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  1. Mindthinkr

    Who is... James Holzhauer?

    LOL on his comment.
  2. Mindthinkr

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    @bigskygirl I had a hard time decision on whether to give you a heart or the sad emoji. My brother is headed your way. He and his wife (married happily for 51 years) summer in Ennis.
  3. Mindthinkr


    Let’s hope it doesn’t get this bad at the Gem in the movie or else Al (and Jewel) will be scrubbing blood for the ending (again).
  4. Mindthinkr


    On the Internet, but I doubt they are a real thing that you can buy. I’ve watched the series three times and admit that I’m a bit obsessed. It’s just so good. Remember: No Unauthorized Cinnamon
  5. @saber5055 Just to let you know...your package is finally in the mail and you should get it on Tuesday. I have a tracking number so let me know if you don’t. P.S. You don’t owe me a penny for it. Sorry it took so long.
  6. Mindthinkr

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I can tell you that one of my favorites is from Trader Joe’s and costs $9.99 and worth every penny. I have traveled all over Europe and even lived there (7 years) so my palate is fairly good.
  7. Mindthinkr

    Blind Item Speculation

    Also North Carolina which is pretty big and used to be a tobacco state.
  8. Mindthinkr


    Peaches for all my Hooplehead friends. 🤞🏻🍑🥃
  9. Mindthinkr

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Good for that “somebody”. Actually I was in need of an Alli post. It’s 102 degrees with high humidity. It took me a hour to go 8 miles because of beach traffic. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone.
  10. Mindthinkr


    You would be an awesome “catch”. Screw them if they don’t see the value in you and appreciate what a great guy that you are. Heck, if I was still back in NY I’d want to meet you for a brew.
  11. Mindthinkr

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    After reading this I have discovered that we need an andry emoji/reply. That is so insensitive and mean spirited.
  12. Mindthinkr

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Be sure to tell your mother how low the pay is on those “impoverished areas near the coast” are. My daughter works 60 hours for peanuts. They can’t even afford bus drivers so teachers have to do it (mandatory) at least 2 weeks a year with no extra pay! I’m very sorry to hear that you didn’t get the job, but you got good interview practice and next time I hope you have better results. Sorry about your Mom. She was probably just as disappointed as you were, but that doesn’t make it right for her to take it out on you. Yes, you are justified in having some sad time about not getting the job. Glad you have something to take your mind off of it and celebrate your friends birthday tonight. CAKE 🎂 Hug
  13. Mindthinkr


    You were thinking of how beautiful it would look. Not how much work it would take to plant and maintain it.
  14. Mindthinkr

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Where the heck do you live? PM me if you choose to answer privately. You are right. If they can’t be bothered to communicate and leave you hanging, you need better friends. Enjoy the movie. I don’t mind going to them alone either.
  15. Mindthinkr

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Gee. I went to visit my family and so much here has happened. First I’d like to say that I got to see my grandson play baseball. He got 2 runs and stole 3 bases. He’s a fast and sneaky kid. Talk about teen hell @Marigold my kids will be in for that when he gets older. I wish you the best with your situation and vent here or by PM as needed. His other 2 teen sibs are jolly good. Even had a heart to heart with oldest grandson re: dating and girls. It was honest and open. I wasn’t judgmental and am glad that the line of communication is firmly established. I also told his parents nothing about it as he’s a good kid and I saw no red flags. Hug to @Marigold @Christina87 I hope that you get this dream job. I also have a problem with non-committal people. They dive me nuts and I hate being left hanging. How dare they think that their time is so much more important than mine! (Didn’t mean for that to sound harsh...I’m not good at waiting for Godot) Hug @Jynnan tonnix Your husband is blessed to have you and never devalue yourself when he is acting up. You have a lot on your mind with your mother and if anything he should be more empathetic while you are dealing with her needs. It could be that he just doesn’t like sharing your attention. Not right, but a plausible theory. I hope he wises up. Hug. @DragonFaerie Wow. You are a strong trooper and deserve an honorary nursing degree. Thankfully the Drs see your value and pay attention to what you say. I hope that you are eating well and getting enough rest. This has to be exhausting for you, but it sounds as though things are improving and I’ll continue to pray that they do. Hug. @Happyfatchick I have a beau that’s highly critical. The other day he told me that he doesn’t like polish on my nails and they should be shaped and done with clear polish only...like his mother. He’s 78! Or I don’t cook as well as his prior deceased girlfriend. I’m over the comparisons, but retain my self worth. As much of a brat that he is, he is lucky to have me. Good luck with your man. They usually don’t change, but I can change (and decide how much time I am willing to interact with him). Hug. @galaxychaser You are never alone! You have us and believe me when I tell you that we all really do care. I won’t repeat myself in total, but you need to take a class, volunteer or join a group because there are other people out there who want and need new friends too. Wish you were near me as I’d invite you over for a fun weekend, let you meet some of my friends and let you see how it does work. I stay busy and do things because I can’t lean on only one friend too much. I need to be out there and boy it sure feels good to me when I can help someone else or enjoy a shared activity. Hug.