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  1. Julio Iglesias is from Spain a distinction that is surely lost on LeeAnn. He has one grandparent who is from Puerto Rico (which could be Spanish, Taino, Black, or a mix)* and the rest of his ancestry is European from Spain. He also has some Converso heritage on his mother's side. *Studies have demonstrated that on average, Puerto Ricans are 65% European, 20% Black , and 15% Taino. So LeeAnn is patting herself on the back for sitting on the lap of a dude who is likely 91% white (5% Black and 4% Taino). LeeAnn is quite the model of tolerance.
  2. Plus Gabriella has repeatedly told Teresa that she doesn't like filming and I'm sure she didn't love filming about the continued estrangement of her father. This is why Gabriella's sole contribution to that scene was "Audriana probably doesn't have any memories of dad before prison. Wah! Wah!"
  3. Angelina is from Jersey Shore. She was on the first 2 seasons and made guest appearances on the later season. She used to call herself the Kim Kardashian of the Jersey Shore, which prompted everyone to clown her. Jennifer and Dolores are Real Housewives of New Jersey. Jennifer's husband is a plastic surgeon and they have an enormous tacky house in Paramus. Dolores lives with her boyfriend who is a doctor and her ex-husband who she co-owns a gym with. Her ex is a bodybuilder and recently disbarred attorney. And Helen Hoey who lists Below Deck as her show is technically correct because she's been on Below Deck, a Bravo show about the crew of various super yachts. However, Helen is not a cast member of Below Deck. Helen and her husband paid $40K to charter the yacht for 3 days on season 6 and again on season 7. Below Deck guests get a 50% discount on the price of a charter. Helen makes lingerie and sexual aids. She sexually harassed the season 6 chef and tipped the season 7 chef with a pair of thong underwear with stimulating pearls. Season 7 Helen's friend Brandy was so drunk, high, and dehydrated that she started convulsing with alcohol poisoning almost as soon as she got on the yacht because the only water she'd had for a week was ice in her cocktails. Brandy was violently and dangerously ill for 2 of the 3 days of the charter. Helen and their other friends rolled their eyes. If the rest of these reality tv folks aren't truly famous and are wannabe celebrities, then Helen is a wannabe among wannabes.
  4. I went to a wedding almost 20 years ago in Greenwich where I was positive they spent at least $400/person on food and there were 300 guests. There were multiple caviar bars in ice carved stations. There were 20 different passed hors d'oeuvres and another 30 or 40 at stations that included chefs making fresh sushi rolls, shucking oysters, and cooking and deep frying parts of dishes a la minute. And all of this was just the cocktail hour that was in 4 different rooms in the venue and each room had a culinary theme. Then we had a 5 course dinner, which included a couple of palate cleansers. I have never been to anything so over the top and I've been to some truly pricy weddings in NY and DC. This took the cake. The bride and groom paid for much of it. The groom's family also contributed. The father is a fairly well known author. Though weirdly, the bride and groom insisted on not having flower arrangements or centerpieces at the dinner tables. The groom's mother called up my mom and aunt the morning of the wedding to complain about the lack of flowers at the tables and how janky it looked. My mom, my aunt, and I found ourselves driving around Stamford buying vases, crystals, tea lights, and mirrors from dollar stores and buying white flowers from nearly every store that sold flowers to hastily assemble some flower arrangements at the venue. Later the bride and groom would explain to my aunt that the florist their wedding planner recommended and they use only showed them enormous flower arrangements for centerpieces that would have obscured half of the table from the other side. She did all of the other flowers. Somehow they ended up at this weird impasse that resulted in no centerpieces. I told my aunt to let them know that this was my wedding gift, anniversary gift, Christmas present, and every birthday present they could ever expect from me because this was some bullshit especially after I had flown in. They had flowers in the church. They had flowers for the wedding party. They even had flowers throughout the reception venue, but those flowers were never intended to be repurposed for the tables. Spend probably more than a hundred thousand on food, but somehow not have the wherewithal to tell the florist to make smaller lower profile flower arrangements. Such dopes. Anna and Mursel enrage me. Mursel is on the record about wanting Anna to stay in Turkey with him and abandon her children in the US. He is on the record about hiding her children from his family. He is on the record about mostly caring about Anna and not so much about her kids. Plus he doesn't really speak or understand English. How does Anna expect her children to compromise with Mursel? Mursel would prefer that he have nothing to do with her family or that they blink out of existence. What kind of compromise is possible? Is Anna trying to Schrodinger's cat this debacle? As long as she closes her eyes and sticks her fingers in her ears, maybe they get along and maybe my kids don't exist. Mursel is an asshole through and through, but Anna is the worst because these are her fucking children.
  5. Simone is bad at her job, but that doesn't empower Kate to be gossipy and unprofessional. Would Kate have said "you're a bad second stew" if Simone hadn't specifically asked. I don't think so. For reasons unknown, Kate seems to be unusually passive aggressive with Simone and hoping Simone will figure things out based on little digs and eyerolls. That's not how you lead or manage people. If Captain Lee had used this strategy with Chandler, Chandler would have stayed on the ship for the full six weeks with the bosun rank, but Ross would have done the job and Lee would have told everyone with ears about what a shitty bosun Chandler was. That is a chaotic and ridiculous way to lead and manage people. Simone is a bad second stew, but Kate is being a bad manager. Kate has been a chief stew long enough to know better. And throwing the crew pants on the floor like a dyspeptic cat just confirms to the brüs that she's the problem they think she is even though Kate hasn't really done anything to the crew of the MY Misogyny. Kevin isn't a great chef. He's not that interesting of a personality positively or negatively. It's sort of interesting watching Kevin pull a Kate with Kate. He's not as witty as Kate, but he's being bitchy, gossipy, and passive aggressive about all things Kate. These are classic Kate moves. It's a little curious. Tanner is a jerk and Simone needs to learn some self-respect.
  6. So that's what she looked like before she decided to LARP a sex robot from 2087.
  7. Are you sure about that? I could have sworn Darcey said something about having to finish a bottle of hard liquor within a week because it might spoil. She would know. She used to work in a restaurant. It absolutely depends on the state. As a Pennsylvanian, all of our wine and spirits purchases had to be done through a state agency until recently. When I was a kid, the state liquor stores weren't open on weekends and were open from 9 - 6 on weekdays. The legislative notes for the bill that created this system said this was only enacted because Pennsylvania had to come up with some law for regulating the purchase of alcohol following the repeal of prohibition. It said the entire purpose of the regulatory system would be to frustrate and impede the purchase of alcohol as much as was legally possible.
  8. That guy's piece for Billy Porter was kind of overwrought and tortured. Whereas Christian's tuxedo gown that Billy wore to the Oscars was swoony perfection. https://www.buzzfeed.com/patricepeck/billy-porter-red-carpet-mens-fashion-pose
  9. I don't think anyone said she was "successful." She is represented by a couple of agencies and she has booked some work, but that doesn't mean she has any money. Modeling agencies are effectively coyotes. They spot a model and give her a ticket to a big city. No place to stay? They'll put you up in a model apartment. No professional photos? They'll arrange a photoshoot for you. They'll put your book together, get you comp cards, and a small wardrobe for go sees. Hooray! You booked your first gig. It paid $1000. Your agent gets 20% and FYI you owe the agency $20K for your plane ticket, the apartment, the photos, your book, comp cards, and wardrobe. So unless you've made it big, figure out a way to cut your costs, or bring in side money, you'll go very broke being a regular model. It is still completely ok to not pay models anything for a runway show or a days worth of work. Or pay them in clothing or pay 6 months late. https://money.cnn.com/2016/05/09/news/runway-injustice-model-expenses/index.html https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/05/fashion/models-racism-sexual-harassment-body-issues-new-york-fashion-week.html
  10. I thought it might have been a Ligne Roset Togo in a custom fabric. Togo starts at $10K - $12K. I think you might be right that it's a Roche Bobois Temps Calme. Lillian August does have a furniture store and a design business. The design business is actually called the Lillian August Project. It's funny that you mention reupholstery. Carole Radziwill, a former real housewife, had a gorgeous couch that she got from her mother-in-law. She needed to recover it. Viewers thought she should recover it in the fabric we guessed it was, which was $1200/yard, but it turns out it was covered in a fabric that was $4500/yard. @John M I thought it was a rejected custom piece that someone was hoping to recoup some of the money they spent on it. I think she figured out that Michael was iffy on the sofa and she'd rather connect him to one of their designers who could get him to buy $80K worth of furniture he really likes instead of a couch he kind of likes and a bunch of Ikea furniture he bought because he felt like he spent too much on the couch.
  11. Is that Ms. The Drag Queen in Coach's Holiday 2019 campaign? It is. https://www.thecut.com/2019/11/see-coachs-holiday-2019-ad-campaign.html
  12. An actor always wants dialogue. If there's long monologue allowing an actor to go nuts, it's a gift. Back before people streamed everything, I used to be a huge commentary nut. I would listen to the commentary tracks for anything. Standouts were Schwarzenegger on Total Recall (he narrates the movie "Now I punch this guy. Then I run. Then I shoot this guy."), Ben Affleck on Armageddon, Blade 3 (all of the principals had stopped speaking to each other so there are 3 tracks, Blade 1 might have been that way too), and Underworld (just all around solid peek into filmmaking). Anyway, the track for the episode of the Sopranos where Dr. Melfi gets raped was unofficially titled "Lorraine Wants an Emmy." Lorraine Bracco was complaining that there were always good reviews of her performance on the show, but she felt her scenes were too brief to get awards consideration. So they decided to give her something big and meaty to work with. Monologues are for actors to shine. Middle distance staring and whispered promises are if an episode runs short AND Mariska's ego.
  13. This here is why I can't stand Kate. Kate can talk shit about Simone's lack of skills to everyone and that's ok, but Simone talks about her disappointment at being stuck in the laundry and Simone is the unprofessional one. Simone didn't arrive with the skills of a 2nd stew and her skills do not seem to be improving. The person Kate should be sharing this with is Simone, not Courtney and certainly not Kevin. Kate was unbelievably unprofessional in her handling of Simone. It looks like Tanner is the showmancing asshole I thought he might be.
  14. Maybe someone will accidentally inject her in the wrong place and paralyze her fucking mouth, which will cause her to stop and think for a hot second. She needs something to short circuit the highway between her brain and mouth because she says some evil shit too.
  15. So when when a bunch of us thought she said 39, she actually said 29. She's 29.
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