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  1. @yourmomiseasy You are lucky you got any meat. The stores around here and empty. Restaurants can only do curbside pick ups, and bars are closed. Everyone got so greedy that so many things are scarce. I worry about the Moms who couldn’t get formula and diapers. (The latter always has cloth options) not everyone hold go and stock up early. Sadly so many work paycheck to paycheck and cost is a factor. I really hope that you weather through this well. Thanks for the laugh about Leon and the beef cheeks.
  2. I grew up in the same mindset. Even if I do use a paper towel, I will still cut it in half (or quarter) to avoid waste. Like you I mostly use cloths and tea towels. My friend told me I’m cheap. Yup. So cheap I can afford vacations that they can’t, because I have learned from my parents how to not be wasteful. My parents grew up in the depression so I have many tales stored in my mind. I also think it has helped me get enough stuff to last out this crisis without being a hoarder.
  3. There is a lot of talk on Twitter about Richard Branson. He, a billionaire a few times over, is asking his employees to take 12 weeks off...unpaid. He can afford to pay them. They helped make him his $$. A lot are angry he is not covering their wages.
  4. Thank you for the support. I think I have a new (old) virus called Mom guilt. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Since I heard it is reruns I’m not even tuning in. 🍀 Happy St Patrick’s Day 🍀 to All.
  6. Not sure if this is the correct thread to post this. Just tell me if you want me to move it elsewhere. My daughter stated that she’s going to go bonkers if stuck in her house with her husband and 3 kids for this 14 day containment quarantine. Last weekend she went on spring break to Myrtle Beach with the kids and I declined to go. I’m high risk for death if I get this friendly virus <sarcasm>. Now she wants them all to come to my house for a few days. I’m really into seeing them, but they are those young healthy type people that can carry the Covid without symptoms. I’m already getting anxiety because I’m going to have to ask her not to come. Am I wrong? Any suggestions?
  7. My cat and I had a discussion today about this self quarantine that I have placed myself on. Due to previous health issues I’m high risk should I contract it. You would think that they would be happy to have more playtime, treats and interaction, but no....
  8. Since I live with two cats here’s Squeaky’s opinion.
  9. Today March 13th is actor Titus Welliver’s birthday. He is very active on Twitter with his fans. More so as they are gearing up for Season 6.
  10. Thanks for the information. I didn’t see either of them. Whew...well so far.
  11. I’ve been watching, just haven’t been posting too much lately. I got a lot of the TS’s (9) and thought there were a lot of them in the first round. I had a laugh that Jennifer got sway as she was swaying. I got South Dakota because I watched the series Deadwood. I was also surprised that nobody knew Pearl Buck as she wrote so many novels based in China back then. Didn’t get FJ.
  12. You wouldn’t happen to know which shows please. I was in NYC last week and saw a show on Broadway. It had a full house. Perhaps 10-12 empty seats.
  13. Considering the changes that are happening on television (less to no studio audiences, reality shows on hold) it may change the whole way that we view in the future. Shows like Wendy’s Might become permanently passé. If stars aren’t going out and making news, there’s going to be no news to report.
  14. The main thing I stocked up on is cat food. You don’t want to be around Squeaky if she doesn’t have food. She doesn’t shut up and it would drive me insane. So I have cat food, booze, books, and enough food for a month. I'm unhappy because I have about $320 in unused gift cards (Christmas and birthday) and I don’t want to brave the public to use them.
  15. I’ve been watching and two things are bugging me. The first is that Jennifer never shuts up. She interjects, interrupts and goes on ad nauseum. The second is that for the host of this show, why can’t Andy either wear decent shoes or polish the ones he’s wearing? They look crappy. That’s all I’ve got.
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