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  1. OMG..I am sickened. Wendy showed a video of her getting facial Botox injections/fillers to sharpen her jaw etc. The way the Dr was shoving that needle in to her face it looked more like liposuction to me. Just gross. She had it done hours before her show. Which brings me to...why ever would you put make up over an injection site that hasn’t had time to heal? Did the makeup artist wash her hands prior to application and use clean/sterile brushes or sponges? I’ve never tried products at a department store because they can be germ laden. She also went out to eat breakfast after the procedure. Is all that movement even good after the crap is put in? I’d be afraid that it would travel (I have never had any vanity injections or plastic surgery) and not go where it was supposed to go. I’m not against people having it. I just don’t want to see it at 10 am on a talk show. She was also on her high horse today. I base this on her pose of her left arm on her hip. She also did a lot of leaning like a poster above was mentioning. (Must be on the previous page because I can’t see it to give you credit right now, sorry).
  2. @GHScorpiosRule I think Got Junk would be too expensive just for your two items. Is there a building bulletin board where you can list them as free if they come take them away. Look for junk (even though it would be of good use to someone who has nothing) haulers. I’d hesitate to put it on Craigslist or some such thing because you don’t want strangers in your apt. Good luck.
  3. I think that he is just super tolerant, knows how the business works and puts up with it politely in case it leads to another gig down the road.
  4. Best wishes to your Wolf Cub Scout. Yes, it does take support plus driving them to meetings, camping (he camped 36 weekends his last year including in snow), service (he helped Hurricane Florence victims for weeks) as well as seminars. My SIL also got his Eagle Scout so this now a family generational tradition. I have another grandson is still a long way away like yours. Aren’t we lucky?
  5. I mentioned this on another thread, but don’t see many of you lurking there so.. My grandson earned his Eagle Scout and there will be a ceremony for the boys that made it in April. I’m amused because it’s being held in a Winery!
  6. I just wanted to pop in with some good news. My grandson has earned his Eagle Scout. The Boy Scouts are having an awards ceremony (at a winery lol) for all the new Eagles in April and I plan to attend.
  7. It seems when we get a bartender contestant like Dennis or Austin, we either love them or hate them. I was slightly annoyed by him tonight for no particular reason. Had a fair night. I got hermaphrodite, John Wilkes Booth (can’t bel that was such an easy DD that he didn’t get it), dissidents, utter, agitation and propaganda, and the FJ of Mr Smith Goes to Washington. Frankly that FJ was a guess, but correct nonetheless. I really thought for awhile that Samantha was going to win the game, but she seemed to have lost steam.
  8. @druzy Thanks for posting the interview. Wendy said all she got was a text. At 9:08 that NeNe was quitting. Then she made a comment about how she cried with NeNe about some kind of secret that’s going to melt our hearts. She said she didn’t have reception in her office (which Jerry refuted) and she crying over what she knew. Wendy is no friend. She has none. Just a sad out of touch older celebrity trying desperately to hold onto D-list status.
  9. @MargeGunderson We are saddened to hear about the loss of Kitty Gunderson. Hugs to you and purrs from the Mindthinkr kitties.
  10. Wendy made another big goof today. She was going on about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie backstage at the SAG awards. It was Jennifer Aniston. She obviously knows nothing about what she speaks of.
  11. The kitties went to the vet yesterday. I am worried about Squeaky. She went from 13 lbs down to 7.5. Blood was drawn to do testing, but she was very uncooperative. I’m hoping it’s as simple as a thyroid condition that can be treated easily with medication. Good news for Big Boy. He is finally starting to lose weight, but needs teeth cleaning.
  12. I’ve enjoyed watching the tournament. Congratulations to Ken. I still think Brad is a winner...of the best dressed on the show.
  13. Speaking of...her legs/ankles looked especially bad today. I wonder if she’s not spending enough time in her machine. If I had that type of a condition, the last thing that I would be wearing are those midi dresses with slits is to there. It only accentuates her leg trees. I had it on for awhile today, but just couldn’t pay attention. Something about Howard Stern picking on her. Wendy, Howard picks on everybody.
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