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  1. I would suggest enrichment toys to entertain and challenge Mo. Honey had several that you hide small treats inside and they have to figure out how to get to them. And they can expend their chewing impulse to a degree. She loved those toys! FYI: Don’t drink so much water that you flush out your electrolytes! A friend wound up in the hospital getting an IV of potassium after drinking too much water after a day of yard work. Gatorade Zero doesn’t taste that bad and is low in carbs but replaces electrolytes.
  2. My PBS station showed the same episode yesterday and I bookmarked it because I love a sour cream layer!
  3. This looks to be the same recipe, @Mondrianyone. https://www.browneyedbaker.com/strawberry-cheesecake-bars/
  4. I finished this show last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope it gets a season 2 with Justin as host and Andrew, Joanne and Dr. O as judges. This was a unique and interesting concept and it seems Andrew played a part in devising the challenges. I think my favorite was the one with the crash test dummies but I enjoyed them all. And I liked all the “bakeineers.” Now I’m ready for the Sugar Rush Holiday special and hopefully GBBO Holiday special.
  5. Congrats! What wonderful news! Mo has hit the jackpot with you as his papa! I love his cute little ridge. He will be a happy boy indeed. Looking forward to his antics.
  6. What a sweetheart! The toes! The goatee! The tongue! I know you’ve got a big smile under the mask!
  7. Is Heidi the type to get her feelings hurt because you found the pupster without her along? I just can’t imagine that she’s upset about this possibility of adoption. But you would know better. Anyway, I wouldn’t let Heidi’s silence deter me if I were you. I hope you can connect with Dominique tomorrow!
  8. Robots v. Aliens might have been my favorite episode ever. The bakes were pretty clean, the flavors sounded yummy and the stories were so cute. Banana bourbon brûlée filling? Yes please! The dust bunnies were so clever. Really, I loved all three entries. RBI’s robot impersonation was dorky and adorable.
  9. Let us know if you need pet papa character references!
  10. I thought she was leading the conspiracy for adoption! I can’t imagine that she doesn’t think he’s a doll. What’s important is if you feel a connection to him. Those hind toes….😍
  11. Note to self: don’t ever use Sara Borgese as my stylist!
  12. Wilma wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress. She kept it to a simple white number!
  13. Liam is a silly, inane host on Bake Off The Professionals. I was surprised at how ridiculous he is. He co hosts with someone named Tom who is familiar to British viewers. This duo almost ruins that charming show. They are so intrusive and are just plain crackers, not in an amusing way. Ask @TVbitch if you don’t believe me!
  14. Watched episode 2 with Robots today. That was fun! I am fascinated by anyone who can code and construct these things. Yes, I know that coding is taught now (rightfully so and I’m jealous), but even the lamest entry was wonderful (to me). The right team won (will they continue to dominate?) and the right team went home. Justin, who I have loved since he hosted Cake Wars, Cupcake Wars and Halloween Wars, is so darling and a perfect host. I knew that he is a magician and when he “coughed” up the donut, I thought that was adorable. And Hakeem and Joanne who are judging alongside Andrew are so very
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