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  1. They'll only learn to steer clear of oleander if someone teaches them about the danger. Or, if they have a non-fatal encounter with oleander.
  2. I've never used spellcheck or auto-correct; I know better. ;~) If I am truly unsure of the correct spelling of a word (a rarity, I'll admit), I look it up in a fucking dictionary. If that makes me sound like an ass, at least I don't look like one when spellcheck or auto-correct is invariably wrong, wrong wrong. But then, I also do math without a calculator. heh. Why, yes, I AM a dinosaur. (see my avatar)
  3. This would never have happened were it not for the cameras and a ton of Disco groundwork. How do these people find the time to help this guy for free while still supporting themselves?
  4. Oleander IS deadly and it definitely CAN kill you, and children need to be made aware of this fact. Telling her it could make her sick is akin to telling her an alligator might bite her and give her an owie. Camping in Florida in the summer? That would be a big N-O for me. Of course, Florida, any time of the year, is a big N-O for me ... ;~)
  5. That was CLASSIC! But even that cancer scamming cunt and hypochondriac extraordinaire didn't seek medical attention when she got boinked on the head with a football (also a classic scene).
  6. The service dog was a nice gesture, but it was a puppy with no training. Actual service dogs go through at least a year and a half of intensive specialized training to be certified. Hopefully, this puppy will bond with the brother and his medical needs enough to be able to sense the seizures before they occur, like some other untrained dogs have been able to do. Or, just be a calming and comforting companion.
  7. Heh - somehow, it always sounds better to my ears when said in a delightful accent! I like the S.D. show because it is local (to me), and I can relive my days of wine & roses & annual passes to the Zoo/Safari Park. Plus, their long time efforts to save and preserve endangered species have had some spectacular results over the decades. Baby penguins are just cutie patooties! As are all baby animals, of course. ;~)
  8. Please tell me this means he grabs Andy's ass, or says he'd like to suck Juan's dick.
  9. I'd love to see Josh's classic look of skepticism as J-Lo tried to explain her way out of this one. Screw her and the perp who made bank on this.
  10. I've seen this case covered on ID - the mini-series was called Death in the Bayou: The Jennings 8.
  11. Thanks, Chenoa - and the same goes for you, too. Hope you're surviving this weekend's heatwave, and stay frosty, my friend! I think the Housewives franchises have lost their cachet. It's time for Bravo to explore some new frontiers, because too much of what they're giving us is stale and predictable.
  12. Glad you decided to join us, @MargoChanning. Welcome!
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