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  1. You’ve got a point there! I’m just glad Reid got a girlfriend he could keep (and kiss!) for once. Let the boy genius grow up and lose his virginity- he’s freakin’ 39 years old (character & real life.) I am a little sorry Max didn’t get to look Cat-the-annoying-super-villain in the eye, as she was being hauled back to prison, & say “Naaahhhh, I was just screwin’ With you!” As far as Rusty went, I have to admit I nodded off after the first 10 minutes or so. Might watch later. Might not.
  2. Yes! When he went headfirst into a glass trophy case and came up with not a drop of blood, that was it for me. And they basically destroyed the restroom, and no one notices? Not even a shocked reaction from a custodian coming in?? BTW, don't most school restrooms have wall-mounted toilets with a flush-o-meter valve, rather than a tank?
  3. And here I was wondering who the heck is Dr. Beaker -- and what has he done with Mr. Flutesnoot?! Archie Comics had a perfectly good chemistry teacher on their roster. Beaker is a Muppet.
  4. Of course, there was no standardized spelling in Tudor England! Wonder if they’d have taken “Nan Bullen”? Or Ann Bowlen, or Bolen, or Boullon, or any of the other myriad ways the Boleyn family was addressed at the time!
  5. Iiinnn-terjections! Show excitement! Or emotion! They're generally set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point! Or by a comma, when the feeling's not as strong.
  6. I thought this year's test was surprisingly easy! If they don't ding me for spelling (Haaj, Bolyen, McBeth, and Dogers) I got 48 or 49! I tried to fix a typo on Eulogize and am pretty sure I ran out of time before the final E. Maybe I shall avenge my brothers gimmickgenius & tee_eff_em this year after all! Gonna go brush up on my bowtie-tying skills, as long as I don't have to grow the beard 😂
  7. Oh Lordy, I forgot all about Rudnik! I got distracted looking up name of the judge.
  8. Along with Dale Stuckey, Chester Lake, Judge Kofax, and (infuriatingly!) Dana Lewis. Damn, it's getting pretty crowded under that bus!
  9. Isn't Archie 18? And mostly sleeping at the gym? A little late for "grounding," don'tcha think?! Of course, Mary can prevent Archie from using her car or cars. Can't exactly stop him from getting a car of his own, or borrowing someone else's. Not only is he Mr. "Honey" (Matilda), but he's "Holden" Honey (some other book that I was told I was supposed to like when I was a teenager -- but didn't!) And, *snork* -- "Bret Weston Wallis"?? The random literary shoutouts just keep comin', don't they?
  10. Right before the scene where she agreed to change her meds there was an ad for Xeljanz XR -- for RA when Methotrexate didn't work well or wasn't tolerated!
  11. Two WRONG answers on the "Winter" quiz with Jerry O'Connell this morning! 1) 32 Celsius = 89 Fahrenheit, so yes, it DOES need to be below 32 Celsius in order to snow. The question did not specify how far below. 2) Galapagos Penguins live on Isabela Island -- and since the equator runs across that island, those penguins are indeed found in the Northern Hemisphere. Do your research, show!
  12. I don’t watch that show, but I assumed it was pronounced LOB-law, like the old hardware store chain. Oh, & good thing they came back & allowed plum pudding! I knew they were going for “figgy” based on the song lyrics, but plum was perfectly correct for he clue.
  13. Not necessarily. She's Frank Abagnale!
  14. Yeah, I didn’t get the Reid/JJ arc at all. I mean, in the real world, it was obviously designed to drum up viewership for tonight’s premiere. But in the world of the show, what purpose did JJ’s confession serve? Nothing is going to change. She’s not leaving Will so she and Reid can ride off into the sunset. She’s going to stay married. She and Reid will stay friends. Yep. Of course, they could always have Spencer go totally dark/psycho & shove Will into the path of a serial killer! He'd probably get away with it too (unless some meddling kids show up.) Just kidding (sort of!) Oh, BTW, was this written by Thomas Harris? "...what he covets..."?? Seriously? Killer is disfigured, or believes he is disfigured? Making a Guy Suit out of Real Guys?
  15. I don't know how to remove the spoiler tag -- if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it!
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