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  1. Jinger shouldn’t put her hair back. You could project a movie off of her forehead (fivehead.)
  2. I’d imagine prison food to be just the type of palate an individual growing up in TTH would have.
  3. I’m willing to bet Anna had experienced times where she had suspected something amiss but let it go because she was afraid, OR Josh explained it away.
  4. They have the same nose, chin, and smile. She just has a more feminine version than Justin’s.
  5. There have been a couple of times where I’ve fallen asleep on the sofa while my 4 year granddaughter and I were supposed to be watching a movie. It was always very brief and, I believe, not a hard sleep. I feel for Jana because if she’s been shouldering responsibility for Anna’s 6 kids while Anna was out being joyfully available with Jpest, she’s probably exhausted. Could she have assumedMack and Michael were helping as well? How was the child identified as MaryElla Duggar?
  6. Well, I would certainly use the “Cinderella defense.”
  7. Anna probably struggles to find dresses that fit, postnatal. Also, she probably doesn’t have a great clothing budget as JB is already footing 100s of thousands for Smuggar’s defense…
  8. One of my students” father is in jail. He’s been told by his mother that his father is under quarantine for covid. I wonder if Mack has heard a similar story. I read some of the details in the Sun article. That bastard is sick! If I were Anna I’d be questioning every time I’d left my kids alone with that disgusting animal of a father. How can she love someone like that, much less ever trust him?
  9. Anyone else think Brianna is punching above her weight class with Briggs?
  10. I am in your same situation, and sometimes when I go to a Catholic wedding or funeral I remember the rituals and the smell of the incense, and it feels like home, but then I think about the judgment etc., and my instinct tells me just to keep trying to be a good person, and it’ll be ok.
  11. Early on in the marriage, like day 1 or 2, Brett said wanted to present the real Brett, and not all made up. I get her point, but I think she needed to continue with trying to gussy herself up for a while— until she had Ryan “hooked,” so to speak.First reel the guy in, THEN you can start revealing messy and makeup-less Brett. That being said, I think she’s awesome.
  12. I know. I really hate it when people make me defend Satan!
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