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  1. How did anyone who follows the Wheelhouse get ON the jury in the first place? They shouldn’t have made it through void dire. Jury shoulda been people my age - who wouldn’t know TikTok from a can o’ paint!
  2. It looks like he crossed out Germany (which would make no sense.) Poland is nowhere near the Danube, and it doesn't have any Alps!
  3. The Albanian Mrs. creeps me out. I felt like I needed a shower after that ending. Hopefully not! Lolita Davidovich is just a few months younger than Chris Meloni (they both turned 60 this year) - but doesn't she look like she having fun with that role? The Real (Horny) Housewife of the Albanian Mob! Oh, Stabler...you are playing with fire there!
  4. Huh, I missed that, and I usually catch mispronunciations and screwy terminology! Brachycardic would mean she has a "short heart" (no duh; she's a baby - everything about her is "short!" Or Brachicardic would mean her heart is in her arm or shoulder 😆 Brachy = usually a long a sound. Brachi = usually short a sound (even though "brachy" is the one that means "short!") There used to be a cardiologist on a show I watched who constantly talked about someone having an "arrythmia." Pronounced like arithmetic. It's an "arryTHmia" with the TH as in these and those. Drove me bonkers.
  5. OK, Jess took off on her own - called that one! How old was Jenny Walker when she ran away? If she were 18 or over, would consensual uncle-niece incest even be prosecuted? There’d be social penalties, sure - but legal penalties? For an adult woman deciding to estrange herself from her parents and move with her uncle? I suspect the authorities have bigger fish to fry!
  6. Yeah, as soon as I heard “antifreeze,” I went, “Aha, it’s that same metabolic disorder they did on SVU that time!” Yep. Methylmalonic Acidemia. Based on a real-life case, it’s been dramatized a few times. Now wouldn’t you think cops, & medical examiners, & prosecutors, & defense attorneys, & judges...hell, even juries... would watch a little TV now & then and know about this stuff? Can always do a cupcake tree, Shaun!
  7. iPhones. Which not everyone in that socioeconomic group would have had in the first year or 2 they existed. So it’s 2015-16.
  8. The novel was published in 2009. The "Hillary maybe running for president" scene from The Mill puts it in either 2007-08 or 2015-16. I'll have to rewatch some scenes and pay attention to whether most of the characters have iPhones (which only came out in 2007) or flip phones!
  9. 25 other perfectly good letters in the alphabet- and they went with “Q”??!!!
  10. He was titrating the dosage down - slowly weaning himself from the meds. At 2% a week (as discussed w/ his pharmacist friend), it will take around a year to stop completely.
  11. Joe Buck? The Midnight Cowboy??!
  12. Yes! I remember for a while, tuning in right around the end of Double Jeopardy, to see if it was a Ken runaway. And then not bothering to watch my recording. I hate to say it, but I'm starting to get to that point with Matt. I never thought Ken was a jerk, I just go soooo bored with him.
  13. He did a pretty good job, but doesn't he already HAVE a job? You know...Producing?!
  14. Should we ask Katie (Katy) what she "did"?
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