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  1. Tonight is only is last 1100 pm news He'll still to the 600pm news until the end on the year then he'll retire (boooo...but much deserved).
  2. shoregirl

    NFL Thread

    As a Eagles fan......Go Pack Go! 😂
  3. Jonathon Larson's father Al passed away.
  4. https://deadline.com/2021/12/julie-and-the-phantoms-canceled-netflix-one-season-kenny-ortega-1234899104/ No Season 2. Not surprising as we hadn't heard anything until now but still a little disappointing because I thought the show was cute.
  5. shoregirl

    NFL Thread

    Or they could just play on Sunday. It's not the Eagles , Seahawks or raiders faults. they don't have breakouts but are penalized. The PA isnt looking out for everybody if the players on the other team arent happy. Especially when the president of the NFLPA plays for the Browns 🤔
  6. shoregirl

    NFL Thread

    So now the Eagles (and the Raiders &Seahawks) have to play on short rest even with no outbreaks. Players not happy
  7. shoregirl

    NHL Thread

    Poking your eye out might me more enjoyable. I can't believe how bad the Flyers are. I know they are missing guys from injury but these losses are so ugly.
  8. shoregirl

    MLB Thread

    Quoting myself to add It was already a shame that he didnt make it when he was alive.
  9. shoregirl

    MLB Thread

    Meh its some bullshit the Dick Allen didn't make.
  10. All the girls did a great job with Hard Knock Life. Celina Smith , the little girl playing Annie, can sing. Tomorrow was wonderful. Taraji is chewing scenery like any good Miss Hannigan should.
  11. I always love when Seth has his family on. What a fun family.
  12. An article about how Sunday came together https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/film-tv/a38321766/tick-tick-boom-sunday-oral-history/ And some Behind the scenes photos from Daphne Rubin-Vega https://www.instagram.com/p/CWjOXuUPjby/?utm_medium=copy_link
  13. I'm going to fine with either Iman or JoJo winning. JoJo has been more consistent but Imans big moments have been unforgettable and Daniella's choreography has been a revelation.
  14. Jojos dance was fun and shes probably better at lifts than every contestant beside Iman. JoJo has really surprised me. I was expecting her to be alot and me to over her quickly but even though she was already a good dancer she really grew as a dancer. Jenna and her were a really good partnership
  15. That It wasn't even good pole dancing 🤷 It was kind of a mess. But that was the most personality he's ever had. They will probably all get 40s unless some like strips naked and does the chicken dance 😂
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