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  1. Heh. The WWCL guys said that Dorit sent mirror invitations, thinking her face would appear to those opening the invitations.
  2. That was bizarre. It was as if she didn’t want Kyle to spend even one second thinking about her son, rather than poor, stressed Erika.
  3. Heh. Someone on Twitter wrote (paraphrasing), Did Erika’s son die after flipping his car five times, and she’s only going to tell everyone when she’s trying to drum up more sympathy?
  4. How nice that Dorit threw a party and allowed for a plus one. If only Erika weren’t divorcing Tom- -. Oh, wait. That’s right.
  5. When Kyle and Erika are talking: So when you came to Garcelle’s, you already knew this? Yeah, I just didn’t say that. Look at Erika. It looks like she’s thinking, “Kyle’s actually buying this s- - -.” ETA: I watched it several times. It’s that final glance at Kyle after purporting she “just didn’t say it” at Garcelle’s.
  6. Imagine the stress! He’s someone she actually cares about.
  7. I heard “vergal.” My dad was always vergal. I’m vergal. Rob is not vergal.
  8. I think Erika forgot to tell them that Mikey rolled his car, too.
  9. I think David Spade joked that Bill Clinton had a type: women who looked like they worked as hostesses at The Olive Garden.
  10. “Harry”? Who’s “Harry”? Oh! You mean Harry Hamlin?
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.the-sun.com/entertainment/3667503/rhobh-erika-jayne-tom-girardi-230k-possessions-auction/amp/
  12. Thanks for linking this. I’m still watching. It surprised me that
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