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  1. I think one reason Victoria’s design impressed the judges is because of Jessica. She really elevates everything. I really don’t think any other model could have made it look so good.
  2. They all seem to think that Victoria can really tailor clothing well, but in my opinion that zipper could have been cleaner.
  3. That yellow dress Victoria was wearing during the judging was awful.
  4. It was Erika. I think she was discussing different makeup applications for different events. She has a PJ because sometimes she leads with her DSL.
  5. Looooved Shavi and Christian laughing about “clattering” Dayoung. “She don’t even care.” ”And she’s the quiet one.”
  6. Oh, my gosh. That dog at Mood splayed out was so cute! (And I am actually very much not a fan of that breed....)
  7. There were some problems, but this was one of the stronger episodes in a while. Are all plants carnivorous? Noah’s an omnivore, but he doesn’t really care for salads.
  8. Can we at least go to the mall with the sword store? I keep telling you; you dreamt that.
  9. Oh, I do not like seeing George and Georgie so angry at one another. I like them both so much. Missy’s got good cheekbones!
  10. I would totally wear this if I didn’t have a young son.
  11. After watching this episode, this was the first thing I wanted to post about, but I didn’t think anyone else would have noticed or agreed with me. Lala’s eyebrows frighten me. They are extremely aggressive. During the boudoir photo shoot scenes, Lala’s and Brittany’s eyebrows were upstaging everything else.
  12. It’s interesting to me that Scheana flipped when Katie told her that Max said she was boy crazy (which, I agree, is an embarrassing thing to learn), but then when she’s confronting him, she’s crying and denying that she’s crazy. (Crazy vs. Boy Crazy. Very different....)
  13. The visor of the baseball cap Kristen is wearing is huge. So Scheana watches this show and doesn’t learn ANYthing? She didn’t realize how pathetic she looked with Rob and that other guy? That “joke” about the offer with regard to her eggs, and then the nervous, self-conscious, forced laugh. Oh, Scheana.
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