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  1. That is truly a blessing, especially with his history. I’m grateful to hear this good news.
  2. My apologies for only half listening and getting that wrong. I made my post with no malice intended.
  3. Her daughter was born in 2014 so she is still a young-ish teen.
  4. That kind of ignorance could have devastating effects on her children. It would give her a better idea of just what her husband may be capable of doing to their children. She needs to know what to look out for and protect her girls.
  5. I expect he was there to support Jill. Good for him for standing by his wife. Plus he is probably interested in the legal aspects having gone to law school. I also found it interesting (per the Sun’s article) that Anna was not in the courtroom when the CP was shown to the jury. I wonder if she just wants to remain ignorant or Josh asked for her to leave.
  6. 🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Saber 🎉🎉 Keep an ear out for the UPS truck! 📦
  7. Well he would have a place to showcase his fabulous footwear collection and pocket scarves. He’d probably go shopping grifting for more.
  8. I think I heard Leah chat today about her daughter getting a vibrator. Uh, my child would strangle me if I discussed something that private on national tv.
  9. Thanks Gobi. I won’t be watching it as my budget is full as far as home entertainment goes.
  10. Rachael is knocking her food game out of the park. 🎉 French Toast Alert 🎉 I think the birthday boy was a bit rude when it came to eating his lobster. Rayna was correct about the tongs. As a deckhand it isn’t her job to know where all the service tools are. I knew that trampoline was going to go flying ever since Eddie specifically told his deckhand to make sure it was tied on.
  11. I’ve been watching off and on, but that made me think that I didn’t miss too much. Poor Wendy with both arms broken! She still has her eyes on the prize tho. Great attitude.
  12. I thought I had a decent night. I got Stanley Kowalski (yes the full name) and fire. The only category I ran was Knead to Know, but y’all know me and food. Don’t even ask where my head went for FJ. I just couldn’t pull it out of my memory bank.
  13. I’m not liking this negative thinking about him getting off (no pun intended). I'm more into When he’s convicted.
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