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  1. Sutton's fine Southern manners strike again! Not only do we get "no, no, no, we are not doing this", we also get the price she paid for the party and her merch on sale at the same party. Klassy. The Erika scandal tease on these episodes is ridiculous, from the titles, to the "to be continued"s. Enough already. Bring out the entree!
  2. Yes, I think it was a silly idea to believe that people could somehow "not see color". But I can tell you, working in social services in the 90s, I attended more than a few seminars and conferences with titles like, "Towards A Color Blind Society". That was how it was done back then, including by the POC who were running the seminars. It seems silly and misguided today, just like the verbiage we use today will be out dated in thirty years. But the intention to make the world better was there. I have seen significant improvements in many areas of society since then. So I disagree wholehearted
  3. Perhaps, but Crystal did choose those words herself, the "girl who says she doesn't see color", derisively, too, without acknowledging that as misguided the idea of somehow not being able to see color was, it was at the very least borne of good intentions, where the objective was to create a society that was free of racism. If someone (maybe Sutton) bought into that in 1989, got on board with it, and tried hard to "not see color", they were doing so because of good intentions, because they wanted the country to be a better, more equitable place for everyone. It wasn't racism, it was anti-raci
  4. I agree with you Boo Boo, about Crystal's reaction. I also thought it was mocking/snippy/judgy. And I agree that it caught Sutton of guard because of the way Crystal posed the question. I think Crystal has mean girl tendencies, and we saw them there. As you said, it doesn't make Sutton right in her approach, and it doesn't make Crystal wrong in her objection to it. It's a shame that the expression "color blind" or "I don't see color" ever caught on, because it's silly on its face. But the idea that the way to regard individuals is AS individuals is still 100% correct, and always will be b
  5. Or a short sleeved t-shirt over a long sleeved one
  6. I think Sutton's anxiety is real, and many people can relate to it and can empathize with her. I don't think calling her a crazy person is a good (or "nice") thing to do, or a good look for Crystal for that matter. But I also think that underneath Sutton's anxiety, there's entitlement. She lost me with the "No, no, no we are not going there" with Crystal. I mean who says that to someone who is only trying to share her experience? Why does Sutton think her right to be heard trumps someone else's?
  7. If Tom can get a judge and jury to believe he was truly incapacitated and the time all this money was flowing into his accounts, and if Erika is shown to have received some of that money... Will that make it appear that Erika, as spouse and beneficiary, was pulling the strings, and is the ultimate cause of the fraud? That she exerted influence over him and he was unable to see it was wrong? Does Tom really have dementia, or is this the ultimate long con, where he is able to foist off his crimes, at least in part, onto Erika? It would make a great plot for a movie.
  8. Who is blaming Crystal for having a problem with Sutton barging into her room?
  9. It's that simple to me, too. But if someone doesn't follow that simple rule, then what?
  10. What Sutton did was rude, it wasn't mean. The response to rude behavior is to correct it. (Let the person know it's not acceptable.) Sutton might be one of those women who feels quite comfortable being naked around other women. Maybe that's normal and no big deal in her world. Maybe to Sutton it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. If she did that to me, I would have said, "Don't come in!". Crystal is a grown woman, she can set her own boundaries, she is the boss of who goes into her room. But I do think it's important to let people know what your boundaries are at the time they a
  11. Crystal was well within her rights to refuse entry to Sutton. And she should have said so in the moment.
  12. What is Rinna up to? Why bring up the rape story, which is a story about refusing to ignore (and cover for?) a friend's heinous behavior? It was a rape story, not an affair story, so what's that got to do with Denise and Brandi? Side eye. Crystal, when someone knocks on the door, try, "No, don't come in, I'm not dressed!" If the person comes in anyway, tell them to get out. Assert yourself. But, as @emma675 pointed out, she is new and may have been freaked out about the cameras, so I give her a pass on that one. She does give off mean girl vibes though. And Sutton, when you kn
  13. Well, as long as they don't want it to happen, I'm all for it! ;) We might need to establish a drinking game for this season. Take a sip every time Erika snarls at someone? I mean we're at home, no one's driving, right?
  14. That was maybe the single most cringey scene on any HW show ever. To the bone cringey! Did she also preface that with, like, a "Didn't you know.." or something? It was so weird...didn't you know, $25,000? Maybe I am not remembering it correctly.
  15. https://realityblurb.com/2021/06/04/rhobh-season-11-debuts-to-low-ratings-find-out-how-many-viewers-tuned-in-after-episode-two-hits-new-lows/ Oh dear.
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