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  1. A friend of mine broke her pelvis wearing only a lap belt. No wigging but a little eye bugging and nervous laughter.
  2. Looks like Spurgeon will be making a trip to the prayer closet to learn that gender is fixed and immobile for now and all eternity amen. I loved the panic on his parents’ faces when he said a girl can turn into a boy if you remove her bow.
  3. I’ll never forget my cousin’s granddaughter being baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church. As they held her over the fount, you could hear her yell, “No bath! No bath!” (She was a toddler at the time. )
  4. I keep seeing references to lotion but I’m out of the loop. What’s that about and will I be sorry for asking?
  5. All this theme naming reminds me of dog breeders that have themed litters. And it’s not just for fun, it helps them keep track of the ages and relationship of the pups.
  6. Noom update, week 24. This will be a quickie, I'm at work. I've lost 40 pounds and am halfway to my goal weight! I've gone from a size 24 to a 16 in pants. New habits are going strong - walking 3 miles a day, healthy breakfast, packing lunch (although usually a frozen meal), way less TV, better food choices. Getting used to the idea that it's OK to be a little hungry. In the past I'd kind of panic and overeat but now I can sit with it a while. I'm within 7 lbs of no longer being obese in BMI - soon I'll simply be overweight, ha ha. Energy levels are super high, aches and pains all but gone. Had my yearly physical and my BP has come down. Haven't had blood work yet. Yoga poses that were formerly inaccessible due to my belly are now easy. I've had to punch some new holes in my belt. Took an active vacation to the Grand Canyon in October. At week 24 Noom starts to wean you off the program. No longer a couple articles a day to read, just one short one and maybe a challenge. Weigh in once a week instead of daily. The coaching support is still there. People are starting to post their wins on the group and we all cheer them on. Overall I'm thrilled with the program and my progress. My weight loss has slowed a little because I upped my calorie limit. I started out at 1200 for max loss speed but that's just not sustainable for me. Now I'm hitting around 1600 a day. I've gained the confidence that my new habits will stick and if it takes a little longer to get there, I'm OK with that. :)
  7. All of the Bates, including Kelly, are quite beautiful. I’m sure that doesn’t hurt sales. The photos are very professional even if the dresses look cheap.
  8. Coconut milk is milk. Almond milk is milk. There is no such thing as mylk. It’s a creation of the woke and it is fucking annoying.
  9. I thought I’d start a thread about the business venture. I predicted when it was first announced that they’d have great success and I think they have. But every single one of these dresses is sewn crooked! Here’s the latest and worst offender.
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