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  1. I have come to accept that some people can’t grasp the contagion concept. Fine, and clearly D’Andra is one of those people. But a tube, from one person’s mouth, exhaling directly into your nose...even the most contagion concept challenged person should be able to understand that that is officially high risk. Is Kam reallllly the dumb one on this show?
  2. Which only makes her even more entertaining. Win-win!
  3. Me too. Kam is my all time favourite hw. Sure she works it a bit, but she is poking fun at herself. It’s preferable to the usual fare of guttural growls or season long take downs IMO.
  4. Nooo! You didn’t...I was just joking. I should have included a winky face. It is kind of strange that Kam has never heard the word “cathartic”. But Kameron! No need for any catharsis when your life is just sparkles and candy floss!
  5. Every one really needs to stop IQ shaming Kameron. Sehreeusslah
  6. I think this "Brandi is so devastated" angle is a mistake. I was sitting pretty far away from the tv, but was that scene after scene of tearless crying I kept seeing? The problem with Brandi and that video was that she was initially kind of "It was a joke; I was making fun of myself -- screw you if you were offended". It's only after she gets to experience what it feels like to be shunned and mocked that she feels some pain. Sorry, but I think that's what she was crying about: the negativity that came to her. I don't think she was crying because she realized she'd hurt people; she was crying because she'd been hurt by the consequences of her own actions. Having said that, she's apologized, I hope she's learned from it, and we can put an end to this storyline. The more she talks about it, the more she talks about how she has suffered from the consequences of her own actions, the more I dislike her, and I tbh, I don't have a ton of room to move here. One potential positive I could see is Brandi teaching her kids to evaluate people by what they do and say, not by their color/religion/gender etc. Teach them that people are individuals, not representatives of their race. And disliking or mocking or feeling superior to people for things they have absolutely no control over is nothing but assholism, so don't ever do that.
  7. Not even five minutes in Kameron is explaining her takes on the origin of covid and the reason for its worldwide spread and also heroically and unsanitarily making her kids peanut butter sandwiches. Then, so much actual, sincere honesty about how she blamed her husband for her dog's death. She names her new dog, Fanci! Fanci with an I. In the middle of the serious dog behavior session, her big question of the trainer is, "Is it true that people start looking like their dogs over time?" Absolute HW GOAT.
  8. That is a good question! I have never thought of those two things as competing ideas, but I suppose they are, at least to a degree. For me, I usually assume people are good until they show me otherwise, and sometimes they show me otherwise right away and I ignore it, while chastising myself for "being bitchy" or "judgy". I bet it has a lot to do with something like how we all score on a personality, like the Big Five for example, and what side each of us tends to naturally err on based on personality traits. Missing "someone showing me who they are" reminds me that I can be gullible, and I get mad at myself for ignoring the God given evolution selected (as you see it, maybe both) gift of intuition and reading non-verbal cues. And it Erika's case, the actual verbal cues, like the fact that she came right out and said she was cold and seemed very pleased with herself for being "cunty". I remember thinking that she was likely just saying that because she was defensive and worried that the other HWs wouldn't like her, so she put up a wall of fake coldness and "cuntiness" as her armor. Turns out, nope, that wall was actually a window. Whoops Jel.
  9. I think, in a way, she is owning it. She's owning the fact that she doesn't GAF and never has. She's selfish and self-absorbed, always has been, and it brings that Maya Angelou quote to mind: "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time".
  10. Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating! Best wishes everyone for a wonderful 2021. May this be the year all your dreams come true! Is anyone else waiting out a family that insists on sleeping in on Christmas day, of all days!? Or is it just me? (Braunwyn still terrible as of this writing.)
  11. I know living in garages is kind of the done thing on this show, but does John live in a garage? Hub and I paused and rewound a couple of times last episode because his place really looked like a garage, sandwiched between two houses.
  12. Me too. So much. The face shields . Sigh. The falling down, constantly touching-to-adjust masks. The masks themselves, with highly dubious looking filtration powers. At least they weren't wearing the brand of face shields that say "Face Shield" -- that's something I guess. For the people who aren't sure? Oh that plastic shield in front of your face is face shield -- I thought it might be a tractor -- good thing it's spelled out and cleared up! Shan and her kids. I agree that it was really selfish and thoughtless of her kids to do something that could potentially bring that home to her. But there's the "teenage invincibility" thing and also, the mom who flips out about everything, thing. I get the sense that Shan has cried wolf on health stuff so many times that her kids now tune it out. She was crying about paper towels, for the love of mike! There's also no way I would leave my underage kids to fend for themselves. Not relatable to me as a mom. Shannon, get some help for your anxiety disorder. I don't get everyone around here acting like it's weird that Elizabeth has a condo for her clothes. I mean come on, like we all don't have a separate, several blocks away apartment for our clothes. DUH! Be real people! ;) And that it's a fake separate clothes condo as well. She's renting her place and living in the condo, so she devises a plan -- I know, I'll tell everyone that the reason I have this condo is for my clothes because A) that sounds fancy and B) ... not sure what B would be. But if I laugh after everything I say, people will think I am insouciant and devil-may-care, and that seems rich, right? Coz she's rich, everyone. Rich.
  13. Thank you for the info , amarante. I don’t know why I didn’t even consider the possibility that there would be a jury, but I didn’t. I just thought a judge would hear it. A jury could make it worse for her. I don’t really like much of Erika’s message, so perhaps that opinion is colouring my view. I can’t see things going well for her. But you might be right that nothing will push her fans away. Let’s meet here in eight years when the case is decided and the public opinion verdict is in, so we can compare notes 😉
  14. I also doubt Erika was involved in running the law firm, but I've also read (don't know if it's true) that a lot of money from the firm was transferred to Erika's company.
  15. I was just kind of thinking aloud, about how even though justice is supposed to be blind, judges are people and are therefore susceptible to bias, conscious or unconscious. I don't think Erika's Exxxpensive image is going to do her any favors in that regard. Is there ever a time where the evidence isn't perfectly clear and a judge has to rely on her reason? Where, after all the evidence is presented, judicial decision making is going to be the thing that decides it? (I'm asking -- maybe there isn't, I don't know) But if that situation does arise in Erika's case, how would a judge view her? Perhaps the judge won't know anything about her. Perhaps s/he is a fan? or perhaps, s/he would be put off by Erika's carefully crafted image and her message of "me, at all costs". Will "Erika Jayne" end up costing Erika Giradi even more than the 40K a month she pays for glam? I mentioned Ruth Madoff and Leona Helmsley because they are two high profile rich ladies that popped into my head, and I think it's fair to say neither ended up winning in the court of public opinion. If the same happens to Erika, I can't see her continuing to be successful on tv or as a performer. Tbh, I don't expect her to go to jail, but I do expect there will be some sort of personal cost.
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