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  1. Max, if you sincerely want Scheana to stop fixating on you, don’t announce that you can TP a house in under six minutes.
  2. I would never, ever want to hurt you. Making you think something that isn’t there. I don’t look at you like that. Like, I look at you, like, as, like, a guy friend... You know what, who knows? Maybe one day.
  3. I haven’t watched yet, but wait. Why isn’t Scheana telling everyone that she and the really tall guy she was kissing at Brittany and Jax’s wedding reception are, like, best friends now and that she bought him a Lexus?
  4. Hee!!! I only recognized this reference because my son showed me a youtube video of Coyote Peterson trying to eat some durian! It looked terrible! Noah would definitely love it.
  5. This moment definitely landed in my top five most annoying Theo scenes. The thing that irks me is that I think the writers and director want us to think Theo is adorable.
  6. I have never seen anyone lift a ten-year-old to place him on a piece of furniture so they could have a meaningful face to face conversation.
  7. That’s a very unpleasant way for Ally to find out. But she is handling it well.
  8. How is dressing as a used tampon “extra”?
  9. I am kind of impressed that Raquel appeared on camera at Vanderpump Dogs looking like that, no makeup, a huge, recently-popped pimple glaring at the world. But she looked ill, like she needed a blood transfusion or something.
  10. “I’m getting sleepy. Do you want to just finish- -?” ”Do you want to finish in the morning?” ”Already thinking alike.” Wow! Did you see that? It’s like they can read each other’s minds. I got chills.
  11. I think I still watch this show because of a FOMO on that one funny moment in a sea of unfunny, unlikely, unrelatable, exasperating moments.
  12. This episode really ticked me off. I thought that it was really bizarre that Becky assumed Harris would be babysitting her daughter. Then Darlene’s prank phone call was so mean-spirited and not even witty or clever. Then Darlene chooses not to tell Becky [oops! Sorry, yes, I meant Harris! Thank you all for your kind help!] about the job at the motorcycle shop.
  13. He cheated during the jungle gym race, too. He started before she finished counting down.
  14. In a talking head it looks like Dayna-not-Stassi’s-mom is wearing a necklace with two chains that loop under each breast.
  15. I would have liked the firefighter to express some kind of confusion over why the (unbeknownst to him, excessively dry) scones also served as an accelerant.
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