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  1. Holt telling Jake that if he had a son and the son turned out to be like Jake he would be proud of him. 😭
  2. This was a great finale. I know Gina is not everyone's favorite but it was nice to see her again. Her driving away saying this is what you get for firing me and Holt say you left willingly and had moments with everyone cracked me up. It was good seeing Pimento too. Holts tattoo was AMAZING.
  3. #Ham4Ham with the casts of Hamilton, Wicked and The Lion King in honor of the three shoes reopening today.
  4. I airs next week. It was preempted by football yesterday.
  5. Its a shame football started today because it would be pretty perfect if Brooklyn 99 had to end it ended on 9/9
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2021/music/news/paula-cole-dawsons-creek-song-restored-netflix-1235055893/amp/
  7. James really does not like Richards.
  8. Mike Richards out as executive producer. https://ew.com/tv/mike-richards-exits-jeopardy-executive-producer/
  9. shoregirl

    MLB Thread

    I always end up in front or behind those people too. They best ones are the ones who are explaining something but don't actually know what they are talking about 😂🤦. In other news ....
  10. Hurricane Ida looks extremely scary. I hope anyone it's path stays safe.
  11. I wonder if they tried to lower the lights for Jessie but it didn't make a difference so they edited it out. I like Melanio Adam and Chelsea and would be happy if any of them won.
  12. Personally I'm a little disappointed Melanio didnt say "Greetings from Asbury Park"
  13. Did they not do a background check or did they just not care? Those quotes from his podcast were gross. His apology his laughable almost a decade ago? He was in his late-ish thirties old enough to know better not some teenager making distasteful jokes for his buddies. I thought his hosting was unremarkable and no way did I think he was the best for the job or should have the job. If what they said in the ringer article are true and he did get to pick what episodes were chosen for the focus groups he definitely should have not been on the running for the job. I love Jeopardy bu
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