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  1. Steak and a strip bar, hey it cures everything 🙀
  2. I really really hope that the wait was worth it.
  3. Why is there no life preserver on this child? He isn’t even looking where they are going.
  4. Welcome @thehorseofpower and congratulations on joining us with your words after so many years of lurking. That’s brave of you. I’m glad you have had some help and use good learned skills to help your husband and give you both the best kind of life as possible. You are a good supportive wife. Wow. I’m sorry you had such a tough time with your first pregnancy, but glad it switched off and now you have two beautiful children. I look forward to hearing more from you.
  5. First I’d like to apologize for being away for so long. Y’all know I care about everyone and will spare you the details of why I was not around. Some Jaws trivia for you: In that very first scene where the kids are partying on the beach (before the first girl goes off and gets bitten) is partially comprised of some of my friends. They guy playing the harmonica is my first ever boyfriend. One of the couples are my best friends from college. They were all doing a biology class over the summer there. The smoke they were smoking was real marajuana. Panama Red. They all thought it was a neat experience.
  6. I thought I was the only person who ate Cheerios out of the box or in a bowl plain.
  7. Thank you for putting the correct quote here.
  8. She was totally up to date on her vaccinations. They were the office that gave her them. I think the tech just had an attitude problem or didn’t like being told to stop.
  9. Yes I’m on the mainland now. About a quarter mile from the Intracoastal Waterway. I could see the water rising every year. Had I not moved I would have had 3’ of water in my house during hurricane Florence. Went thru that with hurricane Fran. Also the bulkhead didn’t stop the water from rising. I really don’t wish to disclose my location, but it was an island off the coast of NC. I have gained relative safety from flooding (my community was cut off from the town for a week last night one, but my place didn’t flood). Now I have so much more wildlife. Besides the coyotes we have deer, raccoons, opossums, squirrels and many more birds.
  10. I was trying to add that Eleanor Roosevelt once said something to the effect that “Smart people talk about things (or ideas). Average people talk about people.”
  11. Thank you Scarlett. She is so sweet and loving, but loud. She’s the one who bit the vet tech. I told her 3X to stop trying to cut her nails, as she was 15 and had never had them clipped before. So she got bit. She reported her to the Sheriff’s dept as a dangerous animal. I had to quarantine her for 10 days and a sheriff’s deputy literally came to my house every day to make sure I was keeping her in. He was sneaky too. I never figured out where he hid his car. He also liked to check the litter box to make sure I wasn’t letting her out to do her business. What a waste of tax payers money...well maybe not. When I moved a few years ago off of the island I was told that my area had coyotes. They have never been allowed out since I moved. I love them too much to risk them being on the menu. Yes, I’ve turned into that crazy cat lady lol.
  12. @bosawks Wow. I think that is the first picture of Ally that I have seen where she isn’t wearing a bandana. She really seems to enjoy being by the water...or in it.
  13. That was Big Boy. This is Squeaky. She is a third of his size. They are both all black cats from the same litter. Their whiskers used to be black, but since they’ve aged (almost 17) they have turned white
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