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  1. Wouldn’t Kalani’s breasts being constantly out be tempting for the kids to eat between meals?
  2. So, I wouldn’t want Sharon at my house either, coughing on my eggs, and having her dog poop on my carpets. She’s a bit rough around the edges, and not in a “fun” way. I don’t like Bri and Bill together. I think she needs to be with someone closer to her age, but I have to say, I agree with Bill. Mama needs to go. She’s harshing the mellow.
  3. This is why I always give a side eye to someone who proclaims to me to be Christian, or remind me that they don’t drink, and they go to church, and they don’t swear, etc. I always find these types of folks to be so judgmental and un-Christ-like.
  4. Oh. Wow. That sure is a baby! Joy sure looks happy though.
  5. I always have remembered Justin because he was the one in the buddy group with Jesse and Jordyn. There was an episode years ago where it seemed like early morning and the grownups and teens must’ve still been sleeping. Justin has Jordyn with him and got her a sad little breakfast of instant oatmeal prepared with cold water and a simple slice of bread. Just bread, no butter and untoasted. He was saying that he did that every morning for her, and it just broke my heart. I thought it was so sweet of him, and my dislike of mom and pop duggar went up a few notches.
  6. Yes! I like “Justin and Claire: Yes. There’s a Justin.”
  7. Without having seen this image, the description has me thinking of the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson “family video” where Tommy is supposedly piloting a boat with a certain appendage.
  8. I thought his name was Romello. Is he going by Creed?
  9. Yes. My armchair psychologist analysis is that she was molested as a child. Her currency and value is, in her mind, her sexuality. She’s no longer taking opioids, but I think she still needs to see a therapist.
  10. Wow! Brianna looks amazing! I think this is the best she's ever looked!
  11. We must be a triumvirate of souls. I do same. Plus, I always consider whether I can have time to clean the toilet BEFORE I throw up. It's never happened though.
  12. Male Josh would have sex with Female Josh.
  13. Girl Siah looks like Amanda Bynes.
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