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    Watched it all and loved it. The acting all around was stellar, and I have to give props to the little girl who played Maddy. Her interactions with her parents was so natural; she wasn't a typical cutesy smart mouth movie kid. I didn't know they were real-life mother and daughter. I thought Andie McDowell was amazing as the narcissistic bipolar mother. My mother is similar, but on a lesser scale. She always had someone to take care of her, but since my Dad died and I'm in charge of her life, I have a front row view of how helpless she really is. And that narcissism of hearing her daughte
  2. It did look like they were struggling to make it look like they were "skating". You want a slippery surface for sock skating? Get a piece of linoleum and spray it with lemon pledge. It was a well built craft, though.
  3. Yes, it's an American thing. And saying Legos is not a shorthand for Lego. "Pick up your damn Lego" is pretty succinct. I noticed that the geek bros get way more camera time than any other team. The camera cuts to them for reaction shots constantly. It could be a drinking game if you want to get drunk.
  4. Most people's arm tattoos look like prison tats. Sorry, not sorry. Fun seeing Nick giving crafting hints. He's probably itching to get into that craft shed and make stuff. I think the winner is. A toss up at this point. The remaining crafters all have two or three patches.
  5. Nitpick - it's Lego, not Legos. I know Americans like to say Legos, but that's like saying your house is furnished with Ikeas. I agree that most viewers, including me, probably tune in to see awesome and creative builds, not gimmicky ways to demonstrate physics.
  6. Judge to brother/sister team while they're building: There's too much grey in all the roaches, hopefully your colourful creatures will be enough. So the team adds colour to the rocks. Judge to same team at the end: There's too much colour on the rocks, can't see the creatures. F off, judges. And the female judge needs to do something different with her hair. Looks like it's been glued flat to her scalp. Not a good look. Loved the sound garden, so clever. Getting so sick of the geek guys and all their screen time. I agree that I'd rather see good builds than all these d
  7. Olivia is likely jealous of Paula for many reasons, but it probably pisses her off that Paula is not devoting 100% of her time to Olivia. Those sexual comments to her father were just terribly inappropriate. If they found out Grandpa had an affair with a woman, would she have gone on and on and ON about his cunnilingus skills? Ew, so wrong. I don't think anyone likes Shane; he's immensely unlikable. Armand is messing with him for that reason. If Shane hasn't made such an unending fuss about his room, Armand probably would have moved on. However if Armand had just said sorry, have
  8. That's just sad. I'm horrified how people on tv always seem to have xanax or whatever in their purse, like it's required for everyone to function. It must be an American thing, given all the drug ads on American tv and in magazines. When the girls pulled out all those bottles, I thought it was ridiculous that people that young already felt they needed that much artificial help. I wonder if Rachel somehow gets ahold of the drug stash and intentionally o.d.'s, hence the body on the plane. Just speculation.
  9. Sometimes I think the judges are huffing the glue or paint while the crafters work. I agree that the ball player had to go because his swing wasn't secure, but why did the judge compliment his extension cord mat? Sure, the concept was cool, but he left the bulky plug ends on, which seems like a hazard. Was he the one with the origami door? That was really cool and kind of trippy. The green room was beautifully done but very very green. Maybe green on a neutral background would have been more visually pleasing. The zoo porch won? Okay. Not my choice, there seemed to be no cohesion in
  10. Seems like the same old typecasting to me - overdone, wacky yet vulnerable, very extra in her clothes and hair and makeup. Same old Jennifer Coolidge character.
  11. As soon as I saw Shane, I thought "punchable face". And yes, he proved me right. Even if the manager intentionally ripped him off, he doesn't know that. They have a great room and his wife is happy. It's their honeymoon, just enjoy that. Sometimes you have to know when to let something go. Maybe if he put on his big boy pants and booked and paid for his own honeymoon instead of having his mommy do it for him,he'd have more game negotiating. A quiet, "hey, how about a free massage for my wife to make up the mistake?" would have gone a long way. Yeah, that was weird. She's the CEO of a s
  12. While I love the idea of competitive Lego building, and do enjoy this show, good gawd I'm tired already of the over-focus on th various iterations of young males. I guess each week will have them eliminate various older, female, and people of colour teams until its two young white male teams and one token Asian male team. Ugh. Hope I'm wrong. Do the producers think only young males watch this? It's why I stopped watching Survivor - way too many dimbulb acting wannabes and random hotties, rather than the interesting variety of contestants they used to have. Anyway, driving your car off the
  13. I'll never understand people who won't use their dishwasher. My sister never did either, but complained how busy she was. My mother wouldn't use hers even after a big family dinner because it was "too much trouble". Oy. I use mine every damn day for every damn dish, and run it when it's full. People be crazy. I didn't think Gary should have gone home, although I would have focused on painting three shields perfectly rather than rushing through painting six shields sloppily. Maybe he's a muralist who can't paint a good mural without committing several days to it. I agree that the we
  14. It made me ill to see them rip out a perfectly good kitchen, which looked fairly new, because it didn't meet their tastes. Laundry just off the kitchen is not some disgusting hygiene faux pas. The way the brothers carried in you'd think the owner was boiling his dirty underwear in the same pot as his pasta. It's super handy to be able to change laundry loads or fold a load while you're waiting for your pasta water to boil. And after dissing the laundry being just off the kitchen, they give the homeowner a laundry alcove just off the kitchen. ::eyeroll:: Smashing those countertops wit
  15. Actually, no. Average number of sunny days in cities across Canada (Kelowna, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax) vary from 290 to 325 days a year. Sure, some of the Sunshine is over the snow, but that makes it even brighter. And the further north you go, the more sunny hours you get in a day, with only 5 or 6 hours of night at summer solstice. Average number of sunny days in Florida cities (Daytone, Tampa, Fort Myers, Key West, Orlando) varies from 229 to 266 days a year. Regarding the rape/not rape, my initial thoughts as that scene played out was that it made me unc
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