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  1. I liked Leah’s baby daddy, after everyone is exclaiming, “He appears!” or whatever, saying, “All short and sh- -.”
  2. Wait. You think Dorinda looks like a mix of Princess Diana and Ramona Singer? 😉
  3. This is very funny to me. A twin sweater set. Quelle horreur!
  4. I agree that Dorinda can look very pretty. Her nose is great. I do think she should cap her teeth, however. Sonja is just really, truly, deeply disgusting. She’s repeating in a stupid, high-pitched voice everything Dorinda says, as she’s shoveling gumbo down her gullet, and it’s smeared all over her chin. At this point, they should just harvest her organs, if any of them are still functioning. Her corneas should still be okay, I guess. She doesn’t care at all that she’s embarrassing Quincy?
  5. Oh, my gosh! I don’t remember that (I watch as I am falling asleep). That’s really cruel and insensitive. I think your theory regarding the repeated breaking up and getting back together is highly probable. I miss her, too. But I’m really happy they can no longer abuse and ridicule her.
  6. In my opinion, Leah is a natural beauty with a great body. So if she has not been in a relationship since Rob, just imagine how frustrating she must be in real life. I mean, really, there are so many guys who would be happy to play the boyfriend in exchange for Leah attending events with them. There must be something REALLY off-putting about her in real life. eta: After reading y’all’s comments, I think Leah looks very pretty now, without tons of makeup.
  7. There was a piece of food stuck to Hannah’s lower lip at the burger place. Apples and trees.
  8. Someone framed Elyse’s TH well. It looked most like a non-quarantine TH. eta: Oh, now I see they mixed in DIYs with the regular ones. Lu’s sparkly silver hat was so, so ugly. Dorinda’s voodoo makeup looked good. She should wear dark red lipstick more often, instead of the pink cotton candy color.
  9. I love that you like her but can still be objective! You sound like a really good daughter! My mother was wonderful, but every now and then she used to spank us with a wooden spoon or pinch our ears really hard. I don’t blame her one bit. Sometimes we were really naughty! I worship and adore her now. I didn’t realize what an amazing mother she was until I started comparing notes with people at college. I always knew how much she loved us and that she would do anything for us, but wanted us to become good people.
  10. It’s been a long time since they have had so few cast members, no?
  11. I must be a terrible person, because I would like Dorinda to go after Sonja. She treated Tinsley so wretchedly and has no redeeming characteristics.
  12. It annoys me that they wanted this film to inspire young African-American girls, but they allowed Sam to dictate what convinces Meg not to end her life. He begs her to be the only star in his sky, Bob Loblaw. After she climbs down, he tells her that they didn’t cut her scenes. Also, I know this was a thing, but Meg lifting her foot during the kiss weakened the whole scene.
  13. I agree. I liked Heather because she seemed to genuinely care about other people.
  14. I am a Carole fan, but it disappointed and surprised me when Carole denied being “good friends” with Tinsley. It hurt Tinsley’s feelings. They had been spending a lot of time together. I like to think that she denied being close to Tinsley only because Frankel kept bringing up the friendship, because it threatened her.
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