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  1. Until one day it finally gets so bad you convince him to go to the doctor and the doctor comes out to the waiting room full of people and snaps his fingers at you and yells, “This is neglect!” True story. It’s not fun.
  2. He was already in the family though! 😂
  3. Oh I believe it, I just don’t understand it.
  4. Well $89 for a sweatshirt and over $100 for yoga pants is not in my budget so she can fuck right off.
  5. I wish Ashley would stand there while she’s on the phone with the dude and keep going “Be cool, be cool…” under her breath. She is way too old for these shenanigans.
  6. I don’t know. 75 and multiple falls, I’d be pushing for the downstairs bedroom as well. Sometimes the suggestion is better received from a professional rather than family. My parents were soooo stubborn and it did get out of hand. Once you break a hip it’s over. I also told my father in law, do YOU want to make these decisions, now, or wait until someone has to make them for you? Right now they have plenty of options to set up aging-in-place. When a crisis happens your choices are limited. I don’t have kids so I plan to be VERY proactive about my golden years.
  7. I have to believe that Heather’s enthusiastic Yes! was edited in from her answer to a completely different question than the one Whitney asked her.
  8. Well they say only the good die young. Edit: You guys, it’s a joke. Sheesh.
  9. Amy should just keep her name because this marriage won’t last. It’s easier that way. 😉
  10. I like Amy’s dress and think she looks good, but I don’t think the bra part was properly fitted to her. It’s gappy.
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