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  1. Now we know why we only saw Mary in the closet last season. That house is hideous, every room is worse than the next.
  2. I just watched A Christmas Secret again. I love that episode. The genuineness of Jessica and Seth’s friendship, the small town Christmas feel. Love it!
  3. I have met Clinton. I can tell you that this lesbian wanted to jump into bed with him! Oozing charisma. I am not seeing Beanie as Monica. She looks too childlike/immature. Love Colbie as Coulter. And all I see is Edie Falco- no Hillary whatsoever. Loving SP as Tripp.
  4. Heather on the bus: “Do you think she [Jen] is on the run?” 😂😂😂
  5. She actually isn’t a terrible actress when she is on other shows. But I hate her here. Beyond Salem is poking so much at RHs. It’s hilarious.
  6. Wtf is with these idiots who pick up and move to a different state to be with a felon they have never met? Shawn, Lips from last season. Morons.
  7. ^^ I don’t think Napoleon is good looking at all. Obviously mileage varies.
  8. Somewhat familiar but it does make the experience even more enjoyable!
  9. My ex-wife’s grandmother lived there. It is an amazing building.
  10. Good lord those Gucci pants looked horrendous on Kyle.
  11. I liked this episode 🤷‍♀️ The editors were great with the chryons, especially with Marley. There was one with Leah’s sister too about Twitter. I also laughed when Eboni was comparing her friend to her dog.
  12. JuJu certainly looked Asian. I wasn’t paying attention half the time- was she Mexican?
  13. Any subsequent transferee. But showing good faith and lack of knowledge is not necessarily easy.
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