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  1. Waves back! Hi Dosodog! Nice to see you too 😊
  2. I love her, mostly for the dog saving, but it’s love nonetheless.
  3. I think people mix up the big 50s: states and weeks in a year. But even still, Dorinda still sucks.
  4. I haven't, but I will look for it. Sounds promising!
  5. Anything posted by Jel that reads bitchy -- evil twin. Also anything grammatically unsound or misspelled ;) I should probably add "screwing up the multi-quote feature" to the evil twin, too
  6. Hmm has my evil twin posted something somewhere about how she thinks any of that behavior is "fine", because I sure didn't say that.
  7. I don't disagree about the cringiness of Leah calling Ramona "Mommy", but I don't see why that would wipe away Tinsley's little girl stuff either. Both are unappealing to me.
  8. Wow, Leah is A LOT. Being on this show is clearly too much for Leah's mental health. It feels a little side show-esque to be seeing someone unravel like this. Does Bravo hate all of humanity or is it just women -- I can't tell. I dislike people who prey on weakness, and depressed Dorinda is one of those people to me. She draws strength by weakening others. She's like a video game evil character -- as she attacks and weakens someone, her energy bar goes up. Jeepers, get your depression treated, do something about your drinking problem, and stop taking it out on everyone else. She's personified rage and regret. Tinsley, sigh. She's a sweet person, which I like, but please stop with the world's oldest 7 year old schtick...it's cringey. --- Hangover preventer: Big glass of water before bed.
  9. I agree, Bronzedog — it’s destined to be a classic. I’m going to start using it around here when people disagree with me! someone’s bound to, so goodnight from the lower level! 😉
  10. Lu getting the basement room - and her carrying on about it —highlight of the episode! If anyone, anywhere has ever needed to GTFO herself, it’s Luann. Ramona spinning it as ground floor, also great. Loved it. I also liked Leah’s hat! And that reminded me that I also liked another unpopular hat — Mrs. Quayle’s jughead hat. Then it occurred to me that I might just have terrible taste it hats. So far, I’m liking tinsley more and liking dorinda less this year. Leah, meh, we’ll see. Mostly I’m so happy to have a few minutes reprieve from thinking about the infernal CORONAVIRUS 24/7.
  11. If you thought drunk Lala was bad, I give you sanctimonious Lala. She is unbearable. They all suck really, but Lala as hbic? No. Nope. Never.
  12. Should age really be an ethical consideration? If we have one ventilator left, should we give it to the 27 year old multiple murderer or a 64 year old doctor? What about funding? Should we provide money to young people who instead of being responsible and saving some money, instead chose to squander most of theirs on restaurants and jimmy choo shoes?
  13. Like some others, I will definitely be alright if I don’t ever hear marge say FUHGINA again. She’s like a humble bragger’s Holiday Newsletter, trying to casually toss in some major accomplishment, but it comes across as obvious and try hardy. (We had such a busy year! Between Billy’s Rhodes scholarship and Suzy’s Nobel Prize, we barely had time to get any skiing in at our new ski-in house in Aspen. Hopefully we will find the time next year!) I wish her and her fuhgina well.
  14. I see what you all are talking about with the host. Right when she is about to get all the details. she says something like, "Well, there's a lot to unpack here, so lets move on." Bombshellus interputus. What is her problem? Too refined" Too polite? Too bored?
  15. The OED has long been my nemesis, so it does not surprise me that it would continue to fight and win. 😉 Seriously though, I didn't find that argument all that compelling other than the old "language evolves" point, which mostly means that people make grammar mistakes and eventually everyone accepts it and the rules change. But that doesn't change the fact that they were (in the past 300 years or so) generally agreed upon mistakes in their time. To go back to 1375 for an example of how "they" was used as a singular in English seems like special pleading to me. No English teacher of the last few hundred years would have taught that "they" is an acceptable substitute for "he" or "she". Certainly none of mine ever mentioned that it was once acceptable, but no longer is, and none ever spoke about it like a "thee" or "thou" situation either. Maybe my education sucked. But correctly, I should have said "in my lifetime", or "for the last few hundred years", "they" has been singular. Any use of "they" as a singular was seen as either laziness or ignorance, and it was always "tsk"ed to high Heaven. So to be all, "We've used "they" as a singular since forever!" seems like special pleading. I mean, be fair, the writer dug up one example from a time when the English they spoke needs to be translated into the English we speak. To act like DUH, "they" has always been a singular option, comes across, to me anyway, as disingenuous. I am not a grammarian (obvi), I'm really fine with an evolving language, and I'm happy to use whatever pronoun someone prefers, but now that we are at the start of a change, I am putting in my appeal for a different spelling -- stay with the they, but spell it "thei" or something. This will avoid the awkwardness that our lack of a second person plural sometimes causes. And with they acting as a singular, we'll have a new batch of "Is it they, they, or they, everyone?" questions that create confusion. We already have to contend with the "not you personally" stuff because of this, why ask for more. And give us a second person plural in English, too. I vote for You all or y'all -- but plural, not singular! New can of worms. Le sigh.
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