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  1. An asshole who can't get his shit together to talk to his wife about their problems. Instead he fucked his girlfriend on a pool lounger at a party in full view of people who knew, but didn't like his wife (Jill Zarin and Parri Stanger saw it). When those 2 didn't have the heart or cruelty to tell Ramona, Mario continued to be so notorious and conspicuous with his affair that the tabloids picked up the story. Mario is a punk ass who didn't have the balls to tell his wife he wanted out.
  2. So Ron Richards is out. His initial statement was that he left because actually attempting to help the victims recover their money was no longer compatible with his "reporting" aka endless tweeting on this case. This sounds like someone fairly high up told him to stop tweeting and he chose tweeting, which is...a choice. He's now saying he voluntarily left because he disagrees with Jay Edelson on legal strategy, which is also interesting because Ron Richards doesn't work for Jay Edelson. Edelson isn't one of the bankruptcy trustees. Elissa Miller is the bankruptcy trustee that Ron Richards was
  3. I have said from the beginning that it's entirely possible for Kim to believe that she supported the entire family off of her work AND that the family never actually depended on Kim's earnings to survive. Both can be true. For the family to have depended on Kim's income the way Kim and viewers think they did, one has to ignore Big Kathy's long history of trapping wealthy guys and bleeding them dry. She married 2 more guys after she and Ken Richards divorced. And Big Kathy basically left Ken Richards ruined and she still insisted on child support. It's ludicrous to believe that Kim alone was th
  4. All of the sisters do it. It's not unique to Kyle. They all want to sweep things under the rug. Kathy stopped speaking to Kyle on the off chance that American Woman would delve into some not so savory things about their mom. It didn't, but Kathy wasn't waiting around to hear that. Meanwhile all of the times that Rinna was needling Kim, the one thing that Rinna said that prompted Kathy to speak up was when Rinna said to Eden "all of the sisters have issues because of their mom." Kathy decided to speak up to defend her mother and her mom's shitty parenting. Even now, Kathy's dumb after the fact
  5. There are a ton of viewers who claim that they've read House of Hilton. You can clock their lies if they claim that Kyle was Big Kathy's favorite because she was the youngest because that's not true. It was pretty explicit that Kyle was largely neglected by Big Kathy because Big Kathy didn't think Kyle was a pretty baby. Ken Richards did most of the day to day care of Kyle because Big Kathy thought Kyle was ugly with brown hair. Kim and Kathy were blondes as kids. However, that didn't stop Big Kathy from putting Kyle to work. She would pit the girls against each other. She'd lavish affection o
  6. They look like something one would wear to see and hear the Diva Plavalaguna sing at Fhloston Paradise.
  7. So this might be a weird party trick of Sonja's. She and Flagg start joking about it around the 5 minute mark.
  8. Not All Diamonds and Rose has said that Bethenny asked for something that Bravo wouldn't give her. They said acquiescing to it would have set a bad precedent. At the time, everyone thought it was a salary that matched Nene's $2.85 million. Now I'm thinking it was a producer credit for the show. Maybe it was both. Joke's on Bethenny. Kandi already has a producer credit for 1 episode of RHOA. Kandi also prohibited Bravo from profiting from her existing and future ventures long before Bethenny sold Skinnygirl. Kandi also has executive producer credits on her spinoffs. Bethenny only had an e
  9. He has a doctorate in business administration from some for-profit school that was shut down. He is one of Lisa's sycophants. When he unnecessarily stuck his nose in the middle of an issue between Vanderpump and Ariana, I was quite over him and Vanderpump Dogs.
  10. Lisa's response to John Blizzard saying that he completely misrepresented to Teddi that LVP was behind outing Dorit was so fucking weird that she had to behind the whole thing. Lisa's response was basically "Now that you've told me, I forgive you and you get to keep your job." If it was Sessa, I would understand. He was the executive director of Vanderpump Dogs. Blizzard was no one. Vanderpump was actually fairly manipulative that season on Vanderpump Rules, but she was sloppier than usual because of her brother's death.
  11. The tour starts January 2022. They film BDM in the fall. So the next season has either just finished filming or is wrapping now. They film for 4 or 5 weeks.
  12. Someone needed to micromanage her ass and let her know that she misspelled "chief stew" on her merch. "Cheif!" WTF is this shit. Smug moron. https://captainsandyyawn.com/shop/ https://captainsandyyawn.com/product/cheif-stew-one-piece-swimsuit/
  13. Well, I am so smart. S-M-R-T. I mean S-M-A-R-T.
  14. I hate to be Lady Homonym of Pedantia, but it's palate cleanser. Palate is taste. Palette is painting or range. Pallet is shipping and freight. Also a sleeping pallet is apparently derived from an old French word for a bundle of straw. Like most things in English, it could stand to be a lot less confusing. https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/palate-pallet-palette-difference-usage
  15. He also sent out that video to all of the blogs of a guy snorting coke. The guy looked like James and Jax swore up and down that it was James and that he, Jax, was physically present when this happened. Luckily, some people were able to ID the video. It wasn't James. Jax was so unhinged off camera and it was hard to ignore. Lisa was grieving the loss of her brother so it's entirely possible she missed a lot of this as it was happening. Lisa just didn't need to push Billie Lee to absolve all of these assholes; they didn't deserve or earn it. In that moment, Lisa was thinking more about her busi
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