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  1. HunterHunted

    S06.E01: Big Day

    It really seemed like Benanti's character really wanted Kelsey to have more editorial control over Empirical, especially when you consider that Charles almost never vetoed any of her acquisitions or marketing campaigns. It seems like it would be simpler and smarter to strip Charles of some editorial power than to make Kelsey publisher. But what do I know, I haven't almost fucked up my job and company by sleeping with my authors, co-workers, and rivals. Boy do I wish this is the final season.
  2. HunterHunted

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Totally agree. That price is not ok.
  3. HunterHunted

    S02.E02: Worth It

    She gets to be a bossy bitch who sucks up all the oxygen. There is literally no job better suited to Elektra. It's funny, but I don't think I realized how aptly named Elektra is. Elektra in myth wants to kill her mother for killing Elektra's father and the Electra Complex is a psychosexual conflict between a mother and a daughter. This show thinks she cute. House of Wintour is coming. New York has always had greater than normal civilian awareness of publishing news, but it's so doubtful any house would have named themselves after Anna Wintour, who was still best known in 1990 as the editor who nearly sunk House & Garden. Wintour's first Vogue cover was a banger-a model wearing Levis and a $10,000 LaCroix jacket-but she had yet to demonstrate that she was a comer. If they were going to name a house after a vogue editor, it would have been Grace Mirabella. Mirabella was from New Jersey, the child of immigrants, and a champion of American designers like Ralph Lauren. She increased circulation and revenue. When she's forced out of Vogue by Si Newhouse, she starts her own magazine--Mirabella. Blanca passes. Electra doesn't pass because she talks like a fucking cartoon villain. If she could modulate slightly to the pretentious theatre hasbeen, she wouldn't have an issue. Think original aunt Viv.
  4. HunterHunted

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    Well, she said visited the south of France with her mother, loved it, and moved there. She googled jobs in France that don't require a person to speak French. It led her to yachting. Hannah speaks no French. While she loves her wine, I think she figures if gets the message across more or less vin or vino doesn't matter.
  5. HunterHunted

    Past Seasons

    Yes. Some of the stories are true. The case everyone cites is the National Enquirer breaking the John Edwards story. They actually did a solid bit of reporting on that story. The Pulitzer Prize Board did have to do a little bit of rule changing to allow the Enquirer to submit the story for recognition. https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/national-enquirer-now-legit-pulitzer-prize-board/story?id=9887329 It's funny when you initially posted that there probably wasn't an actual cover because I specifically recalled seeing this cover and the "most hated housewife" cover. I don't remember most of their other petty stupidity, but I remember those two.
  6. HunterHunted

    Past Seasons

    Here's the cover https://www.zinio.com/star-magazine/june-17-2013-i18390 https://starmagazine.com/2013/06/06/star-exclusive-new-allegations-that-mauricio-is-cheating-on-kyle-richards/
  7. HunterHunted

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    Hannah said on WWHL that she didn't tell Sandy because Sandy likely wouldn't fire Mila for different beliefs. Sandy would only fire someone for poor job performance.
  8. HunterHunted

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    This is the thing I don't really understand about Hannah. Why is she so desperate and needy around guys? She always approaches every man like she's been wandering in the desert for 40 years and that dude is a bottle of water. She can never just bang a guy because she wants to. She catches feelings with the quickness. The worst part about it is that she's really vocal about wanting a rich guy to take care of her so why bother with these broke ass yachties. The only one with any money is Ben and he rejected her. It's 6 weeks. Bring a vibrator!
  9. She's wearing a breastplate. Drag queens use them. But it does look like Ramona's terrible tits. http://www.dragsupplies.com/shop?category=Breastplates
  10. HunterHunted

    S11.E15: Life is Not a Cabaret

    Lu wasn't swimming. She was there about to go to the AA meeting. https://ew.com/recap/the-real-housewives-of-new-york-city-season-11-episode-15/ I don't think Barbara belongs in this cast. She is too normal. However, I don't have a problem with her popping up from time to time as a guest. This show has far too few guests and friends. Someone on Reddit found scenes in previous seasons where Barbara was in the background. Excluding the hot mic, she's been in the background of 2 or 3 other events. Dorinda being cast, Luann marrying Tom, and Moaner making out with Harry confirms how incestuous this group is. So I have no issues with Barbara being downgraded to a friend or guest. Technically she's a friend now. I sense that she was signed as a full wife, but downgraded in the edit. There's just so much footage of her and it sort of explains some of her breakdown. She's been present at a ton of events and held quite a few of her own too, but she's made no real connections to any of them because she's had Luann's back. However, I want Barbara far away from Ramona if Barbara stays in the cast to any capacity. Ramona's nasty homophobia has been worse than Luann's entitlement, sanctimony, and narcissism. I suspect if they keep Luann, they are going to make her go to therapy like they did with Porsha Williams (RHoA). Her inability to keep her shit together is making filming a challenge. So I suspect that they might force her into some measure of treatment. Speaking of friends, I wish they'd bring Kristen back as a friend for Tinsley. Kristen is younger and mostly held her own with the women, except for Bethenny who was a grade A asshole and bitch with a capital C in season 7. Kristen is still with her jizz sock of a husband, but Tinsley needs to see someone who is close to her age, married with kids, whose life isn't perfect and still finds things to do with her time. Tinsley biggest problem is that she's fucking bored and isn't passionate about anything. I think Kristen would be great at making Tinsley understand that getting the husband and kid wouldn't necessarily make one happy.
  11. HunterHunted

    Reagan and Jeff: Designing for a Champion

    They are Sweet Home Alabama (the movie). Patrick Dempsey in that movie was smart, nice, rich, and being groomed to be president. He was the rebound guy. Jeff is/was Reagan's rebound guy. She wants her country dope.
  12. She did the same thing with Yummie Tummie. Skinnygirl shapewear and jeans.
  13. HunterHunted

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    She's teeeeeeeerrible. Thanks Aesha.
  14. HunterHunted

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    That was actually Kate on the mothership. Kate always has a bit of a chat with the chef before the meals to go over menus, but she had to take an extra firm hand with Matt because Bruno, the most junior deckhand, ended up doing a lot of menu planning with/for Matt. Matt was almost completely lacking in imagination, but he could cook unlike Mila.
  15. HunterHunted

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    I was going to say because he makes grilled cheeses with jelly and pancake syrup, but Google tells me that's something people do.