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  1. She's manic or psychotic right now. She's berating "thirsty women," claiming she's pregnant, claiming that she miscarried, claiming Aladin abused her, and engaging in pressured speech that's apparent even via text. I'm not saying that the pregnancy, miscarriage, and abuse never happened, but it's a massive info dump over a 4 or 5 day period. Someone needs to get her into an inpatient facility and limit her access to the internet and social media. She's really unwell and needs professional help.
  2. Jenny is 60 going on 16 year old. Both times she told the story it became super obvious how freaking weird and screwed up her reactions were. The group comes in and they're screaming at Sumit and Jenny. Jenny runs to the bedroom and locks herself in (normal reaction). She leaves the bedroom to try to break up the fighting (normalish reaction). She tries to pull Sumit into the bedroom so they could "figure this out. (What is there to figure? He's married. Dumb reaction)" Jenny starts caterwauling because they ripped Sumit from her arms...her arrrrrrrms (Girl really? So dumb and silly). The family threatens to call the police and have Jenny arrested. Jenny doesn't call her family or the US embassy; she calls production (So dumb). She waits many days to Skype with her family. When asked she's still there, Jenny responds with a baleful "he said he loves me" (Shut up you silly geriatric thot). A normal person would have noped out of India as soon as these people walked out of the apartment.
  3. I thought Laura's retelling to Aladin of her argument with Liam was very interesting. Laura said that Liam wants Laura to never have love in her life and that Laura is too old. That is not what Liam said at all, but of course that's how Laura would interpret it. Laura is self-absorbed, immature, and has a fatally broken picker.
  4. Lala is a complete moron. https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/50-cent-shares-audio-recording-of-randall-emmett-and-lala-kent-s-contract-terms-news.90988.html
  5. White glove service looks best in very formal environments with lots of people and I don't think Sirocco quite works well with white glove. I actually agree with Hannah that white glove is a little old fashioned and naff. I'm a little irritated that Aesha waited hours to bring it up to Hannah and never mentioned that she already brought it up to Sandy. However, the thing that really irritated me about the white glove service discussion is that this is another one of Sandy's clueless imperious orders with no fucking understanding of the logistics. She wanted white glove service for 8 guests. That means you need 4 people serving dinner. Any time they've tried to shift stew cabin duties to the deckhands, it's been a disaster. This means Anastasia has to stay below to do the cabins. I don't know how continuously Ben needed Travis in the galley to help with cooking. If he did need him continuously, that means you have to pull another deckhand. This leaves Joao alone to do all of the deck duties during dinner. Nearly every crew member is working in service of simultaneously putting plates in front of the guests. Great use of their time and duties. Would Sandy be ok with that? Yes, but she would also insist that the deck crew do all of their regular evening duties and that's just impossible. It's more of her bullshit management of time and duties. Sandy can drive and park a boat like nobody's business, but she is and continues to be a shit manager. Let me remind people that Aesha's last yacht held 12 guests and 28 crew members. Of course they could do white glove. Sirocco has 11 crew including Sandy, the first mate, and the engineer. They had 8 guests. Hannah has never loved to do tablescapes or centerpieces. The tablescapes were certainly more enthusiastic when Bugsy and Brooke did them, but they were always really tacky. I've never understood why they can't just do flowers. Is it because it's October in the Mediterranean? The Mothership tends to use flowers in addition to the dollar store crap. I'm sure it's easier to find flowers in the spring in tropical locations.
  6. I think 3 is pretty serious and could spell real trouble. One and two speculate that he might have been shady. Lawsuit 3 will prove that he was being shady if they have records, correspondence, and evidence.
  7. I NEVER said Teri treated Omar rudely or with disrespect. I said that Teri has treated everything about Avery's choices rudely and dismissively starting from the conversion and including this wedding. Some of the Avery's choices deserve special scrutiny, but saying to Avery don't you want to wear booty shorts, don't you want some booze, she won't be wearing all of these layers in the summer, and Islam lets your husband beat you doesn't help anything. There's nothing remotely respectful about kind of commentary. And it's commentary born out of ignorance and xenophobia. I know Teri's ass would never raise similar objections if Avery became a Southern Baptist even though she should. Teri probably knows fuck-all about Southern Baptists, but it's cool because they're Christian. Or an AME church until Teri walked in and noticed that everyone was Black. I know her type. She's really comfortable in the things she's comfortable with and doesn't want to be challenged or experience anything different. If she did, she might have attended an open house or interfaith celebration at Avery's mosque. She might know what an imam is. She wouldn't have objected to learning rudimentary Arabic phrases. Those are decisions that signify her fundamental disrespect for the people and their faith. People have converted for marriage for thousands of years. I know tons of people who have converted for marriage. You probably do to. Avery doing so is not this crazy unusual thing. It happens. Would Teri have freaked out if Avery converted to another Christian denomination or Judaism? Probably not, which suggests a fair amount of Islamophobia is in play. Getting married at 19 is a little unusual now, but people still get married at 19. Teri's parents probably married at 19 and 20. From the end of WWII until the mid to late 60s, the average age of an American woman's first marriage was 20. My biggest issue with Avery is why is the expediency necessary? And why she's so fixated on moving to Syria? But even in her clapback to Teri about Omar using Avery for a visa, Avery had way more details about Omar's employment prospects and issues than any other American on Before the 90 Days. So yeah their relationship seems way more substantive than any of the others. Teri hasn't been rude to Omar, but I never said she was. Teri has been an ignorant asshole about a lot of other shit.
  8. There have been 3 lawsuits. Lawsuit 1 was brought by the plutocrat, Obiang, who stole from his country and was forced by the DOJ to sell the property. Any amount from the sale that was above the DOJ fine was to go to charity. I'm still not certain that Obiang has standing to sue because he was never intended to lay a single grubby paw on a single cent of the money realized from the sale of the property. Obiang sued for $8 million above the accepted offer. They sued Mauricio for $5 million and Mauricio's insurance company for $3 million. Lawsuit 2 was brought by the insurance company. They didn't want to be on the hook for $3 million because they believed Mauricio's actions were intentionally fraudulent and not covered by the insurance policy. This is the case that has settled. Mauricio agreed to cover the insurance company's lawyers fees and potential damages. Lawsuit 3 is from the potential buyer who offered $40 million for the property. The earlier suits indicated that this potential buyer had only offered to buy Mauricio's partner out of his position with the seller. This lawsuit alleges that Mauricio was being misleading so that their offer of $40 million was not presented as a true offer to the seller, but instead $8 million to Oberfeld (Mauricio's partner) and $32 million to the seller conditioned on Oberfeld accepting the $8 million offer.
  9. I'm not as opposed to Adrienne as most people. I'm especially impressed by her campaign to educate and provide coasters to bars and restaurants across Tampa to test for roofies after she was a victim. The only thing that saved her from actually being raped was that the guy(s) accidentally misdosed her so she ended up being a mess way too early. The police did fuck all to investigate; she had to investigate it the matter herself even though the details of her situation suggested that Tampa had a serial rapist or rape gang. https://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/below-deck-star-adrienne-gang-is-your-drink-spiked/2139948/ Adrienne is boring, but I'm not so sure how bitchy she truly she is because she had an interior crew that was composed of assholes. Kat is a good time gal, but she's an asshole. Sam is just an awful person.
  10. Why move to the Twin Cities? Columbus has Muslims. The largest concentration of Muslims in America is in the Detroit/Dearborn/Ann Arbor area. She could get on I-75 and be there in no time. My issue is that Teri has approached all of this with a ton of xenophobia, ignorance, and disdain. Converting is a big deal, but it's not the end of the world. Even if we treat it like other risky teen behaviors like hanging out with the wrong people, doing drugs, or cutting, you would never say I grounded the kid, put a GPS tracker, drug test and run a breathalyzer twice a week, and hid all the knives so the problem is solved. If the conversion is that troubling to them, simply repeating a list of scary things about Islam and hoping she abandons Islam solves nothing. Why did she run headlong at top speed in the opposite direction in the first place. She said she needed structure and discipline. Why? What happened? Teri would breathe a sigh of relief if Avery stopped being a muslim without addressing the underlying issue. That's why part of why I cannot stand her. She's also been kind of an ugly American. Avery suggested learning a couple of phrases in Arabic before their trip to Lebanon; Teri snottily replies that she's not learning anything; she's only speaking English. Avery wasn't asking her to learn a prayer, but simple stuff like please, thank you, hello, and goodbye. This isn't unreasonable to stuff. Avery has been a Muslim for 6 months, but Teri hasn't bothered to learn anymore about the religion than what she probably hears on the TV talk and opinion shows. If Teri is wondering where Avery gets her stubbornness and brattiness, look no further. "She learned it by watching you." All the best lessons are in PSAs including this one "Tolerance."
  11. I was listening to some podcast where they talked about how LVP and Maloof didn't even live in Beverly Hills proper. They had the Beverly Hills zipcode and used the Beverly Hills post office, which is desirable, but they were actually outside the city limits of Beverly Hills. The rest lived in the other parts of the "platinum triangle" (Bel Air and Holmby Hills) and Brentwood. Camille was in Malibu.
  12. I think Omar does like Avery, buuuuuuuuuuuut he's seeing a lot of very problematic things during this visit. She can't speak or read Arabic. She doesn't have any real skills or education. She doesn't have any money. Her family isn't particularly supportive. And Avery is immature and impulsive. I think he's thinking that he'd rather postpone things than drag her back to Syria and have her entirely dependant on him like the world's brattiest albatross. I think he'd rather she head back to the US, learn Arabic, and become an LVN or something so that even if they don't end up in the US that she's not isolated or entirely dependant on him. I feel like Omar is probably the only Muslim man on this show who actually knows his scripture. Khadijah, the Prophet's first wife, was older than he was when they married (40 to his 25). He was her 3rd husband and she was a successful merchant. I don't think Omar wants Avery dependent. Darcey and Stacey love and loathe each other in equal measure. That fight when Darcey was arrested? Stacey was too. Darcey recently blew up Stacey's spot by outing that Stacey is subsidizing Florian in Albania and doesn't have enough money to bring him over on a K-1 visa. Also after 3 and a half years together, I'd expect a little Albanian out of Stacey. Maybe she's on the Tim plan. People don't really understand that there are huge cultural differences that make no sense from the outside looking in. I'm Nigerian-American there's shit in my family that is beyond perplexing to non-Nigerians. My parents still have friends who are livid because one of my brothers chose to elope with his girlfriend rather than have a wedding. It's been 15 years. I could have relatives come over to visit, pay for every meal at every Michelin starred restaurant in Manhattan, and they'd be like "it was ok, but Hunter didn't cook us a meal." And they are the same kind of way about having people stay in their homes. It seems weird to us, but there's a completely not nefarious completely legitimate cultural etiquette reason why they'd insist that a guest stay with them. I actually think that if they'd let him stay in the Airbnb, they're probably more likely to scam him out of cash. Someone here recommended that Love Me documentary on YouTube. I watched it and a number of other. The thing that became obvious is that the scammers keep testing their limits with regards to cash. Is he willing to buy dinner? Is he willing to pay for my cell phone? What about something bigger? Then they go in for the kill. None of that has happened to Ben. But Ben is a divorced dopey white guy from the states who I don't believe had particularly great career prospects. I also recall seeing somewhere that Akinyi's father is very much an anti-colonialist who was a Marxist in his youth, which is why his oldest son was named after Fidel Castro. I think dad and the family are pissed that Akinyi brought Ben to their house when she knew or should have known that much about Ben wouldn't make them happy. White. Yep. From America. Yep. Divorced. Yep. Not doing something important or a great career. Yep. Basically they want to know why her silly ass brought this dude to their house when he has all of their deal breakers. Michael needs to walk away from Angela. She will have him LARPing 12 Years a Slave. Nothing good comes of playing by her rules. She will beat him, humiliate him, and keep him prisoner in her house until she's ready to discard him.
  13. It's come up a couple of times here since Tinsley clocked Luann about Palm Beach vs West Palm Beach. It probably comes up once every 6 weeks on Reddit. And nearly every recap of RHoNY has one or two readers who bring up in the comments wanting a Palm Beach franchise a couple of times every season. It's addressed frequently enough that my response above is 90% of one of my earlier comments. The funny thing is that the precise thing that kicked off the desire for a Palm Beach franchise is the thing that kind of torpedos it too. The statement is often accompanied by a statement about not including anyone from West Palm Beach.
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