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  1. Ha! Ipecac makes you puke like crazy - it’s used to induce vomiting for poisonings or pill overdoses. So are the gangsters going to break in & get splattered with projectile vomit from the funeral director family?!
  2. It's been done that way before.
  3. That’s why Mary Mack’s mother’s makin’ mary Mack marry me, my mother’s makin’ me marry Mary Mack I’m gonna marry Mary for my Mary to take care o’ me, We’ll all be feeling merry when I marry Mary Mack! is such a fun song to sing!
  4. i'm afraid i do too. dell and dale , hale, hell. I'm a native of florida Ha! On Family Feud the other night, the question was "Something people in Hell have to stand in all day long." And Steve Harvey most definitely pronounces "in Hell" and "inhale" the exact same way - and it was obvious that some of the contestants thought he said "inhale"! Uh...Oxygen? I certainly thought he said "inhale." I pronounce my first name and Merry Christmas exactly the same. I pronounce Marry with just bit more of a short "a" sound. But I pronounce Barry Manilow, Berry cream pie, and Bury me not on the Lone Prairie exactly the same way! I knew what poem it was (although I thought the title was "Xanadu" rather than Kubla Khan,) But I couldn't for the life of me think who wrote it, although I was pretty sure it wasn't Byron. Shelley? Keats? ...Maybe Wordsworth?? Couldn't have come up with Coleridge if I'd had the whole half-hour of the show to think about it!
  5. Just finished watching Unstable (Wentworth Miller possibly tosses serial rapist out police station bathroom window.) Leaving the innocent guy (Victor Tate) in prison with "no way to get out" because the real rapist is dead and can't testify. After Stabler promised he's get him out. So Sonya Paxton tells Stabler there's nothing they can do to help Victor (no early parole, etc...) "Unless one of you knows the governor?" Dammit, Sonya! You're an ADA! You know your boss. You either already know Jack McCoy or at least your chief knows Jack McCoy. And Jack McCoy knows the governor! Jack McCoy knows the mayor! The mayor knows the governor! Way fewer than six degrees of separation!
  6. Yes! But, Elizabeth Cady Stanton? She was born in 1815! She would have been 82 years old at the time of the show. The actress was much too young.
  7. Anecdote I read recently, fellow on the subway sitting next to a blind girl, tells her, "Your guide dog's cute!" Girls says, "Aw, well...I wouldn't know!" No, you got it right. When Murphy told him "Chloe already knows all of it," I think is when he lost all hope and decided to cheat the hangman, so to speak.
  8. Yep. Come and sit by me. Chloe's not actually going to see anything,
  9. Yep. I said mirrored aviators! (I had a pair of those things when I was 14 - I thought I looked totally cool!)
  10. She took $10,000 out of her savings to pay off the cyclist she accidentally hit (while driving with Nia's drug $$; they didn't have the actual drugs till later.) They paid him out of Nia's $$ and Jess's $$ went to replace that.) If she'd taken out $9990.00 and pitched in the $10 out of her own pocket, or Felix's, or Murphy's, they'd never have been on the IRS radar. And probably never have met Josh! I'm wondering if she actually tells her in a rush of love, or if somehow Jess finds out on her own. I'm guessing the latter.
  11. They can't. Prisoners are strip-searched after a contact visit. Do not ask how I know this. About Jess, in the preview (lying awake and looking shocked/angry) -- does Sterling fess up that she was originally there to spy for Nia? Jess is going to have to find that out eventually; better it should come from Sterling herself but I don't know how she can do it now & hope for forgiveness. She should've told Jess before their run. ETA: I was pretty annoyed that Murphy slept with Josh (of course, I was ticked that she slept with Dean, too!), but Murphy sleeps with everybody (except, apparently, Felix!) I've come to the conclusion that Murphy experiences the world basically in a tactile/kinesthetic way, since obviously she can't do it visually. And in her world, touch = sex.
  12. I learned later that they basically ran out of $$ to extend the story, either by a longer finale or another ep. But still...poor wrap-up.
  13. I came here to see if anyone mentioned that yet! “Da da da Sail the Ship, Da da da Chop the Tree, Da da da...Look At MEEEE!” What the heck happened to “Skip the Rope”????! And I DO us FB Messenger (a lot) - but I didn’t even know what that ad was for though because I just get so ticked off when they screw up the song!
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