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  1. Thank you, @Athena, that’s him! I’m really miffed that we didn’t go to Marcus’s restaurant last year. Do you remember what you had? I won’t let that mistake happen again when I travel. In fact, I’m researching restaurants in Normandy. I know I want to eat at La Couronne in Rouen, the place where Julia Child had her first ever meal in France. I believe she had a heavenly sole meunière.
  2. I don’t like the hosts one bit but I am pretty excited that this premieres tonight. Cake and bread week? Bring it on!!
  3. The chef I’m referring to wasn’t last year with the terrific trio. He was in the season before that or two seasons before that. BTW, last I looked, the terrific trio still stay in touch and do a lot of pop-ups and private events. And Matthew is engaged to his very gorgeous GF. When this season is over, I’ll update on the chef who works/worked for Marcus and his season. Grrr. I hate being spoiled and I didn’t word my google search properly. Since we did England so recently (we went to Wimbledon last year), we’re doing Normandy next year. I’m sure we’ll have some terrific food! And lots of apple cider! I had no idea that the Normandy region has the climate for apple orchards. Sounds charming! I will say that I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up with this week’s episodes due to a busy schedule but then I remembered that my gym has wi-if, so I watch the show on my iPad while on the treadmill and stair master.
  4. @TVbitch, after you shared where to find this show, I binge watched several of the recent past seasons. One chef (I think he won his season but am not sure) was eventually hired by Marcus. Again, I don’t recall which season or how much time passed before Marcus hired him. It wasn’t immediately after his win. Oh I remember a bit about him now. He was the one who had sort of a smaller build and everyone kept fussing at him to speak loudly and answer yes chef. Was his name hmmm? I think a female was in the final 3 with him. The reason I know that Marcus hired him was because i was so impressed with his food that I googled him to see where he is now. For vacation next year we talked about doing either England or France and if we chose England, I wanted to go to his restaurant. Anyway, I’ll see if it can find his name and season. Update: Gah!! Don’t google if you don’t know the name! I just saw one of the names of a final 3 chef For this season! I’m an idiot!
  5. Thanks for reminding me about that station. Not long ago I re-watched Lark Rise to Candleford on that station. Of course Lark Rise is not a home show, but an above quality miniseries. I will pay more attention to the BYU network!
  6. I will admit that she looks prettier this season than she has in the past.
  7. Amen to this! Melissa does speak so rapidly that it annoys me. I, too, am rooting for Geoffrey but I’d also be ok with Jennifer (is she the one with the long dark hair) winning. So, yes, we just jinxed poor Geoffrey!
  8. I’m glad I was not a judge for last night’s competition. All three had brilliant ideas, although that one guy was a little OTT in confidence! I can’t believe that the newbie guy has not been in gingerbread competitions before. Loved his chaotic scene with the octopus destroying everything. The lady’s coffee shortage was adorable and so detailed. I really thought she would win. Her handmade coffee beans and sugar cubes were genius! And the overly confident guy’s ginger-zilla was clever but it wasn’t executed all that well. I still wish Kerry Vincent had returned as a judge.
  9. Episode 2 Elf Auditions That was a pretty good episode. Peppermint Posse definitely deserved to go home. I thought the faces on their figures were too exaggerated and the hands were awful. Elizabeth on the winning team is an amazing sculptor. Her elves were so animated. Her team’s scenario and spikey hair guy’s scenario were the best as far as both execution and storyline. Sugar artist Jeremy on the team with the singing auditions is brilliant. That microphone is one of the best, if not the best, sugar piece they’ve ever had on the show. I wanted to try all the tasting elements! I’m enjoying this season.
  10. I just watched episode 1 and have to say thanks for the recommendation! What a perfectly delightful and interesting show! I will recommend it to my friends. It’s so unique and impressive. If I’m not careful, I could binge watch this show today.
  11. Regarding episode 15: I’m really liking these chefs and their food. It’s so funny how during their skills tests, I think “oh no, they all suck” and then they create such magnificent food later on. I know that there are tremendous nerves in the beginning but at first I wonder if they can scramble an egg! My money to win is on
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    I am definitely making these next week....thanks!
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