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  1. Why did they have to remove IG from their phones and now download and reinstall everything? couldn’t they trust themselves to just not post or look at it?…. It kinda sounds like a couple of meth heads that can’t trust themselves around drugs. We’ve gone on vacations or just taken a break from internet without deleting the programs from our devices, it’s really not that difficult. …they’re such drama queens 🙄
  2. I remember that episode, so shocking and sad. IIRC the parents of the girl who was murdered worked hard to change the laws concerning ankle bracelets and how they’re monitored. who knows what Josh is up to or how closely he’s being monitored 🙄
  3. I watched this video and she keeps looking at the ceiling throughout the entire video!!…. Its like she has to look up and strain her brain to think of what to say…I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying… blah blah plexus blah blah weight loss blah blah but that’s not important blah blah gut health blah blah lose inches blah blah where’s that candy bar I hid in my lazy boy blah blah sugar cravings blah blah I wonder if Robyn will let Kody come service me tonight blah blah what’s that blob of food on the ceiling? Blah blah I wonder if it’s still ok to eat? blah blah plexus… *SNORE*
  4. White crocs! 😂😂😂 Maybe they’ll serve this at the wedding reception… toast to the bride
  5. I actually felt happy for her when she spoke about this being the first house she’s ever bought all on her own, it seemed like it meant a lot to her. when she told Zach it was especially touching because he pointed out that he’d already bought 2 homes and he could understand that it must mean a lot to her because it’s a special feeling to buy your own home. I think it probably gives her a sense of security and stability that she owns the home, I think she made a good decision having Chris move in with her.
  6. When Amy was buying her house chris mentioned that she didn’t need a mortgage and could scoop up a good deal if she saw one because she had the funds to go in with a cash offer and Amy has made a point of saying that this is the first house that’s she’s ever bought all on her own and that she likes that feeling…. When she bought it Chris hadn’t even sold his house yet. they’ve been very open about him moving into HER house.
  7. Exactly… just because we see them on TV and follow them online I don’t think we know everything about their private lives. they might want to keep it to themselves for now, it’s not like they are just average people, whenever they announce anything it gathers a lot more attention and opinions then the rest of us.
  8. Lololol!!!!! *thud* you’re on a roll today!! Too funny! 😂
  9. I think they’re wonderful together and Matt looks like he’s really enjoying his life with someone who appreciates his personality. Matt and Amy are polar opposites and it always seemed stressful for both of them.
  10. I agree… Chris had never been on a cruise until Amy took him on one. Amy is the little goose who lays golden eggs.… he sold his house, has money to play the stock market with Matt, he seems to really enjoy Matt’s farm and all the toys, he has easy income from a TV show, has publicity for his real estate career, has plenty of time to ride around on his bike and Amy seems happy to share her home with him… if he’s into tiny women or has a fetish it looks like she fills the bill, if he likes costumes and little girl voices she does that too… it’s a win win for Chris since even though most of
  11. Yes I know that you can hire a contractor but it still takes up a lot of your time if you’re building a custom home and it’s very expensive for all the upgrades we’ve done it twice, even if you hire a decorator to help you choose carpets, hardwood, countertops, cabinets etc hundreds of decisions take place and you have to be involved… even the tiny bit of renovating that Amy did took time to choose paint colors, countertops, flooring and In the scenes we saw on TV it didn’t look like something that Chris was excited about or enjoyed that much…. To build a dream home is a commitment and owning
  12. I think Amy would love a beautiful private home on acreage but she doesn’t have a Matt to make it happen so she bought a typical little house in a neighborhood… it’s a typical contractor build with cheap finishing, nothing special. no way is Chris the type to buy acreage and build her a dream home… I think he’s probably cheaper than Amy. I think Chris is impressed with Matt and has a man crush going on.. getting stock tips… Chris looked like a kid in a candy store at Matt’s pumpkin season and he was bubbling over with praise.
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