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  1. Wow. I totally forgot that. Thanks Method!
  2. What Stephen thing have I forgotten?
  3. I noticed the same thing and scratched my head. So, everyone in the game (except Sandra) is in the jury??
  4. Then I must be dumb too since I really didn’t see that coming.
  5. How did they keep straight faces during that “funeral”? That was..something. Wow, Jax is really going after FI Tom in his talking heads.
  6. Not to mention, is there anyone that really likes this show enough for a reunion?
  7. Why would it have been suspicious? I don’t think so and agree with this: I don’t like Tyson but his fake-pee, especially the fake-shake, was funny.
  8. I think they had the scene with the family of the deceased woman to show that they are now all infected. Also Cain was touched by the person on the way out of the room.
  9. It looked to me that they voiced over the “You’re going to miss this” line. You couldn’t see them talking and it is something they easily could have added it in.
  10. I still don’t know anyone’s names but Lecroix. Just not doing it for me but I will keep half-watching.
  11. At least he didn’t ask if she has swam in the lady pond.
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