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  1. Thank god this shitty season is over. And because I need to say it one more time, fuck you Rinna, Erika, Teddi and Kyle. I zoned out- what was the end result of Aaron and Denise’s hand?
  2. Didn’t the HWs used to watch the clips at the same time as the audience? That quote was very rehearsed.
  3. If this season is an indication, it will be Dorit, since she was the least offensive (IMO) of the old crew. Garcelle will be gone. Not sure about sutton.
  4. You know, I really wonder what good stuff we haven’t been shown because they edited Pete out.
  5. Johnny D- not a good look at all. I wonder if he is embarrassed at all. I know that they have been hiding Pete, but was he even out to dinner with them? Not even a glimpse of him, which was strange.
  6. Shawn looks like he smells like a stale bathroom. I have no idea why I think that, but I do.
  7. Welp. Tom’s facade slipped. “Are you going to take care of my buddy”. Not wife. Not love. Buddy. Thanks Tom for confirming what we already knew.
  8. I am 10 minutes into this shitshow and I am not sure that I can continue. What. Utter. Bullshit. FU Sandy. FU Malia.
  9. Just catching up. All shallow today. I really don’t think tempSam is anything to look at. 🤷‍♀️ I don’t understand having hair/makeup only if someone cannot do it themselves. None of them can do it themselves, clearly. Good lord, Will, do something. Please. You look awful.
  10. Wait... did Rinna have food in her mouth? Actual food? I bet not, or if she did, when they yelled cut she spit it out. Because it cannot be said enough, fuck off Teddi, Rinna, Kyle, Erika (at times), and I am still liking Dorit. Who would have thunk?
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