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  1. I have read posts by Meri's fans that one of her mother's last wishes was that she remain committed to her "marriage" with Kody. I don't know where this information was garnered from, it may have just been people surmising this. Polygamy must do strange things to the brain function of women participating in the lifestyle. My mother would have smacked me upside the head (figuratively if not literally), if I ever demeaned myself the way Meri has.
  2. That's the very core of it Turtle Power. They are not suggesting some craft project, where if it didn't work out, someone may be out few bucks at most. Maddie and Janelle are tampering with people's health and they are in no way qualified to address themselves to this topic, either by example or knowledge.
  3. Sandy W


    The MLMs de jour seem to come and go, the only one that seems to be constant, with the exception of Maddie, is LLR. It wasn't an MLM, but for a while after escaping LLR, Maddie was selling over-runs of women's and kids clothes...what became of that venture? I don't think Christine is still aboard with Younique, if she is, her latest photos with the smudged eye makeup is poor advertising. Is Mykelti still pushing the contact paper nails?
  4. Several times they have mentioned or casually exposed a bottle of LIV water on a counter top. This company is another MLM that they were involved with before the program started and was the entree for the catfish to meet Meri in person, so they were still involved with it at that time. Most likely Meri, Janelle and Christine are part of Kody's downline and if they got in on the ground floor of this venture, there may be very little required of them to keep the cash flow going. They could have an army of soldiers out there selling the product and enlisting others, and they sit back and r
  5. I have the same eye condition and have resorted to the chain around the neck thing when out shopping for clothes especially. Put them on to scan the room, then have to remove them to check size and price, such a nuisance. Have tried bifocals but was tripping on stairs when wearing.
  6. She hasn't thought of how yet, but she will somehow connect his early rising as another benefit of Plexus. The child now has more energy and requires less sleep.
  7. Don't tell me! Is Meri now Hot Mama on a Harley? First I've heard about a motorcycle, maybe it's a small scooter if she was able to get it in the car for delivery and pickup. Very confusing post. The rest is all corporate BS drilled into their heads at the damage control get-together last week.
  8. Right on!!! They had a big enough fan base that could have been exploited when Robyn started her ego business. Her designs were unimaginative and mostly geared to the specific market of polygamous women, the others were trite, "Be Kind" etc... Believe it or not, at the time they started MSWC, there was a huge outcry from loyal fans for a Brown family recipe book. The world needed to know how to put together tater tot casseroles, mock tapioca puddin' and burnt toast made in the oven from Christine. Janelle could have contributed with 100 ways to use canned cabbage. A second printing m
  9. Not to put a damper on it, cuz I loves me some gossip too, but if they are sharing juicy stuff abut their family life, I would proceed with caution.
  10. The place looks cobbled together. I think the only furniture that Meri might call her heritage is the table in the sitting room and some family photos. The rest looks like she visited some thrift stores and possibly the bed frames came from quality 2nd hand stores. The wallpaper in the bedrooms is straight out of the 1970s and with those all-over patterns is designed to mask uneven walls. The place looks clean, I'll give her that, but aside from your assigned bedroom, there is nowhere to relax... the parlor/sitting room is stiff and not inviting, the covered front porch has a lovely vi
  11. I'm not sure how these MLMs work, but I believe that Meri came into the fold under the auspices of her sister Rebecca. Wouldn't it stand to reason that Rebecca would be pushed further up the chain as a result of Meri's huge downline? Even if she didn't enlist any other "soldiers" herself, she would profit every time Meri or one of her minions made a sale. Yet, I only recall Rebecca attending one of the perk cruises and you don't see Meri hanging out with her sister at the conferences.
  12. It's a given that the conversations are prompted but the nucleus of the train of thought must have been there in the first place. For instance, Kody's behavior over Ysabel's surgery. No amount of encouragement by producers would ever permit a loving parent to utter those words. I am sure that was Kody's attitude and production gave him free rein and prompted him along to expand on the topic. Another example would be Meri demeaning herself at the "picnic". If she wasn't already of that mindset of almost begging Kody for affection, would she really humiliate herself this way just to
  13. I think she has a wry sense of humor and it may be a very subtle dig at Mariah.
  14. We had just wrapped up the Brimfield Antiques show in MA and were heading west to Ohio for our next event. We had stayed overnight 60 miles from NYC and were having breakfast in the RV when watching the news, the first plane hit. We watched in horror amid the confusing first reactions that it must have been a commuter plane when the 2nd tower was hit. We looked at each other and at the same time said "this is no accident". We quickly got in gear and started heading west and when travelling through PA were passed by a convoy of emergency vehicles to attend to Flt. 93. We found out later th
  15. The #lularoeariel is not flattering, it may be the angle, but it does not show off her new figure that she no doubt worked hard to achieve BEFORE she jumped on the Plexus bandwagon. I know that Aspyn works for Kendra Scott retailer, but why is she giving them a shoutout when she doesn't appear to be wearing any of their jewelry?
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