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  1. Perhaps Frankel is so delusional, narcissistic and egomaniacal that she thinks she can brainwash/has brainwashed her fans into believing that Skinneee gurrRll is a synonym for a cool, superior-in-every-way Woman.
  2. I only liked the Mrs. Butterworth, Land o’ Lakes, Utz joke.
  3. True story: on this website, I used to see ads for comfortable, mom-friendly, yet still funky, hip, slightly edgy clothing with aesthetically pleasing color combinations. Then I clicked on the link for Frankel’s frumpy, Benjamin-Moore-paint-chip-inspired sweaters. Now I see ads for outfits a court jester might wear or something that we could mistake for a sports team uniform.
  4. I really would love to find this video. A friend was a victim of bicycle theft THREE times. It’d warm his heart.
  5. Yay!! Right? The Primetimers are so fun, witty and a second family for me! Okay, I will be patient. So happy to see your name again.
  6. @SarahPrtr Hello! How have you been? Are you rewatching episodes? Please post your reactions. I enjoy reading your posts! I hope you and your loved ones have been safe, healthy and happy. I hope your holidays were fun.
  7. She’s such a horrible human being. And the biggest hypocrite. I’m wondering what kind of arguments with an older Bryn we will hear about. https://www.google.com/amp/s/screenrant.com/real-housewives-new-york-carole-radziwill-feud-bethenny/amp/ Some articles are calling you the Source, HH. I don’t mean to add to your anxiety, but there seem to be a lot more people who do NOT doubt you.
  8. The husband was definitely an a- - - - - -. He always seemed ticked off about something. And he only hired pretty, very blonde women for the hostess position. There are a lot of people out there who don’t really deserve for others to apply The Golden Rule when dealing with them. Sigh.
  9. Heh, heh. Thank you for reading my long story! Yes, if that were me at age nine, and some cashier were accidentally giving me too many quarters, my parents would insist that I return the extra money. And they would be angry and embarrassed. It’s not a good lie. But the boy managed to take the attention off himself for a few minutes. I remember thinking, “The owner thought that his son might be telling the truth. Then I confirmed it by not knowing how to give him ‘change for a penny’.” That job was my first job, after babysitting and working as a dishwasher and then den leader at a Cub Scout camp. They paid me a dollar an hour to babysit. Two dollars an hour after midnight. I thought, “This is so much money!!”
  10. @HunterHunted, is this your Reddit post? Yes, I know Carole prefers to avoid the drama, but I am glad she let someone set the record straight. That reunion in which Frankel hovers over her shrieking while Andy seems delighted and the ensuing tabloid articles upset me. I wanted Carole’s side of the story. When she denied being “close friends” with Tinsley, it disappointed me and seemed to strengthen Frankel’s position. But after Carole and Frankel’s friendship ended, Frankel gloated. She’s probaby still gloating and rolling her eyes, but maybe it will enlighten some viewers.
  11. If we all followed The Golden Rule, there would be so much less discord. But maybe also less entertaining snark. Before college, I worked as a cashier at a Mom and Pop restaurant. This was a long time ago. The cash register was old. There were a few arcade-style video games in the lounge. The owners had about 19 sons and daughters. The youngest son enjoyed playing Space Invaders, Asteroids, etc. (I told you it was a long time ago). He would come up to my stand with one-dollar bills, requesting quarters. I handed them over. One day, his father marched over and handed me a dollar and instructed me to “Make change for a penny.” (Oh, my gosh: my predictive text did not recognize the lower-case word for the coin “penny” and assumed that I meant the name “Penny.”) I was really meek as a teenager, so I was already nervous, because he was the owner and never smiled. But I also thought, “Make change for a penny? I don’t think that’s possible. That’s the lowest denomination, as far as I know. If we are talking about U.S. currency...” So I just stood there, gaping like a trout. “Umm... make change for a penny?” This exchange proved to my boss that I was as dumb as his 9-year-old son claimed that I was. Apparently, his father had noticed that the boy had been playing video games for more than three hours. He had demanded, “How are you STILL playing Pac-Man?!? I gave you two dollars for video games.” The son told him that when he gives that cashier one dollar, she sometimes accidentally gives him more than one dollar in quarters in exchange. When the owner had ordered me to make change for a penny, he meant, “If I want to pay for something that costs one penny, and I give you one dollar, show me the change you would give back to me.” So I think the owner went and spoke to his wife (co-owner). I think he wanted to terminate me. They both spoke to the son. Eventually the son ‘fessed up that he had given me five or six dollars (some were from his allowance) total over the course of this period. He admitted that I do in fact know to give someone four quarters for one dollar. I am still relieved and impressed, to this day, that he told the truth or that they were able to coax the truth out of him.
  12. Predictable plot, but I enjoyed Tommy quoting from Calvin Broadus’s NPR interview. The lines and plot for HH’s character were better, but we’ve seen the favor train before. Was it on “Billions”? I don’t like the Mikaela actress so far, for a dumb reason. Her styling.
  13. Tina Fey and Holly Hunter! Raised my expectations, so, of course, I will be a little disappointed. I think it will eventually consistently amuse me. I liked Katniss Everdeen, your wife, and HH is always good even though her lines were sometimes cringy. It feels like they are pushing too much, too often the PC awareness. The daughter is annoying.
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