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  1. I read the article, and as far as I can tell, the only thing that's "confirmed" is the headline writer's abysmal reading comprehension skills.
  2. I agree with you -- that probably happens in a lot of families. Just one li'l point of contention though: Erika is not a kept woman, she's Tom's wife. Different in many ways, including legally,
  3. Wow, thank you, Gobi. But, are you aware of any not-thirsty-to-be on- a-tv- show women?
  4. Yes, because leaking that someone dropped a puppy off at a kill shelter is so much worse than dropping a puppy off at a kill shelter. (Sarcastifont) Personally, I hope she did leak the story, but that article in no way confirms anything.
  5. Months ago, when the dementia talk started with Tom, I wondered if she was intentionally trying to blow that up for him because the things she said about Tom, just several months ago, were in no way supportive of that suggestion. And now, all of a sudden, she's been seeing it for years? ( I do seem to remember one of the women asked her if she had seen evidence of it, and she, at the time said no. And that's what prompted me to wonder if she was trying to mess up his incapacity defense._ She does lie, but she justifies it as a "privacy matter". Or a "she was embarrassed" matter. Y
  6. I'm new to the show, so could somebody help me out with a few questions please? Colt's girlfriend (Vanessa?), who seems like a very nice, normal person, is a) in love with Colt and b) concerned about not having frequent enough sex with Colt (Lord, give me strength) that he may cheat on her? Have I understood this correctly? There are enough women in the US who are willing to have sex with Colt that this is a concern? Is this for real, or is this a manufactured storyline for the show?
  7. I think Kyle is way too cagey to make that mistake. But it would be awesome if she did! But I think you are right, and the wretched trio will return.
  8. You know, I really daren't hope, but the one thing that does give me just the teensiest bit of hope is Kyle's seeming Bravo-approved status as The *QuEeN of RHoBH*, simply because, being evil, they do like to set these women up for a fall. But Kyle is such a cagey mofo, that she makes fast friends with producers, who would likely save her ass if she needed it. (They'd be fools if they ever expected her to save theirs in return, but side issue.) So, I don't hold out a lot of hope. Stil...there are these few little things popping up here and there, so maybe? For my wishlist: Lisa and G
  9. Garcelle is absolutely right, they are "othering" her in subtle ways. They do not treat her the same as they treat each other. They don't ever give her the benefit of the doubt. They yell and accuse when they could just ask. They demand things of her that they don't demand of each other. I see it, I don't like it and it makes me uncomfortable tbh.
  10. Erm, did Erika say that somehow, people have the impression that she's cold? Gee, I wonder if they got that impression from her saying it season after season. But she wants you to know she cares deeply about the widows and orphans now, everyone!
  11. Cory is messed up. He picks a woman who's not that nice and not really that into him and then passive aggressives his way through the entire relationship. Evelin is with him, why? She clearly thinks she's too good for him. She has picked a weak man, and yet she really seems to be antagonized by his weakness, so she's always mad. I don't understand why people do this to themselves. Choose better.
  12. The Sumit's parents move in with Jenny and Sumit seems like gavel tossing shenanigans. Side eye. I am halfway waiting for the family to end up in a court where the judge sentences Jenny to become their butler. (Hiya Seinfeld fans!)
  13. Rinna is like a 1970s daytime talk show last minute fill in guest. She shows up in a glittery pantsuit, tries to be funny but only ever really achieves "loud". She's to tv as Spinal Tap is to rock and roll. Kyle takes every shot that LVP ever did, except she only ever does it in her THs, where the person she's jabbing doesn't even get a chance to fire something back in the moment. That's worse imo. How the other HWs have not figured this out by now is a mystery to me. Like rule number one: Never tell Kyle anything. You can't "vent" to Kyle, because she will save that up and use it as am
  14. Pantygate, gah. The time when I wondered if everyone had lost their minds, holding Erica up as some sort of feminist icon. If she's an icon of Feminism, it's for the small subset of feminists who are also misogynists. PK was gross to look and to comment on camera, but I always thought he interpreted her as she was putting herself out there, like in a Madonna way, sex positive, nudity positive, etc. Then the ridiculous "persona" argument. If Mrs. Girardi shows up at a party wearing a short dress and no underpants, sitting with uncrossed legs, I think it's quite understandable that someo
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