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  1. That whole scene with Tamra seemed very disingenuous. Gina's all, "Oh dear, did they set me up to hurt me!?" when she knows full well Emily didn''t set her up to hurt her. The fact that she's saying those words to Tamra seems telling. I think Gina likes her place at the snobby mean girls table, likes the fact that Emily is left out of it and hates the fact that Tamra was reconsidering her feelings about Emily. I don't like it when people trade in their old friends for shiny new ones, but whatever, that happens. But when they sell their old friends out in order to gain acceptance with the new ones? Despicable.
  2. That is true. Plus there is the double whammy of intermittent reinforcement on a variable reward schedule. I do play the slot machines, but I always feel a bit like one of those pecking pigeons from a 1950s psychology learning experiment when I do. 😉
  3. Caesar repacking those edible panties! Optimism or frugality, i cant decide. for some reason it just killed me that he repacked them, with the expiry date increasing ever faster in the Cancun humidity. And the boxes getting that bargain bin worn and excessively handled look. Who knew there was a way to make a chocolate g-string even more tacky. Kudos!
  4. Kelly has two gears: regular and batshit crazy enraged. She's alright when she's regular, but her message gets lost when she's screaming and sweating and salivating and calling people cunts. She does make a lot of sense when she's not sweatily yelling. And she really does have Tamra's number. I'm with you, Islandgal, in hoping she is The One.
  5. What is Brawnwyn's deal anyway? Desperate to be noticed or desperate to be included? Both? The threesomes in marriage thing always reeks of some kind of desperation to me. If it works for you, cool, but I'm never really convinced it actually does. B seems like someone who paints an overly rosy picture. Color me skeptical.
  6. That was probably the strangest thing I have ever seen on any of these shows, ever. Of all the stuff they edit out, they couldn't have taken that out too? Not because it was gross, I don't think lactation is gross, I'm very pro nursing, but because it was really weird. Can this show not have even one component of womanhood that they don't mock? I guess not.
  7. Would yachting still be Sandy's passion if it weren't for the captain's absolute authority part? Sandy's never met a power she wouldn't trip. I did agree with her about the "nothing there at the breakfast table" issue though. At least have a continental breakfast set up in case someone gets up early. The table not being set for breakfast, whatever, but have some coffee, juice, a muffin, something, not just a bare table. I thought Anastasia's table decorations that Sandy *loved so much* were hideous. If it doesn't looked like a dollar store exploded in the centre of your table, you aren't doing it right? Is that how it works? Feather boas, party streamers and plastic gemstones, just no.
  8. I think Kam really does think Brandi is "trashy"; and I agree that Brandi, while not "trash" herself, does act trashy at times. I remember Brandi chasing Kam around a pool with a dildo and then acting like there was something wrong with Kam for being offended. So, Brandi doesn't want to be called trashy and Kam probably doesn't want to be told she has a stick up her ass. There's plenty of hypocrisy and double standards to go around in this group. And vulgarity does not equal realness. Be as vulgar as you like, but don't mistake it for some kind of integrity or something for crying out loud. I love Kam's sense of humor. It's a little dry and subtly self-deprecating. Just my cup of tea. And if not finding being chased around a pool with a dildo funny means you have a stick up your ass, then I guess I have one up mine too. One (very rigid) high five to you, Kam. The "if you match your underwear to your outfit, then we have a good chance to be friends, a very good chance" was the laugh out loud line of the episode for me.
  9. Yes, and especially since last week they made a big show about how LeeAnn gets her wedding stuff for free because of everything she's done to showcase these people through her cheerity work on behalf of Dallas sossahatee. That was a l'il Bravo-ing there I think: they do like their awkward moments.
  10. Known fact: Nothing locks down a reluctant man faster than cloying desperation! Make him feel like he's your consolation prize because you couldn't work it out with someone else and that engagement ring is a sure thing. Add an element of "This isn't very real, but sheesh, I have to beat my twin sister" and just sit back while he makes all the wedding plans. (When's sarcastifont being installed?)
  11. What kind of irks me too about these people is that it seems important that they date someone "hotter" than what they'd ordinarily attract at home. Like the 60 year old wrinkly, chubby, regular American man isn't good enough for Jenny or Laura! It adds an element of shallowness to their delusion, and that bugs me.
  12. I agree with all of this -- that was not what he said, and she's supremely selfish and immature, and most likely picks men and acts in ways that will guarantee she'll be dumped. I think that that is part of her love addiction. She's terrible and she needs to deal with that love addiction (sometimes called sex and love addiction, maybe that's her too -- I haven't watched long enough). But none of that takes away from the fact that Aladin is also terrible. I do not for one second believe he's in love with her, at all, to ANY degree; if he's in love with anything it's the opportunity she represents, and I reckon he'd be willing to use her to get what he wants and then will toss her aside when he has (she knows how to pick 'em!). That makes him a straight up scammer to me. I think that's even worse than whatsherface who has a layer of sympathy-evoking psychological delusion and dysfunction to protect her from my harsh judgment. (As sappy and pity prone as I am, that layer is gossamer thin.)
  13. Is Pole the dude who got so stressed out he had to hide in the shed? On tv?
  14. My take on it is I think what we are seeing with Liam is the typical enmeshed behavior seen in co-dependent relationships. Like so many of them, Liam's mom is a love addict. Liam has seen her pattern with men before. He said as much on the show -- that he is the one who picks up the pieces when the whole thing falls apart. He sees the same pattern with Aladin, and I don't think he's wrong. I do think Aladin is looking for a way to get to the US, and I do think he'll dump the lady once he can. I just started watching this show, so if some of the couples have really fallen in love and remain happily married after the visa expiration date, then I'm happy for them. But I'm very skeptical about all of it. Mostly it looks like opportunity meeting dysfunction to me. I'm hoping for a 90 Day Fiancee/Intervention crossover one day. Because this shit is messed up.
  15. I just started watching this show this year, and tbh, I couldn't really understand why so many people disliked/found insufferable Captain Sandy. I get it after this epi. I'm no expert, but I believe there's more to "white glove service" than just gloves. It's old fashioned "invisible service" where food quietly appears and plates quietly disappear. I understood what Aesha meant when she said it was synchronized. I don't think it would really work with that crew or be really appreciated by those guests anyway. The guests seemed to like to interact with the crew, and that's not really done with that kind of service anyway. Hannah, here's a free tip for your table -- white flowers! Some height, vases of varying sizes. More than a ratty old piece of satin in the center, but less that fake pearls and plastic "gemstones" scattered about.
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