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  1. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked but watching her going on about loving a man she’s never met was bizarre…. Wtf is wrong with her?? That’s Whitney she’s always jumping the gun instead of taking things slowly and giving the other person a chance to express their wants, needs, future plans etc. she’s freezing eggs and talking children before she even meets the guy! 🙄 RUN LeBLUR.. RUN!!!!! 🏃‍♂️💨
  2. Did she always have such big bags under her eyes?… and Plexus grows eyelashes?? 🙄 Liar! Grifter!
  3. No need to “stick up for her” 🙄 I said I was wondering because I don’t know her history with the show, I have no idea what her weight was in season one or if she lost or gained since then and I wondered if she might like being smaller in comparison to Whitney. Im not stating it as fact… I simply wondered if that might be part of the attraction since in my opinion Whitney is a difficult person to be around and if it was me I’d need an incentive beyond a pay cheque. I’ve wondered the same thing about all of her barnacles, no one could pay me to sit in a hot tub full of piss becaus
  4. What’s going on with that window frame all the paint is peeling off… I hope it’s not lead paint.
  5. Oh my gosh that’s hilarious! 😂 I read your post to hubby and he had a good laugh too! I think Whitney is probably right to encourage her parents to move downstairs but she does it like a bulldozer, most adults don’t want to be treated like children especially since Glen and Babs still seem quite capable of running their own household. I was worried about Whitney falling over on that cruise, she stood up to give Babs her flowers and stumbled towards her… yikes she’d squish Babs flat as a pancake! 😖
  6. Who gives a small child an entire bag of frozen strawberries?!?! and why is he begging and begging for frozen strawberries?… I mean I guess they’re ok but not something I’d want to eat by the bag full….Is he having sugar cravings or something??? Oh wait stupid me they’re all on plexus and don’t have strange cravings. 🙄
  7. Janelle is always looking for reasons not to work out or go to the gym… like she was driving to the gym but her car veered off the road and into the donut shop parking lot, her wheels locked and she was forced to go inside or starve to death! what’s up with her, I thought plexus was the miracle cure for all her problems 🙄 I saw a pic of her the other day, her face was red as a beet and blotchy like she was out of breath and ready to burst a blood vessel, she didn’t look healthy at all!
  8. Hunter gets Botox too? 😯 how did I miss that?? Was it on the show?
  9. I’m really starting to wonder about Ashley… in several scenes with her and Whitney there’s less and less difference in their size.. yes Ashley is smaller but not that much… Ashley wasn’t on the puffin cruise, I wonder why? Im starting to wonder if Ashley likes being around Whitney because it takes the focus off of her own weight issues, during the hike Ashley looks like the fit one compared to Whitney… Ashley blends in to the scenery, she’s just another barnacle while Whitney and her weight and mobility issues are always the center of attention.
  10. Nope you’re not the only one… I’m getting the same vibe of a desperate delusional woman clinging like a leech.
  11. I wonder if TLC helped get the houses so they’d have that perfect little culdesac to film the family in… it’s widely known that TLC helped the Duggar’s of “19 kids and counting” build their big house and get settled so the show could go on.
  12. I hadn’t really looked closely at these pics before… Pic #1 - he’s all zipped up like it’s cold outside and Whit is sleeveless in a sun dress Pic #2 - what’s going on with her back.. it looks yellow like jaundice Pic #3 - her arm is the same size as his chest Pic #4 - her face looks stretched out with photoshop so she went to France for 6 weeks, did she stay with the Frenchman the whole time?…. I wouldn’t agree to have someone I’ve never met in person stay with me for 6 weeks!
  13. Yes her sun dress or whatever it is was totally see through… on my large screen tv I could definitely see her ass and thong and the blanket with Glen hugging a tree.. oy! 😳
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