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  1. S9, E4: The Swarm i thought this was a pretty good episode. Although I agreed with the comments regarding the mosquito scenario, all of the presentations were well done. The rabbit one did deserve the win and the bee one was also particularly impressive. Yeah, it had lots of yellow, but those wings were awesome and wasn’t it the one that had faces carved in the pumpkins as if they had been absorbed into the honeycombs? Even Tator’s team that did the crows was good. The face on the guy was so expressive and Froggy’s crows were great. I hope the teams can keep the quality up. Am I the only one thinking that the teams get a little heads up before taping on what the theme is going to be?
  2. It is a gem of a show, isn’t it? I thought I’d miss Michel Roux but Marcus Wareing is great, too! And I love Monica and Gregg and their facial expressions during the skills challenges. Oh, if only the US version had even 1/10th of the charm and integrity that this show has.
  3. Ugh, definitely skipping today’s show. Kelly has Kristen Chenowith as guest. That is too much enthusiasm and hamminess on my screen.
  4. S9, E2: Zombie Dating Show Darn it! So close to saying ta-ta to Tator! In the small scare, there were some really good pieces, in particular, the T-Rex (so excellent), the alien astronaut helmet and the take of the “Scream” painting. Froggy really is a good contestant and I wish he weren’t on Tator’s Team. His glass work and tasting elements are always so impressive. I liked the dating game zombies that were hanging by hooks but I thought the foreground looked bare with those carved pumpkin heads just sitting around. The heads were well done, but there should have been something more like a painted floor. They did deserve the win, though. Are zombies usually bright green? Both dating game entries had bright green zombies.
  5. I’m sure Amazon has better pricing on blu-ray DVDs but have you checked on the PBS store site? It may be a little more, but at least you know their items are compatible with US devices.
  6. I believe the first hour is a rerun of the previous episode.
  7. Is there a really, really good artisan chocolatier in your area? Maybe a box of their truffles? It’ll be hard to top anything they can get in Italy but sharing something from your area would be nice. Edited to add...we have one that does a darling chocolate snowman and when you pour hot milk over him, he melts so you have your hot chocolate!
  8. Thank you! I just found it online and am thinking about substituting some Chambord (berry liqueur) for some, not all, of the water. Years ago I purchased the most amazing raspberry jam at Fauchon’s in Paris and the Chambord sent it over the top!
  9. The poor performance of the Halloween shows shocks me. I wonder why viewership is down? I’ll watch any holiday show even if it’s the suckiest thing ever. I’ll admit that the first few seasons of HW and HBC were better than in recent years, but still...Halloween!
  10. @larapu2000, it’s been a year since you posted this comment, so I hope you are still on this board! I wonder if you would please be willing to share your freezer strawberry jam recipe which seems to be a favorite of your friends? I am thinking about gifts for the upcoming season and this sounds wonderful! Thank you!
  11. Spunkygal


    Where do you buy them? WF?
  12. Yeah, he can’t hold a candle to Pioneer Woman! They always put her on the cookie competitions. Smh.
  13. The best judge any baking show has ever had in the history of baking was Ron Ben-Israel. What kills me is that he’d love to return to FN (according to his social media) but there’s nothing but cricket noises from FN.
  14. I believe Justin Willman was the original host and he also hosted Cupcake Wars. He was great! It took me a while to warm up to Jonathan but I don’t mind him so much now.
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