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  1. @Netfoot, my area is expecting the Sahara dust “plume” tomorrow through Sunday. No warnings here for folks who have breathing compromises, just to expect gorgeous orange sunsets and sunrises (per the weather person). Regarding your wobbliness, does it help if you sit up on the side of the bed or in your chair before you try to walk? Another idea: I have a friend who has a cane and the handle is a gorgeous carving of his dog’s head (a yellow lab named Vanilla). I know this would inflate Bud’s ego even more, but that device might be helpful for stabilization to make sure that the pesky bookcase doesn’t claim you as a repeat victim.
  2. It warmed my sad and battered spirit to see the March 3 pic on Marcus’ IG of him with former MC Pro contestants Craig and Stuart. This show can’t return soon enough for me.
  3. This is the best news I’ve heard all year!
  4. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    Novak and Jelena have tested positive but the kids are negative. https://www.espn.com/tennis/story/_/id/29351887/novak-djokovic-tested-positive-coronavirus
  5. Congrats to Alex and her BF Chef Michael! https://www.today.com/food/food-network-star-alex-guarnaschelli-engaged-chopped-champion-t184815 She seems so happy and that ring is awesome!
  6. @Netfoot, so was the Sahara Dust outbreak as significant as was predicted? I agree, the Sahara should not be so willing to share its dust without even asking first!
  7. I love her. I keep intending to make these forgotten cookies from a holiday special. So different from other cookies that I see at Christmas. https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/forgotten_cookies_60368
  8. @Kelly, thanks for the recommendation to try lamb chops. I’ve seen them on menus in some of our fine dining restaurants and think I’ll order them next time rather cooking them myself and possibly causing insult to the sweet little darlings! I also make a great shepherd’s pie but with locally sourced ground beef. A friend told me that what I make is technically a cottage pie but I still call it shepherd’s pie. So dang good and easy. OT from Ina but related to my shepherds pie, I must say when I need to add a bit of umami, I often use a healthy squeeze from the tube of tomato paste. That handy tube is a game-changer.
  9. Thank you for mentioning this show. I was unaware of it and have added it to my DVR list!
  10. @Netfoot, congrats on the one year mark of recovering from the thymectomy and hernia surgeries. I confess I had to consult Dr. Wiki regarding what a thymectomy was. I am glad you, with the help of Buddy, are taking care of yourself. So sad that your longtime friend in SF has no sense of humor. Remember that life sucks donkey balls for all of us right now and is a struggle for many. Maybe wait a day or two and try to reconnect if you want to smooth out the relationship. I talked to my cousin who is 74 and she has always had lupus but was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and now Lewy Body’s Dementia (isn’t that what Robin Williams had?) She still sounds pretty good. Apparently she’s on good meds. She’s down to 87 lbs and is still in lockdown due to her facility except to go to doctor’s appointments. I don’t live in her city but my sister and I will probably drive down soon so we can at least wave to her. That would ensure that we could hang out with her son and his family. What do you use tamarind logs for? I could ask Uncle Google but would rather ask you! And we do need to see Buddy with frosting! I’m sure he looks very distinguished! Sorry about your fav plate and mug! 😣 I have several favorite mugs and would be quite unhappy if any of them broke, My two favs are from Wimbledon and Kew Gardens.
  11. Really enjoyed today’s episode. I will definitely make the cauliflower recipe (she had me at gruyere) and the spinach/zucchini recipe, although I will make it as a casserole. True confession: I’ve never had lamb! So I don’t know if I’d like it and I don’t see a lot of lamb in my grocery stores. I know I can substitute ground beef for lamb in recipes, but what does it taste like?
  12. Getting a divorce. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8411711/Kelly-Clarkson-files-divorce-husband-Brandon-Blackstock.html
  13. No doubt! About two months ago I had to eliminate the news and turn to comfort TV (and comfort food!) In addition to AR, I’m re-watching GBBO and The Repair Shop on Netflix. However, Netflix has only two seasons of TRS so I need to find other seasons online. I do have certain of our local news people on occasionally (and muted) because their pets will be in the background doing cute pet stuff.
  14. Yes, I was surprised the other night when I saw that my DVR had recorded an episode and I knew there aren’t any new shows right now. It made sense when I then saw it was the updated appraisal show, which I enjoy. And on Saturdays lately, my PBS station is airing the UK episodes with Fiona Bruce. She’s a delightful host and a lot of fun. I like it when they’ll lay out three or four different items of the same genre (tea caddies, porcelain figures, etc.) and she has to pick the one that is worth the most. She’s usually pretty good at guessing most valuable and is a good sport when she guesses incorrectly. My favorite UK appraiser is Andy McConnell, the glass guy. He certainly is very passionate about glass!
  15. Have you tried Crunchmaster 5 seed crackers? I get them at Sam’s but Walmart has smaller pouches of them in the deli section (usually not in the cracker aisle.) https://www.samsclub.com/p/5-seed-multigrain-20-oz/prod18640215 I have several neighbors and my sister hooked on them. And they are delicious with hummus. I’ve only tried this variety. When school was in session I would do a healthy snack day for the staff occasionally and I always had hummus cups with these crackers in a snack bag and individually wrapped cheese, fruit, nut packs, and lots of other stuff. The staff loved the crackers. I hope you have an opportunity to try them.
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