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  1. He was just nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award. I don’t know why but I actually like Leah.
  2. Thank you for reminding me of that Noura quote. She really has no social skills. Lol
  3. Man Jeff gave me the feels when he helped Noura’s sister to see the challenge better. Damn you peachy! Noura you are an ass. Dean you are an ass. Janet or Elaine for the win. The rest all suck.
  4. Hope someone else caught this... when Vicki and Kelly were fighting at the bar (the slut fight) Braun was dangling what looked like a key for a while. Was that a secret code to pick someone up? Loved that the “older” crowd was out while the younger crowd slept.
  5. Why are people concluding that it is a racial bias against Simone. Not everything has racist undertones. She sucks at service plain and simple.
  6. It is literally mentioned directly above your post. Lol
  7. If I never hear “OMG” again, it will still be too soon.
  8. tvfanatic13


    How was this an FBI case????
  9. Since I was half watching, how did the woman know that Claire slept with her husband?
  10. Good for her! I like her and I think she has gotten a bad rap on the show.
  11. Wowza, as always. I echo you all- April???Not nearly enough Tegan. Please give her a spin off ABC. I think Gabriel’s GF is involved somehow.
  12. Simone is really starting to bother me but I can’t pinpoint exactly why.
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