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  1. Hahaha!! Yup, I thought it was Dakota performing, too!!
  2. “Mary, I believe I recognize these tater tots from when I packed them in your bag.”
  3. “Dad! You’re home! Oh, I’m so glad you’re back.” Theo references Hungry, Hungry Hippos. There’s not ONE writer or producer who will step up and say, “Hey, guys. I’ve met a ten/eleven-year-old. That’s not how they talk.” I liked Danny’s third option joke.
  4. A HUMIRA ad followed the scene in which Ty hops off the Zoom meeting with Danny, and I really thought it was part of the show.
  5. Did Sonja suggest to Eboni that she stop using birth control in order to trap her beau?
  6. I’m glad there was no mention of Dorinda (unless I missed it).
  7. Can anyone hazard a guess as to why Ramona and Lu are so chummy this season?
  8. Avery is looking more and more like Mario, and I don’t think that’s a good thing.
  9. I agree with you. So I looked it up. The actress who plays Christopher’s mother is 20 years older than MJ! She looks so young!
  10. I liked that her husband tried to convince her that she was overreacting because what the vandal drew didn’t even look like her breasts.
  11. Michal, in episode 7 or 8, states, more or less, that But she really wants to have another baby.
  12. Don’t waste the viewers’ time. Why didn’t they cut Frankel going on and on about how cold she was? Frankel thinks everything about her is riveting.
  13. Ugh. We’ve heard Frankel say all of this before. She talks more, says less. She’s meaner and less witty, if at all. Her makeup is so harsh. She looks like s- - -.
  14. It’s interesting that Matthew tells Orna that Gianni needs attention and affection from him very, very often. I think they told us that Matthew won him over when he presented him with a flower on stage.
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