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  1. Mindthinkr

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    After cleaning my gutters, weeding and edging my lawn (by hand), spreading 18 bales of pine straw I was exhausted. I curled up for a nap on my sun porch. My little girl cat came and cuddled up into my abdomen. You have no idea how good that felt to be spooned when I was so flat out tired. Also because she’ll growl (remember she is the biter) if any perceived threat was to come about. That was such a good one hour nap. Big Boy was a pain and obviously jealous. He was hitting the blinds making noises to wake us and take over. Sorry son. We were just too tired to fall for your trick, however, he is now spooning my back as I’m going to sleep. I’m so grateful for my two blessings although they are sometimes a PITA.
  2. Mindthinkr


    It looks like it would have worked except that I am not on Facebook and therefore not worthy...lol. Glad you found something that gave you some laughs today.
  3. Mindthinkr

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I’m so happy for you to have this wonderful relationship with your grandson and indeed know how bittersweet it is to watch them grow up and away from us. Their lives and experiences call. He is lucky to have your unconditional love and if need be, he will always have your safe harbor to sail into. Also kudos to him doing so well and the debate tournament...what an accomplishment.
  4. Oh that was just too funny and spot on.
  5. Mindthinkr

    S04.E02: Recipe for Disaster

    I forgot who, but they are in France. Order in some pastries on their provision list. Simple tarts can be made as needed.
  6. Mindthinkr

    What Did We Eat Today?

    So you save the Bloody Marys for mornings when you don’t feel so good and screwdrivers for colds. Interesting. I like your approach to medicine.
  7. That is just a huge pet peeve of mine. I don’t miss Carole for her eating etiquette, and Lu....good manners begin at home. Teach your children better instead of running around chasing men and falling in the bushes. What ever became of her daughter’s DUI?
  8. Mindthinkr

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I can’t believe I got it. Last night was just an ok night. Too much 🍷, but I did get FJ. I’m happy for any and all man eye candy.
  9. Mindthinkr

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    You are most welcome here and your age doesn’t matter. We, the posters, are all ages and come from different backgrounds. That’s what makes it fun. Someone the age of the SC kids will interpret it differently than someone my age would (I’m older too). Please stay with us and when we don’t get along with another poster we try to just say that we politely agree to disagree. Happy viewing.
  10. Although the story is sad, this did give me a laugh. I seriously doubt that Vicki has ever brought anyone a casserole.
  11. Mindthinkr

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    No, she’s been out awhile. Then she lived in a halfway house (with dirty smelly men by her account) but since her soon to be exes girlfriend Sharina had the baby she has been out and about. Single and willing to mingle. That’s according to her. The blind items still think she is trying to make her ex jealous or seeing him still.
  12. Mindthinkr

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    I now understand what Chelsea does to keep so chill. Those adult coloring books that are intricate and colored pencils. (She colored on the bed while cam and Danni discussed Katherine. Katherine need longer tops. I dislike her camel toes and butt tight pants that she is sporting a lot lately. For someone in retail fashion she could do a lot better. Craig is cute, but if I was the person waiting (for Godot) for my monogrammed pillow, I’d be pissed if it wasn’t delivered in a timely manner. Getting up at 5 pm isn’t doing him any favors. He’s looking thin...maybe all nighters snorting cocaine? I think his assistant is over trying to keep him accountable, but it’s an easy paycheck. Fast food for a party...just NO. Get real food, ice and paper party goods Katherine is pushing her friends away. Next she will be crying that she has no friends. It’s ok to not agree with Danni, but don’t snub her for speaking what all of them were thinking. When are they going to take us to the beach to watch Chelsea and Shep surf? That would be more entertaining that what I saw last night.
  13. Mindthinkr

    S04.E02: Recipe for Disaster

    Yes, crates of wasted opportunity.
  14. Yes, they could have sent someone to fetch them, but that isn’t the point. Their point was that Lu was so far up her own butt that she didn’t read their text and bring anything back. She kept saying that she was at the beach for only 2 hours whereas the ladies clocked it more like 4. Perhaps a little drinky-poo and a nap? Then of course she had to go see the poster of herself and set it up on instagram (which she played off as “Oh look what I’ve come across” rather than the truth that she sought it out). Disingenuous with no shame about it. That didn’t end her entitlement. How dare the hairdresser want to leave and not do her hair. A crying shame that her massage felt rushed. They hired 3 masseuses. One was nice enough to at least give her a short rub down. Then hold up production and the others for dinner. What’s wrong with those people? They aren’t running on Lu time. She didn’t even care that they were running late to the AA meeting. Sonja was by the door waiting. I believe her words were something like “No judgement”. She clearly does not see anyone or anything else isimportant unless it benefits her. She’s a pompous asshole.
  15. Mindthinkr

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I remember being in school in Vt and I drove over to Saratoga, NY to surprise visit my grandmother only to find out that she had died earlier in the day, but nobody called me. It was a shock. Pits sad that the matriarch of the family has died. They still have their Mother MeChelle. When she leaves who is going to be the matriarch? Since Jana hasn’t married and given them more family, will she even be eligible?