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  1. I think that is right.
  2. She is not dead. She is not dead. She is not dead. These are the voices in my head. Please not Patterson. Anyone bit Patterson.
  3. Loved it then. Love watching in repeats now. I thought it was a great show. Too bad it ended on a cliff hanger because they thought that they were going to get another season.
  4. Mo looks so old. I thought maybe it was a green screen that brought him and that actress together.
  5. I can watch Kathleen Gati all day long.
  6. I am going to miss Tinsley on the show. But good for her. Go live a good life girl!
  7. I can't see how they can edit Brandi out at this point (I don't really believe this is the reason- I do believe that they don't have enough edited content) when we have already been privy to the FDR allegations by Bravo showing Brandi.
  8. I thought the exact same thing about JZ. I watched only for the performances. ?it took less than 4 minutes. LOL
  9. How did Raquel become one of my favs? I may be totally alone in this, but I think all of Kristen, Katie and Lala looked absolutely beautiful. They really are very pretty women. Jax- green is not your color. Jealous much? My lord.
  10. My god, Lara is such a twunt. I cannot wait for her inevitable firing. Hannah is a better person than I am- I would have throat punched her in the galley. I cannot stand Capt. Sandy, that micromanaging idiot. No one else (including Hannah) bothers me that much yet.
  11. She took the picture when Elena dropped Mia off after she stayed there for dinner.
  12. I am curious, is there a Northwest that is not the Pacific Northwest? I ask because I always see the region referred as such and I always wondered. On topic- great editing out of the translators, who must have been present throughout. Was this the first time there was no break before the final episodes for the chefs?
  13. Late to the game. That is a HUGE boat. Lara is an ass. I like Hannah and Malia as a team and hope they don’t devolve into the petty fighting. Sandy’s micromanaging is worse than ever.
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