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  1. Bethenny's self-aggrandizing is so insufferable. We ALL knew that there were strange things happening with Tom's finances. There's been lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit from the moment she started patting her sparkled puss on national TV. These were lawsuits about improper billings, unpaid loans, and missing settlement money. All of this was public record. Around late 2018 to early 2019 is when the discourse about Tom and the lawsuits fully shifted. That's when a lot of the comments on social media, sites like this and Reddit, and from Real Housewives bloggers and podcasters started consist
  2. Didn't Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton do watch parties during the trial. They invited celebrities over and dished about all they knew about OJ and Nicole. None of that is much different from what Faye did. It's just that Faye was an addict, more shameless, and more broke than Kris and Kathy.
  3. Genocide is categorically capital "E" Evil. Human trafficking is evil. Using rape, torture, murder, starvation, kidnapping, drugging, imprisonment, maiming and amputation, and wanton destruction of another's property for coercion, compliance, and/or capricious thrills is evil. I think evil should be superlative and next level awful. I think the mind should reel at evil. It should be unfathomable by regular people. I'm sure this sounds Gothic and ridiculous. Seeing a mom who got herself and her husband off of drugs while getting her kids addicted to pimp them out so she could get money, th
  4. No! Because he was defrauding clients for 20 years before he married Erika in 1999. Tom's 2nd ex-wife, Kathy Risner, indicated there was something hinky happening with his finances when they were divorcing. Tom's theft and fraud predates Erika. I suspect the Hinkley case in 1996 ($333 million), the Lockheed Martin case in 1998 ($130 million), and the Erin Brockovich film in 2000, for which Tom served as an adviser, were actually the precipitating influences that made Tom more reckless in his theft and spending. The millions of dollars of political contributions, heavily subsidized continu
  5. I don't think he's evil, but he's a selfish, arrogant, and callous person. Like many gamblers, Tom got lucky on his first time at the metaphorical tables. When no one caught his first fraud, he attributed it more to his skills and smarts than luck. That probably emboldened him and got his adrenaline going. There's a bit of crossover with being a plaintiff's attorney. Taking on those big cases is also a gamble. It is risky and every win emboldened him and made him think the wins had more to do with him than the facts and circumstances of the cases. This allowed Tom to continue to emotionally di
  6. They're not using it as a ruse to explain his fraud. They're using it to protect Tom from criminal prosecution. Even though Tom had his wits about him during most of his frauds, a criminal prosecution requires him to be able to assist his attorneys in his defense. A conservatorship means another court has said Tom is incapable of making any decisions for himself. And in contrast to something like a mental illness that can be treated with medication and therapy, diagnoses like dementia and brain injury don't have great, good, or really any options for regaining mental faculties. This leaves pro
  7. And Jeff Bridges in Iron Man. Gah! I knew I was missing a ton of names.
  8. Feige has also been very vocal about how important Wesley Snipes and Blade were for Marvel and the development of the MCU. Kevin Feige has also said that Wesley actually had been trying to make a Black Panther movie for years before Marvel approached him with Blade. And when Blade came up again for the MCU, they went to talk to him. They said that while he was probably too old to play the character for the MCU, he might have a role somewhere elsewhere in the MCU. I wouldn't be shocked if Wesley ended up with a cameo and a producer credit. I also think the fact that David S. Goyer's post-Blade
  9. They did do this, but Tom used his connections with the bar and judiciary and his own actions to stall his clients to make sure that the statute of limitations would be about to run out before his clients could bring a cause of action or find themselves in front a sympathetic judge. He did that with the Prempro clients. I know that some of his clients who were time barred tried to get a class certified and were denied. Yeah, you can't give the funds to the clients because they'll never turn it over to their attorneys. Additionally when you're dealing with class action cases, there cou
  10. How is Nick Cannon's dipshit ass about to be father for the 7th time? And 4th time since December 2020? Stop sleeping with him people!!! He's dumb and horrible. https://people.com/parents/fathers-day-2021-nick-cannon-expecting-4th-baby-this-year-with-alyssa-scott/
  11. You need to trademark that. Seriously! Bethenny's on a cheater brand tear right now. Her cheater brand Apprentice was just canceled. She's got her Ageless by Ramona Bethenny wine. She's got a toaster oven in development. Sorry Sonja. And she's now selling a 5 pack of 8-inch cauliflower crust pizzas for $70. about 5 years too late to effectively ride the cauliflower trend. Probably used Adam's recipe. https://www.hsn.com/products/skinnygirl-5-pack-8-cauliflower-gluten-free-flatbread-p/10085317 She was happy to talk shit about everyone else's podcasts and then started her own. She told
  12. My old firm represented a non-profit whose board and officers were completely derelict in their duties as the executive director embezzled AND mismanaged the organization. We'd remind them a couple of times a year what their bylaws and state law required them to do. It turned out that no one on the board had asked about or read a report or financial statement about non-profit in years. It was not looking pretty as the AG came after them. I actually left for a different job in a different state before it was resolved. The real problem with not treating your corporate officers, directors, a
  13. Ruth Madoff actually worked as a bookkeeper early on when Bernie started his firm. She was also a director. But it seems like she hadn't been an active participant in the firm for decades. Teresa's downfall was less Joe's initial crimes, but that she and Joe lied and hid assets in their bankruptcy proceedings, despite being warned by their attorneys not to do so. She might be ignorant of Joe's initial crimes, but she doubled down on criminality when given the opportunity to be truthful. Erika's attorneys petitioning to be removed suggests something similar might be happening. It soun
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