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  1. I watched it too... And the thing is we warned him for months that Ashley was lying to him and bad mouthing him behind his back but he wasn't having any of that and doubled down on his loyalty to Ashley.... That's back when he was riding high and rubbing shoulders with all of them and he refused to see the light so I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for him now. John and his partner Cody are a hot mess!.... Lol just like Ashley and Jay. 🙄 I think he's doing another live tonight unless it was cancelled.
  2. I'm not sure if Zack was paid for his soccer coaching but even if he was I don't think it would be much. I think Zack, Tori, Matt and Amy live off TLC... and supplement that income with whatever they earn as online influencers, books, the farm pumpkin season etc.. I wonder if Chris and Caryn also live off TLC money?... Does Chris still sell real estate? I hope Zack and Tori are putting some money away for when the show ends. Auj and Jer have their podcast and are currently writing their second book so I guess that's how they make money... Plus they also do online influencing. I wish we knew more about their finances.
  3. That whole area looks dirty...boots kicked here and there..filthy old cardboard box... and a baby crawling around...Yuck! If that's judgemental... I'm OK with that 😀
  4. What is it with this family... None of them can take at quick glance at what they're about to post. 🙄 Wtf is "withers bananas"
  5. And her fun fact says it "affects" all 4 limbs... I still can't get the sight of her slimey coated tongue out of my head... 😲
  6. The funny thing is Chris seems to actually like Matt and enjoys his company which also pisses her off. Amy is just a bitter, negative little woman and she'll probably never change. She has Chris who seems to adore her yet she's still all wound up about Matt... If I was Chris I think I'd be a bit annoyed and hurt that she still cares that much about what Matt thinks or says. It isn't all about Amy... She should stop the nastiness for the sake of Chris, Zack and everyone else who has to sit there and listen while she rants about Matt. 🙄
  7. Good point! What I couldn't understand is why the place didn't have an examination room. The lady took Maddie into the actual birthing room and she flopped onto the bed with her SHOES ON..... Maddie looked sweaty and her hair looked greasy but there she is on the bedding. TLC made sure to pause on a shot of a plaque that said something like "This room has been sanitized and is ready for birthing, all supplies are present in the room" I'm pretty sure they didn't go tear that room apart and clean everything after Maddie left and who knows how many other pregnant women have been laying on the bed with shoes etc while being examined. The room was decorated in dark, drab fabrics that could easily be dirty and you wouldn't see it.... Reminded me of Meri and her BLACK face cloths. 🙄
  8. Yes he gave her a little heart shaped ring.... Hubby and I gave our daughters little heart shaped diamond rings when they turned 13 because they were now officially teenagers and they loved them, now they are in their 30's and rarely wear them because it's a young look ... our oldest daughter plans on giving hers to her daughter. To each their own but most women Amy's age wouldn't want a heart shaped ring because it's kind of juvenile. On the other hand...It seems like Amy never really had teen years and the usual fun of dating etc, then she met Matt got married and started having kids but never really felt or experienced romantic love. Now she has Chris and it's her opportunity...So I can't blame her for wanting to experience all of the things that represent romance including a heart shaped ring from her fiance..... If it makes her happy that's all that matters... Just wouldn't be my choice.
  9. I think that picture is disgusting and inappropriate considering she wants to discuss a very serious situation and something her little baby daughter will have to endure, the operations, the pain, the strange looks when people see her little deformed hands and feet. Maddie is sitting there like a stupid little punk with her yap wide open, tongue sticking out like a jackass making a joke, I also find her hand with fingers spread offensive since it looks a lot like poor little Evie's one hand that is extremely deformed. Wtf is wrong with her?
  10. Yes you can put in a higher offer if you want to... Amy sounded silly, she puts in an offer gets outbid and falls apart because she didn't get the house 🙄 ummmm that's kinda the way it goes if it's a hot property, sometimes it turns into a bidding war and you have to make several offers. Indecisive in bed being a turn ON never occurred to me, what would that look and sound like?...Maybe she wears her Little Red Riding Hood costume to bed with a whip and stilletos 😈😂 I think it's kind of convenient that Amy reached her limit and told her friend that 3 yrs is long enough and she wants Chris to let her know his intentions and *SNAP!* he immediately presents her with a cheesy little heart ring and a proposal.... and then it's postponed until 2021. I agree with the other poster who said Chris has gotten used to being on tv for a few minutes and collecting a nice fat cheque... He is portrayed as this wonderful man who swept poor little Amy off her feet and proposed... I hope he knows he'll be vilified and chased with torches and pitchforks if he dumps her.... Some of the Amy fans on Twitter and IG are vicious,, right now they love Chris but that can change overnight.
  11. Maddie just made a post on IG saying that this month she's going to answer questions about Evie, what they've been through and everything about her condition. I hope she doesn't turn it into a " poor me" marathon.
  12. Matt needs to be careful what he wishes for... he might wind up getting more than he bargained for.... He better insist on a prenuptial agreement. I wish Amy would quit being so bitter, walk away and live her best life with Chris then sit back and watch the shit show that Matt's life will probably end up being. I don't mind Caryn but I have a hard time believing she's there for LOVE 😍 and if that's the case wait until Matt has to tangle with her, she isn't like Amy. I think Caryn is capable of being a stone cold bitch and Matt doesn't intimidate her.... She'll run over him like a tractor and a road apple. 😂
  13. Cory made a post on IG.... He says that it was all a lie started by Laura so she could get some attention. Who knows... They all lie so much and they're all thirsty for attention.
  14. I agree and I also think that Amy's general negativity and pissy disposition comes from her dad... He was a snearing, judgemental, sarcastic, negative nasty man and Amy is the same. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.
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