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  1. Yes they did...until Tamra starts running her mouth again.
  2. The friend at the table next to Kelly needs some powder to take down the shine on her face a notch.
  3. Boundaries, manners and how to act in public is not Kelly’s strong suit.
  4. TMI on Kelly and the tampon thing. I’d die of embarrassment tomorrow in school if I was Jolie.
  5. I was a little shocked that Emily wanted to try on that bra with chains and cut outs. I wonder how Shane will react to it. Hmm...does he have a hidden kinky side? Nevermind. I don’t want to know. He creeps me out.
  6. Who states what kind of gifts they want on an invitation? Tacky.
  7. Weaning? I thought her child was old enough to hold a cup... Gucci must have secret prices for these ladies. Last week it was Kelly with the bow tie, and belt (might have been something else, but it was OTT). This week it’s Vicki with the belt and purse.
  8. That was so cute, funny and true.
  9. I think she has an assistant or do gooder empty the litter box. I think she just likes to cuddle with them. After all, she spends a lot of time having to lay with her lymph reduction machine and kittens would be the purrfect distraction. She just needs one of those fishing pole type toys to play with them at a short distance. Those kittens must have the best of everything.
  10. I bought the Black last year so I bought both red and brown. So comfortable. Since Italy I’ve been into Aperol spritz’s. I part Aperol, 1 part white wine and 1 part prosecco. Or you can do the Aperol, oj, and prosecco. It’s tart and tasty. Good as a first drink. Occasionally I like a Bacardi and coke with lime. I also love Bloody Marys, but the salt can be an issue for me too. Lazy me will usually just have red wine. The best is from Trader Joe’s. Liberte Pinot Noir. $9.99 a bottle and so smooth and rich.
  11. I think this season tried to go into more personal depth on TRF. Overall I enjoyed it. I think Aberfan was my favorite episode...so gut wrenching. I got such a laugh at the country house’s bathroom had newspaper scandals cover the walls a la wallpaper. Poor Margaret always being second fiddle. To the Queen, to her children and to the public.
  12. Maybe she’s selling it with her dishwasher full of her......or furnished with Morgan originals.
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