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  1. I think both Paedon and Garrison are in the National Guard.
  2. Another factor may have been their peculiar family structure. Instead of a parental unit guiding and nurturing Mariah into an adult life of compassion for others, Mariah had Meri, who no doubt instilled an attitude of "you and me against the world". Kids are perceptive and even if Meri didn't outright express her resentment of time spent with "the others", Mariah would feel it and the results would be either anxiety or a defensive "I don't GAF" shield.
  3. I haven't yet been able to find Meri dancing on the cruise ship but I would almost lay odds that they were dancing to Lionel Richie's, Dancing on the Ceiling. They seemed to be staging the dance near or over a glass floor on the ship deck. We haven't yet been favored with Janelle dancing, but I can imagine that she would be lighter on her feet than Meri. STOMP CLOMP is a good description for the way Meri moves, she is far from dainty.
  4. They must be filming now. Janelle said that she had all of her kids at home this week, so I'm assuming Maddie and Caleb were there from NC and Christine has Aspyn and Mitch there in AZ. It would be mid week, so it must be something important going down for Mitch, Aspyn and Caleb all to be away from their jobs.
  5. Meri and Janelle may weigh close to the same but Meri seems to be more solid mass, which may be harder to lose than Janelle's jiggly jelly belly.
  6. Where did you find it Shanaenae, I checked her Instagram but it wasn't there?
  7. By booking the cruise through Meri, the participants were entitled to a preview of the madcap merriment that Meri had concocted for the day in the form of giggle-inducing T-shirts. Hi-jinks on the high seas 🚢 🤦‍♀️
  8. They may have already packed the groceries and the only thing available to feed Areola for lunch was some of bonus mom Janelle's canned cabbage. This predictably caused another blow-out diaper and as Kody had already taken command of the wagon train, Robyn had to bathe the child herself. There are some situations where baby wipes are simply not enough.
  9. Knee-slappin' hijinks I tell ya! Those MLM'ers sure do know how to have fun!
  10. I think it's open to however one chooses to interpret. It could mean derisively, "you do you" (and I'll do me) or in support, "you do you" (and I won't judge)
  11. I googled it too, and Calico Kitty has a good eye and good memory. Apparently, the Harvey came in waist length and hip length models, but no sleeveless versions were shown on the LLR consultants sites. It did say that the garment utilized spandex for comfort fit, just not enough for Meri I guess. But then, Meri has informed us all that she is EDGEY, so maybe she did this sleeveless version to make her own fashion statement.🤷‍♀️
  12. 12 fawning comments with the Instagram post and the only 2 that rated a response from Meri were those of Tiandra Cluff and Blair Michaels.
  13. Kody was grandstanding at the grill, while Truely lay dehydrating. When Aspyn came out of the house and expressed concern for Truley's condition, father of the year flippantly told her to give Truely some Liv water.
  14. The sleeves of the Irma were so tight, they were cutting off the flow of blood circulating to her brain so she wasn't capable of thinking through the optics of the photo.
  15. You bring up an interesting point Suomi that has caused me to think about Meri's background. I don't know how many full and half siblings were in her birth family or where her mother fell in the order of wives in their polygamous family, but if it was typically a family of 15-20 kids, her whole childhood must have been spent vying for attention from a benevolent😢patriarch of a father. She then repeats the cycle by willingly engaging in a polygamous lifestyle for herself. This may be all she knows, she gained parental recognition and spousal affection by standing on top of siblings and sister wives and kicking them. Fuck her indeed, and the lifestyle that promotes this scramble to the top of the heap.
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