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  1. It was actually 5 because Bethenny was living with billionaire Warren Lichtenstein after she and Jason split. I think she lived with him for 6 or 7 months. Bethenny got dragged into Lichtenstein's custody battle and child support case with Anna Bond. Bethenny denied that she and Lichtenstein were sleeping together at the time; She was also seeing Cerussi at the same time. Bethenny has since admitted in court during her own custody case that she was sleeping with Lichtenstein. Of course all of Bethenny's parched comments about Cardi B are Bethenny trying to manufacture a beef between the two of them. It makes me think of the numerous ways that Bethenny is a massive hypocrite. Bethenny was fucking her billionaire friend for a place to live. Bethenny dated a guy accused of rape whose defense was that his accuser only claimed it was rape after the fact because his frat buddies called her a whore who had sex with 2 guys at the same time. Bethenny has cavalierly thrown out random comments about blowing people for slurpees and braiding each other's pussy hair. I don't know why she's implying that Cardi's "garage" is stretched out when Cardi has really only been romantically linked with Offset, who she married, and a couple of other entertainers, at least one of whom she publicly castigated for saying they had sex when they absolutely didn't. Meanwhile Bethenny has been linked with MANY men. Bethenny is just a gross fucking person.
  2. Dorinda was a guest on Bethenny's podcast, Just B. It's the episode with Paris Hilton. I think Dorinda is the first 10 or 15 minutes. I said that Tinsley was very lucky that Luann decided to be an unstable asshole for season 11 because it was very clear that Bethenny's sights were aimed at Tinsley at the end of the season 10 reunion. I think Ramona was correct that Bethenny was busy filling Dorinda with poison and invective about Tinsley for all of season 12. Bethenny is a toxic person and Dorinda is too drunk and angry to notice that she was being used as Bethenny's attack dog. The only person who has any real reason to be angry at Tinsley is Sonja and that's largely bullshit. Tinsley isn't completely candid and transparent about her life; neither are the rest of these assholes. They all adopted this hatred of Tinsley that's been ginned up out of nothing by the SkinnySwill Maven. The only reason that Bethenny is out being Team Dorinda is because the quarantine put a crimp in her plans for her HBO Max shows and she thought she'd have a lot more done with those by this time. Talking about RHONY, Dorinda, and Tinsley is just a way for Bethenny to stay relevant.
  3. Tom wanted to disqualify the whole lot and give Marcel the title and money, but he was overruled by the producers. One of the travesties of the head shaving expulsion is that Cliff was actually the least obnoxious of those 4. I've seen somewhat recent interviews with Ilan and Sam and they're both still insufferable.
  4. It's not about finances because they had a prenup and the judge was able to straighten out the apartment trust fiasco. This is entirely about custody. Bethenny wants primary physical and legal custody. We know that at one point she really wanted to move to LA and take Bryn with her. Bethenny said that the incident at the school was evidence that Jason was unstable and dangerous and that the custody arrangement should be altered. Jason wanted it to stay the same. It was only when Dennis died that Jason argued that Bethenny's fitness should be investigated. It was petty, but earned. The court psychologist said the custody arrangement shouldn't be altered and that Bryn benefits from having both of her parents in her life. The judge even said that something like 80% of Jason's endless voicemails, texts, and emails were just Jason trying to confirm that Bethenny had the details of Bryn's schedule (when homework was due, projects, upcoming events). Jason isn't some angel. He and Bethenny are both obnoxious and need to put their child first. One would hope that they both love the kid more than they hate each other. But Bethenny since she sold Skinnygirl thinks she knows better than anybody. She doesn't listen to anyone. She made millions selling booze so clearly she must know tons about real estate. It stands to reason that her real estate decisions must be brilliant too despite Fredrik and Ramona telling her that she was making a mistake. Bethenny lost a solid $1.5 million and ruined her relationship with Fredrik, but it's not like she could ever be wrong. The psychologist says keep the custody the same, but what does a trained behavioral health professional know that Bethenny doesn't. The level of her arrogance and narcissism is astonishing.
  5. Seeing as I've compared Monique to CT from RW: Paris and The Challenge, I've got to assume that Monique's goal was a lot like CT's during his iconic fight with Adam. When asked if he wanted to kill Adam, CT in the middle of his berserker rage said something like "Yes! I want to beat his face in, eat his brains, and piss in skull because I win every fight." A 15 minute attempt to cool off CT didn't work either. https://youtu.be/fcF7feqQOQE I wish I could find a better version of the back half of that fight.
  6. This fight seems like the psychic progeny of that bonkers Challenge Duel II fight between CT and Adam. And yes, Monique is the CT in this fight. That's not a good thing and her behind should be deeply ashamed of her behavior.
  7. Erika's sexuality is performative. It's all "here's my kitty, my titties, and my ass. I'll give you sexy baby if you give me all your cash." It's rolling around half-naked while moaning, but it's so obviously fake because Erika is uptight as shit, has no sense of humor, and has one of the most jaded 100 yard stripper stare that I've ever seen. Erika would never drop her veneer long enough to fuck a rando during the cast trip or participate in one of Sonja's drunken make-outs. Luann enjoys sex. You can tell and it comes through. It's part of the reason that Luann's Countess shtick comes across as fake and contrived. The real Luann loves a party and her men.
  8. It's been abundantly clear that the only woman being uplifted in Bethenny's world and television offerings is Bethenny. She's announced: 1. Bethenny Frankel presents A Bethenny Frankel Joint: "Big Shot with Bethenny" A Cheater Brand Production--a show that sounds like The Apprentice, but sometimes she'll ask recruits to buy her tampons or walk and pick up after her dogs, so somehow less professional than The Apprentice; and 2. Judge Foodie where Bethenny gets to stand in judgement of everyone else's food issues and no one gets to tell her to shaddup! I've also heard that there's an 8 episode limited time series that chronicles Bethenny's life since leaving RHONY, which sounds like HBO greenlit Bethenny Starting Over or Bethenny On Her Own. Bravo refused to give Bethenny those shows because they knew she NEEDS people to play off of to make her bearable. Casamigos is $100 million for the tequila and $900 million for George Clooney, Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford, and their celebrity friends to promote the brand for the next 30 years. Aviation Gin is a tiny bit different because the brand has been around for a decent amount of time. Much like Skinnygirl, it was actually at the forefront of a movement in the spirits business. There has been a movement about Western gin or gins that's aren't as juniper forward as a traditional gin. There's also a movement about botanicals and infusions. It's a big enough trend that there are some vodka products on the market that are essentially a gin, but lacking juniper and some of the more typical anise flavors often found in gin. I'm sure Ryan Reynolds becoming a minority owner and getting involved in the marketing increased the value of the brand, but someone was bound to pay a decent chunk of money to purchase Aviation.
  9. Bugsy has actually won awards at yacht shows for her tablescapes. I think it's just easier to realize that there's a certain segment of the yachting industry that likes those tacky Sandra Lee-esque tablescapes because it's an easy way to communicate with guests that you're doing something above and beyond what the guests would normally expect. If the tables have lovely tasteful flower arrangements, the guests don't know if you did that or the florist did. The weird craftiness of communicates that the stews made it and should be rewarded for their efforts.
  10. Luann isn't an RN. Luann was an LPN. She attended a one year training course at her high school. RHONY is the franchise with the highest percentage of the cast with formal education. The cast members without 4 year college degrees when they were on the show are Alex, Luann, Kristen Taekman, Leah, and maybe Elyse. Alex now has a college degree.
  11. They do, but the timing of this makes it seem like a more typical firing. Carole filmed the reunion and announced she was leaving immediately afterwards. They film those reunions for 12+ hours; no producer is really in the right frame to declare that evening that Carole had to go. It's not totally clear that Carole quit, but it's more likely than not that she did. Heather had been hinting about quitting before before they taped the reunion and ratcheted it up after they filmed the reunion. She announced her departure right after the reunion aired. I think she also quit. I think Dorinda was given an ultimatum that she had to go to therapy and/or rehab and it had to be part of her storyline next season. I think Dorinda quit rather than officially admit that she has an alcohol problem, problems with other substances, and other behavioral health issues. Dorinda kept harping on the difference between Lu's drinking and her own. Getting arrested is this clear boundary line for Dorinda. Officially announcing her problems is just something she doesn't want to ever do. From the moment Lu was arrested, viewers have consistently said that they didn't think Luann was alcoholic, but that Dorinda, Sonja, and Tinsley might actually be. When Dorinda saw this she stopped drinking for a time, got a personal trainer, and tried to act as if quitting alcohol was just part of her new fitness routine. She'll never admit her substance problems. The end of August is around when they'd normally begin early contract negotiations and preproduction. They might have told her that she needed to be in rehab for 28 days, they didn't want to lose her for principal photography, and this meant she had to go to rehab in the next month or so. Dorinda probably flipped out and quit.
  12. I've called Sandy "The Danny" of seasons 2 - 5. Danny said all of the right things about providing the guests with an enjoyable experience, but you'll notice how much mugging and muscling he did for camera time and how important it was for him to be present when the guests were enjoying themselves. It was all about his ego and narcissism. The best example is when he got himself confined to quarters and still managed to smuggle his poem/note to one of the Tilted Kilt girls. The note framed his absence like he was being punished for caring too much about the guests' enjoyment. The note sent the entire charter into a tailspin as they tried to plead with Bryan and the captain to stop punishing Danny. Their last night was just sabotaged by Danny's narcissism. This is Sandy to a tee. In what universe does denigrating the chef's food in front of the guests, lurking, and badgering guests with leading questions that can only lead to complaints result in the guests having an enjoyable experience? Sandy does all of this to be seen and remind people that she's in charge. Letting Jen Berman walk around in her high heels and dirtying up the interior was all about Sandy's ego. Dragging the guests back from their sunset cave cruise was all about Sandy's ego. She may think she's diligent and concerned about the guests, but she's routinely done the exact opposite of what she's said.
  13. Like Sandy gives a shit about prevention or trust. We've already discussed why a captain who actually gave a shit would have let Travis go after smelling alcohol on him. Travis was likely still drunk from the night before. He got a hug. Hannah has an anxiety disorder that Sandy knows about and a valid prescription, but Hannah gets fired because an anxiety disorder makes Hannah less trustworthy. And yeah, Sandy has made a ton of excuses for Travis' abuse of "just alcohol." She clearly is a twit who doesn't know or understand the number of deaths due to "just alcohol."
  14. Gah!!! You're right! It would have been sitting there in the black water tank. Fuck Sandy!
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