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  1. That was my impression as well, especially when they revealed Abe “working” at the Bell Labs Room with useless lumps and no budget/resources. Anyone know how much 2 months in the Catskills cost - adjusted to 2019 USD?
  2. I hope someone creates a supercut of all the times Donkey Doug was mentioned on the series. I’d love to rewatch with the context that DD is actually Jason’s father.
  3. I appreciate a finale without some sort of shock-value cliffhanger. It’s refreshing. I look forward to seeing more of this family next year.
  4. I don’t want Pray Tell to die - but we all know it’s going to happen.
  5. Who else was in Charlotte/Dolores’ purse?
  6. I have custody of my daughter and we travel internationally at least twice a year. I bring those documents but I’ve never been asked for them.
  7. With such a comprehensive DSM-9 (whatever they’re using in this future, hahaha) diagnosistic assessment, Ford would be able to speculate where William would hide it.
  8. Is Juan really Pao’s gay BFF? Like really? There is just so much loyalty between the two. He emasculates Russ at every ooppirtunity.
  9. I figure it’s for his father — either a sobriety gift or to show his father that his son is masculine and tough. Emo ass outfit he picked the ridiculous truck up in.
  10. I’m so confused by this show that I have to come here and watch YouTube explaination clips just to process an episode. Last season, I was fine with the multiple timelines but this season it is just annoying and tedious. Feels like a chore to watch.
  11. The plastic surgeons are getting really lazy with their free procedures.
  12. Is Javi still in the military? I’m confused as to how he can do all these shows and juggle all these women while still active duty.
  13. Collin looks overmedicated. What a depressing birthday. No child deserves institutionalization.
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