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  1. This is so dumb. Regina and Rome were having marital issues? Maggie and Cam love each other? Liam is going to let Gary put that bacteria-ridden hat on his head? eta: Okay, Rome is depressed.
  2. “Dirty pleasure” “Lathartic” “Badder” “Speaken” “I have a tendency to use improper words” I want to watch Brock trapped in an elevator with Ramona.
  3. My son is twelve. It feels as if his friends wrote and directed these episodes.
  4. The bolded makes me laugh! I think you nailed it! I myself am guilty of loving an English accent. But I have watched this show for so many years that James’s accent can no longer distract me from what a garbage human being he is.
  5. Some of the Mad Max get-ups were pretty good. I liked Brock’s hair. These people are so comfortable showing so much skin. Even when I think my body looks great, I am not comfortable showing that much skin. Lala imitating Sandoval was funny. “I flew in some lavender from Thailand.”
  6. My mom used to ask me to remind her to do stuff. I love her so much; she is my hero. But I doubt she realized how much I stressed about remembering to remind her.
  7. Lala had her “Rand” tattoo altered to read “bRand new.”
  8. Cannibalism? What are they doing for water?
  9. Larry looks very old. I don’t understand how women, any age, could tolerate how negative, critical and petty he is.
  10. I think Hal dumped her because she told two friends/everyone that he had sex with his mother-in-law.
  11. I’m shocked that Ramona let the camera and lighting crew see her in the shower, and that she wore that coverup with a thong. Do men really like when she “flirts” with them?
  12. Will they be running episodes 2-8 on Bravo eventually?
  13. Did one woman say “umbiblical cord” on the plane?
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