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  1. Did anyone catch the name of the non-alcoholic rose sparkling wine that Lu and Ramona were drinking?
  2. Leah- that is not how Yom Kippur works. You atone for your sins to God, not to others. Anyway... Ebony- jury is still out. I applaud the diversity, but it seems that every scene she is in screams "race". I would rather it be more organic. The 3 OGs will never change, and I sort of love it.
  3. I don’t think I have any tears left in my body! 💔
  4. Not Anne!!! Damn you Keen 🤬🤬
  5. I only started watching this season, but this show seems a bit ridiculous. 50 minutes of build up, and then a 2 minute intervention where everyone immediately agrees to go to rehab, and successfully in the next 3 minutes, quits whatever addiction they had. Not at all realistic IMO.
  6. Wait, there is only 6 episodes (so 3 left)???
  7. I am now thoroughly confused by who knows what and who is lying.
  8. I really loved this episode. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Anne.
  9. I am asking this seriously. Why is seeing a medium against the Catholic religion? TIA The best (only?) SL this season is Jen's family. Thank you baby Jesus for her!
  10. There was a cult? I thought there was too much going on in these episodes- theew was Ronald, the horse sperm case (is that over now?), the ranch, the Marshall and now someone above said there is a cult?? Damn.
  11. I really felt for Michael, and hope that he stays sober and builds a relationship with his son.
  12. I hope that Glenn is still going to read the riot act to those three idiots, but didn't want to in the morning because of the short turn around time. Please Glenn, I still hold out hope for you.
  13. Wasn’t this on last week?
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