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  1. The whole court argument was illogical, as are all the others of late. When Stone was examining the mother, he said "The doctor told you your baby would have this disease and you didn't want an abortion, and now want to abort it 10 months late!" or whatever. That's not what she said had happened at all. She told Barba the doctor said there was a CHANCE the baby would have the disease, and she chose to risk it. A chance is not "Your doctor told you that 100% certainty that your baby would be braindead in 24/7 pain and dependent on machines." She didn't reframe his accusation, despite us as
  2. Lol. He killed a baby? At least Stabler shot a killer. I guess it's better than "Is this because I'm a lesbian?", but not by that much. Plot was lame. I didn't care about the parents. I really don't care about the new ADA. They spent almost as much time integrated him into the story as they did on Barba actually leaving. Benson's repeated pleas in defense of Barba were so over the top and I feel only existed to give Mariska enough screentime to justify letting the plot not be about her for 5 minutes. Wish we could have seen the other characters say goodbye to him instead of just
  3. He wanted out: Raúl Esparza exits Law & Order: SVU after six seasons
  4. The ridiculousness of the timeline of this episode could have been saved for me if the scene with Tyrion trying to convince Dany not to go was at the beginning of the episode instead of the middle. It would set up that the plan all along was for Dany coming to the Wall to wait for them, instead of this many experienced military commanders sitting in a room and deciding "Yes, this is a perfectly reasonable plan. 6 important characters versus a bajillion White Walkers. We will have no contingency plan. What could possibly go wrong?" We also wouldn't have this absurdity that Gendry, ravens and dr
  5. Does Rachel's hair look like it's been highlighted to anyone else or is it my TV? Every time she turned her head last night, it looked like she has frosted tips or grey or something. Super shiny hair reflection from the lights? I should mention I watch the livestream 99% of the time and rarely see the show in HD on the big TV screen so maybe this is normal.
  6. I watched a few season 1 episodes last week where the victims were into BDSM and they were more respectful and professional than they were last season with Father Eugene- in 2017, post-50 Shades. The milder aspects are practically mainstream these days, so for the Special Victims Unit- who deal nearly-exclusively with sex crimes and are so open-minded to the point of preachy about trans issues and affirmative consent- to squeal and giggle when they find out someone likes to be dominated is so ridiculous and inappropriate. Speaking of nearly-exclusively sex crimes, remember when SVU also u
  7. I want to see a non-judgmental, non-salacious portrayal of BDSM. They're 18 years past-due for not making jokes every time they find cuffs and a ball gag in someone's bedroom.
  8. Ming Na's sister was murdered while trying to save their younger sister, who was paying a debt for her immigration by working as a prostitute. The episode starts with them finding the first sister's kids hiding in a closet and crying because they've been alone for days. The little girl only speaks Chinese and they bring in Huang to help translate.
  9. I think the last 3 seasons have given me enough to last a lifetime. I'd like to see an episode start with a dead body. I can't recall the last time the victim was dead and they had to solve the case with no complainant, no witnesses and just the hard evidence. I'd also like a false accusation episode again, but I'm sure the powers that be and certain groups of fans would be apoplectic if SVU ever again portrayed that sometimes people do make false accusations. There was a very famous rape case that became national news at a nearby high school. It became a dog-whistle for anti-im
  10. Maskell was abusing young boys so the Catholic Church's solution is send him to an all-girls school! That will fix everything! Those fuckers. I live in Maryland. I will be contacting my Maryland State Senator on Monday about the statue of limitations on child sex abuse in our state, and send a very special fuck you to Mike Miller and Joe Vallario, two dinosaurs well past their prime and completely out of step with the Maryland values. And shocker, both of them are Catholic. I can't believe in 2017 and post-Spotlight, the Catholic Church is continuing to get away with this. I don't th
  11. I don't think Gerry Koob is guilty. His reaction to all of this doesn't seem like someone who committed murder and covered it up. He's a former priest and now minister; he's hardly Robert Durst. I'm sure the police tried to nail it on "the boyfriend" back in 1969, but they didn't charge him. And a newbie priest Koob wasn't nearly important enough compared to Maskell to get special cover-up favors. I liked that they showed the cop looking into the cold case was shook about the missing evidence. The fact that all the evidence involving Father Maskell and Sister Cathy has accidentally been d
  12. As I watched The Burial, I didn't know how there could be 3 more episodes, because I thought the trial would be the obvious conclusion. So much for the justice system. Barbara's gay brother-in-law Billy Schmidt seems really unlikely. Gay men in drag as nuns seems like just a weird 60s gay thing, not a threat because she "knew too much". Billy was probably psychologically screwed up by virtue of being a gay man in the 1960s. That doesn't make him a murderer. But I got chills when they slowly panned to the nun mannequin in the attic. That's just fucking creepy.
  13. Yes, I remember thinking that at the time. There have been a few other episodes this season with the assaults shown in the cold open as well. The show can't use the excuse "It's for the survivors!" to justify having garbage plots with 100% conviction rates, white young innocent female victims, and cases with no grey areas, only good and evil- all while depicting graphic assaults at the top of the hour. That's more triggering than a not-guilty verdict.
  14. Does anyone else watch MSNBC online? I can't get the MSNBC website to load properly on Chrome or Firefox. Hoping it will be resolved by tonight. Unless Rachel is out again, in which case this tech concern can be pushed off for another night.
  15. Agreed. I'm so over the 100% conviction rates, especially with the incredibly weak prosecutions they throw together for Barba.
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