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  1. Spunkygal


    Since I retired, my daily attire is shorts and a tee except I wear nice jeans and a cute top for church. But my sister still wears dresses for work and she loves the slip short. I think she got hers at Stein Mart. If I still wore dresses, I’d opt for the slip short.
  2. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    It shows his lack of class and how he will never be cherished as we cherish other champions. I can’t think of another champion who would ever think of doing that, male or female.
  3. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    Also, I am so glad that Novak never did the gesture where he puts his hand to his ear like “I can’t hear you” to the crowd. That would have been cause for everyone to throw their Pimm’s at him.
  4. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    Triple dammit. I was so upset that I didn’t watch the trophy presentation. Did Mrs. Djoker ever show up in his player’s box? On a shallow note, Mirka has gorgeous hair.
  5. Spunkygal

    The Kitchen

    Yes, I would have placed them in the dish on their side, not standing straight up. Gotta say, Maneet is such a gorgeous lady. And she’s lively, but calming and pleasant.
  6. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    Roger will win because I’m not there. I specifically got tix to the men’s final last year because I knew that he would be there. But no, he had the nerve to lose in the quarters and I was stuck with Djoker and Anderson. As I think I’ve said before, Centre Court just didn’t have the atmosphere and buzz without Fed or Rafa. But if Roger doesn’t win today, I am #teamanyonebutdjoker. RBA is giving Djoker a good match. So many great volleys to enjoy!
  7. Spunkygal

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Just FYI, looks like now it will be aired on Sunday morning at 1:00 am Central. Thanks for the recommendation!
  8. Spunkygal

    Tennis Thread

    Are you referring to Bethanie Mattek-Sands, the young lady in the one shoulder outfit?
  9. We are tossing around the idea of going to Normandy and its surrounding regions next year. Not interested in going in the summer—-probably late spring or early fall. I’ve gotten some good info on Trip Advisor for reasonable B&Bs and on guided tours to the American Cemetery and other “must see” places in the area. I thought I’d solicit travel experiences from fellow posters who have done this. I’d like both the do’s and don’ts, whether it’s use X tour guide or don’t stay at X B&B. Please share any advice you may have! This is a bucket list item for us and we want to do it right! Thanks in advance for your input!
  10. Spunkygal

    Food Network and Cooking Channel: One is about food

    World Cake Championship was amazing. All those cakes were beyond incredible but I agree with the winning entry. And anytime Kerry Vincent is on my screen, I’m happy. I didn’t request a new forum since it’s a one-time show. But if the mods want me to, I will request one.
  11. Spunkygal

    Holiday Baking Championship

    Christmas in July!! Monday is a one night special of HBC hosted by Jesse Palmer. I’m guessing that Nancy, Duff and Lorraine are the judges. “Jesse leads four talented bakers through hotly contested challenges focused on melted showman desserts and cool and creamy Christmas ice cream cakes.” This is followed by a Christmas themed battle on Cupcake Championship. I enjoyed episode 1 of this show this week.
  12. Spunkygal

    Antiques Roadshow (US)

    When watching tonight’s Vintage Miami episode, did anyone else get the impression that the appraiser did not know that Davy Crockett died at the Alamo? When valuing the marriage license that was not executed and saying that after Davy married a different girl and had 2 children, he moved himself to Texas and then “moved up and outward and throughout the world.” The appraiser made it sound like Davy moved on and did other things after Texas. I have rewound this several times and have quoted exactly what the appraiser said. I thought it is common knowledge that he died at the Alamo. Or maybe I am wrongly interpreting what he said.
  13. Spunkygal

    Best Baker In America

    Me, too! When he said he was as happy as dog wearing a diamond collar, I looked at my dog and said “don’t get any ideas!” I’d rather watch Jason than have Sunny on The Kitchen scream at me with her mouth full.
  14. Spunkygal

    Small Talk: The Welcome Mat

    @Netfoot, that is smashing news! Can’t wait to hear about your reunion with the little scamp. Take it easy! No more middle-of-the-night wake up reminders to get rest!