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  1. I don't want to get into a morals or ethics issues concerning certain situations, that should be discussed somewhere else. But they seem to be more focused on the "racist crooked cops" angle, when the "ripped from the headlines" of late are many innocent bystanders were (and are) being shot and killed and it's being reported to be due to gang violence. Since the defunding, major crimes have been increasing. It just seems like the producers and writers have a definite agenda.
  2. First of all, I never mentioned the Covid virus. It's when the "taken from the headlines" is used and exploited so Benson can champion a bias social or political issue that is so convoluted, yet you think it's acceptable. Case in point, the episode "Zero Tolerance", where SVU is in the process of breaking up a child sex slavery ring, when they get sidetrack and try and return a child to her mother, but have to deal with the immigration policies at that time. Benson some how gets the city of New York involved with national policy by having a US Marshal arrested and it some how makes it to a cou
  3. Yes, when she takes center stage, the investigation becomes more about her than about investigating the accusations of a victim. It's not about getting justice for a legitimate victim, it's about Benson going above and beyond to see that a supposed suspect is prosecuted, even if he might be innocent or she maybe pushing some social agenda even though it may have nothing to do with the case they started working on at the beginning.
  4. When the show was successful and had good ratings the focus was on the investigation and had all the different aspects where each detective had a little different opinion and that is when they had more than 3-4 detectives like they do now. Back then they had a captain that had captain responsibilities and an ME who had solid involvement. Before this season it was Benson taking over for Cragen (who mostly worked out of his office), but not Benson she was leading a crusade against every guy who looked guilty or believed every woman who cried rape even though it wasn't sometimes. Benson put most
  5. That last one, I think would be tough to prosecute unless you had a video or like Marylandgirl mentioned before on a wire where he confesses.
  6. I believe that all the undercover john had to do was to get the woman to talk about the arrangement over the wire. He just needs to say is that the janitor told him to come see her for the usual and if she refused, to tell her she will be kicked out of her apt the next day.
  7. I am sorry but a lot of us have been complaining for the last few years about how everything Benson does is so heavenly righteous. But a miracle has occurred most of this season. Benson has taken a somewhat backseat when it come to the focus of attention. Most of the episodes have been primarily about the investigations and given the other detectives some attention and not about the trials and tribulations of Benson. It seems like Rollins got most of the soap opera attention this season. Now that the Covid protocols are being lifted, I just hope they don't go back to where the spotlight is on
  8. If we are suppose to look at it from the social workers perspective, why didn't the writers and producer have Benson and the rest of them look at it from a social worker's point of view. Benson and SVU should have some idea of what a social worker does, so you can't have it both ways. Defunding shouldn't stop them, but it sure makes it very hard to accomplish it. Remember the episode that had everybody working a case individually ( Something to do with Midnight if I remember)? Tell me should this case have taken priority over a couple of those other cases? It's a tough choice to
  9. Yeah, I agree with you here. I don't believe she was intimidated or felt threatened or she may have thought that. IMO I think she was just naive about the situation.
  10. This situation should have been investigated by Vice from the beginning, but SVU has to take the lead on it for some reason. You never heard of undercover johns? Once again the writers and producers are unfamiliar with police procedure and them trying to justify SVU involvement mystifies me.
  11. I only brought that up because I was using it as an example to show that both sides of an issue need to be explored. The police should be cautious with their suspicions especially if they are one sided. Benson's holier-than-thou attitude resulted in a kid's death in one episode. Then why was Benson and some of the other SVU members were so upset with child services. They kept complaining that the accusations were so baseless and a waste of time. So even their own unit complained about the over suspicions of others. I believe SVU is clearly understaffed and overwor
  12. I am a little confused? Benson is allowed to venture into other crimes that don't involve Special Victims and the writers and producers turn the episode into a political statement or a condemnation on some social issue or two. Remember "Zero Tolerance"? Why isn't she given the same privilege here to interfere?
  13. So according to you police, should always be suspicious to the point of obsessiveness? I don't think the writers would be allowed to writer for characters that are so paranoid or that go looking for crimes when there is no apparent evidence. This would make it so easy to for unfriendly neighbors to call the police on the people next door.
  14. I am sorry but this all presumption. When the writers and producers give us more evidence than yes, then you are right. Don't you remember when Benson was up on abuse charges, they found Noah had been bruised and she was brought before a hearing. Then by your standards, Noah should have been taken away from Benson.
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