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  1. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    Roger had knee surgery yesterday. Hopes to return in June. https://www.atptour.com/en/news/federer-right-knee-surgery-announcement
  2. 100% this. I know I watch only because I’m at the gym at 10 am on Saturdays stuck on the treadmill or stair master without WiFi. The TV monitors on the machines have the absolute crappiest channel selection. But hey, the gym is only $10/month. However, many times I watch this show with closed captioning and muted because I cannot take Sunny’s screaming and “you know what I’m sayin’ “ and KL’s dead fish voice.
  3. At least Sunny no longer says “I’m having a [fill in the blank] moment” a hundred times. Now it’s “you know what I’m sayin” ad nauseum. Please, FN, reunite The Chew hosts. They already do various things for you!
  4. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    I’m kind of digging the black court at the New York Open...it’s so chic!
  5. I think they said she’s under the weather.
  6. Do you have a Floor and Decor in your area? They have a large, great display of tiles. Do look into the glass tiles! They are a pretty, contemporary look.
  7. Oops, forgot to add that I used a pretty decorative porcelain tile for backsplash. There are some cool glass ones too.
  8. @SunnyBeBe, others may have a differing opinion, but I have always heard that you should use special cleansers on natural stones like marble and granite. I specifically selected quartz for my surfaces so that I could spray the Lysol and other disinfecting and degreasing cleaners on it. I’ve had red wines splashes, mustard, tomato sauce, etc., and never had to worry about which cleaner I use. When we PTA members decided to give the school staff lounge a facelift, we decided on quartz because we knew that over the years, the cleaning crew isn’t going to “baby” the counter and backsplash like we would at home if we had chosen another surface. In fact, when we went to the stone place to look at slabs, the guy there told us not to go with granite or marble. There are now some porcelain tiles that mimic marble beautifully! And I’m not sure how much marble cleaners are compared to regular spray cleaners. Just my opinion! I’m sure there are others here who have marble or granite and love it.
  9. I’ll make it a trifecta of FN hosts that I can’t stand by throwing Sunny Anderson into the mix with Guy and Bobby. She takes shrieking to a whole new level.
  10. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    C’mon Frosted Flake! Hang on for one more set! And stop with the double faults please! Edited...well, crap, a fifth set!
  11. Oh! Then I’m worried because I don’t remember any of these items! My memory is worse than I realized... Anyway, I enjoy this “extra” show.
  12. That’s true that many times when owners sell their item, they get less than the AR appraisal. There are many factors—-the market at the time of the auction, the nature of the item (vase vs watch), provenance of the item, etc. I do think that Rolex watches with all that provenance and being relatively unworn would bring the higher end of the appraisal. But what do I know? It’s fun to imagine that I have that particular item and what I would do. After every big dollar appraisal, I shout Sell! But that’s because I’m almost Medicare age! I wanted to share a heads up that my PBS station airs an Antiques Roadshow Recut that I stumbled across. My DVR is set to record AR, but since this show has Recut after it, it didn’t record. I guess these items are leftovers that didn’t make the “big airing” from previous locales but believe me, they are worthy of the airtime. One show from Newport that I just watched had an incredible Faberge jade snuff bottle. So if you’re in the dark like I was about the Recut show, you might want to look for it!
  13. I agree. Same old tired hosts, same old tired show ideas.
  14. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    Hey, if he beats Joker, I am fine if he frosts every hair on his body! 😂 Sadly, Joker is in fine form and feeds off the crowd rooting for his opponent, so it will be a battle. Are we all watching live on Sunday morning? I sure am!
  15. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    Ok, Dominic, you have one job. We are counting on you! Stay strong, stay focused and don’t get in your head too much.
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