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  1. Never mind. I went to type in my answer and was autocorrected a few times, so I guess than I am wrong.
  2. I thought that Emily’s FIL was the one who liked her dance the best.
  3. Beef on Weck. It’s such a big sandwich that I usually share one. It comes with a side and their potato salad or homemade chips are pretty yummy.
  4. I got the Star of Bethlehem (Halley’s comet) and Caesar. When I saw what the FJ category was, I said O Canada. Then when I saw the clue I couldn’t come up with anything else, so I stuck with it. So I’ve finally gotten a FJ, even if by accident (blind guess), but I’m taking it.
  5. It was a ho hum night for me. I got duct tape, Magistrate and for Wilson I said FDR because my mind wasn’t engaged. For FJ I said Pasternak. I must have forgotten to turn my brain on yesterday, but I was exhausted and preoccupied with something. I need a good night soon. This is getting depressing. 🤷‍♀️
  6. For some reason I thought that would make a good lyric for a song or rap.
  7. I got the strangest call today. It came from a Dr’s practice where I had previously had treatment. Evidently the $600 dollar test that I had in January of 2016 had clotted and they were unable to preform the test on the sample. I was gobsmacked. Why didn’t they call me years back when this happened? Now they want me to come in and redo the test (on my own dime). WTF.
  8. It’s bothering you because you are a good and kind person. You also understand how animals are disposable to Wendy.
  9. Well I watched and took notes. First I want to say that she looked genuinely cheerful coming out in her red dress, but it was a little too long (just below the knees). Combined with her grey sneakers it make her legs look shorter and stumpier. She’s in a new time slot for me. That means because it’s am that I cannot enjoy an adult beverage while watching (which made her easier to take). She began by saying that Page Six, US Weekly and another tabloid had a story about her. That she made the New Yorkers Most Stylish List. She was invited to go to the party for it, but declined because she had “worked” all day and just wanted to get into her leg machine. She had gotten a Pucci outfit to wear if she’d gone. She reported that Sara Haines, Ice T & Coco and Lala Kent went. I wonder if she realizes that Lala is a CA girl originally from Utah. She thinks that the 30k fine Felicity got was too low, that she should have been fined millions and pay for some other kids educations. She said she didn’t want to discuss Lori L, but she did. Nicki M...W doesn’t think she should take too much time off to have a baby because ppl will forget about her. Especially since she’s engaged (?) to Mr Petty who is an ex-felon who served 7 years for manslaughter. Nene Leakes came into town last night (will be on W’s show tomorrow) and called W to go out with her. Wendy declined , but rambled on about what good phone friends now and average a hour per day chatting. Wendy is going to watch DWTS tonight. She then went into a story about Christy Brinkley’s fall (video shown) and subsequently breaking her shoulder and wrist. The reason WW thinks it’s fake is because CB’s daughter Sailor is stepping in for her and because even though she’s a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model she needs this show to up her name, visiblity and it factor. Her up to stardom. Next she went into her “Hot Girl Summer”. As mentioned above by @druzy she went into her pet situation. She went to Miami. The trip was supposed to include NeNe and Tamar, but both canceled because of the hurricane. Wendy spent the time with her son. She went because the hotel had a generator and 24 hr room service. She went out with Cardi B and Jason (one of those gossip guys). She also did a few talk shows and was shameless in her meeting the former Attorney General Eric Holder. She asked him for all,of his room perks (Jolly ranchers, which she eats five at a time, those expensive health food bars at $5 a pop, and the expensive real juice drinks). He allowed her to take all his stuff home in her purse. Why is it that sometimes the richest people are the cheapest and most greedy? She also showed a photo (black and white like it was a “historical moment”) of their meeting with Mr Holder (gazing right down at her boobs) and Seth Meyers. Her big announcement (stated earlier up thread) was that she’s on until 2022. There was more nonsense, but it was either covered (the Jerry O thing) or I’m not writing it because my fingers are beginning to hurt and I was supposed to shopping at the time her show came on so toodles.
  10. There is no such thing as a good salad dressing for his snobby ass. It’s EVOO and (only) a certain brand of red wine vinegar plus S&P. Sometimes I feel for him because he is so locked into his beliefs and unwillingness to taste things. Like Mexican, Indian or Chinese food. I’m much more food flexible.
  11. Bratwurst, steamed broccoli and small bites of potatoes fried until golden brown. Last night was (I know this is politically incorrect for some, but my beau hails from Italy and it’s a normal thing to eat over there) Osso Bucco, truffle risotto, asparagus and cannolis and Hennessy’s cognac for dessert. Oh, espresso too. Tomorrow I'm going to marinate a flank steak (soy sauce, olive oil, ginger and garlic) which is something he is wary of. Just something they don’t eat over there like baked potatoes. That’s such a staple in steakhouses here that I find it weird that they never eat them. So the steak...hmm...what to go with it?
  12. I still miss this show. Does anyone know where I can stream old episodes? I watched from the late 60’s until it’s finale.
  13. @Bridget In that same giving vein...I always save up all the toiletries from hotel stays and buy those small 4/$1 Dollar Store bags and make up gift totes that each contain shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush & toothpaste, body lotion, soap, razors, personal sanitary supplies and if I get perfume samples or make up samples I include them as well. You’d be amazed that when someone is giving you a sample how willing they are to give you a few if they understand that you are donating it. In my case to the Domestic Violence Women’s shelter. Some seek refuge there with nothing but the clothes and their backs and occasionally with children in tow. I probably average about 50-60 bags per year. These women who come in with nothing really appreciate having the basics so they can clean themselves up and try to regain a bit of dignity without having to ask for every single item needed. I also have friends that donate their items to my cause. I’m happy that Megan is at least using her status to try and enrich the lives of those less fortunate. What she should be encouraging is that other people do the same. Also I’d love to see the line have accessories as well.
  14. I’m still cringing over how she pronounces certain words. Like Balsahmic or rezzotto.
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