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  1. I don't recall that episode, but Trinny and Susannah of the original "What Not to Wear" said that women often get stuck in the style and look of when they felt sexiest and most empowered. I've often found that to be true even with wealthy and/or somewhat famous people. This is definitely true in the case of a number of the Real Housewives. Tinsley Mortimer can't shake the ruffles, bows, and big blonde curls from when she was the socialite princess of Manhattan of the early aughts. Lisa Vanderpump is wedded to her satin pussy bow blouses no matter how dated they look. And Lisa Rinna loves her c
  2. Running it? Because yes, this tiger would have done a vastly better job running that zoo than Joe did.
  3. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/krystieyandoli/ellen-degeneres-today-show-comments#comments My celebrity guests were enjoying themselves so I had no clue it was a toxic workplace. That's the biggest most tone deaf let them eat cake response I've seen in a long time.
  4. It has a very strange layout, which leaves it with shockingly few bedrooms, fairly small closets, bathrooms that take up half the floors, and an unfinished basement. It had 5 bedrooms, but one is the office/library across from the dining room. There's Quincy's floor (a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and a separate bathroom that takes up half the floor) and Sonja's floor. The top floor has two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchenette, and washer dryer. Sonja has frequently rented out the top floor. It also makes an ideal nanny or mother-in-law suite, but also leaves the house with 3 bedrooms only 2
  5. Thomas has decided to metaphorically burn Patricia's house to the ground this weekend. He's been posting pictures of her many many many Blackamoor decor items and her Confederate flag themed Christmas tree.
  6. Lord knows Randall's toothbrush sure was. It's an insult to assholes to call Lala an asshole. Assholes are useful. Assholes are necessary. Lala is a hemorrhoid. Useless, unnecessary, painful, and sometimes expensive. That's what I found too. I think it's got to be a pseudonym for Hayes because she and Hayes were off and on for years. Hayes was PISSED when his name came up on the show. I think they just used a pseudonym rather than having to deal with Hayes sending a "Cyst and Decease," sue for defamation, and deal with any injunction from him trying to stop the release of the book
  7. It's Bethenny so there was a lot of screaming and insults. She called Fredrik a liar and a snake who was trying to bleed her dry. It was an unnecessarily nasty way to deal with the conflicts they were having over budget issues.
  8. Trust and believe ALL of this foolishness will make its way into an upcoming season of American Horror Story or one of Ryan Murphy's other upcoming projects. This show is like Mommy Dearest crossed with The Devil Wears Prada crossed with Saw. Like I'm sincerely shocked at how many shots in the show look like they were ripped from a horror movie--the window shots especially. And if Bethenny thinks Ryan Murphy wouldn't do that because they're kind of friendly, she doesn't know him well enough to know that Murphy is happy to lampoon things he cares a lot about and savage things he despises.
  9. I've been watching both shows less than legally for years. From the best of my recollection from reading something online around the time it aired, the couple renting the chateau were renting with the option to buy and the renovations were mostly confined to things that qualified for a French rebate or tax deduction program that covered nearly all of the cost of the renovation. I also feel think I recall them saying that the owner did cover some of the other renovation costs. My memory is a little hazy on this. I can't buy anything from Dick and Angela knowing what wen
  10. Let me translate this out of Sonja bullshit into actual English--the factories in China that make the clothes that she buys shut down for an extended period because of covid quarantine measures. The closures cost a ton of money. Sonja is such a delusional fabulist. She's so deeply ashamed of coming across as less than a blue blood that she makes super strange decisions and says such weird shit.
  11. Why is Lala such garbage? Toothbrush in her ass. Gross. Also who is this Carter Hoffman dude? I've googled and I can't find him. I thought she was with Hayes Pullard. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/pictures/lala-kent-book-biggest-bombshells-about-pump-rules-randall-emmett/the-breaking-point/
  12. Bethenny treated Fredrik pretty terribly during Bethenny & Fredrik. She insulted him and impugned his character. He said he'd never work with her in that capacity again. I think they took a prolonged break as friends, but seem to be friendly again. I suspect he might be hesitant to represent her in a real estate transaction.
  13. Her affect was strange. Her mannerisms and behavior were off. I'm not saying she did anything to the child, but there was enough off about her that I could understand why her mother-in-law might jump to that conclusion. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that she was on the spectrum, but not diagnosed and had absolutely no clue that she was presenting strangely to others.
  14. Bethenny dropping names like they're singles at a strip club. Chris Rock, Betty White, Donald Trump, Tamron Hall, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Dana White, Mark Cuban, Ryan Murphy, Jamie Siminoff.
  15. When this show was announced, I said it seemed like The Apprentice, but more narcissistic and less professional. I can't believe that turned out to be true.
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