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  1. All right, show -- either set yourself in a post-COVID19 timeline (a la The Good Doctor), or fercryinoutloud wear your masks/face shields properly! On again, off again, take 'em off to talk to someone? Just stop it, already! And WHY in the name of all us health care workers were they allowed to have a holiday party in the middle of a pandemic? Yeesh, we're not even allowed to eat lunch together. ETA: Doesn't matter. He took the plea; even if he learns what the jury's verdict was (which he should NOT), he can't have a do-over.
  2. You mean, "hun-ner-red," don't you?! Definitely three syllables!
  3. They're using a lot of clear face-shields. Judge Lola had a great one that mounts at the bottom - like a plastic headband that she slides on above her collar. I wouldn't mind having one like that! The Good Doctor managed two COVID19 episodes and then time-jumped to a post-virus future. Good thing, too, as their inconsistent mask-wearing was a horrible example! I'm fan-wanking that it's over by July, because new medical residents typically come onboard on July 1. As for the COTW? Seriously, people liked it? OK...each to their own taste I guess. A mashup of Amanda Knox, Quarantine, and the schlubby friend-zoned guy from one of the numerous "Hudson University Rape Stories" - I forget which one exactly* - and they managed to make it boring as heck. None of the people involved were remotely interesting or likeable (well, the victim may have been but we didn't really get to know her), and the only twist was that friend-zone guy thought she was dead when he dumped her (alive!) body. I forget, has SVU ever done a "dumped-victim-wasn't-really-dead-and-could-have-survived-if-gotten-help" situation? I'm sure they must have, but who can remember! I watched a Crossing Jordan rerun this afternoon with that situation - why yes, we are watching a lot of TV during lockdown; why do you ask? ETA: *Wally, from Season 2's Consent. Schlubby friend-zone guy.
  4. Ugh, it just came on again! And not only is it "one eight hunnerred" -- he also says "one hunnerred percent"! Stop!
  5. The commercial for some Medicare Benefits service, dial 1-800-whatever? It’s pronounced “hundred”! HunDred! Two syllables! With a “D” in the middle! Not “hun-ner-red”! And he says it over, and over, and over... I want to reach through the TV and smack him.
  6. About when tornadoes can happen: Montgomery County, PA (near Philadelphia) had a tornado Monday. November 30. Almost anywhere in the world. Any day of the year.
  7. His introduction- where he told of his decision to leave the Hasidic community to go to medical school - and to date men!
  8. I'm pretty sure the syndicate (Ebal) ordered the hit, using their new ally Happy. Yes, Leon (the young Black guy, Happy's cousin) was supposed to be Lemuel's driver/bodyguard. And let Lemuel get arrested right under his nose (not to mention almost shot by Rabbi & Calamita!) Loy gave him one heck of a beating after that, and I suspect he was hungry for some revenge! The aerial shot was amazing, but damn that was one huuuuuuge grave for just two people! I felt for the guys who were left to fill it in.
  9. Sure - Mike Milligan, for all his charm & all how much we like him & want to root for him (and root for Satchel!) - is a criminal! Criminals don’t get a happy ending in the Fargoverse. I’m fairly sure the scene with Mike in the car - with a Kitchen Brother driving -was supposed to be the beginning of Season 2, with Mike reminiscing about walking a similar road as a boy.
  10. It's not her. And can you believe Sally Jessy Raphael is 85 years old? Wow!
  11. The Wild Sow

    S04.E10: Happy

    Josto's guy - the tall, young one who doesn't say much - is Joe Bulo. Who will be Mike Milligan's boss in 1979. So, we know he survives 1950.
  12. Nah, it’s still annoying me. Either set it in a post-COVID world, (or even a COVID never happened world), or wear your frickin’ masks! Stop taking them off to talk to each other!
  13. I'm pretty happy this ep was set in a post-Pandemic future. What with all the sporadic mask-wearing last week! I was screaming at the TV, "Universal precautions! Keep your masks ON, in all areas of the hospital!" Outdoors, 6 feet apart, sure, go ahead and lower them. But inside? Keep them ON! Hey, I've been wearing one since March, and I work with cancer, patients, not COVID19 patients. I take it off to eat (alone!), and when I get in my car after my shift. So....is COVID over by July? New residents start July 1! Dare we hope? I liked the Hasidic Atheist who dates men. Love that he ran down to the tissue bank and got the pig bladder! Yeah, Resnick definitely liked the fireman (and he was a cutie.) I was surprised he'd be physically fit enough to go back to firefighting after that major surgery, successful as it might be. Maybe he won't be able to, and he and Resnick can bond over losing their dream career due to a physical limitation.
  14. That was Aldo, one of the Fadda minions. Not a feed store guy.
  15. Oh, yeah! The whole show, we were speculating, is she pregnant? Are they trying to hide it (and doing a piss-poor job LOL!)? My work (13 story hospital) allows 4 on an elevator at a time. And has little foot markers on the floor that you're supposed to stand on so you're facing away from one another. Mostly they're ignored!
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