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  1. My daughter has been silent as of late. I’ve been texting and writing to her and would just get these kid updates (baseball, grades the kids made etc) I got after her in an email and found she is struggling with so many things. She is having health issues. For about 4 years she was in chronic pain and her diagnosis was IBS. Then they said a lot of it was in her mind and they wanted to issue her an antidepressant. I told her to get a second opinion. She did. She was suffering with kidney stones for 4 freaking years. They are back. She has high white and red blood platelets in her urine and so
  2. I don’t think you post too much and I enjoy a lot of your opinions and observations.
  3. I was thinking about why Jill Zoomed in on her abuser/brother’s court hearing today. I began to think that her asshole wonderful parents tried to convince her that she was not really abused. It’s something she dreamed up. I wonder that she was there to see for herself what a POS Josh is. To help her validate her experience and allow her to move forward with what closure she can find. I think the other sisters are still drinking the kool aid. I have high hopes for Jill moving forward and learning to live her best life without her reality family.
  4. I got loudmouth and neuralgia. I pre-guessed either Sticky Fingers or Dark Side of the Moon for FJ and then couldn’t come up with Rumours.
  5. I am praying for that not to happen more than I’m praying for a long extended jail sentence. Those children deserve better. Anna better get a grip on what that POS that husband of hers is.
  6. I’m sure more than just us wants to know the outcome of Josh’s bail hearing today. I thought some news would be out by now. *twiddling my thumbs*
  7. 1) Since I already talk to animals I’ll go with knowing the history of every object I touch. 2) Butterflies. A Peregrine Falcon just nested in my yard and now I’m scared when they come to raid my bird feeder as it is. 3) Never have another paper cut. They hurt. I floss and...oh wait. I’m thinking of corn on the cob. Nevermind. Change my answer to never get anything stuck in my teeth again. It would probably save me some of those embarrassing spinach moments as well. 😹
  8. Not for nothing. I know someone in the high end candle business. There absolutely is a paraffin shortage and the cost of candles is expected to rise for this years Christmas ones. All for two big boobs. The amount of wax (hair, glass eyes, fake jewelry etc) needed to make her statue probably cost a minimum of 500k. I wonder if stars pay for that promotion similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (I never knew the stars had to pay a lot of money for its upkeep and getting it.)
  9. 🦴 Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day to Alli 🦴
  10. @Turquoise Along with everyone else I’m wishing you many wonderful days making memories in your new home. Good news Sunday. My Magnolia tree is in bloom. It’s over 30’ tall and when it’s in full bloom it is a beautiful sight to see.
  11. Another 1/5 week. Haven’t decided on what to cook yet, but I’m open to suggestions.
  12. I came up with all 3 DDs, NYC, and Judith Light. I enjoyed seeing Leah do so well in the penalties category. I just wish AC could rule more quickly as I get annoyed when the boards are not cleared. In the dark recesses of my mind I know the answer was DeMille for FJ, but I couldn’t bring it up front in fast enough to write it so no FJ for me today.
  13. My daughter has expressed a need to “lick her wounds” and will not be celebrating MD with me this year. A bit disappointing because it’s also her birthday. I am not going to have a hissy fit or make her feel guilty in any way for this. She is upset enough these days and I love her too much to add to her already full plate. I will, however, get in touch with my grandchildren to make sure that they make cards or do something to celebrate her this year.
  14. I haven’t done much for my daughter on Mother’s Day other than a phone call to tell her how proud I am of how she is raising my grandchildren. Trouble is her husband never helped the kids do anything for her so she feels under appreciated. It would just be another day in their house. This year I’m going to text the kids (they’re old enough to do something on their own) and remind them that they need to make her a card and maybe do something for her that she will like. The oldest girl can cook breakfast. Another boy can clean up and the youngest can do something equally caring. Maybe set the ta
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