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  1. Yes it's disgusting, She's so damn greedy! Me Me Me, My My My UGH! and her two stooge friends keep feeding her selfishness, agreeing with her even when she's a bossy piece of shit. She's going to milk this for every possible gift and cash she can get her hands on! I can't wait for Chris to wake up and realize he's hitched his wagon to someone who's never happy unless she's the center of attention The Honeymoon is over and it's Valentines Day 2022.. READY TO RUMBLE 🥊
  2. Joan of Argh said: Chris used to be polite but Amy’s childish rude behaviour is rubbing off on him as well… the nerve of that white haired, pot bellied jackass saying “she’s moved on to bigger and better things”…. Bigger MOOBS that’s for sure.. Chris is rivalling Amy for big saggy tits. they both deserve to have their ridiculous royal wedding turned into a circus sideshow… Chris can be the bearded lady 🤡 🎪 Joan I wanted to reply to your post in the Matt thread but don't have anything to say about Matt so I copied it here: We need to start a GO FUND ME and raise the
  3. I agree but with an uncle like Josh creeping around the TTH and at family holiday parties and other celebrations I like it that Ivy has leggings. However.... When she's just at home with her family it seems a bit much.
  4. exactly, the only reason it took as long as it did was because Chris held back... if it had been up to Amy she would have married him a LONG time ago! She's a little bulldozer!
  5. Joan, your descriptions kill me! I need to get a few screen shots from that day... Amy "barging around like a bull" 😂 Meanwhile here's a page from Amy's "wedding binder"
  6. oh Joan if only Matt would.. I'd love it! 😂, If I was Matt I'd order 3 dump trucks of cow manure to be delivered to the area adjacent to "Princess Amy's Wedding of the Century", give the 2 shit talkers some real shit to talk about! Three steaming piles of cow shit and flies! 💩💩💩 Lisa looks like an idiot with that platinum blonde mess on her head and then you've got Amy with the bangs that start on the top of her head... quite a pair. 😫
  7. Exactly Joan, Matt's finally free to enjoy his projects without a sour seahag shitting on every idea.
  8. He probably needed a break.. If I spent several hours traveling with Amy I'd need a stiff drink and a break!
  9. I'm impressed that they realized that Lilah is really too young to enjoy Disneyland and I'm also impressed that Tori took Jackson for a little mommy and son vacation together and Zach stayed home and cared for Lilah. Zach has his problems but I think he loves his little family and he puts forth an effort even if sometimes it's a bit awkward, he's learning as he goes. ❤️
  10. our home has the same breezeway from the garage to the house as Matt's plan and it was all considered to be the "house plan" by the building inspector and the city building permits department.... we also built the garage section first so the many trades people would have a spot right next to the actual house to work out of the rain and it also provided a secure place right next to the house to lock up all their tools while doing the build. If the garage were a totally separate building with no connection to the house we would have needed separate permits and plans. Considering that I
  11. exactly, it's ALL about amy! *sitting behind this man* *What a babe* lolol meanwhile the MAN BABE is just a blurred white haired mess in the background and there's AMY FRONT AND CENTER!!! Look at ME!!! ... Look at ME!! 🙄 She's such a selfish, self centered little troll.
  12. omg i know! the worst part is Amy trying to make her demure, sexy face as she leans in for ANOTHER kiss and she winds up looking like the Geico caveman and Chris is doing this squinty eyed thing that makes him look like a lounge lizard. 🤢 It's like.. just kiss if you must but forget about the flirty, cutesy, sexy faces because you're both way too old and IT AIN'T HAPPENING! you're right... IT'S CREEPY!
  13. He'll need a heavy duty sidecar with beefed up suspension! My GOD!!.. I couldn't get over her blue jeans in the episode where they checked out Chris's friends property as a possible venue, I think someone else mentioned it as well. They look like they're painted on and she has this habit of always taking the lead even though it wasn't her property, she's just going along like a little BULLDOZER, her big fat ass squished into those pants, thunder thighs CHUB RUBBING back and forth as she led the way, YAPPING and FLAILING her huge lumpy arms and MAN HANDS! 😫 The friends wife was
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