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  1. I've seen the phrase "sundown town" a few times in this thread referring to the racist little town where Alonzo vanished. What does the phrase mean? Where did it originate?
  2. Watched the first three eps. Agree that Rob Endes probably killed Patrice. He's a typical liar - gives way too much info to justify his alibi. If you ask an innocent person where they were on a certain day, they would say "I was in Anytown at the mall." A guilty person would ramble on, "I went to Anytown, I left at 11 p. I specifically remember because I just finished watching The Talk Show and Celebrity A was on and I really like them. I went to the mall because I had to buy Thing A and Thing B because my original Thing A broke. I got home at 4 just as the school bus dropped off the kids next door. Why do you ask?" He's also creepy as fuck. Someone said he's remarried? I give his new wife five years before she disappears. I've watched enough Forensic Files to know that once a wife killer, always a wife killer. As for the French guy? I think he planned the murders and his new identity for months, maybe years. Maybe getting fake ID and paying off accomplices is where some of his money went in those years. Maybe he had a mistress all along; he was obviously very good at keeping secrets and covering his tracks. His artificial "final hike" with the pointed look at the security spcamera was way too obvious. He could easily have dyed his hair, grown a beard.
  3. That's a pretty shitty description of social service work. I agree that simply abolishing the police is a bad idea, but it's not like social work is hearts and flowers gobbledygook. It's an effective alternative in many instances.
  4. Nah, we Canadians don't want to invade the US. Typically, one country invades another because there's something the invader wants. We don't want anything the US has. We don't want your crazy high Covid rates, your deep division, your lack of universal health care or maternity leave or decent minimum wage, and we especially don't want your grotesque leader. All the good stuff you have, we have too. Mountains, beaches, cities, farms, actors, musicians, and most of the best comedians. And we have poutine. Nuf said. Well, we will take Trevor Noah but he's not American anyway.
  5. Hell, no. You couldn't pay me to live in the US. Especially for $3 an hour, what kind of medieval bullshit is that? As I posted, minimum wage where I live is $14 an hour, so tips are on top of that. 15% is considered good. Americans need to learn that their experiences are not necessarily right and everyone else is wrong. Sometimes things in different places are actually different. (And often better, just sayin')
  6. Just watched the finale and lots of thoughts. No one here has commented that Elena confessed to arson. The fire dept knows it was arson and even with Elena being their friend, they can't ignore that. They won't get an insurance payout for torching her own house, so now they're out hundreds of thousands of dollars. Elena will have to go to jail, again, no one mentioned that. Izzy is gone and Lexie is off to Yale, so Bill and the boys will have to live in their rental. Lucky it's vacant but still has a bit of furniture. I think Elena was a decent mother to the first three kids. She just resented Izzy because she was unplanned and Izzy felt that unwantedness all her life. I know lots of women who had unplanned pregnancies, which derailed big plans for careers and finances as well a second lesser plans for travel and lifestyle. Yet, they didn't treat the surprise kid so terribly. Elena wouldn't have had a big time journalism career even if Izzy hadn't been born; she still had three small kids. We never found out Tripp's real name. Izzy commented that her Mom used nicknames for all her sibs, but refused to say Izzy. Moody was Michael and Lexie was Alexandra. Tripp? Lots of commentary about what the show had to say about motherhood, but I guess the message about fathers is that they are irrelevant. Mia lied to and about Pearl's father. May Ling's father wasn't even an issue, who was he, where was he? Mirabelle's custody issue was only argued through the lens of the mothers. Bill was unhelpful when the kids were young but seemed supportive as they got older, but Izzy was only focused on her mother's opinions. Elena and Mia's mother's opinions affected them but their fathers were also irrelevant. Even Lexie's abortion didn't account for telling the father, which she doesn't have to do but it reinforces my "father's are irrelevant" point. Finally, regarding an adopted child's culture. How far does this go? If you adopt a white child, should that child's heritage be explored, or is it assumed that white people dont have cultural heritages? There's a huge difference between having a background from Scotland or Holland or Russia or Australia? If a Canadian adopts an American baby, do they have to learn American culture, and what would that be exactly?
  7. I'm impressed with all the characters, how their positive and negative sides are shown. Few people are all good or all bad, so it's interesting to see these clearly flawed people who still try to do their best. It's an fascinating look at what motherhood is, who is a mother, and who is a good mother. Theres a lot of negative reference to Kerry Washington's "mouth acting", but so what? Some people act with their eyes or their gestures, KW expresses so much with her mouth. Not sure why that's so terrible. The actress playing her younger self did a fab job of imitating that. The tiping discussion is weird to me. 18% is cheap? I don't tip always that now, but where I live servers make $14/hr. Wasn't the 18% from the 80s right after Izzy was born? I was a server then and was happy if I got 10%. I haven't read the book, so I'm unspoiled as to the custody outcome and who set the fire. At this point, both could go in any direction.
  8. I think it's to show the bitter irony that Jackie is turning into her mother. Except Becky and Jackie said they were in Mexico, didn't they? Plus, as a deported person, would Emilio be allowed to just freely cross like that? I don't understand the US-Mexico border.
  9. I don't think the witch question was fair. Its a sitcom, so joke, okay. But it's not like the Conners have been working their asses off for 40 years and nothing works out for them. Most of their misfortune is due to their own choices. And they never learn. Sure, we all have dreams of the perfect independent job, but most people don't just go out and open a bike shop or a stew based restaurant or whatever publishing thing Darlene is doing without having some capital to invest and a solid business plan. The Conners just do it without thinking and then cry that they have no money and "the man" won't let them get ahead. I mean, who brings a ham to the bank to bribe the mortgage manager? Is it 1945? And I live in a small town where a lot of handshake deals are done and a friend of a friend helps out, but sheesh. At least the ham can feed them for a couple meals. There are three able-bodied adults in that house, bringing in money - or should be. Plus, both kids should be working and contributing. If the drywalling business is slow (something I find hard to believe, given the economy at the time this show was filmed), maybe Dan should have found other work. Unemployment in Illinois at that time was 3.7% so anyone could find a job. Same with Darlene. If your day job isn't making much money, find a second job. But no, they'd rather sit on the couch and complain. And they should all have been contributing to the cost of running the house. If Dan didn't ask, that's on him for being weak. If Darlene and Becky didn't offer, they're just terrible people. I just don't see how someone can own a house for 40 years and still not have it paid off. It probably only cost them $50,000 to buy back then. It's not like they spent all their money on cars or clothes or vacations or whatever. And how did Becky and Jackie go to Mexico? I seriously doubt that the Conners have passports.
  10. The thing too, is the reason Bev knew about Mark's need for money for the camp is because he was corresponding with her regularly. Maybe if Harris was writing or calling her great-grandmother regularly, Bev would have heard about Harris's desire to go to tattoo school and would have offered to fund that too. GG can't fund what she doesn't know about. The family, except Mark, was so awful to Bev they have no right expect anything from her.
  11. Ugh, this was terrible, just awful all around. Riddled with cliches and stereotypes, time wasted on repetitive nonsense about the plane delays. Har har, there's locusts now. Live been hate watching the last season because I like to finish what I start. I won't be wasting time watching it in syndication; the characters are just so self-centred and whiny. The first few seasons this was couched with humour and occasionally comeuppance, but now they're just awful. And I'll never understand how "high school football coach" is a full time job. What exactly does this job entail? Aren't the players in class all day? Is the coach spending six hours a day making plays? Shows the ridiculous priorities of the school system. So much made no sense. Why are the kids such lazy slobs who,are too stupid to buy themselves food? Why is Alex suddenly too dumb for basic math and Luke so smart he got into college? Although he was too dumb to remember, somtheres that. Nurses make decent money, why were Dylan and Haley living with her parents? And how could they suddenly afford a big fancy place to rent? You're either poor or you're not. If nothing changes, why can they suddenly afford it? Ugh.
  12. I enjoyed the episode for the scenery, but it always surprises me when a bit of pop culture (fashion or music) reminds me that this is the 1960s. The way the regular people live, the clothes, the attitudes - seems more like Little House on the Prairie, or maybe The Waltons. Meaning that they are living 30 years behind the times. Add me to list of people who are tired of Monica Joan's shenanigans. Maybe because I'm manipulated by elderly people in real life, I don't find her ongoing "needs" to be endearing. So she can't rest until she sees a white stag? Great, now she has, she should be forever content. But no, next season she'll need to eat a persimmon, or meet Christopher Plummer, or visit Jamaica before her soul will settle. It's always something. Glad to visit with these ladies again, though. It's tv comfort food.
  13. Just got around to watching the final shows. Agree that running all 6 episodes so tightly was a mistake. There's a real dearth of crafting shows on tv and I just love this one, the hosts too. I do agree that more time spent on the actual creating and less on backstories and silly antics would be ideal. The shed should have been the finale. The party concept (and the wedding finale last year) takes too much time away, what with the explaining and the extra people who now need screen time too. I thought Lilly's party room was the best-crafted of the three. Everything was very precise. However, the theme was weird; if your five-year-old still won't sleep in her own ed, a party won't get her there. Pronouncing macaron as macaroon bugged me too. Two different cookies. Justine's records were kind of messy up close, and her record box invitation bugged me because the writing was too sloppy and the two big knobs were not aligned (which is how a retro radio/record player would have looked). Jessie might have been too artsy for the show, and not crafty enough. Ask any serious maker; there's a huge difference between arts and crafts. Don't all periscopes have mirrors, isn't that the concept of how they work? A periscope and telescope are two very different things.
  14. Double posting to say that more people might post about the show if it wasn't hidden in this cellar of topics. If Big Little Lies - a limited series - gets put in the drama category, why isn't the Moody's show in with the comedies?
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