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  1. Of course, but there are SOME men who have a complex about their height. Oh gosh! Wonder what his reaction would’ve been if she’d have told him the ex was a 6’3 self-made millionaire!
  2. Myrla likes being teased about being a “princess.” That validates her. I wouldn’t feel too bad for her. She’s fine with it.
  3. Amy, just cause the shorts fit doesn’t mean you should wear them.
  4. This! It’s not the fact that she buys expensive items. It’s the way she speaks about it. That’s the obnoxious part. I don’t care how she spends her money. Who knows? She may have substantial savings, or she may be someone who wants to wait to purchase a home with a partner. The bottom line for me is her overall shitty attitude and this act that she puts on that she’s Miss Fancypants so that we (she) can forget she came from extremely humble beginnings.
  5. Yes. These things are things that in marriages, people deal with. You compromise, or get over it, cause in the grand scheme of things, no biggie.
  6. No. Stan’s 100. It’s an old people thing.
  7. Years ago I read some body language expert’s opinion about a celebrity’s constant outstretched arms (posing, etc.), and she said people who pose that way have a God complex. I can totally see Jeremy having that.
  8. I’m so sorry guys. I know that feeling. Be safe.
  9. Really, Jessa? “Oh, how her siblings adore her!” The drama.
  10. I think this would be the kind of attorney I’d want to fight for me. He must see Josh’s case as tough to win, so he’s using every kind of Bill Cosby technicality to get Josh off.
  11. They get money from the show, so I suspect that’s how they can afford manis and coffee.
  12. Tiffany is angry at herself (for choosing Ronald and getting knocked up by him) and takes it out on Ronald. She should divorce him because it’s unfair to Ronald to expect him to be someone he’s not.
  13. You totally edited my comment. You’ve made it sound as though I think Kalami and the boys should move the boys to Samoa and live Asuelo’s Samoan lifestyle. Please go back and read my post in it’s entirety, or don’t take a small portion of my wording to make it fit your comment.
  14. I think Gil’s questions to the couples was producer driven. I’ve noticed this on other seasons as well. They get one person to ask the probing questions we all want to know. No one IRL asks those questions of others unless they’re good friends, and sometimes not even then. Gil doesn’t strike me as being that nosy. He is very outgoing and personable though, and so maybe that’s why they asked him to be the “moderator.”
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