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  1. walnutqueen

    S07.E24: Reunion Part 3

    Nope. But it is Open Season on dicks, year round.
  2. I'll ff through all the scenes in which animals are harmed. Saves me from some battles ... and the sound of Lady's yelp and Drogo's black stallion screaming. And nothing could make me watch the death of a dragon, ever again.
  3. walnutqueen

    Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    Love, love, love Dodo Heroes! So glad it is back. Meanwhile, I got a serious chuckle from the story of the golden poisonous frogs on The Secret Life of the Zoo. They'd lost that lovin' feeling, so potential male rivals were placed next door. The young males were no threat to Carlos (?), so the keepers pulled out the big guns and imported a swashbuckling desperado from France called El Loco. Carlos started singing again, and mating resumed. Whoot, whoot! Also, the meerkats curious about the baby porcupine were delightful, as were the keepers when they had to extricate that baby porcupine from the meerkat burrows - with broomsticks.
  4. YES. And I say this despite the fact that I binge-watched the entire series over a long weekend before the start of Season 8. I'm a sucker for (self) punishment. ;~)
  5. walnutqueen

    S06.E01: RSVPeeved

    The show. She doesn't. The silver tray is how the perfectly crafted martini is delivered. If it is not consumed, said martini rests on a hand cut lead crystal coaster. This woman has educated us about martini culture - remember the ice crushing bag? Sadly, around about the age of 50 is when you can first appreciate shoes without laces, because bending over sometimes hurts.
  6. walnutqueen

    S07.E24: Reunion Part 3

    Didn't the Summer House chucklefucks get "introduced" to us by the VPR chucklefucks in the first place?
  7. walnutqueen

    The Zoo

    I'm lucky enough to live near the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park (renamed the Safari Park, but I'm old school). Back when I still had a disposable income, I was a regular visitor, and was able to meet & greet cheetahs, among other very cool critters, many times. They are beautiful and absolutely amazing cats. Long ago, before the handler could restrain him, one of those beauties licked my neck. A highlight of my life.
  8. walnutqueen

    The Aquarium

    Also, they sometimes need to be treated, and I have seen a lot of "training" directed at behaviors that will benefit their health and life on other zoo, vet and animal rescue shows. In my own rather limited experience, I have found that even fish can benefit from trusting their keepers, and I hope to see more of this on the show.
  9. No, because I haven't looked, and am not likely to do so. The minutiae and dirty details of this fantasy hold no interest for me. Which is also why I have no interest in reading the book(s). I was turned off on them long ago, before the Unsullied Habitat, when I read a post that said the Melisandre/Cressen poison scene lasted for 28 fucking pages. To me, that's just a glimpse into George R.R. Martin's masterbatory psyche I have no desire to explore. My days of reading interminable series are long behind me. I am ageing, and lack the patience & tolerance for foolishness - so get to your point, already! heh Please believe me when I say I mean absolutely no offense to anyone here who loves the books or intends to read them. I am just a cranky old crone. What the fuck do I know, anyways? I loved the TV show, start to finish, and didn't find fault with the ending.
  10. walnutqueen

    S07.E24: Reunion Part 3

    Kristen not only picked a piece of feces named James, but subjected everyone on the show and in the audience to him, ad nauseam. He is horrible.
  11. walnutqueen

    The Aquarium

    I want to feed, or even try to corral, a passel of hungry baby penguins! Too effing cute.
  12. walnutqueen

    Killing Eve

    Don't tell that to the originators of shepherd's pie, because ... LAMB. Aaron is simply too fucking creepy to live much longer.
  13. walnutqueen

    Small Talk: Slaves To Gab

    I swear, I haven't watched a clock this closely since I retired from my J.O.B. over a decade ago. Oh, who am I kidding? I haven't watched a clock AT ALL in that decade. I feel like there should be a word for the mixture of anticipation, dread, curiosity and despondency that I am feeling ... I, for one, fully intend to savor every last minute, with no agenda, and my critical eye firmly closed.
  14. walnutqueen

    Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet

    I'll just add that Dr. Jeff's lovely hair looked nice and shiny. I'm glad the chemo didn't change it. [/shallow]
  15. walnutqueen

    Small Talk: Slaves To Gab

    I am fortunate to have remained unspoiled for this entire series (well, except for the time my cat walked across my keyboard and revealed a spoiler tagged item, the Little Bastard!). So no matter what happens on A Show tonight, all I know is that by 7:23 pm I shall feel a keen sense of loss. I suspect I will be in mourning for quite some time, and you, my faithful few, will be my only solace. Thanks to everyone for being here.