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  1. The trailers for the body cakes show were enough to convince me to not waste my time. I have no intention of subscribing to another service, but I think I read that Discovery+ has brought back Ron Ben-Israel in Sweet Genius. Damn you, FN, for not bringing him back before now. As much as I love him, I’m still not subscribing. I’m sure I’ll be able to find the episodes eventually via other sources.
  2. I really don’t recall Sunny being so loud and over the top on her pre-Kitchen shows. I wonder if TPTB needed a big personality to bookend Jeff’s wackiness and this is what we got?
  3. You could voice your opinion on FN’s Facebook page. It won’t do any good. Once in a while, I’ll peek at it and see many comments similar to those expressed on this forum. And Sunny is very defensive on her social media if someone even broaches the subject of her not being in her own kitchen or that she’s always outside. The show’s ratings are exceptional, so don’t expect any changes. I think the network has found a perfect day and time slot for this show no matter who the hosts are and they are going to milk the ever-loving crap out of it. I only watch for 1) Gus, 2) Iris, 3) snark value!
  4. The transitional home episode was brilliant. Bravo for the low budget and how they made such a welcoming, healing home. I, too, am a chair fanatic and love to search for chairs in antique malls to have refinished and recovered. I was hoping to see Matt, the caning guy, actually weave the cane. I am a big fan of The Repair Shop on Netflix and it is fascinating to watch their caning expert weave the cane. On that show, she does not apply it as a big sheet like Matt did. She weaves it on the chair itself. But perhaps each piece is restored differently. I am fighting myself to not go to the antique mall tomorrow.
  5. I can promise you that the ornaments that belonged to your German relatives would have great value. Yes, since we are on the Antiques Roadshow forum, they’d have monetary value, but would have an even greater historical and religious value. But even more meaningful is that it sounds like your relatives escaped just in time. That is priceless. Thank you for sharing this.
  6. I do agree that there are many factors relating to decrease in values and that changing tastes and the way we live now play a big part in it. My folks had a lovely solid Mahogany dining room set in very good condition. The set was the table, 8 chairs, the China cabinet and a really large, heavy buffet. Not only do my sister and I already have our houses totally furnished, but I wouldn’t have the room for all of those pieces if i wanted them. So, I contacted a reputable antiques guy in our area to see if he had any interest and he said “I’ve got several barns of pieces like this that I can’t get rid of. Young people now all want IKEA, not pieces that they equate to their grandma.” So when we finally found someone who paid $800 for the entire set, we sold them. It killed me but you gotta be realistic about it and not be silly enough to pay storage on it. I have a few charming antique pieces that I love but I’m sure they will be given away for nothing when I’m gone. I will say that when I put all the Christmas decorations away the other day, I did box up my childhood ornaments separately from the other items and put notes with them to identify that they are from my childhood and some even older than that. If my heirs trash those Christmas items, I’m coming back to haunt them every year!
  7. Just watched tonight’s episode where they update the values given in Baltimore in 2007. Back then a lovely Austro-Hungarian rock crystal watch was valued at $20k to $30k. The 2021 value is now $1k to $1,500! Wow, I don’t recall seeing THAT big of a decrease in valuation before. I’d love to know if the gentleman who owned it in 2007 still owns it and if he is aware of this update!
  8. Nope, no placement that I recall....just a lazy ass excuse for a “recipe.”
  9. And how about Sunny cooking a frozen pizza on the ever-present grill and then spicing up ranch dressing? Wow, I want her job—and I’d present from my own kitchen!
  10. Famed chef and creator of Le Gavroche, Albert Roux, who was the father of Michel Roux, Jr, has passed away after a lengthy illness. Several months ago, Albert’s brother, Michel Roux, passed away. Deepest sympathy to Michel Jr. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9117925/Chef-Londons-legendary-Le-Gavroche-restaurant-dies-reveals-family.html
  11. I wish the Gaines would take Pioneer Woman with them and stay on their own channel.
  12. Ruth Gemmell also co-starred with a very young Colin Firth in the long ago version of Fever Pitch.
  13. I sure miss the old FN Challenge. The network’s standards have fallen off the cliff since then.
  14. I was saddened to learn that the great Kerry Vincent has passed on. She was the best judge on any show they’ve ever had. I believe the most recent show I saw her on was the Gingerbread Showdown, which was not aired this year, so it must have been in 2019. I’ll really miss her. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9109471/Food-Network-personality-Kerry-Vincent-died-75-undisclosed-illness.html
  15. Happy new year to you and Buddy! I bet the guys show up at the cliff for some gliding if you bring the hair of the dog!
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