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  1. And more importantly, Nolan--a mid 40s police rookie, former contractor from central Pennsylvania who knew almost no one when he moved out to LA. There has been a laser focus on Nolan from the beginning for fear that his body would give out from the rigors of the job, that he was just too old a dog to learn new tricks, that the change in environment and experience would be too much, or a combination of the previous 3 would cause Nolan to wash out. A smart criminal would never bet on Nolan because Nolan is such a risky high profile gamble who might never actually make it through his training period successfully. A 25 year old from central Pennsylvania? A much better bet. A mid 40s person who had recently retired from the military and was transitioning to the police? Also a much better bet. John Nolan? Bribing John Nolan is the gamble that a criminal kingpin who loves an underdog story makes. Said criminal kingpin would still also bribe rookies who had a much better chance of making it to a real police career.
  2. Did anyone else notice Eureka misspell "here" when she wrote it on the chalkboard. "We're hear." Gurl. It's only the name of your damn show. Other than that, I loved the episode especially Grandpa Larry.
  3. Gigi should have had to lsfyl. She was straight up terrible during the maxi challenge and she botched the runway. The theme was stars and stripes and Gigi dressed like a sexy British soldier. She looked great, but it didn't come across as all that creative and didn't fulfill the runway brief.
  4. I'm guessing it's the latter because the premiere was posted on YouTube. There are a handful of comments saying that the mom doing drag was more of her same old hollow, manipulative, and attention seeking antics.
  5. Yep. Common law marriage in California was abolished in 1895. Michelle's lawsuit coined and established the concept of "palimony." While it's similar to the idea of common law marriage, palimony is a contract issue and there has to be evidence of an agreement between the unmarried partners. Michelle was actually unsuccessful.
  6. They film 2 episodes a week. So Widow injured herself 2 and a half weeks ago; that's not a huge amount of time. It takes 2 - 3 weeks to heal from a sprain. Unless Brita has x-ray eyes, she just needed to shut it. That's unless Brita uses the sounds generated by her humongous mouth to do echo imaging. "I'm one of the top performers in New York and Widow your knee is healing nicely."
  7. I think putting her kids on the title might have been the only way for Luann to settle the trust lawsuit. I think she co-owns it with the kids. It's possible the kids might allow minimal filming at the house, but might object to filmed overnight shoots with some of the women staying over, especially after Ramona trashed Dorinda's house trying to turn off the temporary lights in one of the rooms. John also owns house in Queens, which is where Dorinda stores her car. I think a lot of Dorinda's digs about John are not so subtly about class. She's doing work on her Stanford White house in the Berkshires while John probably owns a $2 million fairly recently built home in Queens. Even if he knows people who could do the work, I think she's kind of suggesting that he doesn't know the kind of people who could do period specific work.
  8. She said that she needed someone who was going to try to stop her. Dolores was pretty callous in her treatment and attitudes towards other hosts. She was willing to alter Teddy against his consent. It's only because his core character pushed back against what she did to him that he killed himself. She was willing to destroy the Forge rather than allow other hosts to have a human-free life of their own choosing. She's also willing to kill hosts (awake and not awake) to get what she wants. I think the slightly empathetic part of Dolores recognizes that she needs someone who will try to stop her from going too far. The irony of Sato-Dolores accusing Maeve of abandoning the other hosts is that's exactly what Dolores actually did. Whereas Maeve immediately tried to escape with Hector. When she realized he wasn't awake, she tried to find the Forge. When she realized something was off, she helped simulation-Sizemore wake up. There is probably some element of this too. I wasn't as certain as you, but given that Teddy killed himself and Peter Abernathy and Clementine's programming were corrupted messes, that didn't leave too many allies for Dolores to bring with her. Additionally, Halores and Dolores both really seemed and sounded like Dolores in previous episodes. I was leaning in the direction that they were all Dolores, but I wasn't exactly certain. Because she couldn't honey-pot Liam any longer AND a host body doesn't operate like a human's does so things like the protein-marker authorization wouldn't work in a host. The ambulance ride was the hint; she has no blood cells. Who knows how atypical her cells and organs are?
  9. In hindsight, it's clear how big Luann's money problems really were/are and how much that drove her decision-making. She got half the Bridgehampton house and child support from Alexandre in the divorce. The other half of the Bridgehampton house was for the kids' trust fund. She sold the Bridgehampton house for $8 million and bought the Sag Harbor house for $2.65 million. There's a solid $3 million missing even when you account for taxes and fees. We know she used to spend much of her week with Jacques and come home to the Hamptons on the weekend and Jacques paid for much of their traveling. Tom paid to remodel the kitchen of the Sag Harbor house. It also seemed like Tom paid for them to travel. The fact that the trust fund dispute couldn't immediately be resolved without a lawsuit suggests that a lot of Luann's desperation has to do with money. She might have been spending down that $3 million all along, but really kicked into overdrive once Jacques split because she no longer had someone else footing the bill for the luxuries and comforts she enjoys. Yes, her mom spilled the beans about the tubal ligation. I don't believe Luann was ever serious about more kids. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_1752331
  10. Heidi came out there with Diana Ross hair and a rainbow cape, but didn't have the sense to go full tilt Diana as Mahogany wearing that rainbow Bob Mackie poncho dress. Coulda and shoulda been a rainbow caped homage to that look.
  11. I can tell you where it came from: John Carr, one of the producers, said Scheana was so good at negotiating and organizing comps that he'd hire her. Scheana still paid for what she couldn't get for free; it was still a lot of stuff because it was a fairly sizable wedding.
  12. It's probably a rental. Usually one of the media outlets will do a piece if one of the Housewives has purchased a property. There weren't any about Ramona buying one. All of Ramona's changes to this new place aren't structural. The fact that her vanity is in Avery's bedroom/the spare bedroom is the kicker: I'm 99% sure it's a rental.
  13. It's not that difficult to understand if you know a little bit about tv production. To use on the show the artwork Ariana and Tom have already purchased, Vanderpump Rules production has to contact the artist who produced the work, get permission from the artist to feature it on TV, and compensate the artist for the use of the work on the show. It's the reason why Scheana went with the enormous pictures of herself and Tom and Katie went with the Bubba artwork they created themselves. It's the reason we don't hear any music other than what's in the music library that the producers have access to or the cast produces. The producers aren't trying to pay for anything they don't have to pay for. The reason Tom and Ariana don't have any furniture is whatever it is, but the reason they aren't allowed to move acquisitions in during filming is purely for continuity. It's the reason Katie was forced to live with her disastrous orange hair for all of season 2 even though she realized it was a mistake almost as soon as she did it. She wanted to dye it brown immediately, but producers wouldn't let her.
  14. Carole said Bethenny did the same thing the summer before season 10 when Carole was in California spending time with Cassandra Grey after Cassandra's husband, Brad, died. Bethenny kept pestering Carole for an invitation to hang out with them in Cassandra's house. You know she was just trying to get media and business connections out of it. I shouldn't be surprised after how fucking callous Bethenny was during Dennis' funeral. It makes my eyes roll out of my head when I think of how Bethenny laid into Luann when Luann was angling for an invitation to Bethenny's house for the RHoBH filming. Got to love Moaner continuing to burst Bethenny's balloon. And yes, Bethenny will be watching every week because her grand announcement of "Bethenny Frankel presents The Big Shot with Bethenny, a Cheater Brand Production" was greeted with a "Huh? That sounds like The Apprentice, but slightly less professional." Her big project sounds like a dud and the current charitable crisis prevents her from going out and taking a ton of pictures of herself helping. Bethenny must be going stir crazy.
  15. You really need to read through the transcripts of the recordings. Joe was an active participant in that conspiracy. https://news.avclub.com/pulitzer-worthy-journalist-answers-all-our-tiger-king-b-1842479769/ https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/joe-exotic-a-dark-journey-into-the-world-of-a-man-gone-wild/ Joe is a massive pos.
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