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  1. When they decided on LV, Kody said that he had always been attracted to the bright lights of the city. Never one to miss an an opportunity, Robyn chose a lot where the balcony/deck off the master bedroom would provide a romantic view of neon.
  2. It seems to me that Meri was in love with the concept of being swept away to a life of luxury and romance. She must have been reading too many "bodice-ripper" paperback novels to actually believe that a frumpy, lumpy, uneducated, middle-aged woman would be appealing to "Sam", a handsome, younger, fit, multi-millionaire as "he" described himself. Did she never question what she was bringing to the table that would cause him to be attracted to her? When Kody arbitrarily said that he was waiting for Meri to court/flirt with him, he may have been expecting declarations such as: - "I love you, I Love You, I LOOOOVE YOUUU" as she had verbalized to Sam, an individual she had never laid eyes on. It may have been a good idea on Meri's part to have tossed a bunch of bananas into the picnic basket and she could then have demonstrated her skills. That just may have turned the tide to Meri's favor.
  3. I could be mistaken, but it seems to me that in one of his "talking heads" last week, he explained that under the tenets of his religion, the husband could not dismiss a wife and proclaim themselves spiritually unmarried to that individual. The wife however could, and that seems to be what he is awaiting Meri to do.
  4. Ginger, I just want to take a minute to thank you for your invaluable contributions to this site. Without you keeping us informed of the happenings in Brownville, we would not be as well informed as we are. You are greatly appreciated.🕵️‍♀️👏
  5. This was another example of Meri utilizing Robyn to get what she wanted from Kody...if you can't beat them, enlist them. It brings to mind the time when they were attending the graduation ceremonies for 2 or 3 of the older kids. Meri was near hysterics when she didn't feel her seat was the most advantageous to view Mariah "walking" and she ran to Robyn wailing, who in turn, convinced Kody that the entire group of 20 or more should move to accommodate Meri. Anyone else would have quietly excused themselves and positioned themselves to a seat that would give them a better view of the procession. Possibly the other moms lost their viewing advantage in the shuffle, but that didn't seem to even enter Meri's head. There was no reason whatsoever that she couldn't seat herself alone without forcing everyone else to scramble for 20 seats where they could all have a full view.
  6. Genielle would be Kody's mom. The other widow, Bobbie seemed to be camera shy, and we only caught glimpses of her when they visited the ranch. Since Wynn died, Bobbie went on to study art at university and has had some degree of accomplishment. There is quite an extensive writeup about her if you google Bobbie Brown, Artist, Lovell, Wyoming.
  7. I saw Meri's overtures to Kody as a coldly calculating move to elicit empathy for herself from the viewing public. She knew full well what Kody's response would be and yet she persisted, highlighting what an asshole Kody is and depicting herself as the loyal, long-suffering wife.
  8. The whole concept makes me want to throw up. I am fascinated by the machinations that go on in these relationships. After watching this group in action, if I had been raised or was considering adopting this principal, I would keep listening until I heard another "Calling".
  9. I am anxiously anticipating a posting from Janelle of earthy, enticing dishes she has concocted from tree bark and roots. Don't bother to ask for her recipe, you will be told to Google it.
  10. A few days after she started absorbing Plexus into her system, she claimed to have lost 2 inches off her belly, but showed no proof.
  11. IMO, the only remorse she feels is that Sam wasn't for real. It would have been the ultimate "F you" to Kody and Robyn for knocking her off the throne from which she so ungraciously presided.
  12. I would like to know if Kody was in attendance at Janelle's mothers funeral. She was his father's widow, his "bonus mom" as well as his mother-in-law. I guess TLC didn't see fit to plant People magazine or other sources for publicity because the program wasn't airing in December, so there would be no advantage. On the other hand, it may have been her mother's wish not to have fanfare attached to her funeral.
  13. Kody is paying lip service to the tenets of his religion when he states that under the principals of his faith, he is not allowed to walk away from a wife. There is nothing stopping a wife from leaving if she chooses to do so. He clearly laid this out in one of his talking heads. The ball is in Meri's court and she continues to lob it back to him, hoping for that elusive Grand Slam.
  14. I think it maybe wishful thinking from us scary (clear thinking) monogamists watching the show. I equate Meri and Christine's digs and snarks against Kody to a chastised child sticking his tongue out behind a parents back. They are embarrassed because they know how his treatment of them is making them look, and Christine especially is probably taking flak from Gwen for tolerating the emotional abuse. This may be their only face saving defense in a situation where they feel helpless. As I recall, Meri published a long diatribe last week, cautioning all to stop speculating on her motives for remaining and asserting that she is not going anywhere. Christine has had the Principle so drilled into her, that she cannot believe there are greener pastures, she sees life outside her cocoon to be as bleak and arid as the Plains of Plague. Christine may hold out faint hope that Kody may have a change of heart one day and awaken to the fact that she is at least as worthy a wife as Robyn and elevate her from the basement, but Meri knows in her heart that's never happening for her. Kody will not cut the cord because he is more concerned with how it would make him look, and Christine and Meri lack the guts and grit to do so on their own volition. Stalemate.
  15. It may be a regional thing. Since this has come up, I've been trying to recall the last open casket funeral I attended. Best as I can recall, it was 50 years ago. The largest percentage by far have been cremated and sometimes the urn is present during the service and the few times a burial of a casket is involved, it has been closed. Almost without exception, the norm here is collages around the room of happy days and a running slide show of photos that somehow lift the spirits of those in attendance.
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