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  1. Actually, no. Average number of sunny days in cities across Canada (Kelowna, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax) vary from 290 to 325 days a year. Sure, some of the Sunshine is over the snow, but that makes it even brighter. And the further north you go, the more sunny hours you get in a day, with only 5 or 6 hours of night at summer solstice. Average number of sunny days in Florida cities (Daytone, Tampa, Fort Myers, Key West, Orlando) varies from 229 to 266 days a year. Regarding the rape/not rape, my initial thoughts as that scene played out was that it made me unc
  2. That's ridiculous. The sun shines in Canada just as much as it does in the US. Weather patterns don't stop at the border. However, it looks like Giliead experienced some kind of environmental cataclysm, which may have affected Southern Ontario given how it juts into the US. This whole fictional world might have also affected house prices in Toronto's no which grocery store chains are around. Applying our current world rules and knowledge to this fictional one is pointless. Nice to see the Royal York; I've stayed there, very swank. I thought June's entire voiceover at the end,
  3. Saw it a few hours ago from an east coast feed. Soooo.....
  4. Setting places at dinner for two dead people, especially one who's been gone for 20 years, is ridiculous. It's not like these people are so sentimental and close-knit. Even the snappiest family on tv (This is us) doesn't set the table for their dead father. And if I have to wait for season two to get answers to the most rudimentary questions, than that's bad writing, hopefully the writing in 2&3 expands from shoot someone, punch someone, say something hateful to your kin.
  5. So we just started watching this and have finished season 1. It's kinda stupid, and the hub probably doesn't care if we watch any more of it, but I want to see the Duttons get their comeuppance for all their crimes. I know, I know, they're supposed to be the good guys we viewers root for, good country folk stickin it to the (city) Man and all. I won't get into plot points since there are two seasons we haven't watched, so I'll snark on generalities. First, where is their Hop Sing? I mean, who is cooking and cleaning for these people? That scene in the last ep of seasons one, where Be
  6. Or they'll slap on even more tropes by having Taylor have an oops pregnancy too (so funny, mom and daughter both pregnant!) with a quickie wedding and Katie goes into labour at the wedding (so funny!) and of course it's very fast so she gives birth atthe reception, delivered by Greg (awwwww!) /sarcasm
  7. Interesting that many people think the house was fabulous. I joked to my husband that they're either in the '60s/'70s or landed in a recent HGTV reno. Had this aired even 5 years ago, many would have reacted to that house as, "Ew, they're in a tacky 1960s Brady Bunch house!" But now mid-century modern is considered beautiful. As for the time travel, yeah. Even one mention by Roger that he was feeling some reticence about leaving would have been better writing. Is the actor related to the Rankins from Nova Scotia? He can sing, so maybe?
  8. Ugh, a baby. The quintessential sitcom killer. And it's such a tired trope - sitcom family has two older kids and one a little younger to be the sassy little one. As they age out of the kid zone, the writers decide to add a baby. See Family Ties, Growing Pains, Roseanne. Brady Bunch and Partidge Family didn't have a baby but added a random extra kid. In none of these cases did the new kid/baby make the show better. If Katy is pregnant in real life, I don't blame them for not announcing it before the show did. At least it's aN actual surprise then. Not a surprise this viewer wanted, but a
  9. I gotta make a shallow comment about Georgia's eyebrows. Egads! I know the big hairy brow is a thing, but she is so tiny and blond that it looks like she has a couple of wooly bear caterpillars crawling on her forehead. Not a good look. Methinks the lovers of the big hairy brow will look back upon it as their mullet.
  10. I know that Georgia didn't mail the letters even though Austin thought she did. But Ginny found them and mailed them. My question is, where did those letters (that Ginny mailed) go? If Georgia put Azkaban on the envelope to appease Austin, then they're not going anywhere (and Ginny would know that it was fake). So my question is, how did Ginny mail the letters to Austin's father? If Georgia wrote the correct address on the envelopes, my question would be why? She wasn't going to mail them, and Austin thought he was in Azkaban so a real address would be confusing if he saw the envelope. If Geor
  11. I finished this within a few days and enjoyed it for what it was, a relationship dramedy. The actress who plays Georgia looks like a young blond Julia Roberts - same wide smile, big eyes, same accent and vocal inflections. Not sure how towns are run in the US, but it always makes me laugh when some random can just run for mayor on tv. And how much power the mayor has, like there's no town council that helps run the show and keeps the decisions accountable. And what is the mayor doing making decisions about school fundraisers, isn't there a school board for that? So weird. As f
  12. It was foxglove, known as digitalis. It's extremely toxic and is used as a heart medication. It's a common poison in mysteries. Fun show, with a dark side. I like it.
  13. There's is no evidence that Vikings ever entered what is now America, as in the US. So no "America scenes" and no reason to film in the US for authenticity, since they were never there. They arrived in what is now Canada, specifically Newfoundland. You can actually go to the only known Viking settlement in North America there, at L'Anse aux Meadows. It's quite well known. It's thought they didn't survive their settlement because they refused to learn from the native people. They were smart and skilled, were great hunters and fighters, and their women were strong too. There's no reason the
  14. I really enjoyed this. I always like shows where the female characters are front and centre and the male characters are background and filler. Agree that the teen Kate and Tully were fabulous, very believable. Not sure why someone upthread thought they wouldn't show anymore of the teen story in season two (if there is one); there's lots more story to tell. Also wondering how Tully gets her national show and becomes famous. Lots of funny bits, Katherine Heigl has a punchy comedic delivery. I like it. She'd be great in a witty sitcom. I thought Kate's daughter was exactly what I'd exp
  15. Shermie

    Your Honor

    The rib cracking story was terrible, and I'm not talking about the acting. Who hugs someone, much less a pregnant woman, so hard that they crack a rib? Was the wife made of styrofoam? He would have to squeeze like a vice either for a prolonged period of time against cries of pain or in a hard violent way. I know whereof I speak - my husband is a big strong guy and I'm 100 lbs less than him. Sometimes he bear hugs me too hard and I protest when it feels too tight. If he kept squeezing until he cracked a rib, I wouldn't be retelling the story with fondness. And yeah, the baseball was anothe
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