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  1. I looked this up for the first time. It’s funny. Thank you, @thesupremediva1, for reminding me, with the Ramona/Bryn reference. Can we view the entire masterpiece on DVD?
  2. Just in case Happy Camper’s link did not explain: Ramona mispronounced “kudos” in maybe the first season. We all pretty much write “kadooz” now here. When during the reunion someone (I can’t even remember; was it Ramona herself?) pronounced it correctly, Andy pretended that he was correcting her pronunciation. But he said it with such a straight face, it was not that obvious. Or maybe he was just kind of reminiscing about that original “kadooz.”
  3. You guys are on fire today!! Oooh. I forgot about the Bobby debacle. That was some of the most repulsive behavior we’ve seen from her. I’d be rage-typing, too, but not nearly as eloquently as you. “I’m alone, too.” Maybe that should be the title of her next book.
  4. I would like to bold your entire post! Thank you for also defending Carole. This post is quite accurate, and I enjoy the hilarity you sprinkled in.
  5. https://www.nickiswift.com/242507/the-shady-side-of-bethenny-frankel/ I did not read this when it first came out. It’s a nice summary.
  6. I agree with you so much. I think she is incredibly insecure. She’s overcompensating. I don’t even think authentic therapy will help. She’s too manic and narcissistic. Bryn is probably going to have the same issues, unless Jason and his family can provide the stability and unconditional love.
  7. I think Andy asked Frankel on WWHL if she and Paul might be getting married anytime. She told him that she was still married to Jason Hoppy. But let’s not forget, last year*, she was wearing an engagement ring that Dennis had given her. *my bad; this should’ve been “two years ago”
  8. Yes. Is there any chance that Dorinda has not yelled at Hannah that way?
  9. Poor Bryn. Frankel is probably going to spin this as yet another Runaway Bride situation. In an older article, Frankel describes herself as “chill.”
  10. You all should visit Brad Goreski’s Instagram. He re-enacts the Leah wanting to toast Tinsley scene, “T is for Tinsley and Turban.”
  11. Hee. Leah said, “Honestly, the ravioli at that restaurant were absolutely delicious.” She thinks it’s a shame she threw one instead of eating it. Oh. She’s calling it her c r o t c h now, so I like that it’s more accurate. Whoa! Ramona finally said, “I really don’t have 60 friends. A lot of them are acquaintances.” Leah wears a lot of clothing in colors that resemble her skin tone. Now she’s back to calling it her v a g i n a.
  12. I think Leah had something on her nose in the TH. Frankel looked like she had a huge booger in her nose when she was on WWHL. I finally realized it was her septum.
  13. “If you’re not waitressing and getting paid, you’re not waitressing.” What does that mean, and how does it relate to what’s going on with Dorinda?
  14. Oh, I was just toying with the idea of your dream merging with Dorinda’s dream about Dr. Phil.
  15. That is hilarious!!! But it also doesn’t sound . . . horrible? A big mansion in the Hamptons (not Quogue) sounds really fun. You get to have a boyfriend! Unless, once the pandemic ends, Andy starts inviting Frankel over all the time. Dorinda might be there with Dr. Phil. . .
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