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  1. omg!!! Joan you're killing me! 🤣😂😆 I know from experience that a gut that large makes it very difficult to do any precision clipping and cleaning, I gained more with my last pregnancy than I had with my other children and for the last trimester I had a gut slightly smaller than Janelle and it was a bitch to keep everything neat and tidy but I'm a bit of a clean freak so I positioned mirrors and kept at it until everything was done 🧐 but I really can't imagine lazy ass Janelle putting in that much time or effort. As you mentioned her feet are always dirty and look like they could use
  2. because she'd rather sit there and be bitchy RUN CHRIS...RUN!!! 🏃‍♂️
  3. I agree with everything you said especially the part about Robyn having the lowest IQ 😂🤣 Just my opinion but as far as mountain views go the poop pond mountain view isn't that impressive and kind of mediocre. Don't get me wrong... It's an okay view but it's more like a large hill than a majestic mountain and the area around it is just flat and kind of boring as far as the eye can see. The other problem I have with it is the view from Christine's deck which is located in a more developed area shows how people litter the landscape with little shacks, garden sheds, trailers, old ve
  4. Amy's sweaty face and dirty, greasy mop of hair are her trademark!
  5. I found it shocking when Janelle sat there at the outdoor meeting and said there was absolutely nothing for her in Utah. Wow what a kick in the teeth to Christine after all the doting and work Christine put into attending both of Maddie's births and then showering both Axel and Evie with love and affection and explaining how much they mean to her and how proud she is to be their gramma. While I know that Mykelti gave birth during Covid I really doubt that Janelle would have done the same for Christine's daughter or grandchild. Janelle has turned into a total shrew for Kootie and
  6. the thing that bugs me about Christine is her penchant for pointing out how women in monogamous marriages don't have sister wives to help them meanwhile her sister wives don't give 2 shits about her struggles. She's annoying as hell, I don't need sister wives because I have a mother, sisters and sisters in law and aunts and other women in my life but most importantly I have a husband who actually lives at our house 24/7 365 and has been there for me every single day, we are raising our children together because he isn't running all over town to spend time with other wives and children.
  7. this! It's ridiculous to let her roam outdoors, she could be seriously hurt or killed AND she is probably killing birds when she's out which is a huge problem. Christine should know better! 🙄
  8. I think we might be in for some fireworks! Chris didn't look too happy about clearing a spot for himself only to return and find that Amy had taken over the space with her piles of junk I've got my popcorn ready for some knock em down drag em out fights!
  9. she often does that with her ingredients, she measures out a cup of whipping cream and then dumps in a bunch more straight from the container or she'll measure out 1/2 cup of butter and then she'll add another entire stick of butter to make it creamier. whenever Amy has a LIVE chat she sits there stuffing her face with crackers, cheese, sausage, pickles, pastries and a full glass of wine.. it's no wonder she's big as a house.
  10. I couldn't believe my eyes, her legs are enormous! The other shows with little people have often mentioned the danger of little people carrying too much weight but Amy keeps packing on the lbs. Not a surprise when you take a look at her recipes, many of them are loaded with cream, butter, salt, gravy etc. I still don't understand what Chris sees in her, she's turning into a blimp and her personality is so sour, even in the latest preview Matt, Caryn, Chris and Amy are sitting around a table and everyone is smiling while Amy looks pissed 😫 I get a weird vibe from Chris, som
  11. I worked in a sports bar while going to college and they had a huge mason jar on the bar full of eggs in brine, that jar would sit there for weeks at room temperature and some of the bartenders would reach in with their hands to grab eggs for customers then wipe their hands on a bar towel, it was so disgusting, the eggs would be dark grey by the time the last egg was sold... I still can't believe people ate them. I'm still horrified by the thought of bar eggs 20 years later 😫 I wonder how long Janelle's love affair with all things Plexus will last? One day she'll find the next "
  12. what the freaking hell? that's a bowl of lettuce and one thing I would NEVER, EVER, EVER eat is a hard boiled egg from a gas station... then she covers it in thousand island dressing... *gag* I bet Janelle was a GAS STATION after she ate it and I bet she was hungry again within an hour and out cruising local car washes, laundromats and garbage cans looking for more food, she's like a fat raccoon.
  13. wow... wtf was that? 🥴🍾 Amy's going outside when she's already outside, she can't pronounce LaQuinta to save her soul, butchering it over and over while the 2 stooges in the background tried to coach her on the correct pronunciation, she needs to lay off the booze if she's going to go live on IG.
  14. Kody is a a pig, jerk and piece of garbage but he deserves a medal for getting a boner while looking at that face. 😫
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