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  1. Exactly.....It's like Amy Rollof of "Little People Big World", she sticks her name on her merchandise... her mugs and other items have her name on them.... I don't want "Gather with Amy" on my mug or a shirt with "Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen" printed across the front. I also don't want a shirt or mug with "Strive with Janelle" 🙄
  2. Christine got basement accommodations in the Lehi house because she was 3Rd wife and she accepted it and stayed sweet because as third wife the first two were higher up the pecking order... BUT THEN Robyn comes along and rather than getting 4th choice accommodations for herself and her kids like Christine expected..... Robyn was moved to the front of the line, no making due, no squeezing her kids into a basement..hell no..And now Robyn and her spawn are living in a million dollar mcmansion while Christine is still being told to quit complaining and be sweet. JMO but I think that's why Christine is pissed off, she didn't complain back in the day because she thought that being the last wife meant compromising but now she's sitting there jealous as hell of Robyn and it irks her to see how Robyn never has to make due or compromise. Plus Robyn got to be legal wife as well so everything that Christine believed has slowly been proven wrong and she's only now realizing what a chump she was and how her kids suffered because of it.
  3. Polygamy.... They really aren't cut out for it no matter how many times they say otherwise.
  4. She sure is fat for someone who goes to the gym and lives on salad... 🤔 I'm just say'n
  5. Exactly, she smudged her stats.... They must have been pathetic if she took the time to remove them 😂
  6. I don't think so because Meri has made similar comments in the past and it didn't have anything to do with sister wives..... In fact I think all of them have said that they think it's kinky, weird, yucky etc to kiss another woman unless you're gay.
  7. When I see things like that video... I wonder if maybe he's f*cking with us... but then I remember that this is Tom were talking about and he's actually that in love with himself.
  8. I still can't believe that people hand over their hard earned money for advice from Janelle....If she can't even motivate herself and she looks fatter than ever what do they think she can teach them? I just watched an episode from last season with Janelle and my god she's HUGE!.....She really needs to take the bull by the horns and do something before she drops dead from all that fat around her middle.
  9. Me too, they all look so happy and the pup looks right at home with the family. Going on walks and playing in the backyard will be so much fun for the boys with their new companion. I love that they got a rescue pup from a shelter ❤🐶
  10. Who are the parents?....Who ever it is that baby looks like it needs to crawl back in the uterus and bake a little longer.
  11. 😂😂😂😂😂 I agree... Meri looks like a plumber who likes his booze and is handy with his fists. Janelle looks sweaty like a fat cop who spends his days at the donut shop Robyn looks like a sleazy used car salesman Christine looks goofy and a bit like Robin Williams (sorry Robin RIP) The best part is.... Kody makes a better looking woman than any of his wives.
  12. Her fingers look stubby, crooked, swollen and those nails look like claws which adds to the freak factor. the entire look is disturbing, the huge balloon boobs, injected lips, claw hands, hair extensions and the eyeballs!! Yikes! tom likes his women to look like sex dolls. 😲
  13. I can't believe that they're actually worried about access to that filthy ditch. I'd want to be as far away as possible because it's the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, they love stagnant water and raccoons love mucky ditches and use them as latrines. Plus what happened to Robyn and her hatred of trees because of forest fires, her mcmansion is surrounded by trees.... This family lies so much that they can't keep their stories straight....Robyn got over her fear of trees as soon as they decided to buy the coyote pass property instead of the cottonwood parcel of land.
  14. Chunky monkeys lol.... I was thinking more along the lines of Raging Rhinos! I think that Christine was riding high in the saddle back when Maddie gave birth to Axel and Meri wasn't included, Christine loved sitting there as one of the IN CROWD looking down her nose and telling Meri how she brings a lot of baggage and isn't really easy to be around after the catfish BS.... Then they moved to Flagstaff and I really think that Christine thought that her only problem with Kody was her weight but now she's lost the weight and it hasn't made any difference, Kody wants what he wants and it isn't Christine.... So she's gone back to being jealous of Robyn. Kody told her years ago that she needed to be nice to Robyn if she wanted his affection so she lied about for a few years and even said that she loved Robyn and wasn't jealous anymore but that wasn't the truth... She's always been jealous of Robyn and rightfully so... the minute Robyn joined the family everything changed and Kody has never been the same because I think he felt about the same with the first 3, not in love with any of them so they were all on equal ground with him but he fell in love with Robyn and now they're nothing more than a burden that he wishes he didn't have to deal with anymore. I thought Meri looked like a fool playing along with "peace maker" Robyn and her silly plan.... Jeeez...have some dignity.. Holding hands in between Kody and Robyn made her look like a desperate old fool.
  15. Christine kept saying that her womb is closed but the thing is NOBODY was asking or wanting to impregnate her so to me every time she said it she just sounded more and more like a delusional old woman who hasn't figured out that her "husband" doesn't love her, never did and he sure as shit doesn't want anymore kids with her to tie him down. Kody isn't interested in her, he's not asking her to have a baby, she's 50 yrs old for goodness sake, she needs to stop the stupid whispery voice and face the facts... Kody doesn't want access to her old clam and the only wife he still wants a baby with is Robyn. Even when they were at the Dargers... Kody and Robyn made it crystal clear who he was referring to......I wanted to crack Christine over the head with a rolling pin and tell her to SNAP OUT OF IT! And quit embarrassing herself. I'm pretty sure that Kody would like the other three to just go their separate ways and leave him alone with his REAL wife Robyn and the children he shares with her.
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