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  1. I lost my paper of answers, but I did get FJ.
  2. Not that I recall. I think when he had that lady living with him he made a steak one night for them, but I haven’t seen anything since. Sad that he works so hard and has nobody to share his life with. Of course between being a workaholic and the hours he keeps (bed at 8) I don’t imagine that it would be an exciting life for any lady other than when he goes to an opening or event. Even Kelly seems to enjoy her home life rather go out and be on the scene.
  3. We saw the writing on the wall. Why didn’t her network or syndicator? They should have had a new show in the wings to test run during this latest absence. She only shows up 50% of her season (guessing). So many people would love the work and put all their efforts into giving the audience a good show. They could employ the crew from her show.
  4. I think what echoes in their minds is “the camera adds weight”. Therefore they think they need to be super skinny. It’s not a healthy mindset, but I’m sure a lot of models and actors go by that creed.
  5. I had a very good night and even came up with FJ. I loved that Deadwood was an answer in the first round. Loved that series. Will gladly discuss in Small Talk.
  6. Well off to a new start in so many ways. Season 38, no known permanent host, a new look and music. I got Whiskey-a-GoGo, overturn, and missed FJ. I also was a tad put out by the Blackberry answer. The person I was playing with got it. I had trouble understanding what they were looking for in the clue. Hence, I guess Amdé was ruled wrong because he said Providence, R.I. It was wrong because he included the city which was not a colony.
  7. During Hurricane Florence we lost power for a bit over a week. Out of 30 homes, I was one of the 7 homeowners that stayed. 4 had generators. They were always so kind. We rotated and every night we all got a hot meal, Phone charge and those needing to keep their insulin in a fridge were able to use one of the neighbors. The men all worked daily on clearing the roadways with chainsaws, as well as putting tarps over ripped roofs, and using pumps to hasten drainage. We women cleaned out the refrigerators for those that evacuated so they wouldn’t come home to a smelly mess. (They also told us to he
  8. I saw in a gossip rag that she has a new boyfriend. She had him sign a NDA and allegedly has an extensive background check completed on him. Now it seems to be around the same timeline these pictures came out. So either she us scamming for sympathy or trying to throw us off the trail. I’m hard pressed to believe whatever story comes out of her mouth. @PrincessPurrsALot I’m glad you are out of the hospital and hope whatever your issue, that it was resolved. Good point about trying to look decent upon discharge. Wendy at least could have combed her wig. It could have looked that badly because
  9. Very pretty and neatly done @ABay
  10. I’ve seen that a few times with my grandchildren. Interesting show.
  11. BB says hello to all his anipals and staff.
  12. I’m very sorry. Sending sympathy and purrs 😿
  13. Of course. I am happy to pray for her health and the well being of the little ones. I will also pray for your brother. This might wake him up as a parent.
  14. I got my certificate and am so pleased. I have to say that I really enjoyed playing last season with all of you.
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