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  1. I don't recall much about the first season eyebrows, so they were very likely nothing outstanding, neither outlandish nor on point. What I do recall, is that along the way, she adopted the practice of the thin line following the contour of her upper brow bone a-l-l the way around. I have never been noted as a fashionista or trend setter, but way back in the early 50's make-up experts advised taking a pencil from the base of the nostril slanted up to the brow bone and that would be the point to terminate the eyebrow line. It was emphasized that if the eyebrow pencil took a downward turn it would add years to the appearance. Maybe this COL is light years off trend and out of step, but if Meri is shooting for the natural look by following the brow bone to it's termination, why bother with plucking or enhancing the natural brow with makeup at all?
  2. She used to use Fine Tip but since Mariah has straightened her out on the fine art of eyebrow grooming, she has switched to Chisel Tip.
  3. Someone must have told Meri that "the eyes are the mirror of the soul", so she has effectively built her "walls" of mascara and liner. Such an enigma that one!
  4. Although the work you do for us here is greatly appreciated, I fully understand your feelings Ginger. I don't belong to Mariah's Instagram, so without your posts, I wouldn't be aware of her rants. That may be a good thing though, her strident, angry messages are not offering any solutions, they seem to be her way of attracting attention to herself, rather than resolving the hurt and anger so prevalent at this time.
  5. Reality check here Meri. I don't think "the world" cares whether you improve your style, wear dresses or lipstick. 99.99999% of the world population are not even aware of your existence and those of us that know of you, don't really care how you present yourself. Live your WHY by all means, but be honest about it. If you really felt "confident in your own skin", why filter your photos beyond recognition? Will the real Meri Brown please stand up?
  6. Well Land Sakes, this has surely been an enlightening day for me. I have heard the term "wimmin" for many years but usually in the context of old Western movies. As in, "guess I'll just mosey on down to the kitchen to see what the wimmin folx have cooked up for dinner".
  7. With that flimsy cord attaching the hammock to the tree, I wonder how much pride Mariah will feel if she attempts to fling herself aboard the hammock.
  8. Is that 4 hens and a rooster leading the way to their eventual home?
  9. If I was interested, I would go in, but only by exclusive appointment and only if the house was vacant. Even then, I would be wearing plastic gloves in case I grabbed a doorknob or light switch without thinking. I would also wear a mask, because unlike Janelle, some realtors actually get off their duff and show you around the house.
  10. These are really astute observations Cocopuffs. I had been sort of waiting for someone on this board with a psychology background to weigh in because if I cared for Mariah, I would be worried that she may have slipped the shackles of sanity. With or without a psych. background, you have analyzed her thought process to one that makes sense. Thank You.
  11. I think that climate would dictate the feasibility of the tiny house concept. If you live in a zone that a large part of the day could be spent outdoors, it could work. But if like me, you live in an area where even spring and summer days are prone to biting insects and humidity, it would put a damper on activities. Entertaining friends and family would not work if everyone had to remain indoors.
  12. Who is Mariah having this conversational exchange with? Did one of her followers challenge her right to be a "liberationist" whatever the hell that is.
  13. I'm sure that there are those that would challenge Mariah's smug, sanctimonious attitude, but we will never hear about it from her. Her professors no doubt have read the same books as she has and realize when she is (mis)quoting someone else's work. I would love to see the remarks on papers she has turned in. There has been no mention of how Koda and Mosby, the ESA animals, were transported to AZ for this latest trip. It would be too much to expect honesty from Mariah to acknowledge that they tried to pull a fast one and were tripped up. The only service that those dogs perform is to supply Mariah, Audge, and Meri with unbridled devotion. Dogs are like that, feed them regularly and don't beat them and they will turn somersaults when you come home. That doesn't fall into the parameters of what the airlines set down as guidelines for ESA. Her expensive Balinese yoga training seems to be targeted to those that follow her Instagram, she didn't attract even "donation only" participants to her sessions in the park. These type of realizations would give most people pause and they would take a deep inward look at themselves. Not our Mariah, she is far too busy correcting the rest of society on what she perceives as their failings.
  14. Why chamomile tea of course. She'll dry it, try it, write a blog about what a Rock Star it is, then the dried tea will join the 20 pounds of peppermint tea sitting in the far recesses of her cupboards.
  15. Her Superiority Complex comes through loud and clear.
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