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  1. We rarely see the Below Dicks try to launch products, but I feel like the men in this crew need to lean into that. They should launch an energy drink Toxic Brü. It's basically the banned formula of Four Loko in whatever is the worst possible flavor. Banana? Coconut? Pineapple? Margarita? Watermelon? Strawberry? All of those mixed together? No flavor--just sugar and chemicals? Whatever the flavor, it needs to be the color of radioactive waste in movies. My understanding of Four Loko was that the alcohol would get you drunk, but the sugar, caffeine, and guarana kept people "awake" so it was a lot easier to get into these drunken blackout rages, which sounds exactly like The Brü Crü. Every bottle of Toxic Brü comes with a Friendship Brücelet.
  2. It does happen. It's not super common and not particularly common in younger people. My dad is the eldest child of my grandfather's 4th wife. Unfortunately, my grandfather died unexpectedly when my dad was 7. It threw the family into 70 years of ongoing chaos. I'm so anti-polygamy because I've only lived through the chaotic aftermath. No one ever considers the insane level of estate planning you should be doing when you're busy adding a new wife to the harem.
  3. I'd say on a ship this size, the service is absolutely not next level luxury in comparison to a cruise ship. Mostly on BD: Med, they've had stews who have worked on some of the biggest most expensive yachts like Phoenix 2, Eos, and the Maltese Falcon. These are ships where the staff to guest ratio is usually at least 2 staff for every guest. They have yoga instructors, masseuses, hairstylists, manicurists, and makeup artists. They'll have multiple chefs. They have better water toys like personal submarines and water jetpacks. On those ships, they can actually do white glove service because they have the staff to pull it off. These are ships that can accommodate 10 guests and 40 crew. There's no comparison between the service on ships like those and the crappy Below Deck yachts. As to this episode, it was like watching the full Stanford Prison Experiment over the span of 45 minutes. Watching The Brüs dismiss, demean, dehumanize, and other the women was disgusting. And of course they capped it off with friendship brücelets. Thank goodness they're having a reunion. I hope all of the questions are written by Leslie Jones.
  4. While all of the above is very much true, the series is very much wedded to the idea that Charlotte's actions in these situations are very unusual. We know this because we've been shown Mr. and Mrs. Parker's astonishment as to Charlotte's ability to discern such things. Again we're shown Sidney's and the doctor's eyes of astonishment when Charlotte springs into action. In contrast, we see Mrs. Parker's bit of dithering during these events. We're told that Charlotte's quick thinking helped save older Mr. Stringer's leg. I haven't read the book so I can only go off of what the series has told me. So I don't know that the road runs right by her house or that your average well brought up young woman would have studied medicinal herbs and a little rudimentary medicine. It doesn't matter if we think Charlotte's actions are remarkable because the show is telling us that they are. We wouldn't be given so many reaction shots of astonishment every time Charlotte does something if the series didn't want us to think that. It's all overwritten and lacking in subtlety just like the characterization of the Denhams.
  5. Georgiana is deliberately being obnoxious so that these broke country aristocrats will consider her completely unsuitable for marriage. It's clear that Georgiana doesn't want a white guy who will be pat on the back for his willingness to overlook her race, especially when there's a fairly significant Black population in London and Georgiana seems to already have a beau. There were 10K - 20K Black-Britons living in London around that time. There were also other people of color coming from all over the British Empire and living in London. Many, if not most, of these POC were pretty poor, but there were a handful who had some money or were notable scholars. While not in London, but around the same time, the father of Alexandre Dumas, the Three Musketeers author, became the first Black brigadier general in the French military. Georgiana's behavior might be historically accurate if her purposes are to force Sidney to allow her to marry a Black Londoner with no money. She's not Lydiot Bennet who was silly and stupid enough to ruin her reputation in a way that makes her seem like a stupid slattern with low morals. Georgiana is trying to come across as an ill tempered cow unsuited for polite society. She's being so uncivil that even a barely interested guardian has to question the motivations of any (white) gentleman who tries to woo her. It pretty much seems she's trying to get gossip going that she's only suited for someone of "her kind." It was already established in the first scene of episode 1 where Charlotte knows the Parkers' carriage is going too fast and Charlotte immediately figures out that Tom Parker is injured. The actress playing Charlotte is charming enough that it's easy enough to overlook that Charlotte is standing on the precipice of Mary Sue Gorge. If they aren't particularly careful and allow her to be even slightly wrong once in awhile, she's going to tumble in. Luckily she'll be wearing skis, which will allow her to water ski jump over a shark. I totally thought the shower bath was going to end up being a proto-hydrotherapy genital massager to treat "hysteria." By the 1870s, doctors already had working mechanical vibrators so they no longer had to provide labor intensive genital massages by hand. There's a film about the history and development of the vibrator; it's aptly titled Hysteria.
  6. Prostitutes know how to use condoms, which is something Robert and his brother seem to be clueless about. Because they don't know what botox is or because they think Angela can carry a pregnancy to term? Botox is very much a first world thing. As for getting pregnant over 50, it happens. Usually it's with a IVF or IVF with donated eggs, but sometimes it's via natural conception. My Nigerian grandma had her last kid at 50. My aunt is the same age as my oldest brother and oldest cousin. Rachael Harris, an actress from Lucifer, had a naturally conceived child at 50. Brigitte Nielson had a naturally conceived child at 54. They likely don't treat their bodies like a garbage dump the way Angela does, but it can happen. A 74 year old in India just gave birth to twins using IVF and probably donated eggs. I think Michael's family thinks it's not likely that she'll be able to give him a child that's also biologically hers, which is why they keep mentioning him finding a girl in Nigeria. But there's no polite way to say you're too fucking old to have a baby. And really the big issue is that Angela is adamant that she won't stand for having a child around who isn't biologically related to her. So even if Michael found someone else to donate an egg, Angela wouldn't go through wwth it. Angela is trying to trap him with a baby. It's the same shit she would have pulled 20 years ago. I literally have no idea where one would need to go in Lagos to buy flowers. They are just not as available as they are in the states. There's probably some place on Victoria Island. Other than that, it's probably easier to go to one of the better hotels and offer them $200 for one of their floral arrangements. I suspect they ended up buying small appliances because Angela is the precise kind of person to throw a fit and cause a ruckus at a large open market. Everything Angela does with Michael is about manipulation and control. It's why she sends him money, but it's dependant on him acquiescing to her every demand and being available 24/7 to talk to her.
  7. I sort clocked that with 9-1-1 too. They seemed to be pretty good about their geography for 3 or 4 episodes or at least offered excuses why they were answering calls outside of their area like the other company was dealing with a big fire somewhere else. Now, they don't even bother. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, which has its own natural pretzel geography to begin with. There are actual streets that cross themselves. "The incident is at 2000 Beechwood Blvd. The nearest cross streets are Beechwood Blvd and Beechwood Blvd." No one in their right mind would set a tv show that's as geographically dependent as 9-1-1 is in Pittsburgh. It a really weirdly laid out city and nothing else looks like it. Though nothing is funnier than action movies filmed in Pittsburgh because the roads aren't straight, which makes it really hard to film car chases. If you've seen the Dark Knight Rises, the car chases are just them driving back and forth on the same 6 blocks of downtown Pittsburgh. I'm hoping episode 2 will be a lot less heavy-handed now that they've introduced the audience to the main cast. Edit: True Story. I recently found out that 2 of my coworkers didn't know that you shouldn't put metal in the microwave. They both thought microwaves just spontaneously blew up once or twice a year. One co-worker is 40. The other is in her 60s.
  8. Without a Trace is streaming on the Roku channel. I watched this great episode "A Day in the Life" where they tell the story from the perspective of the parents of a missing boy. The parents are played by Matt Craven and Laurie Metcalf. It's a great episode. They dialed back on the regular cast in the episode; we only see glimpses of what the investigators are actually doing. And the poor parents feel targeted and terrorized by the FBI investigators. I mention this because the actual police investigation was minimal. With Mariska directing, this would have made the perfect episode to switch perspectives and let the story be told from Carisi's pov. Most shows switch and give an actor/director light acting loads so they can concentrate on directing. Unfortunately, we got slightly more Carisi, but the same amount of Olivia. The worst part is that they actually hired and gave lines to the actor playing the other ADA who was about to handle Markeevious' arraignment. Stick that dude at the table during the trial. They already hired a guy. It wouldn't have taken much more to add him to the courtroom scenes.
  9. As I'm sitting in my bedroom in Austin, I keep wondering why they made the very strange choice to make Austin seem like a strange amalgamation of east and west Texas, but nothing really like Austin. Austin is pretty proud of not being anything like the rest of Texas and the stereotypes of Texas. Although when I moved here from Pennsylvania, all of my friends in Pennsylvania were freaked out because they only knew the stereotypes. So it was believable that the firefighter from Chicago, who is trans, might have some serious apprehensions. Where on earth is their fire station? If Owen and TK's house has Hill Country views it's got to be on the west side of town. This town has such a shitty highway and road system that I would never live that far away from my station because you're likely to get stuck in a bunch of traffic just getting to your firehouse. I've only liked Liv in Harlots. Her breathy whispering made sense. Where she was an aristocrat trapped by the rules of society in the Georgian era and by her sadistic psychopath of a brother. Here, breathy whispering doesn't work. I'm surprised they resisted the urge to have the inciting incident play out like the West Fertilizer Explosion where the damage was so much worse because a lack of zoning restrictions allowed a fertilizer plant to be located near a middle school, nursing home, apartment complex, dozens of homes, a convent, a woman walking her new puppy and pushing a baby carriage, and the firehouse. No, but seriously there were an unbelievable number of action movie trope victims.
  10. You're thinking of Tamzin Merchant who played Georgiana Darcey in the 2005 film. Tamzin was originally cast as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. She was in the original terrible pilot. Tamzin was fired and replaced by Emilia Clarke. That's how we get 3 degrees of Emilias. It should be Charlotte and Stringer as endgame, but it will probably be Charlotte and Sidney seeing as she's seen him in his all together and Sidney's giving her heart eyes and stopped acting like an asshole. THIS is the real impediment to Charlotte and Stringer. Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses. Since this is such an unusual Austen adaptation, Andrew Davies should lean into it and pull a sexy librarian. Sidney doesn't even realize Charlotte is beautiful until she takes off her glasses and takes her hair out of the bun. Maybe Georgiana Lambe can give her a makeover. <Cue Sixpence None the Richer> Kiss meeeeeee... Dialing Sidney's vitriol back was necessary because he was insufferable in the first 2 episodes. The Denhams are cartoon villains. They'd be cartoon villains in a book written now let alone a book written 200 years ago. Austen had to have heard about Dido Belle because Georgiana and Dido share a decent amount of backstory and there's just no way to imagine that set of circumstances out of thin air. This week on Charlotte saves everything, Charlotte help save older Mr. Stringer's leg by making a tourniquet with her skirts, prepping the Parker house for "surgery," and apparently being a stealth ER nurse. Charlotte convinces Sidney to let her hang out with Georgiana and persuades Sidney to treat Georgiana with kindness. Charlotte saves Sanditon by proposing a regatta to bring tourists, invents sand castles and sand castle building competitions, and uses Lady Denham's suggestion to always have a bit of saltwater every day and realizes people might be more inclined to take in the salt water if it is used to make sweet candy chews that are only sold on the wooden promenade that runs along side of the beaches at Sanditon. I like the show well enough, but Charlotte is a massive Mary Sue.
  11. There was the materials to make a good episode in this, but botched just so badly. It could have been a good episode if the writers actually respected the legal process and what lawyers do. Based on the facts of what we saw, the DAs had a shit case. They had no initial report, no rape kit, no real contemporaneous investigation of the allegation, other potential witnesses who were skeptical, and a victim and victim's attorney who were provocative and attention seeking. Plus there was still the bad blood between SVU and Hadid. The bulk of the episode should have been about the DA's office. It should have been Carisi and a more senior ADA reinterviewing the witnesses, figuring out that the victim's art, online videos, press conference made voir dire really difficult, trying to prep the victim for trial, endless plea offers to the defendant, and seeing how the trial played out. The Benson vs Hadid pissing match could have continued to play out as an undercurrent. However, Carisi should not have been first chair. That was ridiculous. It's much more likely that Hadid would only have let him on this dog of a case as a 2nd or 3rd after Benson pulled strings, but might sandbag Carisi by giving him the victim's direct. You have a recalcitrant and defiant victim. There has been enough info to suggest that she was going to be a very difficult on the stand and should possibly be treated as hostile. I can see Hadid smirkily saying "Carisi should do the victim's direct because he's the SVU whisperer." It could have still allowed Carisi to panic a little while making him a little less culpable on the whole. I don't think this is based on Antonio Brown at all. That story broke late in September. Production goes dark mid December. They tend to give directors like Mariska a ton of lead time for pre-production and post production. When the Antonio Brown story broke, they may have even been filming the episode. The art piece of the story was likely based on Emma Sulkowicz. The rest is pretty generic powerful man less powerful woman story tropes. Although I keep thinking that there is an athlete who did have a part ownership in a restaurant or club where harassment was a recent issue. Antonio's allegation is very similar to Peyton Manning's. A number of college teammates of Peyton confirmed the trainer's account were essentially what they remembered of the events. Peyton has to pay money to the former trainer about once a decade because he can't stop being an asshole and spontaneous decides to talk shit about her despite the NDA they both signed. What Markeevious said is essentially correct, but I'm going to amend this his statements. There are opportunists who will do almost anything for money and there are groupies who will do many many many things for a connection. My cousin is a former pro football player. I have another who is a college basketball coach. I have never dated, had sex with, or been involved with an athlete professional or amateur. However, I have seen some shit and it was mind boggling, especially because so many of the girls and women were smart and reasonable outside of their infatuation with wanting to be with an athlete. Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, is a great example because her family kept throwing her in front of Kobe and was pretty willing to accomodate whatever Kobe wanted. She was a high school student when they met on the set of a rap music video shoot where she was a background video vixen. The Birdman catfish is another example. Honestly, Mariska is a profoundly mediocre director. She's directed 6 other episodes, but this just looked like shit, was blocked like shit, and was slapped together like shit. Former Star Trek actors are kind of my standard for tv actor turned tv directors because they tend to be fairly prolific and frequently do a lot of really technically difficult shows (lots of stunts, CGI effects, or require a ton of make ups and costumes): LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes, Robert Duncan McNeill, and Roxann Dawson. What helped was that none of them had such a stranglehold on their shows that the shows couldn't afford to juggle things to allow the actors time off to direct an episode of another tv show.
  12. I didn't think of a group text, but Facebook groups. That could have been Olive's sole contribution (probably the most useful contribution) to the 828ers. "Instead of weirdly running all over the tri-state area, you know could set up a Facebook group. They have closed/private groups and secret groups. The general public can't see what you guys post on those. I can help you set it up." Olive "828 Webmistress" Stone With no conspiracy or 828 mystery, he's still an over the top creeper. I wish someone random in the hospital would tell him to back TF off.
  13. Olyphant and Kristen were on Deadwood and he loves comedy. He was probably the easier get. Does anyone here watch Infinity Train? I was over on the Infinity Train subReddit where someone asked what was the purpose of the train? I joked that it's the new afterlife testing system on the Good Place. The premise of Infinity Train is that people arrive on the train. They don't know how or why. There's a glowing green number on their hand. As they make their way through the train cars, meet people, animals, and other denizens of the train and face challenges, the number can either go up or down. They're rarely counseled explicitly about what the change in their number means. They're sometimes told that they need to see the conductor to sort out things. Sometimes the train will add cars between the passenger and the conductor car. It's animated and on Cartoon Network, but it's also surreal, funny, and kind of terrifying at times. I'd honestly recommend it for fans of the Good Place.
  14. 2 weeks before filming started and 2 weeks after they wrapped. Technically someone could have brought it up, but it's doubtful that they will.
  15. Lindsay attempting to cry; not just for making fun of Real Housewives. The children's names could have worked if this had been a print challenge. A print made up of the children's names in cursive writing repeated over and over again, might have made a lovely textile. Their names wouldn't have seemed like such an afterthought and would have invited conversation. And frankly, he could have done much more with a printed stretch silk charmeuse. "Meatballs and pizza and ricotta" Did they make Nancy's sister film during lunch? He really is. On Top Chef, he'd be the chef that the judges tell to travel, explore, and ruminate about who they are and what their perspective actually is. Someone on Reddit suggested that they need to give Christian a Siriano Sack instead of a Siriano Save, which would allow Christian to oust someone that needs to go.
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