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  1. I'm sorry those things happened to you, HunterHunted. I have also experienced similar things, as have way too many women I know. I hope things are changing and I want to believe they are thanks to the people who are speaking out about it, and refusing to allow the near socially sanctioned status it had in the past. As for Rinna, some (asshole) suggests she's part of the problem and her immediate go to is to say it never happened to her. Of all the options she had available to her: ignore, say I wish I had reported it, or I thought it would have been futile to report it, or don't attempt to weaponize my trauma against me, or anything else, she chooses "I was one of the lucky ones, it didn't happen to me". That leads me to believe that she was feeling defensive in that moment, she felt called out, and her immediate go-to is to lie. I think Rinna's problem is more of a character problem than a memory problem. Victims are not responsible for the actions of the perpetrators, and I don't think victims have any obligation to come forward if they don't want to, for whatever reason. I see a big difference though, between not mentioning something and flatly stating it didn't happen. And a bigger one between saying something did happen and then later denying it did. She's a public figure who made her experience of sexual harassment public. To later deny that it ever happened will cause some people to question if it ever happened in the first place, or to question the extent of the damage it does to a victim, and that's a problem for me.
  2. Jel

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    Agree about "narcissist" being thrown out too much. There's the personality disorder, NPD, (which seems to be misunderstood) and then there's a pop psychology version which I think goes off the rails. I think we see a lot of the pop psychology version of "narcissist" applied to the HWs. Disagree about "bullying" though with respect to BH. I think what we have seen this season is classic girl bullying. "Bullying" in many people's minds I guess is hitting, pushing, yelling insults, mocking etc. -- that's how the boys tend to do it. But girl bullying is different. I think if you've ever wondered what it is, you get a good picture of it from this season of BH: shunning, gossiping, gas lighting, "being fake" etc.
  3. https://realityblurb.com/2017/12/06/rhobh-star-lisa-rinna-lie-sexual-harassment-hollywood/
  4. https://www.inquisitr.com/5482777/camille-grammer-was-asked-to-step-up-on-rhobh-after-lisa-vanderpump-quit-brought-drama-to-reunion/
  5. Lol, that's hilarious!
  6. I remember croque monsieurs being on the menu at restaurants in the 70s when I was a kid, and I felt fancy and sophisticated when I ordered one (I was neither). But I remember them as basically a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich, melty and warm inside, but the bread they made them with was french toast. And they cut the sandwich "fancy". But no Bechamel sogging up the works, gah! And definitely no jam and powdered sugar - I'm half reeling from that revelation and half dying to try it. I thought Erika's meal looked like a big ol' North American sized portion, too. It made me wonder if it was a restaurant that caters to tourists.
  7. Her masks fell away for me this season too, and I noticed just how very good she is at manipulating, attacking, deflecting and gaslighting. Absolute master level. She's everything she's ever accused Lisa Vanderpump of being, and more.
  8. Here you go, Real Housewife: https://realityblurb.com/2019/03/11/rhobh-star-kyle-richards-likes-and-replies-xo-to-twitter-post-of-lisa-vanderpump-being-slapped-by-brandi-glanville/ There have been more, but as they say, only the first one's free 😉
  9. https://people.com/tv/rhobh-kyle-richards-respects-lisa-vanderpump/ Fer shur, Kyle. Kyle, you made a huge mistake. Then you made a bigger one by not admitting you had made a huge mistake earlier. And then you did your mocking Goodbye Kyle videos and then you gave the old "XO" to people who have said some pretty nasty stuff about Lisa Vanderpump. So, the "I respect her and care about her" is a little bit hard to believe. But do keep trying! I'm hoping for a full on grovel 😉
  10. Am I the only one who doesn't give a damn about whether Kyle and Teddi tried to rope in Erika? There's no way for me to care less about it. <clenching fists, scrunching up nose> .... Nope, can't make myself care.
  11. That's true. People don't eat themselves to incapacitated, immobile, near death levels just because they love ice cream so much. And if Rinna would like some compassion for her daughter's eating disorder, she should extend some to people who have a different kind of eating disorder. That doesn't include using the word "fat" to insult or mock someone or dismiss and invalidate their opinions because they are "fat". (Like that has anything to do with anything.) But sadly, she didn't extend any compassion, and sadly I wouldn't have ever expected to because I think so little of her.
  12. It was a little Marie Antoinette!
  13. The wooing continues: https://www.bravotv.com/vanderpump-rules/personal-space/lisa-vanderpump-la-pride-lgbtq-activism-history?cid=soc_tw_Bravo_PumpRules_RHOBH_PersonalSpace_Dish
  14. Yes! And why does Rinna expect Lisa to "just come out and say it", when Rinna herself needs a costume to do it? With each passing episode I am more convinced that they really just wanted Lisa off the show. Starting with the kumbaya-ending camping trip, we are now getting the BS edit, trying to convince us that they are all great friends, who can still bring the drama, but are able to resolve it because, unlike LVP, they are all good people. Now the show, to me, feels like a badly written, scripted drama, that wouldn't last 9 episodes. I thought I would stay until the end, but I just cancelled the series recording in my dvr.
  15. I thought we were going to see her open Vanderpump Cocktail Garden!