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  1. Great to see Taggert but something about RA’s appearance seemed off, maybe stiff. Just me?
  2. I couldn’t care less about the newbies. Team Stassi! And, go Schwartzy! Yay- no James, no Raquel.
  3. This is one of the things I loved about the original. They always met up for breakfast.
  4. The last 10 minutes cut off for me but from the looks of it I don’t think I really care.
  5. Thank you! I couldn’t place where I knew her from. Oh how I miss Timeless.
  6. I really wish they would use voice instead of callings.
  7. I am not sure that it is fair for you to say that racism is the "real issue" considering the many arguments as to why Simone is a crappy stew. We are all entitled to have opinions; it doesn't make one real and the other not.
  8. Shut. Up. Barbara! It is getting so that I can’t watch when she is on. Glad the socks kid got a deal Sex button guy should spend money on his teeth instead of his asinine product.
  9. Lynch and his daughter looked roughly the same age to me. Knew right away the ME guy was the unsub.
  10. i still don't know who she is. LOL. I guess she is forgettable.
  11. When the little boy was talking about Narcanning his mother and taking care of her I wanted to just give him a hug.
  12. Good for Lala and her sobriety. But wasn’t she having a glass of wine at Lisa’s house (or was there something else in the glass)? Why wasn’t Ken in the group shot? He is always there.
  13. I am so confused. Do they have an office? Why are they in a RV? Is it a mobile office?
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