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  1. walnutqueen

    Behind Closed Doors

    There were many things in this documentary that disturbed me, but the narco interrogations interviews were horrifying!
  2. walnutqueen

    S04.E02: Recipe for Disaster

    THANK YOU! Science, bitch! [Jesse Pinkman] That Proposition passed by a slim margin - 52% - a difference of less than 600,00 votes (out of 13.4 million). Not what I would consider "substantial". And that was over a decade ago ...
  3. just watched it myself, and am sooo angry i cannot flip the double-bird. my right middle finger was working overtime, believe you me. Dorito, the cunty puppy-dumping grifter, is also the queen of ridiculous hairdos and stoopid outfits. she can miss me with her innocent victim act. a waste of oxygen, is that one.
  4. walnutqueen

    S04.E08: Ambo

    They seem to have planned it, so I'd imagine they cased the building and area for cameras beforehand. Oceanside uses their own ambulances, and yes, they are left running and occasionally do get stolen. They don't usually have trackers, nor do they carry much (if any) of the good stuff.* Those drugs are often carried in the EMT's go bag, in very small quantities. * to the best of my knowledge ... Unless the cops were in immediate hot pursuit, it would be easy to steal and quickly conceal an ambulance before the heist. The private security at the concert venue wouldn't necessarily be on the lookout for a stolen ambulance.
  5. what is it about cats and clean laundry, eh? my boys were especially fond of "helping" me put clean sheets on the bed - turning a basic household task into an exercise in futility.
  6. walnutqueen

    Dear Diary: Question of the Day(s)

    "It's not about the PASTA!!!" [/James Kennedy] I like 'em all. My fave is any good pasta someone else cooks for me. I do adore ravioli, if pressed to choose just one.
  7. i take great comfort and joy knowing y'all love animals ... and accept the virtual animal lurve (and terroristic threats) being sent my way. the toughest part (besides keeping him from walking on my sore legs) is making my babalu kitty realize he has to come closer for his regular lovin', since i can't really reach out to him right now. good thing he seems devoid of criminal intent - he could wreak an awful lot of havoc before i could get to the dreaded spray bottle!!!
  8. got some cheese to go with my whine? heh.
  9. no relatives, no friends nearby, neighbors friendly enough to drive me, jump start my car and help with the garbage cans, but not personal stuff. i'd rather die alone and in agony than let Luann within 100 yards of me ... heh. i am inventive and resourceful (but never "plucky") so will find ways to accomplish what is necessary - and fuck the rest.
  10. i am managing some things with great difficulty, and very slowly. the cats and critters are effing useless to help, so i'm on my own. it's an adventure, fer sure. but, necessity is the mother of invention!
  11. reading all your posts is about as much entertainment as i can handle. now please laugh with me as i regale you with the utter ridiculosity that this little episode has entailed: so, my left kneecap is totally f'ed, my right shin is bruised and skinned all to shit, my left arm is in a cast, and my right shoulder is frozen from a previous problem. can't reach anything, including my head to wash my hair. it is going to be an interesting few weeks. how in the hell did drunken Luann and Sonja escape their falls unscathed??? so unfair! is this where i can say "fuck my life"? ;~)
  12. walnutqueen

    New To Primetimer!?

    Welcome, @PentaHookUp!
  13. don't get electrocuted, 'kay? 'cause i love you, too.
  14. i take great pride in having a repertoire of cusswords that would make Trixie the Whore (Deadwood) blush. Don't care who fucking hears me, either. Houses on either side of me are currently unoccupied (yikes - i will have new neighbors for the first time since 1988!!!), and my steadfast neighbors across the street keep their windows closed (keeping in the AC, not keeping out my inadvertent vulgarity). they drop f-bombs when the kiddos are out of earshot, so it's all good. ICE, ICE, ICE, baby!!! Better than drugs. ;~)
  15. thanks, @Ellee. you can laugh with me - it's the best medicine, i've been told.