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  1. @Suzn Oh Reba is too cute for words. She has wonderful tabby markings and I especially like the two black lines over her eye that almost shape a V or W. Kittens are so entertaining and I love it that she gets along with your dog. Keep those photos coming 😊
  2. Have the boards been cleared in any show completely? I thought there were a lot left over after DJ. At least one player wasn’t from CA, so many more are willing to travel to play. I got X, Vermont, Cleveland and the FJ. Like others my first thought was Abra Cadabra, but came up with Open Sesame in time to write it down.
  3. I had her show on Saturday. She was making Halloween treats. She was using a vocal fry similar to a high pitched baby talk. It made me have to turn her off. Nails on a chalkboard.
  4. Mom got this portrait of me (Squeaky) from a friend. Mom wants to know why I couldn’t be bothered to smile for the camera.
  5. I am a horse person. Yes, they can get lonely. They are herd animals. However, they also do do well with other kinds of animals. I’ve seen them be friends with dogs, goats, a turkey (that was a funny coupling), alpacas and pigs. You could try and find the owner and see if it is ok for you to give it a carrot or apple daily. Then you could be it’s friend.
  6. Thank you. I don’t have Cinemax, a pay for subscription. I’d like to see it, but don’t want another $15 to my cable bill (monthly) for this one series. Then again, would it be worth it if I added it for 3 months to see this series? Wow. I just checked and it’s only $9.99 so I’ve added it, and may cancel when I’m done. I appreciate the information about it.
  7. @Jynnan tonnix I pray that it is just a mere cold. Still, colds suck so I hope you feel better soon.
  8. TV adaptation? Are you in UK? Where could please I find them? Thank you.
  9. When Sandy (and Bravo) was recapping how much they made, Sandy said something to the effect that a wise way of spending it would be to put it on a down payment for a house. I don’t know where Sandy lives, but you won’t get much for 140k on the coast of Florida if they want to continue their yachting careers.
  10. Yes, he is. A lady named Kristin won. She started out slow, but found her pace and bet well on FJ. My night was nothing spectacular. I got wood, Lost in Space, Gin (went to an old tasting place in Amsterdam and remembered it, but I still don’t like the taste of it), Bronx and missed FJ. The “Cannonball” part of the clue threw me completely off.
  11. That must be the fifth book. I’m getting ready to start Career of Evil by the same author. I’m disappointed to hear that you are starting to dislike these characters. It’s going to make those long books seem even longer.
  12. I am too. First take the “Live” off of the title and just call it what it is. The Kelly (and Ryan) Show. If they (I’m thinking mostly her) can’t be bothered to show up and tape an interesting show than my channel changer can’t be bothered either...It is turning into such a disappointment after having loved the show for so many years. Edited to Add: Ryan is working all the time. Not vacationing on some Caribbean Island, driving to his manse in the Hamptons. He is commuting to a job in LA and trying to keep it all together. He works a lot behind the scenes as a producer etc. If he had free rein and control this would be a totally different show.
  13. I won’t do candy corn. Yuck.
  14. That would be a guilt trip I could never live with.
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