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  1. When it comes to the ladies I do find the Russians to be the most interesting. I think I'm looking forward to Russian nationals more than any other competition save the Olympics. (This is only when it comes to the ladies though.) These gals know how to bring the excitement . Dance OTOH I think probably has the best representation as far as the major countries each having amazing teams, so I find the international events to be exciting enough where I want to see the entire roster perform. I feel almost the same way about the men. Pairs and ladies not so much. Regarding Elizaveta,
  2. Did anyone watch the Russian test skates? Trusova still doesn't have the artistry (and clearly has no plans on developing and improving in that area) but she definitely brought the jumps. This wasn't a case of her falling on every other attempt either. She really was hitting them. The quad sal was a little wonky but the other quads were strong. I was both surprised and impressed. She even made the evil snow queen Eteri smile. Kamila was shaky. Definitely not a given that she's the one to beat for Olympic gold. I'm kind of disappointed that she's sticking with Bolero for this season.
  3. Obviously life is better for everyone in terms of progress with technology, medicine, social issues, etc. That wasn't the point I was making. In my post, I was specifically talking about racial issues and race relations. Things are in fact better than they were years ago, we've made significant progress, and it's okay for people to acknowledge this during these types of discussions. I also said in my post that this doesn't mean that there isn't still lots of work to be done or that there aren't legitimate issues to address in terms of racial injustice in this country.
  4. My takeaway from this in terms of Bill bringing it up is that a national anthem is an area where it would be better if a country isn't divided. If people want to change the anthem in general (because they don't like the history or whatever) then he's open to a discussion about it, but for one group to continue to want a separate national anthem--it can be seen as divisive and maybe that isn't ideal for a country in general. As a black POC, I don't like the idea of a separate national anthem because I agree that it feels like a form of segregation. I understand the place of Lift Every Voic
  5. My guess is that Nicole is going to end up getting addicted to drugs. That scene made me think of the character Mel on Snowfall. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I get the feeling that's where this is headed for her character. Yeah, I thought the same thing. Based on what we've seen so far there's nothing that justifies how Juke became so evil in Power. Raq is still my favorite character. That being said, what was her plan if that hammer hadn't been left there? I was certain that she wouldn't really go there alone.
  6. This makes more sense to me. I suppose it's ironic that she's more emotionally disturbed now even though she's no longer being fed the wrong medication or being held against her will.
  7. Obviously this is subjective, but for me I felt like the first couple of episodes were specifically written for fans of AHS so I enjoyed that. I agree that the first four episodes weren't full of twists but I still thought they were fun and that's really why I've responded to AHS over the years. Ryan Murphy and his crew (mostly) know how to tell a horror story in a fun way. This episode was probably the least fun for me and didn't have as much humor as the other stories. All this being said, I don't think this new series has been a home run by any stretch of the imagination. Hopefully the
  8. I thought this one was okay. Not bad or anything but for me this was the weakest entry so far. To be fair though I just had my first baby almost two weeks ago so that probably had an impact on how I viewed the characters and overall plot. They make it seem like she's suffering from postpartum depression and then at the end she suddenly wants to have another baby with a demon? Like that's going to make her life better and is some kind of yay moment for the character? I guess. I knew the husband was evil and figured that the wife would turn the tables on him. What surprised me was that a
  9. This is how I feel. This must be the hardest part and what will be most difficult to get over. Feeling like she's let people down. The feeling is kind of like having a parent say they're disappointed in you only it's magnified by millions. On top of that, not having her family be there physically during a time like this has to be tough. I feel like a person has to have a heart of stone to not feel a little sympathy for her. I'm very curious if she'll be able to compete in the rest of her events or if this is the end of the road. No way does she want to go out on a note like that but I ca
  10. I'm actually happy with this series so far. I thought this episode was fun and had a decent amount of humor. John Carroll Lynch is always good and I've liked all of his performances on AHS. Glad to see that RM gave Naomi Grossman another role too.
  11. Yes to all of this. We've all known for years that Sonja has a drinking problem but it wasn't until this season that she was, as you say, the worst drunk of the group. For many seasons there were other cast members that came across even worse than Sonja when it came to drinking. Sonja would regularly act like an ass clown but people like Dorinda were so mean and OTT that it could make Sonja’s drinking not seem quite as awful. That half assed intervention was a joke. Even Luann seemed to sense that they should probably put it off for another day. She also knows (and I would have to think
  12. I've been thinking about new women who could be a good fit for the show. Most of these are farfetched but it's still fun to brainstorm. (I'm two days away from my due date so I have time to ponder this stuff lol.) She probably wouldn't do it but what about Nicky Hilton Rothschild? I know she's not spotlight hungry like some people in her family, but I feel like she has the on paper qualifications if nothing else. Plus, there's BH crossover potential! Broadway actress Lindsay Mendez could be a good addition. I definitely like the suggestion of seeing a Broadway actress navigating her
  13. Initially, I was fairly convinced that Eboni's lectures were encouraged by production and that she'd been hired to insert moments where the ladies could have these conversations. Then I read Eboni's response to a viewer's complaint about what a boring addition she's been to the show and if we're to believe Eboni--this season wasn't forced by production in terms of the topics that Eboni has been bringing to the table. According to Eboni, her tendency to force these discussions is completely on her and that what we're seeing is Eboni being her "authentic" self. (I posted a link to Eboni's
  14. If they do more Fear Street stuff, I'd like to see them do the cheerleader series.
  15. I initially thought of her as a sub for Billie Lourd but I like your idea better. I also liked the line the new psychiatrist gave about working on a book with Dylan McDermott's character. Those are the kind of callbacks I appreciate. And of course I spent way too much time wondering how they'd get published lol.
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