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  1. I wonder if Kody and Robyn get on this page and just laugh and laugh.
  2. Who even cares about muppet mouth Austen? I’m sure he does wish it was just he, Shep, and Craig. Otherwise, he’d have to get an actual job.
  3. Totally. That’s when I dated my now husband and he had that coat, which he wore with his mullet and Z.Cavaricci jeans. We had a huge laugh about it watching David.
  4. None of them are attractive, except the new boyfriend, whatever his name is. What do the girls put in their hair that makes it look dirty? I think they do it to smooth it out but it just looks dirty to me.
  5. Avery, I don’t know how much more you need to interrogate Ash. I mean, before you face to faced with Ash you had already broken up 3 times. Now you find yourself constantly arguing and interrogating the guy. This relationship sucks! Just go home! It’s not gonna work. ETA: My 3 year old granddaughter was playing nearby while Darcy was spilling out of beige tank top. I was embarrassed.
  6. So did I. I always wondered why my kidults would scowl and say, “Eww!”
  7. I believe Ed sent Rose’s sister 200.00.
  8. Season 1 marathon on right now—my favorite season. Back to the glory days of the original cast, and before Thomas and Kathryn brought 2 kids into their shitstorm. Even though I didn’t care for Jenna, I like her over Austen, and I’m not that big of a Chelsea fan.
  9. ETA: Sorry folks, I made this comment before immediately and before I saw others had done the same, almost exactly! I think all the similar responses just go to show how shockingly older Debbie looks! Maybe it’s a just style change she needs. A cute Dorinda Medley (RHoNY) haircut would look cute, as well as some new glasses for starters. Maybe if she’d have had a man, she would have stayed out of Coltee’s life.
  10. Wait! She’s 55?! Holy shit! She looks damn old for 55! I thought she was closer to 70!
  11. Geez! Katie was a bit much this episode! She’s usually pretty chill. I wonder if Travis appreciated that very much. Maybe not. He looked a little annoyed.
  12. Of course that’s his pose of choice! That’s pretty much his eye level. It means no bending or ladders. Same goes for his hatred of hairy legs. Legs are at his vantage point, so he’s developed his preferences.
  13. I agree. Usman is nice looking, and he seems to have an easygoing temperament. I like him. Even though he's using BGL to get to the States and get his career going, BGL is using him too. BTW, when you look better with a shawl covering your head, you got problems.
  14. Yeah, and what made it funnier was Rose's dad just watching with a straight face.
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