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  1. The mistake is thinking Bethenny only had one successful product. She's had two. The first is Bethenny Frankel. The second is Skinnygirl margarita. She can't flog her booze business because she sold it. The rest of the Skinnygirl business is like Acme Corporation in a Looney Tunes cartoon; they make EVERYTHING and none of it works or seems worthwhile. This means Bethenny has to go back to selling her original product--Bethenny. Bethenny has mostly negative opinions on everything because the only product that she thinks has a future and is worth a damn is herself.
  2. You can be reminded of one of my all time favorites. It's an oldie, but still very good. Colin Farrell trying to put the moves on Eileen Atkins.
  3. It really was a mistake to use that Skinnygirl name for everything Bethenny was trying to sell. It was fine for food, drinks, vitamins and supplements. Maybe for shapewear. But the other stuff...that's a branding mess. What's "skinny" about face cream, candles, hair products, sweaters, jackets, and shirts? From the moment she realized that she was going to start developing product lines where "skinny" made zero sense in the branding, she really should have come up with and developed an alternative brand like "SG by Bethenny," "B Real," or "BF by Bethenny" to stick all of those products in. Many people have said it before and I'm going to say it again that it was a mistake not to do that. That "Skinnygirl" name is just an albatross on those other products.
  4. @hoodooznoodooz it is. Bethenny uses everyone. Dorinda was a messy chaotic drunk that Bethenny didn't want to be associated with in season 10, but then was stealth besties with as Bethenny used Dorinda to wage a shadow war with Tinsley during season 12, even as Dorinda's messy chaotic drunken behavior escalated. Bethenny and Dorinda have been hanging out even after Dorinda's drunkenness got her ass fired given an involuntary break because Bethenny's got a podcast now and is now willing to concede that Richard, a slightly powerful man who was slightly political, might actually have connections to somebody actually powerful and actually political who Bethenny might want to interview on her podcast. I'm sure Bethenny is back with Paul because some other better romantic entanglement didn't work out for her.
  5. Thanks everyone! It was a little scary. It brought up all of those scary memories and feelings from being doxxed many years ago. Thankfully everyone seems to have moved on. I appreciate all of the kind and encouraging words.
  6. I'm sort of having a meltdown right now because a comment I made on Reddit has gone weird Real Housewives viral. There was a post a week or two ago about what we thought happened between Carole and Bethenny. I took a comment I made here, cleaned it up, and used it on Reddit. It must have been a slow news day because people loved it. When asked about my sources, I said I didn't have any insider knowledge, but used Bethenny and Carole's social media to suss out that Bethenny's version was skewed. Someone loved it enough that they posted my comment as it's own post. Then some Real Housewives Instagrammers and bloggers started reposting it all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Lipstick Alley, and whatnot. And now Carole has said something on Twitter. I don't want any of this shit. I don't need any of this shit. It was just a dumb comment on Reddit. I've already started getting the replies and DMs from random Redditors calling me a liar. Why is this one blowing up? Meanwhile my comment about Jax Taylor lying about his duties in the Navy goes unloved. He said he drove Navy Seals around. I joked that it was much more likely that his actual job in the Navy was to drive a bunch of trained seals and the singer Seal, who was wearing navy, around in a golf cart for a USO tour. I really wanted to see someone turn that into a caricature. I've been doxxed before because of work and it's the worst. I think I need to dump that Reddit username. The irony of this is that I've barely watched anything on Bravo during this last year. Well before the pandemic, I was just souring on all of their programming. I can't wait until the vaccinations are more widely available and we get back to some sense of normalcy.
  7. Only if Jax drops to his knees and shows Randall how much he truly appreciates everything Randall does for him. Let's be real, Lala said Randall propositioned her at an audition, she had sex with him, and the next day she had a car. Every time Lala gets upset with Randall, he gets really shirty and takes things away from her: shoes, cards, car, etc. Jax ain't getting shit from Randall if he ain't giving up something to Randall and Jax won't be able to get away with half the attitude he has with everyone else. Jax is going to have to go back to selling that bussy like in his Miami days.
  8. Oh, god no! Both men intiated the divorces. Kordell filed for divorce from Porsha. She found out from TMZ and other blogs before Kordell could serve her notice. I think TMZ called her for a statement. I think seeing their relationship on the show probably helped Porsha to decide not to fight the divorce, but Kordell initiated it. Michael filed for divorce from Jules in June or July of 2016. Bethenny snidely intimated during the reunion that Jules and Michael had planned for Jules to be on the show to give her an income stream and help her launch Modern Alkame so she'd have her own money after the divorce. I don't know how true that was because Jules seemed pretty blindsided by Michael dumping the kids with his parents and going to bang his girlfriend while the women were in Miami for the cast trip. I think Jules knew the marriage was bad, but truly didn't understand how bad it was until they began filming.
  9. If they did end on good terms, Heather has been pretty explicit about her opinion of Bethenny since then. Heather has said Bethenny only contacts her when Bethenny wants something. Heather has also said that Bethenny was using Carole--as an ally on the show and for Carole's social contacts off the show. When Carole ceased to be useful to Bethenny, Bethenny just cut Carole loose. I think Heather and Bethenny are in the same cynical place Bethenny is with everyone, but Heather is just being aware and candid about Bethenny and Bethenny's motives.
  10. "Sooooooooooo you're saying they know who I am." --Bethenny
  11. I sat down and worked through the timeline of summer 2017, the summer before season 10 filmed. Bethenny's fucked up narrative is much worse than I realized. During that summer that Bethenny claimed Carole spent gallivanting with Tinsley talking about eyelashes, Carole spent only about 2 weeks with Tinsley and Bethenny was filming Bethenny & Fredrik. We know that filming went so poorly that Fredrik said he'd never work with Bethenny again. Bethenny had a chance for her own show (sort of) and fucked it up again by being awful. Just like she did with BEA, her talk show, and her Sirius radio show. This, of course, explains why Bethenny was so hyper-focused on getting to LA to hang out with Carole and Cassandra Grey. In the last week of August, Bethenny begins doing charity work. She helps raise $300K for Hurricane Harvey in Texas. They raise $150K for the Puebla Earthquake in Mexico. Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico on September 20th. Bethenny wants to step up her charity work. Carole puts Bethenny in touch with a friend of hers who works with Michael Capponi on Haitian charity work. I think Capponi is shady as hell, but Bethenny never would have been able to pull off what they did if not for Capponi. She raised more than $1 million and sent 5 planes full of supplies. Carole gives Bethenny the connections to transform her image from catty looks based loud-mouthed reality TV star to selfless philanthropist who is above the silly petty vagaries of Real Housewives AND Bethenny turns around and spits in Carole's face. Bethenny still works with Capponi, but doesn't speak to Carole. Bethenny a user par excellence.
  12. It was actually 5 because Bethenny was living with billionaire Warren Lichtenstein after she and Jason split. I think she lived with him for 6 or 7 months. Bethenny got dragged into Lichtenstein's custody battle and child support case with Anna Bond. Bethenny denied that she and Lichtenstein were sleeping together at the time; She was also seeing Cerussi at the same time. Bethenny has since admitted in court during her own custody case that she was sleeping with Lichtenstein. Of course all of Bethenny's parched comments about Cardi B are Bethenny trying to manufacture a beef between the two of them. It makes me think of the numerous ways that Bethenny is a massive hypocrite. Bethenny was fucking her billionaire friend for a place to live. Bethenny dated a guy accused of rape whose defense was that his accuser only claimed it was rape after the fact because his frat buddies called her a whore who had sex with 2 guys at the same time. Bethenny has cavalierly thrown out random comments about blowing people for slurpees and braiding each other's pussy hair. I don't know why she's implying that Cardi's "garage" is stretched out when Cardi has really only been romantically linked with Offset, who she married, and a couple of other entertainers, at least one of whom she publicly castigated for saying they had sex when they absolutely didn't. Meanwhile Bethenny has been linked with MANY men. Bethenny is just a gross fucking person.
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