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  1. I thought having the jury tainted by a juror enamored with one of the defendants has been way over used by the entire family of Law & Order shows and I think that SVU has probably used it the most, especially at the end of this episode. They used this gimmick to expedite the justice for the victim. I have never seen anyone more arrogant, pompous and egotistical than these defendants. I thought the writers (and producers) went a little overboard in the way they had them portrayed.
  2. Did anyone else think that that confrontation outside where Carisi gets hit with a Big Red slushy was so terribly contrived. What the hell were the other cops doing, just watching straight ahead when that drink was chucked. Someone should have seen who threw it. Oh my god, why is Benson testifying as an expert witness for rape victims? Why isn't a trained therapist testifying, it makes no sense and makes it so unrealistic. I guess the writers (and producers) had to make time for Benson to speak for rape victims. Well the writers and producers are doing it again, the trial is going to
  3. Well at least we don't have McGrath here to call it a bad or good victim case. The bad part is that this maybe a superficial investigation, because of Benson setting up the OC episode and talking about Stabler.
  4. I think we may have seen a sample of Velasco's integrity, when he got on the roof to talk that girl down and told Rollins he fudged a little about his sob-story. His convincing ability to lie maybe detrimental to the Squad, so now with everything he says I am going to "take it with a grain of salt".
  5. I think it was meant to be some sort of "thought provoking" statement to heat up the emotions of the viewers. I thought it was in poor taste because it makes the NYPD look like uncaring public servants.
  6. I don't think that they would involve the mayor, because he's a Liberal Democrat and the show (SVU) don't like to eat their own.
  7. I believe it's a growing consensus that McGrath is going to another "Over the top" annoyance to Benson, but will he stay that way? Remember when Dodds first appeared on the scene, wasn't he almost as bad as McGrath? By the time he checked out he was doing Benson a major favor that allowed her to be promoted
  8. All very good points about McGrath. It's too bad the writers and producers didn't try to explore the first rape victim's situation more and how hard it would be to convict since she has had at least two lovers. Instead all they do is try and make Benson look good trying to get the victim justice. I am not trying to demean the first victim but we all know what the defense would do to her if she was on the stand.
  9. Velasco is being very opinionated here and kind of pushy. At least Amaro was willing to learn the ropes and follow Benson's lead. The investigation is looking pretty good and McGrath is turning out to be the Biggest Dick in the World when he doesn't believe the rape victim, and then "splat" we get a Benson soap opera moment with the doctor concerning her injury. Well it's getting better when a new rape occurs with the same MO, so McGrath will be eating his words. I'm getting a bad feeling about this episode. It seems like they are doing a disservice to the NYPD by making it look like a cop's r
  10. I thought this was meant to be either Clinton or Trump (depending on which Party you support) Usually the writers and producers are more blatant when they put together a political episode and the party in question is very obvious.
  11. Then "I Thought You Were On My Side" show was just another one of the usual episodes that portrays Benson as the only one looking out for rape victims and the FBI as the evil menace that enables a dirt bag like Gabe. Unless they plan a part II down the road for this episode where Gabe actually escapes from his FBI handlers and Benson gets a chance to blow this guy away.
  12. I have a feeling it did continue, so I don't know what happen to Gabe. Has he become an informer to pass on info to Stabler or was he killed off for snitching.in the 2-hour premiere of OC? If he got killed then that is at least some kind of justice for the rape victim here
  13. Some of this I agree with and some I don't
  14. Did you like how this episode went? I thought it was too formulated like past episodes. It's like we knew what was going to happen. I thought it would good to give it some kind of resolution with the FBI or Feds at least taking care of the rape victims medical bills and give her a substantial amount to live on. But no, they have to make them the Bad Guys so Benson can be the one to look so altruistic.
  15. Holy Cow, are we seeing Benson neglect her quest for justice and put the victims needs on hold so this rapist can get off for giving up his boss? That is usually what Benson fights against letting a perp off easy in return for snitching on other criminals
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