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  1. She is very attractive to look at (as long as she keeps her mouth shut.) Another possibility: He’d rather have a tiger in bed than a Tiger Mom/wife.
  2. @Bastet That recipe looks really good, but I’m allergic to shrimp. Do you think that it would taste similar if I used chicken instead?
  3. I think poor Lucy was suffering from the 5 games in a row fatigue. A shame as she was good and I also wished that she made the TOC. I was able to get all the D Words. I also got star fort, rattlesnakes, infer and FJ because I watched the Crown and knew that JFK had met the Queen.
  4. I am a big fan of street art. Here is one I saw today that I really liked.
  5. So his book could be along the lines of Mad Libs filled in and given to the “writing advisor”. I don’t know why all of this has me laughing, but I guess I needed to.
  6. I forgot to mention that. It was so.....ah....just no. Las Vegas? Circus? Then they did a close up of her upper leg because it was slit to the top of her thigh. It showed her fashionable fish net stockings and she wants us viewers to know she has no more eczema. I swear she was about to mention Gold Bond at this point, but thought better and kept quiet (I guess that well went dry or she wasn’t promoting without compensation). Thx for bringing it up Chenoa.
  7. Jer should do a picture book and caption them with his deep thoughts a la Jack Handy lol. https://www.liveabout.com/the-official-deep-thoughts-by-jack-handey-1924315
  8. Things can bug me, but I realize that my time, energy and efforts are better off being used for other things that make me happy.
  9. I caught that too about Vicky Gunvalson. I think she was trying to suck up to Andy Cohen. She blatantly stated that she wants to be a “friend of” on the RHOM show they are bringing back. She stated she could fly down to Miami every weekend, film and return home on Saturday so she could get ready for her show on Monday. She went at it fairly hard too. She said she’d be the friend of Pippa Larson. She would pass on being a full time HW because she doesn’t have time and doesn’t want the scrutiny of the camera following her all the time. She also made mention that she wasn’t interested in opening up her whole life and family which is required to be a full time member of the cast. Wendy already has her wardrobe (from all her visits there to see her family) picked out. She can barely handle the schedule of filming her talk show. Spare me. She would be whining every Monday about having to get on the plane and rush rush rush to film and go to the events. As it is she doesn’t do any real prep for her own show. She depends on Norman to fill her in and keep her (somewhat) up to date. I wonder why she wants to do the Housewives show. Money, exposure, to get her name out more in the tabloids, help her find a man or for the adoration she believes that she will receive. Wendy is going out this weekend for a lunch with a group of friends. One of them is her poor DJ who I think got stuck making the arrangements for her like some social secretary. She invited Bev Smith to join and the end of her segment. They are going to a restaurant in Harlem called Field Trip. The chef owner just did a cooking segment on her show the other day. I think I recall it was the chicken fried steak with gravy. I’m sure he offered this luncheon gratis, so rather than being polite and going with just a friend, she is taking a posse for free food. What a user.
  10. Something about Ken has been bugging me and I finally figured out what. He is using all the same hand gestures that AT did. It’s almost as though he studied him on the show, and is mimicking him. Mind you it’s not bothering me, and they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I was able to get a few TSs. Secretariat, Buttercup, Cunard (just watched the Meryl Streep movie that was filmed on the QE2), and like so many of you I said Pat the Bunny for FJ.
  11. I really believe in my heart that your Mom knows that you did the best that you could for her. Please don’t feel guilty for what you couldn’t do. Your best was good enough. ❤️ (heart emoji)
  12. The bath spas at Mystic Hot Springs. They had a photo. Same place. It’s in Monroe, Utah. The baths are fed by a natural hot spring.
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