner from the National was really good collaboration. I love the song with Bon Iver . Never thought I'd see a Taylor Swift with an explicit label.
  7. shoregirl

    MLB Thread

    10/10. Love it 😋. I really like Didi . when he signed in Philly I started following him on Instagram. He's a very good photographer and seems like a interesting man.
  8. She is so good in Almost Famous.
  9. Look at those cheeks 😍. Little Wyatt is so cute.
  10. Not a spoiler but speculation. I just rewatched the last episode and after Devi meets John McEnroe and he gets her mims attention he doesn't have another voice over . I wonder if that was some signal that his voice overs are done and someone else will pick up on them next season.
  11. shoregirl

    MLB Thread

    Now when I wear my Jersey with no name it will be for him. 😂 I know they are just playing each other but it was good to see the Phillies on my tv again.
  12. shoregirl

    The NBA

    Matisse is adorable and a delight.
  13. One last makeover in Philly. This was cute
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