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  1. Simone's service "skills" are fine now -- I mean she's making beds, scrubbing toilets and asking people if they want another Cosmo. It's not rocket science. Math is though. 😉 None of the service on that boat, including Kate's on her very best day, rises to a level beyond "efficient maid" or "good Chili's waiter". Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the divide between what Kate brings and what Simone brings four weeks pf work later, is not really that great.
  2. I was watching it on my phone, so the screen was small, but were there any actual tears? Or was it more of the tearless crying we see so much of on these shows? (Serious question)
  3. Wow, just so many things wrong with that video and the comment underneath. The main takeaway is anyone who didn't find it funny is a bullying asshole? I think what's bugging me the most is her insistence that she was making fun of herself by pretending to be Asian -- just follow that to its logical conclusion Brandi. Maybe take a second to think about what it must feel like to be a member of a group whose physical features and accent would be "hilarious" to have. Why is it funny? I don't even follow this stuff much, but I did see some people of Asian descent take the time to post their stories about how they have been hurt by such comments, especially in childhood. Are those people also assholes for sharing their experiences and making her feel bad? She had a chance there to really apologize, and promise to do better, but she doesn't seem to understand or care that she hurt and offended people. She seemed more upset that the video resurfaced than she did about having made it in the first place. FAIL.
  4. Everyone please!... ixnay on the Lala eyebrows talk -- they could break free of her face and come for all of us! So angry looking. So very angry.
  5. At the start of the season, Kate expresses interest in Tanner. He chooses Simone. Tonight, they decide to go home together. 10 minutes later, he's all over the charter guest. Later that night, Kate goes to get him, and he's not available. And still, she wants to hook up with the guy.
  6. Hmm. I took it that the writer meant "last season" as the season that has just now concluded. But you could be right. Last season (season 3), I only remember Kam as supportive of Lee-Anne. Season 4, I remember Brandi sticking up for her about the dress stuff, and generally Steph and Brandi were less jabby in their THs towards her. This is based on nothing except my intuition, but at the reunion, I saw Lee-Anne turning to Brandi a few times when she was attempting to explain herself. There was something in the whole exchange that read to me that Lee-Anne was not expecting the reaction she got from Brandi, like she considered her an ally or something. But just pure speculation on my part there. So, yes, maybe it was Brandi!
  7. Topic for a slow RHoD Monday: http://news.lalate.com/2020/01/12/leeanne-locken-supportive-costar-slams-her-as-irrelevant-exclusive/ I'm going to caveat this by saying I know nothing about LA Late or how reliable their info is, but, for fun, does anyone care to weigh in on who they think the on screen "supportive cast member" is? I assume we can safely rule out both Kari and D'Andra because neither has been "on screen supportive" this year. Considering Brandi is at a Wellness Center/In rehab/"away", it seems less likely it's her, so that leaves Kam and Stephanie. Considering how involved Travis has been on SM lately (with his various shots at Kam), I'm leaning towards Stephanie. But, the bigger shock factor would be caused by Kameron. So, I don't know... 51% chance it's Stephanie 49% chance it's Kam
  8. Natalie's mom is the most tragic figure. Her golden child's level of specialness and entitlement makes Tania's look workaday.
  9. Sap that I am, I felt sorry for Mursel and Anna. I need a saptervention. But that breakup is definitely for the best because a man who says " I had to choose between my mother and my beloved, and I chose my mother" is telling you, right there, what your future is going to be. Tania is an entitled, deluded, special princess, but Syngin is no prize either. I can't take his "let the universe work it out" plan for the future. That's almost harder to deal with. If Juliana is scamming us all, then she's good because even though I do side eye her a bit, I feel guilty about doing it. Blake seems like a nice guy. His friends are overstepping, especially the woman who's always interrogating everyone (is she secretly in love with Blake or what?). All Jasmin seems to want to do is focus on her physical appearance. The endless makeup perfecting, where she wasn't even adding or removing any! I can't see this one working out.
  10. Probably best they stopped at two. The last kid could have been named Map or Spreadsheet.
  11. I don't think we talked much about Brandi's video around here, but I agree with you -- it was appalling. I felt shocked by it. Her doubling down on it as "audition material" read like a Fuck You to people who objected.
  12. I was just kidding -- my cheeky sense of humor sometimes cannot be chained. 🙂 (There's no win.)
  13. I don't understand where you're getting the insincerity of his anti-racism remarks. I was cheering for him when he said that. Admittedly, I don;t have a very good memory for these shows and so I don't remember him belittling Kam for her business; I do remember him giving her some business advice, sort of, telling her things like you need to do more than make a sparkly pink poster board* if you want to be taken seriously and get actual investors. But I also think he invested in her business, and encouraged her when she started to take it more seriously, no? Have not seen him on Top Chef, but will look for it. I love me some pompous assery on tv shows 😉 *I FLOVED that sparkly pink poster board, btw.
  14. My interest level in "defending Court Wescott" is pretty low, but what ridiculous bs is he perpetuating on the show? Last I saw of him he was talking to Kam about how Lee-Anne's racist comments were not okay. I thought this season Court came off the best of all the husbands.
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