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  1. 😴😴 what a snooze…
  2. Gabby always looks like she is going to break out in laughter after she says her “lines”. Such a phony SL.
  3. It always comes out, Baltimore Betty!
  4. We don't know that they didn't ask her if she wanted a doctor or if there was even a doctor visit. Just because it wasn't shown doesn't mean that it didn't happen. Anyway, just me or does anyone else think that Kaylee resembles Hannah a little bit? Has the reunion been filmed yet? I can see Rayna not showing up for it.
  5. Lol. My bad. I very much want her to succeed!
  6. I really liked this one. Very poignant line that is still in my mind, when Rebecca wonders what her last memory will be 😥
  7. I HATE wet hair (off the head) so I would have thrown up right then and there if Jen threw her wet weave at me. 🤮
  8. I like Sophia Bush and want her to succeed badly. But this show is really not good.
  9. Was young Kate played by a different actor? If this season is going to be the Deja show, combined with the Nicky show, topped with Alzheimers, it is going to be impossible for me to watch. I like Nicky, but don't need to start an entire storyline with him in the last episodes fo the show.
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