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  1. zenme

    S01.E01: Can't Buy My Love

    Well, we know the story—a story old as time. If you’ve got millions, wonky eyeballs and lids are very easily overlooked. I mean, look at Bill.
  2. zenme

    Basketball Wives LA

    I don’t love Evelyn, but that was funny.
  3. zenme

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    I doubt he went down on Kathryn. He’s got that eating disorder, remember?
  4. zenme

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    Sumit telling off those hecklers was the most polite “read” I’ve ever seen. No Jersey-style table flipping for him!
  5. zenme

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    All I could imagine was that her sock-less feet stunk in those boots.
  6. zenme

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    I’m laughing because, as a teacher myself, I immediately thought, “I feel so sorry for that child’s teacher.” I don’t think she can go to school if she’s not vaccinated though.
  7. I’d always been a Shep fan, but as of late that shine has worn off. A huge chunk wore away when he called Madison trash and threw in her hairdresser status as an insult. Not nice. I think Shep is a jealous person, and I suspected Madison had scorned him in the past, which it turns out, she did. Shep, please redeem yourself!
  8. zenme

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    Indeed. She looked haggard at the reunion. I like her hair better this season.
  9. I'm shallow and would divorce my husband if I found out he runs like Pole. Matter of fact, I'm feeling rather grateful right now. I'm gonna hug him a little harder tonight.
  10. zenme

    S01.E07 Broken Promises

    Drascilla is downright feral. She doesn't look right in the eyes either. Haven't heard her really speak. I wonder if there's some type of developmental delay. Or she's just downright spoiled.
  11. Totally get it! Get this: they have a machine that's like a Keurig for baby formula! Timesaver and perfect temp!
  12. zenme

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Used to work at a court house where marriage licenses were issued. Every now and then we'd have issues where people hadn't filled out the license correctly, gave faulty information, or more commonly, had a minister who wasn't authorized to perform a ceremony in our state. One time we had a cougar/boytoy type situation and it was very obvious that she was lying about her age. She gave us the wrong information, and swore to it, so the license was invalid. It worked out because about a week or 2 later, she returned wanting a divorce.
  13. As a grandmother of a baby that used one of those pacifiers, those particular pacifiers are harmless. It can't block breathing, and it's extremely lightweight.
  14. zenme

    Ryan: What the hell happened to him?

    Still love me some Larry.
  15. Someone cheated with him? Hmm..I guess money is the ultimate aphrodisiac.